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August 4, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 4, 1923

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AUGUST 4, 1923. F.d|tor and Proprietor the Revenue Agent Sue His Political Friends? OF SUBSCRIPTION : While State Revenue Agent Stokes, friends for contributions to' help him in advance ......... $2.00 V. Robertson is on the stump trying pay expenses of the salacious Birk. to explain the various suits he has! head suir the postoflfce at Woodville, filed, will he atso try to explain why It is plainly the duty under the as BaconS-class mail matter, he has not instituted suit against R law of State Revenue Agent Stokes ANNOUNCEMENTS. " 2ae: Woodvflle Republican ij au- thorised to announce the fohowmg :undidates for the vaous offices, sub-  to .the action'of the Democratic in the August primary, . For State Revenue Agenf ' STOKES V. ROBERTSON tb For D|str|t Attorney. " R, E. BENNETT f Franklin county. T v.H. TORREY 4 f lanklin County. 1 For State Senator : D. C. BRAMLETTE . D.W. HUI ' M. D, JOHNSON For Representative |l W. J. STOCXE f  ALEX K. F ARRKR | 3AS. R. HUTCHESON. . WM. A. DICKSON .' I For Slmrifl  | c. H. NEYAND . H. A. WOOD , : D.M. HANEY : JOHN C. DAY Pot ChancewJ Clerk W. L, HAYS For C|rcult Clerk JOItN L. HAYS " v For sssor ' E. E. RICHARDSON ! ILLARD ] NETTLES SAM CARTER Supeintendont o Education MI. H. B. McGE!IEE JOSEPH N. MILLER S, PEARL STUART ANDERSON MRS, JIYLIA MATHIS )K  lSupervhor, Second Dstr;ct t NOLAN S. CAGE V. T. WARD. T6r Supervlsor, Fifth District T. G. BROWN ]gOBERT L. MURRAY. W.. T. "SMITH SemietLConner SILIPPIS NEXT GOVERNOR first heat in the political race be ll on next Tuesday, and the eyes of the peo- p|O Of the ate are @rntered on the tndidtes for governor. If we can Jead the signs correctly the tide i ;rapidly turning towards Senne nd today we believe beyond he will be in the second It appears to this writez he will be opposed by H. Wldtfleld, and, if this proves to be the state may then rest easy the best mm win. Should I, however, he in the second th  stom ght an mtmual condition when so many voters are a certain candidate ox gOV, and at the same time are with favor upon two other The answer to this tin- condition lies in the fact are three men in .Tnitfield and Bell, all of good and true men." time the editor of Mais its unqualified suplrt because we believe the best qualified by train- .to make this state and not one word be trthully sid against his or p01itic record, He ha v/ng in the state legislure the past eight years, and, if[ will at once be with the needs of the state, look to its best interests. tuch with public affairs and the abiBty and manhood to do what may. He is a in going forward, will,be a con. one, and unler his guidance reckless spending "people's noney will be diseon. raptdI an believe that Conner the Interests of our s get behind "Mike" as our next chief ex, DEAD. Gamaliel Hard- people of the heads in who a week with reported to T. Clarke & Company of Natchez Mimissippi, levee contractors, to re. cover nearly a million dollars unlaw- fully paid to them by the Yazoo- Mississippi Delta Levee Board ? And, by the way, the president of this Levee Board is Lester C. Frank. lin, candidate for Governor, stront supporter of Stokes V. Robertson and it has been under his adminis- tion that these unlawful award have been made---awards which the legislature at its last session de- nounced as a wilful and wreckles nounced as a wilful and reckles waste of the people's money. The report of the findings of a special committee of the House at the 1922 session of the legislature appointed to make investigation oi the affairs of the Levee Board will be found in the House Journal oi that session, page 941 to 955, and said report shows that the Levee Boad for a period of more than two years was throwing away the people' money like a drunken sailor and thai Governor Russell's pet firm of con- tractors, R. T. Clarke & Company. were the beneficiaries. The Levee Board records, support. ed by sworn testimony, show that the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Board laid o R. T. Clarke & Company the sum of $907,984 over and above the original contract price. In comment ing on this outrageous and extrav- gant misuse of public funds the leg- islative committee report says on page 945, that "The levee board vr,e without legal authority to make the rai." What a significant thing it is that Governor Lee Russell is now touring the state of Mississippi making speeches in the interest of the candi- dacy of Lezter C. Franklin for Gov- ernor--this same Lester C. Frankli whom he appointed president of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Board