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July 16, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 16, 1898

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0h'tlI lJltbhalL NEGRO RE(;IMENTSND' SUB- 8turday, July 16. J. S. LEVIS, Editor aatl Proprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. TIlE ,'VOODVlbLE IIEPUBLICAN tS Ilia oldest newspaper in the State; has  hu-ger ona fide circulation than any other newspaper iu this section; therefore . is The Best Atnrtisiu00 lldiuz, hbertism II000r this in ilinl, i O, NNOUNCEMENT. FoR CONGRESS. To the Voter of the Sixth Congres- sional District : Believing timt an iuyestigation of rny record iu Congress will show that | bare discharged my duty, actively, faithfully and efficiently; that I have kept all pronnses and broken no party pledges, I therefore am encouraged to again solicit the support of my constituency for re-election and here- by announce my candidacy, subject to tim action of the Democratic party of the Sixth District of Mississippi. Very Respectfully, W. F. LOVE. wJl/ AS IT SItOULD BE. Judge Stephens was defeated or Congress at the special elec- tion in the second distrmt by Mr. 8pight, Judge Stephens was, and still is, a circuit judge. While gripping tenaciously his judicial office he reached out greedily after the position of congress- man. Time was in this State, and throughout the South, when our judges refused to belittle the judicial position by engaging in political struggles. The judicial ermine was scrupulously preserv- ed from the influences which sur- round political contests. In con- sequence of this devotion to their high official functions and the best interests of the people; of th, respect that judges had for themselves and their duties, which they felt should be outside and above the influences of poll- It is very remarkable that the IDress of the counLry, especially of the South, has not entered a stronger protest against the further incorpo- ration of negro troops into the army. With the exception of a few positive and thoughtful journals the press has been silent as to this negro- phobia streak in the present nerve- less, boneless, mushy Administra- tion. Every thinking man knows that the cost of each individual soldier to the government is considerable, that P, is the duty of the War Department to enlist in the army the best men possible, that there'ia a superabun- dance of white men anxmus to go into the army, and that the colored races are not tim equals of the white race as soldiers any more than they are its equals in other walks of life, as all hmtory proves, sad never will be, as ethnologyong ago demonstra- ted. The fact is not dmputed by those who know the race, that a picked body of negroes, aeleetecl with care from knowledge of the individual, properly officered and drilled and disciplined severely, would make efficient soldier. Such a body so longas ucees followed our arms would do well, but if retreat and disaster came, the supreme test of a soldier, from our knowledge of the race and its characteristics, we know that negro troops would not act like white troops. The indlviJual inde- pendence, character, spirit, endur- ance, pride of race and power of self control, which has marked the Cau- casian, and especially the Anglo- Saxon, through all its history would be sadly and most positively lack- ing. It ts needless for us to say here that we have no prejudice against the negro. We have been raised among them and know them, and like every decent white man who has been so raised have for the race a most kindly feeling. On this ae- coaut we protest against their beiug forced into a position for which they are unsu|ted by nature, unless ne- cessity demanded It. WAR NE WS. Under the first threat of hom- bardment of Santiago by Shafter the Spamsh Commamler sent through the American lines non- combatants estimated at 18,000, most of them women and chil- dren, who assembled mostly at El Caney and who though reliev- ed as far as posmble by the army and the Red Cross, have suffered fearfully, some starwng, and others dying from the terrible ex- posure to the tremendous rains which set in, after days of clear weather, about the 10th. Trans- portatmn was rendered next to impossible. TIIE YELLO1V FEVER. Our troops were drowned out in the trenches and sickness nat- urally increased on the front, while