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August 4, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 4, 1923

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, BOND, C.nd00d00,0 re, Re-Election State Superintendent of Education **aS Bond is not responsible * h price of books, but other hand is to be corn- for his effort8 toward down the price of books * by the report of the Legislative Committee, by the Speaker of the of Representatives, which as ollows: s "JVo doe;re to commend the Of mlrman Bond along lira,." (Speaking of Bond's to keep down prices.) Aml again quoting from the Jotlxtl, we read: "Your " bellove from ths ev- tskel in this investiga. tt he, (Mr. Bond), is in ty rNpomalble for the pro- eondhlon of affadrs." 8upS. Bond's term of , M/mlss/ppi has risen from tO the bottom of that list " of states educationally to the , of the best in the South * Wares Commissioner of Hen. Jno. J. TigerS, "M|uds01ppl Jt made * p educeS|anally dur- I the lust few 4w8 than any 0tats in the Union." k * * 4t i The Hattie*burg friends of Bond carried a half 1age advertisement in the Hattiesburg American, lad among other things said, "We believe: i. rJt the oce of State Superintendent of Education is not a political oflce in the usual sense tt wl, that Mr Bond h been absolutely fair and non-patian in hie administration, and that it of 'lmsut politics' and dmagogury for any one to attempt to inject partisanship into tlMD sulmrJmtondeney campatgn .  MS.  ia no more rponsihle for the high oot of text books tban he 18 for the high 04[ , solar and osier necessities, and that nelthar he nor an/ other man could have prevented edm k lmt Mr. Bon ioa high tondKI, tttthful, honest man; that he i peculiarly well quipped for tt  hat made an unusual and rentrkable success as State Superintendent of Educe- Answers in Detail Charges Abofft High Priced Book00 TO BE ADOPTED A FIVE'YEAR iOD. N Hemingwsy's Code, Section which eds u follows:)  be the duty of the said to Nicer and adopt a m or merieb of text mm in the public schools rat ate. * * * And when so id books shall be used for of five years in all the pub of the state." The Tennessee and Texas Adop- were made before prices of and material advanced, and cannot be used as a basis mmpari. PRICES OF GEOGRA. ]g$ IN THREE STATES. u MeFarlanos o Year Book 1, Book2. Adopted ..... ,.,$I.16 $1.80 1920 C, 1.$3 1.87 1922 ...... 1,$3 1.87 1922 dom't Woodley play fair and truth about the Woodly accuse the men of and South Carolina of being when they had to pay more than Mississippi and ' paying 7 KPF.LLER ADOPTION. the law, books had to be for & five-yeir period. Six bid spellers in 1920. See ow and note that the Corn- the cheapest speller already iD use in the Woodley quota the figures for Alabama on the 1918 adoption. Why doesn't he quote figures on this year's adoption whiqh shows that Alabama will actually pay more this fall for the Child's World Readers than Mississippi or Arkansas ? THE ARITHMETICS. of 66 "cents per copy over the price for which it had been sold for five 'years ? - 5. Why does Woodley abuse Bond in 192, when he. accepted favors at his hand in 1921 and praised him in glowing terms in 1922when he was trying to get a high priced book adopted ? Woodley says that the Colaw-Duke 6. Let Woodley explain to the pub. a Powers A rithmeUcs were re-adop.t- lilwhere he is getting so much money ea at an aevance ox zzv per cent. to uut in this camnai,n lt hi--,^n r--  ....... tit t4ia As a matter of fact the cheapest ,he ,,,] ,h,, he ; .... ,,. book that was offered was adopted, l w',a'o"l""a'n't: *'a'='m:[ ,t,o' and if the arithmtic offered by Wood. 7 ........... ': ............ . ]will only pay $16,000 m four years ]ey's Company had been adopted the I people of the state would have paid WOODLEY MAKES A SPEECH. thousands of dollars more for Arith- t ...... n a speech at forest on the llth metics than they are now payor, day of July, Woodley said: "Who- Compare prices on Arithmetics: Arithmetic-- Bk. 1. Bk. 2. Offer'd by Woodley's Co..64 .96 Adopted by Corn ............ 55 .68 It will be seen that the Commission saved nine cesta on each elementary arithmetic and twenty-eight cents on each advanced arithmetic--a total ever says Ginn & Co., is paying my campaign expenses is a lying scoun- lrel." Like Banquo's ghost this ugly rumor will not down. THE .PEOPLE OF MISSISSIPPI CANNOT BE DECEIVED. THEY RE NOT GOING TO ELECT FOR TATE SUPERINTENDENT OF saving to the State for a five-year EDUCATION THE ERSTWHILE period of $60,000.00 on Arithmetics, PTr a' r  ,,oe',,, alone ............   ,votum " [ 8300K COMPANY. WOODLEY DENIES THAT HEI . (Adertl omen ) APPEARED BEFORE THE J " "  TEXT BOOK COMMIS- t --'. ............ SION IN 1920. . l lPh | / t Why doesn't Woodley tell the truth ttallroaa 00,ommls- and explain that he did appear be- I fore the 1922 Commission which was made up of identically the same men as the 1920 Commission, representing Ginn & Co., and urged them to adopt a General Science book at $2.07, although this book had been sold in the state for five years at $1.41 ? The Commission adopted just as good a book at $1.39. Woodley says his first official act will be to bring suit against the Text Book companies and force them to lower prices Does Woodley expect to sue Ginn & Co., for whom he worked for months and whose books he introduced in more than fifteen sioner Important Office. One of the most important offices to be voted on at the election next Tuesday is that of Railroad Com. misHone'. The telephone rates have recently been advanced, this advance being supported by the pret Railroad Commissioner, C. M. Morgan. Freight and express rates, all ti counties in South Missimippi ? well known, are excesl[ively hgh. Woodley promises to save" $250,. All these increased rates come, in its 000 a year on Text Books. The total final analysis, out of the consumer's sales on state adopted books last year pocket, because the merchant figures was $404,000. Does Woodley expeet l his freight and his express charges to save 250 000 on a $404,000 sale m his cost We c $ , .[" annot get back to He knows that he cannot do this any I normalcy until the people are given more than he could force down the i relief. price of suga or shoei, ' I Henry E Ramey, present Sheriff Woodley says he will eliminate the t of Copiah County and for eighteen large number of supplementary[ years an official of the city of Ha- books. Why doe this man deliber- t zelhurst, is not a demagogue. He at*Iv attempt to deceive the people I would give the public service corpo- of Mississippi in regard to this mat.[rations a square deal,'but he would ter ? Eve) teacher and every trus-, protect the people's interest. They at the sup would not put over an etntxons for tee in the state kv.ows th - . y p ' plementary list is published purelyl mcreased rates without a full in- ......  ...... n of the[ vestigation of the merits of the case or ne gumancc ,,d hel. , ..... +^-- ....  +--, + e chd trmn was maoe in tllls tele hone rate ................ ss and tb " -[, " " p dren do not have to buy them unless.increase, which cost the people of the local trustees order it done [ this district great sums of money. ' The rates charged by the railroads, LET WOODLEY EXPLAIN THESE telephones and express companies are THINGS TO THE too high. They should be reduced. PUBLIC. 1. Why did Woodley's tenure of service as Superintendent of Hattie burg Schools come suddenly to an end ? 2. Why did Woodley accept an ap- pointment as Director of Summer School in 1921 from Superintendent Bond, a year after he says Bond be- came such a bad man ? 3. Why did Woodley become the[ paid agent of Ginn & Co. on a salary[ of $300 per rffonth and traveling ex-I peases when he knew it to be one l of the eomvanies that offered the] highest prised books for adoption in| 1920 ? 4. Why did Text Book in and mpt by and to get to The service by these companies i. too poor. It should be improved. Ramsey is the man to accomplish these results "A dollar's worth of service for a dollar's pay," is hie slogan. Mr. Ramsey served with distinc- tion in the Spanish-American War He is a son of a Mexican and Civil War Veteran, He is a man of the highest integrity and great busines capacity. Mississippi never had a more fearless, energetic, impartl officer than Henry E. Ramsey. VOTE FOR A MAN WITH BUSI- NESS ABILITY TO LOOK AFTER YOUR INTERESTS, AND ONE WHO IS UNPUR- RAMSEY OFFERED FOR ADOP- TION IN 1920. Book Book Book Coa- l. 2. plete Co. .66 Co..54 .54 .50 .50 Co ...... 50 .50 ...40 .40 Co....86 .36 1 was the cheapest ldJ ted. ' I WORLD READERS letter and see I has deliberately tried the people in regard to State Superintend, I Instruction, Jack- Dear Mr. Bond: have been request. the Child's World in Arkano The answer Arkansas adopted a S of the books, ex- te  and Eighth ' are exactly price in Arkansas as in From , l.mer,. ugh the goader, m a ameent, edttton; the Mislmdppi .v are all the Arkansas edition. Carolina adopted the Prln First Reader in two forms: and First Reader and the Primer and i tolzether. The SecOnd Read by South Carolina wa a ecial edition ahd the Arkansas and Missis- Johnson Publishing" Company willing to furnish MUg- either the Arkansas or edition of Readers to use them