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August 3, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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August 3, 1973

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Friday, August 3, 1973 COUNTY AGENT'S NOTES by John J. Dale, Jr. SUMMER FALLOW NECESSARY I growing. Open the seed drill FOR EARLY GRAZING about twice as deep as you would for spring planting. Fill the drill It is time to start breaking with water and let it soak in. fields that are to be planted ,, P!ant the seed. Cover with dry in September to early winter I soil and firm with the back of grazing, aecording to Bill McKie, a loe. Do not water again until Extension Area Agronomy Spe- th( plants are up. cialist. LATE GRAIN SORGHUM • One of the keys to a success- ful winter ,grazing program is The .best advice on whether this fallowing during the late o '• not to plant grain sorghum SUmmer• The first working of the soil should be begun by early August, on field,s where erosion is not a problem. When break- ' lng, all water-ways should be left undisturbed to reduce ero- sion to a minimum. On steep at this late date is: "Don't do it." There are several disadvan- tages to planting this late and few, if any, advantages. Yields are reduced. Only 2,000 to 2,500 pounds per acre should lahd the soil surface should be be expected, although extra good left rough, and some grass strips t Septembe,r weather could result left on contour in order to slow in higher yields. 'down ,run-off and increase soil : raoisture storage. Fallowing deatroys weeds, and Pens up the soil, providing good moisture storage to get the grazing crops off to a quick Start. Also, any vegetation Plowed under has time to de- compose prior to planting. The Getting a stand may be a problem because of dry soil. Stands are likely to be unevenly aged, making insect control more of a p,'oblem. Midge control is more difficult on late planted grain sorghum than on early planted. Corn worms and sox- ghum webworms are likely tb ,be The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi speed Clarke transmission, 8.25 x 20 x 10 ply tires and Bud wheels, 10,400 pound and auxil- iary rear ,-:prings, and 4 yard water level dump body. The Board reserves the right, to reject any and all bids. This the 3rd day of July, 1973. Minna Erstling, Clerk 7/13 .'4w ..... N})TICE TO ROAD EQUIPMENT AGENCIES Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson County, Miasissippi, in the Board Room of the Courthouse in Woodville, Mis- sissippi, up to noon on Friday, August 10, 1973, to purchase for! cash from the Revenue Sharing Fund, for the use of the Fourth Supervisor's Separatte Road Dis- trict, one (1) new motor grader equipped with at least 140 H.P. 4 cylinder diesel engine, tan- dem drive, oil clutch, synchro- :mesh transmission with 6 for- ward and 6 reverse, 14:00 x 24 tube type tires, 12 foot sliding moldboard (hydraulic), power steering, and enclosed cab. The Board reserves the right to re- ject any and all bids. This 5ih day of July, 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk  7/13/4w July, 1973, and, for the exclusive use of the cus- i this Certificate of Incorporation, "The Board O Supmwisrsltomer and not to be re-sold or tand attaches herelo a duplicate Of Wilkinson County l, shared with others, original of the Articles of In- By Tom Ashley, President,,] Monthly Rate (Applicable tax:corporation. t Given undo€ my Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk I not included} tland and 7/20/3w I For the first 100,000 cu. ft ....... Seal of Office. thi the 25th day of July, 1973 BIDS 71c per 1,000 cu. ft. NOTICE OF .... I For the next 200000 cu. ft ....... Notice is hereby gwen nal • . ,62c per 1,000 cu. ft. sealed bids will be recmvea oy For the next 1,700,000 cu. ft ..... the Mayor and Board of Alder- men of the Town of Centreville, Mississippi, in the Town Hall, Centreville, Mississippi, up to 5 o'clock p.m. on Tuesday, Sep- tember 4, 1973, for the sale, for cash, of one (1) 1967 Chev, rolet 4 door sedan, one (1) 1960 Ford dump truck, and one (1) model 1985 Ford Grader Blade. Each item shculd be bid on sepa- rately. