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July 21, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 21, 1923

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her country home at Kenilwood Frm ir.g under the direction of the Home A wedding of interest to the whole Mr W, F. st;o on the Prentiss Highway where she Mission Board of the Baptist church, ....... i,, tnn ,to ho , Wed- noon and will meet with Mrs. J. K. 21, 1923 will spend the remainder of the 4urn- and who has just concluded a very ;&apos;fte_noon'toure'oc']at Sessions on next Tuesday afternoOn _---_ ___ mer. She was -accompanied  her successful revival at CentreviUe, be- o, thJ, h .... h ,ht  Mu at 4 o'clock. July 19, 1923. niece, Miss Eugenic Penick. " gan a revival at the Baptist church ielen oo',e",r " -lo" "''-'" 9 n : ] in Woodville on Thursday which will  ..... o  h;:"A . "1:., whic , We regret to chronicle the death .  Mrs. Henry G. Hawkins returned', continue through Sunday evemng, , o, , .......  .... 1!, of Mr. Alfred H, McNeely, of this ............. z  home Wednesday morning from a sxx, the 29th int He is accompanied by ...... county, which occurred on Tuesday , , .. -  . . ' '  . . " nappy events was never more arur . , ' .... weeks v :t to her sister, Mrs N. chow leader, Mr. GrndIe. Rv .. ., r b : ...... d than morning at 8 o clock at the home of a, --------o - - . ". :  tica,y o eaullutly (lecorare . i , ,. .......... Red, m Long Beach, Cahforma, and: Mr. Suttle, the pastor of the Wood- I ,, ,h; ...... ,,, wh;o ,,,1 reen hm son, Mr, Doug McNeely, n Glos- rux,- | to other relatiws She was accom-]ville and Centreville churches, is, of *' ......... "'('" :'''." _*:_' for His remains were interred in ,, -------------- -.' . . " . . omy were useu as rte color neme. " - panied by her httle mcce, Stella i course, m charge of thin meeting and:  ....... --- ^-- -- --a--*-s r  that town .on Wednesday mormng;  , of Centrelle, Galloway [ extends a most cordml welcome to the ............. the funeral sernces being atten ed [,, . , . . * ptacea oacK oI the chancel and a ne defile on Tuesday: --'  pubhc to attend the services eachl ............ ,_: .... _n.^_ by a large number of relatives and ' "" . "v | , . . i slues t orm a xt;tngty uu. ttJzt . . Mr. H. R. Coon, of ;ck-burg, ar . day at 11 o clock m the mormng and  ......  ,,ho rn,nrl th ohnlr friends from thin county. The de ,  led here Monday on a visit to rela-I at 8 in the evening. We feel sure o''':."=, ,".''*o'- ".' ceased, who was seventy-three yea . us. Roland spent tires and friends in this, his former i that much good will result from this, ttlce'i  a"sem rta"screen'Vo of age, was a native of this county Rouge returning home. He has been the guest of his revival as Dr.Wright is one of the] _t. ........  ^ .... " --oe where he was highly esteemed, being  " I " "'s nd o .  , u...,v,,, v,..,,.# ,.. , ,,,... ov- infiu ntial rag. mater, Mrs. John Da , a f hs most forceful and successful orange- ,,  ,, ,, i-elaced with a member of a large and e " ---- [ brother, Mr. Clarence Coon, during lists in this tate.  ''-"-" "':-:':-L'' '-' ":-'-^- wiP" family. He is survived by his wife Shaw, spent the the wee,. I :  ...... s ......  ,h. Sower the and by three sons and three daugh- on a vt to hs i : [ After the conclusmn of the regulaz ', .r ..... b-in - r #* in i *o mnlicit,, tots" Mrs. Chas. Kellogg, Mrs. George i L Jas. A. Cox. I Mr John Cox, Miss Ruth Cox,} program at the Men's Prayer Meet-i c'.'"]tsoelne::" --" v ", Leak, Mrs. Ella McCraine, and "  t Mr and Mrs Hollis Tats, and Messrs ing on Tuesday the question of thei ....... " ' . ., ! Messrs Frank, Edward and Dougla .....  ' " v " I , The wedm art entered to ne lm has returned Allen Cox, John Cox and Cyril Flake, i re-organization of the Boys Scout; . . . g P .Y . , _ McNeely, to all of whom we extend  svralns ot lenueisonn s march, to her aunt, Mrs of Baton Rouge, came up for the troop was brought up for discussion l "   . ,our heartfelt sympathy in this time A *beville, La. Cox-Argue wedding on Wednesday.! and it was decided to bring about! p.layed byMrs. R. M. McGehee, n of bereavement. -  While here they were the guests of the re-organization. To this end the I the two ushers, meeeers-Ctay . TUCK. .__.._, IN   er and Leonard tocxett, nen ne n re returP.e,i home I Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Tucker. I executive committee, by request, ap- i .............. I As a result of a difficulty betwee ! :. delightful twoj : [ pointed the following gentlemen toi mare o honor, .mm Wjlue Argue, Mr C. T.