in the rear a considerable number of the drivers and men of the quartermasters depart- meet, who had been conve:ing supplies to the refugees from Santiago, are reported as attack- ed with yellow fever of a mild type. Theyhave been isolated promptly and it is hoped the troops will escape the contagion. Siboney was burned as a precau- tionary measure GeE. Miles got to the front on the 12th and the troops were glad to see him. This is well as the country will be glad he has found something to do. He is bound to prove an improvement on Shafter. The Asssociated Press on 12th explicitly reported a con- versation with GeE. Miles which said that he would not take com- mand of the army, all of which the General confirmed the next day by taking command and send- ing the following dispatch : Playa del Este, July la.--Secretary of War: At, a meeting between the lines, at which General Shafter and General Wheeler apantsh General loral were presentr1[latter claimed that he Is unable to act without au- thority of his government, but has received authority to withdraw and surrender harbor ports, munition of war and the eastern portion of Cuba. Ile urgently requests until tomorrow, at noon, to receive answer from his government regarding offer of our tics, the people had greater re- spect for the judicial positron and thedecisisns of the courts than they now have. In the case of this judge in the second congressional district other influences are said to have been m, "_e potent in effecting his defeat than the fact that he low- ered and abused his judicml posi- tion by tarrying it with h/m into a political canvass, instead of resigning his judgship in a manly way and taking his chances of an election to eongress. Still, we may hope that the views traced above may have had some influ- ence towards encompassing his defeat. Ilow can this judge, or any judge, after the acrimony engendered through his district by a hot political contest in which he was engaged, return to the bench without personal feeling and prejudice for and against citizens who may and must ap- pear in his courts. If the people in this State do not now fully appreciate the im- propriety of this sort of conduct on the part of their judges, it is very certain they will do so when the matter receives the considera- tion at their hands that it should :rose/vs. Judge Longino tried the Stephens plan, or Stephens followed the Longino precedent m the third congressional district two years ago, and was defeated as he and every judge should be under like circumstances. Chan- cellor Hill in this district announ- eedat one time that he would cppose Mr. Love for Congress this year but reconsidered. Whether he would have resigned his. office before going into pohttcs of course we do not know. We may at least hope "that he would have done so. Meanwhile it behooves the peo- plein their own intelest to rap every judicial head that obstrudes itself into polities. The promises, pledges and alleged trading {that has been going on in this State for the last two years m judicial offices unquestionably has been When Mr. McKinley took advan- government to send his forces to Spain which was granted. rage of the law authorizing ten ira- MILES, Major Genl. Commanding. muneregiments and proceeded to organize negro regiments, it was clearly a political move. When he and his one-horse Secretary of War, Alger, authorized the creation of negro company officers the old Black Republicanism in them asserted it- self in a most astonishing and reck- less manner Those men knew that they were introducing a most dis- turblng and demoralizing element into the army, and besides were re- ducing the efficiency of the compa- nies so officered to the very lowest point. Beyond doubt the social equality so dear to the heart of some Republicans, when the negro is at a distance, also influenced blessrs Mc- Kinley and Alger. When President McKinley reques- ted Congress to authorize the en- listment of twenty-five thousand more negro troops, under the plea that they would be necessary in the tropics to save the white troops, he pilled it on a little too heavy even for a Republican Congress. That body adjourned without camplying though McKinley button-holed vari- ous and sundry Senators and Repre- sentatives. The next House no doubt will be Republican but we do not believe such a measure if it