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July 28, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 28, 1923

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JULY 28, 1923. Editor and Proprlotor OF SUBSCRIPTION : in advance ............ $2.00 Entered at the postoffice at Woodville, ltis., as second-claa mail matter. ANNOUNCEMENTS. The Woodville Republican is au- thoriTd to announce the following candidates for the various omces,-- m-ml jve to the action of the Democratic rty in the August primary. For State Revenue Alren[ STOKES V. ROBERTSON Pot District Attorney R. E. BENNETT ef Franldn county. V. H. TORREY ef Franklin County. For Stnte Senator D. C. BRAMLETTE D. W. HUFF - M. D. JOHNSON Fro, Representative W. J. STOCKETT ALEX K. FARRAR JAB. R. HlrrCPm$0N. W. F. TUCKER WM. A. DICKSON For Sherf C. H. NEYLAD H. A. WOOD D. M, HANEY JOHN C. DAY For Clmncm&apos; Clork W. L. HAYS For ClOt Clrk JOHN L. tIAYS Foe Assoor F. E. RICHARDSON MILLABD D. NETTLES SAM CARTER For- Superintendent of Ed. MRS. H. B. MeGEHEE J'OSEPH N. MFIJER IRS. PEARL STUART ANDERSON " MRS. JULIA MAT!S FOr Supervisoy, Second Dfstr|ct NOLAN S. CAGE V. T. WARD. For Supmrvisor, Fifth Dtrict T. G. BROWN ROBERT L. MURRAY. W. T. SMITH AND WDMEN AND MEN OF WILKINSON COUNTY: J popular plea, "at the selici- a multitude of friends," to, here, in announc- for the legislature from county, though I might some extent, do so. the partiality of been thus addressed and scr- eWY, I have after due considera- tion of these suggestions, of my own motien and responsibility, done so. I aloga to myself no superiorfty l elter of endowment or right in run. the office of representative ),from this county. humble equipment is known to who have known me all my and it is not for me, ere and to introduce character and indi- te them. To those who come among us, and may met or known me, a word ray not be amisL I here was born and have lived my life on the farm now is my home. Thirty-five I was tmnderred from on the Board of Super. sought, and a second term, of that will continue to the the glamour of ambitlou glow and luster around the that now has ,assumed more as the years have tern- and leaves if aught, even of those a/Iuring senti- serve. If elect. will* 13 the tension action. Conditions, in an )mic sense, are admonishing, and ih every paee of power and direction, the hand Of cane to conservative expe- To this end, no added bur to the weary shoulders will un- be nposed, and every therete, avoided and up- in every way and manner con- with adequacy in government. considerations admonish me propriety of adverting here ft discus.Bed question, a "New Whatever advisab, fll y or expediency appeared, establishment, is rendered and impossible and to my expectations, be made, it will receive vote and opposing in. I v]l not attempt to leg- printed page, and and spare your assurance that, in you eIect me, en- econ- of govern- conduct of the institutions' tion in possible o a friend and the people an Obedient aut, WM. . ifCKS0N. "Mke" Conner is. qualified hy edu- cation and by trajmng to fill the ece of goveror m a mannea, that Will reflect credit upon ur state, se why not give him your wte ? ,. Former Govermr Bilbo is pUtting fiht in his effort .econd vrlmry for guy- hut the voters of this state he is sc down to Bilbo The editor of Journal ,- d.e- sided, after careful considera:ion to support the candidacy of Sennett (Mike) Conner for governor, for what appears to him as excellent reaon. Intellectually, Mr. Conner is easily the equal of any of the candidates in the field. He has had eight years of experience in legislating for the people of Mississippi. And, being young, he still has the vision and the enthusiasm to see the possibilities of the future and to accomplish them which Mississippi 8o badly needs at this time at the head of its affair While young, Mr. Conner's enthu- siasm is tempered with judgment, as has been demonstrated frequently in his public life. He is not likely to be led by the views of selfish interests or profeonal politicianS; his ex- perience with them has been of too recent date. And, being young, he iill work harder and