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July 23, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 23, 1898

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Stand the Heat Much more easily and comfortably by putting and keeping your body in ta&apos;im vomtition by taking Hood'$ Sarsaparill. It makes good blood, promom proper circulation aud keeps every organic Operation free from friction ood00:,.s,r#e, parllla Is America's Greatest bledieinb. '' Hood's Pills e genUe, mtld re, Atl druggists., .. Yet there was nothing to indicate that he was angry Still hd continued to grind his teeth with at persstener . The grmdmg was done with one of those patent buzz saws that dentists use, and every now and then it seemed as if the patient would 'car if it were not for the rubber in his month. And at that there was mething in hisgurgles that seemed to in- diente that the dam was not all rubber.- Chicago Post. :. Au Open Letter to foters, We are asserting in the courts our right zo the e.xelas!ve use o/tlte word "Castoria " ana l'Lteher s Castoria, ''asourTrad,hia; l Jr. Samucl 'itcher, of Hyannis, .Massa- was tim originator of "Pitcher's :::: .... j" Yi i !!i: :: : PkISSISSIPPI  RS SECOND REGIMENT. Mustered at Jackson Juno 9, 1898. [These rolls were prepared Just before leaving Jackson, by tbo First Sergeants. If each will revise his roll, Inch)de all addltlons or other changes since, and give first name of each man in full, the roll ot the reglmcnt, thus perfected, wlil be published later. Special blanks for this )urpose will be Iurnlshed.--J L Pow/;a.]' k l'lold and Staff, . William A. Montgonlery, Colonel. ,)ewrrenx Sh!elds Lieutenant Colonel. =e0rge C, lloskln, Major. Jhhn P. Mavo Major. , Dr. M W. ltat'iftoa, "Surge0n. Dr H. C. Kent AssJs,laat Sttrge hi Dr. (i6ree W Aeker; Assistant 8urgeoL 1{O7. E l) SOlOlnOn, Cllatllaln. JosepliM. Jaync Jr. Adjntart. Jiiram Casshly, ,Jr..Qnarternl:lsler. Sam 3|ontgo:/ler', Sergeant Major ,loseph W. Nelsoa t,}uartcrmas er Sergea tt Dr. J.V. llamlltol llospitt Stcvard. : B P. l'xJlce , ltospital Steward. COMI*AN'EV '. , "l$'est I'o!. ,l!flek Ellis (!romwell, Captafa' ' Albert B, Frenkel, t!irr, ri_AeftDat. Heory C I;anlpbell. Seer, fill l,lettteaaat. George 1). L!nb{trgPr,. F rs Sergea it. .h)bn H. McChtllciergea.nt" George E. Cr(ml'll.'it(|l ,, . Tucker C BecRetF,'l,l'dg '"v . George E. Sillilh, Serl.q IDt Id hi. dor, lal Corporal Waller t, l.ees, ('Ol'ii, , ]cobert 1,. Metts, i *rloral . ' * William G. Eber-;all. Corpora J tl lea 1, 8COlt, Crp,}ral. : : /:::( ;ii '+" ,  COMPANY E. Tnn3ca R3flel. John W. Henderson, Captain. William G. Landers, First Lieutenant. Nelson A. Jtquess, Second Lieutenant. do..C Roberts; F rst Sergeant. william 3). Letter, Q mrrmaster Sergeant. Thonms M. St0a,'Sergeant. Robert A./till, Jr., Sergeant. Fraucas A. Ga#dner, Sergeant. Vlrglius W Wtlllams, Scrgeauk Robert B. h:eatlng, Corporal ROSS CJlalnl)lin. Corporal Charles B. Nellson Ir, Corporal C. W Carletoa Corpora ,Vill|ams F. lv, Cornoral. Fletcher Whltaker {!orporal. William (L Gardne'r, Musician. Asbbel W. Bennett, Musician. Joseph C Sellers Artificer ,lames B. Dunn, Wagoner. dlic, dames R. lfnll, John C !,artlett William T.' Kapp, HarryA. ;ell, George I) Keliogg, Geol',,e B. ',abbett, Olllo C. Kinuey, Jobs ]. :oswell, Marcellus W. Macombur, Charles R owen Alfred L Mahaffey, Robert It. ;ark. lshanl II. }`Iatloney, IMike d. ClanlFe,| dames F McCaa, Janles C. Cliftuu, i.orzena 3) McCaa,Joel C, (nmptoL Noali C. }`leNair, Charles M, (arran, Titan)as J. },filler Enlil tnrt, John _P. M tchell, Frank C. C vouch Charlcs R Me/lughe, Mat J. ickey; dames A. Moore, Kit l:oggett, William It Meuaseher, Ben l:lwards BenjaminF Pack, Nathan Ftcekenstelo, W n A l'erryman, delta F FlenlilJg, Bailey A ]{oblnsrln, Isaac F. l"lox d, "William d. Jr. Russell Harry I]. Gabbert ,lanles T. Sbuler,,lnllus'F. Gansler, ,),,'illtant F. Snllth, Bnftu.d 1I. Galiagher. ;loire B. Smith, Vtllliant E, Garrity William D. Shcrrltl, Al;in Gardne , W.W. Truttle, "l'llonms E (;ibson, ,laso:l D Wa tlgtoa, .lames 8. G teen, C alles OSS, 1 [4. Gully, C H. Garrott, J. W. Guion, tt. O. Gibbs, Lee }Iolberg, H Hill aV.M. H II, F. W. Hdl, B. d. ltamberlln, M. llenson. J. E. 113'0% R. S. Holt, J. 1. eynolds. J. It. enfrow W. 8talnbae'k, C. L, mlth, ,I. It. Smith, d. A. mlth, Elmo / Stewart, J. F 8eonyers, E IL 8peake, W. E. g. Ttmrmond, J. T. Veren, M. d. Walton. R. B. White, A G. leers, W.R. Wilburn, A. l(elly, (?. S. Warren, ll-S. Kelly, N.G. Young, A W. Youngblood, W. H.--80. COIPANY K. Lexington Guards--LExINOTON AND GRE.NADA. E. F. Noel, Captain. I:L E. Moore, First Lieutenant. d. V. Moore, Second IAeutenant. N. 11. Moore, First Ser-;eant. lflehard (;ildart, Qnartermastei SergeaaK Tildes Pryor, Sergeant. L T. Moore, Sergeant. d. hi. I)ver, .Ir., iergeant. }t W Vatsoa Sergeant. FAwa "d Wood 'Corpora. ,l T. Caldwell' Corporal. C.. d. Pate, Cor'poral. d. W. ASheraft Corporal If 5I Braattey Cor 1oral. W. K ('anpb411, Corporal. W. E. Carter, Musician W. 5I (.a dwell, Musician. W. E. Moore, Artificer. A. E. }food, Wagoner. aker, Itue ,hines, ,1. T. layloek, .L F. Jose.