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. This the 17th day of July, 1973. M. E. Erstling, Clerk 7/27/3w AN ORDINANCE Fixing The Rates To Be Charged Customers Of The 56e per 1,000 cu. ft. Minimum Bill The minimum monthly charge for large commercial and indus- trial customers of the Town cf Woodville shall be $75.00 per month. Section 2: The above rates :shall be net on all bills paid on for befoce the tenth of idle I month. Ten percent (10%) ad- ditional on all bills paid after the tenth of the month shall be charged. Service shall be dis- continued to all customers whose bills are not paid on or before the twentieth of each month• Section 3: That all ordinances and parts of ordinances in con- flict with this ordinance arc Woodville Water And Gas Plant hereby cepealed. For Gas Service. Section 4: That this ordinance Mayor I shall take effect and be in full Be It Ordained by the of the l f°rce on and after the Septem- and Board of Aldermen council l ber 10, 1973 meter reading date. Town of Woodville in convened: ] The foregoing ordinance re- Heber Ladner Secretary of State (Seal) 1. Names of Corporation: Field t lion adopted, this 26th: day of Clinic Pharmacy, Inc. July, 1973. Page 7 and those voting for the resolu- tion were Supervisors Steve Reed, Loui's Gaulden, Tom Ash- ley. Those absent and not vot- ing on this resoluton were A. J, Pardon .and Leon Cavin. The resolution having re- ceived the affirmative vote of all ihe members present, the President declared the resolu- Tom Ashley, President 8/3/3w A RESOLUTION Of The Board Of Supervisors Of' Wilkinson County, Mississippi, To Levy Not To Fxeeed Two (2) Mills On All Of The Taxable Property Of Said County To Supplement Tax LevY To Pay Operating Budgets Of Sheriff And Assessor-Tax Collector Be it .resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkina,on County, Mississippi, in its Reg- ular Recess July 1973 Meeting assembled on this the 26th. day of July, 1973, upon inquiry and 2. Name of Ineerporators: Willimn R. Uhner R. J. Field, Jr. Jack Q. Causey Jon C. Campbell 3. Purpose fox which corpora- tion organized: To conduct a retail drug business, to ,buy, sell, and deal in drugs, :medicines druggist supplie, surgical ap- paratus, physicians and hospital supplies, and all personal prop- erty of every kind and nature• 4. Capitalization requirements: $25,000.00 consisting of 250 shares ef common stock of 'par value of $100.00 per share. 8/3/lw A RESOLUTION examination, determined that Of th Boad .... sot oflthe fees to be collected by the :.L.. e  ut, uperv]..s . !offices of Sheriff and Assessor- WIlKInSOn uounty, iyllSSlSSlppl  . • . • To Borrow  on   I Tax Collector will be msufhment Ill ey 11 • . . to pay the operating budget of AntLmpatmn Of Taxes For The an: one or more of said offices, Purpose Of Defraying The and ,fallowed fields should be re- Vzrked du,ring August if addi- tional 'weed growth develops, or if a good job of breaking is not accomplished on the first work- ing. This is a good thne to fill pot holes and to drain l:w swag areas where water will reduce Production during the winter. The bette,r condii.ion the fields can be in at planting time in September, the less moisture is lost in the final seedbed prep- aration. On fields where lime ls needed, spreader trucks can do a good job at this time, of getting uniform coverage on all areas of the field. The lime can be tbcroughly worked into the SOil to provide a quicke˘ plant response. Liming is the first 'fertilizer ,practice to apply on .' an acid soil if a high level of forage production is to be achieved. Me:st years you must summer ;fallow if you need early graz- ing, so start preparing your fields n, cw. HOME GARDENING Sometimes it is difficult to get a stand of vegetables planted in dcy sell. Here is a trick that bigger problems on late planted sorghum. SOYBEAN INSECT CONTROL With 1 ors more soybeans planted this year and less cot- ton, bollworms are likely to move into soybean fields. These worms can be a big problem as they feed on young immature pod,s. Keep a close watch on soy- beans and if the worms do show up in damaging