accomplish more for his state than an older man, even equally gifted, could possibly do. And the editor of The Journal does not believe that Mr. Conner would use his office to build up a strong p Htical machine for himself. Doubt- less he has ambitions; if he had not. he would not be fit for governor; but we believe that his honesty of pur- pose and cleanness and straightness of mind, will induce him to put his best ito the welfare of the state of Mississippi during the next four year. As an ex-ervice man. the editor of The Journal considers that none of the present candidates have any right to ask for the support of for- mer acld]erg as such. Every one of the candidates could have entered the army had the patriotic urge been strong enough. None went. Con- sequently none can claim that fra- ternal sentiment which binds ex- erviee men together. Mr. Conner has the strongest claim of any, for he tried. He shows, in writing, the refusal of Adjutant General Scales to accept his enlistment. So that if that question s brought into the campaign at all, Mr. Conner is en- titled to the greater consideration by virtue of his effort. These are the reasons why we shall vote for him: because, further, we think Mr. Conner's best is Just a lit- tle in advance of the best of any of the other candidates--for Mississippi. --H. R. B. in McComb JSurnaL The above editorial by Mr, H. lsy Bouncy, editor of the McComb Jour. hal, expresses the sentiments of the great majority of the ex-service men Mr. Bonney volunteered at the be- ginning of the war. He rved in the First Division. Twent.vixth In. fantry, and was wounded during the second battle of the Marne at Sois- sons ,France, July 19, 1918. PZKE COUNTY CONNER CLUB. The campaign is fast coming to a close as the first primary will be held in about ten days from this date. The candidates are puttin forward their best efforts and will continue to 'do o up to the date of the pri. mary. From what we can learn the ubernatorial race has narrowed own between Conner dhd Whitfield, and with these two gentlemen in the second primary we will have nothing to fear, realizing as we do that etther will make an executive of which our state may have no occasion to apol- ogize. In the event that these two do get into the second inning, we have no doubt but what Conner will be the winner by an easy majority. H. M. IVY FOR BOND. To the Voters of Madison County: I know from my eight years ex- perience, two in charge of the school at Flora and slx at Canton, that the people of Madison county can be counted on to do the right thing. I know further that but few of us give the same careful consideration to the other state oicers that we do to the Governor. Hence I am writing to ask you to vote and use your influ- ence for the re-election oqtate Su- perintendent Bond. I have known Mr. Bond and his op- ponent for a number of years, but during the last three years, as State Supervisor of High Schools I have lind every opportunity to know more about the work and efficacy of each. Mr. Bond hould by all means be re- elected. His organizing ability, un- tiring energy and success in getting all forces to co-operate have been largely responsible for the rapid de- velopment in our schOols, particular- ly in our rural hools, and another term will be necmry to complete the program. The opposition to Mr. Bond has at, tempted to charge him with respon- sibility for the high price of school book but you will recall that a Com. mitres of the 1922 Legiature in- vestigated this matter thoroughly, and, while condemning the high cost of books, stated in clear cut terms that "the State Superintendent of Education is in no way respon- sible." We cannot all agree in religion, and we cannot all agree in politics, but we can nil get together for bette schools That man who attempts to inject factionaIism, ptty politics and actual misrepresentation into a campaign for the Superintendency of all the schools of the State, i, by t!;ose very acts,.unfitted for the peal. tmn to which he aspires. Will you not help us to continue to KEEP THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OUT OF POLITICS by votingand using your infuence to re.elect Mr. Bond.? . I I have lived among you people and l know that' Mr. Bond is the high type of Christian gentleman and efficient I State official that you so much desire, and hope that,you will give him a I heavy majority. i soon have 1 Hoping thai we may every vestige of politics swept out i of onr State Educational institutional and that we may keep such out of I the Department of Education by your help, I am, Yours very truly, [ H. M. IVY. (Advertisement.) t I John D. Ellis, former pastor of the Woodvilte Methodist church,.  