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July 23, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 23, 1898

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4 turdy, July 23. J. 8. LEWIS, Editor and Proprietor. -__ _ A_.__J_ m   I . . . ipn TO ADVERTISERS. TgE ,TVOODVILLE I)tEPUBLICA N ws the oldest newspaper in the State; h.s a larger bona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this section therefore "'. is Th Best AdverUsiu[ l00ti= Advertisen Beu this in MmL [I = I AN NO UNCE ME NT. FOR CONGRESS. To the Veers of the Szxth Congres- sional District : Bellevingthat an investigation of my record in Congress will show that I [lave discharged my duty, actively, faithfully and efficiently; tlmt I have kept all pronuses and broken no party pledges, I therefore am encouraged to again solicit tim support of my constituency for re-election and here- by announce mv candidacy subject to tbq action of the l)emocralic party of tile Sixth District of Mississippi. Very RespectFully, W. F. L()VE. Masonic Meeting.. FFHE Regular /ffonthly meeting vf Asylum LodgP, No. 63, F A. M will be hehl at the Lodge Room W,lnes day evening, eomm.c,inga7' oclock M. The member are speei, lly requested :By order $. 1,'. THERRELL, " TIIE SITUATION. The present aspect of the war is decidedly interesting. One (lay the Spanish Cabinet talks about sumg for peace, and the next is full of war fervor and patriotic bombast. The proposed expcdi:ion to Spain under Commodore Watson seems to be disturbing all Europe and is being made the subject of diplomatie notes between the great Powers. This piece of un- paralleled yankee impudence is more or less startling. Even our particular friend John Bull thinks it would be unwise just now and might result in serious comphca- tions with other nations. War- den's fleet is still going to start "'immediately," aud has been making this immediate start for two weeks, and we may expect it to get away at any time. After paying his respects to Spanish seaports Watson will go to the Philippines for the purpose of enforcing proper respect for our flag over there, aml to back up any land grabbing game that may seem desirable to our Govern- meat. In Cuba there is but little changem the situation, except that some of the garrisons sur- rendered by Gem Torral refuse to stay surrendered, and will have to receive a special thrashing and capture of their own. This is the case with the troops at Guan- rename. If this report proves tue It will necessitate the reten- lion of most of our troops in the Santiago di=trict for further cam- paiguing. Gem Miles was to have left with the advance guard for the ivasion of Porto Rico, but was delayed because Admiral Samp- sewhad failed to furnish a fleet tw'ar ships, to cover hts landing. e-empmT orders have been sent from Washington to the Ad- miral to get a, move on him. Somccomp|iations have arisen witRour alHia the Cubans. Gen. $1aftevhaoamtinued tile Span- iffauthoritica in control of San- tiago, and refuses to allow the (dbans to'crater the town. Gen. o, (tarot is very pr perly indignant at this remarkable policy, and a beaeh'Beween the Cuban and American for3es seems imminent. It will  be emembered that out" ffngo congressman urged on the war in behalf of the brave Cuban Imttiots, and Congress dechu'ed tha ae war was undertaken to fo, Cuba, not to conquer it. The cue now seems to be that these same patriots are a very measly and, co,ard]y set, unwor- thy of freedom, and' by no means to be trusted! Does this change imint to broken faith, and u war maintained on false l)rctenses for the purpose o'f territorial plun- der? In the Philippines things re- . main in statu rug. except that ex- peditmn No. 2' has arrived, but this does not make tlS strong" i enough to accomplish tiny resMts. just why the Government ath, p- I ted thepohcy of sending reen- l forcements by piecemeal is in- I comprehensible. In the mean-i me the Cermans . at Manila re unfriendly while the Gernlan Aln- bassador at Washington col)tin- ues to swear eternal good will for Germany's old friend Uncle Sam. At Manila Dewey had to fire a shot across the bows of a German warship, and to send a note to Admiral Diedrlchs asking wheth- er Germany and the United States were at war or peace. The same Dewey seems to be a genuine brick, to be spelled with a very large B ! ; The yellow fever