numbers, apply a recommended insecticide. In soyb'eans, the cotton bollworm becomes the scybean podworm. INVITATION FOR BIDS Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Aldermen of the Town of Centreville, Mis- si.ssippi, in the Mayor's office of the Town Hall in Centre- ville, Mississippi up to 5 o'clock! p.m. on Tuesday, August 7, 1973, PUBLIC NOTICE "To The Public And To The Taxpayers :of Wilkinson County, Mississippi: "You are hereby notified that the real and personal property assessment rolls of the above named county, for the year 1973 have been equalized according to law, and that said rolls are ready for inspection and exam- ination, and that any objections to said rclls or any assessment hcrein contained, shall be made in writing and filed with the clerk of the Board of Super- visors of aid County, on or before the 6th of August, 1973 at his office in the Courthouse of said county, ,and that all asseasments to which no ob- Section 1: That the gas serv-I duced to writing, read, consid- .... +- +o customer° oerved b,,]ered and voted upon Section by • ection ,and as a whole' the the Town of Woodvllle be as] oF vote on each and all Sections f lows: | Ressidential And Commereial land upon the Ordin,a, nee,,as a Rat s whole was taken by Yea and e ] "N " i " " A lication T .....  ..... for, ay vote; those rot ng Yea pp o o.w, ,o  .......... domestic and commercial cus-[oemg A mecmen iuver . u[ry, + ........ ,._, .......... libel Anthony Flaccomo ary D A- uuxx,.irS WLIU. " as 1;5 LI.]JU t.I. [ . h-^. - n - m ^* ,,n, .... s Iquila, and Ronald J. Senko, and ; ....... '- , ..... - ....... II r, nose vo;lng "Nay oelng blone. "rms uraatnea This Tne 3rd meters, each meter will be con- sidered as a customer and the billing will be made as if it is a different customer at each location: Monthly Rates (Applicable tax not included) For the first 1000 cu. ft. or less (minimum bill) ............ $2.25 "For the next 6,000 cu. ft ..... 92c Pox 1,000 cu. ft. jection is then and there made, will 'be finally approved by said For the next 18,000 cu. ft. •.82c Board of Supervisors, and that lPe,r 1,000 cu. ft. all asessments to which ob- For next 25,00.0 cu. ft ......... 76c jeetion Ls made, and which may Per 1,000 cu. ft. be  corrected and properly I For all in excess of 50,000 eu. determined by this Board, will ft ................................. .................. 71c be made final ,by this Board Per 1;000 cu. ft. of Supervisors, and that said to purchase for cash one (1) rolls and the assessments con- new 2 ton cab ad chassis to tained therein will be approved be equipped with 156 inch wheel by this Board of Supervisors; base, 330 heavy duty V-8 engine, and that, 2 speed 17,500 ,pound Eaton rear "1 This Board will be in sos- can help get the plants up and axle, 6,000 pound front axle, Natchez Stockyards Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. SALE EVERY THURSDAY TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE AND HOGS t For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 888-4595, Woodville I I I I1[I SPECIAL ON USED TRACTOR and EQUIPMENT 1-Used 12 ft. Servis cutter (pull type) $425.00 'l-Used 12 ft. Caldwell cutter (pull type) $425.00 1-Used Farmall M Tractor $400.00 1-Used Ford 6 ft. sickle mower $175.00 1-Used No. 14T John Deere baler $350.OO 1-Used 6 ft. lift type disc $245.00 1-Used Ford 250 baler $350.00 Day Of July, A. D., 1973. George J. Gonda, Mayor Frances Townsend, Clerk 8/3/lw State of Mississippi Office of' Secretary of State Jackson CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION of Field Clinic Realty Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. 5 sion, for the purpose of hearing , objections to the ,said assess- ments which may be filed, at the courthouse in the Town of Woodville, said County ,and State, on the 6th day of August, 1973 "2 This Board of Supervisors will ,remain in session from day to day until all objections la'w- fully filed, shall have been dis- posed of and all proper cor- rections made in ,the said rolls. "Witness the ,ignature and seal of the said Board of Super- visors this the 16th day of Corporation The undersigned, as Secretary of State of the State of Mis- issippi, hereby certifies that duplicate originals of Articles of Incorporation ,for the above named corporation duly signed and up to 100,000 cu. ft. ........ land verified pursuant to the vxnn!nnum nHn ! provisions of the Mississippi The minimum monthly ,bill r t t have • ' [Business Corpo a'on Ac, , shall be $2 25 per month except hi fh nd • ' • , been received in t s o "co a for custcmers residing outside  are found to conform to law. the corporate limits for which it shall be $3.25 per month or an additional charge of $1.00 per month over the minimum monthly bill above specified for those customers residing inside l of the corporate limits of the Town of Woodville. Large Commercial And Industrial Service Application For .all gas service to non-residential c u s t o m e r whose monthly billing exceeds 100,000 cu. ft. per month. @as service delivered under this schedule shall be supplied at a L single point of measurement is Accordingly he ,undersigned, as ,such Secretary of State, and by virtue of the authority vested in him by law, hereby issues this Certificate Of Incorpora- LIVESTOCK SERVICE $ Livestock hauled to any auction barn or other destination of your choice at reasonable rates. • Individual order buying service. • Quantities of stocker cattle bid on in pasture. • Other livestock services available on req0est. Contact O. K. FERGUSON Phone 888-6682 Woodvil]e, Miss. W I II II II I IIII IIl'l LOANS From $100 to $5/,000 Bill Consolidating Loans Are Our Specialty• Payments Reduced As Much As Vs to g and Sometimes Even More. ---: Free COUNSELING SERVICE- Call Or Stop By Our Office Woodville Finance, Inc. Depot Street Phone 888-2011 JP tion, and attaches hereto a du- plicate original of the Articles of Incorporation. Given. under my hand and Seal of Office, this the 27th day of July, 1973. Heber Ladner Secretary of State (Seal) i. Name of Corporation: Field Clinic Realty Corporation 2. Name of Incorporators: R. J. Field, Jr. Expenses Of' Said County For Be it further resolved by the The Year 1973 Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- Be it resolved by the Board. son County, Mississippi, that it of Supervisors of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in its Reg- ular Recess July 1973 Meeting assembled on thSs, the 26th. day of July, 1973, upon inquiry and examination of e,stimated amount of taxes collected and to be collected under the last preceding annual tax levy for the year 1972, does find and adjudicate that twenty-five per cent (25%) of the estimated in'tends to levy two (2) mills for the purpose of supplement- ing the budgets of the offices of She˘iff and Assessor-Tax Collector of :said Wilkinson County as provided by Chapter 461 of the General Laws ,of 1973, unless ,within twenty-one (21) days after the date of the first publication of this resolu- tion, a petition signed by at least twenty per cent (20%) or amount of taxes collected or to one thousand five hundred be collected for the General (1,500), whichever is less, of the Fund of said Wilkinson County qualified electors of the County, amounts to Forty Thousand One Hundred Fifty-six and 47/100 Dollars ($4.0,156.47), and that Twenty Thousand Dollacs ($20,000.00) does not exceed this amount, and Be it further resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- son County, Mississippi, in said Regular Recess July 1973 Meet- ing .assembled on this, the 26th. shall be filed requesting :an election on the levying of such tax, and Be it fucther resolved by ,the Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- son County, Mississippi, ,that this resolution shall :be pub- lished in The Woodville Repub- lican, a newspaper ,published and having a general circulation • in said Wilkinson County, once day of July, 1973, that the Board each week for three (3) consec- of Supervisors, will at its re-,utiv e weeks cess meeting on the 28th day I ' " - - i i .... " ' !," } The above and foregoing res- oI, August, lu'3, issue ,l,s ne-lolution wa fimt .reduced o ,golable note for ,an a:mountlvriting ' 'ead and adopted by not to exceed Twenty Thousanasections, and then as a whole Dollars ($2000000) at a rate of' . .... ,_, ^. ,, ...... ' ' and their .,,...  ..., r- interest not to exceed six per lution were Supervisors Seve cent (6%) per annum and to be due and payable not later than April 1, 1974, for the pur- pose ,of defraying expenses of the General Fund of aid Wil- kinson County as authorized by Section 2926-13, 1942 Mississippi Code Recompiled, as amended, unless twenty per cent (20%) or one thousand five hundred (1,500), whichever is less, of the qualified electors of said Wil- kinson County shall file a writ- ten .pxotest or petition against the iasuance of said note on or before the 28th. day of August, Reed, Louis Gaulden, and Tom Ashley• Those absent and not voting *on this resolution were A. J. Darden and Leon Cavin. The resolution having re- ceived the affirmative vote of all the members present, the Pcesident declared the .resolu- tion adopted, this 26th. day of July, 1973. Tom Ahley, Presldent 8/3/3w NOTICE Wilkin,son County Savings and Loan Association, Woodville, Jack Q. C.ausey J.on C. Campbell [1973. and Mississippi has filed a petition 3. Purpose far which corpora-] Be it further resolved by said with the Board of Savings and lion organized: To buy and[Board of Superwsors of Wilkin- Loan Associations of the State. otherwise acquirel own, hold, loon County, Mississippi, that for of Mississippi for Charter of manage, operate, improve, de-' the payment of said note in an Incorporation in the City of velop, lease, and sell land or amount not to exceed Twenty Woodville, Wilkinson County, Thousand Dollars ($20.000.00) Mississippi and hearing thereon interests therein or buildings or with interest not to exceed six has been set for 2:00 p.m. on other structures constructed or erected thereon. 4. Capitalization Require- ments: $200.000.00 consisting of 2,000 shares of common stock of par value of $100.00 each. 8/3/lw State Of Mississippi Office of Secretary of State Jackson CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION per cent (6°/,,) per annum that this, the Board o( Supecvisors of said Wilkinson County, does herein pledge that a special in the amount of two (2) mills shall be levied to pay the said amount with interest when due, and Be it further resolved that this resolution 'shall be pub- lished in The Woodville Repub- lican, a newspaper published Of Field Clinic Pharmacy, Inc and having a general circulation The undersigned, as Secretary in said Wilkinson County, once of State of the State of Mis- each week for hree (3) suc- sissippi, hereby certifies ,that cessive weeks and that not less the 4th day of September, 1973 at the office of the Board of Savings and Loan Aasociations, Room 408, Farm Bu,reau Build- ing, 429 Mississippi Street, Jack- son. Mississippi. Any interested pary may contest said petition by filing written objections thereto with said Board on or before the 20th day of August, 1973. By order of the Board of Sav- ings and Loan Associations, this the 26th day of July, 1973. Walter E Bullock, Executive Officer duplicate originals of Articles of Incorporation for 'the above amed corporation .duly signed and verified pursuant to the provisions of the Mississippi Business Corporation Act, have been ceceived in his office and are f, ound to conform to law. Accordingly the undersigned, as such Secretary of Sta'te, and by virtue of the authority vested in him by law, hereby issues than twenty-one (21) days or Bord of Savings & more than sixty (60) days inter- I Loan Associations T 8/3/lw vene between the first ,publi-! FIR cation of such notice on the 3rd. day of August, 1973, and the ST STEAM GINNING 28th. day ,cf August, 1973• the Dr• Rush Nutt, outstanding date on which this Board pro- physician .and cotton breeder in poses to issue such note. Jefferson County, was the first The above and foregoing res- to substitute 'steam for horse olution was first reduced to power in cotton ginning. He writing, read and adopted by first started using seam power sections, and then as a whole at his gin in 1830. Make your last round decision. Ford Price-fighter Clearance H & R FORD, Inc., Woodville, Miss. ' / ' i r ,