should pass there would ever pass the Senate. Instead it is likely that the.demoralizing element whmh has been so gratmtously introduced into the army would be corrected if the pawer lay in the Senate to do so. The press of the country should settle this questton by demanding that the best possible material only be placed in our military and naval service. Gem T. C, Catchings was re-nom- inated for Congress in the primary elections of the Third District on Monday by several hundred majori- ty. Up to Thursday two of the countie% Sharkey and Issaquena, concededto Mr. Henry and under the control of his friends, had per- sistently held back the returns from their primaries, while the other eount|es seem to have given out the returns promptly. Coneealmen in such cases generally means some. thing. It may not ia this ease of course. We hope it does not, but it has a nasty look on the face of it, The arrival of re-enforcements allowed the extension of both wings of the army, until on 13th the city was reported as complete- ly invested to the water, north and south, rendering the retreat of such Spanish forces as are in the city impossible, except by crossing the harbor. Though why the Spanish general should have remained in the town against an army that could be strength- ened at will after Cervera left the harbor, would only have been occasioned by orders from supe riors who did not appreciate the true condition, for the Spanish generals, Linares who is wounded and Toral who succeeded him, have shown themselves resolute an skillful officers. The heavy rais have made very difficult theznoving to the front of the six light batteries under Col. Randolph which arrived on 12th. Richard tIarding Davis on 13th writes that the surgeons declare that the drugs they have for hos- pital use are old and most of them worthless. This is on a par with the delay and shoddy goods fur- nished the troops by the Quar- termaster Department, which it is to be hoped will receive a con- gressional mvestigation promptly in December. Davis also says: "The arrival of the artillery, com- bined with the coming of Gem Miles, has cau.*eu great rejoicing. In spite of the dismal effects of the hurricane, everyone knows that nnder General Miles, in the words of De Wolf 11el- per, there will be "less etiquette and more hustle," that there will be fewer roeessions of the white flag to ask ow the enemy feels now and more shrapnels and bullets." It is reasonable to believe that the city was assaulted at noon on Thursday, as it seemed evident that there would be no surrender. The position we have occupied on the Spanish right should render the taking of the fortifications and the city clparatively easy, If the attack was made when in- tended no doubt Santiago is now in our possession. DEWEY IS _4. DAISY. demoralizing. But this eondi- ----,,*-.-- - At a meeting of the Democratic tton la temporary as the peotfie .... have become alive to the state of] Executive Committee of Wdkmson , County held In Woodvllle on July affairs and a ill end it ,as soon as .... . ....  llth, it was moved and carried that opportumty orders. non raeyt ........ .... . . |a mass meeting or the citizens Ot also may expect a mgner respec . [Wilkinson Count' be called to meet in their judges for the positions/in Woodville on Saturday July 23rd thc occupy. [to elee delegates to the District - "Convention to be held in Centreville The situation at Manila on the 7th was unchanged except for a further development of German interferance. The Insurgent leader, Aguinal- do, on 6th sent an armed steamer to the Isla de Grande, in Subig bay, to capture the island, where- - """ .... | on August 3rd. upon the German cruiser Irene in- f Motion was made and carried that tervened and woukt not allow the Henry Gibson, white, was hanged F. A. Leak, Jas. H. Walker and W. capture of the Spaniards. The Tuesday in the court yard at Missis- C. Miller he recommended as Corn- following dispatch shows that the stppi City for the murder of an aged missioners of election. couple. Mr. and Mrs. I'arkhurst, at R.M. McGmmE, Chin's. country never had a' better man Bikxi. C, W, Dxv, ec'ty. pro telli, ih the right place than Admiral' LEON E00wa00n Me[lens, Eol]e,e SCiI.WARTZ & NEYLAHD, i WOOD FILLE, IISS. Wdl Ooen its 37th Annual Sess/oq $oM 7th 1898  Main Street, WOODVILLE, , Thoroughly equipped for work in the de'p'artnarents o; " Music, Elouuti0n, English Mathematics, Sciences   Special facilities for the study of Music, Elocution, .  