% d. d. J. T .larmon, C. R. W. I(nox, W T. lurkle, W E. Keirn. S. O, arilant, If. W. Lofslronl, C A. rgwniag, W.F. LorJharL d. T. I,ove. Ilarroll Callowav Cla)d Le Maitre, A. Corl s, II, A ]Azaca, R. L Calhoun. George Loze:, d. L. Curran T.J Moole, M]l. Camp)ell, d J Moraan J W. C)wsert I,;. W. M Is. J. . l)a eey W. F t)arnc[l E. 1"." Marshall, T. 8. Mass,y, :5. N. I)onbledav, d.L. Mayes l)iU]blp, ,/. IP Me) eer, M. C. Estes, 1'. it. ()dora, I). R. l,;|rrell t,V, II. J'aeklllsOn, S lipphl Powell l'arker, W.B.  elder, S.S. l'nllen, J. H. V rancis. J. ;. l'res-rove, W. P. F - Rboes, H. P. )*,vlke:4, ,l It. 8harp, W. 11 arland, ,I R. Stigler B. It Gordon. d.C. 8I, igler, W. H Spro es, E S." Gullege. W. Goller L. a 0erson, J O. Gibson Jason Stevens (;. A Ilall .31 8earbr( ngll T.d. ]lalll W, C. hnla, d. li'. ' lIarvcy AIt. Trotter, Alden ileMcnhehns, L. ThomltSOn, M T. lllnton, It. E. Tabor, Ed Houston G. M Wyml, W. E llausen Carl Wright, ,l. 1'. I I a rris, Toni %gal'i'en. C 3kurd, W.E. Wittmaau, }1.--9, POINTED PARAGRAPH& .... I S0me Short Sentences Which Contain Some Truth and More Thun a LlttIe Vit. It'.s easy ftr the man who has no credit to keep out of debt. : : I A defective hammock has caused many l fond lovers to fall out. I Some men manage to talk a great deal and without saying atD'thing. Every dog has his day--but the cat has a monopoly on the nights. The turtle, may be slow, but he usually gets there in time for the soup. A woman seldom cares auvthing about the answers to questions she asks. The man wLo seeks damages in ceurt is sure to get what he's looking for. Nothing makes a woman so mad as having omething to say and no one to listen. An old maid says she never married be- cause she couldn't find a man to suitor Taking time by the forelock causes lots of worry about things that never happen. About two-thirds of the credit a man gets for doing things rightly belongs to others. When a man proposes to a woman in fun and is accepted for a joke the foundation for real trouble has been ]aid. The average man's head contains about 12,000 hairs. A woman often has more, but many of them arenot iudigenous.--Chieago Evening News. %.  %. I The Cllmate of 'tba. Some people's chief business seems to be : Beeause of frequent rains in Cuba a- [ to get you things to read which you I want.--Vashington (Ia.) Democrat. tarial fevers are a common ailment there, just as they are in many seetions of the United States. Ailments of this kind, no matter in what part of the glohe they occur, are quickly cured with ttostetter's Stomach Bitters. Besides being a speeifie for ma- larial troubles, these Bit.ters also make pure blood, strong nerves and muscles, and firm, healthy flesh They have no equal for dys- peps a and eonstipation, A Symbol of Starvutlon. iao')')o:)'a tmhee]! you stop aour boarding ,'- . asked the t;]reassmn ",No," nsyered. the living skeleton. ""It tsn  my zault, either The last time I was there one cf the boarders told the landlady I Ioo,k,ed like he felt after one of her break fasts.'--Detrott Free Press. Try Allen,s Foot-Ease, A powder to be shaken into the shoes. At this season your feet feel swollen, nervous and hot, and get tired easily'. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walk- ing easy. Cures swollen and sweating feet, blisters and eallousspots. }lelievescornsand bunions of all painandgivesrestandcomfort. Try it to-day. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25e. Trial package FREE Ad- dress, Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. Be careful what you say in the first place; the greatest waste of t xe is that sDent in retracting and denying.--Atehison Globe. I After six years' suffering, I v:, }s cured by' Piso's Cur'e.--Mary Thonlson, ,94 Ohio Ave., Allegheny, Pa., March 19, . "Money talks." If there is any ehang coming to you, thaUs back talk.--L. A. . Bulletin. Don't Yo S/eepr Does your Itead Ache? Somnifi Caffein ruresmstantv All druggsts 25cents Dr l axton MediealCo.,201R,verSt.,Troy, N.y. Officer (to recrui()--"Miller, I believe you would have fallen off your horse if you had been a centaur!"--Fliegende Blattet'. Save Baby's life and yourself many t le nights of anxiety bygiving Dr Me IEETHINA ('J'elttg l oudars) at once. TETHtX* Aids Digestion, Regulates thn Bowels and makes teething easy. --Nothing makes us feel sillier t an to have somebody brag on a brilliant idea of ours, 5he,mho:r:t!,now We stole.--,Vashington (Ia.) To Care u Cold fn One Day Take Laxative Bromo QuininTab]ets. All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25e. When a pretty girl has good, hard sense it i tdicates that she has an uncommonJyeen. sible nmther.