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July 30, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 30, 1898

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Saturday, July 30. THE WAR NEWS. At a Mass Meeting of the citizens -- of Wilkinson County ileYd at the Everything is quietat court house in Woodville on Satur- except the fevers, yellow and day the. 23rd day of July 1898 for J. IS, LEVIS, malarious. An official report for the purpose of electing delegates to Editor and Proprietor. the 27th showed a total of 3770 the Dtstriet Convention ,,*Inch Ineets =-&apos;-' - ---- • ......... = eases of fever in the hospitals, at Centreville Aug 4th. TO ADVERTISERS. TILT, W'OODVILLE REPUBLICAN r the oldest newspaper in the tate; has a hu'ger bona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this section; therefore i' is leg Atv00t00iu! Meliffi, l Advertisers lear in Mid, ANNOUNCEMENT. ].'OR CorottEss. fro the Voters of the Stxth Congres- sional District : and of these 639 were new cases. On motion Capt. R. M..Me(]ehee, It does not show the proportion was elected Chairman and W. F. 9f yellow fever cases, hut this Tucker Seety. must necessairly be great. Every- thing favors a sermus eptdemm. With 20,000 unacclimated men" in the veD" home of yellow jack, and exposed to the hardships of camp life how can it be avoided? Never- theless the type seems to be very mild and there are comparattvely few deaths. The mortality at Miami in Florida, whale soldiers are camp- ing on low grounds with bad water, for the purpose of cleaning On moti,'m, the Chairman appoint- ed the following delegates to repre sent Wilkinson Counly at said Con- vcntlon to- wit: J.A. Redhead, D W. IInff, J. I, Anderson, R. Whit- aker, W. P. S. Ventress, T. M. Whetst-ne aud W. F. Tucker. On motion, Capt. R. M, MeGdee Chairman was added to the delega- tion. On motion of Capt. Bramlett the delegates were mstrueted to cast their vote for the lion. W. F. Love, Believing that an iuvestigation of up Genl. Flagler's land, is fully my record in Congress will show that I lmve discharged my duty, activelv, fMthfuily and efficiently: that I have kept all promises and broken no party 1Medes, I therefore am enconraged t,,ataiu solicit the support of my constituency for re-election and here- i,V allnonnce lnV candidacy, snbject 1,; thn action of tim Demoer'alic party of the Sixth District of Mississippi. Very Respectfully, W. F. LOVE. i IASONI0 ]IEETIII. as great as at Santiago. The invasion of Porto Rico is fairly begun. Genl. Miles has landed at Guamabayon the south side of the island, and will march from that point on San Juan 85 miles north of that place. The General deserves praise for the vigorous way in which he shook off the immortal War Board of M,mberR of Wu H Wmxlssos R. Washington and substituted a /. C. are notified that the regnlar p!an of campaign of his own. meting of the Chapter will take 1 Int, at the Lod room Tuesday 1?hese carpet soldiers had planned e.,ming next, at 8 o'clock. The for a landing at three points and fmq,nnions are requested to attend l'rmptly. ft. F. THERREL. TIIE TERMS OF PEACE. We are grahflcd that the Ad- marches of each detachment to form a junction at a selected point. Miles, after he got to s ca and out of reach of the telegraph wires, concluded that he could save trouble by landing at one place, and that a different one ministration, or rather a majority of the Cabinet,if the reports from any selected by the War Board, and he did. This scheme frn Washington are trustworthy is manifestly so superior to that are opposed to any attempt to bold the Phdippine Islands. of the Board that it could not There is an element mainly of the even be protested• Miles has Jingo vartety, headed by Senator M,,'an of Alabama, which fav- ors a pohcy of unlimited territo- rial expansion on the part of the United States, but we are confi- dent that these reckless politi- ciant do not represent the true sentiment of the people of this country. In our judgment an attempt to Lold the Philippine Islands would be a veritable opening of Pando- ra's box for this Government. Situated at the antipodes they would be very difficult to defend, ,nd would necessitate a naval and military expansion that would be n very serious burden on the peo- ple. Such a policy would result in