English and Mathenultics. "  line, and ou lae S/ocY is ahvays . ,Tho*..:,,:do'sho,,s,,,.,ho,,,Uo,M,. ,,h,u.o..,he J /:ept/'esh and complete. We keep l-rlnlar,t...I , , IMI(I it o( rg LrlJ3t )t' ) ,l'llt tl Is |. , ,, or)l,lt '] t( lie ..........  re disown, :lill-' '  m  i .... lebulldlngsarenew ,,,,, ',,..,,ol,ous.., .e,r,, ro.,lr ,.,d.,,,.,1  also a ftdl stoe] ---- ,.f D"-- oodo  vtth all the comfo,'ts of a refined ],(row P'tree|s h'ving daughters to edu- }  ettwln do well to confer ,vit, h .... before s'iitiig elsewhere ....  tiolzs, etc. "O Catalogue and Terms, address, -,, MISS GEOROIA SWAXSO, Pres, Woodville, Mis ' New goods arriving daily. I h; Dewey : Washington, ,Tu]y 13.The navy de- partment has received from Admiral Dewey the following dispatch: "Aguinaldo informs me his tronps have taken all of Subie bay. excvpl isla Grands and which he was pre- vented from taking by the German man-of-war Irene. On July 7 the Raleigh and Concord went there: they they took the island and alou1300 men, with arms and ammunition. No resistance. The lrene retired from the bay on their arrival. I shall send tbe Boston to cape En- sane about July 16 to meet the secon(1 army detachment. It is n()t pract.ica- ble to send to Guahan. :No transport vessels available." Commodore Watson will sail for the coast of Spain with a stronger fleet than was first in- tended. If his operations are successful in destroying merchant v . - Itlle officers and find county every thing correct and no delinquences to report, We have concluded our labors and beg to return our thauks to the court and all its officers with whom we have had business, for kindness showu us and assistance given us, au:t haW resl)ecthdiy ask to be final ly dicl,arged. R. M. MCGEUr:u. Foreman. Ih,:xnr lonxsoN, Secretary. PROCEEDINGS of tlae Board of Sllperwisol'a rIIE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI,} VIr, KINSON COUNTY. t Be it remembered that at a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of said County began and held at the Court House in the town of ships and blockading ports there Woodvilie, said County on the 1st Monday, being the 4th day of will be peace talk in earnest very July a: D. 1898. shortly. The expedition to Porto Rico is expected to sail on the fall of Santiago. FARMER'S INSTITUTE. It is proposed to imhl a Farmer's Institute at Centreville on Aug. 4tlt. to which all ate cordially invited. "['he object hardly need be slated fertilizers, forage crops, grasses and cultivation '111 be discussed. The attendance of Professors Lee, Hutcliinson, Morgan and others is expected. There will t)e a barbecue also and those who attend the meet- ing wilt receive the royal and hospi- table attention for which the peoph of that section are noted. We hope and do not doubt that the Institute will be a success in every way and of much resulting benefit, tlon. J. A. Redhead hasurilten us an inter- esting communication upon the sub. leer which will be found in another column Now we want to know; we would PRESENT. L. T Ventress. President. Jas D. Cage, I.A. Carter. members. J'As. [. SESSIONS, Sh'ff C A. COON. Clem. The present roll for the year 1898 having been this day submitted by W Ll[ayscountyassessor. It is order- ed that the same be received and filed. Ordered that the clerk advertise for bids to stipple blank b,,oks, slationery etc, for the county for two years from July 1st 1898, Ordered that the following report be spread on the minutes: llaving inspected the bridge reco, nt- lyputup near]I TSharp's place we the undersigned hereby certify that said brMge is constructed of good material and in accordance with spe- cifications so far as we were able to judge. L.T. Tentress, C. T. Vetterville. All members voted yea for the al- lowance of the following accounts: L T Ventress 2,days inspecting bridge .................... $-i 00 C T Netterville 2 days inspecting bridffe ..................... 4 00 C E Catchins M I), :services for ..................... 16 50 Miss Clara Walker support pau- pers June .................. 17 50 F A Leak repairing bridge ...... 21 00 Cornclia Wilson.* support of pau- per 5 days ................. 