--Atchlson Globe. that has borne anddoea bear the far-simile signature ef Cfias. on every wrap,per. This  the s Castoria' wh4ch has been . the homes of the mothers of Amea i ' Look areful]y e a se , that it is the kind m'he ght, and has the signature of teher on the Wrapper. No one has authority from me to use my name ex- is Company, of which Chas. PITCHER, M. D. March 8, lS07. ' A Sealed Qneatton, Teacher--Can any of you tell me what we .*t from the Arctic r/gion--things, that by, ere as been a great deal ;L coa+,Xovery er m recent years" :  . . Entire Cla (i,, chorue)'r'xi]Nrers. Chicago Evening News. . /qothing pleases us more than to fret two InVeterate bores to boring each 0ther.-- Wahington (Is.) l)emoerat. ;, t,'illlaln E. llt)llowav Corporal. "l'llolllas E, C, olcs)o "3111v eian dames N. t. Moil'el}, Muslciaa. Frank Ki 'hy, Arlifiee' : :: [ O  ' ]alph A. Blyan, \\;Vaou,r. krltlslrong AleXalldcr [ t( 4ey alUlle] D ;,uldy,!!sear F MeAts 't!l)onlas It; " " e!J+ eP,,.l,ta:,ls W M!llcr, t;eorige 1,. ' . ;.. hi t or, ]l trry '.t relan, Edward 'V. M tchel Ebert A. , .; ;l'elnd, +V. (). [lirPI Napoleon B '!e+# ltridges, ,lolllt F: Me(;uire, lfenrv ltryan, George C. ton[oll el'v, lf. 1). loSd, d. I{. " Mscrs, Benson t.. Parker, Feaze V. COleson, Flank O. Co[enlan, lto,,v;H'd ,:'Vl. ('ob!lro IJenry G. ('OOK, +VJllianl It. ( OO ; per, Winfield S. ('r);;'der, 't'llo:iia 8 Co!ler. ,ll[n:.!s Y. Davidsoa l)auiel IL l)elmy, AH('v d. l".x, t 'a'l I'd rker, Wal ter ,I. ]'insert, Fl'anl[ d. I'hilliI)s. Louis B. l'rlitt, Waller B Jled tl % .I athOS ]tel)z, t;h:uh L. ]:esther, "V. J[. I{ie]l ll'dson, Thomas E. Jlothebtlds 8tglnnnd Star . I':v-rett N. orsylb, l)aniel 8, iltes Gordou Sessions, Varner V. la{hley, danlPs 8colt, ,1Oil/I W. . all, V(illiatu SeOLl, "flla:ldel)s V. Ibllrn. LHi'1on W, harp, Tl}oJnas L. llburn) "Marlill'.E' bppard J0h A. owrd, Oscar '/c ,Itles, J. E. Odnett, 'lholnls t{. Turnil)s'td d:)se )11 A. alloway FranklL Watt es, A en Special attention is asked to the adver- y, 'l+homas G. .V!nebur/, .the:< W. of 1)r. M offett's Teethina (Teeth- I try, Robert. W. ' Wilbite, Joeldt E. I,; +. __, el, ++. ,, -++ o., is a kind-herted, chart)aiSle ] :+ ---- ' +E4'a'ard" L. F+)n,*atnc,, First Sclg :,tilt. "tVilllanl C (;eor;e, Quarterlnaster ergeant. No Cauae for AIBrnl.., loves a shining mark, it Cutting--Oh:. well, don't be ,neasy not so oniitant.--Chigo Even ;:g t .... . Young Doctor (exultantly.)-- lVell, I'v :.:+ gg?c,+q,,l.w!tt..y ,'s',atie,,t." 9,1d . . .,,o -''. r what Old yon t:etiive him?'-- Xoung l)octor--"]'wo gu'.me+j';Tit-Bits. Ha31's C, atarr/  :re " ,,+ ]11 taken Internally. Price 75c. ". Safe. by, Ira. "O'Flan n ida n--+4 in't. z .a frid-'yer Dinn, wi/l git kih in the ffa}.. Irs. 0 FlahertvNot a bit of i( ,q * . .. ++t+1 e sz00;;2 o, tblm protl?t00 Compliments+ re used a grea- de;i"to'Pu np dull people. Those honestly entitled t credit seldom get it.---AtchiShYGI65e. _'.. ====" " , o +% ,T ! is duc not only to the origine.lity and. I , simplicity of the combination, but also. ] to the care and skill with which it is [ manufactured by scientific .processe. I known to the CLPOK ,'FmS,up ] Co. only, and we wish toi)npbess upon [ " all the importance of I'rchasinff the ] : true and original remedy. As the [ lauino yrup of Figs'fg inanu factured the CA.LIFOR/glA 10IG (SYRUp Co. annlel 1. t;',hl+ ,crgeanL , tlnjall+ti (L tlunlphreys, ;'ergeanl;. IoliII IL l'rOl,he+, ,"+'rgea t. J'attl D. M+)I HI)y, S,%eant. Edgar('.t;ui, Iorpo.:l. ] law;rd D, l,owL ('(r ( r II, JO r ''+.' ,'+/ r , ( i)r|)(,ral itlillR l IL f{,('ll;Ir(!son (?orporai. "] lloI/laS (' B:t rd, Corp)ral. d;l|llt'S ( ltem ngWv ('+ rporal. ". IOIIHIS W, Fo|ler, 5]l'lS|{!ian. (icorgc E. JPeast" |USiela! 8 ew A. How ie. ArLifieer. \\;Vil[ialll II. AIISI[II, Wazoner. llkhl, 'J'holnas B. J'[eGall, I(tllrw MeG tire, lt,,ilry O. A )'nl:[|'t)Iig, ,J sale5 |. Allen: ,foh. K. A roold. JJcIlry A AlftqL l'bom:s W. Ale01+!, J';tl/d F. Irltee, Hob,..r t Brewer, ,|O,lO ,g. e.afr Lester l':. htdger, l)oek K. ';':JaY*t311. ,f0hn W. loll. Ezra Jeradell+ J O,ln "l;nd';:er, ,lao rs ( 'llf'litlla-n ('l)arh;s hi. ] e)vr, +,' hK'ent L. t;tlCr, CJlarles }L i;;,ker ('harles T. (balU)lhl, 1'{)1",',.'173"J[. ('atchat, ,/ell u t;larRe, 9,'ilham W ( albert, 1) w D, Casey, ,Iobu L. ('olHns, Neely I babey, ftfe I);tVldbt))t, i, CVi E. 1C(; Ull'e. Laiuar JI+sle,V, George V. NetlZelll, t'lloulas |L lXon. "P,'eslh:y d. { l'ansay, JtF.o ]'egg. tAl[her A. l'erry .leseT. J'+lee. Paul M, J',llish_ lh)bert p. l'arlsb Jh'o N. lied a4ers, ,1't[ Rieb.trd, J)a+'l .Jack Ito.hlif. Willi:tni L. }+obt+rSOll, ,lohrl M. }ttldgers, ,JPsse '1 , Ilryoek. Frallk M. /)eilePr t larke O. Sit'In ('aea r 8cl/rlber I) )tph 8 lallttOll, Vll[ianl Vo 81httloeh:, Ah'xander II 8alldlltl \\;Villi&is if. bel)wa rZkolff ' ()hlney C. ca'/:% ][oberL W. }"ollee, ,Jesse O. blone. {'llarle,i ,V. l>lizger tic|, l')lmo:ld B. Sh)at. George W. t4armter. Levi H. 81hiLl12"k111OS ,I. ;irl'|l'd ,Joseph l}. '| ilia)as, Cl!lf.,rd 1 '. tlltnan, Fdgar B, Tborf)hiil, Th(Hnas J). alstead Ploraee tI \\;Vmr. dames B. op IIIS, Lenard Woods. Jtedry I #' erudoo l,eoaard W. W,'tketi;d, ,/amels 8. oitI|CS, {}lly T Vye l.agroll arrcl El'Sktll 1.VPb 'r, Gvorac E. el I vdV ,!oI;n E. "Witlson. J|obart IL ,audcrd;tle. 