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July 27, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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July 27, 1973

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The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Page 5 Friday, July 27, 1973 Proceedings Of The Woodville Mayor & Board Of Aldermen June 5. 1973 At the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the "fown of Woodville. Mis- slssippi, hpoun nd held in said Town at 7 p.m., there were pres- ent Mayor M. N. Lewis, Alaer- h,cl L. B. Curry, Thomas M. Town of Woodville and Ameri- can Oil Company., The following is a report of the gas. waber & sewer collec- tions for lhe month of May: Brought forward $388.71: Res. Gas, 6.330.71: Com. Gas. $2,216. 85: Res. Water. $2,960.33: Com. Water. $fi09.20: Res. Sewer. $174. 82: Com. Sewer. $66.06: Outside 'waer. $26.21: Penalty, $193.88; Cut off & on. $8.00; Deposits, $115.00: Sales Tax. $548.09: To- Prwn. Cn-'e Chisholm and Joe tal. $13.646.86. Vl, Best, Fredrick P. Cavin. Jr. bup. ot Utilities and Street Commissioner Richard T. Wat- son. Attorney, and Frances Townsend, Clerk Motion by Alderman Bryan, seconded by Alderman Chisholm and unanimously carried, that the minutes be approved as read. Alderman Curry made a mo- tion that the bills in the amount Canova. trash barrels. $36.00: Woodlawn McDonald, pushing off dump, $30.00: Calvin Wilson. labor, flowers. $8:00: Jack Cur- tain. same, $1.60. Walter E. Da- vis. Jr.. expenses to Memphis, $20.72. Willie Lee Har,ris, labor, flowers. $4.80; Jack Curtain, same. $11.20: U. S. Portmaster, post.age, $50.00: Total. $416.02; Reimbursement: General Fund, $382.68: Light & Gas Fund. $16. 67: CWW&SS Fund. $16.67; To- tal. $416.02. deposit. $2.73: James R. Wil- liams, supplies, $190.40; J. H. Lambdin. consultant fee. $623. 36: C. M. Treppendahl & Sons. Inc., supplies, $.90: Planters Hdw., Inc.. 'same. $27.52; Mc- Gehee Motor Parts. same. $10. 58: South Central Bell. phone expense $7.64; F. R. Blanken- stein, supplies, $24.55; Cavin's Welding Service. welding, $64.00: Seal Tractor Ca.. repairs, $371. 84: Davis Water & Waste Indus- i,rics. Inc.. supplies. $549.85: Big T1]ree Meter Repair, Inc.. re- MORE DURING AND AFTER FLOOD PICTURES Collected. $13.270.11: Delin- Light & Gas Fund: Frances pairs. $109.34; Sargent-Sowell, quent: Lcwis Allen $10.80. Iva Lorraine Beckham. wages, $169. Inc. supplies, $25.94; Miss. Pew- Bean Keeton $1.04. Jerry David- 47: G'"ant Carter, Jr.. salary, er & Light Co.. lights. $1.28: son $4.88. C E. Emmons $5.88 L. C. Brown $1.31. Ronnie Davis $'1.74. Joseph Lee Dixon $1.70, Wiley Collins $2.34. Thomas L. Piazza $21.71. Annie Catherine Thompson $5.87, Jim Teal $31.61, Albert Havard $4.30, Willie James Ross $20.51, Charles Jackson $5. 90. Cha=rles Andrews $3.26, Fan- of $35.151.13 be paid, seconded hie Lee Gavin $5.63. Ike Evans $116.85: Robert Claiborne. same. $144.72: Jack Curtain. same. $56. 49: Walter E. Davis. Jr.. same, $185.26: John B Dawson, wages, $169.47: Herbert E. Felter. same. $45.51; Robert Fields, Jr., sal- ary, $117.66; James Foreman, same. $191.53; Leroy Tunter Howell, II, wages, $42.37; Dave Lewis Jr., salary, $130.97: Eula Mac Liberty., same, $13.44; Sid- Communications Associates. Inc.. ra:tio conlract, $5.63:61-24 Gulf. .gas, $61.