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July 14, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 14, 1923

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oF THE BOARD THE LIST OF CANDIDAflFES , LOST--At the WQodville depot, oie iing br being upbn the above describ, of NOrthwest Q ta  | eel;  I suit case markod, F.A W Five doi-ed 44 acres with full right from time Township 3, North, Range I, West!decead, unknown/ ur Uav e received re-uets from lars reward will be paid for its return to time to go upon the same with with tne right to enter upon said land Langfbxd, deceae ..... . :.' .... to this office of to JEFF HAWKINS. logging machinery, men, teams and for the purpo.e of removing said tim- i Cavana, unknown heirs of Mrs; So- don i n several of our readers ior a let o    l equipment to cut and remove such bur, or any other timoer convenient lmantha Cavana, deceased, Caroline unknown heir Of i the candidates who are to be voted NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE. i trees, and to locate, construct, main- to handle over said land, with rail-Langford, unknown heir of Caro, deceased; unknown - " Langf d, unknown heirs of Robert Gehee; all persons b that at a regu-!ton in the primary election of August I, W. F. Tucker, under the pro-i tain and operate on or across the' roads, machinery, men, teams, in a line Langford, deceased, Robert Fairbank, the Board of Supervi- 4 7th next, so we give this information visions of and by virtue of author-me such railroads or logging roads manner best stated for bandhng said timber or any.other at any time from i Langf d, deceased, John McNeely, ing any said state and county j in the court huuse m! below, In piblishing the list we ity conferred upon me in a deed of as the said Company may find nee-' .trust made by Samuel F. Langen-:essry or convenient; And also all October 9, 1919, and for 10 year' Howard M. McNeely, Caleb S, M deebed land oodvilh ou the first ! have 0mited the names of all candi- walter to Bank of Centreville, on thel minerals, oil, gas, or said 44 acres thereafter; All merchantable timber! Neely, unknown heirs of Alexander 6th day of seeond day of July, dates who have no opposition, and first day of February, 1918, to secure with full power to take all usual. tanding, growing and being on the Montgomery Swayze, deceased, un NEiA Of or convenient Northeast Quarter of Southeast Quar- known heirs of A. M. Swayze, de Ship 3, Rang W. V. Morris, N. S. will not appear on the ticket: i a ;,ertain indebtedness to said Bank,] necessary, proper .  f B. A Nettles and and which said deed of trust is re. means o exploring, working and ter Section 8, Township 3, North ceased, unknown heirs of Absolum Cotmty, State 0f L. C. Miller, For Governor i corded in Book No. 3, page 484, in marketing same; Range 1, West, containing {;0 acYes Langford, deceased, unknown heir persons havin.ot  Hays, clerk. SENNETT CONNER I the Chancery Clerk's office of Wil-I Southeast Quarter of Northwest lbeing all said Northeast Quarter of of William McCrory, deceased, un- terest in kinson county, Mississippi, and which! Quarter Section 33, Township 3, Southeast Quarter except 10 acres known heirs of Mary Susanna Ogden. sold :for. taxes i trust has been broken, and at the re- North, Range 1, East Nvrthwe:# . off the North end, with the right of I Day. LESTER C. FRANKLIN deceased, unknown heirs of Ann H. Mah, A, D. an ta adiourn- HENRY L. WHITFIELD ........ in-ross and eess over and across N. Vose, deceased, unknowm heirs of NE% Section llj ...... -:e PERCY BELL quest of J. B. Salmon, anK xam: Quaer of No,beast turter ec- . e, ,s: oriod of 20 vealS Geo. P. Ogden, deceased, unknown 1 West, Wilkin as on yest rday. . iner and Li uidator of said lanK, an tion 23, Township 4, North, tange ................ v - . .... . . rwnn G BILBO q ..............  ........ hers of Alzeneth M. T. Hoggatt, de Mmsmmpp, F. J, y reaa, approves x,. RE a * ilom JUly IO, IUID, IOl" V|IV putpv. I . " .. . ] '.. .  for the purpose of payin, said indeb- 1, Vest; All West Half of Section 6, r ....... ... l' *he ceased, unknown heirs bf James heirs of Hansfurd me presment, t For Lieuonant overnor ednes, I will, on Monday, the 6th day To,reship 2, North, Range 1, West/ot removing earn ,.|;--,  '-'- I Tiler, deceased; all persons having unknown heirs bf Mary '. T. Kaigter, treasurer, DENNIS MURPHREE of August, 1923, offer for sale and that 4ie, North,ahd West of the up.;mere.naname.p!ne :nlmter/atnif! or claiming-any interest in the fob deceased, unknown h,l report for the month I H.D. MONEY wilfse11, between the hours of 11 a.m. per Woodville and Natchez Road, ex- gowmg anfl.Demg .th ....  n .... ,rllowing described land old for taxes Lanehart, deceased unk |, which was examined, l -  " r  "ta'e l and 4 p m o'clock, at public auction cepting therefrom the East Five o outn alr or ou,. ! on the 5th day of June, A. D. 1876, of Samantha Langf rd, de Or how r -cre o  " dered recorded, - or y J for cash to the highe and best bid- Chains of said land, said Five o oncas ./uarter .... ",'[--'Jviz" Lots 10 arid 11 Section 16, known heirs of S manth amounts on hand t WALKER WOOD !a. ; h w ..... :- * the Court  ........ - ..... off b- a line run lownsmp , North, Kange , we. "" " " "  West Wilkin decease" 4. g : ............. -,, t ...... : uuo , m u ue Eva y " . ....... ......  ..... /Township 4, ange , , - a, uth Lo gmire try Fund $7,027.64; A.] JOB. W. r'owK i House, V'oodville, Miissippi, said ning parallel to the Eask line of said v;:e rigoLOof ,regmrmo:UailgFmO{ son Count', State of Mississippi; un- L.B Harris, Morris JoU' 4,446 44; School Fund .... -it-r of Public Accounts :'^-nt- and State the following de- We:t Half Section 6, also excepting . prp ..... "[ 1- wn heirs of William Simpon, de- son Lumber Comport - dlst. roads $7d100.27; --rt- r v -v I scribed land: [ one acre deeded to Wflkmson County, bur iortne Derloa o zv ]ears r _ eead unknown heirs of Elizabeth parties, known and unk $2,215.16; 3d dist. ?t ]'KNS  } All of lots Six (6), Seven (7) and for colored school on August 31, Juty 17, 11 All fne :eruhn Earl, 'deceased; all peions having defendants in a suit of F Ig; 4th dist. roads $844.- " I Eight (8) of Parker Meadows, a su 1906 deed to which is recorded in_ the r^ortneasuareroof._:_ o i or clfiiming any interest in the follow-! Lumber and Manufaetu: tads $3,075.60; School For State Treasurer I did?is]on of lands in said County, asl Book TT page 460, the said school east.t4uarer econ ., .xwmp : I ing described land sold for taxes on i y, a e0rpoiation, to e $363.68; Poll Tax fund I . H.D. CUDABAC Is aid lots are designated on the re-! acre being described, as being a00 ortn, ange. y,. west w iOel the 5th day of June, A. D. 1876, quiet itstitle t the landk iaty Highway $346.80; i BEN S. LOWRY J corded plat of Parker Meadows, in I yards South of the Six Mile post of. o remove sam tlmner, , .- --g-- t viz. Lots 5 and 6 Section 34. Town- described and to #emove el $965.38; Court House - ]the office of the Chancery Clerk of the said 2qatcbez road and is known to omlc rauroaas, logroao, w opera] shi" 4 Range 2, West, Wilkinson from: nds 2 For Insurance t.ommtsstoner ..... " " ate locomotive, men and eams, xor v ,  . . . - H. School Bo $ '" ilkinson Count , MlSmssppt Stud! as the one acre deeded to Wilkinson . " ount . State of MI.4pp; un- You are commanded o m - Pren- I T M HENRY W . Y school and is z years for the purpose of remov C y. . . . t_ 1 Roads $1,036, . .t  ; :,, .... ,r t land is bounded on the North by I County for a colored ................... :-d 'a -a To! known he,rs of Darnel Bunch, de. fore the Chaheery Court of 8.65, Road Boncl Iunaj . ft. to ..... |lands of G. W. Hang, and public road, l bounded by said upper ratcnezroad; m g sam^ne,;:ve,:lni7 nnv! ceased, unknown heirs of Dennis ty of Wilkjfison, in enid St  'fnrtrbe;ScUerYifi$C45'el For iiiii iiii:oi; i ' :::::::::::::::::::: ". .. I nS" R" CHRISTMAS  Centreville and Clinton ro , : Section 16, " "P-' " ............... ;^- ;- ;=teest" ! I unknown heirs of Will" m ry, of Foser Creek Lumber s deposed of as foliows:l ...... ; South by Reily lands on West byl }, West, North HaiI ot rornwest nuw, p? ..... , .... , l deceaed unknown heirs of Amanda facturin|, C0mnav, a co r road and bridge work] For Revenue Agent trolly lands antY. & M. V. Railroad. : Quarter a'.nd Southwes., quarr of To Mrs. Valley Henley Robinson, 1Ellsberry, deceased, unknown heirs whereinyou are dfendan  ;John Smith, road :orK,] W.J. MILLER I said tract contains in M1 226.55 acres, i Northwest Quarter Sectmn_z:L 'lwn: R Lee Itenley, Quitman Henley, un- I of MarHm Northam, deceased, un- This 8th day of June,  ). ; N. W. McCraine, lure- t STOKES V ROBERTSON 1 The title of the above land is be.: ,; a >':orth. Panic 1, West; west [-'own heirs of Samuel Flournoy, de- known heirs of Sarah McNeil, le- rSeal I W , HA L |3.27;lumber vats, $17.-t ...... sloner of A-riculture i lieved to be perfect, but I'shal! con. Half of East Half of Southwest Quar-c(ased, unknown heirs of J. A. Smitl.t ceased; all persons having or. claim- 6-30-i923-4w. " " ' s; roan work 3r.a ast.,} ror ornm, ....... N tey only such title as is vested! ter ecuon_ 0,flownsmp 2, orn; deceased, unknown heirs of J. R. ing any interest in the Iollowmg e _____ .  & i ., -" " i For State Superintendent Education ,-14-1923-4'. l west Q " - Noah R n e' William Thomas, unknown heirs of{ 4, Range 2, West, Wilkin .  ...... ,, ,; . i . i.0; W L Inman, dam. i ......... v I .......... I Section 2, Township , , a g William Thom:: deceased,, Jed L ty, State of Mississippi; unknown tonuty, tato ot mmoidppt, L0; R. E. Brandon,, roadl r.. B% t-SHERIFF'S SALE. 12, West; Northwest Quarter of North -l, Washburn, unknown heirs of Jed L.I heirs of John Lusk, deceased, un- Ied, as: Section 2, (xee st, $88.50; H. P. Mc-I " " "   .... ;,o nf n xecution to Eel west Quarter Section 38, Township! w...g .... a .... sod unknown heirs! known heirs of Eli Lusk, deceased. [West 167.50 acres thereof) Work 2nd dist, $155, E For Attorne7 General .........  --'- Ha 3, North lange 2, West, All that por I ........... ' ....... acob Lusk, de ship 3, North, Ran e 2 We i " -" " 9 " "ist "1 l directed and issued by Jno. L. YJ " " ""  "- st" ^uarter of of N. Leopold & Company, deceased, lunknown h0i of J _ ?'1 g '  on macmne _no a .,| (Vote for One) I circuit clerk of Wilkinson county,[ tlon oi tne zortnea.,  ^ - i unknown heirs of Nathan Lepold, de.] ceased, tlnknown heirs of Elias LusZ. To all persons having or | Rabb, blacksmith work I R H. KNOX I Mississippi, upon a judgment dulyiNorthwest Quarter ecmnu, xown'l ceased, unknown heirs of Dougla$_l deceased, unknown heirs of Peter 1 any legal or equitae tnteel ,a; D. W. Huff, 4 days| CLAYTON D. POTTER {:-rolled in his said office in favor of| ship 3, North, Range z, west, lymg Embree, deceased, unknown heirs of] Rabb, deceased, unknown heirs or| land described; d 3rd dist., $20; W;l LUTHER M. BURCH I J:" A. Suong against George Hall foe! Eaof Fords.Creek Pilhc Roaman: Felix Grundy McGraw, deceased, un- I Nicholas Rabb, decea.sed, unknown I TO M1 prfloni liavtfl lf, m_asurer, salary lay an| For ....... r  141 19, with interest and costs, It .orn ox anne runn g .... ; known heirs of Alfred Morrm, de-| heirs of Mary Watkma, deceases, | any intbrest in the foHow Printing Co., supp" ,/ JAMES . " " " i- described lands situated in thoi Range 2, We.t; Ga:a'lden J K Wadley, Trustee; all/ unknown heirs of Mary Madgelenel ,^ .n =,,, io = r_ Creek L. & M. Co:.