'rh<Utl:tS C. Vel] s. (.q.larh+s C. al)gstoa, lleDry t'. War,fi,q,l. (;Uy Will;ares. ('h:trles F.--98. t'otl'A b'i (-, l) OI f, G nttrdsG n E E N V/t,l;l. IIenrv T. treys, Jr., Csptailt. 11+ W. Slarling, Fir.*+t-t,Lenleoant. ]Ll). l.doa. 8t,eo;l:l Lte[ILenaut., A'.+D. |t,)l rlsh;t . F I'.SL L4t rgeant. M. (. ,";curry, Q,arternmsler Scl'geaalt. ,t ] Jiobtrlshaw, vl'geanL A. (; Y'rg+'r, Crgennlz l). ]l: Ilot)d. Series!hat. \\;V. Shields +";er/eant. "Villl;llll Cv!,;harl. Corporal. |. A. lergnlall,'Corporal, Jr. . t;thlarl, Corporal, V. p. donlgolnery CorJ oral E. W llov+l. (orl;oral. 00KHI Walt)u) Robert B. t;regory, Wflll;Im F ,Valthao, Cllarlie E. ]t;Inlev, Arlbur d. Wegener, Hern,an Hall "J2htnnas F Welborn Olhl O. Itarper, Wiilian) f<:. Wbalcn, Pal; Harris, Webb Wintc, Albert G. llotlte',tauseauh, IIe, nry White, William E.83. COMPANY 1,'. Carroll llflc$--CA n nOLLTON. L. 31.8ontltworlh, Capta . . B. (.)albany, First Lieutenant. W; G I't)tadcxteP, Second IAentetmnt. d. JL MeBrhle, First Serg,nt ,l. ,. Mel)oaald, Quartermaster sergeaut. G. C. Scrogglns, Sergeant. Will L. Lowry, 8ergeanL Cbarlc A. Neal, Sergcaalk Lea E Lowry, Sergeaut. L. C. 3,ogan, Corl)oral. ,1!. ]I. mttll, Corpora!. ] l,. }|anlan, Corporal. T. G. ltolfnmn, Corporal. Jr. .V.I.ipsev. Corporal. F. F. Mullm{, Corporal. 8alnnel d. Gillepie, M sieian. WiHia:n H. 8t!roggin8 }`Ilisie all. W'l'llt rs, Artifice " G. C. Sh teldeord, Wago:)er, '.very, dohn F. Moore, Wlitlam R, A II(Ire;vs, E. (',. ]| itcilell, S|dney Bradiord, 15+ T. Martill, E. F. 're,ver, J. I), MeCarroll, F. A. arawell, It. L. Nnnery d W t+. w ,00el+0 ,'l,,F+." '; ",LeeD. " Ou'y T.I{ Jr. 3)odd, ,J. JL Prieo' If B (;rice, J. 5[. l'o 'te'r, 'i': ; :lrrard, WlIlian) F. l'atto+ K S. eorge, d.T. ' ]'bit(4 .1 I) ,It ,I. D. " Rans h, (;eorge B. ddwell, J.A. ]al|uOln ][[ F arl IS, T. 1). LRIl,lOn, I{aasonl anks, J 4. Sanders, ,VJll II. art. d.M. Spencer, d. A. llullman, E. B. 811ellOO, Charles (J. dobnson, I . L. lleltt n, E. L. ,l,)hns<)n d. C, 8 fiord ,I. 1". King, ViIlror(t oU!llVorlb, 11. 1[. KeAI, dobn d. Nhelvey eH)VI I Kin; Ben W. Sle tl('y, d (', JAddell. Wil J;Im ),|. 'J'alberl. ,I. F. J,id(le]l, Cllarles J. 'l'albert I ,I. 1. I.og;tn, G.A. Tayl.r, W. A. Lox3n, l. V Woo:lard, (vilal'les I,twander, ]I. A. W Iiteb,,;id, J. 8. I,evallder, ,Iohu /JlsoJl, 8. S. l,yel , A.M. %eek J:ll F. I,evaader, G.A. V, atstm, C. (:. Mitchell, J.R. Ward, Ben F.--81. CO311'AN y G, VVa.for Valley Cadef,s. 11. ,t. Jones Captahl. F. 4. McFarland. First I,ieu!enant. ]t'l. ('. ]{llt)X eeon 1 IAe! te t t. t:. ('oc (, First Sergeant. E. IL Ro;ers Qu rter )aster Sergeant. F. t . 1)eShan. S2rg.ant. T. l. l;tckslroul. 8er,-eaat J. t{. Ftllsoil, ergea L. C. R, Yo:u,g, Sergeant ('. 1). Mnrray, Corlm r tl. ,1 I), bh:Kay, Corporal. ]. II. Rogers, Corporal. d. S. Allen COrl)or; . 1.. B. Stubl)lefield, Corporal. K. A. Jones Corpor 8. P. Cart, Musician. V. A. TaYlor ,,hlsteian. I'. ",. Preston, Artilleer. F II. DavJss Vagoncr. ll!'ll. JL L. Ivy, Fred AIl,.-n. C. 11. Kennedy, J. K. AIld+!r:Oll E.d. ]Ataders, A. ]|. olley, L. it. blelh,11, C. J. l}odk.V, \\;V. T. Moore, d, J. Balc!l B.C. M(rd)y, I,'. 1':. Jaskerville, p. IV. Mover. Emih +, JIrOWtl (i. I,. {C] r;tekiil, V. B. J+Ill'F.e, M. 1". McL'lill)allan. C, Y. ]+sers, II. F. MIl!er. I+nssel[ C;unpbt, ll. A V. M tray, W. E Collins. I,. T. /Uorell. (). C. Clark. W.M. MeL,uith, C. M. uHins, (3. 11. MeLeotl. Arcllie .'o:ter. J.S. 1Newonrg, 1;, J.. stlaw, d.D. NeweoJnt ]J. G. L-e l'llJpps, C. F. orrah, J, D. ]taglalhl, Thomas IIIcaD, J.B. Ho-ers. I,. F. '|' . ttogers. I{" All', Robert ]eeves. . . O'.)JWII). HeIIry I[O'SS, G. 1t :lrl ig, llerwo,)d 8tlooner, d. ,V. ogtle. (2. C. pite, L. 1). aile. V. 1). St. John. tlarrv endcrson, J.M. 8teldlens O. tl ott. ,Joe 'trolh,, ]n,elle 1I. 3,[. Tucker. P %x. ,alnnlonO A.A. Van]loozer. V. C, iulcltmson, Cha. es Walker, W. A. eir ag, E.M. Wagerman. F.. E. errhlg, It. JL Wit tel' L i.--8J. *Die1 at Jackson, Ju y 7. ' CO.M]?'A NY It. Adams l,lght Infantry--NATC}iEZ. E. M,)n_tgomery, Captahl. ,lames H Arrigbi, First Llentenant. " C O Mt'AN+--- L. +itenry Light Gnar(Is--AnERDEEN. Jobn Baxter McFarland Cantaln Thos. HaIliday MeFarlahd, Flrst'-Llentena ft. Anderson H,)pkins French, Second Lleutcaaut ,+lanlcs E. Ware, First bergeanL Robert Brannin, Quartermaster Sergeant,. Beverly E. Reynolds Sergeant. Andrew J. GtHespie Sergeant. ii!ii!'i iI/" 'ii:i ?! i; ;ral. 8anlnel t. ('learv, Corporal. Hearv C. MnrpI|l;ee, Corporal, DrueN. Morrow, Corporal. ]lOllS O I G, Wood Corporal. J)'?.nnis T. Fnlton, 3[tlsiei U). Williatn It. ]la!l, Musician. Joe T. ]iehardson, Arlifleer. Waller IL Leenlon, Waollgr. (lau|s, do]in L. Moore, Villiaul D. McCas till dames D. 1Neal, Oe;{r C. Ad;tus, doseph J. Anderson, lltlgb M. l}augh, tlarry Bean, Wdlialn A. Bnnen, I'dwin G. Catnpl)elt Edward (heoaldt, ,Jalnes 't['. ('llen. Joe Fauning, ,3,q laes F. Felnle[. Edward W. F1+azler, ]eI1ianlill F, Oliver, Howell C. Owen, ,talllea A, ]';tee, II(isea l'. , l'ennebaker, danles V. Porter, John 1'. R<)y, Henry T, l',-es, dames M, E',l)erts Jtcbard A. arter. William 1". Garroway, Henry K 81Ulth. ,Ja)lleS It. (i [lnlore, George (;. 