and the same Franklin who was one of the eonspirator in the unlawfully awarding to R. T. Clarke & Compa- ny $907,984 of the people's money. Here is another fact that should also be borne in minli when consider- in; thi. Unho]y Trinity, this Trilogy I of Treachery to the people's interest I ---Russell, RoberLon and Franklin. ! Governor Russell is a joint owner I wih Ed Franklin, brother of Lestei C. Franklin, of extensive pI'anting 1 interests in the Mississippi Delta. I and this same Ed Franklin was also] !resident formerly of the Levee Board. I Now, while the Governor is out on] 'the stump frantically urging the I people to elect Lester C. Frankltn l as Governor and Stokes V. Robert son as State Revenue Agent, a thing Pnat no opponent of Franklin ha dared do, namely recommend Robert son, wl it not he a question In the minds of the voters as to how he ac- quired these extensive plantation in- terests on his modest salary as gov- ernor? He has paraded himself be- fore the people as a "poor man" and only a few months ago we had the humilitating spectacle of the Govern. or of Mississippi appealing to his Much of the space in The Republi. can is taken up this week with polit- ical matter, which came in rathe late, hence there is rather an absence of real news. Read what the can. dates have to say and then go to the polls and vote. for the best one. Next week we will give a full and compre- hensive resume of the results of the first primary election from all over the state. .... fly Former Senator John Sharp Will- iams, who is now living a quiet life at his country hom in azoo county', upon being asked for an expression on the political situation in Missis, sippi, said that he was out of polities but expected to vote for Widtfield for governor and Conner as econd choice. He said, too, that he was iv favor of placing the office of revenue agent on a salary basis, so for W. J. Miller. We agree with The Fayette Chron icle in the f0lowing statement: "H W. J. Miller should be defeated for State Revenue Agent by Stokes V. Robertson it will he a baekt to the best interests of the State. We earnestly believe that a rebuke to Robertson's policy is more important at this time than the matter of who shall be the next governor. Miller's election will be an invitation to Cal ita] to invest in Mim-sippi; Robert- son's re-election will be like a dash of cold water in the face to a pro Deceive investor." JUST A SUGGESTION. The editor of The Woodville Re- publican will support the following candidates for state offices: For Governor SENNETT CONNER '(H. L. Whitfield and Percy Bell would also fill the office with hon0 and credit.) ./ For Lutenant Governor DENNIS MURPHREE For SscretrF of State WALKER WOOD For Auditor of Public Accounts GEORGE D. RILEY For State Treasurer EN S. LOWRY suddenly For Insurance Commissiosmr attack on night i T.M. HENRY Francisco. At For Land Commissienor wife was end same . 1 D. MOORE country is bowed .'" For Revenue Agent there is an " W. & MILLER " mpathy for wife and aged father, upon For Commissioner of Agriculture low has fallen with such J.C. HOLTON violent force. F tte Superintendent Education Calvin G. Coolidge, G. Harding as F.B. WOODLEY United States, has  , will ad- V. Robertson to bring suit against R. T. Clarke & Company to recover the amount rrongfully paid them for, levee work and also to bring suits on 1 the bonds of the Levee Commission- era for malfeasance in office. [ The special committee apointed to l investigate the affairs of the levee board recommended on page 946 of, the House Journal of session 1922. that the State Revenue Agent be directed to take immediate steps to recover from R. T. Clarke & Com- pany, his bondsmen, and all office and members of the Levee Board liable therefor, this over-aid and unlawfully awarded money. This recommendation was then and is now being utterly ignored by the Revenue Agent, Stokes V. Robertren. While Stokes V. Bobertson is so loudly proclaiming that he has been performing his sworn duty in the fil- ing of a multitude of suits, why ha he not had the cour.e to do his whole duty and bring suits aainsl his personal friends and polirica: bed-fellows ? If by any miracle of a chance Stokes V. Robertson should be re- elected State Revenue Agent, and if through this same kind of a chance Lester C. Franklin should be elected Governor of Mississippi, it will only remain in the future for Stokes V. Robertson. as regards transaions of this character and similar ones to say unto Lester: "LISTEN ! LESTER !", and LESTER WILL LISTEN! W. J. Miller Campaign Commltbeo Jackson, Mis (Advertisement.) T. M. HENRY Candidate for Re-Election as INSURANCE COMMISSIONER Is endorsed