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August 4, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 4, 1923

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Mr. M. E. Collum was called to TO THE VOTERS OF WILKINSON * * * * * * , *i SHERIFF'S SALE. Flora on Tuesday by the illn, css of COUNTY: I* ,i --- By virtue of an execution to me directed and issued TY Jno. L. Hays, his affed father, Mr. Elmer @Jollum. * LATEST AND BEST : circuit clerk of Wilkinson county, 4, 1923. [ lie returned home Thursday evening On the eve of election" I ask you' * and reported his father still in a to support me for the oJfice of Super- i *" An Increasing, Lifelong Monthly * Mi.issippi, upon a judgment duly 2, 1923. serious eondkin, we regret very intendent of Education of this court-[ * Income if Totally and Perma- w nrolled in his said office in favor of .. 22.75 much to learn. I ty. I ask it, * neatly Disabled by Accident or " j. A. Susong against George tIall for :-- 1st. Because of my educational * Disease Before Age of 60. *" $141.19, with interest and cysts, I ........... 22.731 Roy. and Mrs. J. W. Price, of Fox. qualifications, i am a college gradu- * -- * will on Monday, Au'u 6th, 1923, worth, Miss., spent a week most ate, and l,we studied at State Nor-;: The Mutual Life lusurance : in lawful hours at the west door of PERSONAL iMrs.pleasantlYAlexatw.thecarter,hme Ofon Mr.Buffalo.and m-'.lnals and higEer institutions of tearh- I Company of New :York the court house at Woody]lie, in said a They were accompanied home by " Beaue of my knowledge oil * $100 a month during first five *' county and state, offer to the highest and Alder- ...... year, $!S0 during next five * bidder for cash, and sail, the follow- Misses Celote and Lois Carter, who the duti(. o the Superintendent of * years, $200 thereafter for life. * ing described landz ituaed in the after-] will be their guests: for ten days.  Education. I have been on the Board * No further premium deposits. *t. said county and levied on by n.e un- ' of Education for ten years, and have, * And then $I0,000 at your death *' der the said 'execution: All fight. Mr. Sam E. Woods, who as repro- c-en h close touch witi the teacher; * to your beneficiary, or $20,000 *! title and interest of the defendat:t. will, sentative of the Department of Re- of the county. on next habilitatn is engaged in looking o'clock. [after the unfortunate crippled chil- dren of the state'who are financially of the: unable to secure treatment, 4pent visitors to several days in our county this week afternoon, engaged in this work. returned Mr. J. Allen Walker, manager of to her brother, the local telephone exclne, who at Seller has been engaged during the past three weeks in a.isdng with the taking of an inventory of the Cure- Ray Mor- beriand Telephone Company's prop- after, ery in the Vicksburg district, re- husiness trip turned home during the firs of the week. Was expected The list of officers who were ap- spend the pointed by the. executive committee Mr. and to hold the primary on next Tuesday wa published in this paper last week who had and we hope that each and every one wiil serve. The peace and returning at the officers are urged to call for the returned here baliot boxes early and to return them by not later han ten o'clock on Gloater, and Wednesday morning. ou: elildren. I ** Ch!hlren are promoted from grade , Full articulars of this Perfect to grade After twenty vear of con-i ! Life Insurance Policy given scientiou work, I art, askin for pro- upon request. moion to your hizhest educational oce. i * ABE COHEN, Agent for I wnt to thnk the people of the * Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y. county for their cordial treatment * WoodviH, Miss. $ * ,.nd the many coueies extended to $ $ * $ * * * * * * * me durin;/ my ca,was. MRS. H. B. McGEHEE. I STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. (Advertisement  