been serving for more than the has tendere< BURCH IN DEBATE Rumh Knox, o Hostoflb Chlokasaw County. T 14 14 C, OM M NT8 Ftu4h Knox: Burc got ot on a limb  ! sawed It off Luthor Butch: "He siiPl:d up oll m Uilkl tim stud i dd etl my amnunitlon. ' Fsrnr (refieLi tlwr o crowd): Nht I feto ttlnG, t'm ought to take log a LOADED gun." Dentvilte. Miss.. July IL--Rush Knox took Copieh County by storm Festerday mornh when at the dose of a clmrwcteridc speech by Judge. Major Ltther Butch, M J. Knox alnted the pSatforn asked or s few mlnutas In which to anewr t- tacks made on him and in a whirl- wind address took the ,hide off of his perfumed opponent and hung It up to dry. Mr. Butch and his manager have been craving a Joint debate. Yestot. day Burch got It--end incidentally om off the worst dmabblngs which even n MississipPi political picni has wit- nessed in a long tlm Mr. ltrch started off a day tll off poUtical speakin by addrelng the hugo crowd o2 pickncktws at r 10: Lm., making .his usual campaa speech. Toward Its ckme in dlus Lug the subject of truv and com3lneo the speaker said that while he was not calling name the was a candi- date in the fete. the first letter-ot whose   Rush Knox; that this gentleman bragged that he had bee district attorney ot the Third District for 13 wm, s mid was merely 89eking promotion; and that Mr. Knox had never brought slt against the oil mills in hi district whloh formed an aiqultou trust  cambium. Ruh Krm Repttel. Rush Io. who ;.s in the ludl. ewc qoeeted tL-ue to answer. larunted tl ptform and In a whirlwind addrese riddled his opPo ent by declaring= "There is today not a single oll mill |n my district. Mr. Butch has ac. cud me of neglecting my duty be- canine my brother was manager of an oil mUl in my district. That little mill organized bY some farmers, is at Pontotoc, in anather district en- tirely over which I have no control at alL Burch did not know I was in this crowd when he got wound up awhl4e ago," continued Mr. Knox. "I believe he knew there were no mills within my urisdlctlon when he spoke." "Mr. Knox. after declaring that he had a farm from which he sold 62 de8 of cotton last year, pictured the condition of the farmees if the local 011 mills that were in the state shmfld be driven out and th mrmers forced to throw their seed away as in days gone by. He declared that the Amer- Ican Cotton 011 Company had sold its laet holdings in Mississippi and the Buckeye was leaving and only local companies were left and none of these were in hls district. Butch Gets What He Wanted. "Luther Burch has been wanting a Joint debate," continued Mr. Knox. '*This morning he has gotten Ills wish gratified. He has gotten out on s llmb and I am sawing it off." Then amid the shouts of the crowd Mr, Knox turned o his opponent who sat a few feet away by the sdo of E. overnor Bilbo and said, "Bureh. how long did you run g tmeket shop md a skating rink in Newton?" "Never!" shouted B4rreh. "I called "Newton, Mi., July 2, . "IM whom it may n: "W the tmderslgned cltlmms of Newton. certify that Lther M. Butch did at one time operate in this town whet Is known as a bket shop Sot the purpobe of trading in cotton f, turee, ether for his own tmt or others. Alo that he did .operate a skating rinb Signed: T, A. ucmn; J. C. McCHnton; E. T. Aney; C. A. BoRon; C. W. Cart; W. B. d, son; J. W. Goodeon.  