8praUley, (;eorg0 (;la([ney. Joha l,. 8ti'auss, ,Inlius (iIIlln, Vll]hlnl R. SllaW, ,V. O, G ray, Charles N. Thomas, Carroll H. }larrell Albert S, Thweatt ThomtsI) llaniev, ('hrislopl er C.TIp, veatt, Robert W. ,J ;nnes %Villlam P. TholllpScm, ltcr,tee G. ,! Dues. dob i[i Walker, German B. ,lol]llson, Edward 1% Ware, Chodie I'; ou e. Erastus, W. Watkms. Oscar D. Lee+ Clarellee ['. WOODS, Jlson A. Mathews, Earl Vllson, dames 3. MAr)b1 t)ewitt Brasfieht. Walter Medlin, danics T EVaUS, 'l'iodall M ligaa, James L. Gates, George K--75" C(}IPANY ]I. wanil) Angels--FRIAltS FEINT. J. A. Gh)ver, Captain, Edwin Mel h)wau. First Lleutenaut, A. K. Taylor, SeCond Lientea:tuL ]I. If. Milburn Ser,.eanr. J,. 1). Mnm o'L Q:ta'icrlnaster ergeaat, A. M lteld, Sergeant. (; crdon doll risen, Sergeaut. A. A. 1)call. 8ergeaa1[. J. T. Irwin. Sergeant, F. H. l,ine, t.orporal. (. V ][erriilaU. ('orporalo ,l. C. White. Col.p/)ral. (;. B. G rubbs. Cot )oral. A, ]L J+'laniReu, Corp,)ral E. Ii+t;ranan1[, Corporal." J. R. Atcorn, blaslelan. J. IL Bateh Musician. d. B. lgicketts, Artificer. rtl)stroog, Is) .rlnbnster. Mel)aniels, 2d McDaniels, laclcwcll, ]M eJCee, leasley, '|ilam, ;ellan;y, Miller, "h)sler Mlnton, Bryant, Mitchell, ('hapolan, Mullins. Coor(,y, blurpby, t O nning!lalU, Napier, Curtis Nelson, Is). (:t)Wall, NelSOll, 2(I. l)al; on, ()'Day, Fas!. Peters, STRAINING A FRIENDSHIP. A Story .Vhleh SnnPl)ed the /5onds "that United Two Sweet Young Things. The), were standing at the counter, and [ eou!du't help but bear. "Talk about hard hick," said the girl with the hot ch(1[co/ate. "I know a wont- an who had an awful thing happen to her over in New York." 'Oh, do tell me aimut it," gurgled the girl with the ice cream soda. "Well," went on the chocolate girl, "she's not wealthy at all, you know, and she doesn't keep a n,rse. So, one day, when she had to go down town shopping. he took her baby nnd ]eft it at one of these day nursery creche places. They gave her a cheek for it, and she went off shopping. She didn't come back to the creche till late in the afternoon, and when she went to take ott the check it was gone." "Good gracious!" said the girl wiflt the ice eream soda, looking shocked. "What did she do?" "Well," went on the ehoeo]ate girl, "they tom her she couldn't take the blby without a cheek, and she'd have to wait t;: the other babies were taken away, and ti)en s?,e could have what was left. So she waited for hours and hours, till all the babies were gone but one, and when she went to get that--well, the only baby left was a colored baby." "Oh, how perfectly awful!" exclaimed the girl tith the ice cream soda, in accents of horror. "What didshcdo? Veasn'tshe perfectly frantic? My goodness, how hor- rihle! l)ida't sloe ever get her baby back again? I should think she'd have been per- fectly crazy. What did she do?" "Oh, said the chocolate girl, coolly, "she took the colored baby. It was hers, Sile was colored, you know." And in the silenee which followed Ieould heat" the snapping of the bonds of a tender and lifelong friendship.--Washington Post STONE IN HER STOMACH. From the Gazette. Blandinsvllle, Ill. The wife of the Rev. A. R. Adams, pastor of the Bedford Christian Church at Blan- dinsvi!/e, Ill., was for years compelled to live a life of torture from disease. Her case baf- fled the physicians, but to-day she is alive and well, and tells the sory of her recovery as follows: T"About six years ago," said Mrs. Adams, % we1[ghed about 140 poumls, but my health began to fail and I]ost flesh. My food did not agree With me and felt like a atone in my stomach. I began to hloat all over until I thought I had dropsy "I had pains and soreness ifimy left side wmen extended clear across my back and also into the region of my hearL Durin these spells a hard ridge wollM appear the left side of my omaeh and around left side. "These attacks left me Bore and exhausted All last summer I was so nervous that the children laughing and playing nearly drove me wi/d. I suffered also from female trmtbles and doctored with ten different physicians without receiwng any hetp. L "My hus. band having read in the . n ew s p aper k. '-'/X of Dr. Wil.  liams Pink t-----k'w'9/'k'%-.. Pills for "  t-" Pale People, x'll-" induced me 1=::1 | to try fhem. " \\;-' t I began tak. t 1.\\;\ )) -r. ingthem/ast  i;-" ut experi- enced no re- lief nntil I is like a plant. What makes the alan) fade and wither? Usually lack of necessary nourishment.. The reason why Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor restores gray or faded hair to its normal color, stops hair from falling, and makes it gro; is because it supplies the nourishment the hair needs. "When a girl at school, in Reading, Ohio, I had a severe attack of brain fever. 