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July 28, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 28, 1923

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\\; X(WIV. N BROil! PLACE CREDITORS. OBLIGATIONS SUspended From Orleans and New Jn Considered as Firm. & Co.. one factors with announced that to meet their obli- "AEGO-BIGYGLE" MAKESFLIGHI 'OODVILLE. MISS. SATURDAY JULY n I I _[ t LIVESTOCK t?E NTS Amite Citizens Blow Up Forty-five in One Night. Jacks0n.Sensatjpnal reports were "state of war" existing in Amtte 'County in the district where so mucb B F.B D6J-L lawlessness has prevailed in opposi t;on to cattle dipping. Investigation of these reports reveals the fact that be'rio';c:u:tt=ebaPtth:rr:port.":, the Bureau of Animal industry in co rlng e operation with the Live Stock Sani t hent;n:ida:tt :at:s 'e:;:'atino w tar./ Board has taken charge Of tb. riding under whip and spuw in their situation to enforce the dipping laws. Inventor of Scientific Curiosity After Successful Test at Dayton. Predicts Developmen2 of Machine, Dayton, Ohlo.--The first flight by man in an air-propelled vehicle, op- erated by footpower of the pilot only, is an accomplished fact. it was an- efforts if not to win a nomination in the first primary, on August 7 to go in with such a lead as will help them to be nominated in the second where a run-off must be had betwee: the two highest ca4adidates in the first primary. Claims and counter claims are being made by the managers and partisans of each of the five candi- dates for governor. Of course the candidates themselves and their mau- There are no "government troops" o2 the ground as so wildly reported. The Bureau or' Animal Industr and state authorities established s camp of civilian guards in district No. 3, of the county, in the north- west corner of Amite and has arms these guards for their own proteo tion against dynamiters and the gang of lawbreakers who have bees blowing up the dipping vats 'whole to appriximately Committee composed New Orleans and represent- creditors, was in con- s view of work- of liquidation fo" | of the company's as- rotection of its impossible because of involved for a to be issued of the week, attorneys, intimated by them assets would of $I,000,000 them as the cotton according to local through Augusta 500,000 hales by their personal the Amer- States warehouse r of 150,000 bales, was k Co. It is said largest privately arehouses in the lrett's personal in- |Augusta and Macon t the South Atlantic local automobile nounced at McCook Army Air Field here. ,V. F. Gerhardt, aeronautical en- gineer at McCook field, is the is- renter of the contrivance, which he terms a scientific curiosity, and in which contrivance he made the first successful flights in the presence of many witnesses. While the flights which were made with the new machine were not sen- sational, the inventor claims that the principles involved will be suc- cessfully incorporated in a machine of great heights and speed. In the longest flight made with the machine, operated and supplied with the pilot's own power, it rose about three tnchs from the ground and flew approximately 20 feet, which the inventor declared was long enough to insure steady flight. "This machine was not intended to fly round the sky but merley to make the kind of flight it did, to prove scientificlaly the possibllRy of human flight," the inventor said. The "cycleplane" has seven lift- ing wings, one mounted above the others by means of a connecting strut three, feet high; each wing is approximately two feet in width and three inches thick. A propeller made of light wood is operated by the pilot by means of a agers and supporters are optimistic; their enthusiasm grows as the date of the primary approaches. Numerous straw votes have been taken for gov- ernor and for other offices. If there is a full woman vote added to the kucreased men vote. it may be sev- eral days before the definite vote as. to the various candidates is known. In some counties, there will perhaps be over 100 names on the ballot, for state, lgislative, county and beat of- fices, and with the increased number of tickets to count since the women vote, perhaps, twice as long a time will be rqutred to count the ballots as in some previous elections where it took several days. The fact has been developed by some of the vigilant correspondents of the metropolitau newspapers that there is only one Confederate sol- dier