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July 16, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 16, 1898

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VOL. LXXIII. WOODVILLE, MI00S., SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1898. NO. 5. DR BRISl0[8 I[RMON An Eloquent Discourse in Response tthe President&apos;s Request for Thanksgiving and Prayer. [HE MIRACULOUS BECOMES OBSOLETE, l the teachers who are placing in ear hnnds the lnvluclble, All'Conquering Veapon of Trnth, Who at,' bestowing upon tbisrenerati(m tl:e power, tlle omnipotence of knowledge. .When we compare our American 12 per cent. of ii- literacy withSpain's 75 pr cent. of Illiteracy, we boldly say the schoolnt;t;ters won the bat- tl' of Manila. aud tlle battln of Santiago no less than th3 battle of Sadowa. "Yc shall know the truth." said the Christ. "anl the trutl shall make you free. . %VO are %Yltnesslng tile Victories of Trutlt in passing events. It is trlh--the ira h of great convictions, the tru h of a splendid cour- age. the truth of free American manhood, the truth of wise ant pfftr eli" tegiMaton, the truth of naval and military disciplin . the truth There is ]No Chance0 No Accident, :No Fate of scientific warfare, the truth o[ eorrec strat- --"Tit, e XVlnd and the Waves Are Al- ways on tile Side of the Ablest avl- galore--Nature's Sympathy for Strug- gling Mortals. VAsnlO't'ON, July 11. YEsterday was a day of thanksgiving and prayer in the nation's capital. The presi- dent's recent proElamatiou was foe lowed by patriotic uttcrauces from many pulpits. Prayers were offered for an,early eonsmnmation. In nearly every church where the proclamation bad suggested the topic of the sermon, pecial music of patriotic character was rendered, many of the services closing with the hymu "A merlea." President IeKlnley, ns usual, attended the norning sere-  ices at the Metropolitan hi. E. elmrch. He went alone to the church, and was deeply impressed by the flue discourse dehvercd by the past0r. Rev. Frank Bristol D. I), Thcchurch wascrowdEd long before the services began. Scores of persons remained standing through- out, and many more went away unable to gain admittance. ffIr. DrlstoPs Sermon held the attention of his auditors from the first sentence to the last. At times his hearers were so thoroughly aroused by his patriotic utterances that topples of spontaneous applause swept ovcr the congregation. In part iris sermon fol- lows: Psalm 9: 1 : O, SlVd unto the Lardo uw son:L for lie bath done marvellous thin;s: ili right haul an3 His holy arm hath g )ties liim the victory. "'The poets anq heroJs whose songs an't deeds mad0 th3 old .tiu'ie spie ndi I" were pure en0nghofhartaal lar-e enoujaot brain to be able to find the divine philosophy of human events. There Is NoChanee, No Accident. No Fate. Law 13 universal. The more scientific a p.o- l)le heome th strongr will be their belief atd trust in Provideu2o and the lass eanfldence "will they have in luk. accidental chance and thothorabJurditieL In the days of mall's Ignorance the provides Hal was looked upon a the miraeulou; a:td the miracnlon as the providential. Bat with the growth of science The Miraculous Bncoines Obsolete and unueeessarv, wan Providence b,:ome lucre evident aml prominent i human atfair. There was a time when tile greatost pifiloso- parrs did not know that steam had been pro- vided as a motive power to serve man: that "electricity hal been provide4 for a multitude el ,tiiltities The Greeks Dhl ]Not low than seven metals had been proo for the arts. while this ae knows that from 50 to 60 have been provided. The aa- nients never dreamed that there had boca pro- vidod in the economy of nature the possibili- ties of gunpowder and dynamite; the possibili- ties of a modern navy, an I th possibilities ol the Manila and Santiago victories, by which America doth *'Lake accession by th hand and make the bouuds of freeaom wider yet." It Is Science or Knowledge us in tou'h and Milan02 with The more scienge the more Frovi- donee. Yen. the more slencc the m ire Go.I i to w,rld's hitory. , TA ;|providential dos nor -always mean or ever Imply the mirazalou may wori his will by the agencies of th laws of nature and the thoughts of men. We shout4 not quarrel with the eleganb old a0sltion: little Wlude and W'aves are Alwayi; on the tilde of tile Ablest Navigators," 1or the ablest navigatms know ho,T to us the egy. tree', accuracy, prfect aim. t'l; truth Of true heroism, the truth of a just cause that Is working out the freedom of th- oppr)ssed, Thanks to tile Christ who canl0 tO sew the captive free and proclaim tile brotherhood Of man. Tlmks tO His sere- s'sis, tO