{]5: Public Employees' Retirement System, retirement, $550.49: State Tax Commission. w'held. $24.32: Commercial Bank. same. $479.70: Alex Johnson. Jr.. ,refund deposit, $15.00: Gerald Bradley, same, $7.50; Frances Townsend. Clerk. pay acct. dep. (Jim Henry,. $2.16: IJanie Wells by Alderman Chisholm. voted $26.74, Isiah White $10.67, Willie upon and unanimously carried. Lee Peters $1.85. Gloria Dean hey B. Mealey, same, $163.92; Fredrick P. Cavin, Supt. of Myers $5.19. Houston Parker $3. George H. Nicholas, Jr.. wages, Utilities and Street Commis- si,oner, requested that his em- ployment with the Town be terminated as of July 15, 1973, his vacation to begin on July 1st and continue through the 28, Willie Pope $28.27, Alice Scott Wells, Jr., wages, $140.15; Mitch- 15th. Motion by Alderman Chis- $7.44, Lillie Mac Hawkins $6.59, eli . wnimKer, same, $169.47; holm that his resignation be Alex Johnson. Jr. $4.54, Ethel Donald Gone Enis. same, $84.73; accepted, seconded by Alderman Tollivcr $3.76. Howard Wyatt Joe W. Davis. refund deposit, Bryan, voted upon and unani- mously carried. Motion by Alderman Bryan; seconded .by Alderman Chisholm and unanimously carried, that Mayor M. N. Lewis be autho- rized, to execute a lease agree- ment between the Town of Woodvllle and the American Oil Head:start). $7.50; ( Phipps). $2.50; James Claiborne/, $2.39; 82. Ernest Smith $13.93. Charles $169.47: Ed Porter, salary, $116. Joe Robertson), $10.34; Joe Edward Buck $11.47, Joe M. 85: Huey P. ,Robinson. same Robertson. refund deposit, $4.65; Stutzman $5.42, Leon Williams $113.75; Robert Lee Skipper, Frances Lorraine Beckham, $1.91, Larry Box $1.97, Larry C. -ame, $178.36: Robert arer wages. $155.35; Robert Clai- Kendrix $22.49, James Ro.s $17. Slan, same, $117.66; Lawrence alary, $144.72: Walter E. $15.17, Dec Turner $9.52, Wilk. $15.00; Joe M. Best, salary, $39. Co. Bd. of Sup. qTem. Court 75"; Thomas M. Bryan. same, House) $17.15. Eugene Prater $39.75; Cage Chisholm. same. $4.74, Jim Henry $11.61, Janie $5.97: Fredrick P. Cavin. Jr., Wells $11.21, Troy Phtpps $3.25, same, $621.93: Hubert B. Curry, James Claiborne $2.28. Total. same, $5.97; M N. Lewis, same, $13,646.86. The following is a report of Clerk's Special Account: Brought Cavis. Jr.. same, $185.83; Herbert E. Felter. wages, $68.57; James Forman. salary, $190::t0: Eula Mac Liberty, same. $13.44; Rob- or} L. Skipper, same. $177.95; Grant Carter. Jr.. same. $116.85: Jack Curtain. same, $51.78; John B. Dawson wages, $155.35: Don- old Gone Enis, same, $155.35; Robe,rt Fields. Jr.. salary, $117. $278.50; Fred C. McCarstle, Sr.. 66; Dave Lewis, Jr., same, $139. same. $40.35: Willie Scott Me- 97; Sidney B. Mealey, same, $163. P, arstle, same. $75.32: Chas. T. 91; George H. Nicholas. Jr.. Company regarding lease on forward. $423.07: Disbu,rsemenss: Netterville, same, $366.90; Fran- South side of County Road on- Henry Lane. labor, flowers, $16. cos Townsend. same. $366.90; toting Industrial Park per lease 00; Roosevelt Wilson. same, $4. Richard T. Watson, same. $134. agreement, as follows: 80; Walter E. Davis, Jr., expenses 47; Frances Townsend, Clerk, Here follows copy of said garbage truck. $75..00; Commer- pay acct. deposit tRonnle Do- lease agreement bevween the ,:ial