who is a state officer. This is Colonel W. A. Montgomery of Hins, who is prison trustee for the middle district of Missisippi. Colonel Mont- gomery, while around 75 years of age, is said to  be as active as a mau of 40, riding'a horse over the state arms from sun-up to sunset, and fill- ing iu the recreation hy a fox hunt that night, or a deer chase, in which I he is au adepts next day. Time was when every stat office in Missis- bathing resort near bOll weevil remedy I11tncing the latter loans from New $1,000,000, ac- made by Mr. gathering hero is capitalized at charter, the privi- Itock to the extent was chartered in of Frank M. Mrs. Thomas Barrett, Thomas Sibley and issued by the Au- OUse Association bks In Augusta, troubles of "alvolved no local creditors of represented by and New Or- chain and pedal arrangement, much sippi was filled by a Confederate after the manner of a bicycle.  t soldter. There have ,been three Con- In recent tests, the "cycleplane" ] federate soldiers governors of Mls- was given its initial start forward sissippl since Ames resigned under by means of a towline. After the machine gbts Under way the pilot starts peddling and when the propel- leY revolves at a sufficient speed the machine lifts gradually from the ffroxmd and moves forward. The regular stabilizer, rudder and running gear is used ou the "cycl plane": there are no ailerons on the machine, as it obtains its lifting power by the peculiar placement of the lower wing. The fuselage of the "cycleplane" Is approximately 20 feet. long and the top wing stands about 30 feet from the floor. "STEAL GIDEON BIBLES, ' Howevor, Booka Pilferod FrOm Hotels Often Bring ConVersions. Oklahoma Clty.Bibles placed hotel guest rooms by the Gideons to spread Christianity to the traveling ublic are sometimes stolen, according to J. Harry Humphreys. who is pre- siding over the annual convention of the National Association of Gideons, fire. These were Colonl J. M. Stone, General Robert Lowry and Private A. J. McLaurtm Visitors to the" capital from south- west Mieslsippi tats that the beard of supervisors of Wilkinson County, at the request of te late live stock sanitary board is building a fence along the count Hne of Wilkinson and Amtte from Stephnson to Gloa- ter. This fence is erected for the purpose of keeping Amite cattle where stock is not dipped regularly, from crossing into the Wilkinson County line, making it impossible to eradP cats ticks in that county. t is tm- derstood that ticks and dipping vats will be a live issue at the nezt ass- ion of the legislatm'e as it was at. the last. It does not seem to be generally known that the last legislature passed a bill creating the office of leglsla- Uve postmaster or mail carrier, which law does away wlth the election of HOPE. That Ruhr Re. g. French who have the convlc- resistance in Christian commercial travelers in No sa- [ session here. been reported] But in some cases at least the days. Thursday ] feted Bibles have had a salutatory ef- fect. Several persons who deliberate- operated ta the iy "Ttook" Bibles belonging to the Girl- officers were ] cons were converted, returned the a for the Bibes and have made sbstantiai pay- announced' ments toward carrying on the work of Of Germany for the Gideons, Mr. Humphreys de* the French cared. Will forbid such Ruhr, it is Lemu Auto. of the sidewalk store window Helen Asp, :13. municipal court driving license, to to a storekeeier window, to In case she fails again, to Miss Asp left door and way. Political Near Bey, delegates is quot- as deelar- interests will not re- territory. The the Turks and essentially re- ,he said. vannah. first bale of has arrived at t of W. The cotton will be Water. Henry arrested it was Would Reduce Flour Rates. Washington.--Rates on flour from Oklahoma milling points to Galves- ton and other gulf ports ought to be reduced to the level of rates on wheat moving over the same route, said a report made by interstate commerce commission examiners, who isued a complaint of Oklahoma millers. If the commission sustains the conclusions railroads will be re- quired to make new rates. Mayor Wants Divorce. Mlnneapolts.Mayor George Leach appeared before District Judge Mathlas Baldwin here to ask 'for a divorce from his wife, Mrs. Pearl" Leach, on the grounds of de- sertion Judge Baldwin took the case under advisement- Flight Is Abandoned. Washinbcton.The army air service announced that the attempt to make a