the teachers of tile past and present, who have ,iveu themselves to the-hizh and holy ministry of education, by,whl,zh tee gener- ations have become armed and equipped to subdue error and supers ilion and establish the authority and sovereignty of truth. Thanks to all those sons of God who, in offices of slate and on fields of battle, have Caught the Spirit of tile lleorle Cirlst, and have pledged their fortnn2, their sacred honer anti their lives to realize the kinrd)al Of rlghtOoas0n3 S slid pIc aal )n  In 3:1 q_'hank to God. over all, the Father of Lights from whom cometh every good an4 perfect gift of life. truth, liberty, sMvati0u an I victory. "O sing unto the Lor] a new soug, for lt hath done marvelous thing.; fs rlJht hand and His holy arm hath goteo Hint the vic- tory. "" SET THE PEOPLE AN EXAMPLE. The President sell the /Iembers of llis Cabinet Atteuded tile Thanks- Siring and l'raycr .ervlces. Wxsuix('ro', July ll.--'t'he Ameri- can flag floated over the White llous and tile war and n:tvy departments yes- terday, an nnusuai thing for a sab- bath, but a sign of the times. It was a reminder of the president's call upon the people o the land to celebrate the glorious achievements of the American army and navv. The president him- self and the members of the cabinet led the way in the observance of the terms of his proclamation by repairing to thmr respective places of worship and offering up thanks for the success that has attended a rigltteous cause, and prayers for a continuance of tii manifestation of Divine favor. In the war department Adjt.-Gen. Corbin was busy at his desk, as hc has been every day and half of every night since the wtr began. It was not expected that hostilities would reopen at Santiago yesterday. No message came during the day from the army in Cuba until 4:33 o'clock. when Secretary Alger received a cable- grain from Geu. Shatter audimmcdi- atcly sent it to the president. "l'te sec- retary said tlc cablegram indicated there was no change in the situation and expressed the opinion that there would be no fighting yesterday. Gen. Shatter, he said, occupied an impregnable position, attd did nob fear an attack. The matters contained ill the cablegram beyond tlmt he did not citre to make public. The secretary at six o'clock went home and said he expected nothing im- portant last night. It we3 expected that Gem Shatter would await the ar- rival of the reinforcements now rapidly nearing his command and expected to reach tim to-night or Tuesday me-n- int. Gem Shatter reported last week that he needed more artillery to insure the success of his plans and, as Randolph's batteries arrived only Saturday, two or three dys time would be required to land them from the steamers and .avladsand waves, and ard in leagu, with th mlzhtylaws that govern thin,s. (od i oa t'ae transport them over th2 rou'll moun- ' d avor D uood hn I I lOllS Jf)O l side of gee .  g , ' i'c" "" . , tain roads to the position scie,td for good b ttl tshipq, I-')v4 dis- hem on the heights commanding San- good generalship and good causes. In tiago. the olden time h2a ad nation; alliel them- selves with Pcovlden2? by faith; to-2ay me.l Thcr is no disposition to invite dis- ,arid nations ally themselves with Providence by aster and unnecessary bloodshed by knowledge, the neglect of proper precautions anti There was a time when tile people found 2aturein Symllatby with Their Struggles by failing to utilize all of the power that can be brought into play by the for free2om, ant th storm ov3rthr)w the gyptians in the sea anl the sun aul m')on Atom-lean army. etood stlll in the day of batt:e to gi a richt- ebuseause a tool chan2e, aal the stars in thdr ALL THE PEOPLE TrtANKFUL. ouraes-foughtagaint Ss2r.t. hat d.)c ll thls mean? Was God bea3'ain  man th2 n ae- 'lty of mast0ring tile elements and force4 of n- tur aud yoking them t) His purpos(s: Was ]e tae]uaj t'.lcm that ha who ha the laws of tRtture oa hi sid win and that h3 who co n- tends against the right Fights Against the Star,. "agalnst the law and order an very oons'Atu- +tlonof things, and mus fall. Is thi. tha, a .less providential age than the ago of blose ? Is tho electric light less providential than the fire? Is a Dakot. whe' hrvesl, less utial tkn a shower of lnanIl? II a L Carolin' cotton crop ls providential than the quails of th . wild,rn :,,?" Are the Or0g0 grove ot Cadiforaia los pr3videntiM fl than the vineyards af el 11': ;e'rM't "Va th' dis- -o0vrey of America les provldentta than tlie < llndlng of Canaan? %Vas the Comlng nf the Pllgrlms and llnguenots trial than the exo]u el ill) ehil- of Israel? Wan the Declaration of Inde- vidential th:lu the DeeMogue %Vere th guns of D2wy anal Setup- "son loss yrovidential thou the rams' horns o[ .5 Joshua, tlte lamps and pitehrs of Gideon; or % (.he r0dof Moss? Were Manila and Santlag  less provldentiM in the history of human free- dom thn Jericho and Al? Is Christian civill- ,z,ttion less providential taan was Jewish bar- bavisw..  