hy all llnm of insur. ance---life, fire, fraternal and mls- eel|anjou,. Also endorsed by unanimous State Supreme Court in Governor's attempt to suspend hiv and get possession of the important otce for one o his partisan. GROWTH OF DEPARTMENT As to the growth of the Depart, ment it might be proper to observe that it has maze than trebled in size and collections during hls adminis- tration, increasing approxiumtely from $150,000.00 to $475,000.00 yearly without any increase in, the office force. All lines Of insurance llave been placd on a sound basis, assuring reJ protectlou to the hold- er. COMMENTS ON UNANIMOUS DE- CISION SUPREME COURT Insurance Commissioners' Visws: "Success for You Always, Every- where"/'Of course decision was for you. What else could it have ben! Hope success for you always, every- wtfere."T, B. Donaldson, Ins. Com. Pennsylvania, and President National Convention Ins Cam're "Right Still Prevai.""Supreme Court decision unanimously sustain- ing you gave me much pleasure and is evidence that right still prevailsJ  ---James F. Ramey, Ins Com'r., Ky. "Never Felt Any Uneiness" "Con.gratulations I rour integrity and honesty have never been doubted by your friends."Frank H. Julian Ins. Com'r., Alabama. Calls it n "Little Political Scrap." ---"SinCere conrgatulations over your success in the little political scrap, rhich peojfle understood from the start." :-ZBruice T. Bttll[on, Ins. Com'r., Ark. Voice from State of Wnsh;ngton "Never expected anything else. A victory any man should be proud of." H. O. Fishback, Ins. Com'r., Wash. ington. Dcision Just and Proper,"Sin- cere congratulations over victory, which was just and proper. All bona. fide insurance interests and their pal icy holders appreciate your worth." --'F. C. Durham, See'y, Assn. Lie Ins Presidents. (Includes many life companies wh millions of policy holdere. ) Voice from Four Million Members. "Accept congratulations over your splendid Supreme Court Victory. Your friends in the whole insurance worM, I am certain, feel the same way."  John Sullivan, Chairman, Amer. Fraternal Congrem. (Mere= bership of four millions.) THE WOMEN INTERESTED. "'Cnused All Delight.""Supreme Cout's unanimous verdict caused u all delight. We have always believed m you as being fair, honest, experi- eed.'*Mrs. Mary S. La Races, lLGuardian Woodme Circle. We Have Never Doubted. -- Ac- cept cordia I congratulations over your wonderful victory in Supreme Court. We have never doubted you. Continued success to you."*Mrs. Eva Chflds, Supreme Dracle Royal Neighbor. Note.--*Heads of two largest soei. I eties insuring, and managed by we- I men. t Like. Him for Enemies Made. "He has never been a 'coat-tail rider,' and I am thinking "could not b the very nature po.ihl.v be on. /  ." of his being. He must be making an honest officer, or the present admin. istration would not be making every move which its ingenuity could think of, to put him out, its Czar even go. ing so far as to serve notice of re- moval and orderin him to turn over to one of his selection, the office rfven him by the peovle of Missis- sippi. Fortunately the State Supreme , i i i .... Wi9 wilh Whi||iC[d [or 6Hr MiSSiSSippi This is the last week of the guber- natorial campaign. It is now known and admitted that Henry L. Whir field will go into the second primary with a large lead. Since he has con- ducted a clean and aggressive cam. paign and has not heaped abuse up- on his opponents, many who are not supporting him in the first primary will vote and work for him in the \\; second. RUNNING ON OWN MERITS AND NOT DEMERITS OF OPPONENTS Mr. Whitfield has asked for the support of the people of Mississis, sippi as a man and his qualification for the high office of governor. He does-not hold to the view that you destroy unworthy politician by de- nouncing them; in fact, he knows that recent political history in Mis- sissippi proves unquestionably that such politicians hve fattened and grow-n on the vituperation and abuse hurled at them. He has not been reduced to the necessity of swapping epithets with his opponents or using language that is not fit to be used in the presence of ladies. Personal villification of an opponent is never resorted to by a l candidate until his political fortunes are desperate. Such methods may appeal to the swaggerer or the course-grained but will receive nO response from the great body of the splendid women of the state. HE HAS KEPT THF FAITH Henry L. Whitfield sprang from the bosom of the people and has their confidence and esteem. He has done nothing to forfeit this. On the con- trary, his contact with the people be- fore and during this campaign and his method of conducting it have won for him a deep and lasting