is increasing at Santiago, and on Thursday six hundred cases were in the hospi- tals. The "Immune" regiments, including Hood's, will be sent to garrison Santiago. As the chan- ces are that not even one-fourth of the regiments are really ex- empt from fever it looks like the joke will be on them. We note that no regiment from the South is now in Cuba, and that few are mentioned for the Porto Rico expedition. We trust that this discrimination can be explained. OUR NAVAL COMMANDERS. The country takes a just pride, an extreme pride, in the conduct and skill of our naval officers and the fighting ability aml fearless- ness of our sailors and marines. The work that our small navy has d)ne and has proved itself capa- ble of doing all at once has given the country a position in the eves of the world superior and Mto- gether disproportionate to the size of our navy. When there- fore a controversey has arisen before the public--not in the navy, as we understand--as to the deservings of our two highest naval officers off Santiago harbor, it can but beamatter to be re- gretted. The resolution introduced into the tlouse of Representatives thanking Commodore Schley for the destruction of the Spanish squadron, at the expense of Ad- miral Sampson and the Captains who commanded their ships in that action pretty much as IIarry of the VyS.d fonghtfor his own hand--we think was properly re- ferred to the Naval Committee, where it will rest until the next session of Congress. It is well known that Admiral Sampson had gone miles to the west that morning toconsult wth Gem Shafter. It appears also that Conlmander Schley was some miles east of the entrance to the harbor with the Brooklyn when the battle'l)egan. The Oregon, Texas and the converetd yacht, G|oucester, did the most effective work, though it seems pr4bable that the Chrlstobal Colon would have escaped had not Schley headed her off with the Brook- lyn. The official report of the fight of ',apt. Clark of the battleship Oregon, to Admiral Sampson, sheds a flood of light upon the contest, as well as to who deser- ves most credit fo: the result. We extract briefly from Capt. Clark's report, which proves con- clusively that all the ships pres- ent sailed and fought under in- structions previously given them by Rear Admiral Sampson for just such an emergency: "As soon as it was evident that the enemy's sldps were tringto break through and escape to tim westward, we went ahead at full speed with the determination of carrying oat to the utmost your instructions: 'If tile enemy tries to escape, the ships must close arm en,,a,e him as soon as possi- o ble and on(leaner to smk his vessels or force |llem to ron ashore ' ' "We soon passed all of our vessels except the Brookhn. At first we used only the main battery, but when it was'discovered that the enemy's torpedo boats were following the ships we used our rapid-fire guns as well as tlm6-inchguusupon them with telli]0g effect. ' As we ran god u p near tile stern- most of the ships she headed for tile beach, evideutly on fire. We raked her as we passed, rushing on for the next ahead, using our starboard guns as they were brought to bear, and before we had her fairly abeam she too was making for the beach Tim two remaining vessels were now some dislance ahead, but our speed had increased to sixteen knots and the Vizcava was soon seut to the shore in flames. "Only tile Christobal Colon was left, and for a time it seemed as if she might escape. But when we opened withour forward trerret guns, and the Brooklyn followed, tile Cobra began to edge in toward the-coast and her destruction was assured. As she struck the beach Imr flag went down. ' 'The Br,mkl;, n sent a boat to her, and when tim Admaral caugllt np with tile New "t%rk, Texas and Vixen. tim Christobal Union was taken pos- session of. As these Spanish vessels wereo much more heavily armored than tim Brookl.n, they might have concen- trated npou and overpowered her. Cousequenth, 1 am persuaded that but for the officers aud men of the Oregon. who steered the ship, and fought and supplied her battery, the Cristobal t?olon, and perhaps the Viz caya,woukt have escape4' ' The Confederate Re-uniou at Atlanta is being largely attended, and surviving Confederate celel)- titles are well represented. Col. Chas. E. IIooker of Mississippi delivered the annual address which is highly