0a my reeovery, I found myself perfectly bald and, for a long time, I feared I should be permanently so. Friends urged me to use D.. Ayer's Itair Vigor, and, on doing so, my hair immediately began to grew, snd I now have as heavy and fine a head of hair as one could wish for, being eha,ged, however, from blonde to dark brown." -- Mrs. J. H. HosNYns, 152 Pacific Av0., Santa Crt, Cal. y e r" a ir eOig o r. A Beautiful Present FREE for a few months to all users of the cclebrated ELASTIC STARCH, (Flatiron Erand). To induce you to try this brand of starch,so that you may find out for yourself that all c -lims for its superiority and econ. bay are true, the makers have had prepared, at great expen ae, a series of four GA00E PLAQUES exact reproductions of the Sxo,ooo originals by Muville, which will be given you ABSOLUTELV FREE by your grocer on conditions named below. These Plaques are 4o inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertising whatcver, and will ornament the most elegant apartment. He manufacturing concern ever before gave away such valuable presents to its customers. They are not for sale at any price, and can be obtained only a the manner specified. The subjects are: American Wild Ducks, American Pheasant, English Quail, English nipe. The birds are handsomely embossed and stand out natural am life. Each Plaque is bordered with a band of gold. ELASTIC V__ STARCH 'How To llet lhem: has been the standard for =5 years. .Jollnson, |st. dohaso0 2d. ]{.Ingsburv, Lee, Leeomptoa, Loop, Lyileh I,alb. McCartl1[y, MeCaddea McCall, McDade, K+:nlp, , Kvrrle, /K,'lth, , I I,a,,co,. /h<,vu, J), |.')V<_,. p. ,, had taken "My Husba) Read si " - All purchaser of three i0 cent or only, a knowledge o.;t.fac t will George ]L'|luut, C,)rporal. l:Plwln B. Baker.,'Second IAelllenaaL Fisher, Priaee, " x boxes. I TWENTY-TWO MILLION six5cent paekages of Elastic Starch sm now taking the eleventh box and have (Flat Iron Brand), are entitled to re- Isist one in avoidin'+gi']"orthlesa anmel AIIcl), Musiemn. 'tVilllanl T. Ow,m. Fil';tSergeanL (Hlt,)n, Pearsall, been greatly benefited packages of this brand were sold /'hll J. Rlell:mlson, Sergeant. Griffin, Rlellardson. "'I coivofrom their grocer ona of these ,l+ F. Aeb,,r, MtlsJclan. Ed J, Qoarterman, Sergeant. Hvner, was also troubled with nerxmus pros- That's how good it is. plaques will not  sent by mail. imitations manufacta/:  bHae.pax, tl. C. Jleanhlg, Artifi('er. Runkin last ycar. beautiful (iamm P|aquea free. Tho + Wlaehesler .!ealcms, Sergeant ]l1[rd;u, llusse l, tration and numbness of my right arm and They can bo obtained'only from your ties, The high standitago.iK6 CXLZ2 J C c,) err, Wagoner. tbmme M. Gah..r Sexge tr. llarris, Steen, hand so that at times I could hardly endure grocer, . n,-ss, t. n. Ml:cbel , C I,. dante H. Scott. dr.,Q) arterumster Seraeant. tlenderson, Samuel, the pain, but that has all passed a'way. I to show you the plaques and tell EVery Gr0oer Kccps Elastic StarcJl. ltOlttA FIn Sut;i' Co. Htirtl,% t'. V. M roger 1). t+. ASK YOUR DEALER Sid N. Ilutehinson. Corporal. tIofer, 8lee, flow have a good appetite and am able to do llk, kc, W.G. Mu ger, E. I). A. II. Patterson. Corporal. llemple, 8nell. my bum work. IIave done more this sum- you about EIastio Starch. Accept Do not delay. This offer Cal profession, and the arLi+fact++on Jh i], A. ('. Morton J.O. Alan Montgoulery, Corl)oral. ][nltglau, Sorcnson, which the IT, enulu, -vmfij+f iigs hs" Crl!tendenC;.raine. O. A.It' ,1. ]'Os+'ce'ra'E.A" l! Johu H. Harks. C,,rporat. Jrvme. Stirtlng, .rm" *,han )n' the past four years put together, no substitute, is for ashort time only. given 1i;o miltSe-/ of.families, makl;s (+;)swell, S.C. l' erc 1' B ,t. S. Hilnter, Corpora[. Tasshl, Dr. SVilliams' Pink Pills for Pa e People the name of the Compt. t i'uarantv (';a,'e, c.c. Pilg.   E. (' W D Johnston, Corpora . cured me and I think it my duty to let other of the excellence of i:#-dvJ(dy. It t:8 + 1(} Kstime, t4. S. Reltcr ('.' i) ]liu.dl;inl, IL Jficnard's +E *T. ?,lartn G+)ttscbalk, Musician. far.In sxlvanee of a]V.0'r laxatives, lqeenmn. W.T. Scbrade+', V: W. it acts on the kkSh5,s , ]i'er and t!aly, d.