daylight-to-dark flight across the continent, in which Lieut. Russell L. Maughan has failed twice, had been called off for the year. a postmaster by each house, as here- tofore, said postmaster being paid out of the contingent fund of each house. The new official receives $5.00 a day, is to have no assistants and is n, convey the mair to and from the ca,.e capitol to the poatofflce. The new official is to be elected by a Join lestslative session at the same time that the election of state librarian takes place. Usually strong characters recelve designation in the aha of an en- dearing nickname. Senator George was called "Old Trace Chains." mar was called the "Old Lion." Wai- thall was called the "Magnetic." Stone was called the "Majestic," Featherstone was called "Old Sweat." And coming on down to a later date, Vardaman was called the "White Chief," and now Dennis Murphree, candidate for lieutenant governor, is beglg called from one end of the stat to the other, "Tha Man "zi C$1houn." The alarming number of deaths and near deaths from automobile eel- dents in and around the capital and throughout the state, aa the result of heedless and reeklm automobile driv- lug, emphasizes drasUe legislation when the legislature convenes. In the meantime It is being suggested that lives may be saved, If beards of supervisors will put up signs at abrupt curves in the roads, reading "eep to the Right," in order to pre- vent head-on eollislons at such dan- sale: In one night a short time ago. there were 45 vats blown up. The government contributes its funds tc pay inspectors and aid in the dip ping work. and the patience of the Bureau of Animal Industry has be come exhausted. The bureau ts building, with court ty assistance, a large vat under the protection of this armed camp iv gerous atnd ahupt curves. 1 5 to Be Hanged In Egypt. Former Editor Leads Services. Cairo, EgTl--Of thirteen men t found guilty July 7 of a general i Laurel.--Howard S. Williams, for- consplracy to murder British of- met editor and publisher of the Hat- flctals, the court sentenced five to tiesbur American and recently an be hanged and the remaining eight entrant" into evangelistical work in to from three years to life imprison- this state, addressed the church goers" of this city Sunday night at ,the First menL Methodist Church. His subject was .Thows 8ix Off Ship. "God's Call to Laymen." Singapore.Becoming insane while In tho LoWmt Depth en route from Bombay to Singapore, A benedict never rt..,IL,s how corn- Henri Melan, Frenchman, threw plete is his fail uutil he Is sent to his six chlldre off tie ship and thre matCh a P of iflll--.lan Flncl we drowned. 28 1923 NO. 5 THINKS ALASKA 36 NAIION00 ANSWE00 NEEO$ ASSISTANCE BAPTI00I00,ROLL gALL President and Cabinet Expected To Outline Policy of Conservative YOUNG COUPLE NEEDS Means Much for Their Pospeot of Happiness in the Years etrtol lug Before Them. Mrs. Fred Dreiver, head of the wo Lloyd George Urges That Bapt!st Dlal: . division in a prominent Detro|t liberations Promote the Cause rea( estate ilrz{L thinks the home own- which a couple of machine guns have been Installed for moral effect, and the bureau proposes, when this vat is completed, to notify all citizenl in the territory where vats have been destroyed, to bring their cattle te this vat and dip them. If they find hts a hardship, then they will be advised that they can dip them clo& er to their homes if they will pro Development ThatWill Make Alaska 8elf.Sustaining. Cordova, Alaska.Presldent Hard- lug and his cabinet officials have practically completed their inspection of Alaska and find It needs help, but not so much as they had been led to believe. The president is said to be con- vinced that Alaska can be well taken care of without any extensive reor- ganization of government and without a great outlay of federal aid. Primarily, the president and his ad- visers. Secretaries Wallace, Hoover and Work, are expected to commit themselves to a general policy of con- servative development'. Nothing will be done. it Is stated, to encourage col- onisation or to overdevelop agrlcult- me. The government will help make Alaska self-sustalning and a perma- Inent homeland of tomorrow Instead of todY. Restriction .will be placed on indus- tries which are now being threatened [with destruction, because of grab-all vide vats for the purpose and pro tect them from damage. The be. policies of interested capital, partlcu- reau proposes to