foreign complications, and would drag us into the vortex of European and Asiatic interna- ttonal quarrels, and would put an end to the peace policy hitherto pursued by the United States to which she owes her present greatness and prosperity. Just what would result and just where it, would end no human bemg can foreee. That our entire govern- mental system would be revolu- tionized and that hnpe-riahsm vould be substituted for Repub- licanism is more than possible. We approve the retention of Porto Rico, and the rescue of Cuba from Spanish dominion. Those are American terntory and command the Gulf of Mexico, and are necessary to our future corol of its commerce. The Nieraugua Canal will now be budt because the trip of the Oregon around Cape Horn and the difiieuity of procuring trans- portation for our troops on the Pacific coast emphasizes the ne- cessity of establishing closer con- begun well, and we believe he will end well. We regret to see that Alger continues to discriminate against southern volunteers. So far they have had no part in the war and only one or two regiments are ordered to the front. It was re- ported that Genl. Lee had been ordered to Porto Rico but this lacks confirmation. There is nothing new from Manila and the sttuati, n is un- changed there. Through the French Ambassa- dora at Washington M. Cambon, Spare has opened the questton of peace. It is understood that at a Cabinet meeting a majority favor- ed demanding the cession of Porto Rico, the freedom of Cuba and a coahng station in thePhllli- pines and the Ladrone islands. Some of the members insisted on retaining the Phillipines. This Government will continue to prosecute the war with vigor unttl some understanding is ar- rived at, and will not permit Spain to gain a delay under color of peace negotiations. From the Picayune Miss., Bureau of Tuesday, speaking of nominations for state and county officers to be made fext, the canvass of which will begin this fall, the editor remarks: "A glance at the map of the state at large, counties from zhieh tht present state officers hatleach of whom is serving his first elective term--will show rather a curmus thing. From the Tennessee hae to the Louismnaline, with the excep- tion of Lieutenant -overnor Jones, who'lives m Woodville, the extreme southwestern corner of the state, not a single state offi:er lives west of tim Ilhnois Central Railroad, which splits the state in two from north to south, from Tennessee to Louisiana. This is the first time perlmps ta the his- neetion with our defies, and affords an object les- son that the United States will heed. This canal will be:pine the outlet of an immense com- merce between the far East and America, tf not of Europe, and it is clear that we ought to put ourselves in a position to control its approaches. It will also be proper to acquir coaling stations among the Phil- ilrpines and other Spanish groups that we may conquer. One re- sult of this war will be an in- creased commercial activity and expansion on the part of the Uni- ted States, and with that an in- crease of our naval strength. It has further taught us the neces- sity of providing our navy with supplies of coal to enable it to meet any contingency that may arise in any part of the world. Thus far territorial expansion sion is forced upon us, and is necessary, but if we adopt a land western boun-tory el lhe delta, which Prentiss called the cornucopia of the common. ealth, was ever wlthouta state officer. This sentence also suggests the fact that the three supreme judges all live east of the Illinois Central. In ad,litioa to the above state officers, 178 senators and represents tires must be elected at the same time. Of these 45 are senators and 133 are members of the lower house. Senators and representatives receive the aame pay--S400 for a regular session of the legislature, and $5 each per diem for special and extra sessions, with 20 cents a mile each for all sessions." "At the election in 1895, or rather at the conventions and primaries for all the shove offices, it wasestimated that there were not less than 90(,0 candidates, all told. The patriotic press of,the stMe, without reference  financial bias, m announcing a determination to [look sharply after state and c3unty [issues in the campaibm next year, t which will open up