+ X. S ill, l.;. K. Q'isie+r, E <' S +lil, ll A Y. bowels without irrittti'of24eaken: h:;rl)is++n, L' T. Snl:tlL A C. tag them, and it does notegripe vor IIIr;lllau Ct)arles St'as I.I. ,:ad. . S Taylor ,h)Im D. l)ulart. Mnsieian. Trlmble, Ufferers know it." I,,+ n ger, Charles If. Fitzpatrick, Ar ifieer. Van l/est, Hundreds of equally remarkable ca , ... . __ E. F. Glllesl)le, Wagoner Wallace, have been cured by Dr. XVil]iam' Pink Pills. Beach "tV|lllaul IL I,)I)X ,f'tnles P Vallsoa, ' "THE , Ih;ns,)n l'enjanltn W. 1,ontnmre, I1. B. Wells, "Is the razor sharp?" asked the barhm. BotIer. Claude F, McGel)ee ,Iohtt West, Comparattvely SO, said the victim. ";t ha St, kes, P. l,utler, GerardG. Mnnncr,, r.t. Wood an edge that wouidbespicndidona' WH'I" 18 HOMi. WI'I'HOUTi" ....... Babbitt, dnhn W. Marsl)all, d S. We.lch, kni" "  "  earring lamlseate, lnorder togtits+beneficial II.,ris, W.J. Sh<)'t n, f. 8, C,|nlflcld, Wllllan) V Mar:In, J(dln E. + re. --I'UCK. effects, please remember'0tc' name of II.tll. W.A. Smvtne E. C Wllson--ga. - ('raid, William M. Mtl't}n John +, _ le COlllpany-- !ngral|l, W.A. ,ta}liag Wi am Jr. ('asper, 13enrv A. Mecklil t'aul Regimental Band. Cauey, l:hnn;ett A. ]|e/calf, Williaul B. IV. G. heslie, Chief Musician Marlin Gott,- erver of nlen and things, "have such daz- [ CALIPORNIA ix,erie, w. L, Snthcrland J? 1". l)unn/l)avid 31+ --'--*a -UP'] .y:,np, t;I, Slarlin;, I,yne dr. , ome young men " remarked the ob: I 8aN FnANClSO,,'aI C, K,'|th, G. T 'igg. B. ('. Minreh. lake ehalk, A;.Dez,,,i.,, W. F. lteaber,. George E. zling futures that they can't see where the ]a, ;,co, '1;,,I.]I. Trousdale, A.O. Erwin John W." Mulvihill M.J. t}c, 1. l.C,fcSon F.. D Moatgnnery':.-- are steDping."--Detroit Journal. Y[ t,<,Ve, J). t;. Travis E ]l. I"allnla, 1). ]' MnlvlllIl], ./()ha W. 8 IllS, ,las. I,. Jtllltgan :/T .V F er * A. it. YOI/.K.N.. !.,)ve. p.C. V; g fan( T sD" l"itzpatrh:k. W.E. 1Marl)he, M.d. , tepuens It. G. Newcoma ! I, Moyse'* (' tl " ''i4'1 MARKg_ tl RD S+++++,F ,v+00w ,<+,,, ++ l-..',,s' ,: :,:. ,L ',V+.l,stet: S F,,rdl"'u'd '+LIt"hls|t. R. Mcl,;ce, el,aries J.]; doe XV{,;e, off, :dward t;an, pbel!*Z-l. | AI, '', "1 . J. Vethtrntce E. C Nash, }l. '. nlarke 1 are In eontpany rolls, aud I i'la+ Ill lrdo, ('. V.. V;tdo C. W For(l, dames B, Noland, McWtllle Ilellee iiot il1[c]llded hi |oral 'or regiment. NEW YOItK, duly 1. 18!,t tal,,+s,.r+t:.d+ W,,,e'da+.,; I+',,,',,.,,an,',ceA. "a,l,ot.A,,red 'r,,talinrcg,,,,e,)t,,a;,.. CA'rrL--+n,t,eStee,s .... '''0"+"" Sour S[O[ i ED--+--t ..... ,,o +.,, .++:++, F+.,,+.. ,.++, +.++,+.+ ............. . _ ] me,suet, W, ,;. . 'eg,'. s u.-s. Fra,k. j.f.. la,,,lc d,,,,n d 'rho l,s,,nJ re, me. }h.quLg-kv.i,,er W,eut ....  -+.' +  Z. i Freetnan. Charles R. Itayncr ]1, L r. " There is quite a rivalry between see- COl{N--No " ....... -. . , CO'tII'A/Y I). Fulton, (). N, }eddtn,',t. C. ,.Et'['--,( 2 Jtl ..... 8;'t , N r ...................... + TH00M0.0NEY SCHOOL Ganey, J.A. Jteddy, J.E. eral cities and towns in the State as to -- o .... ,. 7 t. 1 " .................  +" (2ueen ( lty Guards--CoLuMnUI Gorlnao John ,l. ]reynolds dames the location of the Masonic Home to be s'r. l.outt. .IOO.%-Ey, A. ![., Prlnolpai. "O tK--NnwMess .............. I0 o  l0 a I FOR BOYS, Cieel'+ Lee Lhleoiu Captaia ( laIlkcl, Charles Riley, Wilt|alo T. FRASKt'tN. lN.. Alfred M. l,aurence. First Lieu:ends). G rather Fred J. 15col'),WilliamS. established by thc Masz.ons of Missis- CO'LrON--Mkhl]lng ................ r0 5[ "After ! was Indueed to try CASCA- l:'rtorengagementnecessnxytosacureadnahmlon, 1'. J(t. J}r6thers,(ittley, Flrsteelldsergeant.l'te;itenant" llawRhts.Jfart' E,'J.1L D. " Snllivan,SChunlnlerI).Carl sippi for the benefit of the indigent, l'] ( u',vSlU;));tlnl ........ JloJtnra.. 3o 0' ) (' 4 .,041 My liver was In a very bad shape, and my bead --- a .... _a,.a. a." awreneo Rolr,,'tlgsune,lrt. "'*VJ'=--Steols .............. ;+  ++ + , =... i .l,l .o.era. ,,,o.,,e ,,, ,ha R,,?,2.d.:::.,1._:,., ...._.......,_<+ T. I1. MeClure, Qttartermaster Sergeant. llcndersoo, T.N. Selliller, Kurt widows and destitute orphans of the C.ALVES--(I)er 5 ached hod I hal stOmach trouble. Now. since tak- ,.1,'4-1'. Will|asia, S-'rgeant Ilays, C: M. Taylor, John " OGS-- l,'ah, t Select. ....... 35J   tn*tnemCasearetS,wlth beneflelall feel resullsfine+ MrforWlfOour stomseh+"has nlzo 95 used A. T.Jjncohl, ergeant. lowell, George K. Torrev, E. IL craft. Tim Musons of the State, have SHEIP--Ieah to (!hoh.e ..... a 50   i G.T.G.E'"%t:pherB ewitt,Sergeat)LSergeanL ,lohnsOnKaigler, F.GergeF. C. Van /oru E. I LOUl--l'uLens (new) ....... 39)  1) Kelley, Peter P. Kinst;lla, d. L. r:., Laeher, Ernst w:,lter:Jol, n beenaec.nmulatingthisfundforsc.vera] Clearam, +a,dght.. a. ,,, iron Roofing! "V. C. Banks. tAri,oral. Villstell WJllianl Jt. years and they now have on ]land $20,- WliE, AT- No. : Rod tViat01: .. l+ I. d P, essnnl. Corporal. 74 J. J 'Zcrry, Corporal Wlnstov, C.W. 000 which is invested in gilt-ede stocks COttN--No.., blixeu ............ a CANDY .._., All kinds of ROOF SUPIPLI Wilson, H. E. ADanBCUS!Itg'I res'O Corporal. Watson, dairies--92, and bonds. There are 9,000 Masons in OATS--No. 2 ...... .............. ')4  k4i 1   and MILL SUPPLIES. + , ' . ,,',C)rp,)ral. RYE--No. .....................  0 k MANO(=UE-PIDCEON miRe'" E. A. Yassin ,, Corpora. Mississippi, eac]l one of x.vilonl pa.-s 25 'I'OIIACCO--Lugs ............... II 04  8 bo Co., Lea Hurley ....... 4 51 c 12 a) Memphis, Tenu. 8. J'f. Ftllghan), Artificer. COII'ANY L cents per year to this Masonic Home []AY--CleaiTlalotlay ...... 