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July 21, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 21, 1923

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JULY .21, Edlter OF SUBSCRIPTION : in advance. ..... -. $2.00 at Woodvine, mail :matter. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Republican is au- to announce the various office sub. action of the Democratic August primary. lor State Revenue Aeent 8TOKES V. ROBERTSON k For District Aftoy It E. BENNETT ' of Franklln county, . ; V, N. TORREY j tf 1mk Campy. J I D.W.HTF .I r M. D. JOHNSON ! Jov Repramtatlvo ][ |! ,W. J. STOCKETT j F" LEX K. FARRAR ! JAg R. HUTCHESON: t jw. F. TUCKER .J,- -i+  For Sheriff ! . H. NY t H.A. WOOD .l JOHN C. DAY "l | For Chance7 Clerk t w.c. HAYS |.+ For Circuit Clerk | OHN Ls RAYS ]IF Fo, " E. E. RICHARDSON | M ILLARD Do NETTLES SAM CARTER Or 5uperhstandemt of Education MRS. H, B. McGEItEE JOSEPH N, MILLER R ]PEARL STUART ANDERSON MR& JULIA MATHIS 1mrrlm', Second District NOLAN S. CAGE V. T. WARD. Suporvi0or, Fifth DiItr; T. G. BROWN L. MURRAY. W. T. SMITH ZECUT/VE COMMITTEE WILL HOLD MEETING. of the Democratic Committee of-this county to meet at the court WoodviHe at 11 o'clock on morning, July 24th. qhis is an important one and a embership should be present. ROBERT LEWIS, Chairman. J.  WHETSTONE, Secretary, d i, editor of The Win is now engaged in making of the tate in his race of stato, and we are be able to report that he : strength each day. Wood honor to our state as it weeks from next s primary election in this m wilt be held, but despite this  everything is exceedingly uiet ly and nO fuss and feathers et developed. My, what a i for the better from only a w - O' ' be outer homo county on the dataof the primary election on 7th you should not fat to advantage of the opp0rtunitT the absent voter's ticket offe may secure one of thes applying bo the circu 1 fellow who can never see any the dark ide and who never himself certain- of means else. Look fellow a te what an excellent oye, -o e than twice as many immi- who arrived in the United dating the fisca! year which June 80th went to the South n the previous year, aceording ,wee given out by the depart- of labor, This was, however,  due to the heavy influx of into Texas, ca correspondent to the • ,.stimates that there will ately four thousoad san. will  participate in the primary, and that they ],robably one-half million •  majority of this number zi th def ; and disappoint- k s cot them will mount travels all over was in the new he be a un-off wRh is :he second Conner Women the first day of not assessable, for , that all same of age after Febrear , and Who became over age to that date, taxes for 1922. exempt . C01. L D.' Money, the eleventh-hour candidgte fO lieutenant, governor, i +coming in for very., little mention I with the state newspaper This ia +due to the fact tint the people had decided to .honor Dennis 2urphree with this eflee even before he had an opponent. John P. Davis, chancery clerk of Wayne county, was sentenced by the ctreutt court of Waynesboro to serve xteen months in the penitentiar on a charge of having appropriated to his own use certain funds when his office was on the salary basi Prob- ably 8 case of being too careless with money that belongcd to someone else. "Mike" Conner is hitting straight from the shoulder in dealing with Bilbo in his campaign. In the course of a recent address he said that he l was forced to apologize for mention- ing the name of the former governor, but said that the time has come to take the "Bill" out of Bilbo, and that when the call of decency and clean government demanded it, he is willing to skin an asylum skunk and to pick the feathers out of a jail bird. From such quotations it appears that the ampaign is warming up, but doubt. less Conner believes that the sbject justified such hit u , C - As reports are received from the various counties touching the regis- trifle, it eems probable that there may be as many as 240,000 men and women who have qualified themselves o vote in the primary election where all officers from governor to consta- ble-including members of the leg- islature--are to be nominated on August 7th. The highest primary vote ever cast in a Democratic pri- mary in Mississi.vpi was in the run-oft race between Stephens and Vardaman in 1922. In that primary there were 180,084 votes east, 95,311 being for Stephens and 86,153 being for Vat. daman.