if God ever had : A PeeuUar People He hs them now. They ar th product of tll the stragglc and ap!rat|on of th pask qhe men who stand before Santiago are not of a. day or of a century; they re the r:cb consummate flower of the the nighest evolaion o[ history. They < epresea, amanhoo3 that has climbad.century '. , eentrP up the stel.s of light and liberty, and <; ow stands iu sight of the glorified summits of ::'e Universal freedom and ' :'<:he Universal llrotherhood of Man, tie men who offer their lives on liberty's holy aurar to-day caught their inspiration from the men who fought for their co:lvictlons ia ii I , i u lvll war, ana those great mea of our c,vi iiir had heall of the reyoioionary heroes, aad Wel proud to emulate their (leeds of patriotic 'alor; but the mete of the revolution had in- " heiitod of the ]PllKrlm Fathers n wevg d3trminv.1 t) p.'ove thmseivo i'< wortlty of their noble sires; th pilgrims had the re:tulles of the rcf.n'mvrs resting upan th?ir respondent broitd, herculean shoulder* and the remrmers was found by a party of Indians. After he had lain four days in his t'embered with revr0n;c th martyrs, and , tl0martyrs had sen the p)stlc,and the sleeping bag at the poinL of death llpoSeshad touched the Christ. Morgan was resuscitated at the Unala Your Provld011ee hi lllstory. a 10ok toward Manila aud Santiago and. kik, although several toes ha l to be tlle business? I say su- amputated. The Phillips also orinrs men stood Ihind tlfo schools arad God, ",vor of the drowning, in a hole ic the stood behindthe religion. There ice, wifite crossing the bay at St. Providence. The miraete work- Michael of George Clarke. of Glasgow, arc our e:lacas. ;;') men and an<l mm'e rc,utly fr'a Vi- aro g,t'Ltg t CERVERA AND HIS SAILORS. &rrlval of the l'risoners at Portsmouth N. II.--The Admiral On the Sick List --Have lind Enough Fighting. PORTStOUTIL N. U., July 11.--The auxiliary cruiser S. Louis, with 746 Spanish prisoners on board, including 54 oflicrs, arrived in Portsmouth har- bor yestcl'day luorninff, and a few min- utes later dropped anchor just ahov Fishing island. The big cruiser left Guantanamo tit six o'clock Tuesday af- ternoon, July 5. and did not lnuke a stop until she dropped anchor in Ports- mouth harbor. Including the prisoners, there wer 1,036 people on board the boat. and out of this number there are 9i sick and wounded Spaniards under the care of sn ron S, Admiral Cervera IS Con(lne'A to IIl nbtn. llaving been quite ill for the past three days, although he was able to be dressed yesterday morning. Capt. Eulate, who was eommaudcr of the Vizcaya, p.nd is among the prison. ers, is also quite ill, havin been wonnded in the head during 1,he battle off Santiago. At, 9:15 yesterday morning the tug L W. Chestcrton went alongside the St. Louis with tIealth Officer F. S. Towle, %Vh. VVont OQ "lloard. tic made a thorough examination of Lhe ',-cssei visited all of tile sick and found Lhat most of Lhe sickness was due to wounds received daring" the baL= Lie. or from Exposure. IIesays there is Lm evidence of yellow fever or other contagious diseases, and the people iu the vicinity of where the prisonersaro to bc eoufiucd need feel no alarm about pestilence breaking cut. All of the Spauish comnissloaed ofil- eers havc been on parole, attd had the freedom of the ship with one excep- tion, and he was The Governor Of Sautiago do Cubit, whowas Lryin}" to ec,ip" fr,),u Lit) city on Admiral Ccrveru's flagship when she was destroyc:l ca that m 'm- orablc morning of Jaly 3. lie refused to sign the parole papers and was con- scquenly eonfinc, d in one of the cabins finder guard The remaiuder of tile prisoners werreonflncd between decks attd closely guardcd. A (letaeltmen of :28 marines from the Undted States stea mer Brooklyn, nnder Lieut. Borden, and 2L niarmes from t he United States teamer Marblehead were aboard the St. I,ouis when she left Guautanamo for the north to guard the prisoners, but they had little or no trouble with the men. The prisoners, as well "is nearly ail the Spanish ofiie'r., arc Bressed In Clotile of ]Every Descrlptlon as most of them had come aboard wi th very liLtle cioLhix;ff, an.j what they ard wearing was given them by tll ollt- cers attd men of the American flct af- BOMBARDMENT OF SANTIAGO. TWO ltours" Cannonading la ]Enough and the Enemy b'ende Out st Flag of True . OFF SANTIAGO I)E CUBA. via Playa dcl Este. July 12.