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July 30, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 30, 1898

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)5 pin U ul 16 am ; bum U l)  )5 pm (} phi 0 an) 8 am 9 pm 15 am i Pm sm J) am&apos; )f) pm r0 pm 5 pr th aturday.-July -80.- bqficial Jourilal of the Cor- voration of Woodville. imldeAnnuncementsf marria* ,and deaths will be pubhshed wlthout charge. NiOlsl'rilHiolt per WEATItER AND CIOPS. i I was troubled with severe female weakness for over a year, and was Theweatherduringthepastweekhas emfined to the bed for :overs:x been very unfavorable for the cotton months. ] was treated by six very crops and reports are now coming in [prominent physicians withold any from all seztions of the county report- I m'u'ked benefit' My last doctor was ing the cotton crop as heing damaced a skilled pecialist, and he told me tt,e only hope lay in an 3peration I by the excessive rains. Some sections beard ,ff Sn|ith's Sure Kidney C nre, are reported as much worse tban anda[ter using it for one month 1 others, and particularly is this La. find myself cured, andeveuthe doc- as rcgatds lhe southern portion of the tar who last treated me nowprououn- county where the outlook from all cos me well. accountsls anything else but encou'r- .Mm:s. J R FAW:R, Atlanta, Go. Price 50 cents. For sale by Chas. aging. The east, west. and north-wes- R Day. tern portions of the county appears to .-.. ..... be somewhat better with the pros- Senders of telegrams must furnish P.h ....................... $i 50 therwise .................. $2 00 peers of an avcrage yield. It, isclaim- p__ ed by authorities on the qucstitn tAiKET. ew Orleans, July 1, 1898. ( 'otion .5 15-16 [liddling .................... *o. hlortow is the last day of_July. JOB %YORK hT qtlE tenpunI.ichl. Camp Meeting begins at, Bethel next rhursday night. spain has a0peale(to this country to upon peace negotiat,lons. New Crop "IMrnip Seeds just receiv- that it is impossible for this county to make its last )'ears yield. a T. =: We are ghtd relearn that Mr. L. B. Watt has recovered from his long spell of sickness, and has returned to his Company at Ch:ckamauga. Watt was offered an hone[at le discharge on account of his ill health, but ;,he re- fused same. lIurrah for ten. Bargains in shoes on Monday at Rothschilds. We are in receipt of quite a lengthy the stamps--is tile decision of the Commi-si,mer ef Internal Revenue New g dvertisements. NOTICE TO C()IA)IEI) TEACIt- ERS. The institute for colored teachers will beheld in W,odville, betinning Monday, August 15th 1898. Be sure and corneas l.he-exarninaii()ns will be based up(in tle syllabus. JOSEPH JOIINSON, SUl)t. and C,nduetor, 7 30 1898 2w. BE'['lINt CAMP MEFTING. TFIE 6E/00 SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS "WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : PUI=E LIQU OlS o SUCII AS--o OLD JIOJ,'OPOLE RYE, UR Ird W  YE, FI?,E,MCII JBRIWD Y, IFIWES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE CIGARS Always on Hand. IPThose is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examine my stock. A. S. JOHNSON. BBthBI Dam00 i00BBti0000g Is approaching and the dinion, of thosewho contemplate attc3dina is re spcct/ully called to or fll and c,mptele lineof Ladies Dress Goods a,d .][en. Frnishins at prices lower than etct' before. Dimities formerly 10c now 7c. All over Lawns formerly 15c now 10,'. Fine silk organdies formerly 45c now 25c. Wash skirts, formerly 50c now 25c. All $14 Wooien suits reduced to i 10. Alpaca coats and vests 20 per cent ticlow regals# price. Linen suits $2 75. ()no lot woolen pants worth $2 