--Gloster Record. Sometimes the editor of a paper is criticised because some legitimate item of news has been omitted. The critics do not stop to remember that an editor is humanthat the Lord has only blessed him with one pair of eyes, with a like number of ears, with one tongue, two hands and a couple of feet, and that he is not even gifted with second sight. Add to that the limitation of only being a]51e to be in one place at a time, and you have a fair conception of the average editorjust a plain citizen like yourself. If you have a legiti. mate piece of news the editor of this paper will be sure to hear of it if you tell him. The other fellow may forget to do so.Yazoo Sentinel. o- And what has become of the old fashioned car driver who used to dim his glaring headlights when passing another auto Two or three years ago huge sums of money were spent in buying new lenses which were sup- posed to prevent glare. Every car had to be equipped with the new lense and it eerteinty sounded like a sensible idea. It worked satisfae. tortly to a degree, but the idea saems to lave been lost ght of. Headlights are more glaring than ever, and the custom of dimming has become a ost art.--Hattiesburg Citizen. The car driver who dims his lights now is rapidly gaining a place among those who are gone and forgotten. It is out of style to "dim" in this day nd time so why this discussion? Shut your eyes and get out of the I road, is the order of the day. t If you ----to do overnor Rus.,t sell's bidding just go to the polls and cast your bllot or Frankfin for governor; Robertson for revenue agent, and" Bond for superintendentl of education, if Fanklin is elected I you must know what influence the] present governor will have with his ] successor If we are to judge b the past, this infuence will notbe for the good of our state. If Robertson h elected we may "expect to see new industries (whicWgive employment to our labor and help build up the state) fight shy of Mi.%issippi, and the pres- ent recumbent wiL[ continue to pull down a salary practically equal to that of the president of the United Stata If Bond is re-elected state of education, by you keep your mouth shut the high cost of school books and always wear a smile while dig- ANNOUNCEMENT of Interest to MILLIONS of FAMILIES "1 will buiid a oar for the mulHtue" Said Henry Ford in 1903--Read how the fulfillment of that vrophecy i now made poibla through the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan For many years it has been Henry Ford's per. sonal ambition to make the Ford the universal car --to put it within the reach of the millions of people who have never been privileged to enjoy the bee fits of motor car ownership. During the past fifteen years over 7,500,000 Ford ears have been placed in the hands of retail customers--more than a millilon and a half of them within the past twelve months---and yet there are still millions of families who are hopefully looking forward to the day when they can own a Ford. And now the way is open. Under the terms of this plan you can select your Ford Car, set aside a small amount each week and you will be surprised how soon you will own it. In the meantime your money will be safely deposited to your credit where it will draw interest. Think it over. Five dollars will start an account. The whole family can participate in it- father, mother, brothcrs and sisters each doing a little. Why not start today. Stop in and talk it over with your local Ford dealer. He will be glad to fully explain the details of the plan and help you get started toward the ownership ofa Ford ea. Ford Motor Company, WOODVILLr M010R £0. THOS. A. ROLAND, JR., Manager. Authorized Ford Dealers. VOTERS FLOCKING TO THE PEO.