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July 28, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 28, 1923

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the cater- dispels of mous Hntnp nnforce.s the against dis- Safety take during hot IN)it TIXI8 for driving ; ad is al- pme# $7-50. thirty mtn- m&rkst ; b Addrm City. MluouH stoup TEA H0gE in Buenos Obsarved in Buenos off work tern- each afternoo POrters bring to the era- gather up and saunter tea salon. Be. this fashiouable the Fifth IS closed to to 7:30, sFys coffee and tea the streets waiters from )or8 of Braxll. clerks, r/he With other non- by paylng for at a sidewalk for the women ot rlend,s weak hem better when we 70 zear8 is R[E W00DVILLE REPUBLICAH. W00DVILLE. MIIIPPI #,_ Xkg. Weater] Newspaper Union-) rye whlled away dyspeptic hourm With crabs in marble halls. And tn the lowly cottage I've ex- perienced codfish balls BUt I've rtever found a viand that could so allay all grief And soottte the oocklee of the heart, like rare, roast beef. Eugene Field. A FEW SANDWICHES Take six hard-cooked egg yolks and rub them to a paste, adding gradually two blespoon- fuls of olive oil thick cream or s.ftened butter. Add a sh of cayenne, one-half teasp o nful of salt. mix and spread on thin buttarea slices of white bread. Fish 8andwJchoe.--Rub to a paste a quarter o: a pound of cold boiled fish. add oDe-half teaspoonful of worces- tersMre sauce, a tablespoonful of olive oil salt and pepper to taste. Spread on buttered bread, arrange a lettuce leaf and cover with another slice of buttered bread. Caviar Sandwiche&--Beat one-half cupful of butter to a cream, add two tablespoonfuls of lemon Juice. and tim same of onion Juice, salt and paprika to taste with four tablespoonfuls of caviar. Spread this on thin slices of pumpernickel, press two together and cut Into long narrow shape. Chicken Sandwiches. m Chop the white meat of one chiclcen very line. them pound to a paste. Add salt and cayenne to taste. Cover one table- spoonful of gelatin with a tablespoon- fill of cold water, let stand half an hour, then add to It sLx tablespoonfuls of thick cream. Stir over heat until the gelatin is well dissolved. Now beat this into the chicken and let it and until cold. Cut into squares and let It stand to harden. Serve cut In thin slices on buttered bread, covering with another slice of buttered bread. Deviled ndwiche4h---Chop one- quarter of a pound of cold boiled tongue very fine ; add to It two table- spoonfuls of olive oIL a ash of red pepper, a teaspoonful of worcester- shire sauce, a little salt and paprika. MIx with the above ingredients the yolk8 of three hard-cooked eggs which have been put througI a sieve. Serve as filling, wlth watercress as a utah. Anchovy 8andwiehee.Beat a half cupful of butter to a cream, adding gradually two tablespoonfuls of lemon Juice, salt and cayenne to taste and two tablespoonfuls of anchovy, paste. Spread this on thin slices of bread--- Imt two together, trim and cut LUt4 triaea. m mmm mmm m m mmmm munmmummmummmmmmn mmm n m m mm mmmm It(*3I very humble to,innings the In the picture ppeal to the ideal of slii.,,ver sron dross has been elib( the m-s! f:ttidious. rated to, a wdnt where it i accepted as a i)r,,l,er costume for Inf(,rTual wear thr,,uhout the smnmer sea.r. This year dresses of this classirh..tion are being made not only .f corr-n and inham. but also of finer materials. such as tub silks, pongee, dimity, dot- ted swiss. French gingham and linen as well as ratine and havler ging- hams. Organdie or self-material may be used for pipings, pockets and panels, or a collars and cuffs. In the garments shown below, wash Wash Silk and Oh. for & new enerUon of daF dreamers. They will not uk whether life Is worth llvinfrthey will make It so. They will tlna- form-te "sordid struggle for ex- ltenee" Into $1ortou effort to be- @oar Liszt which they hve Mmired and loved. SEASONABLE IDEA8 Whe cherries are plentiful try Imt- tg up some of the following de- llclous dark, rich eherrl o , of good flaver-- be Sure that they are souud and Hpe, Cov wi * a d vinegar /" not too stron r silk printed in s fine check ls used in the model at the left. Plain silk. forms the binding of the. long sailor collar and the two peteh pockets. A band of the same silk finishes the short sleeves. A narrow white leather belt holds the fullness at the waist. Striped dimity is used in the delight- fully cool and fresh-looking dress shown at the right. Two long stiched panels