Former Governor Vardaman, once iT Overton Tray]s: You are commanded to appear be. a political power in this state,, who I fore the chancery court of the county is nov,- in ill health, in a recent ]etter of Wilkinson, in said state, on the expressed his approval of the can-[ first Monday of September, A. D. didacy of Percy Bell and L. C. Frank- 1923, o defend the sui in said court lin. He fai!ed to mention T. G. " f tGada Tray]s, wherein you are de- Bilbo, his former friend, so we take l fendan:" it that the two are now political Thi.'; t4th day of July A. D. 1923. enemies 7-14-1923-4w. W.L. HAYS, Clerk. Zachary, La, Mr. H. W. Seward and two chil- o ] guests at the dren, of Port Arthur, Texas, arr:ved Besides the best fancy groceries, TO TtIE TAX PAYERS OF WIL- Lowry. here during the week on a visit to we Iave deticlous lunches always on KINSON COUNTY, STATE and Ms two his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Sew- hand.Plitt', Bakery. OF MISSISSIPPI. and Katie ardgives Mr.himSeWardgreat saidpleasurethat itto alwaYScome Bond Bread, Mother's Bread, made You will please take notice that the were back to this, his home county, and in New Or|eaL, fresh daily at D. L assemen of real and personal afternoon, wi-hes that the day would coon come CUMC'S. property on the rolls for 1923 have Steger and when he could return here to make  ................ '- '':' ......... been changed and corrected by this during the his home once again. STATE OF ?d!SSISSIPPI: Board so as to comply with the Law Ate.  To unknown heirs of Walter Shrop. ] of this State. and that.said revised The residence in this town owned shire, deceased; unknown heirs of rolls are now open for examination, to his sister, by Mr. E. E. Richardson and occu- Wiley Shropshire, deceased; unknown and that any objections to any as. pied by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Newmav heirs of Sullie Cavin, deceased; un. segments contained in said revised Mazza and was destroyed by fire on Frida known heirs of Moses Cavin,deceased;!roHs mu be made in writing and of New Orleans, unknown heit o Tempe Part]n, de-I filed with the Clerk of this Board on a lay afternoon] evening of lt wee. The building ccazed; unknown heirs of Orr]n Par- i or before the fir Monday of ugast, ie td, Miss Mary was a total loss, the fire having gain- ed such headway before being dis- tin, deceased; unknon heirs of: 1923. t his office in {he town of I covered that it was imposble to ex. Emily Swayze, deceased; unknown t Woody]lie, said County, and that any un- I F Cox returned tinguish it. its origin is unknov heirs of D. M. Swayze, deceased; or ll a.ments to which no oh- known hei of Elizabeth-Brown, de_. jection is then and there made, will a wedding trip! but it wa no doubt either caused by ceased; unknown heirs of N. W. W.! be made final. have room[ a defective wire or from rats, as nc Mrs. Lyt. fire had been in the building The Brown, deceased; unknown heirs of Thls the 20th day of July, 1923. loss to Mr. Newman is covered b J" P" Ca-tin, decead; unkno-n heirsl THE BOARD OF insurance and Mr. Richardson's los of Mary J. Car]n, deceased; uvknownl Of Said County. children, was paly covered. This was one heirs of Walter Shropshire, Jr., de-  By W [ HAYS Clerk of o;a Farm of the old residences of the town  teo left for her much of the lumber in it being hewn f Will]an Shropshire, deceased" un  p s " "nson C unty, Iowa, or, out by hand. known hers of George Shropshire, I ....... . PP, Y __:. ' " State of MiMissi i do hereb cer- d,eo,. .l,.... t. ^ va_ i y that the oregoing is a true and Rev. D. E. Holt, scout master of Sh.opshre, deceased, Wiley Shrop. I --=-:, - .......... : -.* ,, --m. correct tra of an order of said Chambers left the local troun of Boy Scouts, Mr. shire, Guardian of Chesley McCear. vara o upervmors, passea on zne for Baton Robe Lewis,'a member of the ex- . W T Cavin Guormo-  *.