flits tall, just as J soon as the congressional nominations l which are tantamount to an electron, [are taka care of m all the dislrtcts. tTodo anything else would be ira- grabbing policv of the nations of nahtral. To discuss national issues the old world at the instance of i in a state and county election wouhi be as ahsurd as to .d'iscuss state and demagogues and speculator the county tsue is electing- a president utt can only be evil. l aml congressmen ." for Congress. The following were appointed a committee on resoluti3ns, W. F. Tucker, J. M. tSessions and F. D. Lewis, who reported the following resolution whiclt was unanitnously adopted to-it: Resolved; That this meeting un- animonslv endorse lion. iV. P Cassidy tot re-appointme.t of Circuit Judge of this 'Am 6th Juditqal Dial• and reeomend hm to Gov. MeLaurin for re- appointment. On motion the meeting adjourned. R. M.  C,JEnEE, Ch,n , W. F. 'l'ucxtt, Secty. The subscription to.the 3 per cent war loan of $200,000,000. reached six limes the amount of the lssne, or $1,200,000,000. Which goes to show that the people favor this means of )eying the ar expenses, at least in good part. c e ee o eBe IFOOD YILLE, 211188.  Wd/ Open its 37th Annual Session, Sept. 7th, 1898. I,:,' Thoroughly equipped for work in the departnonls of ,: Music, E10uuti0n, English Mathematics, Sciences l! and tho Languag0s.  Spcci'll fueilitios for the study of Music, Elocution. I Engli.h and Mathematics. The s;md:H'd of sololarshtl) in the Coll:,zo ! PI'IIIIIIPV ,q llll |(illtlOl'ILr t,Oh 3t211 I'l I • 14 Jllllrl)llJl.JS hl}£|l :rj,;i,/,],olh o t "sial rll('florl;trt, Ill] SlV'('htl-h) I]1o , |."Ig. ''ht" J)[l|J'lillffN ,L,',, ,1o.v€ ,LIIII ,'(,tlllUl)lJiOllS. |i, ])Ol'fCl,J I'll.If,if' filial Ji|,l'd (  wltlt a]! llm cot {forts of tt refiued Imam, l'arentshrvi,z da ghters locdu- I. CltL(? Will 11710 W( 1 to CO ll'Op with llll btrol,t2 Stlldlllg ('lCW|l(l'O. 1' For C;ttulorue and 'Ftwms. address.  MISS GEOI{IA SWA,XSOX, Pres., V/oodville, 3Iis !i! Jl n -- ....... m , Jr --. iler coinage in 1893. [|ngton, At no time since the w;,r In view of these facls, hich thejslarted, eouhl st) many o/ ,mr slr,,ng gold monometalists of tins country lest fighting shil)s be spared to go to di, d not hes,tat,e to helitlle sad fa,.i'-JSpain as right now. •l'hi ,,'as fl at the time, ,lie foll,wing arti,.lo acknowledged by Secretary Long in from the Times Dcmoerat upon leonversation with a friend 'howas Indian Finance will be read with tryingto find out why the fleet had interest by many of our readers : not gone to Spain. A Senator who t'ln adipatchdated March 3. but is very friendly with Mr. 31cKinlcy not published unt,1 May 3, the go,'- sahl on the subject: "The ollicial ernment at lh'iti.h ln,,qa urged upon the Secretary of State f,.r that depart- ann,mncemenL of the orders to Con) deuey the necessity f-r imme late and ,nodore Watson, several weegs ag. effective measures Iookimt to the es- tablishment of a field standard tot the was unquestionably made to bhtff that vast portionot her Majesty's do- Spain into I)eging for peace, and minions. Lord George tlamilton has appointed a committee of experts, now timt Mr. McKinley has inter. with Sir IIenrv Fowler as chairman, matiou that the bluff had served it., to take the suhject uuder cousidera- LEON SCII WAL 1" ""Z. C It. EYLA2D. SgttWA00TZ & N[YL/I0000D, Main StrectF WOODVILLE T'e abe lead it the Grreery line, and our larffe Stoe] is always 1,'ept fresh and eomple/e. Ie heep also a full stoeT o/'Dry Goods, 'o- tions, ete, NeW goods arriving daily. 1 have purchased a large stock of Dry goods, Clothing, Notions, IIousek00eping ar. t icles, IIats Shoes &c. in New York00 all of which t propose to sell at prices so low that it will be to your interest, to examine my stock. Special ff00. ducements to large buyers. 00,,rpo00e he ea,,se,, ,t to ,,ub PEETR MOLLER lion. The committee is now pursu- licly announced that the sailing of ins" tt inveti_ations. Thepre.entutteHruutenahlefiuan tim fleet had been postponed, in[ .................... elal position in India arose out of the order that Slminmav act." "BuL," -- ----------mm clomtre of tim miuts to the private coiuage of silver, in June. 1893. By said another Senator, "suppose th'H that actagreatamlgrowingtion wa, placed on an inexoansibleP°pula" Spain doesn't ask for l)eaee, what I l00i0000i0000ippi basis of cnrrmcv, jr, st as England then?" "Then," said the firs I wouhl be, if the mints shouht be clos- .enat,,r laughingly, I, sul,l,,,se the .  "V - € ed to the coinage of gold The Indian hluff will be repeatc(l." "Well, •' " " mints were closed exelnMvely in nm tnteretr, f the bondhohler and the answered Senator No 2. "lhat s,r No. 5 N/.,h!Train LeavesMeml,his , 7 55pro office hohler. The great producing of thine is a little too Spanish to suit ,' "" " " Vict.bnrg ;5:,0 am .... *-.,D-. population had no voice iu the decis- me" I heliev. tlmt it i |It(. duty of ., ',', " " " Ceutrcvllto 6:16 am )on, nor was it interest constdcred at the administrati.n Io fight this war " " Arrives New Orle, ans 10: barn In the Philll)pinea the indicattons all. The idea was Mmply to raise the to a oh)so at the earlies possihh, N,,,,6 -,g'ht  , leaves Now orleans 4:2U pl are that Gen, Merritt will not have rate ofexchaneasbeteenthe rupee SO much tronl,le with Ithe Spaniards attd the sovereign, by coining no moment. In trickery, we can never ,, .... ' " (,entr,wll,o 8:35 [ra' more rupees. That part of the plan hope to .qual lhe Spaniards, and I ,, ,, ,, " " Viekslmrg 11:5o pm as with the Iusurgent natives. Agui. has sltceeeded fairly well, but it be- should be ashamed to t)e an Ameri " ,'rivos Menll)hls 7:10 am naldo is more to be feared than the gins to be seen that the game was m,t can. if we eouhl. We can lick them No.., 21,, Day., 'l'r,i.,, i,eavos Vmkshqrg, 8 am worth the candle, for the closure of every day in the week, when il covttos arrivo. New ()rloans ,5:30 pm European interference. If it is the the mints, while raising the exchang- to fi,zhti,g, and the .ooner we send No -22 D;ty Trivia. . le, ivs q,,v N'r]caus 8:05 am i,tentlon to hold the Islands parma- cable value of the rupee from 11 pence the fleet over here to fiht hem a| ........ arrive, Viek.hur', nentlv, or temporarily until a re- to over 16 pence, has done so at the . 5:55 pm " expense of the prosperity of the c.,un- home. the sooner we shall have Tr, i runs daily except Sunday. sponsible government is estaidihed, try, because the monetary stringency 0e'tee" /fro. 7.'I.1 leava Woodvil[e it would seem to be good policy to has stifled the business of both the I'im adminislralian i showing a :', " leava P,,,vo,, Rra 9 nm )reducer and the mtddleman. At disl)osi|ion It) make Gen. Shatter " ar,.iw .lnnhf,r ]I:IB n,',l' ]2:90 pm increase our army there to fifty or the present junction Indian financiers hear all the blame for the hreak with N,). 7.o2 l,,av,,. ,qla,ff|,fer ixty thousand meu as soon as pea- have come to the parting of the ways; Gem Garcia and hi armr of Cuhan ...... P, avn,, ,,v ] ;/'0 pm sable. By this action a sertous and either the gold standard must he i,t- iusur;ents, nllh,mgh it is not denied .... arrlw: Wn,lville 9:.q5 pm trodueed, orthe mints must be re- 4:15 pre destructive conffieL wiLh the .nallvea ape,rod, lhat, as a whole, wtTat G,rt'ia co,n- 1 e only Line ruuni,e Srtirl Trnh:. bt,.¢.n probably would be averted, if there We are glad to observe that there plained of was the result ,f harter's ------O:]l::]t'']]::31.'ll, cll,:lUl.(21. is danger of such a conflict, seems to be strong opposilion to the carry'ins out orders iven in Wash- ' • " W O'lt't • • Cart y,,g elegau P,)lhm,u Buffet Sll;:>p )g Crates Y -. " proposals of the governme,t from ington. It is claimed tirol he shonht urig Pmsehger a speedy and corn for " t .]nl:,o r both directions, th --o---*-- both tlie monometallist and thehi have j,dlivd Garcfa sufficienlly to n L;ILes, .t/aim e,c', a, PllY to Agents or a,f 'r,ss. metallist camps As the well-informed have made him behave that he was J-NO. A. OOTI'. /)iv. Paas'r .gt, The movement inaugurated yester. Manchester correspondent of the New day by the ladies of Vicksburg for York Co,nntercial and Fi,ancial at leaAt being consul vel about whal 1. tI'Js, TN.','ESSEe. the aid and rehef of the Mmsissippi Chronicle very clearly puts tire case:  as bem,., done. "l'lm pl,in truth is, soldiers ho are iek in the camps at 'It is clearly a justifiable inference that the ahninitrat -n d,wsn't want Chiekamauga and Jacksonville, is a from the strong and almost general to quarrel with Ihe insnr'ont.