are placed at the sides, forming pockets at the top; these are further ornamented with rows of pearl but- teal The V neck has a collar and vestee of embroidery, with small cob ored dots. and the short kimono sleeves are finished with the same em- broidery. A leather belt is also worn with this model, but Is of black pe rotated leather. White linen Is s tplendld choice in buYing material for a dress for morn- ing wear. An extremely effective model has long sleeves and a narrow doubl' collar, piped with red or Jade. The blouse is held at the waistline with a wide band of the same material It Is good to live In the year 1923 when bathing suits are knitted snug-fitting, sensible and handsome. Gone are the years when we donned ungraceful, full-skirted affairs that hampered the freedom of the body. Not only do we aspire "to look well midst wind and wave, but part of the pl#asure Is a charming beach-prom- enading regalia. TI hndsome knit- ted suit and cape to match as shown and let ,tand over night. Drain off the vinegar in the morning and mix the cherries with an equal weight st sugar. Allow to stand where It may be stirred occasionally until the sugar is well dissolved. Cover and set away without sealing. Green Beans in Salt Brine.Tak tender string beans and cut on the bias or diagonal so that more of th Inner surface is exposed, dry after washing and place a layer uf salt In s crock, place e layer of beans, then a laver of salt and repeat until the creek is nearly full. Press with s potato masher until enough Juice has been extracted to form a brine to cov- er the beans. Cover with a plate and a weight and keep in a coOl place. Soak to remove the excess of salt before using. Pepper Rellsh.Take one dozen sweet green peppers and the same of sweet red peppers, fourteen medium- sized onions, one cupful of ugar. two cupfuls of vinegar, one tabiespoontul of sail boil 15 minutes. Seal while hot. While the wild mushrooms ale plea. dful be sore to make some-- Mushroom Catsup.---Wipe carefully but do not wash. fresh mushrooms. Put them In layer& well sprinkles with salt, In an earthen dish. Cover with a clean folded cloth and let stand in the warm kitchen for 24 hours. Now wash and strain them through a sieve. To every quart of this liquor add one ounce of peppercorns and boil slowly for half an hour. Tben add one-fourth of an ounce of allspice (whole),  one-half ounce of ginger root, one dozen whole c)oves, three blades of mace and cook 15 mlnutea. Take from the fire, drain again and bottle. Dip corks In paraffin. Bands of Laoo, Wide bands of chantlIly or wide- Coal Waste in Uneevared PIp. It Is estimated that a ton of coal a year Is wasted by each uninsulated hot-water tank ta use In American meshed laces are Introduced In the homes. Oreter economy IS possible new summer frocks of organdie and If all hot.water and bet-air Iflpes be georgett Insulated. preventing about four-fifths of this loss. Black and Gray. The combination of black and gray is frequently noted on fashionable women and IS not nearly so drab as It sound@. The Staff of Life. If all the bread the average person rata in s Year were baked In It would take men to a hanm to TIn The knitted /,each robe with Its ac- cr,mpoiylng suit h'is Ju.t the dash of coh)r one longs for at shore resorts. Its inspiration Is traced to the colorful NavaJo hlanket. The long graceful robe Is a protection against the sun and appeals to wh,) are looking for a garment that combines utility with style superlative and highest aestheticism.  Among practical knitted bathing suits the most Wpular are those of all wool regulation offered in a wicis Striped Dimity range of solid colors with Introduction of gay stripes. Round, square or V neckll-es are alproved in wool Jersey models and choice color comblktatlons are to be had such as navy and red. navy and green, brown and tan. black and pnr. ple, Jade and white, also tan bordered with nasturtium. There Is a general feeling for bright color. An effective color which mrns to fit Into the line of the sky and oeesn, is the new saxe blue. A kdtte Knitted Suit and Cape one-piece garment In this lovely shad@ Is enhanced with gray stripes. An- other effective combination Is solid yellow with trimmin of black and white check. A new effect in knitted beach capes IS the accordion plalL attained throul clever novelty stitch. (, 1$11. Western Newspaper UnJon-) spring color is fully attested. There are moss green sports suits, almond green tailored suits, leaf green