-{ 20th day or Jay, 1923, vs tle ame their daughter ecutive committee, and Jack Red- heirs of Walter Shrohire, deceaed; appears on Pag 20 of Mmute Book and to see their hea Jr., and Steve Reed, Jr., sent  .; ........... - ti oz a,d Board, nov: on filo in the Monday and Tuesday at a camp on " " wavze, .,uar,.:.'an ot . . &:  "'2 , .  ., 7 ,  r ," ^ ^:. # p  ion!ce oI atl %ter- in the town OX Lake St. John in Concordia parish, Duty, deceased; unknown heirs ofJ woo/.1,,%e, in sal:l County. returned to La.. in attendance upon a conference Vane Sh-orhiro ,,,,t. ,,L-,,t %tne my hand and official aeM. Texas, on and training course for leaders of  . -'" .......................... . fter a de,ight- this organization. Seout Director C. e':AJiP3i2ytfir ' eC:paSde; th], the 0th day of ,':,yl.ys ' to her mother E. Carmack and Regional Directoz .... , ....  .... .., ,^. ," Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Everett Ballard were among the -- -" ................ " ...... . ..... of mid County officials who were present and who S, ms, deceased; ummown he-s of 7 2 ...... " Mary Sims, deceased; unknown heirs - -lz-zw. and tw( helped to make the meeting the suc. of Mrs. C. F. Sims, deceased; un- Yo, can get the pure ice cream at Margibelle ee it proved to be. The roup at known heirs of Mrs. Celet F. Sims. reta or in quantities when you want Onparents.a visit aboutthis tomteff.lryiS beingwill organizedattend the and.on, deeeasecI; D. P. Ellis; unknown heirs" it at Plltt's Bakery. camvment in Lincoln county during of .D.P. Ellis, deceased; unknown the latter part of t.hs month, heir of Mary Crisp, deceased; un- two chil. : kno-n heirs of W. M. Crisp, deceas- ed; unknown heirs of C. F. Sims, de- evening The revival at the Bapti church ceased; Mr Fannie Aaron White; weeks'Mrs. HineVisit in this town, which had been in pro- all unknown parties in interest; gres for ten days, was brought to a All of said persons known and un-] s FORD TOUR!NG CAR close with the serviees on Sunday known are defendants in a suit of I and Katie evening. The evening services were Foster Creek Lumber and Manufac. I FOR SALE. La., are all well attev.dd by members of tur,:n Company, a corporation, to I -. at Woodlawn every denomination in our town who cofifirm and quiet its title to the land -- -. of their listened with interes*, ad profit tc in Wilkinson county, State of Mis- the sermons given by Dr. Raleigh sissippi, described as the Northeast GOOD CONDITION. Wright, the evancelit who was as- Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of 7 :;]- Katie and slating Roy. G. H. Suttle with the Section ,7, Township 3, North, Range Rouge, are meenr. There wore four addition 1, West, and to remove clouds there. APPLY TO the guee to the Baptizt church hre under the from: G. Jones. preachin of Dr. Wright and doubt- You are commanded to appear be- eveuing. !ess much good was accomplished, fore the Chancery Cour t of the On the closin evening bdth Dr County of Wilkinson. in said State. KIIw00d MaFkl Shrevepo, Wright and the singer expre.ed on the fit Monday of September: of Vieks- their appreciation for the courtesie A. D. 1923. to defend the mit of E, M. KEE, Manager, yesterday which had been extended to them said Feaster Creek Lumber and Man. -their mother, during their stay here nnd promised ufacturing Company, a corporation, Woody]lie, Missippi to othet to come back next year. wherein you are defendants. : This 1st day of August, A. D. 1923 3rd. Bcau* of my teaching ex [: if death at any age, is accidental, :] George lIatl, in and to 200 acres. .... . payable in a sinuIe sum, or as  more or tess, in the North East ,.'enter p?rience of nearly twenty years. I : income for a term of yea., or for *i of Setion 39, and Lc 3, Sectim 40. have taught many of the chi!dren in t!fe. Total dinbility !ating 3 *, containing 0 acres, more or less. all he county and a.m deeply intere:Aed : months regarded, duri further