truly, CO. THE UNIVERSAL CAI ANNOUNCEMENT of Interest to MILLIONS of FAMILIES "1 will build a oar for tim muHitude'" Said Henry Ford in 1903--Read how the fulfillment of that prophecy is now made possible through the Ford WookI00 Purohaso Plan For many years it has been Henry Ford's per- " sonal ambition to make the Ford the universal ear ---to put it within the reach of the millions of people who have never been privileged to enjoy the bent fits of motor car ownership. During the past fifteen years over 7,500,000 Ford ears have been placed in the hands of retail customers---more than a millilon and a half of them within the past twelve months--and yet there are still millions of families who are hopefully looking forward to the day when they can own a Ford. And now the way is open. Under the terms of this plan you ean select your Ford Car, set aside a small amount each week and you will be surprised how soon you will own it. In the mbantime your money will be safely deposited to your credit where it will draw interest Think it over. Five do}lars will start an account. The whole family can participate in it  father, mother, brothers and sisters each doing a little. Why not start today. Stop in and talk it over with your local Ford dealer. He will be glad to fully explain the details of the plan and help you t .ge starte toward the ownership of a Ford car. Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan. WOODVILLE MOTOR CO. THOS. A. ROLAND, JR., Manager. Authorized Ford Doales. To The People of Mississippi I here made the fight against factionalism and. for lower taxes; law enforcement, and cleanliness. The politicians are largely against me, an say I canno: win beceus ! will make no trades, an,{ wil! cour: n faction; the people believe in me and not in them, and know that 1 am gaining everywhzre. ! am the only candidate who hdut never touched either of the last two administrations. ! am the only candidate whom no paper or opponent criti- class. ! believe from reports made to me, and from personal *b,creation over the whol-- state, that Mr. Franklin has been de- stroyed by the suppOrt of Governor Russell and the attach of Mr. Bilbo, who has also dettroyl Mr. Conner without belling himseli. ! have 8*ined votes from a!! of the others and will j* in the second primary and win, un.ess the factions prevail and the petty politician* control, i have made no trades; slung no mud, and am admitted to be clean, able and qualified. If yOu want a clean, fearless, fair administration conducted solely for your interest, vote re: me. Resptfully, . . =[r : PERCY BELL. (Advertisement.) ::1 "(:a'.. ;':.2.:::;" :..; DENNIS MURPHREE iTo The Qualified Voters of IN ANNOUNCING MY CANDIDACY FOR RE-ELECTION OFFICE OF COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE MERCE, ! AM BASING MY CLAIM FOR YOUR ON MY KNOWLEDGE OF PRACTICAl. FARMING AND TIFIC AGRICLUTURE, MY EXPERIENCE IN WORK, AND MY OFFICIAL RECORD SINCE BEING OFFICE. o P. P. GARNER. Candidate for Re-Election to the Ofice of Comhsslor Of and Corn merco. I was born and reared on a farm, wile tick ermtication and taught in the rural schools of politics have bm State for five sessions following my up with cattle ti course in high school I have there- of eradication  a fore had abundant opportunity to by no means become thoroughly familiar with th will eventually be problems of our farming people, law should tand a I am a graduate of the Missiippi has withstood all A. & M College and of Columbia that have been broug ht Univerty. and is reinforced by I was an instructor at Mississippi and deeision. A. & M. College 1903-tt90i, was The Commissioner of professor 1904-1909, and wa Direc- and Commerce is tor of the School of Industrial Edu-State Plant Board cation 1910-1912. the plant life of the I was Agent In Charge of Boys' Live Stock Sanitary Club Work in Mississippi when tthi the animal life. TI work was brought under the joint new agrk-ultural direction of the A. & M. College and ed satisfactorily and the United. Statea Department of the beginning. I Agriculture in 1909-1910, and wa that the State District Agent for South Missisaipppi the Pink Boll Worm in the Farme' Cooperative Demon- mppi, a service that stration Wori: 1912-1916. estimated. Its work to pests and diseases I have been Commissioner of Agri-i more than enough t culture and Commerce since 19/6 !cost to the State. As there is a good deal of igno-',this Board are rance as well as misinformation in i to prevent the entrance regard to the duties of the Commis-i" State of the plant pests sioner of Agriculture and Commerce.! of other states and I am sure I will be excused