Bulh's Re Jot II-P. In his rejoinder Mr. Butch declee that he had worked for Joseph NeW- burer as a telegraph opetof; that he was a poor man and a young man and that the place was affiliated with the New York Tc Mr. Dural mltted that he did run Hnk and added: " didn't nn any harm byR." Mr. Buch read a letter addresd to Governor 1 by Rush Knox n which the aggressive district at toruey requested a pardon for a ne- g sent to the pen for murder. In the letter, which Butch made much ovr, Mr. Knox declared that the negro wine indicted late In the term and he mttde him plead guilty ta or- der to fret eou adjourned, but baJ since oeten the ld  he is t gunt. Mr. Knox, in a two-minut rebut. tal, pointed out that a spe<al v tre of 0 men would have been esary to try thla man; that Lh cot t tO the county would have been grat land that he did therefore the get n' ]gro to plead guilty. Laer be ald lover 300 citizens reqvested him to l Join In an effort to get a pardr, cirumetance having developed which showed the negro lnnctt. Mr. Knox then turne his atntloa to the long drawn out criminal trials. and said: "A few of thse criminal lawyers like Itrch are the ones who are bankrupting the counties with these long trials, which are expensive luxuries. Take the case of that Sy- rian In Jackson. Indicted for killln s white girl. While Burch had a tight to defend him. yet he almost brsk the coun%le8 wher the case was tried before he finally got his client into the asylum when he ought to have been hung. I say to you that as your next attorney general. I am going to try to conserve the legal expemse of the state just as I have been tryin to do for 13 years.- From the re-echoing applause of the crowd and the constant comment of those present, it is evident that Mr. Knox scored a victory over Burch similar to that over his other oi ponenL Clayton D. Potter. at Stark- vflle, when he forced that gentleman to admit that -'nk Robersou offered to resign solely on condition that Governor Russell would appoint Pot- ter to succeed him and that this was the same Robersen whom Russell and his cohorts had accusal of being the willing tool of the trusts and corn- hines, now retained, according to Ru sell, at a salary of 25,000 a year. thrch today read the rest of this week's speaking date to Mr. Knoz, the man a liar the other day who said and asked him to accompany him, IL" "Get my grip." said the peaker bL after hteutng to the places, and I will put Mr. Butch's word up Knox retorted: "They are already for me at those places." Mr. Butch alnstnot my own, for I do not stated on the plcntc grounds after the lmo but up against that of seven speaking, that "He slipped up on me ;honorable and rpcted citizens of]this time and I didn't have all my l ammunlton," to which an old trme- ewton. Whereupon Mr. Knox, dig-irejdne d that when a fellow Is go King a paper from the bottom of hi I hunting, It's a good thing to atchel read as folows: J Io gun. X Emox C ampgu Committee, Eov=ton,  i ..... . [ , Governor Ruell has been making! certainly not be bragging about it, a few speeches in the northern part if we are not mistaken. of the state this week in which he is Fire destroyed the buildings of an advocating the election of Franklin entire business block in Abbeville for governor and Rob.risen for rev. La., on Tuesday, entailing a loss of enue agent. He is also telling the approximately $100,000. Th loss people once again that the insurance is a total one as no insurance wan companies were responsible for the carried by the owners of the property Birkhead-Russell damage suit but we destroyed. don't presume he expects anyone to -o believe this stuff. Now if you want to do the bidding of a Lee Russell }ut the and vote T!e Peonle's Camfidat, for and Thus' State will ap] Ruetl wil $. vote. e: : - $ * i'-AqrST AND BEST * * An Increasing, Lifelong Monthly * * Income i Totally and Perma- * * nently Disabled by Accident or * * Disease Before Age of 60. *, * The Mutual Life Insurance * * Company of New Yor *; * $100 a month during first five * * years, $150 during next five * ,1 * years, $200 thereafter for life. * No further premium deposits. *I " And then $10,000 at your death *1 * to your beneficiary, or $20,000 *I * if death at any age, is accidental, * * payable in a single sum, or as ill * income for a term of years or for * life. Total disability lasting 3 * months regarded, during further * * continuance, as permanent. 