protect this vat it lrly in regard to sa.lmon fisheries, Restrictions that adequately prohibit is building and to guard it from de.i development, of other such resources, structton, but will not build auy otb protected!as the pulp and paper idustry, are ors where they be Regulation No. -the live stoc likely to be modified slightly, but not board, made under the compulsor so far as to react against conserva- tion of forests. dipping law, provides that no per ton shall fail to dip tick infested cattle "after being notified to do so by a member of the state live stock sanitary board, an inspector of the Bureau of Animal Industry, or an inspector commissioned by said board." The Bureau of Animal Iudustry simply means that it proposes to execute the law and protect its of. ricers and guards and property whirs it is enforcing the law. HEALTH PLAN PRAISED. Home Dmonstration Agent'Told Hot Idea of Contest Beet of 'Any State. Jackson.--Mrs. Delia B. alley, homo demonstration agent for the north- western dlstrict0 has received from G. L. Noble, chairman of the national committee on boys' and girls' work, a letter acknowledging the receipts of her plan for the health contest in he district and charaterizing it as "the most comprehensive in any state.  The contest will be conducted by a process of eliminatlon the winne of-the community test" entering fm county honors, and the winner of the county entering for the state cham. plonship at the state fair and the final contest being staged at the Tr State Fair. Mrs. Alley and Miss May Harden, agent for the southwestern dtstric! have deParted for the A. M. College to prepare for the state short course to opeq there, having successfully closed the short courses In the dl trier otton Crop Poor. Como.The cotton crop condition in the locality of Come is so unusual that the business men and cotton growers are doing the unusual. Mueb of the best lowlands show such die. couraging outlook, some fields of cot ton showing a plant not more than five to eight inches-high, and bloom in top of the plant, are plowing up some of these lowlands and planting to corn. The recent rainy weather is so favorable to the boll weevil and the cotton so young and undeveloped, till all accede that the prospect for cotton yield here Just now was per- hal never worse. The president and his advisers were impressed with the meeting in Fair- bnks when a gret crowd oiced unanimous approval to the action of Hoover in closing two destructive salmon fisheries traps in the Yukon river. The crowd also cheered when i Mayor Marquam of Fairbanks declar- ed the people would fight to a finish to prevent leas!pg of the government tlroad from Seward to Fatrbanks to t private interests. He declared it would mean eventual monopolization of coal gold, silver, fisheries nd I other resources by private capital. With respect to agriculture, the president Secretary Wallace and I " others are convinced of the great pos- sibilities of AlasKa to sustain a large f,tur population. Wallace nd his associates were assured it would be ' great mistake to encourage any colo- nization territory with a view to rush- ing agricultural development, as exr p0rtaflon of foodstuffs never can be practical. Careful survey of the situation in- dicates Alaska could sustain eventu- idly on he own agricultural land a popuaUon of 3,000,000, However. as the present popuation is only 55,000-- 30.000 white and the rest native Es- kimos and Indians--it is estimated that 80.000 acres n the whole terri- tory could be cultivated for farming purposes with 33,000 more available for grazing. The government also is incllned to recommend more liberal appropriations for Alaskan roads as trtnsportatlon is vital to perpetua- tion. Mrs. Harding still is fatigued by her long Journey and has not left her boat apaetment since her arrival from Fatrbanks. At Seward she did not a- comPany the president's party to the Copper river section, nor over the Guggenheimer road from Cordova. EDITORS WANT EDWARDS. N. E. A. Members Cheer New Jersey Senator As "Next President-" Jersey City, N.-J.JUnlted Stat nar Edwarl I: Edwards of New Jersey was cheered by 300 members of the National Editorial Aslatlon as "the next president of the United States," when he delivered an ad- dress to the editors on tour about Revival 8vice Dates Set New York, after concluding their an- over 100 pounds from his small ggr- Imal convention at Sartagoa Springs. vices has been set and the an-' Cries of "Eddie Edwards our next nouncement made known for tl president" lasted several minutes and following named places: Revival caused the senator to curtail his ad- servlmm will be conducted at the ILresa of welcome. Christen Church, ThyaUra, begin- ning AUgust 5, t the Tyro BapUst Ellis Island Takes Rsst. Church and the Wytte Meiodiat New York.E11is Isand, through Church, beginning August 12; ag which twenty-two thousand foreign- the Wyatte Church, AugUSt 19. era have passed since opening of the , , new quotas, July 1, caught up and I Fire Fighters Ar Rewarded, ceased work In all departments, afte Clarksdale. For valuable assist, three weeks of strenuous activity. ance in checking the fire in Lyon when the Fontaine home was con, sumed, the members of the Clarksdale fire departmenL No. 1/have been giv. en a collection amounting to $56.50 as an appreciatiofl from the people at Iyon. 3,540 Votes In Webster, Walthall.--Vebster County had 3, 540:registered voters on the regitra. tion books on July 6. That date is the "time limit by statute, which,re. quires voters to be registered four months before any election, as a con- dition precedent for voting. Pension Warrants Ready. Brookhaven.--The quarterly pen. sion warrants for Confederate veter- ans and widows of veterans are now available, aceordig to S. I. M Nail', challcerY May Issue Poilu 8tamp. Parls.--Following the successful is, sue of souvenir 'Pasteu postal stamps, the suggestion is now made that France issue a five-cent sjtmP bear- in@ the likeness of a poilu. PREACH48 WTHOUT COAT. Spokane Mlnletor InVites Men TO Come I 8hWtsieeves. pokane, Wash.Lclaring that he sees no reason why men should be uncomfortable in church on a hot day, the Roy. C. A. Rexroad of a lo. cal church announces that he will Sppoar in the pulpit without a co.a! on Sundays. The pastor has invited the men of his congregation to come to church without their coats but so far theY have seemed reluctant, he of Pace Among Nations. Stockholm, Sweden.Thirty-six na tions answered the roll call at the opening of the tl, .ongress of the Baptist World Alliance, and after a welcome from the Baptists of Sweden 1 by Dr. J. Bystroem, presldert of the Swedish Union. and Premier Tryg- i ger, greetings were read from Presl-l dent Harding and the former British prin minister David Lloyd Geoge, President Harding's message, pre- sented through the Rev. W. S, Aber- nethy of Washington, his pastor, was as follows: "I should be glad if you will find I an opportunity to convey to the Bap- fist World Alliance the greetings of I a fellow Baptist and express for me] the hope that we shall have through- out the world a continued growth in that religious devotion which makes a finer brotherhood of men in a con- scientious worship of God. I believe with all my heart that nothing is more needed in the world today tha the practical application of the spirit of Christ." Mr. Lloyd George's message, con. veyed through Dr. J. H. Shakespeare of London, secretary of the alliance, said: 'lease convey warm greetings to my fellow Baptists gathered in Stock- holm for the third world congress. I trust their deliberations may prc mote the cause of peace among ha, tlons, so that they may see in time the rocks upon which civilization is being driven. May a new faith and  determination enable them to face tlm problems of the future." Representatives of the Free Church, es then greeted the congress, to which Rev. Dr. G. W. Truett of Dal- las, TeL responded. In the roll call of nation the representative of each sppke briefly. Roy. G. S. Shauk of Seattle responded for the Northern BaPtists and the Roy. D. S. Kugh of Boston for the negro Baptists of America, and Roy. D. A. C. Cree of Atlanta for the Sothern Bapti|its. HINT8 MANDATE FOR GERMANY Poineare Organ Throws Out Start. I|hg Suggestion. Paris.