--At half-past nine o'clock yesterday morning, ariel* sev- eral range-finding shoLs over tlte ridge protecting Santiago from the sea. the United States cruiser Newark opened tire into the city with her eight-inch guns. The signal corps officers stationed on top of the ridge reported the effect o! the shots. Tile New YeJrk, lh'ooklyn and Indiana participated in the firing at intervals of five minutes. Ttie bombardmeut tasted two hours, when Gen. Shafter reported that the shctls were most|y fa!llign the bay anddoing but little damaie. The last shot, however, struck a prominent church in thc heart of the eity, which was heavily stored with powder and ammunition, causing a tremendous ex- plosion. The extent of the damage is ot known. Then the war ships ceased firing, and before Gem Shatter had begun a land attack a flag of truce was seen coming from the city. The object of this was not known at no0u to-day, when tim correspondent left the front. At. two o'clock yesterday afternoon the United States auxiliary cruiser Yale, with (;en. Nelson A. Miles, and the United States protected cruiser Co- lumbit urrivcd. Rear-Admiral Sampson vlsited Gem MORE TROOPS FOR MANILA. Another Expedition to St,rt This Week-- Gen. Otis to Take Part In the Ceremony of Occupying the City of llonoluln. SAN FllANCISC0, July 12.Titis week will see another exodus of the Ma- nila forces. The Pcru, carrying Maj.-Gen, E, . Otis and staff, six troops of the Fourth United States cavalry, under command of CoL Kel- logg, and two batteries of the Sixth  United States artillery un]cr com- mand of Ma, j. Gruffan, and the City of Pueblo, with the.Fourteenth infantry detachment, will steam out of the hay bor. blaj.-Gen. Otis decides uo to wait for the New York volunteers, but will pro- ceed at once to Ilonolulu to asist, ac. cording to his orders, in the ceremc ntes of occupying the city. The Fourth cavalry, Sixth artillery and Fourteenth infantry will have the privilege of taking part in the core- monies. They will remain in lIono- lulu untll the other three vessels ot the fleet of five, destined for the fourth expedition, arrive, then the whole force of the troops, with Maj.-Gen. Otis and Brig.-Gen. IL G. Otis. will proceed to Manila. The troops for the Rio Janeiro and St. Paul have not been selected. The fodrth attd probably last expedi- tiontothe Philippines will awt the return t2unsport: of the first cxpedi. tion. thc Aust'alia, City of Sydney and Pekiltg. The ,Qnestlon of Transimrts is still somewhat it vexel ouc. - Some means of transportin the First Ne Miles immediately on his arrival, and York volunteers, which have heen or- then tim Yale went to Siboncy, Gem dered to garrison IIoaolulu, will have Miles and his personal staff landing iu ,o be secured within the next few days, apouriug raiu. and tie problem is now before the quartermaster's department. None el the vessels of the Mauila fleet wilt be POURING IN A DEADLY FIRE. detached for tiffs purpose, and it is tbough that oar or mor small yes- ]rile l,onll)ardment of Santiago I,enewed sels. atlaptable for the S-tot't trip, can Vfith Lion-Like Spirit--Fire fresh the Spaniards Weak. ]IEADqUAItTERS OF GEN. SIIAFTEil, July 10. s p. in.. via Pot% Autonio and Kingston. Jamaica, July 12.--From four o'clock this afternoon untll dark the American guns have again been poumug a deadly fire into the Spanlsh be chartered. Tie question will prob. abl, bc settOefore the New York regiment arriSOU ThurSday. Priwtte [)ale, of Co, II, South D*kota volfin tcers, who was aceidcntally shot Saturday while cleaning his rifle, will probably recover. Promoted. Second Lieut. Bardick. of Co. t[, lines. South l)akota voluntecrs, has b0en Out" mcu are greatly refreshed by made tirst lieutenant aud Sergeant their three days" rcst and hav'bcu Burdick. of the same company, lta,, fighting with lion-like spirit. The knowledge of tile arrival of reinforce- ments gives them new enthusiasm. "The artillery is iLL place and doing cffcetivc work. 'rite fire front the Spaniards in "the trenches is very weak. Thc city of Santiago is almost in darkness to-night, and our men be- lieve that the resistance of the 5pan- lards is about at an end. They expect been elevated to the rank of second lieutenant. HAWAII'S RED CROSS SOCIETY, Formed for th0 Cro Of United States Sol, diets Sick or Wounded Who May Need Attention There. VASltIN(;'rON, July ]2.