affection. He is pursuing the right and wise course to higher and better thinga He is the deliberate and well consid- ered choice of thousands of loyal Misissippians who sincerely love their state. The eleventh hour efforts of some of his opponents are proving futile. The support of Mr. Whitfield, like the character of the man, is as solid am the Rock of Gibraltar. It wa not won in a day by the expenditure of large sums of money nor a whirlwind ad. vertising campaign. It is not the passing and fleeting whim of the moment. It was not built up by "playing politic" WHY HAVE A SECOND PRIMARY ? VOTE FOR WHITFIELD AND WIN IN THE FIRST. REMEMBER, T.UES[}AY, AUGUST 7th, IS WHITFIELD DAY IN MISSISSIPPI. (Advertisement.) '.2:" VOTE FOR ............. J. C. HOLTOI00T" Of Vto n County , CANDIDATE FOR COMMISSION OF AGRICULTURE. LIVE, ENERGETIC, WELL TRAINED YOUNG MAN, FREE ANY POLITICAL CLIQUE OR FCTION. (Advert/ement.) FROM WALKER WOOD the People's Candidate for Secretar State. He will appreciate your vote. P. P. GARNER N FOR COMMISSIONER OF AC.I- CULTURE AND COMMERCE .---?- TO THE VOTERS OF WILKINSON. COUNTY : [ The depressed condition of agri-! culture in the state and the vital need i of its improvement, have turned on I the searchlight of Pub|ic lnterest i upon the office of Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, and i stressed the supreme importance of i the Holder of that office, possessing necessary qualifications for its ad- i ministration during the new four yea. Never in the history of the state was there a greater necessity of hav- ing this office filled by a man who possesses experience as well as com- petence. This is strikingly illustra- ted by the reflection that if we had had a less experienced and less cam- petent man than P. P. GARNER in the office, last year, the PINK BOLL WORM would have beam added to the other numerous nts of destruction that are imperilling the cotton crop. and causecFthe loss of millions of dol-  to the farmers and ral Agency, he succeeded in prevent- ing the introduction of this pest, and its value in the aggregate cannot be over-estimated. In all the manifold duties of this responsible office, he has measured up to their full discharge. In the face of determined opposition, he has eradicated the cattle tick from sixty counties in the state. He has been active in preventing the spread of eontagious diseases in' both plant and live stock, and finally answered thou- sands of letters-from Homeseekera encouraging them to emigrate t Mississippi, which forecasts practi- cal results as soon as the legislature m,kes the essential appropriatiores. His conpetitors in this race are basing their chief claims for votes upon their "Knowledge of Agrieul- tuft." But "Knowledge of Agricul- ture," ALONE will not suffice to carry ori the work of this great of. rice. He who deserves this office at the hands of the People must posses an all-round ability, not only to take care of the "Agriculture," but also of the important business interes that belong to it--he diplomatic r quirements--the consummate "tact" to influence indifferent citizens to improve agricultural methods--all Of which have been so conspicuous in Mr. Garner's administration of this office. WE THEREFORE URGE UIN OUR FELLOW CITIZENS TO VOTE FOR MR. GARNER ON THE SEVENTH OF AUGUST. (Published and paid for by Wilkin- son County friends of Mr. Garner) .(Adve rtisemen. ) STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. To unknown heirs of Joseph Adkln Henderson, deceased; unknown heirs of Joseph A. Henderson, deceased unknown heirs of John Stephens Smith, deceased; unknown heirs of John S. Smith, deceased; unknown heirs of Western W. Me, deceased; unknown heirs of Western W. Muse, deceased; unknown heirs of A. C. i Henderson, deceased; M. A. C. Henf derson; Joe Henderson; Rowena Hen. derson; Charley Heuderson; E. R.[ Davis; all unknown pgrties in inter- I i e: t You are ommanded to apear before, ' the Chancery Court of the County of l Wilkinson, in said State, on the firsti ]Monday of September, A. D., 1923,! to defend the suit in said court of! Fester Creek Lumber and Manufa-i Luring a Experience. --OUR OFFICERS AND Dlll][a TORS ARE BUSINESS MEN, AN BANERS OF THE WIDEST SIBLE EXPERIENCE. --CAPABLE MANAGEMENT, AND A DESIRE TO SERVE THE DEPOt. ITOR MOST EFFICIENTLY, AJ/i SOME OF THE BIG REASOI$ WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE THIS BANK YOUR BANK. START AN ACCOUNT HERI WITHOUT DELAY, AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OU UPFIOR BANKING SERVE. WE PAY FOUR PER CENT IN  TEREST ON YOUR MONEY. ] Commercial Membe American Banker's Associatio WOODVILLE, , .... 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