to $2 50 redilced to $1.00. Straw hats 20 per cent below tile r0gu|ar I)rices. ed at, GEe. J. ADAMS. communication from onr young friend Hen. tl. M. Quinn of Centrevllle Jno. Lowry, who is now with the 1st 'as In town on last Saturday- Miss., at, Chiekamauga, and will pub- -,: lish it next week if apace permits. Mrs. Cha. R. Day returned Toes- A let, for from any of "our boys" is al- day from a visit to Baton Rouge. Window glass, we cut them nny size at Day's drug store. Mr. S. Cumbospent Monday in Bayou Sara where he went to meet several of his relatives. Reports from different sections of the cotton belt, show some damage being done the crops. It looks very much lille it will never tup rainint as we have had rain every day this week. Mason's Self-sealing Jars, all sizes, and tin top jelly glasses, at Get.. J. Adams. Dr. C. E. Cat(.hings attended a tneetingof the Board of llealth at Centrevilte Wednesday. Work on the new steel bridgeon Bayou Sara creek three miles west of town is progressing nicely. For school books and station- ery supplies, go to Day's drug store. Waternlclons have been plentiful tluring the past few weeks and they are being gold very cheap. or. A had a fresh coat of paint put on his storehich brightens up the phlce considerable._ WEDDINO PRESENTS, tt[ Jos. Sarphle. Tim Jeweler. Try a bottle of" 2kTains Sarsaparilla tnd purify your blood. 25 cents cheaper titan lloods at GEe. J Auxts. are claimed to be Lis business in this section is largo. = 7_7 he Board of upervisors meet next := : :: Monday and Kill remain in session Remember any. book, novel, several days equalizing the assessment paper or magazines not in stock, we will I)e glad to order for you rolh,, without extra chate. In fact M-. and Mrs, 1 Chisl/olm le'tTuas anything in our hne, if not tin flay evening for Vicksburg where they hand is given l)rompt'tttentmn ai will spend sever',d days visiting rela- Day's drug store. tires. - "= -': Fo paints, oils, varnishes, putty, dyes, etc., go to Day's drug store. The game of Baseball on Tuesday between the Wilnots and Wondvllle, both e, ilored clubs result)ed in favor of the town boys. Toe fine egg plant ever raised in this section is now on exhibition at Days drug store. It weighs five pounds and was raised by JoG. Ekles. -- --'-'" F. & A.M. Asylum Lodge No. 63 held its regular monthly communi- tatton on last Wednesday night and transacted only routine business. We have ilst received a fine llne of pocket knives at, Day's drag store. Qultea number of our citizens at- tended a Lawn Party in Bayou Sara, La., on last Tuesday evening. They all returned on Wednesday claiming to have had a most enjoyable time. ir. P, II. Whike who has now the ttgeney fur the White Sewing Maehlne received his 'ehiele and has started out on a canvassing tour. We wish him success In his new vocation. We learn that P, M. Smith a highly tespeeted colored citizen of this place has been appoind to a wacant pro- fe.orship m the Aldorn C)lte;geat Rodne7 Mississippi. We congratulate Monroe on his success. Don't forget we can furnish you with any paper, periodical or "tllagaz)no published, at publish- ors prmes, Day's Drug Store. We eai-Ttbe ad;2J<;n ot iiealth Officerof our town to the Unsanitary condition of some of the back yards on the square west, of the court house, l'he odors there re dreadful and sick, ess will surely result if it ia not remedied. Henri, lXu.s Sr. (col.) whiIe attend  For some time tim friends'of Maj. |trg to his duties at the Synagogue on Starling have realized that lie would last Friday fell Into the cistern not, get the appointment t.o the River beneatla the Temple and received