conir,uancc, as permanent I in T. 2, R. 3, W., and being the a;ne in the educational developmen: of lands mentioned and described in deed of conveyance from Mary E. Hall in Deed Book XX, page 83, records of said county Thi July 5th, 192. L. C. MILLER, Sheri,'L 7-7-i 923o5w. NOTICE. Bid wilt be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkin'.:on county, Mississippi, up to 11 o'c!ock a. m., on the first Monday, the 6th day of August, 1923, to work the following roads in the fifth district for a term of one year commeeing August 1st, 1923, and ending August 1:-, 1924: Sims, C. N. McCraine, Silver Creek and Crooked Creek roads, contractor to keep all ditches open and roads in good traveling condition. Board re. serves the right to reject ny and all bids. This lltb day of july, 1923. W. L. HAYS, Clerk. 7-14-1923-4w. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. I, W. F. Tucker, under the pro. visions of and by virtue of author- ity conferred upon me in a deed o trust made by Samuel F. Langen. walter to Bank of Centreville, on the first day of February, 1918, to secure a certain indebtedness to said Bank, and which said deed of trust is re- corded in Book No. 3, page 484, in the ChanceD, Clerk's office of Wil. kinson county, Mississippi, and which trust has been broken, and at the re- quest of J. B. Salmond, Bank Exam- iner and Liquidator of said Bank, and for t-he purpose of paying said indebt- edness, I will, on Monday, the 6th day of August, 1923, offer for sale and will sell, between the hours of 11 a. m. and 4 p. m. o'clock, at public auction for cash to the highest and best bid. der, at the West door of the Court House, Woodvill Miissippi, said County and State, the following de- ribed land: All of lots Six (6), Seven (7) and Eight (8) of Parker Meadows, a sub- division of lands in aid County, as said lots are deaignated on the re- corded plat of Parker Meadows, in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Said land is bounded on the North by lands of G. W. Hang, nnd public road. said North line being the corporation line of Centreville; on the East by Centreville and Clinton road, on South by Reily lands, on West by Reily lands and Y. & M. V. Railroad, said tract contains in all 226.55 acres. The title of the above land is be. tiered to be perfect, but I shall con. vey only such title as is vested in me as such trustee. W. F. TUCKER, Trustee. ...i&, = - --., -- -- . CLAY B. TUCKER, Attolmey. ,I 7-14-1923-4w. Cumb0's Grocery! Woodville, Miss. The Store where you can get what you want, when you want it and always at the right price. D. L. Cumbo. SMOKF.--- Roy. Raleigh Wright. who wa little sons holding the protracted meeting at the [Seal.] Plaquemine Baptist church in this town last week. Tuesday delivered an address at the cou W. L. HAYS, Clerk. -- __ , :__. 'S ur Hill Mixt e One of the Most.Effective 5C Boll Weevil Poisons on 00B0000;SS0' the Market ten days' house on Saturday afternoon on the and Mr principles of the Ku Ktux Klan. At the beginning he declared that neith- er the Klan nor the Baptist church and was in any way responsible for the address he was to make, and then he gave, in bin way, an exposition of as the what the Klan stands for. Among Sam Rosso other things he said for the benefil of the negroes who was present, and filled the galleries, that the orgaui- par- zation is unquestionably a friend and protector of the negro race, and his way to pointed out instances of where thi Creek on a had been proven. During the course and Mrs. of his talk he ws anything but com- plimentary to the two past adminis. trations in Miissippi and took oc- on which can]on to take a shot at former is to be Governor Bilbo. During the addres cast your seven men, in the white regalia of to fill the order and carrying an American governor flag, marched in and presented the speaker with a check for $25.00 and a note expressing appreciation for Jr., was