coat& capes and gowns. A gingham frock of blue a,a white cheeks with a wide bertha Is trimmed with bands of linen braid dyed a French blue. Ostrich pompons make smart trim- mlngs on hat8 black atln ot Flowers are being extenslvell felt ] try Tale CREEPING CHARLIE Creeping Charlie was only a plant but he was dearly loved by a little girl named Mahalla. He hadn't been a very healthy lit- tle plant at first and no one had thought he would live but Mahalla took hhn in charge and with the help of air and sunshine and water Creep- Ing Charlle grew. .1 Mahalla always spoke of Creeping I Cbarlle as though Charlle were a I little boy l To her the plant seemed almost human for she had so watched over it and cared for It. When others had thought Creeping Charlte could be thrown out MahaLta had worked over the plant. And Creeping Charlle seemed grateful. He began to grow and grow and he spread out over everything ronnd about him. "lte is running all about, he is get- ting so excited with good health," said Mahalla. And it was true. Charlle's leaves now looked so green and they covered up the stems so prettily and they hung down so at- tractively. For Creeping Charlle Is a plant which grows and spreads Itself when it is in good health. On a rainy day Mahalia would put Charlle out of doors. "He must have good rain water to The SUPERIOR 5.Pass. Sedan '860 Flint, Mich. Quality Car Not alone for every-day utility does Chevrolet represent the world's lowest-priced quality car. It also meets the require- ments of particular people for those social and sport occasions when artistic proportion, high., grade coach work, and hand- some finish are in harmony with the time and place. You can be proud of your Chev- rolet, combining, as it does, a high degree of engineering effi* ciency with modern quality features that appeal to the experienced and the discrim- inating. . Call at our showrooms and dig. cover the astonishing values made possible by the exception. al volume of Chevrolet ule Prtces f. o. b. FUnt. Mh:ldllam SUPERIOR Roadste .... ;! SUPERIOR Tourtnt .... S SUPERIOR Utility Coupo. . . & SUPERIOR Sedanetl .... SUPERIOR Sedan ..... e SUPERIOR Commercial Cham. 4 SUPERIOR Light Delivery. . . $1e Utility F..zprel Truck Chmm . ff/S drink and a refreshing hath." she would say. how grateful Char.el CHEVROLETo..__ 00o,.MOTOR00.,. CO. Detroit, Michigan U ImJIKJ) One way to make an army fly IS tO _ lilt w,,,.. & nunm g TO Have a Clear, Sweet Skin ; TOUCh pimples, redness, roughness //,tl..l or Itching, If any, with Cutlcura Oint- ,/ S.,'?...d..e'| ment, then bathe with Cutleura 8cap / / _.5_- -.ffi_,?i.:._J and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and mT ww rim, mw =m dust on a little Cutlcura Talcum to   __ - zzCe---lg Your Ford is har to t;/t,#-m leave a fascinating fragrance on skin. Dim LIGHTS, BUCK AND JUMP whlm ............... hlan gear. my ]AST fPA]RTW, will ag it irerywnere g0c eactL--Aaverrsemenu Guaranteed. 15.00 Potiid. Write -,hali,'. Hem S=." MUSSELS TO BE CULTIVATED ae,s,,y,''t" ...,,Tho  ,Oa,.,.o.,. a..._w. .w exeL rshts. Wrtte; full Informatlms. N@ llsatloa. Plns-O Clm. Co.. Im.att, did look when he was brought in again. Of course he couldn't say any- thing. But he could look his thanksl And the look on every leaf showed how pleased he had t)en by his eat- hag. "Grow and grow," said Mahalla to Creeping Charlle, "but do not grow away from me. a And CharUe grew and grew but he did not grow away from MahaLta. He did Just as he was told. Well, in the summer Mahalla's fam- ily had decided to go away for several month& Because they were going for so long they had to take Iota and tots of things. They had to take bedding and knivea and forks and all sorts of thlng Quilts and tablecloths and big heavy things took up a lot of room in the trunks. 8o the suitcases and bags were pretty we/l filled with dotheg. It certainly did look am" though ev- eryone's two hands would hold all that was possible and Mahalla wondered how she could ,ever msmtge to take harila along. No one else would bother about a little plant In the summer time when pretty ers were about. And yet Mthalla could not bear to give Charlle up, and she did so want to take Charile along. As the parcels became more in num- bet Mahalla's heart sank. She would llave to carry umbrellas and some- 1 thing else that was not too heavy, but there would be no room to take C'reep- Lug Cbariie along. A everythlng was piled up ready to ! go Creeping Charlie sat upon the top t of