3 75 like for some enterprising lelloa' (?harliaGreen hurving pauper..5 75 citizen to rise and explain why tim K F Johnson registering voters.90 00 people of this part of the county should no follow the example of Centrevillc! There is no law, we believe, against the display of a lP, tle activity and enterprise by the people of the county outside of the Thtrd District. Why not have a Rousing Farmer's Meeting of one or two days duration during our County Fair--A Farmer's Iustitute at which stock, crops, fer- tilizers and cultivation will be so discussed as to interest and instruct everybody. .Doubtless the Professors of the Ed IIavnes support as pauper .... 3 00 I[arriet Wyatt ..... ' .... 5 00 E Anderson " " " .... 2 00 []othschild & Bro, mdse for pauper .................... 1 25 Jo.eph Johnson posta_. 2 50 o .  ....... oodvflle ltepubhcan pub pro- ceedings, School and Rag- istrafio, )tices .......... 52 20 Grenada Sentinel Stationery for circuit clark ............... I8 25 A E Stuart conveying prisoner to jail ......................... 1 50 [ S;llnuc] ]0 Ibs nails ............ 40 Jno RSmith buihlin, bridge..92 00 Lewis , Sehloss printing health eerlificatcs ................. 3 00 Wcttlin & llickey lime aud brush 2 40 P Kleeber winding town el,ck..6 25 O A Coon clerk, postage etc from Dec '97 to July 98 .......... 8 30 purchased a la-rge stock of Dry goods, Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping t icles, Hats Shoes &c. in New Yo all of which I propose to sell at so low that it will be to your interesl to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. PEETR MOLLER .' No. 5 Night Train Leaves Memphis, " " Vicksburg " " " " " Ceutrovil[e ........ Arrives New OrJeans No, 6, Night Train leaves New orleans 7;55 pm "-6:10 am 6:16 am 10: 5.m 4:20 pm " Cen trevillo 8:35 pm " " " " " Vicksburg lh50 plat " " '' " arrive s Momphls 7:10 am No. 21 Day Train Leaves Viek;;bt., 8 am" ........ arr/ve Next, Orleans 5:30 pm. No. 22 Day Traiu leaves New Nrleaus 8:05 am ........ arrives Viclcsburg, . 5:55 p,._ Train runs daily except Sunday. " No, 7.'11 leaves Woodvillo " " leaves ]ayou Sara '' " arrives RJanRhter No. 722 loav,, Slan'hter am ll:10 am 12:'20 pm " " " x'on ,q:trn I ;/0 m .... arrive. Woo,lville 2:.5 n 4:15 pm The only Line rnnning .qntil Traii:s be,voon L'Ylel'rlI')hl and NeW Ol'leaIl Carrying elegant Pullmau Buffet Sleepiu Oa - " suring Passo-gers a s)e . . .g rs In both directions. " th For/gates, 1/t,,sl,e (ly and, e?mfo*tab!e journey. " "rL-2 :-', apl)ty o Agents or ad'rss Die. Pass'r Agt, li;MlII IS * I'ENNESSE]g. A. T. BENEDICT. {ANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER IN 00arriagas, garts, FarmWag0ns, Harness daent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOII0 WA(]0N8 Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LIGHTEST RUNNING WAGON Made. Agent for FgAZ[Eg ROAD and SPEEDING CAi{T, whie are great favorites among Horsemen Agricultural College who will be at J 5[ Sessions shff, jail fees .... 30 30 C A Coon clerk ex-officio services AGENT FOR THE Chas RDaysnndries to school..9 2f) ........ to jail ...... 13 25 Y n .... :' ' to poor house 2 90 Themost exten" u ctnrers of ' F uoingin the Uaitedtttat$l Geullcmen I have to report four prisoners in jail. two hehl iu default Particular attention paid to re-covering and rigging of bond to appear before grand jury and two county S00ld les. Jas. M" Sessious, Shff.  Aft work done promt)tl;- and at Reasonable rates. Ordered that IIm members, sheriff Woodville, Miss., Sept 1891 tf and clerk draw their mileage and per dime as folh)ws: ...................  - - r , oe, o4,oe oe, oooe, o4o e 4,oeo4,o4 m LTentresslday6 m ........ $4 65 f I) Cage l d'ty 14 t,t ............ ,5 4o .. A woman's best A Carter 1 day 19m ..... 5 90 JMSessiousshff t day ........ 200 i  f c a coo,, c00e,k day" ........ 00 riend is her 00o.ow I , , adiourn nntil next regnlar meeting. L. T. VENTUESS, President. sew|n* ma e, s,,ow,.o ,,,e o, .,e | Wheeler & Wilson No 9 FIouseofEdw. Aaron "of Woodville. ]Miss. I on June 30tJ 1898. Published by direction of Z,. l4l : has withstood ever Chaplr 14 of Annotated Code of 1892.  /  y te. and RESOURCES. given universal satisfaction in [a3an8 ,'tnd dlscounLs on person:tl ell- - dorsements,'real etatcor collateral 9   every respect. Rotary motion see.,'ttles ........................... 0.7. ss   ! and ball bearings make it Overd,.:m .... cu,.