complimented by the Press. Gen. Gordon address- ed the veterans in his customary soul-stirring manner and others of lesser note made speeches. The wives of Stonewall Jackson and Gen, Gee. E. Pickett were present, and Miss Winnie Davis is expected. The Reunion, as usual is a signal success. --- -,4 4Jl --- By the surrender of Santiago tile United States came into possession of 25,000 Mauser rifles and aundreds of thousands of cartridges. Tllese guns sh0uhl be given to the volun- teer regiments which are now equip- pod with the obsolete Springfield rifles and the bulhts of which are not effective at a greater range than 8C0 yards, while the fire of the Mauser rifle is deadly at a rangeof between 1700 and 2000.--N'. O. States. Au inspection of the fortifications and chines protecting the channel at Santiago has demonstrated the fact that the entrance to the harbor could have been forced by Sampson's "fleet. With the exception of a few modern six-inch rifles the guns mounted in the fortifications were of obsolete pattern and small calibre. The tomes in the entrance to the harbor have been exploded and the port s now open to the commerce of neutral I)owers.--N. O. States. The Ladrone islands, which the Clmrlestoo captured for the United States en route to Manila, come pretty near being out of the world. There is no cable there and they Imve only one mail a year. fien the Charleston arrived there the Governor of the island had not heard of the war and was amazed when a demand for surrender was made The climate is equable and saluhri- ous, and all kinds of fruit grow there in abundance, It is the dcal place for a hermi6--Ex. Madrid, July 19. (Delayed in transmission )--Gen. Parrtja, tire Spanish commander at Guantanamo, refuses to be included in tim "cap- itulatiuu" of Santiago De Cuba' Aecordxng to Spanish Mihtary law a commander can surrender the troops which he personally comlnands but he cannot oblige other com- manders at distant points, e en though under his authority, to follow suit. Consequently, itls held here that the "capitulation" only eom- Imses about 7,000 troops actually at, Santiago. Mississippi City,Miss., July 17.- Mr. McWillie Nolan and Miss JuliaNoland were qmetly married m St. Marks church at this [)lace, at 3"30 this afteruoon, by the Rcv. NowellLogan, of Vicksburg' This comes In the nature of a surprise to the many friends of the young couple here. Miss Julia Noland is the youngest daughter of Captain and Mrs. T. V Noland and ns sneer the most popularyotmg ladies of tiffs section. Mr. Nolan is a grandson of ex-governor Me\\;Villie, of this state. At present he belongs to the Second Mississippi Regiment, now encamped at Jacksonville, Fla. When his ten days forlough is up he will return to his regiment and hrs wife will remain with her parents until her soldier-husband returns fom the war. San Francisco, July 20 --A Chro. nicle sl)euial from Cavxte dated June 23, says : In case the expected bombard mentor Manila tim area to which the bpanish may retire will be limi, ted to tbe, American and insurgent lines surrounding the city. There may come the struggle, for the Spaniards have buried entepchments and fortified ttre hills and ltmlls for thefinaFstru_gle. It,s known here tlmtevery energy is expended to prepare for the final struggle. The people are exhorted hy the clergy and military authorities and their hopes are bouyed by false reports as to relief from 8pain, anti Spanish triumphs in the West, Indies and along the Atlantic coast. Augusti is credited with an asser- tion that he:t. muster 150,000 troops. No one seriously helieves that he can marshal 20,000, The city seems as nearly ready for the conflict as tlne material in the hands of the Spaniards can make it. The German fleet now here, not eountiag suplly vessels, mcludes tire Cormoran, Kaiser, Kaiserin Augusta, Irene and Prim'ess Wilhehn, anti their metal exceeds that of any other fleet here. The British fleet includes the Immortalite, Ben Adventure and Ratler, bet the pres- ence of so man" Germans is expected to draw other ships. The French have the Breaux and I ascal, and the Japanese the Matsushima. It is freeely predicted that there will not be a bloodless eapitu'.ation of Ma- nila, as it is feared that there will be a long and bloody resistance. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting on my place is strictl prohibnted under penalty of the law. Ms. E. W. JeeR. 11 2O 97 tf. PROCEEDINGS (iF CIRCUI'r CORUT. Present. Hen. W. P. ;2assidy, Judge;E. II. Ratehff, Dist. Atty. Isaac Fox, Slenographer; K. '. Johnsou, Clerk, J. 3I. Sessions, Sheriff. The Court convened at 10 o'clock N E6waza McF;e00ee 17olleqe moo00 0000zss. Wdl Open its 37fh nnuol Session, Sept. 7fh, 1898. Music, tilouugion, English, MatMmatics Sdeneas and tM Languages. Special facilities for the study of Music, Elocution, o* " Enhsh and Mathem:ttics. The standard of scholarship in (he College is Mgh; the instruction In time . Primary and Kindergarten lleprtmcnts tho,'ough. Teachers are all speeial- lt.s. The buildings are new and commodious, in perfect repair andflttcd wliha!ltt)ecmpfortsofarefinedhome. Parentshav|ng daughters reedu- cate Will (IO Well to COIIrOI" with llle I)eroi senahlg elsewhere For Cal;Moguc and Terms, address. . Mss GEOamA SWANSOn, Pres., Woodvillc, Miss. II A. r., and proceeded to organize th State vs Nels Harris, perjury, de- Court. The foll)wing named were turret sustained and casedismlssed. drawn to serve as Grand .lurers: Tins day the Grand Jury came R. hi. Mc3elnee, F.F. Best,, into court and reported 8 bills of in- 1. A. I)avidson, W.A. Wilkiuson, t'ietment. Wm. Dahlbom, W. tI. Davis, State vs Jim tlays, assault and R. E. Ward, W.A. Stuart, battery, plead guilty to assault and R. M. Newman, II. Coon, hatters Chas, Corey, Henry ,h)lmson, State vsJuo Anderson, burglary, W. II Nettervil[e,T. H. Netterville, plead guilty. A. T. Rabh, I, W Carter, State vs R)yal Liberty, assault S V A McCearly, ,/as. Vine, and battery to kill, plead gudty. C. A. Weaver, Itiram Ashley, State vs Willie Stuart, grand lar Juries No. 1 and 2 were cmpanel cenv, plead guilty. ed and sworn in and the court pro- State vs Alex Smith, plead guilty eeeded to busmess. L0 carrying concealed weapons. John A Lowry was appointed 3rd Dav. bailiff of tile court. State vs Prince Collin, perjury, Joe F Jenkins vs E Trager, con- demurrer sustalncd and (left hehl to tinned on application of deft. awaR the action of the Grand Jury J N Ogden vs David Day, contin Ex Parte, H G Vauglt, sworn in ued by consent, as an attorney at-law. EL IIayden, vsY& MV RyCo., The Grand Jury came into Court case compromised and dismissed at and reported 1 bill of indictment. deft's costs. State vs Wm Black, assault and T B MeCearley vs Y & M V Ry, hattcry to kill, verdict of jury,gullty same order, as charcd. RUDay vsY& M V Ry, same M Rothsehihl &'Bro vs CESim- trder rail. dismissed at pltffs costs. RLDayvs YG M V Ry, same New Orleans Maehme Co. vs Itl order Pcn(Ihtm, judgment for l)lLff for Gilbert Kiug vs Y & M Ry, $34'I 47. same order. E S Wall, trustee vs J(e Nelson I FDay vsY& M V Ry, same etal, coatmued hyconsent ,)rderexcept as to witness fees. The Grand Jury came into Court VentrEss Bros vs S Blumentha!, and reported 4 bills of in:tictment. confession of judgment iu laver ot Generul accounts of officers of the phff for $1331 17. Mempids Machine W,irks vs ,V A Court a,nounting to $335 55 were allowed. I)ivkson, judgment for plaintiff for ']'he to]lowing persons were sen- ti97 5C with stay of execution for tenced: 40 days= " . y Jim Hays, assault and hattery, J A ,'unne'ry v. & M V Ry , $25 and costs and 30 (tavsin jail. judgment for phff for $15. Alex Smitln, carrying concealed A Provast vs Y & M V Ry, jury weapons, $25 and cos:s. nd verdmt for deft. Royal Liberty, assault and battery ,LAt a meetingif the Bar, presided o kil'i, 1 year in I)enitentiarv. aver I)v Iton. W p Cassidv, a corn- Joe Anderson, burglary, 7 years mittee composed of members of the in penitentiary. Bar, were apl)ointedto draftsultahle %illie Stuart, grand larceny 1 resolntions on the death of the latc year in pemtentiary. Judge II. S. Van Eaton. Wm Black, assa'tdt and battery, 3 The committee on resolutions, on years in pemtcntiary. death of late Judge II. S. Van Eaton Court adjourned t, next Term. reported Ihe following: . . Jud,_.e Va. Eaton is an(, we WXf00'00'TXYgT- offer this tribute to hl departed worth lie was possessed of a brihl TmcsE SCaEDULES I[AVE GONE INTO and solid intellet.t, which was highly ETCCT. cultivated, and to this he adde(I (ConEluded from last week.) great industry, painstaking devotion Contract, brokca's notes of sale tn dUtYm 0  (l loyally to his clienls, or exchange of goods, stocks, which l)]aeed him ill 1he front rank honds.notes real estateetc .... 