his efforts along religious lines dur- Walnut ing his stay in Woodville. We are sorry to chronicle the death of .Mr Kate Price, which occurred at the home of her brother, Mr. S. IL Holland, eight miles southwe of grandson Woodville on Sunday evening last. Her remains were interred in the : Jae of his Chambers cemetery on Monday after- fail from noon, the services being conducted how- by .Rev. C: G. Large, pastor of the Woody]lie Christian church. The de. cease who had long since Imbed e three score and ten milestone of her age, had lived with her brother, on a Mr. Holland, from the time of the death of her husband, many yeak's ago, up to her death, during which time she administered to the Wants of her brother in a most tender and thbughtful manner, her devotion be- EASY TO APPLY, DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY EXPENSIVE MACHINERY, AND WILL POSITIVELY ILL THE WEEVILS. TRY A FEW GALLONS. COME IN AND LET ME EXPLAIN IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY ACQUAINTED WITH IT. Purina O'Moline" MOST ECONOMICAL HORSE FEED, ABSOLUTELY SAFE, AND WHEN YOU CONSIDER QUALITY AND RESULTS, CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER FEEl) ON THE MARKET. IF YOUR STOCK LOOKS RUN DOWN, OR NEED A CHANGE OF FEED GIVE IT A TRIAL, AND YOU WILL BE SURPRIS. ED HOW QUICKLY IT B/ILDS UP AND PUTS NEW LIFE AND "PEP" IN YOUR WORK STO. DISTRIBUTOR WOODWiLLE MISS. FOR SALE FINg, SELEcTED, ONE AND TWO YEAR OLD BULLS, TI carr no cold blood at all All are Grade Red Polls, all Mule and rom good milk strains, $30.00 , $50.00 ueh for ash. Abo some gne yeari/ng imam. J S. McGehee, LAUREL HILL, L MtEHEE'S RED RUSTPROOF SEED OATS. RELIABLE LESPEDEZA EEI. There Is No Work Lilm Tm-Work D, C. BRAMLETTK Lawr Woodville, Miss. o o | Consiaer V00i, Whe you order clothes that are tailorL your measure by g Rose & Company ,- Cbo's Popular Price T you get exactly what you want--not what some Odd else thinks you should have, Rose tairiflg will give satisfaction--your idea of it. If it fails to meet With your ideas, no money need change hands, And, please bear this in mind -- a well tailored suit, cut and made according to your ideas, costs no more than a suit pulled from a pile o| "ready-made&" i The new Fall and Winter styles ow on display con rain some wonderiul creations- and our prices, so remarkably, low, enabl you to effect a saving of from $5.00 to $10,00. A personalivisit will demonstrate tha we can supply you with exceptional good clothes k{ a very low price, Schloss mpany, it i i I Get in the Well Dressed Circle. We have on dlspley CtLIEE'S LIGHT WEIGHT , WORSTEDS. The handsome finish te these clothes is the result of watchful care in ever# detaiil of manufacture. Wc have a full lino of t CENUINE LORRAINE .'.{ SUITS in a wide renge of sizes and styl#; DON'T SWELTER; COME IN AND BUY A COO i COMFORTABLE SUIT. We also have a full line SUMMER UNION SUTS in |act A FULL LINE OF GENTS' FURNISING -Vr pl00nler$ 00e00c00nlile (o WOODVILLE MISSISSIPp| NEW-EDI$=0N i i I | i EASY TERMS WILL BUY IT I ENJOY THE INSPIRING -MUSIC OF FAMOUS THE PRICE CAN BE ARRANGED TO SUIT YOUR  : DESIRE. COME IN AND TALK IT OVER; A SH = PAYMENT WILL BRING THE NEW EDIffO 0 yOIJ  HOME; :, b4 A. H. JONES, IA, rer. Eye, Ear, NOse all Throat Real F.t Bought and old Office hours 2  5 p. m_, off Commission. house, W0odvilh, Miss. 4.8.i922.1;tlumR ,  Oeein DR. W. W. MONTFORT Dentist DR. J W. Woodville, Mill Plsict Woadvflie, Crown and Bridge work a Odd I el]own Bldg. Phone 41-J Office 6fi ing that of a loving sister. She wa a faithiu! member of the Christian church, and as such lived a true life. Those who knew her appreciated, the more her genu, wrtl Her death as blow to her relatives C, H, TR[Pl)ENiMIIL ODD FILOWS' BUILDINC WOODvILLE, MISS. Otc "in Brick Building, C6mmetda] Row. Phone 44-R. " .........  W; F. Tucker Clay B. Tueke H. C, LEAK TtKER & TUCKEI :' Woody]lie, Mi " "re ';*, i