-Netterville and Mr. John  s in Jackson. I The Democratic Executive Corri-] take charge of this work: Roy. D E.] wno wore _a mos necommg ox Carter, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. "* " m tee of ths count  1 meet atl He t Robert Les D H Wallacei yellow voile, oeautiuny nemsucneu W rt hh , ...... -  * a decidedly rainyl the court hou-=e in Woodville on next] and J. R. Hamilton. These gentle-I wth a grtle z.orme oz troy green urday afternoon in front of the for, l moisture was ornm Iul 24th at 11 m and purpte rosettes tier nowers were 1 Tuesday m " g, - y ,  men then et and unanimously elect-[ " " - .. . mer's store at Wilkinson postoffice, [bythe farmersto'clock, for the puTose of making!ed Roy. Mr. Holt as scout master, lpurp le lilacs. The b.rmecamem on twelve miles north of Woodville, Mr. -- " _! arrangements for the approaching i A meeting is to be held at an early it he arm of her father: Mr..eorge NetterviIle is in the Natchez Sanita. D'A ulla and, I Ar e ne was a raa]an wsmn m q " primary"electlon. . date to perfect organization. Wet  gu . ,. rium suffering from a bullet wourd rt Adams" were r o ov d a lovely hand made dress of wrote : ta e gladt see thism ement starts i " . . " ....... in the face and Mr. Carter in undo: Monda after earth ale at Schloss  c v georgette trainmen wn narrow wrote Y " The July C1 " g S and "e feel ertain that under Re .l ..... " ..... bond to appear before the next sea- ,  sa:In rlDDOn, an exqulslLe scarI ol r e Companys store in this town begani Mr. Holt, and with the assistance of sion of the grand jury. The ear on Wednesday and will continue two', others interes+ed. , we wilt soon. have! real Brussels lace being draped. acror, conflctL" "n renort- as to iu ......... hnw t.h left Thursday weeks. Attracti'e bargains are be- i a troop of scouts of which we may,t her houlders and_caocadmg. ..... m grace.' ,tiffic ult" arte,  ............. h,,t ;, h tffi ,+ Miss., for a ing offered during this sale, so it will I all be proud.  ful panels on each sine. tier ha was growth in family trouble of several on the seashore, be to your advantage to make your ] ---.-<  ] of wrote straw trammed .omy ,n months' standing. The shooting fol- r t low noes one mrge wrote rose, the nm being purchases the e at he P t Mrs Lyttleton Lewis and Mrs. .......... lowed a fist fight, so we understand, ed faced Wire pale pink georgette ne rv] h who is now ,iv. that are offer . I Rober Lewis entertained jointly at ....... "_ .... I Retie "lle being sot just below the ] wore lace mvs ann carrma a wonder was a guest : . . ] the home of the latter on Saturday ........... r_se:  nose, the bullet penetrating the uppez Jr., Mr S C Bull, the popmar casnie .... zm snower oouque oz rme  u - - - . .  afternoon, the occamon being a ms- ............. ,_ ._,,_ portion of hm mouth and lodging m : cellrgneous sh ..........  ........ , ................................. " of the Commercial Bank, lef tas  owr tiven n hnnnr 1no oes man was ne groom  uru.n., *ha el nf h ,,ob l,m,l;*I, Saturda for his old home neaz , M Wl-A-o- -','- -'-nch or. Mr. Auen t;ox. Jev. J. t. ttaw ....... t ............ Y ................. b-. ,,,er pu .... - - , , , ux,er the SnoOlng ur. w. r. tacn- and W. Frankfort, Kentucky, to attend a[had been served the guests drew Kins. me p aor of the ChUrch, ira- I ings, of this town, was called and n W are sure that he , presmvey sam rne ceremony were business [ family reunio e partnem fo. progressive hearts which " " ' [ took the wounded man to Natchez on Tuesday af. had a delightful time, as no one we ;, was played at five tables. At the The young couple left in the early where the bullet was removed on know can,enjoy such occasions more end of the series of games Mrs. P evening for Baton Rouge from which Monday. We are glad to report that " a ' " * * than our friend Bull. [ M. Stockett wa the winner and was place they are to go on. a ten d y:s 1 he ]s doing as mcely as could he ex- bern to Mr. and "----:--7- . . .t given the first prize, a hud vase, the motor trip through southern toms]- pected and that his recovery is prae- Tuesday morn- Mr. J. K. Stone, zormer prmc]pa consolation, a &hoe ha, falling to ana, after whicn ney Will reurn nero tically assured. Carter came to mile west of of the A. H. School here