1 * Full particulars of this Perfect * * Life Insurance Policy given * * upon request. * * ABE COHEN, Agent for " * Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y. * * Woodville, Miss. * ii IT'S WORTH THE MONEY Tourin@ Oar .PRICE $525 DeHvrl in WoodvlJle. Equipped with lf-tarter and demountable rims. LEONARD (W'im) WOOD Sale. Agent, WOODVILLE, MISS. Cumbo's Grocery! Woodville, Miss. The Store where you can get what you want, when you want tt amt always at the right pHc D. L Cumbo. |_ , , - i' T 00leRIIWCed M00rkcl E. M. KEE, Maturer, Woodvill. Mittbslppi TRESPASS NOTICF, All hunting, fishing, trapping oz otherwise trespassing on any Inn& owned by the undersigned i rict prohibited under penalty of,the law. 8-6-2. ly W. L FERGUSON. NOTICE. Bids wilt be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson county. Mississippi, up to 11 o'clock . m., on the first Monday, the 6th day of August, 1923, to rebnild bridge across Mud Creek at R. N. Bryant's in fifth district according to specifica. tions on file. Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. This 11th day of July, 1923. W. L. HAYS, Clerk. 7o14-1923-4w. NOTICE. Bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson county, Mississippi, up to 11 o'clock a. m., on the first Monday, the 6th day of August, 1923, to work the following roads in the fifth district for a term of one year commencing Asgust 1st, 1923, and ending August 1st, 1924: Sims, C. N. MeCralne, Silver Creek and Crooked Creek roads, contractor to keep all ditches open and roads in good traveling-condition. Board re. serves the right to reject any and aD bids. This llth day of July, 1923. W. L HAYS, Clerk. 7-14-1923-4w. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. To all persons having or claiming any interest in the land in Wilkinson County, State of Missisppi, de- scribed as Lt 10 Section 21, Town- ship 4, North, Range 2, West, (Exo @ :Experience ---OUR OFFICERS ANtiS DIREC* TORS ARE BUSINESS MEN, BANKERS OF THE WIDEST SIBLE EXPERIENCE. ---CAPABLE MANAGEMENT, ANi A DESIRE TO SERVE THE DEPOS- ITOR MOST EFFICIENTLY, ARE SOME OF THE BIG REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE THIS BANK YOUR BANK. --START AN ACCOUNT HEqE WITHOUT DELAY, AND TAILg ADVANTAGE OF OUR SUPERIO BANKING SERVICE. --WE PAY FOUR PER CENT I TEREST ON YOUR MONEY. Commercial Member American Banker's Association- WOODVILLE, .... A FULL LINE OF Fancy and Staple C00oceri00 DELMONTE AND LIBBY CABINED FRUIT CANNED VEGETABLES AND M MACARONI, SPAGHETTI, M, MEDA PURE GROUD COFFEE in 3-pound tit. AND A General Line Dry Goo00 SHOES. HATS, ETC. AUGUST METZGF00 Woodville, Mississippi T E N THE REXALL DRUG STORE YOU ALWAYS GET THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, AT tHE RIGHT PRICES, AND WHEN YOU WANT IT, WHEN YOU BUY FROM THE REXALL DRUG STORE. WE HERE TO SATISFY OUIICUSTOM* ERS ALWAYS, AiD WE DO IT. I00IARTEN THE REXALL DRUG sTORE R. Ik. J. SESSION00 Spring Showers of Bargains Begins July 14th AND LASTS FOR TEN DAYS. --Here's one downpour you'll an)O'- A virtual "cloudburst' of unu.utd gain* which will make thla sp/ng I the glatest of our hlStory the most memorable tbls to  eve" el- cepting the Pine timber standing, gTowing and being on said Lot 10) and lt 1 Section 36, Township 4, North, Range 2, West; To all persons having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in the I land before described; ] To all persons having or claiming I Range 2, W., Wilkinson County, Mis- any interest in the foIlpwing descr] sissippi; . . . ed land, sold for taxes on the 4th day] To all unknown partiu _m znrr- of June, A. D. 1876, viz.: Lot I See-j eat; To unknown heir  naries tion 36, Township 4, Range 2, W., I Smith Beach, deceased; unknown 39.50 acres; . Ieirs of ChuB. S. Beech, deceased. To all persons having or claiming unknown heirs of ChuB. Beech, de any interest in the forlowin deserib- ceased; L. B. HarrY; R. A. J. SEa land. sold on All of sa un- o A0rit, A. D. 11 viz.: Lot are in a it of j Sectlon E.B. and L. B. 21, Pr.e and p 4, confirm and their tith to land reqove You are fore the ty of first 1923, to of E.