[ PLE'S FEARLIS CHAMPION. I The tide has turned sad ia sweeping] the feld for Conner. The evideneea of this multiply day by day in ever- I increasing volume and convincingi ging down in your pockets for the dollam with which to buy the books for your children. Conner, Miller and Woodiey are the men who we be- lieve will fill these three offices for coming out more than conquerer and the best interest of the state, pursuing the even tenor of his way. I This completed mental picture be.I ing ever before him, he is alway8  It would be a great day for Mimic- rtad₯ with a complete and utisfac- • ippi if the ban of disapproval of tory answer. The people orolearning official persecution of capital should this just as fast as they come to know] be promulgated at the polht on the Corms:. seventh of August by the defeat of Study him and learn of him and you I Stokes V. Robertsen and the election will follow him, for he is the outatand-; of W. J. Miller as state revenue . • . , • ' mg cheapen of the people s cause m l agent. Such action would be an in, the pending campaign, however mueh' vitation to capitalists to invest in our factional candidates and their fac.] state and help develop our many tional friends may berate to the con-] natural resources which have remain. ] ed undeveloped on account of lack of trary.Ha Amerlcan" ] capital and initiative. It would be There isn't any way of figuring! an invitation to thrifty farmers of Bilbo's election by the application of i other sections to come here and buy our lands and become citizens I and any sane political rule or reason. In] the first place, ff you figure Bilbo in occupy the waste places, and he p u the second race at all, you have to I bear the burden of taxes which our minimize Franklin's strength far be- I investments in good roads, etc., have low reason. Then if Bilbo should fo made onerou Mr. Robertson ha!int O a second it would be with Whit. been able to wage a vigorous cam- 1 field or Conner, and either one can paign, and has a very seductive al peal to the voter who neglects to beat him in a walk.--Ruleville Record analyze motives. Mr. Robertson is The editor of The Repuhliean san- the rich "poor nn's friend." .He not imagine how it will be possible ,for Bilbo to get into the kcond has gotten rich Y eoIleeng Dark J primary, so we are not giving ourself taxes from corporations and individu-  any uneasiness along that score. We als, many of which did not know that: have too much confidence in the vat" they were violating the law. And et of Misstppi, and specially in if he is re-elected and permitted£o the thousands of women who will paw continue to operate this "revenue office as a parasite on the corporate ticipate in the approaching primary, interests which seek to do business in to even try to imagine that there is Supt. F. B. Woodley, candidate foe State Superintendent of Education. has submitted some very interesting and instructive questions to the Bond Campaign H%adquarter and to the people of Mississippi. The ]ue& tions relate to Bond's connection with the present high prices of textbooks paws Y. This is easy of explanation. Con-! the kicking of Whitfield out of the ner is clean of life. He has a con-+Smte Woman's College by Russel.  structive program. The architect hi and his bunch, the juggling with Uni- a complete picture of the great struc- versity Funds, and the withholdin ture in his mind before the first of part of the Equalizing Fund. Ul shovel of dirt is removed for the to this time the Bond answer consist foundations. So with Conner in of a statement to the effect tha statecraft. He has studied the state Woodley for four months iu 1922 and its institutions in every detail, (two years after the adoption of and has in his mind's eye every piece textbooks) was engaged in an hones of legislation and every reform nec- effort to make a living by seltin" esxy to make the state government[ booka Uulem the most "progressive" a model for an independent and liber- superintendent in America can find ty-loving people, a better answer to the questions sub. Every effort has been made to be-I mitted, we are inclined to believe cloud this picture in Conner's mind I that the people on August 7th wil! --to sidestep the issues--but he has t decide that Bond is the best "atfu been as true to this picture and to dodger" in Ameriea.Exchange. his purpose as the needle to the pole. He i informing the people of his There is no one so contemptible program, and being informed, the as he who goes about whispering lie." people are rllying to his standard, i and scandals. When a man approach- --ner has ,itehe is camnain es you and begins to whisper me ' let him know that you do not appre. propos to be the servant of all thc' " people. He is unpurchasable. He elate such talk.