who s spend, t Mrs Redhead. Both of these prizes for Mr. Cox to resume his work as Woodwlle on Monday and surrender. ing the summer with relatives in Har. [ were nresented to the honoree whose head of the agricultural department, ed to Sheriff Miller and he was re. risonburg, La., arrived here Tuesday i shower- of gifts, brought in at this of the A. H. School. This young man,  leased under bond to appear before Martha Davis, morning on a business trip of a few ] time, had been put into a big band- who is a ative of this county, is a the next session of the grand jury. the first of the days. He has many friends in allibo x covered with nink and white us- graduate of the Louisiana State Uni- --:----- guests of Mr sect/ons of this county who will per and fined with many dainty con. verslty of the session of 1916 and hasl CHURCH NOTES. always be glad to see him. tre ieces towel- silverware and been teaching since that time except i ,. ^.. u  _.:_. .   X'--7". :---T . _ other useful and acceptable articles aung,ne tireat war. te emLe q'ere will be -feachin,, at the Coon were week mr. . . ugen, o onegat, WhO Refreshments of frozen fruit ,alad at the oeginning of tne war as a mere .... v Orleans where is one of this county's most successful olive sandwiches, cheese straws and ber of the marine corps and partici. Methodist church next Sunday at 11 her sister, Mrs., farmers, brought in two limbs of cot- a. m, by Rev. George Jones, of Crys- nd and he t of the third i to Woedville and Mr& A. were vi few hours Sims and Mri went over to to attend the McNeely. of Pass on a visit the guest A. Redhead. Tuesday at where he went a gentleman arrived from who has a was visiting Mrs. J. IC district, last left Monday to spend a few Mr. and Mrs. home this o and Marvin for Bolton to of the week on l was given by returned after spend- parents, Mr. in the Aline Johnson: in the week on a Mr. and Mrs. ton on Monday on which there were a number of well-matured bolls and several squares, which showed that the cotton crop of this county still gives promise of a fair yield. : The work of giving the postoffice building in this town a coat of stucco has been completed this week under the competent direction of Mr. M. Z. Cherry, contractor of Baton Rouge. Further repairs, such as painting, etc., will be made at an early date, after which this century- old building will once again become a place of beauty. The work is be- ing done by the Illinios Central Rail. road Company, owners of the build- ing. Quite a number of the younger set of girls and boys, chaperoned" by Mrs. J. A. Redhead, went over Mon- day to the residerme on Montrose! plantation near Centreville and spent i, three- ys on a delightful house par-[ ty. These young people are indebted to Mr. Jos. Redhead, owner of thel crackers were then served. WEDS WHILE IN BED SUFFERING FROM WOUND. That love will find*a way was again evidenced Sunday evening when W. Bonham White, lying in bed as a result of a bullet wolnd which he got in a fight Friday evening, was quietly married to Miss Coy Ward on Sunday afternoon. Only the immediate families of both contracting parties were present at the wedding and Dr. H F Tulle, pastor of Capitol Street Methodist church, officiated, l Young White is alleged to have been shot by Mr& C. C. Cunningham when White and Mrs. Cunningham's husband were engaged in a three cor- nered fight, Sidney White, a brother of the wot/nded man, having tried to intercede for his brother. Sidney White was also shot at, the bullet, it is believed, going out of the door he had just opened to get out of. Jackson Claridn-Ledger. ,The above will be read with inter- house, for his hospitality and for eat by a number of our readers in this pated in several of the bloodiest bat- ties in France. His honorable di charge is one of which any man may justly feel proud. He is a young man of high character and sterling man-! hood. His bride, who is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs George Argue, is an attractive young woman who since finishing her course in music has been teaching successfully for the past few yean. She is an ac- compli&hed girl and deservedl popular in this, her hom town. We join with the many friends of this i happy cguple in wishing them much happiness in future Mr. E. A. Wood, local postmaster, has called our attention to the fact that some person has already been mutilating the new work on the post. ,office building, and has asked us to quote fully from the law in regard to such matters. We give below a copy of the law which should be a warning to those who make a prac. tics of defacing public property: See. 1065, Code 1906."If any .person, by any means whatever, shall wi!fuIIy or mischievously injure or many other courtesies. Joe just Gounty, the home of Messrs. Bonham (!es FO P.nv naturally loves to see the young pen- and Sidney White. We understand  +- ," . of the work, materials I ple enjoy themselves, and his wife that the shooting of Mr. Bonham or furniture of any courthouse or shares this pleasure equally with him.