--The secretar3 of state has adwsed thewar depart- met of the receipt of a dispatch from THE BUREAU OF STATISTICS. MISSISSIPPI MATTERS. Figures Made l'nblle ou the huports el Sugar and %reel for Last Quarantine Taken Off. Month. JACKSO/, MISS., duly 1 , WASUlXOTOX. July 1.TheJnncre- Whereas, It has been rep'tedbyDr- port of the bureau of statistics on the I[. H. Haralson, sanitary inspector  imports of sugar show that the dutia- this board, and who has been in eharg - blc imports for that month amount- of the town of MeHenry during the e- ed to 267,7.19.088 pounds as ecru- isteuce of yellow fever there since tam pared with Iit0.Sti2,0.19 pounds 9th day ofJune, that uo ne cases oi t during June, 1897, For that month, feverhavc developed in the past ten however, there was an abnormally days, and all other towns on the Gulf large importation, owing to the & Ship Island railroad being reported prospective in, crease in the duty. The as entirely free from infection; the wool imports last month aft- fore gregated 7.5t2,762 pounds, as against Be it ordained bv the 'excutive 37,912,491 for Ju, 189L The same comnfittee of the iississippi State condition existed, however, a year-age board of health. That quarantine as to wool. that rewLiled as to sag'at, is hereby raised against all towns on hence the apparent decrease in the ira- the Gulf & Ship lsland )ortations. the exception of the town 'ILL FOLLOW HIS PARTNER. it being deemed advisable town of McIIcnry in quartatine for the Jtmeph Green, Charged on Five Iudiet. present. Be it further ordained, nients with Fraud and Swindling, antine has been raised on all Arrted at Chiego. ItarrLson, ltanco0k and Jackson coun- CnlcA(o, July 12.Joseph Green, ties, with the exception of MeHenry, who was the partner of Edward J. raih'oads and eommon Trask. the swindler, who is now in hereby notified to earry Joliet. is in the county jail, having baggage, freight and express been arrested yesterday on five indict, from all towns in the State of meats charging fraud and swindling. When Traak was convicted Green was held to ttxe grand jury. but became a fugitive after giving $10,(V00 bail. Un- der the aliases of Philip F. Green. John P, Gott and (3. C. Best. it is said that Green, after his partner's convic- tion. operated as a "capitalist." llis victims are alleged to be in New Ym'k, Kansas City aml New Orleans princi- pally. AN IMPORTANT DECISION. The Carnegie Steel Co, Found to IIstve lufringetl l'atente In Manufac- toting ,Arlaor PlateS. PIT'rSBURGI1, Pit., July 12. --Judge Aeheson, of the United States eircuit conrt, handed down an opinion in rite case of the United StatEs Mitts Co. against tbc Carnegie Steel Co.. litaited. sippi without certificates of disinfection. J. F. HUNTER, M,D., Secretary, Funds For the Sieeond. TUp;Lo, Miss., July 11.News we received hcre one day last week thtt there was need of <funds to fuLai7ti necessary medicines and comforts t ! the sick of the Second MLs-issippi Reii) meat stationed at Panama, Jackson ville, Fla., and prompt response was made by our citizens, who collected $55, which ivas forwarded by New York ex z change to the x'egintent to be appUed as deemed best. I,lquor IPlffht In stdlaom The board of su]ervisors of Madisa county has mulered an clcetiou to be held in the courtly on August 9, upon the liquor question. nddeu Death of Mrs. Cameron, Tim eluding is that tlt dMEn:ltnt Mrs. A. M. t'ameron, for many years company has iufringed ou a precis of a resident of Madison county, died' a the plaintiffs for the manufacturing few davsago at the residence of her of casts from wren%ILl iron and steel son. Phil Cameron, at by adding aluminu,n, suddenly. Mrs. Cameron The case is cue of the m0sb ira- of lion, John R. Cameron. She s portent in years, nud involves the highly cultured and most estimable manufacture of armor plate, lady, a devoted mother and true friend. THE COTTON CR0P REPORT. - A Merited Honor. As a News relx)rter eut(.red the office Returns to the $1,atltlchlu of tile Depart of seerelary of State, this mo,'niug, h meat of Agriculture Indicate an found Col. Power admiring it gold badge Average Crudities of 91. thathe had just reeek'ed from J G, McGuire, secretary of the Missi..ippi VAStllNGTUN, ,htly 11. -The crop re- port of the department of agricultm'e, Press Assoeiatton. says :  At the last meeting of the atiattoa The cotton return to ill" ,tcAciou o: t'e &rohl badR'es were voted Capt P,. K. ;leparLmentof agricnitur, nia u np t)JIdy I. 2 [ Mayersaud GI. J. L. Fearer lot ct,- ter capture, a general assault to-morrow should tlm United States mluistcr at lIawaii indicate an avtrage ('erudition of Pt.2. as corn - tinuous membership and pared with 89 ca June I 18. with $6 ca July I tendance for thirty-three years. Admiral Cervera rein:tined in ltis the city not ha*'e surrendered by day. dated thc llth uItimo, stating that a I and 9s on July 1. 