10 of the bar of our state. For a half Conveyances, value between $100 century he practiced before this and $500 ...................... 50 court qth eminent success, and in Telegraph messages ............ 01 Ciistom-house eutry, not over this and all the walks of life he was $1o0 ......................... .'25 courteous, cordial and u uost, entat- BEtween $100 and $500 ........ 50 ous, and wnn the hearts of all. Much Over 500 .................... 1 00 honor his beloved State bestowed on Custonl-house entry nor with- him, for wimnbut a youth he was drawal ....................... 50 called to the office of dist. attorney, Insurance (life) for ca-h $100 of of policy .................... 08 quickly followed by Iris election to luduslrialwecklyl)aymentplau the legislature, and the war coming 40 per center first weekly pay- on he took up arms as a private sol- meat. (trcr, rose to the rank f meier, and Leases---For one )'ear ............ 25 a'hen the contest closed he encrgeti- Between one and three years. 50 callv aud successfully resumed the Over thrEE years ............ 1 U0 l)ra(hee of hisprnfession, was, while Manilestfor custom-house entry so engaged elevated o the ehanccll- or clearance f()r foreigu port per sldp of :h0 tons ............ 1 (0 orshil) , hile hohtin that position, Belwcen 300 aud 600 tons ...... 3 0t) though not a candida:e, was elected Exceeding (;00 tos ........... 5 00 to congress where he served four Mortgages, betwceu $1000 aml )'ears, making a national relmtation. $150) ..................... 25 A.nd in all posrlions and l)hces For each $500 additioual ..... 25 honor and credit was his. I, or Passage ticket to foreigu port, eosliug not over 30 .......... 1 00 many years prior to atut at the ti,ne Between $30 and $(iU .......... 3 50 of his death he was our most prom- Over $(;t ...................... 5 00 inent mtizen, and the most familiar ***Power of attorney to vote .... 10 fizure in town and cmlu|y. Ilia ****To sell, rent or collect .... 25 heart was warm. his nature genial, Protests of notes, etc ............ '25 and his charity and benevolence un- Warehonsereeipts ............. 25 bounded, and iu return he was be- IedMnal i)roprieta,.y arti(.Ics and I)ertunleS, eoslnetics, ete, per loved bval[,an:l his death unnver- package of5cents, retailp,'ice.03125 sally mourned. More could not Between 15 anti 25 cents .... 00625 lie said of an), on'e. Chewing gum, per package of $1 Therefore.Ie it reolved that retail value .................. 04 this tribute of the bar recur deceas- Sparkling orothcr wines ner pint bottle ........................ 01 ed brother, be presented to onr cir- Petroleurn and sugar rctining or cet court, m which he as so long a transporting oil or other pro- dislinguihed practitioner, itln a ducts by pipe line,ex(-ise tax ou request that it be spread on the tin- gross receipts exceeding $250.- rites of 1he court as an enduring 000 .................. 0025 per cent memorial(,f lhe deceased, and that Palace or parlor seats or berths, a c31)y be Iresented lo Ids family, per seat or berth ............. 01 **Legacies between $10,000 and J. It. JONES, $25 0,0 to lineal descendant, or A .SIIANNON brother or sister of testator, per W. P. S Vcntrcss, $10 clear value ............. '5 ]). C. Bramlette, Todesceudants of brother or W.F. Tucker, sister ot testatox ...... . ....... 1 50 Committee. To brother or sisler of father or mother of testator, or tlmir de- Whereupon it is or(hred andad- seen(leans ................... 3 00 jndge(I that the report be spread u lion To brother or sister of grandpa- the minutes of the court and COl)mS rents of testator, or their de- ! thereof Ire furmshcd to the famdy ot scendants ................... 4 00 dcceased. '1'o other beneficiaries ........ 5 O0 Tax on legacies between "$25.0t)0 2ud Day. and $101t,Ot:O, multiplied by one and one-half M Samuel & Brovs Pharo Arm- Between l$t00.000 and $500, strong, judgment for Pllff for 0 0nmltir)lied by two. $32060 Between $5')0,000 and $1,030,- W T Adams Machine Co. P De 0(:0 multiplied by two and one- half Grug etals judgment, for Ptlff for Over $1.000,000 multiplied by sa mill, Eugene, boilers attach three. mentsetc, described Repliven Writ Isaac Fox was:reappointed olBcial THESE SCHF.DULF.S WILL GO INTO EF- stenograpimr. FECT IN SIXTY DAYS. Southern Saw Works vs L RM-- Mixed flour, dea]ersperannnm 12 00 Ceartev, case eomlrrumised aud Ipltff I'er llackage, imports included and (left Io pay costs, between 98 and 196 lbs ........ 