[ White grew out of a difficulty that jail, or other public building, oi : I he had with Mr. Cunningham several school-house or church, or deface any l J- -- imerick of Natchez l weeks ao and which was renewed of the walls or other parts thereof, was a caller at our office on Tuesday on last unaay wr. the results a tve or shall write, or make any drawing --a -rmed us that he exnected tel stated. W are gma to Know mac me or character, or do any other act, """ ""' ratin of a dai-- truck !yung man is not seriously wounded, either on said building or the walls oegm ne ope  ..... h-z throu-h Wood i the hall having hit one of his ribs thereof, or shall deface or injure the r?ue, zrom a. e ""  II ben !and was deflected, thus causing only t.rees, fences, pavements, or soil, on wue m wenrewue, wmcn ' - a'h .....  the grounds belonging threto, or on on A .... st 15tl He expects to  ..., ,,.,uu.u. i ornamental or shade tree on any "" , These young men are members of leave Natchez each morning at 8 o'clock, arnwng m Woodvflle at I one of this county's most prominent public road or street leading thereto, 10:30 and at Centreville at 11:30. families, being the sons of Mr. and i such person, for every such offense, The return trip from Centreville willl Mrs. H. S. White, of th;.s town. We  shall be fined not more than one hun- begin immediately after the arrival', extend to Mr. Bonham White and hisi of the train north at 2 o'clock, and bride our best wishes for a bright and i , happy future reach Natchez about 5 o clock Fur. [ ther notice will be given through l ..... " __:. , thes columns l nesmes rue oest tamer groeerle*, . [we have delicious luaches always on " n [ hand--Plitt's Bakery. The Board of Election Commiio era of this county, composed of J. T. Morgan, L. B. Robinson, C. C. Cassels, and John L. Hays, clerk, met at the court hou on Monday tal Spring On the following Sun- day, July 29th, there will be no morn. mg preaching at the Methodist church. in order that all may attend the re- vival meeting that will be in progrcs gt the Baptist church. The revival meeting held last week at Percy's Creek, in which the pastor, key. H. G. Hawkins, was assisted hy Roy. Jasper L. Smith, of Gloater, re. sulted in much spiritual advantage to that community, with six additions to the membership of the "church. The rmthehtng and other work of Mr. was much appreciated, and, though the attendance in the day time was small, at night there were good congregations. The meeting be. gan Monday night and ended Thurs- day night. Three children were christened: Mabel Lee White, Morris Stafford Ford and Ida May Ford. Last Sunday was a big "day at White's School House. There was a large crowd. Roy. George Jones. a young man just recently licensed to preach, at the morning service held: the close attention of all on the sub. jest, "What Will You Do With Christ ? " After a bounteous dinner Mrs. James Dean Pointer, gave an instructive and inspiring address upon Africa: Mrs. Pointer before here marriage was Mi Marvin McNeil. and has many girlhood friends in Wilkinson county where she lived be. fore she became a missionary. She and her husbeud are now in the homeland on a furlough, but expect to return to the mission work this fall. They are under the auspices of the Northern Methodists, and their field is in the state of Mozambique, , opposite the island of Madagascar. The meeting at White's continued dred dollars ($I00.00), or be ira- through Tuesday. Six new members prlsoned not more than six months wre received into the church and or both" . .following children were christened: ___.. Andrew Jackson White, Wanza Es.i Bond Bread, Mother's Bread. tells Johnson. Dr. C. T. Thomson in New Orleans, frDsh daily at preached two sermons, which were CUMBO'S. much appreciated; You can get the pure ice cream at retail or in quantities when you want it at Plitt's Bakery. morning andbegantheworkofro- Hill's Mixture that Miss vising the registration and poll books. able to fiIl l This board has taken the position local telephone I that persons who failed to pay their ence of several[ poll tax for the past two years will ne [be unable to vote, despite the fact that such persons were not assesses Rosso, Mr. and'with same. This is he only fair One of the Most Effective and little land just position to be taken, but Natchez, spent[ at the same time it will deprive quite s of Mr. andta number of people from exercising[ _..