181. cabin during" the trip. Ileaith Occr break. The Americans are now much Red Cross society has been formed there The averages of tbc pri:tcipa state; c, re as The badge is a work of art. [ollows: North Carolina, 8;: South Csrolina front is the coat of arms of the tatc, Towle visited him and was warmly better fortified in tile trenches, having for its immediate purpose the greeted, lie shook hands with the cariw for sick American troops ieorgiaaadLouiMauu. 90: Alabama. 91:Tcxas' quill and scissors and Mississippilress .................  l'ennessee and oklahoma. 92 Arkansa, 93; healtn officer and iu good English said TO RECEIVE EVERY COURTESY. passing through llawaii to Manila ot Mississippi, 94: lndiau territory. 89. A,,sociation, organized May, 1S66." On lie was Situated Very Pleasautly whom it may bc necessary to land on [Sign'l] JotlN'HVD2L Statistician. the reverse side is "'presented tu Col, onthebaatandhadrteeivcdnothingbut Th Qnestlon of Ctrlu for the Spanish their return. The society is provided J.L. Power. by Mississippi Pres Asso- the kindest and mostconsiderae ire,it- Naval Prisoners FuUy Coaaid- with funds, buildings attd an efficient ]:HE NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. elation. 1898," ment from officers au:l men ever since ered and Settlc.I. corps of nurses. CoL Power is justly roud of the ecru; lie had bec,t taken prisoner, lie had -- The following is a list of the officers rhrec Sub]ete Sug;ested by Cloy. Btack plimcnt paid him by the Associatioof not bern feeling wcll for the past three WASLtfNGTON July J% --Capt. Cooper, of the society: President, I1. Aro!d as Demandin Legislation by the which It(, has been a member since its " or four days, but expected to be all superintendent of the navalacademy aL Small; first vice,president, Mrs. < S.B. Present Extra Sesolon. organization, andhe deeplyappreiates right in a short time Itepresents the Annapolis, spent stone tim with Sec- Dole; second vice-president, I)rinees -- this token of the high esteem in vhih appearance of a broken-hearted mu retary Long last evening, going over Kaiulani; secreLal'y, Mrs. F.R. Day; AIAANX', N. Y.. ,] uly l?.--In his mrs- he is ttehl })3" his newspaper associates and keenly feels the lpss of his ileet, the question of caring for the Spanish treasurer. Mrs. P. C. Joncs; executive age to thclegislatnre, convened in ex- throughout the state.---Jackson Newl  containing the pick of tile Spanish naval prisoners, including Admiral eouLmittee, Mr& G. W. Irwin. Mrs. W. ira session, G.)v. Bia,;k says there are navy. Cervera, who are to be quartered at F, Allen, Mrs. C. B. Cooper, Mrs. C. three subjects demanding attention: tloes Against Rallt:tds. The crew of the St,. t,oui have had the academy. A complete understand- B. Widdifor attd Mrs. Wm. IIyde. First--An appropriatio,t to meet the The big railroad back tax case oftht: nothing whatever to do with the pris- was reached, by which the Spish xpense of proiding Ncw Yorll's share revenue agent versus the Yazro {& oners since they came aboard and have" officcrs witl receive every eonsidera- THE HONOLULU GARRISON. f troops required in the war with MiMssipp Valley Railroad tupany or been kept ns far away from them its ties consistent with their rAlk. [ Spain. the Illinois Central RaiIroad compmay%' possible. Capt, Cooper starch1 that if he wcrc The First New Ynrk Volunteers lisd Been I Second--A plan to enable v6ters ab- more properly speaking, suddenly er,- There are a number of Spanish sur- to remain aZ the academy he would in" Assigned for the Time llelng sent from their homes on military to an end at Jaekson last week t) faras , teens on board, who have rite Admiral Cervera inLo his own to Garrison Idlonoluln. l service to vote at coming electionS, the Circuit Court is concerned. Pend Taken Good Unroof tee slek d Voultded ]louse, but as ire is about to go to art- .... Prisoners. other duty he could not extend this WASIllXOTeX, Juy rL--Scretary AI- ] Third--A provision which will bcttcr ing thu pleadings by both sides i There are about 4') of the latter, the courtesy to the dcfcated at]miral, issued orders att achinz tile Ha- protect eitlzens vito woul.I vote a')r,l- the Circuit Court counsel remainder being ill from the effect, s of While relieving the prisoners from waiian islands to the military depart- ing to law, aud more ecrtaiMy pr,vEn raih,oad, finally withdrew all exposure awl tim rain dm-ing the bat- all undue h'umiliation there will be uo mcnt of Callfornia. Tim First New :and punish thos who would vote pleas on file and anuomteed -Blet;sed ls the Nation Whnsn t,d ia the" tlc. NO cue is ailowe:l ()ix boar,l tim disposition to bestow such effusive York volunteers, Col. Barber corn- ' therwis. decliued to pleaxl further, and Lord" and Who Hecognlze lIie prison ship, and none o the olli2ers or courtesy upon them as to place therein" mending, will be assigned, for iu the easecould crow are allowed oil shore, the light of hero-martyrs, the time being, on the garrison Broke the Record After Coverlng a Much llcnefits and Authority. :Notified the Admiral. Th0 Ilarvard sailed ycsLerday from at IIonolulu. Col. Barber is Greater Dlstttnce. judgment he desired, The two NEW YORK. July 11,--Thanksgiving At 11:50 the first offica:r frofl the St, Santiago brlnging the remaining Span- considered an especially good oRieer Nw YoIK, July 12.