Bank. same. $157.90: Charlie visl, $5.34: Ronnie Davis, refund Sluggin' it out to the end. Ford . Pr.ce.fighter Clearance H & R FORD, Inc., Woodville, Miss. wages. $155.35; Ed Porter. sal- ary, $116.85; Huey P. Robinson. same, $113.75: Robert Carter S lan, same, $117.66; Lawrence Wells. Jr., wages, $I9.10; Mitch- ell B. Whitaker. same. $155.35; Larry J. Mealey, sam. $60.26; Mid Louisiana Gas Co., gas, $2,513.57; F, Insurance Co., insurance, $628.82: State Tax Commission. pro rata pay- ment. $193.22: Frances Towns- end. Clerk, pay acct. dep. (Jerry Pecanty), $4.67; Mottle Lee Johnson), $6.35; (James Gaines). $4.94: (Irene Damon). $5.72 trial Strong), $7.19; Clerk's Special Account, re|rob., $30:00; C A. Plitt. Jr., refund deposit, $7.50. Gene,ral Fund: Robert Clai- bcrne, expresses, $37.50; John Dorsey, contract work. $133.65: "Long .Distance Is for love You can say so much with a levitt" phone call.., back home.., to your grandchildren.., to friends far away. And you can have se many more of those visits by phone for far less thaa the cost of one trip. For extra savings dial direct the fast, personal l-plus way. Save even more when you dial at night or anytime on weekends. So, reach out and touch someone with your voice tonight. Love that Long Distance South Central Bell Mississippi people Ieeping you in touch JtNIil,litl!:',r;i:!!r;I,,l,,,,,;,'," ;t 11 NJ,['I,,. !', ..J,,]II;LI II, ',. ......... Lakeview Lodge, popular fishing resort, store and motel units on Lake Mary, was heavily danmged by the flood waters as is graph- ically shown in the lower photo chore, taken last weekend. The owner, Otto Jonson, has .oct announccd no plans for rebuilding the facility. I , I,I" 1,'! ,] '1 ! Ii',',!!lll,  ,'0 ,,111, II, r I I Seven combines, owned by Troyce Guice of Ferriday, _were inundated by the flood waters on his property on the north side of the Homochitto River adjacent to Lake Mary. Guice said last Friday that the machines were a total loss. but added that he had inch-high soybeans growing immediately behind them on the large tract of rich bottomland which was cleared for cultivation several years ago. Two camps on the banks of Lake Mary, ahnost completely sub- merged in the upper photo, now sit high and dry although ex- tensively damaged by their long soaking in muddy water. James Forman, expense, $50.00; Lrry J. Mealey, contract work, Charles Lee Wells, same, Woodville Public Library, Egsie Tarris. jail board. $12.00; Beckham's Electric Service, re- pairs, $29.98; C. M. 'ireppendahl & Sons. Inc.. supplies, $50.84; Pitney Bowes, postage meter, $265.00: Ketchings Co.. supplies, $23.25; Planters Hdw.. Inc., sme, $35.77: McGehee Motor Parts, same. $49.15; South Central Bell, phone expense. $107.80; F. R. Blankenstein, supplies, $24.55: Seal Tracor Co,, repairs, $19.07; Stern :Chemical Co.. supplies, $i,011.65: Jimmie's Auto Service. repairs. $382;66; Wood's, sup- plies, $3.39; Cliff White Office Supplies, $4.19; Woodville Re- publican, pub. minutes, etc., $100.90; Miss. Valley Supply Co., supplies, $812.60; Vicks Gaxage, repairs, $41.40; Communications Associates. Inc., radio contract. $34.25: Pitney Bowes, postage meter, $5.16: H & R Ford, Inc., repair, $8.45; Chuck & Junior's Body Shop, repairs, $6.00; Lewis Insurance Agency, ins.. $76.00: Sargent-Sowcll, Inc.. supplies, $12.00; City Drug Store, same, $7.77; SW Miss. EPA, lights, $324. 