| or District Attorney ::aid count)" and levied on by me un- I Southwest .Quarter .of Southwest I persons 'havin, or claiming any in-] Tiler, deceased, unknown heirs of I To'uon'iei" o"i]i  d, $25; A. McDonaldl - v  TORREY - (ie: the said execution: ,11 right, i Quaer and that pa or o?nwi terest in the following described land.| John Roach, deceased,unknown heirs dece-a-sl- u-nknown heirs-- f" aonn Stewart, gas ano -- " ' defendant , uarer ot outnwes t4uarc Y|"gl on the 5th da of of Elizabeth Rabb, deceased, u , [ ,'' "r,.--,TT title and interes of tne  'i "- - . ..... old for taxes Y | " _ .... I Connor. deceased, unknown $3.94; W. W. flowec I : "" " ."''* Geor'e Hall, in and to 200 acres, I South o .a line .runnlng. a _nmns: March, A. D. 1894, viz: S "of SEglknown heirs.of I stac.rer, aeceaeu, I Ma) "Savagd, clOSeting," nands, road .work at n t . For State Senator more or less, in the North East corner I outh of ,the lortn lee nereot anal Section 31, Township 3, Range 1.1 unknown hel of Alexanaer K. ra| heirs of William N:!i ; L. H. McKlemurray, I D.C. BRAMLETTE of Section 39, and Lot 3, Section 40.1 para!l tnereto, aown:hSi v 4 NI IEast' Wilkinson County, Mississippu] ]car, leceased, unknown heirs oz 1 unknown heirs of MoS In " J. era, $22; T. W. Cav_.[ D W. HUFF containing 80 acres, more or less. all| Koal ecuon " v, , .. P. -- _ ' Buckner G McBroom, unknown heirs[ William Holliay, aeceasea, unknown] ceased, unknown heirs of; hth dist., $16.83; L. '. 1 " M.D. JOHNSON in T. 2, R. 3, W., and being th, . same! Range 2: west; rorneast .t/namer I of Buckner G. McBroom, deceased[ heirs of Mr Mary A. Floya, o e.-] net, doceased, unknown  Ember 2nd d]st, Sa , of Nortnea $uarter eclon on, abl " " "' "]  " -a'" lands mentioned and described in j ,  . ....... l unknown heirs of David A. Enlow] ceased, unknown nears o Mrs. 'r " uel P Conner, deceased/ ?ad work 51hse dri  rot =ePToT;ET; deed of conveyance from Mary E.[ ni':n I, l'cti:g: owT:il deceased, unknown heirs of A. J.[tba TIllery, deceased, unnowndneunra heirs of Mary A. Leek, deo. -Merc. Co, m ." , I W.J. t _ ....... Hall in Deed Book XX, page 83, I ................ t thet Wisher, deceased, ungnown netrs ot ot A. "1. /Vlogomery,. o ecease , . - known heirs of Frank J AI w. V. Morris, nay t JAS. R. HUTCrIU rords of said county 1 5, ortn, tange , ves, ?, .Hiram Enlow, deceases, unKnown,known nelrs ot ttoner uocnran, ae-  .... ,t ,,,b,m-n ,o;,^" perty A. M cGrgorh", ] W.F. TUCKER ""This July 5th. 1923." I wh!te oak timber thereon; Lts oi heirs of John Enlow, deceased, un-Iceased, unknown heirs of John G deee'ed'-n}noll"h"etr'  , same, So; W. V.I ": ALEX K. FARRAR  ] L C MILLER, Sheriff. I anL n e?tie:: r:xWccemPtl e r:Inl known heirs of James McNeely, de- Grooves, deceased, unxnown neirs ot Harris, deeaed, M i inspecting roads 1st I   " "  "23-w " " I Ra g ' P . ceased, unknown heirs of Mary B I James G Lssley, deceased, unknown ............ ". :: . . for oner '' " " ' be innin a a " ' . " nacteou,  non-reslaenl 0 .y vmwmg rdge, $5; .......  i land descnbe.d as . g , . . Swayze, deceased, unknown heirs of bers of A. C. Fowler, deceased, un- ,e ;oo;; M,, foreman, and hands, :  . '.;}.. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. water oak on the soutn anK oi rmey t Polly Swayze, deceased, unknown l known heirs of Alfred Swaye Fow; ,' ........ dist. $170; Tucker &! ;. ri. :rfL_A To all rrsons having or claiming any! Creek where the same cross the, heirs of Mary Swayze, deceased, un-I ler, deceased, unknown heirs of Will- ':' ' eraces, $2o; Paul JOHN C. ..... interest m the followmg described North hne of Sectmn ., tne nce... I known heirs of Henry W. Swayze. lam J.Keller, deceased, unknown hers M;.,o;,,, i L D .l IA.rx  es 30 m nutes w on ect on -,,.,,vv, clock, $5; W. -  .... land in Wilkinson County, State 40 degre i . "., .. : deceased, unknown hei of Ada] of Kinson Aswell, deceased, unknown Ba,a - Ro.. and 6 months For Superint*-ndent of Education of Mississippi: line 16.75 Chains; tlence N.  oe. White, deceased, unknown heirs of heirs of Kinchen Aswell, deceased, v, . ,,, JOSEPH N. MILLER South Half of North Half of North- grees E. 3.35 Chains; thence N. 24 $101.75; N. S. inspecting roads. $30; vat work and material Frank McCearley , dist., $3; Phipps L-r= 5th dist., $12.50; A. work 5th dist.. $100; gas and oil 1st dist dist.. $118.69; mdse. $3; mdso 4th dist.. C. Cassels. freight on hauling, $9.80; C. M. mdse. 5th dist., $26.29; torts tractor 3rd dist., Wisher, road work, L. & W. Plant, E. H. Moore. re- etc., 4th dist., $h0.- maintaining high- , $24; Jas. Carter. same Tom Wood, stationery. Tillery, oats, hay, etc., Cohen, 1 broom. 90e; Marsalis, p.,f, services, R. Hamilton. demonsta- $166.66; J. C. and salary, $163.- sheriT, postage, $27; Jas. F. Owens. and yard, $40; blacksmith work. foreman, and 1st di., $306.85; parts for tractor 1st I I. Strickland, black- [ ard dist., $5; R. A. J'l . 1st dist., $5.65; J: P. road macliine, $J0 W. , fees state case, $11.25;[ ruling, $3.47; CUE. TeL t $1.65; I. L. Lyons &i ieals, $530.15; Cha& F.] work lt dist., $3.50; lumber "hth dist., ]cry, foreman, and 5th dist., $360; O. k, $5; Jake Hamp- Stigis, $1; W. Pul- Board do now adjourn tomorrow morning W. HUFF, President. Third Day. pursuant to adjourn- same as on yesterday. read, approved president. bills were disposed vat work, $1; Chas. A. J. Leak, $3.75; W. Carter, $2; D. A MRS. PEARL ANDERSON MRS. JULIA FUGIR MATHIS MRS. H. B. McGEHEE For Assessor MILLARD D. NETTLES E. E. RICHARDSON SAM A. CARTER For'Supervisor, 2rid District (Vote for One) V. T. WARD NOLAN S. CAGE For Suparvisor, 3rd District W. E. JONES WHITE RIC HARD WHITAKER W. G. HUFF, JR. For Suprvitmr, 4th District J. E. CARTER J. E. FLOWERS For "Supervisor, 5th District T. G. BROWN W. T. SMITH R. L. MURRAY BOYD LEAK For Justice of Peace, 3rd District H. L. COON west Quarter Section 8, Township 2, North, Range 1, East; Southeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter and Northeast Quarter of Southwest Quarter and Southwest Quarter of Southwest Quarter of Section 19 and the North Half of Northwest Quar. .er of SecLion 22. all in Township 2 North, Range 1, East: Southeast Quarter of Northeas Quarter and! the North Half of Northeast Quarter of Southeast Quarter, Section 19, Township 3, North, Range 1, East, and the Southwest Quarter of North- west Quarter, Section 28, Township 3, North, Range 1, West; South Half of Southeast Quarter, Section 31, Township 3, North, Range 1, East: Southeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter Section 1, Township 3, North, Range 1, West; Southwest Quarter of Northwest Quarter Sec- tion 3, Township 3, North, Range 1, West; Southeast Quarter of North- east Quarter Section 4, Township 3. North, Range 1, West; Lots 9, 10, I1, 13, 14, 15, and 16 Section 16, and all of Section 17 lying Southea of McNeely Creek, all in Township degrees E. 2.37 Chains; thence East 30.50 Chains; thence with meander- ings of aid creek 26 degrees 15 min- utes W. 8,50 Chains; thence S. 64 degrees 45 minutes W. 5.50 Chains to place of beginning, containing 38 acres;" North Half of Northeast Quarter Section 46, Township .1. North, Range 2, West; North Two Thirds of Southeast Quarter o Northeast Quarter Section 46, Town- ship 4, North, Range 2, West; The East Half of Section 48, Townshi 4, North, Range 2, West; The Eas Half of Section 