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July 25, 2013     The Woodville Republican
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July 25, 2013

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Page 4 The Woodville Republican, Thursday, July 25, 2013 Are You Tired Of Canning Tomatoes & Peppers Ann IL Davis, Wilkinson CourtW Area vegetable garden- ers have had some unusual experiences this summer- Mississippi's Early Migratory abundantSme gardens have producedcrops of tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, cu- Bird Seasons Announced cumbers, squash, etc.; while other gardens have struggled Win Bronze At Nationals, Headed To Jr. Olympics Own Premier Mississippi's Travel Group! Attracting Traveler's From 18 States Tours Depart From Flowood, MS All Tours Limited To 40 Travelers On Luxury 56 Seat Motorcoach With Wireless Sound and WlFH Call For Info On This Tour! 2 Other Remaining 2013 Tours; 12 More For 2014! Purpose Driven Tours 601-371-8733 Yellowstone & Tetons! Jesse O Conner, Biblical Creation Guide, Will Join Us For 3 Days! Wilkinson County Co-Op in Woodville, MS Wc tm lay, July 31, from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m. TO PRE-ORDER CALL Arkansas Pond Stockers 1-800-843-4748 WALK-UPS WELCOME Now Is The Time For Stocking 3-5" Channel Catfish $37 per 100 6-8" Channel Catfish $57 per 100 5-7" Hybrid Catfish $80 per 100 BLUEGILL (Coppernose & Hybrid) REDEAR LARGEMOUTH BASS BLACK CRAPPIE (if Available) 8-11" GRASS CARP FATHEAD MINNOWS KOI then freeze as noted above. Freezing Stowed Toma- toes: Remove stom ends, peel and quarter ripe tomatoes. Cook in covered pot 10 to 12 minutes until tender. Place pan containing tomatoes in cold water to cool. Pack into containers, leaving head- space, seal and freeze. Peppers are another food you can quickly freeze raw without blanching first. Thawed, raw peppers still retain some crispness and can be used in cooked dishes or raw in uncooked dishes. Prepping Peppers: Select crisp, tender peppers. Wash with the same method as washing tomatoes. Cut out stoms, cut peppers in half, and remove seeds and mem- brane. You can cut peppers into strips, dice or slice, de- pending on how you plan to use them. If using hot pep- pers, it is not necessary to cut or chop. Freezing Peppers: Freeze peppers in a single layer on a cookie sheet with sides, about an hour or longer until frozen. This method is often referred to as "tray freezing." Transfer peppers to a "freez- er' bag, excluding as much air as possible from the bag and leaving no headspace. McComb, MS HUNTING LAND NEEDED!!! Have qualified buyers looking for hunting land. Several 40ac- 100ac clients, 500ac- 1000ac clients, and many in between. Call Alan 601-249-8436 or email: alan@ food preservation, canning and freezing, contact the Wilkinson County Extension Service at 601-888-3211, re- fer to the Extension website at, or to the National Center for Home Food Preservation, hosted by the University of Georgia Cooperative Exten- sion Service at http'J/www. Wayne K. Barber, Owner Matthew 16:26 EHsah Boyd Wins Bronze At National Track Meet We are so proud of you - Your mother, Linda Boyd, and family .. ... B ~~~~i~~~ The Commission on rails, king rails, moorhens, with drought conditions in Wildlife, Fisheries, and and gallinules is 15 singly some areas of the county, too Parks approved dates for or in aggregate, and the much rain in other areas, or the 2013-14 early hunting possession limit is 45 singly a wide array of diseases. For seasons for migratory birds or in aggregate. Daily bag the gardens that have flour- on July 17, 2013. Early mi- limit for Virginia rails and ished, tomatoes and peppers gratory game bird hunting sora rails is 25 singly or in have been plentiful. Most seasons set during the July aggregate, and the posses- vegetable gardeners prefer meeting include resident sion limit is 75 singly or to can tomatoes and peppers, but an option to canning Canada geese, early teal, in