very Commission vacancy. The fact that painful i)urtes. Ilis cries for help there is already o'ne member from tim Was heard by Mr. O. M. Petty who loer river regmn is held to be an went lmmediutelY to the aistance insuperable objection, we learn, to and with great difficulty suece'eded his appointment. Hence it is with Jn getting him out no surprise we learn that Ma. Star- :: s--*-- ..... Itn; has mt, hdrawn in fav,r of Mr. We are now making tiuT own soda J. A. Ockersoa, of St. Louts. It is at, orand guarantee same to equal that tybtained at the best fountain in lay large city at Days Drug Store, C SCHAEFER ii Everyh(dy is invilctl to allelnl, tttt 1 - Mimsters'of the Gospel are especially invited. Come everybody and letlts have a grand refreshing f,r}ml ,the . ..*- ways gladly received by us. Lord. J.W. CmSLEU, Sect y. = = _-- Woodville, Miss., July ltJ, 1898. . i, lt We ntewitlgreatpleasurethe I SPREI&L SALE !6 selection of Miss lda tloofl, of this NOTICE. town, as Sponsor for the state*of STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, t he]diuAtlantalastweek, lnthisi'^T"h-IIrviileiEiumaIrvine, ,. " }00Mondav, )lug IS,, 1898 c00l-'-K selection honor is due both to Miss Jessie Irvine, Mrs. Emma h'vme, , - ! flood and State which has chosen her Jones Irvine, Mrs S'dlie Car(ion, adults. Harris hvine a ulinor. Belle as their fair renresentative. The se- h'vine, I,ena lrvine, Corn lrvine, leetion of this young lady was greeted Mariau h'vine Johi, ,rvilie minors, )I, "' 'll,: WooDVJ[LEi = " " " " ' " [ with great applause from the old defemlanls: conreds. July The following.[.era - 1898, := Circuit is = = the costs Cuurt: m of tile , You are commanded to 2nd ty fore of M.,ndav the Wilkinsou Uhancery th,; in ]2th Court ' said dayf state appear be- of theDecem, ou Coun-" the I Mi0 Li0  lt{!ta ! DRUGS ald ME0CItlES --DEALER IN CH FMIc'tt i) Grand and petit jurors ........ $265 00 ber 1898 to "defend the suit iu said  ill Siat witnesses ................ ti4 00 courtof W. P. th,rtonet al, whoreii, Low (00uarter Shoes General allowances ............ 334 sre dofe,,d.nt.. Public School Books This 16th day of July 1898 111 ZIXC- Total ................... 663 95 C.A. COON, Clerk. ................ wc f N .... " ' " I was readh,g a,I advertisement ot offer our cntirc line 0 Statwnery, Patnte s Suphes: , t.rni. Diarrh(aRe,nedyin tire ALLEY ow uartcrs at lcss than Ga,.de,,Seed6'e. Enterprise recently, which leads Ine " t [ -Phvslcians pretcrlptions carefully compounded, and odcrb tcrrectly ,et to write this. I can trntilfnllv say [[ Tlt,kILl,()kl) never used an, remedvequal toitfo"lmlll,sulllllllliq ThoYazoo&Misissii)pi cost, to-wit: [ ,ck.elccted ,,i'.:hgratcare anawarrantca asreprese ..... :. [, .  -, ,. v, 8, 9 ' "--5"' colic and diarrhea. I IlaVo never ha(I / I1NI*ITTtl l'l'lill 1. ll.. |l:k now on s:fle, lt[#l . , - ..... ,I tonsen, orethanoueort',o doses to/ 'l'HI/U/X'l" ,.,d .m conlliue th,, !! 0 1 00. t{ft   "' ' ......... ' " ' i...,,,a.s,,,,, .,,t,, .,.,,.li,,,, u r #2 O0 Swe fo # cure the worst case witli Invself. or, /ill illlll, it 301h, lSgS. ]'().lid t,,'il, t 00o tl l?  [CI.AIN. "V. 1.* S.' I';NRTISS 'r D. O. nR&MIIILT"" ti. I.'. .iLcilkla. :-- ehihlren. V. A STROUD, Popornoke, -- s,, mor tourist tlcket.  Olbl" #1 50 She6 for 1 City, Md For sale by G. Kann. / , .i_,l ,.o,,, ,., .<,.,o. ,s t,n,, "' *V [ Bramlett & Tueker; ! 11  |||llt'l the ,ou,h to a In,go lisl o: Ollr '1 00 Shoe for 7o. McLAIN & VENTRESS, , ..... , [l'l'l'. su,mner resorts |n lheNorth, i[  lt   :! !t Ii| On next Monday low quarters I! fll.|l Tl,,.i,,,,,.I,le a,,ny .,.r,-t,. f]. t    ; t =t.a= ,o t. L,,,,,, <',,,,,\