--Jasper County News cannot be swerved from the line of 1 duty his enlightened conscience tells l "OVER THE HILL " him is best for the people as a whole. I The popular William Fox produe- His pition and record have been[ misrepresented by over-zealous op- ponents at times, but he has always l refuted such misrepresentations,' the state it will hinder the state's de. velopment by just the length of his term.--,Fayette Chronicle. Stokes Robertsen, who went into the office which he now holds as u poor man, is now reveling in wealth while dwtng a salary which is only a+little le than that paid to the ,pres. ident of the United States. An_d still heis posing as the 'poor man s friend." e fully endoso the above zrom owe  eonfrere, The be in our voi any chance of Bilbo ever again hold- ing the office of governor. Just watch Whitfield and Conner run it out in the second primray and see Coner corn- out first with a goodly majority. That's a prediction that is coming true. _   f P S. Hall, editor and owner o The Hattiesbur Weekly iHzn. has sJd his paper to Rev. C. F. Hoffman, who will edit it in future. Editor Hall was a eIear and forceful writer and his paper was always welcome on our exchar table, so necessarily we re- tion, will be given at the Picture Theatre in Centreville on next Mon- day evening, July 23rd, at 8 o'clock, for the the benefit of the Civic League. This is one of the best and most popular picture on te screen today, so be sure to see it. Admis- sion 25e and 50e. PICNIC NEX-T "W'NESDAY. We have been requested to give notice that a big public picnic will be given at or near the under-wuter bridge at the Carry ford in the third district on next Wednesday, July 25. Everybody is most cordially invited to come and bring well-filled beket and enjoy a delightful day. Candi- dates are especially invited and all who wish to do so will be given an opportunity to address the voters. . BIG KU KLUX BARBECUE. Representatives of the Ku Klux K_lans of Centreviile, Gloater, Liberty and Woodville met at Gloater Mow day evening and made arrangements to hold a big joint barbecue of the four Klans at Centreville on Thurs- day, August 16th. This promises to be one of the largest, if not the largest, gathering of the kind ever held in this section, and a cordial invitation will be issued to the public to attend. Further notice and de tait. will be give in future. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. The annual meeting of the Boar of Education of Wilkinson county] will be held in the office of the county suverintendent on Monday, July 30, 1923. Meeting to be called to order it 10 o'€lock  m. 7-21-1923-2w. JNO. C. DAY, Supt STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. To Overton Travis: You +are comnde to appear be- fore the chancery court of the eounT of Wilkinsan, in said state, on the first Monday of September, A. D. 1923, to defend the suit in said sour] of Rhoda Trav, wherein you are de- from the nro- tt new editor * * • • • a * • • • *t * *[ * LATEST AND BEST • • An Increasing, Lifelong Monthly * • Income if Totally and Perma, * * neatly Disabled by Accident or • * Disease Before Age of 60. * e * The Mutual Life lusurance * * Company of New York • * $100 a month during first five • * years, $150 during next flea • * year, $200 thereafter for life. • * No further premium deposits. • * And then $10,000 at your death • * to your beneficiary," or $20,000 * * if death at any age, is accidental, • * payable in a single sum, or as • * income for a term of years or for * * life. Total disability lasting 3 *. * months regarded, during further * * continuance, as permanent. • * Full particulars of this Perfect • * Life Insurance Policy given • • upon request. • # * ABE COHEN, Agent for • * Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y. * * Woodville, Miss. * * • • * • • • • • • • IT'S WORTH THE MONEY Tourfng Oar PRICE $525 Delivered in Woodvilla. Equipped with self-starter and demountable rims. LEONARD (Willy) WOOD Sales Aleut, WOODVILLE, MISS. * , _ ,* Cumbo's Grocery! Woodville, Miss. The Store where you can get what you want, when you want tt and always at the right price. D. L. Gumbo. 