aggregate. The hunting these vegetables is freezing. snipe, woodcock, and rails, season for snipe is Nov. 14, Tomatoes may be frozen This year, early seasons 2013 >Feb. 28, 2014. Daily whole, sliced, chopped or pu- will be similar to recent bag limit is 8 snipe with a years, possession limit of 24 birds, reed. Additionally, you can BOYD AND TEAMMATES IN THE MEDALS -- The RADL Track Club of Natchez's 4x100 meter team The early teal season is Woodcock season is Dec. 18, freeze them raw or cooked, of Elisah Boyd of Woodville, at left, and Natchez teammates Darrius Jackson, Tariq Jackson and Sept. 14-29, 2013. The bag 2013 - Jan. 31, 2014. The as juice or sauce, or prepared Keyvonte Caston, won the bronze medal at the AAU Track National Championship in Orlando, Florida, limit for September teal daily bag limit is 3 wood- in the recipe of your choice, on July 8-12. Over 4,000 athletes competed at this meet. These four athletes have now qualified to Thawed raw tomatoes maycompete in the AAU Junior Olympics to be held July 29 through August 3 at Eastern Michigan Univer- is 6 per day with no more cock with a possession limit be used in any cooked-tomato sity in Ypsilanti, Michigan, near Detroit. This winning team is coached by Eddie Ray Jackson, also of than 18 in possession. The of 9 birds, recipe. Do not try to substi- Natchez -- Photo Submitted hunting season for resident For more information re- ' tute them for fresh tomatoes, -- Canada geese is Sept. 1-15, garding waterfowl in Mis- since freezing causes their 2013. The daily bag limitsissippi, visit our website at texture to become mushy. Third Thursday Lunch-N-Learn is 5 Canada geese with a shouldbeseasoned possession limit of 15. The or call us at (601) 432-2199. just before serving rather hunting season for rails, Follow us on Facebook at SetbAtE moorhens, and gallinules is]mdwfpthan before freezing; freez- Building xtensions Service Sept. 14 - Nov. 22, 2013.or on Twitter at www.twit- ing may either strengthen or Daily bag limit for clapper]MDWFPonline, weaken seasonings such as y "s, Shade Gardens -- August Service at 601-888-3211 to garlic, onion, and herbs. W'd~us?.nCoun~ 15; Water Gardens -- Sep- register and for more infor- ~x~ensaon ~gen Prepping Tomatoes: Se- tombor 19; Angels Trumpets: marion about the topics. Pre- Mississippi's 20 1 3 20 i 4 lect firm, ripe tomatoes with ..... urn" ;G wayne r'ormr, & --~trea Brugmansia to Brag About registration is required, but deep red color for freezing. ,. ,." ,__ __ . . -- October 17; Shade Trees there is no charge for these - Tomatoes should be washed rmr~ctumre ~gen~, lS once .... h Thir" m the Home Landscape: Se- educational sessmns. before cutting by wetting again ordering ~ne - a lections, Planting, and Care _ Dove Seasons Announced each tomato withwator, rub lnursaay buncn-n-~,earn "kT--..--~l~,~.01 I its surface, rinse it with run- Home t~ardenmg worms op Tho {nfpr~efiv~ vic]~n I lne oeaollne to ,-~ rm 1 in ..................... The Commission on Wild- U.S. Hwy. 84 and east of MS ning water, and dry it with a 2011~enes'asTnea mSeneSeans toDeganprowd'-e programs will" . start at 12:00 I submit" all news life, Fisheries, and Parks Hwy. 35. Season dates for paper towel. After washing, i hal o ortunities p.m. on the third Thursday of I . . . has approved dates for the the South Zone are as fol- cut away the stem scar and educat o ,~ opp , .. each month and last approxi- I 18 Friday mr l~aaster t~ameners, DU~ ]S --. . .~ = 2013-14 dove season. The lows: Sept. 1-9; Oct. 5-Nov. surrounding area and dis- now off.ered, to all county resl- interested in participating in I atnoon. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser, 4; and Dec. 14, 2013-Jan. 12, card it before slicing or chop- . mavmy one nour. ~ you are ! vice provides a "window 2014. The season will open Ping the tomato. Washingdents wa v]deoconferencmg, the sessions nlease call the ] ia ovronflancI of dates from which states at 2 p.m. on Sept. 1 for both tomatoes in a sink filled with ~ .These wor.kshops ,areWilkinson County Extension I =,v ~n~,~r.