42; 61-24 Gulf, gas, $494.11; Charles E. Whetstone, election worker, $40.00: Josie K. Lewis, same, $40.00; Leona M. Lump- kin, same, $20.00; Mozelle L. Douglas, same, $40.00: Phayes Carter, same, $40.00: CharIes A. Plitt, Jr., same, $20.00; Leisa M. Bates, same, $40.00; C. H. Whit- tington, same. $40,; WUliam Wells, same, $20.00: Mary B. Soott, same, $40.00: Edgar T, Henderson. same, $40.60: Com- mercial Bank, interest, St. Imp. Bonds, $2.340.00; St. Imp. Bond, $3,000.00; St. Imp. Bond interest, $5'10.00: lobrt Claiborne. ex- pen,s, es, $37.50; James Forman, same, $50.00: Lawrence Wells, Jr., contract work, $57.75; Larry J. Mealey, same, $57.75; Grant Carter, Jr., ,same, $46.20: Charles Lee Wells. same, $29.70: John Dorsey, same, $79.20; Commer- cial Bank, St. Imp. Bond in- te,res.t, $'360.0; Clerk's Special Account, reimb.. $198.15. Combined Water Works & Sewer System Fund: CWW&SS . Bond Retirement &, Reserve Fund, bransfer, $250.00; James I R. Williams, supplies, $780.88; C. M.-,Treppendahl & Sons, Inc., I sxme, $12.74; Plan,ters Hdw., line. same $96.00; lcGehee Mo- tor Parts, ame, :$4.77; South Central Bell, phone expense, $7. 77: F. R. Blankenstein, supplies, $22.12; Seal Tracber CO., repairs, $371.83; Chevron Oil Co., sup- ,plies, $45.10; Hartco Service`s, Inc.. same, $115.40: Harper Sup- ply Co., same, $722.38; Sargent- i Sowell. Inc., same. $25.95; M & ! R Meter Service, repairs, $43.09; Magnolia Industrial Supply, Ltd., supplies, $80.89; Miss.-Pow- er & Light Co., lights, $122.65; Communications Associates, Inc., radio contract. $5.62; 61-24 Gulf, ;as, $61.05; Concordia Contract- lug Co., ninth Partial Estimate, Sewage Plant. $5,958.00; Jordan, Kaiser & Sessions, Gen, Super- vision same, $113.20; Frances Townsend, Clerk, outside water, $31.05; ,Clerk's Special Account, relmb., $30.00; General Fund, transfer, $198.58. Revenue Sharing Fund: Co- lonial Chevrolet Co., truck, $3,552.50; Big T Welding Supply Co., refuse packer, $5,435.76; Seal Tractor Go., trac'tor & equip- ment, $7,396.10. The Clerk is charged with the following: Res. Gas, $4,338.24; Com. Gas, $1,858.40; Res. Water, $3,029.38; Com. Water, $645.95; Res. Sewer, $194.34; Com. Sewer, .. $67.37. There being no further busi- ness o come before the meet- ing, upon motion duly made and seconded the meeting ad- journed. M. N. Lewis, Mayor TEACTER PAY CLIMBS, MEC SURVEY SHOWS The average annual salaries of U.S. public school teachers jumped nearly 95 percent in the 1971-72 school year, as com- pa'd with 1959-60 figures, ac- cording to a Tax Found:atoR Inc. report. The average `salaries across the country increased from $5,174 in 1959 to $10300 irt 1971, Salary increases appropriated by the various state legislatures during 1973 were not included in the report. Mississippi's 1971 figures more than doubled the 1959 figures. Teachers in the state in 1871 were paid an average of $6,716, as compared with $3,314 in 1959, (In 1973. the Mississippi Leg- islature increased teachers' sal- aries by 10.5 percent, with 6 percent lnoreases over the next .two years. For example, teach- ers .holding Class "A" certifi- cates will be receiving $6,200 in 1973.) Alaska `showed he hiZhest in 1971 of $14,- ,he ,i