--Premier Poincare's prineb pal newspaper volce, the Matin, car- ries an astonishing suggestion fo r Ge, many's future. "After a reparations settlement i finally accomplished" the newspaper decares in the course of a semi-offi- cial reparations a.rticle, "France may consider the possibility of allowing a League of Nations mandate not only over the Ruhr and Rhineland, but over all of t3ermany, for the purpose of preventng preparation for future warz." The newspaper Duts out this feeler after declaring Premier Y'oincare neve will acoept any sort of League of Nations rule in the Ruhr and Rhineland t this stage of the game. Spry  Kids" at 79, Lake Chares, La.Mr. and Mrs. Arexetien De Rouen, of Hayes, La., re- turned to their home after having via- Red Lake Charles to have their pho- tographs taken on their 79th wedding anniversary. Mr. De Rouen is 100 years of age and his wife is 92, and both claim to be 'as spry as kids." It is believed here to be the oldest liv- ing married couple In the country, ,,Bolahavism Must Fall." .Greeley, Col.Bols&evism is bound to fail, according to a statement made by Count Ilya Tolstoy, son of the famous Russian author, speaking be- fore a large audience here. Count Tolstoy asserted that Lentne was a dreamer who does not care what life teaches, but who follows commun- ism onl for the narrow line of pro- gress if offers. He said it also would be only a short time until Russia would be back among the great fam- ily of nations. Miners Want Nationalization- Wllbesbarre, p._Distriet  Io. United Mine Workers, dopted a resolution favoring the nationaliz flea of the coal industry. Ex.Mayoresa Fined, Grimsby, Eng.Mlss Edna Hobbs, who served as m.yoress in 1919. wa fined in the local court for speeding. METHOLIST REUNION THOUGHT. Step Toward Comp--ete Unification Seen In Plan. Cleveland, O.Steps looking t ward the reunion of the northern and southern branches of the Methodist church are expected to be taken'at a four-day meeting of the joint commis- sion on uniflcatlon. Although complete unification is said 4tot ,to be likely at this tim it a will be adopt" er has all the best of it. "(;'? course there are men with money who believe that an investment In nontaxnble stocks is better that home owning, when you take Into con- hleration high rate of taxatlon and the cost of building and malntenance: But the woman's slde of it isn't co sldered in su,:i a view. A wants a home. The family are pier, more unlte in Interests, there is a feeling of ward the community and each that is engendered where the longs to the family who ltves in it." "One thlng that keeps the houses filled," acid Mrs., many a man's dlsinclinatio l work. He is often about-the house. Some men a furnace nor carry ashe, wives are looking for an easy time so they tuck themselves up In aPartment and let the children, if have any, breathe bad air. If were willing to take a little extr hie, they could go out farther iron city center and have a small honie-- but, of course, they wouldn't bew the movies, and there would be mc work to do. "It's the only thing for the .g couple starting . out In life. hey :. should try to get a home of their Own,  INSTINCT IS TO OWN HOM No Pomlon More Deslrsbls, Itt the Great Majority of People Recognize the Fact. In the. old. days--days notsb-oi* after all when you come to thi ---the home was the center of activities, the place where pleasures were enJoyed pride of every family head was to his home; to know that the place be provided for .his loved was tbeirs, endeared to them byl session and Insuring to them a ter in the event 9,f untoward stance. In these days It thet we are drifting home. Life Is ,more and te;rtaiment vded in ch united retlO thbt  we are tempted from the r tree ," hours "of recreatl ways of entertaining ",company.? pleasant home potties are gotten. And with this there some persons a feeling that there other possessions more desirable home. The desire for home seems to ha w been stifled In But this is but a transient the lives of a relatively few The home owning instinct one and one that Is any oth for  lgth Capitsllsing Barbe 8hop TnlR. i the harbers of Lebanon, were recently invited to a given by the chamber of The invitations were the belief that the a continuous opportunity ltors fft*orable city, that many berber urns of publ/e municipal questions are and that the true ment w4th an underanding part taken by the chamber of eonl. merce in the general progress. vitatiens made It plain that the was not in any way a scheme to mote the chamber's fluence. The barbers got new point of vie on their tunlties for sorvles to have actually meda use port|mltles.e "Ce-qreting n The St. moves has an active sales bure the: lurposas build, up the  city by sales and to serve the ritory efficiently. These effted through good-will educating sales managers in methods of uets and of servin publishing a ing items of benefit to sales  by dntertaining visiting delegates attending tlons, and through the motion pictures. Cities Adopt Berkeley, Chlco San Mateo, Pierce, Albany, Ga.