=v,=~. may select specific season dove zones, water is not recommendedueszgnea m gwe garaen- dates. The 2013-14 dove "The opening day of dove since contaminated waterers in-depth knowledge of a m ..... season will be similar to season is one of the most can be absorbed through the particular garden topic. The I ~ ~ M~I' ig previous seasons with a few popular hunting dates of fruit's stem scar. The use of remaining late summer/fall I g~'~-.'~ i irlL-I workshops include The Good, I ----. --,-- minor changes, the year,' said James Cal- soap or detergent is neither The Bad, and The Ugly of I ~ VNICP: Once again, Mississippi licutt, Mississippi Depart- recommended nor approved hunters will enjoy a 70-ment of Wildlife, Fisheries, for washing fi'uits and veg- -- I --, ,,~,e--- day, 15-bird daily bag limit and Parks Waterfowl Pro- etables because they can ab- The peppers will remain I t~~ ~ll~! Ial~ for mourning and white- gram Biologist. The MOW- sorb detergent residues,separated for ease of use in I ~~1 5 i Ui~II~ winged doves for the 2013- FP provides an abundance Freezing Whole Tomatoes measuring out for recipes. I -- = --" =-- 14 season. The possession of public dove hunting op- With Peels: Prepare toma- Frozen bags can be resealed I I]I 'MA! limit is three times the portunities on many state toes as described above. Cut and returned to the freezer I I~l~l~l'll~ daily bag limit. Mississippi Wildlife Management Areas away the stem scar. Place for future use. I "~,- "~ """ is divided into two zones to as well as on private lands the tomatoes on cookie To extend the time frozen maximize hunting opportu- through the private lands sheets and freeze. Tomatoes foods maintain good quality, ~ II~-~l~-l~ r ,= -- nities throughout the state, dove field program, do not need to be blanched package foods in material in- ~ I I The North Dove Zone is de- For more information before freezing. Once frozen, .~liMMEI~ fined as areas north of U.S. regarding dove hunting in transfer the tomatoes ,.from tended for freezing and keep ' ! I Hwy. 84, plus areas south Mississippi, visit our web- theckiesheetsintfr~zer the tomperature of the freez- 601-371-8733, er at 0 degrees F or below. L.__. ...... n I ~p'~'awiimOli all I ofU.S. Hwy. 84 and west of site at or other containers. Seal It is generally recommended IBEST PRICE &l = tI I'PI AI MS Hwy. 35. Season dates dove or call us at (601) 432- tightly. To use the frozen to- frozen vegetables be eaten I ..,...,.. ,., I i ,NI I2LIMIL ' for the North Zone are as 2199. Follow us on Face- matoes, remove them from within about 8 months for I II~l I I ~II~II I follows: Sept. 1-22; Oct. 12- book at the freezer a few at a time or Nov. 47and Dec. 20-Jan. mdwfp or on Twitter atallatonce. Wopeel, justrun bestquali.',ty. . laAICICIDDIll I 5 or MORE AVG. STUMPS I 12. The South Dove a frozen tomato under warm ~ ~ w~m p r~ervmg any ! (24-inchdiameter, 6-inchestdl) I iresn vegetable, rememoer / Since 19761 / I ~ i I I is defined as areas south of Ponline. water in the kitchen sink. Its that "the quality of the foods / ~ ~ I ~1 I skin will slip off easfly, preserved wiU be only as good ~/~t~ IB1'1' I l ,~ ~11 I ::~:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`L Freezing Peeled Toma- , ......... n.u,~I i,~,,.-~a I I ~1111 as me quan~ oz me Ioous 1 I -Please do your part in keeping our- ~es: If you prefer to freeze ....... PRICE aN (with truck eccess) when mey were ~resn ana ~,,v I '" I I peeled tomatoes, you can l Large QuanhhesEven Less = - to preserve the vegetab es by I s _ , ---= roads and streams beautiful -- - wash the tomatoes and then . G ANT STUMP_, ....... canning or freezmg as soon ~ I IOD/~Ig'~lTI I Minimum I dip them in boiling wator for as possible affer harvest. ~,~ v~vv.*,,. !*{ ~----a-~~ ]~ 30 seconds to 1 minute or For more information on BEST PRICE 8 SERVICE IN MISSISSIPPI! Since 1976! = - until the skins split. Peel and