% most t.ommeadable one and sitottld disfavor with whtch the projecthas althr, ugh ithashcen fulh. determi,_ A T B00NED|CT appeal to the generous iml,nlscs of bee,) received that the committee will ed lhat Ihe government of Cuha shall not be able to fonlld a reeommenda- m m all our citizens. The special com. Lion of it upon the evidence present- noL he turned over to Ihent at tie I mittee ho will solicit funds f,,r this ed; for it, additiou to the great suffer- (.lose of the war. unless they can ;ret 5{ANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER IN worthy cause should be met with ing and tlie cost inwlved in carrying a ntaj,,riLy of the resilents of Cul)q. all.Vieksburg IIerald. tion that its maintenance would be favor. It is wilhng to feed and -*--,t.--. impossible The special circumstan- clolhe the msurgenls and keep hem  I , eesofludiarequiringa huge surplus upplied wi|h arms and arnmunilion We are sorry to see so good a of exportstndisclmrgeits con,tantly " &&" E  paper as the Meridian News joining accruinff indebtedness, and to pay tar wilhont he.tog tot) exacli'n as Io Lhe   y " • military duties they shalI 0erf,,rm, in the hue aud ery against the Cu- the gohl and silver inported for hoard- ing and oruaments, wouhl, it is hehl, but to o no further. That th,, dffelLt for tl/e Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGON8 ban Insurgents. The first thimz lead to a break-down it| adverse sea- Cubans shouhl not he mo(lcls ellher Which are universally acknowledged to be Sampson did when we landed at Bai, sons when a sufficient sltrplus ot pro- as sohliers or statesuren, is natural qniri was to throw shells into Gen. duce is not arailable. Iu such a con- en,ugh when one c,ms,ders their Th0 B0st and LIGHTEST RUNNIN6 WAGON Mad0. theCaStill°'s forces,landing for us.Wh°YetWetetheyh°ldingnever andtingm)ev tbethe.maintenancegOhl wonh!,ff thedisappear'sixteen- persecution by Spain for humlreds of Agent for I;'[t AZI EIt ROAD "tnd SPEEDING CART, whie complained of what was clearly an penny rul)ee would Itee,,ne impossi- 'ears ; that sort of treatment never accident of war. Gin. Garcta's let- ble. What co,,rsesare open; then, pro,luees model men, I,nt it llas are great t:.vorites among Itorsemen if the rcport of the conmtittee sh,)uhl been,he plain that Imwerftl iuff, ten- ler to Shatter is a complete refute be adverse? Assuming that the India ces are at work in make the people AGENT FOR THE finn of the slanders against the C- Office and Parliament wouhl not ven- of this cmntry think them wr, bat, s. The only mot ice ot these t,,re to act npo,, the reco,nme,,,lati,,,, th;,nthev are. "|'|,is qu,s,i,,r w,il 00kc, mgi00r00_ 00er00ce slamlers is to discredit the Cuhans of the Calcutta government, there hear close vatching. --I-,Y and pave the way for stealing the remains only the device of two alter- to iMaad.--Times.D-mocrat, natives-- contiitue the present un- There IS no oliwr o[lcor in nnr The moat extensive Manufacturers of Iron Fencing in the United 8talesi satisfactory aud provisional system, army who ha pr,,fited to so L, reat an "'-'-- and to re-open the mints, extent i)ersnnallv as Gvu. Leonard ]'arti,'tthtr altention p:d,t to re-covering and rigging Dr. tI. H. Haralson, memler of the 'The conemphttion of the latter Wo,,d, now mili,ary (;,,v,.rnor of "1217-1.1 !dI, Cl.C.IcI. state board of health, arrived in the plan without conditions raises an,iazo. When the Maine was  All work done prolnptlv and at leasolble rates. city from McHenry on the mornlug very large, and a present insoluble A• & V. train, questions. With the resumpYion ot bb,wn np he wa a Surgeon in th,. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf Dr. tlaralson ts bronzed, bearded the free coinage of silver in India. regular army, with tim rank of Cap and eonshl,rably reduced In flesh. Stx what would bc the gold price of that stationed in Washinh,n, perf,)rm  ' - - ' ........... " ........... =- .=: =.-.:.__= weeks of hard work, day and night, in metal and the rate of the Indlan and ins among nll|tr duties those (,f t'@*0.0..