-... _...- R00I! Pois .miIy. ]the right to vote this year. ] on on the Market and Mrs.[ Mr. J. A. Walke La, are  and efficient manager of the local tel- I Ford at her ephone exchange, as called to Vicks-] Farm. burg on Monday morning where he[ is now assisting in the work of tak- of the inig an inventory of the property of EASY TO APPLY, DOES NOT REQUIRE- ANY EXPENSIVE a,'com, the Cumberland Telephone Company MACHINERY, AND WILL POSITIVELY KILL THE WEEVILS, , spent Sunday of Mississippi. It is indeed a corn- TRY A FEW GALLONS. COI[':]:AIqD LET ME EXPLAIN pad_on,go in pliment to Mr. Walker that he should of key. M- be ehosen for this work, but when IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY ACQUAINTED WITH IT; we consider the fact that his reports during the past year stood at the O meeting in head of the list for exchanges in Mis. afternoon sissippi, it is not at all surprising that .. Purina ...,.._13'Mol;-e while o- his" will be absent from Woodvil]e for at ez ,,k ,. eouple of months at least. During [hm absence his potation on the Inca [exchange is being filled by Mr. H.V. MOST ECONOMICAL HORSE FEED, ABSOLLq'ELY SAFE nd little so-ICockran, of Port, Gibson. [ AND WHEN YOU CONSIDER QUALITY AND RESULTS, n, here during [ ' [ on a visit + o.1 The catalogues for the seamen of CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER FEED ON THE MARKET. , ,; V-'t 1923-24 of the Wilkinson County A. I IF Your STOCK LOOKS RUN DOWN, O.R NEED A CHANGE ,. w. ee-i. H School have just been printed in I o remain xQr, 'h'is office and are now ready for dis-[ OF FEED GIVE IT A TRIAL, AND YOU WiLL BE SURPRi. I tribution. These catalogues may be l ED HOW QffJICKLY IT BUILDS UP AND PUTS NEW LIF2g ..... ]secured by apply/ng to the prlneipal. ! or emzens Mr J L Denson whowas expected AND "PEP" IN YOUR WORK STOCK- o itntO g6 upt here yesterday. The faculty, which' ma, eyen-] is one of the strongest in the history . _ - - amnfi we,f of this institution, is as follows: J., .... .... IS. Miller, agriculture and science; Pestle-, W. H .Wood, history, civics and ath.  letles; Miss Jessye Leflore, English gnd Latin; MM Vera Shaw, home economies; Miss Mary LiBian Peters, ! ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING, WOODvILLF. MLb. Miss OHean Thompson, girk. SMOKE "THE CIGAR THAT SELL." n0SS0 DISTRIRUTOR WOODWlLLE, MI&. FOR SALE Abo some One yrllng heifers. ing your clothes with the McCall Quarterly always | AUGUST PATTERNS NOW ON 8AL BUDGET YOUR SEASON'S CLOTHES WiTItt THE HRIL OF THE McCALL QUARTERLY. .... Not many clothes, but well ehose ones are nea t well dressed woman. She doesn't ge a frock just he takes a fancy to it and then finds that she has no to harmonize. She budgets her clothes, sUiting each other and to herself. What better way than to do [t With the MeC, all qttarte_ly --where all the styles of a season are spread out to eltao from? The newest fashions, the beet fashions, al| tl seen at one time, all planned for fashinab|e womanfa i adornment. 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Real Estate Bought and fold on Commission. O/ee court house, Woedvflle, Mtns. DR. W. W. MONTFORT, Dentist Woodville, Miss. I iij - -  IlI I i[ I I _ I ......... j -It I I [ r IiI " [ DR. R. F. PAYNE,  Eyo, Er, Nose am/ :' Throat Office hours 2 to p. m. Stephonson, 4-8-I922-1y DR. J. Wo BRA,NDON, Jl , ]FLysician and Snr|oo Woodvflle, Mke. O/ee on Fellows D.C. qt LAUREL HILL, LA. McGEHEE'S RED RUSTPRO01 SEED OAT& RELIABLE LPEDEZA SEEU. J. S. McGehee, TUCKER & TUCKER Woo -:- Mi. 0  it   DR. C.L TCHINGS PbysiIm  Smsm,. W Mis FINE, SECTI)ONg AND  Crown an4 Bridge work a Specialty, YEAR OLD BULL& Odd Fellows' Bldg. Phone 41-J They oarry Im cold ,bloOd mt all All .......... are Cd'ado  PeI, II Muler mad W F. Tucker Clay B. Tunt from zood milk shsdn $30.00 e --a