--Messrs. Oel- for 1896 and services were held in many of the Louis, Jnsigu Payne, u-rived at the ish prisoners. They will ledispoed of for the post. Gcn. Ois has eharge of riehsthe North & CO.,Germanthe NeWLloydYOrkstcamshipadt'euts of ofWith1892,tlfisuit'1898. 1894whiChand 1895was clnn'ches here yestm'day in accordance uvy yard to official y notify Admiral the same as those brought on the" St. the transportation of the troops to the with the proehtmation of President Carpenter of the arriwti of the'vessel, Louis, the men going to Por]ismouth island, and hopes by the 15th or a lit- to.. announce that they received a ca- judgment will McKinley, asking that tiLanks be re- aud was the bearer o messages for and the officers to AnnapoliS. tlc later to secuos four coast vessels blegram yesterday from Capt. Eugel- amounting to about turned for the victories of the Ameri- Capt. Phiiips. with a capacity of 1,200 men. bert., saying that the Kaiser Wilhelm per year, which will make can army and navy. The services at Cadet Fremout, of the St. Louis, " dcr Grosse, passed The Needles at five jedgment in this  abot Old Trinity were very impressive. At landed with a gig loaded with mai[ MULESFOR SANTIAGODE CUBA, IF WATSON WERE ONLY READY. minutes past five last evening, having buthe exiWtamOUBt can the conclusion of tile sermon Itev. 1Or. from the fleeL, and it was sent iu barfs .... -- made the run it:ore Sand, IIook light, rained nntll the calculations a, re J. Nevitt Steele. vier" of Trinity, re- to the post office. Will Solve the uetionof Land Trnspof The .tmerlean Commodore Might lhtve t ship in 5 dvs, li liners ant  min- taOll of tnpplle for the utes, at au average specl Of 2?.56 knots by the clerk, There are tifteen a number of municipaI qucsted the eongregation, whilethank- Omchd Dispatches for %Vaitngton. rlenle in the Mediterranean lug God for the success of the Ameri- Ensign Palmer came ashore with im. Army of Invoslon. If lle wns leady, over a distance of 3,146 kuot, This portions interested in the suit, beMdes -- Lime is t hours and 27 minutes less the State. and the taxes due eackcouti- can arms. to pray for peace, portant official dispatches for Washing WASlIINGTON, 3uiy 12.--Arrange- At the cathedral a prayer of thanks ton, and left at 2:21 yesterday a.ftcr- NEW YOIK, July 12.A dispatch to than her previous record to Southamp- ty and town must .be computed se:  from the RonLan missal was offered at uoon with a large grip which he w0ld ments are being made by the quarter- the World from Madrid. quoting Capt. ton, but on her preseut voyage the rately for each of the six t , "': lnaster-geuer,'Li's office for the trans- Aunou, the Spanislt minister of marine, steamer covered 81 more knots than al'l mtsses, attd I) Profundis were said allow no one to handle, ln addition to the for the repose of tile souls of those who Admiral Carpenter has perfected the portation of 800 mules from Charles- tatts: she did on her ,.eeord-brcaking voyag'e, be due in this case by th have fallen in battle, arrangements to hLud the prisoners at ton, S. C., on the ship scheduled fo "iV will take Admiral Camara's war- carry the troops of the first brigade of ships (the Pelayo and the Emperador Internal Revenue stamtm lleqnired nn the raihx)ad is tiahle utder their quarters on Seavy's island this Maj-Gen. Wilson's division, which is Carlos V)ten days to reach Cartagena, Iuderanlty Bollda. ciion of the Supreme Court HORRORS OF MAN00K TRAIL. afternoon, detined to go to Santiago. The where there is more safety than at WASHLOTO, July 12.TIte commie- taxes for the years commen0|g Hd Eaottgh of Fighting. wagon transportation to be sent will Cadiz, stoner of internal revenue has made a with 1886 and running up to 1i Sad New, of the Death of Victor V. Maid- "Oil the way up from Santiago a num- be provided from Cltickamauga. hot: - (; orgeClark Drowned In a ber of the Spanish seamen saul that "The torpedo boat destroyers (the ruling to tbe effect that all