Mahalla's desk. hanging down so prettily. "Oh, couldn't I take Creeping Char. lie along?" Mahalia cried. "I Just can't bear to leave him behlncL" Now some might have said Mahalta was silly to take along a ptant when she would be where there were ferns and plants and flowers, but they all knew how fond of Creeping Charles she was. and how she had made a fine, lovely plant out of him. Yes, some would have said it was silly and would have told her not to be a ridiculous child but they said aothing of the sort. They said she could take him along, and oh, how happy she was and how happy they were that they had said this too. It Was quite awkward having Char- Be along with all the bundles but It ws really fun to see the gay little plant with all the dull looking pack- ag. They all got to laughing later on becau It did seem so funny t have so much to carry and to bring along a plant too. And people smiled a little when they all got In the train to see th plant taken along too. But Mahalla didn't mind the snles. Creeping CharUe had been brought along! RIDDLES What ts that which a fo lm and the hare most wants? A brush. * At what time of day  Adam bort? A little before Eve. e What part of a house Is the mo.t pitiful to look at? We pity the blind mot. e s If twelve besutlful young women sit on a Jury, what kind of a Jury Is ttl h grand Jury. e When was psper money first men. finned in the Bible? When the dove brought the green-back to Noah. o Why is a who Just put'- clscd a sm'l .lece of happy? Adequata Supply of Raw Material for the Pearl.Button Industry la ObJect 8ought. An Important step toward lmmHng an adequate supply of raw material for the pearl-button Industry is being made by the United States bureau of fisheries, Which, for the first time In history, is cultivating fresh-water mus sels during the entire first year of their growth. The activity of mussel cui- turists heretofore has been confined to getting the young bivalves well start- ed In life, during the brief period when they attach themselves to the gills and fins of fish. Now, however, as a check upon the effectiveness of their work, the fish will be kept In large wooden troughs until the muels drop off, af- ter which the latter will be retained in the wooden tanks for a year, the better to observe and facilitate their frowth. The mussels will then be planted In their natural environment te complete their life cyele.Popular Melmt Magazine. To B, Exact. Judge--Have you ever been convict. ed before? PrtsonerNo, always after. A Deceiver. "How Intellectual that gentlemall looks !" "Doesn't he? But he lsn't be writes poetry." AOENT8 WANTED TO sell tb Betsy tqa Une of APROlq' CO.. t200 South Park Ave.. Ctees". ConfldentlaL The young people's meiety of church Inttend gave several luncheot; during the month in order to rals sum they had pledged the churcI. The society was divided Into several[ committees, and the chairman of the committee selected the menu. Altho-_g I am not a member I was asked t help. On the last day, after we wea through checking up, me of the wom4 said to me : "What do you think today's luncheonl" I replied: "Between yo and m It's the poorest one that has beam sarved. I wonder who is tim htmd today's committee." ae maid: "I am.".--.Chlcago Mlllloaalre" They are telling in Moscow It goo IRory of a profiteer who sat in the restaurant gugzling away regardless ' expense. "How can you gorge yom self like that," asked n friend. h so many millions m   tl Volga?" The profiteer took his knife his mouth. "Steady now," he protest "you know what 8eclat mlllis m  London Dally Express. Meat o the Wheat TARCH is the "meat" of the wheat berry. tg the grest energy-produclng element of th nth o. But, in order to do you any good, it must roughly digested, audit is right here that stmh s food u Grpe-Nuts readers sPeeial . N=a, mcd00..fro,,, mml#d Mi t mt o/ t/ wheat l most  JL That is beeause in the makin of Grspe-Nut B large proportion of the starch m converted into dextrins and maltose--forms into which d/star elements must be changed before theF n be u- similated by the system. Grape-Nuts not onlF digests eas, but 81 alds t t riga#rich of ot)r foods. insurance which has dcmoastrated its more than 25 years. I Crisp, delicious. Gry. pv,,Numwlth S cgmjtete to. It .supplies the lif vltamm-,.aiso. ron, pnospaorus and o(hr im- portant mmerm elements tor uerve, tooth, bm aria omer nosy structure. . The daily use of Grape-Nuts is 8 form, of health vsh fo Grape=Nuts FOR HEAIJH a Remam00