'T i ' --- I III I lteullwood Mark’i E. M. KEE, Manager, Woodvillo, . . . Miis41pp; TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting, fishing, trapping or otherwise treslmssin on any la.n& owned by the undersigned is strietl prohibited under penalty of the law. 8-6-2 ly W.L. FERGUSON. NOTICE. Bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkin.on county. Missiippi, up to 1I o'clock a. m., on the first Monday, the 6th day of August, 1923, to rebuild bridge across Mud Creek at R. N. Bryant's in fifth dirict according to specifica. tions on file. Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. -This llth da'y of July, 1923, W. L. HAYS, Clerk. 7.14-Z923-4w. NOTICE. Bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson county. Mississippi, up to 11 o'clock a. m., on the first Monday, the 6th day of August, 1923, to work the following roads in the fifth distct for a term of one year commencing August 1st, 1923, and ending August 1st. 1924: Sims, C. N. McCraine, Silver Creek and Crooked Creek roads, contractor to keep all ditches open and roads in good traveling condition. Board re- serves the right to reject any and all bids. This llth day of July. 1923. W. I HAYS, Clerk. 7-I4-I923-4w. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. To eli pern having or claiming any interest in the land in Wilkinson County, State of MissLppi, de- scribed as Lot 10 Section 21, Town- ship 4, North, Range 2, West, (Ex- eeptiug the Pine timber standinff, growing and being on said Lot 10) and Lot 1 Section 36, Township 4, North, Range 2, West; To all persons having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in the land before described; To all persons having or claiming any interest in the foRowing deserib. ed land, sold for taxes on the 4th day of JUne, A. D. 1876, viz. : Lot 1 Sec- tion 36, Township 4, Range 2, W., Experience --OUR OFFICERS AND DIRE TaRS ARE BUSINESS MEN, AND BANKERS OF THE WIDEST POb $1BLE EXPERIENCE, ---CAPABLE MANAGEMENT, Ab A DESIRE TO SERVE THE DF.J$. ITOR MOST EFFICIENTLY, ARE OME OF THE BI(I REASONS] WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE THI BANK YOUR BANK. START AN ACCOUNT HrJ WITHOUT DELAY, AND TIg ADVANTAGE OF OUR SUPERIOIS- BANKING SERVICE. WE PAY FOUR PE/ CENT TEREST ON YOUR MONEY. C0mmerci00l Member American Banker's Aociatie. WOODVILLE, - ..... A FULL LINE OF Fancy and Staple DELMOMTE AND LIBBY CANNED CANNED VEGETABLES AND MEAT MACARON I, SPAGHE'FI'I, ALMEDA PURE C.OUD CoFFEK in 3-11uu[ tlm AND A General Line Dry SHOES, HATS, ETC. AUGUST METZGER Woodville, Mississippi ::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5.0000ART E N THE REXALL DRUG YOU ALWJYS GET THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, AT IHE RIGHT PRICES, AND WHEN YOU wANT IT, WHEN YOU BUY FROM TH REXALL DRUG STORE. WE HERE TO SATISFY OUR CUSTOI ERS ALWAYS, AND WE DO IT, A R T E THE REXALL DRUG sTOgl R. Jk. J. SESSION6?I Spring Showers of Bargains Begins July 14th AND LASTS FOR TEN DAYS- R. A. J, SE Range 2, W., Wilkinson County, Mis. dadppi | To all unknoqm lrtlas in fnt. eat; To ttnknown heirs of Charle Smith Beach, deeead; unknown helm of Ches. S. Beech, deeeast 39.50 aere; To all persons having or unknown heirs of Cha Beeh, de. any interest in the fol]owlng ceased; L. B. Harris; ed land, sold for taxes on the let day All of utd persona known and . fendant, of Avril. A. D. ]918, vial: Lot 10 known, are defendants in a suit o Thi 14th day of July, A. D. 192S. Section 21, Township 4, Range 2, W., E. B. Rob|nson and L. B. Robinson. .4wt+. W. L.-HAY, Clerk. and Lot 1, Sedtion 36, Towhlp 4, to €onrn5 md qdi their titl4 to the land remove Y.u fore the fr 1925, [eai.] 6.30-19g -4w"