8 51 11 J .... B. F. blo<)re. Wagoner. Yazo, /tlfles--YAzoo Cl't'. fmtd, and besides this. there re special EGGS--l,'resli ...................  s  IIm'llllll Illlttll Cured. Wrttet Albr!ght.  A. Morehead. J.C. J.S. Bntler Capta . u'r'mtt-cholo+tair:...:. "  i4,,i Bm&il IliaaWblrltb- Basfnger,Albrlgbt' .f.H'O.S' Morrls,Mutgmerr'(;. ]'1. J' P'  W.D. G Js. First L|eutenant. contributions by lodges and on anni- POl{K--SLaudard (uaw) ... ..... (fd  ".  mm rmmlm milmB.M.WoolleytM.D B. ,!. Barrier, Second IAeutenant. versary and other occasions. It is con- Belt, Annlm1[y Morris. S.A. J. 11. Smith Ser,,ea.nt fAl{+D--PrhnoBACON--ClearstoamJtlb ................ "fii I   t-, -, w l-t., G B(,yd. W.R. Munson. W.V. '  ' templated that this home is t be suf- ..............  .% I TASTELESS ,,,,o,,.,,,,o,,,.+,,++or,,o,.o,,,,, +"'-oo , TImBeaB00K.,,,WAl]-- J, ]). Hardy, Sergeant. ficient]y en(h)wed to comfortably pro- Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do on Burts, d. I I JcKellar. C.A. W. B, t+lteatham, 8ergeanL Good, Never 81cken. Weaken. or Gripe, If:c, iSc. 50e. bound and suml Burns, d L ];'oHi tltl. |{. S. CAT'PLE--Nattso:Steors ....... 453  5 35 [ tuouslyillustratoa(peleese},r, etoanybodyendln flOGS--leah" toCholoe. , 3 7  4 11[ twoannualsubserlptionsat$1eaehtotiOvorl- Bnrnett, J.H. }'adgett, d B, Robert F. Tate Serges.n) vlde for :35!) widow.,, and orphans. The SHEEP--Fair toCholce . .. a 01 @ b 25 I .... CtlRE OONSTIPATION. .., Monthly, SAN FUANC18CO. 8ampleOverlandd. ILL +oo ,+.,, w + ,,,+ ,, + ,,, ,v ,+ ,++ ,.,, ,+, ,+ ,.+++ ,v + +. , " ++++ ,, ++,+ + '+ ++ +, moo+ or + + ++ + .+ .o or +++ + +, ,, ,+, ++, ...... ...... ........ ...... .,0... ' + ' --- ''""' '++---- + +' + + .... "'+'-- +"+ "' --- s +.. +o++ .++ . oo-- nov w., +...,__ ..... + +. o, ..... +...+ {);t111)[), {', it. foe, O.A. XV. H. Hnlz. Corporal.  S'k s ro quick relief sad ceres w0rl CORN--No. ... " . 8:,'  ;'2'Ii treatment Free Dr 14 U a ,!. L. Skhmer Corporal. grand ]o(l4e, which will bc hcld at OA'r--No..Z...'.'.'.'',+:::::: .....  .e s'ssa, tuuta hi. Chapman, F.H. Paslnre, J.E. J.S. Kelly, Corporal, :3 ....................  ................ Covlllgton, It. T. Rchards, F. 1";, Vicksburg iu Fe})l'uary, 1899, the award t'OJ/E--bless (new) ............ 9 0  9 5 Cooper, F.L. R!cl)ards. 3'. I'. E. }I, I/IRe, Musician ]) If)re(;. G. 'L DNIC +++. dolll1[ S,niUl. M usieia,,, will be matte. +q;A NSA+ cri'/. ...... ......... + Pa +I'IOOT {lJ, Edwards, Georgo Ramsey, B.F. N.W. Warrem Artificer. CA'IWLE--Native Stoors 3,+@5 @-'WINcI[ m L0 ? HOGS--A] Grades ............. 3 50 (f.$ 4 0U ])ES1R[NGREADERS OFTo THIS PAPERBu ANYTtlINO- Ellis. J.G. Roper. T. 1.. 1,. If Dillard, Wagoner. The ,,atlles Re .... ber the Soldiors. WtiEA'r--No. 2Re, (new) 73 .[10"r 1 i. e'M- rein, C H. Sessunls, T.W. Atkinso;t I3. C. I,au+ford, E K. OATS--No. 2 Whito ................ L6',i ranks,'ml' tI.M.W.N. Shall. L. 8. 3tatta le, F.W. l,ynl. W.M. The ladies of Jaokson who have inter- UOftN--No, 2 ................... 80  80i   ADVERTISEDsHoULD INSISTINuPoNITS HAVINGCOLUMNS Pc, M, H. Sopher. I. lattaile, l'eter Lee. J. A NEW OR[EA NS4. WHAT THEY ASK FOR. REFUSlNO Berry, !. J. Malbory, J. ested themselves in the matter of rats- FLOUR--IIIgh Grade ........ 4 15  4 5.5 ;ipencer, S. Brickle 51. C. : Moatgdilery, G. ALL ;tl'l'ls, d E. Staasel, O.A. }l:edso,', A.M. ing funds and supplies for the hospitals CORN--No. 2 .................. 4J @ f9 01. inRle,arrls' S.w.F. Smith, d. 11 Montgomery, I,. Q: 41 SUBSTITUTE8 OR IMITATIONS. DATS--Westorn .................... *i 80 "area, H. tLT" Spana,S' azee,L.S.M.L. [ Cheatham,[:lark C. 3t. J. l',forrls,Meagller'janlesW" M. regimentsf the First,haveattd Second 5iississippi IIAY--Cholee ................... 14 0) 14 59 , i Carnes. S.J. forwarded large boxes POIHf--Standard Mc ........ t0 00 To.le: ,,,t,,.. ,, F ..... rbo,.as a.A. ,oore, .. to + IJsl:i) I?/ILLTllI: ClPl0 5t10. .. ..--x.-F tJACON--;SIdes. ................. 6 , 6.'/ 1718 mnphres. G.P. "thrower. W.C. + Chlsohn, S.G., Martin, E.M. to Chickamau'ga and Jacksonville dur- UOTTON--Middllng .................  b& ]'--. Chilb, Ilil*latl, t;. F. 'l'wnsend, T.W. Ca)npbethGe0rge .M<)rrls. D.S. ing the past week. These packages LOUISV[I.GI " "- -- Fever OF any form f H)nsol) F.. I". Waller, & 1L Cnlly, (.21]. gff# 'A/r 0NA P0TL ajD, back+ That 1'+ all th,:e ,mc L. h', West. J.E. - (,)ker. It. J. Osbnrn. E.C. were filled to overflowinlz with sheets, :ORN--No. ,Ilxed:::: :::: [." 4, 84 bot O,,o,=+,+t+ t;+ld ,,,,l,0old,', .,,eaned.00 "+,e,d* ni+ht+hi,t00,to,vels.0000llo,vcas+setc. ............ 11 DSST. At, all drtlggl,t, t,lpev, d (' Wakefield. E, G. Dozier, E. P, Fhlpps. H, C. '2,8 + "2;',, '' fl'N R I'OltE--NewMe,ss .............. 10 7.) ,t, 13 bu I Ens.en, W. J'. ]'attersoa, W.H. and will doubtless be thankfully re- flACON--Clear Rib ............. l/ahoh, R. E Watson, 2'. W,.--S& ] orbes, T, IL . l'arker, J. ",7. ceived, a); . /#tfaff.rardr..wl/.au. O0'l'TOiqj.iddltag ..... , ...... 0 ( I1,% i m