26, Township .5, North, Range 2, West The South 45 acres of Section 55, Township 4. North Range 2, West. cut off by a ltne running across aid section parallel to the Seub line thereof, ex- cept the White Oak timber thereon; Lots Number 1, 2, 3, and 7 Section 3, Township 4, North, Range 2, West; and the Northeast Quarter and the Northeast Quarter of Southeast Quarter Section 17, Township 4, North, Range 2, West; Also, all the merchantable timber standing, growing and being on the T. E. WHITE 3, North, Range 1, West, except such Southeast Quarter of Northwest THEO RUSHING interest of Clyde Scott McCearley. in Quarter Section 8, Township 3, North tle land described as beginning at Range 1, West, which lies North ox Jefferson, $5.50; R. George, $2; M the SE corner of Section 17, Town- the Public road and the land of J. G. McGraw, $7.50; W. Anderson, $4.50; ship 3, North, Range 1, West, thence -Wisner, and containing 25 acres J . h 3 50" Ch- Cae- $2 50: North on Section line 8 degrees E. more or less, and being all of the said I A. Reid, $6; Clark McCraine, 1329 feet to mall creek; Thence N. Southeast Quarter of North e $2.50; Will Reuse, $9.50;L Gaulden, 34 degrees W. 300 feet; Thence N. Quarter, except that part owned by $7.50" Phil Lobrano, $10; G. Martin, 55 degrees 1550 feet to where small j. G. Winer, which is described as $6; Van White, $10; Ewald Mere. creek flows into Bayou Buffalo; follows to-wit: "Beginning at the Co., mdse. for vat, $2; Tom Sturde Thence following the said stream common qnarter Section 8, Townshipl Want, vat work, $2.50; J. R. McCear. South, 13 degrees W. 1450 feet;!3, North, Range 1, West, thence S.  Icy, $5; W. Bryant, $17.50; C. N. Thence connuing on said stream S:ion Quarter line 5 chains tb apoint McCraine, 26 days dip insp., $104; 22 degrees . vv root; Thence as (ssid point eing the w ,,,,,- .,- A. Ashley, same, $104; W. C. Went- 1050 feet to place of beginning, con- I that tract of larfd 'eeded to J. G. worth, same, $104; Roland Hardware taining 105 acres, more or less, in I Wisner by Jno. K. Sessions et al. Co., mdse. 4th dist., 50c; coffin pau- i Section 17 aforesaid; Said Foste  deed of record in Book VV page ,360) per, $18; H T. Hutcheson, work on. Creek Lumber and Manufaeturingl thence N. 80 degrees' W. 21 chains tractor 3rd dis., $15.95; Tucker &! Company owning of said described! to a point; thence S. 74 degrees W. Tucker, legal services in case County 105 acres, all trees growing, stand-i 3.73 chains to point; thence S. 55 vs. Mosby, $10; Paul Hob]g, mdse. ing or being upon the above deseribedi degrees W. 21 chains to point in court house, $2.40; Roland Hardware] 105 acres with full right from timei County road, whence a pine tree 18 Co., mdse. 2nd dist, $4-75; P. 'D.Ito time to go upon the same withiinche s in. diameter bears N 40 de- Dooley, foreman, and hands, road logging machinery, men, teams and grees E. ,50 links; thence Northerly work 2nd dmt., $228.55; P.D. Dooley,! equipment to cut and re,hove" such nd easterly along said County road I6 locust posts, $16; J. M Part]n, trees, and to locate, construct, main - 52 chains to its intersection wh & Masey,tain and operate on or across the North Qnarter line of Seat]on 8; lumber, $5.85; Catching " ice, $4. i same such railroads or logging roads Whereas, the State Live Stock San. as the said Company may find nec- John Godfried Kaiser, deceased, un- known heirs of Jake Mitchell, de- ceased, Flash Lewis & Company, un. known heirs of. H. Herschberg, d ceased, unknown heirs of Mrs. : Hirshberger, deceased, Mrs. Fannie Aaron White, unknown heirs of M W. Kaiser, deceased, unknown heirs of Mrs. J. G. Kaiser, deceased; all persons having or claiming any inter. est in the following described land. sold for 'taxes on the 23rd day of April, A. D. 