@,@ a teverlnfectedtown, has madehhn other Eastern exchanges? Butnoone f.milvl,hvsieia n to Mr McKinley. --  ! Just like ahnost nnrecognlzahle at, first glance, can suppose that the reopening of the . "Yes,"said l)r. I]aralson, "i have Indian mints would be thoughtof J, hen "T'e(Idy" Roosevelt eoneelv- had quite a siege of it, but feel in ex- apart r,.om some International agree- ed the idea of enlisting the reimes t ' riding a cellent, healthJnstthesame. ehadlmentast°lheresumD[ion of the use of Rough Rtder. and had it al)prov- • hard work at lVicIlenr!,, and feel like of silver elsewhere. t, is Just possible ed by Mr. McKinley, he asked lhat eongratnlatingou,'sel,esoverthevie-therefore, thatoutoflhe,nqnlrvnnw Dr. W,,,,dl,emadeCol. of therei- k-00-Td200 bicycle t fever so quickly is due m a reat rency committee, some large and ment. It was done. lie was made measure to the fact, tlmt we t,o(,k a'ravel.nes may arise. An interest- a Brkradi,'r General for gall'.mtrv in • charge of it. in Its first stages, before Ins and significant feature of Ll:e op- ' " ' there wa any chance of a spread, pos, ition to the prophsalsof the Indian the ficht, heing strongly recommend   Ball-Bring4tand Rotary . e(I for Ihe lro,n,,Iton hy his imme- I ____qw Motion in the - " . When a new case appeared the patient goernmen* Is ,,hat, leading and latin- was bustled t<, Ihe hospital and kept ential ,,ten In Lond[,n, in ManchesLer. diate Superior, Gem Wlwe]er.  NEW N LEll AND WSON SEWIN00 Mt00HINE until he got well." in Glasgow and other eenh'es mono- "figl,ting Joe." Just why he sue- 0. 9 WHEE "How much did the epldemic cost meLal]ists and blmetallisls, who have ceeded ,UeKibt,ln who was firsl give it the same speed and smoothness of motion which has been obtained the state, dopier? long been in serio|ts conflict, w|th each named as mihtary Governor of San- in the bicycle fitted with ball-bearings. "The bills have not all been foot, ed other on the m(neta,'v qttestion, are tia_o, hy Gen hafter, i, hal so Of course, you don't get a chanl o[ scenery while yoq'r¢ "riding" Ilp Yet," was the reply, "but, it, will now worklug tn most, cordial coopers- the Wheeler and Wilson, but you doget a light and healthful exercike, appreximate aboul $2500. I made an to defeat the aitempt, to (slab- clear, hut it was probably because he while you are getting )-our sewing work done aily, quickly and per- agreement with Dr. Carter, of the lash a gt)td standard in India. All. or was the President's friend and doet,,r fectlyo marine hospihdservice, to shareall nearly all, too, it may be said wilh and wanted Iheplaee A jumlfrom But thisisonly one of the No. 9's advmatages. The revolv4ng shuttle, expenses eqnally, so t, hereftwe the confidence, were (,p0sed to the ales- Captain to Brigadier General s cur patent spool holder, needle, which cannot be set wrongly; and patent oil cups are others. It is leaded with talking points and not with use|ass east- governme,t has spout about the same ing of the mints in 1893.' taiulv extraordinary, evt.n whell pile , amount. The marine hospital ,doctors ron as are most other machines. Let us hope that, after a little more is as I,rave as Gem Wood has prey- worked with us very nice])', I had bitter expermnce, the power of the ed himself to he and is the Presi- We want an agent in every town lti tis state. complete cbarge of the town, arid the doetrinaries over the financial sos- Splendid money-making chance. Write us about i€. terns of the world wilt be broken for- dent's d,,ctor and friend. work assigned to them was performed ln a masterly manner and without ever. Whether the fi,,a,,Hal magna- No ,is,t,,r ,,, ..s.00ngtoo s, nce T D G Ltd frictioc. They deserve great, credit tea like it or not, silver is bound to the war opeued has received a inert umas o., ., for their work. They had charge of come i,tto its own again, eordial welcome from ever body that the dtslufection and fumlgalion. ev- . .  Oeneral Agents, ....... New Orleans. eral houses of heap c3nstruction were .-o,,. Lt. Hohson the Merrimsc hero, who burned because if, was impossible to came t,, hurry u 1) the work at this , @'@*®*@"H'-'O"@'@-@'-O*@¢-@-4oe. =.; disinfect them properly on "accoun of Washington, July 25th, 1598.]/ end of Ihe line nr saving some of the theiropenness.-LPicayune Miss., Bu- the recently officially announced in- wreeked ships of Cervt:ra's fleet, fie TRESPASS NOTICE. reau. tention to seadCommodore Watsoa's thiuksflveeof them can be saved if !h|nting or otherwise trespassing SM Diseases ....... 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