indemnity thedatehe priest judgment begins Ilole in the Ice, they had had enough of fighting, at The question of land transportation Osada, the Proserpine and the Audazl bonds must have aiiixed to tiiem a 50- with, 'hese taxes will make the t least with the Yankees. for the operations of the army at Sau- and tile auxiliar cruisers (Patriota, nt revenuc stamp under the new due from tle Yazoo & Misisippi Val- SAN Fmxctsco, July '1. -- The It is said titat Admiral Sampsons re- tinge is regarded as of foremost ira- Rapido, Buenosqires aud lsla de and. in addition, stamps must be ley about $1,000,000. sclooner llattie I. Phillips, from St. port to the navy department of the de- portance as the dispatches from tile IPanay), will be back sooner aud will t ffixed representing cue-half of cue Three other roads at-e also ttffeet d Miehacls, yesLerday, brings the sad struction of Cervcra's fleet is about front indicate that Gcn. Shatter has go to Cadiz and to Fcrrol. ceut for each dollaror fraction thereof, by tbe decision, and will have to pay news of the death on the Mauook trail I:L000 words. Ensign Paimer carrie4 had eonsiderable difficulty in keeping "The present danger is that if Amer- paid by the principal obliger to the heavv amounts of back taxes tf the of Victor V. Maidhoff, of New York, the document,, which was prep,axed ia the van of his army supphed with any ice dispatches her fastest cruisers with company or other surety as a premium judgment in the present whowas United States cousul loan bookform, great amouutofprovisionsorotherne- the Oregon. Toxins, New York and for the bond. A bond for 12.t)J0, naburff, Saxony, during the first .d- It is understood t|lat Admiral Cer- cessities. It is believed tliatthe wagons Iowa, they will waylay Admiral Ca- therefore, for which a guaLut<,e ecru- the test of the Vederal ministration of President Cleveland vera has accepted au invitation to stay and mules to be carried with Wilson's mars in file Mediterranean. pany had eitarged a premium of three are tht: Canton Aberdeen & Deserted by their guide they lost atahote[ at Newcastle, about four brigade will answer ail the immediate "The coast defcnscs wilt bereadvin percent., mus have afl.xe:t tL3(r in the Gulf& Shi: Island, the their way in a bllndiug storm. Their miles from the navy yard. purposes of Shafter's army. ten days.'" stamps. Jackson & Celtic.bus. " Lyacht.2 ,,ilo %rong Maa. " provistons were exhausted, their hands GtEENi'lLt2g, Jty L---A few frozen and after subsisting on dog" HAWAIIAN COMIIISSIONER$. The (neen Regent necommended to Ap. RETURNED FROM THE FRONT. rare. PuUman Was Uer Do,*r mgUts. - po|nt a .Nlllitry Mhtlstry. CUICAGO, July 12.--Mrs. George M. an attempt was made mt for severM days Mailltoff died IOD()N, July 12,--The ,Madrid corre- First of tile AVonnded Bireet from the l'uliman, tn accordance with her in- William }tigffins, a white I and was bm'ied in a snow drift. His [Senators Cttllolt| and Morgan and Repreo tentlon cxpressexl some tinie since, yes- lng near l,elaaxd. companion, Morgan, a newspaper cor- sentatiro llitt Appointed to At:l; spondent of the Times, telegraphing Front to Arrive at the Na- " 'JLe t4 terday flied in the probate court ler beeame snow-blind and with Dole and Frear, of llatvali. Monday, :Jays: tional Capital. _. "Seuor Sagasta went to the palace __ formal renunciatiou of benefits under fired at him from WASllINGTON, Jnlyl0. The president to-day aud tendered his resignation VAsnlNOTON. July 12.SeereLary Al. her late husbaud's will. This is pre- Iliffglns in the shoulder has appointed Senator Cullom, of iili and that of the cabinet. It is said that get shook hands with the first of the limiuary to making claim to her share serious though not nots; Senator Morgan. of Alabama; he advised the queen regent to appoint wounded men direst from the field. A of the estate under her dower rights, crime,Allen Johnson Revresentative llitt, of Illinois; San- a new cabinet, largely cousistiag of small party of the wounded arrived so Sheriff J. B. ford Dole, president o[ the Hawaiian the military element, which would not here during the day, consisting of The Tre-auy lrmtement. I VkIINfTOW, July 12.Yesterdy' republic, and W. F. Freer, of Hawaii, necessarily mean tar adontiov of a Capt. Brereton, of the Twent " to be eommission0re under the [laws. wtrlike poiicy, but probably thc re- infantry; Lieut. McCoy, statement of the eoaditioa o the iian anuexxtion resolution. W. F. verse. " " ry; Lieut. Cash. off the ILm reasary siowtd: Available c b,[- Frear is oneol the jatiees of tile su- I is generally expected tkt, the res- $3,tTL,05,; geL4 1-Seve,  Court of Hawaii. wilt be acceptL i,i