1906, viz: SKY, of NW % Section 33, Township 3, North. Range 1, East, Wilkinson County, Mississippi; unknown heirs of Davis Henry Sanders, deceased, unknown heirs of Margaret Lessley, deceased. unknown heirs of Eugene J. Swanl [ deceased, Ellis T. Hart, H. Van Eaton Hart, David G. Stern, Mrs. I. T. Hart, Fred Hart, Mrs. Emily Hart Rothschild, Mrs. Marie Hart Gunst. S. G. Stern, Mrs. Minna Stern Bloom. unknown heirs of A. J. Stern, de- ceased; all persons havin; or claim. ing any interest in the flowing de- scribed land, sold for taxes on the 23rd day of April, A. D, 1906, viz.: NW% of NE Section 23, Township 4, North, Range 1, West, Wilkinson County, Mississippi; unknown heirs of James Phipps, deceased, unknown heirs of Jesse Phipp& deeensed, un- known heirs of John King, deceased. unknown heirs of Emily E King, de, ceased, unknown heirs of Win. A. King, deceased, unknown hers of Elizabeth E. King, deceased, un- known heirs of Elizabeth E. Loath. erman, deceased, unknown heirs of William Walker, deceased, unknown heirs of Susan Walker, deeensed, un- known heirs of N. W. W. Brown, de- ceased, David Gottlieb Wetlin, un- known heirs of Frandis Morris, de- ceased, unknown heirs of Joe Wal. ker, deceased, unknown heirs of Witl. Jam Shropshire. deceased, unknown heirs of E. A. Robinson, deceased, un- known heirs of T. M. Wetherill, de- ceased, unknown heirs of J. R. Leak deceased, W. L. Covel, unknown, heirs of W. L. Covel, deceased, Jane L Cove1, unknown heirs of Jane L. Coveb deceased, Mrs. G, M. Mc- Intyre, unknown heirs of Mrs G. M Mclntyre, deceed, Mrs. W. H. Fel- thence S. 7 Chains to the Common Quarter Corner or place of beginning., tu, unknown heirs of Mrs. W. IL itary Board of Jackson by letter of! ear or convenient; And also all containing 40 acres, together witl Feltus, deceased, unknown heirs of chairman, dated June 20th, 1923, has minerals, oil, and gas, of said 105 the right of ingress and egre over I Walter Shropshire, deceased, un- requested the board to co-operate acres with full power to take 11 and across said land for the purpose! known heirs of L. W. Arnold, de- dipping inep, $81; with said State Board by building' usual, neceseary, proper or eonven- of removing said timbe for a period eeaved, unknown hei of T. :E, days, $72; Dudley fences on Amite and Wilkinson coun- ]eat means _for eploiting, working of 20 years from July 8, 191; All Shropshire, ,deceased, unkno,wn hcir T. W. Daws0n, 24 ty line near and between Stephenson marketing the same ;. the timber on th e land ".com nnclng ot Alexander ling arrar, accesses -- Eseher, 25 days and and GlosSer, and to erect gates across{ And also except the interest of at,a point on te /ast boundary ot ungnown heirs of Mariah Merwm, R. M. Inman, 24 days, nublic roads in Wilkinson county, be-! Doug McCearley in the land described the Southwest Qua.rter of Section. 8:! deceased, Hal E. Farrar, Bn l . Far- $8: .50; K. F Johnson, ,o Rosetta and said town of Glo as beginning at a point on the Wood- Township 3, North, Range I, .wes rar, unknown heirs of Charles ; 4; Emile-Lobrano. 24 ',, ,vnt cattle from Amite:viIle and Rosetta road iu Section 17. 10.00 chains south of the rorneast Calvit, deceased, unknown heirs oz , Mg og  "_','f ,.-' ^ h nen ranges Townshiv 3, North. 1ane 1- West Corner thereof; thence South with Elizabeth Calvit, deceased, nknown " . :- --, - o-, count# o,,#,,, ,.,, ..... . :: "  " "- -" " " " " hwe uar " l de- t , 25 days, $75 ; Mrs. of Wilkinson, and to facilitate the  said pomtbe4ng 1100 eet East of the East line of said Sour, st .Q - 1 hers of Margaret S. Les.ey,, r mt on building 11 eradicat/on of the cattle tick in Wil- where r6ad crosses MeNeely's Creek, ter of Section 8, Townsmp , lortlL ceased unknown heirs o Alfre9 G. 01J. C. Whotstone, vat kinson county; therefore'this Board, where stands three sweet gum and Range 1, West, 30.00 Chas to the Brackebush, deceased, upl heirs /|eaSy, $2 50;-T W. deeming it nece'ssary and more eco-! one elm in cluster; Thence S. 10 de- Southeast Corner of aia ,outhwest of James G. Lessmy. aeeam, %u. j!Tison R.ay, $5, H.