for going ', The State omewha*, into detail, i Sure and Commerce is By an agreement entered into by" answer innumerable the state commissioners and seers- every imaginable aeries of agriculture, the president both within and without of the A. & M Colleges, the direc- tors of extension work, and approved While the by the Secretary of the United States appropriation for Department of Agriculture, admin- yet we are constantly istrative and regulatory work was quiries of homeseekers, assigned to state departments of ag- to interest them in rieulture as their special field, surpassed agricultural The Department has As Commissioner of Agriculture fully and agreeably and Commerce, I have tried to live other agricultural age: up to this agreement as far as it was State. We have possible. ,to do the things During my administration, this fall within the sphere Department has been charged with ment, and have the enforcement of a State Dairy' plication and usurpati and Creamery Lavg and I was ap- The work of the pointed a specially trained man as i Agriculture and State Dairy and Creamery Inspector carried on in an who has charge of this work. thoroughly The Commissioner of Agriculture Finally, I could and Commerce and the State Chem- ment without ist are jointly responsible for on- my associates in forcing the Feeding Stuffs Law and whose loyalty and the Fertilizer Law. Every brand of made possible our commercial feeding stuffs, fertiiizer, iztration. and cotton seed meal must be regi Y.P. tered, and must carry both analysis (Advertisement.) ,  CALHOU  tags and tax .tags or stamps before it may be sold in this State. This t phase of the work is handled by a] f  bookkeeper and his clerk L.. M . . " . [ ___ db V dh The receipts from regastratmfi fees [ Twelve Ye' .Mm and from the sale of tax tags and[ stamps will approximate a hundredlpuaTv -o P ;_':-77.- [:ff_ thousand dollars for the present sea-." ......... rv. son, which is turned into the State I RAILROAD COM "l'tm '  Tm Treasury monthlyf Over half a mill- "---- , ion dollars has been turned into the TO THE WHITE "     oe  H t Treasury during the seven years that i MEN VOTERS 0 1 111 , I have been in ,race.  COUNTY: :  Four traveling inspectors are con-1 q'h .... a .,o ,f !stantly on the road takmg sample ....... , i of feeding stuff and fertillizers, i Lr.lro7o'mmisi.oer | y    2 which samples are sent to the State ao and durin  m  te Chemist at the A & M. Coltee to '. " "o tht =nave serveo you t r Calhoun Monitor be analyzed. Report.s of the analyse, o,.a+ ....  ..a.tnct t t Ch -  ..... a o,, u ....... axe made by the S a ernest to ...... -- 1 ' A icu aevorea my zulz cxu eeially F..nd by 127 the Commss;o,ner of gr Iture and; .... .  Lve Ol ne orate, ano x are printed and distributed by the De" ! ... ' L:n,, Ib1ippl Npml partment of Agriculture and Com-la:mpsnamtncYtm'i mrc _ t    so . c: .... t shippers millions of the importance of protecting the i =]now"as at'your I users and honest manufacturers of l .... : I rurr-- L m a [-uove '-.n, fertilizers from fraud onl `r anca:rIha  obt '/ the one hand and from unjust corn- expe. . .. e titio on th ot  r  me zo oeter serve y-- pe n ;ss'on:; . of -- "c "ture land if I have made g xne t3omml tgrl ul [ ,rnt t. r alncet and Commerce is ex-officio Chairmanl " .%%-'; ......... "-='t u . "ta 11 nonor me Wln Denak  was born and raked in  County. of the State Lve Stock Sam ryl A ..... Iv " " 1"O IS yOU dOUD;;I Board, the work of whmh m to p ".1 trict co ---*- -* thirty wodmd fffirm *It It IInl"! he 14, mttend edanWy,lhoo fo sect from disease the live stock oI becau ,,, v, utie wt menira a yew. Then went to work Ln a oahT t  Mississippi. J . .se oI te u Took charge d pape at 19, edited it 18 yea Took  o The most important, as well as thet reqmnng my to my financial most difficult, work of this Board i been able to make s widowed moth mad younger ehildrea. Yomql  eva' eke- during my term of office has been l ed tO the legitare [Tom u ty. Fected  l ]k the eradication of the cattle tick. sags, but have seen time hi t]   ov O" oppoDeh Am' o  We were able to make good progTes eople as had been until we struck the open range coun. bls  mmm@ Two men have   hr s' ties of South Mississippi. During the seen and two or three Jears practically personally. wd.dmw ' "  ..... : i no"progre has been made in finish- I have no money 'VHT HE iS,  MAD rr  ....... e lag up this work; and at the bgin, hire men to ride the behalf, ning of this of but will Vote For a Man on HIS OWN RECORD the in m friends to i were back qnar- 1 Yours COMMIT'E. MLVJgPHREE  i (Advertisement,) - ,ml From the passage of the \\; i