04 ,Ice R Carter vs J D Riley, case -- dismissed and Irltff and E N Carter "7 per eentdiscount allowed, and W'W Dieksoa snretics to pay *Wivcsand husbands exempt. - ***Religions. literary, charitable so- cosls. Motion 21 days. cietio.s at(t t'mhlic cemeterie ex- Ex Parte Ernest Dampf, Ernest erupt. Dampf admitted as a citizea of the **Clalms aaint Uuited States. ex- Ullted, States. erupt. sciI00vAm'z. 6 SCHWAIITZ & NEYBI]00, , . .., . Main Street, WOODVILL, 1118 Fe rathe lead in the Grceery line, and our large Stoe] is always kept fresh and complete. e keep also a full stocT00 of Dry Goods, 3o- nions, etc. New goods arriving daily. I ha, purchased a largc stock of Dry goods, Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in New York all of which I propose to sell at priccs so low that it will be to your interest to examine my stock. Special in- ducements to large buyers. PEETR MOLLER No. 5 Night Tra/n Leaves Memphis, " " Vicksburg " " " " ,, ...,,,,=''""t","' ...... " Arrives New Orleans No, li, Night "J.'raiu leaves New o)leana / 7".55 tma :lO am lti am 1 8am 4:0 pm :35 pm lhfi0 l,m 7:10 am L = " Centreville " " " " " Vicksburg " " " " arrivesMemphts No,. 21 Da, y Train I,e'wes Vieksbui'g,- 8 a= " arrive. New Orleans 5:i0 pm No 22 Day Train leaves New Nrleaus " $05 am " " .... arrives Vicksburg, 45:55 plr Train runs daly except Sunday. ' No, 7ill leaves Woodville 9 am " " leaves Bayou Sara ll:lO am " " arrives Slaughter ]2:2o pm No. 722 I(,av-. Slaug't,ter ,, ] :10 pm " 2:35 Pm & 15 pm " arrives Woo,lvillo The only Line running .olid Trair.s befw,n urxngUarlassc'YZug elegantets a s Pull) mau Buffet Sloepiug Oars' zn" both direrices, tb " " ' ' g  "' l eedy and comfortable journey. Fur lateu, .p:tl)  ere', apply to Ageats or a,f "rss. JNO. A. CO'/', Die. Paas'r Art, ]1 Mt'I/IS , TENNESSEe, i i -i| ,|m|,  i! A. T. BENEDICT. MANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER I U;trriagas, garts, Farm Wag0ns, Harn00s00 500d.d.Ler00, dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGON8 Which are universally acknowledged to be Tho Bost and LIGHTEST RUNNING WAGON Made. Agent for F(Z[EK ROAD and SPEEDING CAIIT, whi are great avorites anmng Horsemea AGENT FOR THE 00kara?i00r00 r0a Ter00ce 0000mpart00, The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Fencing in the Daited l';talewa l'arti,'ular attention paid to re-covering and rigging "I':: Ei,O-c1. :1,08. All work done promptly and at Reasonable rates.: Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf " ]A great army YOU of ho.lsekeeLrs-xov,r r ,ooo, ooo strol--qlinff the carl Wheeler and Wilson New prove No. 9 Sewing mchine. rapid and easy running, and k mak the be kind of se4ng a quick and easy task. Read thte 2,000 000 Island Catholic Orphan Asylum: 283 Pmlrle Avenue. Providence. R. I., Avff. 9, !;897. IItAttAl We here used ha this Institution n|t nnnuu_un Wheeler & WUsoe No. 9 $ewlng Machlntm. IU UiliUil n I feel It my duty xecommend tem as " A used. for both Sight and heavy world. w Very truly yours. Z @ SISTER BUPRIOa. ; l WT  A'iIT In every town In this IState. )lendld ] t II m= I1|.11/ ? /Ut.l,I money-making chate. Wrtte uiloo tt. t GeneralAgents, n.l . . NewOrlean,.l | T. Du a Co.,. Ltd., i t ************o*******************.=========_-===_-== n 1 TRESPASS NOTICE. IIunting or otherwise trespassing on the McManus, Farish an(! Bowling Green places s strictly proldbited nn- der penalty of the law. -.&ll torlner permission revoked. 1'. M. McGEIIEE. J. Il. FENDLETON. Sept. 4, 1896-tf NOTICE. The public are irereb' _notifle'd that Huntm_ is prohibited ou the Sur- gette, Elmwood, Bcllevicw and Gor- don Plantaims. All former, permits nre horehy re- voked. CIIAS. COIIEN. Nov. 20, 1897-t[ Skin Diseases. For the speedy and permanent cure l';" ,tter, sajlt rheum and eczema, Cham- oerlain ff Eye and Skin Ointment tw without an equal. It relieves the itch- ing and smarting lmost lnstantlyam its continued use effe a permanent cure.[t al cur itch, barer's itch, scstqVhead, r pplse, ehig piles,. chapped hd, chronic rote  sll(I; granulated lids. m.. ea, -'-m, lm for ho. are  bet tonic, blood lmrir" d vermifl$e. Price, 5 cnm,