{ nomical to erect such fences and grees E. 300 feet t North bank of Quarter of Section 8; tence West kno@n eirs of D..H. S,,ler,de- loind Anderson 9 50" --:-- it. is therefor ordered that W  Bayou Buffalo; Then following the on the South line of said Southwest; ceased, unknown nex. ot L.Vm en- $,3 Neap M,,' 7t4': ga,o, Aen,^ q'ic Eradica: said stream S 46. degrd E 1200 Quarter of Section 8, 5.00 chains; I ry Sanc/ers, deceased; all lm.rso.n .......... "*' Y ' '" " ....... '  ....  " " - " imi an interest m St. W F Johnson $5 *;^ ; this county and those agenta feet to where mall stream t0we-tnto thence N. 50 degrees W. 14.00, hpvitgg o cia{ r... Y . ..  _ ey $2 50" F Ford' 5 : ,-, under him' be and they arel Buffalo; Thence N 50 degrees E 1 chains; thence North 10.00 chains; l the fbllwl3g oescnoea lan, SOIU Ior  " J E 'arte  9 " ....... .a *o ureh ^  material] 1400 feet, marked ebrner; ence;thenee m a northeasterly direction taxes on the 7th day ot .arcrb  D 1892 viz N ot w rt O; C. Swayze, $2.80;: necescary to build said fence and W. 24 degrees W. 600 feet Thenot 1800 chains to the place of _begn-.. ,,,7/ ^-. o q'nm,in ; J Barnes 4' T W !%s 6ri coronet]tire bids, and to'N 71 degrees W. 800 feet t6 Wood- ning, containing '/ acres, with tl etwA orWy, , .... -,_-.,.X__-7 " 6- "Geo" I=F]'---^r tleir su-e.dsion such ville and Rosetta road; ThenCe to right to enter upon said h 4, #r, Range 1, We, w!tkinn morn. ' Lumber timber; of the aid, Northeast Quarter unknown heirs of Jane Perry, de- ceased, unknown heirs of Silos Per- ry, deceased, unknown heirs of A. K. Farrar, deceased, unknown heirs 'of Kenson Aswell, deceased; all ersons having or claiming any inter- est in the following described land, sold for taxes on the 5th day of June, /L D. 1876, viz.: N of Lot 7, Sec- tion 3, Township 4, Range 2, West, 42.20 acres, Wilkimmn County, State of Mississippi (being the same as all said Lot 7 a shown on Bradford Plat); unknown heirs of Mary Mag- delin Tiler, deceased; all person# having or claiming any interest in the following described land. sold fr taxes on the 6th day of March, . D.1888, viz.: NE% Section 17, Town. ship 4, Range 2, West, WirkinsSfi County, State of Mississippi; un- known heirs of ,lames Thomas Lans. ford, deceased; all persons having or claiming any interest in the fol- lowing deseribed land, sold for taxes on the 5th day of June, A. D. 1876, viz.: NE% of SEA Section 17, Township 4, Range 2, West, Wilkin- son County, State of Mississippi, un. known heirs of John Devlin Leslie, deceased, unknown heirs of Mrs. Be- linda B. Baker, deceased, unknown eirs of Mrs. Julia Lessley Brown, de- ceased, unknown heirs of Alice I. Lessley, deceased, unknown Jaeirs of Austin Lanehart, deceased, unknown heirs of Mrs. Belinda I3. Lesstey, deceased, unknown he|rs o Mrs. Belinda B. Lanehart, deceased, persona fendanta in a B. King, to title to the land ! sc/-ibed and to remove from: You are fore the ty of Wilkinson first Monday of 1923, of Mrs. Emti . B, you aTre defendants. Ths 2gth Seal.] . . 6-30-1923-4w. PUBLIC, we have Mi., a TION, and all the Summer ready to serve the 6-23-3w. V. REWARD FOR I will pay $1,00 return to or Fairvle" 'ville narked SB and hat have stayed, esary permit has been their removal.. 6-9-4w. J.K. from owner of for sale, for fall de|iverY. o 176, 01ney, Ill. . Loui via Illinois CIII@A@O and tim Resm'ts  York/ New Engiand :_. Colorado, Calsfot'mut, the Csmiu Rk. . 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