(,d a,,d u,,seeu,ed... ,.,l. o7 . " i .s,,.F I [|"'--' noiseless, ratid , durable and Stocks and Bonds ....................... 11.6:O 50 Real Estute. Furniture and Fixtures. 2.';17 50 ! ILI_ ,TsyrHT/)Tinff. nilt for ny ExDens(,s" ............................... 1,105 (;3 SigqtcExhangeandCaho,l ltand.., s.75;l:lti    kind of household or art work. Total .............................. :.910t, t   Old machines taken in ex- LIABILITIES.    --- : change. Write for catalog i  ,-1 I and price list. entreville, ill I) engaged in col- legiate work in October, but one or more of them could be spared for several days and the same applies to those of Louisiana. And outslde of these there are other authorities on economms and larming who could and would attend if adequate efforts were made to induce them to do so A barbecue, with reduced admission to the Fair 3rounds, or free admis- sion, with speakers such as Prof. Stubbs of La., wouht bring together a great assemblage and much good would resulL Meanwifile we hope as manyo! the people from this section as pos- sible will attend, the Institute at Centrevilleon 4th prox., as the:)' will not fail to be instructed aud have a good time besides. REPORT OF GRAND "JURY, To the Hen, W. P. Cassidy, Judge of the 6th Judicial |District 'bf the State of Mssmsippi including the County o[ Wilkinson : Capital Paid in ....................... $10.000 Of) Surplus ................................. 5.009 00 Und|vldcd Pro|it.s .................... 6,9(il N Your Grand Jury empaneled at h,divldual DepoMLs subjecL to choc1,{;3.949 41 ] and for this term of the Circuit Court Toted ............................ $ 8,0 --- [ of Wilkinson County, beg'leave to owae rovz,MOVN or'(,.ssamscorNTs. ] submit this :heir final report. We To Offteers of the Bank ............... Noihin,,. have been in session 3 days and have To Directors of the Bank ........... Nothin found and presented to the court 8 To Stock]folders of the Bank ......... Nothing. I, E(iw. Aaron of Edward Aaron Bank, of true bills of indictment. We have Woodvllle, MississippL do hereby terrify tha examined 44 witnesses and ignored 6 the foregoing {s a. true. full and exact state- mentnf the Assels Illld Liabiliti[s of s;tid cases, 2 referred to next grand jury Bank on the day and tlat, named therein, as and 4 referred to Justice of Peace. shown by the books of same. We have made a careful and patient investigation into all violations of the law reported to us or otherwise com- ing to our knowledge and are pleased to report that crime in tins county has been reduced to a minimum an the small number of bills found and presented by us evidences the fact that the criminal court will have little to do. We have examined the county jail and find it safe and well kept and prisoners confined therein Well treated. Wc have examined th0 books of EDW. AARON. Sworn to and subsern)edbefore ,he Cllan- cery Clerk ln and for tho County of Wilkin- son. MIsMMppl, this, Lhe 2rid day of July 1898. C. A. COON. Chancery Clerk. Examined and found correct. W. D. IIOL1)ER. Auditor. This 2nd day of July 1898 NOTICE TO TIESPAbSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my lands known as the Gihlart tract, the Lt, herty tract and Fleet traet, about 1 mile norlh-east of Wooddlle uudcr l)cialty of the law I,". F. BE T. We want a reliable repres..ntative in every town MOHEY FOR A00EHTS : i. thi gtate, A splendid money making cha.e. t rite us ahout it. -- :o: T. Dumas Co., Ltd., (]eneral Agents, - - - New Orleans. O@0@@4O@@4@0 @O TRESPASS NOTICE. IIunti,g or otherwise trespassing on the McMauus, Farish and Bowling Green places ]s strictly prohibited un- der penalty o[the law. All former permissiov s revoked. R. M. McGEIIEE. J. It. PENDLETON. Sept. 4, 1896-tf NOI'ICE. The pul)lie are hereby notified that Hulv. tng is I)rohiltited ou the Sur- ged,e, Etmwood, Belleview and Gel de n I'lantations. b ,o AH former l)ermllare here 3' re yoked. (;HAS. COIIEN. Nuv. 20 1897-If Skin Diseases. For the speedy and permanent [mro o ,rer, salt rheum and eczema, Cham- oerlain's Eye and Skin Ointment la without an equal. It relieves the itch- ing and smarting Imost ir its continued use effects a cure. It also cures itch, scald head, sore nipples. chapped hands, chronic sore eyes granulated lids. ' Dr. Cady's Condition Powders for horses are fhe best tonic, blood mdvermifuge. Price, 25cents. G, K'AI,MO,: