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July 14, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 14, 1923

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14, 1923. Editor and Foprietor S OF SUBSCRIPTION : advance..,: .... $2.00 at Woedvillet a mail matter. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Woodville Republican is au- to announce the following the various offices, sub- action of the Democratic AnguSt primary. Revenue Agent BTOKES V. ROBERTSON t For District Attorney ," R. E.-BENNETT | of Franklin county. V. H. TORREY *i 0f Franklin County. /b For State Senator 1). C. BRAMLETTE D. W. HUFF . D. JOHNSON .1 ," For Representative &apos; W, J. SOCKETT R. HSON. . W. P. TUCKER . L.: P For Sheriff C. H. NEYLAND i H. A, WOOD D. M. HANEY  . JOHN C, DAY l Pot *Chancery Clerk [ W.L. HAY ] Por C|rcult CIerb I JOHN L. HAYS - d For Assessor " E, E. RICHAItDSON LLARD D, NETTLES SAM CARTER perintendent of Education MRS. H. B. McGEHEE JOSEPH N. MILLER ANDERSON . JULIA MATHIS I Second Distr|t I ! NOIJAN S. "CAGE ] V. T. WARD. l Fifth District G. BROWN '-" ROBERT L, MURRAY, , W. T, SMITH that the returns the Brookhaven creamery, ca- nine years ago, least one-half nillion the put *year. Such in money each day. and are not affected by weevil. well for it to be gener- voter who expects make use of an absent voter ballot under the law, make applica- ballot to the registrar written request, procure gueh ballots friends who have I written application forj violating the law. I ! Hernando D. Money, of] announced himself as a ! at hour.. Mr, Money may respect for the but to our he is too late, as the ele Dennis Murphree as :utonant-gov rn0r. of a veJ startling or ex- ' nature has taken place during in the political arena but all of the candidates without any let-up in effort to gather pporters to The hat July days are forced ; from one to three speeches order to" fill their engage. bt hi is eli in it. itor of The Republican joins the other newspapers in in exterlding to ERor of the Lattrel Leader, r on the death pf his Monday after several months. The Harris rem0Yes one of tmliant sad talent- 'home is bereft of will doubt as the quietest It is really unusual to about politics, ty. The county course, 'out on votes, but they are people the time The voters of the wish to endorse Commission in these books re.rectlon. Ie was a mission and V in the past Russell for instance---and Mike Con. ner is the man who has the ability and back-bone sufficient to perform this task. If Conner is elected governor we are usured a clean, honest, bust- I hess-like administration of the affairs of the office, and we will no tender 1 be forced to apologize for the acts of our chief executive. O- - - The "Mississippi Club" at Peabody Normal, composed of qualified elec- tors from this state, took a "straw ballot.". For state revenue agent, W. J. Miller received 43 votes to Stokes Robertson's 32. A ballot taken by the recent grand jury in Hinds county gave Miller 13 votes and Stokes Robertson 5 votes. The people of Mississippi are opposed to "politiCal dictators" and men who have no in- terest in public office other than as it serves them.--Jackson Clarion Ledge:. A fcw people seem to be laboring under the impreion that Bilbo has some chance of getting in the second primary for governor, but we fail to see What grounds can be found for such a prediction. It is true that many people go out to hear Bilbo speak, jus for the fun that he fur- nishes, but when it comes to voting for him it will be entirely another matter. Just watch our prediction and see if he will not come very near holding up the tail-end of the ticket. The women of Mississippi, about I00,000 strong, dll see to it that Bilbo will never be elected governor of our late again. ----o At a big political gathering in Ran- kin county on Monday a bit of spice Wgs injected into the campaign as a result of the "join debate" between W. J. Miller and Stokes Robertson, candidate for state revenue agent. During Robertson's speech he charged that hi opponent, Miller, was being supported by the "anti" and by the Clarion-Ledger. When Miller took the platform he add: "Who are you backed by in this campaign, sir? By Governor Ru.sell, and I will leave it t'o the crowd present if I am not wimning with a better lot of fish than you are." Thi happy and .we|l directed dart hit its mark and was greeted yrith loud cheer, from the audience. The Moss Point Advertiser, one of the best edited papers in Mississippi, In the course of an editorial deploring the friction which has been injected into the campaign between Conner and Whitfield, concludes with the fol- lowing paragraph: "We are for Whitfield, and we don't care a darn who knows it. We are not losing any sleep however over the possibility of either Conner or Bell being elected, and we don't give a durn in that mat. ter either, for we recognize the fitness for the office, of all three. Quit fight- ing each other, gentlemen, and train your big Berthas on the common enemy. Lee Russell. Lester Franklin and Bilbo. are setting back hoping and praying for a repetition of the Johnson-Longino stunt. Paraphras- ing Whitcorpb Riley, 'the Russellite will git you if you don't watch out.' " Not a si, as far ss we have been able to ascertain, is supporting Bilbo. He makes a speech; stirs things up somewhat but when hc leaves he drops out of the world as far as that place is concern- ed and in about ten days he is com- pletely forgotten, How can you ex- I pect a man to make much of a race.l with this sort of handicap?Varda-I marts W ekl. ] Please bear in mind, gentle read., or, that the ,above slap at Bilbo is ' taken from VardRman' Weekly, and goes to show what political changes have taken place in the state in re. cent years. Ano.vay it expresses a truth that will be greatly in evidence after the votes are counted in the first primary. It is true that people turn out to hear Bilbo, but they do so simply to be cntertairedfor he is a past.master inthis ar'--but af- ter he is gone he is forgotten, and a for his votes, they will be few and far between. The Ne s Times-Picayune made a canvas of fifty-five of the eighty-two counties iu Mississippi in an effort to ascertain the standing of the five candidates for governor. This canvass wa made through eor. respondents wLo were asked to tare care and let their cst[mates be as unbiased as possible. The result was as, follows: Bell ................................ 17,330 Bilbo .............................. 31,884 Conner . ....... : .................... 38,122 Franklin .......................... 34,757 Whitfield ........................ 49,820 t Total., ...... . ............. 171,913 If this proves anything like a cor.] rect estimate as to the result of the " it will be seen that the inning wi}I bring a camuaign[ Whitfield and Conner, with[ th second stage lead. This writer to place this heavy the second primary will' hool patrons. If, how- between tese two eandi. wish to express your dis. dates,  as we see it, Conner will are anxiou3 to secure a jot- the burden of high- ity, ar l [ THE UNIVERSAE CA ANNOUNCEMENT of Interest to MILLIONS of FAMILIES "i will build a oar or the muflitude'" Sald Henry Ford in I903---Read how the fulfillmeni of that prophecy is now made possible through the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan For many years it has been Henry Ford's per- sonal ambition to make the Ford the univet_al car to put it within the reach of the millions of people wi have never been privileged to enjoy the bone fits of motor car ownership. During the past fifteen years over 7,500,000 Ford cars have been placed in the hands of retail cusomersmore than a millilon and a half of them within the pazt twelve months--and yet there are still millions of fanfiiies who are hopefully looking forward to the day when they can own a Ford. And now the way ia open. Under the temps of this plan you can select your Ford Car, set aside a small amount each week and you will be surprised how soon you will own it. In the meantime your money will be safely deposited to your credit where it will draw interest. Think it over. Five dollars will start an account. Te whole family can participate in i- father, /nether, brothers and sisters each doing' a litOe. Why not start today. Stop in and talk it over with you:' local Ford dealer Hc will be glad to fully explain the detdls of t,he plan and help you ge started toward the ownership ot a Ford car. Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan. W00001L[[ 0. THOS. A. ROLAND, JR., Manager. Authorized Ford Dealers. John Temple Graves, a well known editor and native of Georgia, sa. that "the negr0 Will be glad to re-! turn to the South, and the North will, ! be glad to have him do so; and when I he does come back his, spirit will bei chastened and he will make a bette laborer and a better citizen than! Boost your hc:ne first, last and all' the time. No mater what, if you live i i the smaAes, hamle, in t,he Unl.ed i States or in the largest city, always I say tibet you live in the best town in] the world. o town can be made' better by reddents knocking it. It is not becoming to throw upon the STATE" OF M'ISSISSY/PL I " To all persons having or claiming any interest in the following describ- ed land, some part thereof being located in Wilkinson county, State of Mississippi, and some part thereof beinff locuted in Amite county, State' of Mississippi, as follows: North Half of Northeast Quarter, Section 42, Township 4. Nmh. Range 1, East, Wilkinson county, State of Missis.! mppL and the following in Township 4, North, Range 2, East, Amite coun. I ty, State of Mississippi, being West I #a of Northwest iQuarter, Section l 34. Noheast Quarter of Northwest Qumer, Section 34, and that part! of Southwest Quarter and West Half i of Southeast Quarter, lying South', of Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Rail- road right of way, Section 33; To all pcrcans having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in the land described; To all unknown parties in interest; To Mrs. Edmonia Rob- erts, Eugene tt. Roberts, Edward Patterson, unknown heirs of Edward Patterson, deceased, Allston & Fitts, unknow-n heirs of Allston & Fitts, deceased, Mrs. Fannie Aaron White, Gastrell & Raymond, unknown heirs of Gastrell & Raymond, deceased, W. A. Fitts, unknown heirs of W. A. Fitts, deceased, unknown hei bf R. C. Brewer, deceased, unknown heirs of Mrs. R. C. Brewer, deceased. Kate Brewer, unknown heirs of Kate Brewer, deceased, Mary C. Brewer, unknown heirs of Mary C. Brewer, deceased, R. E. Brewer, Hattie D. Brewer; To all persons having or claiming any interest in the following deribed land, sold for taxes on the 5th day of June, A. D. 1876, viz: NE4 of NE, Section 42, Town ship 4, North, Range I, East, Wilkin- son county, State of Mississippi; To all persons having or claiming any interest in the following described land, sold for taxes on the 5th day of March, A. D. 1888, viz: NW% of NE %, Section 42, Township 4, North, Range 1, East, Wilkinson county, Sate of Mississippi; To George W. Carlisle, unknown heirs of George W. Carlisle, deceased, Mrs. Georgt W. Carlisle. unknown heir of Mrs George W. Crlisle, deceased, un- knoan heirs of Thomas Halloran, deceased, Patrick Halloran, unknown heirs of Patrick Hslloran, deceased. M. Patrick Halloran, unknown heirs of Mr-J. Patrick Halloran, deceased. John If. Bynum, unknown heirs of Jhn H. Bynum, deceased, Mrs. John H. Bxmum, unknown heirs of Mrs. John "H'Bynmn, deceased, unknown heirs of Jerimiah Bass, decea.ed unknown heirs of Wiliiam W. Ashley deceased, unknown heirs of ry Ashley, deceased, unknown heirs of P.enjan-,in Bass. deceased, unknown heirs of David Bryant, deceased, un- known heirs of Samuel Robes Lu.k deceased, unknown helm of Samuel Lu:, deceased. Etbabeth Lusk, un- known heir. of Elizabeth Lusk, de- c.aed, Miseouri Lusk, unknown heirs of Missouri Lu.k. deceased, John S Lusk. unknm heirs of John S. Luk. deceased. Melia N. Lusk, unknown hcir of MeHs_a N "Lusk, dec,:ased J. J. Bitter, unknown heir of J J. Butler, deceased, unknown heir of Adline McDaniel. dece=ed, urknown heirs of A. Daniels, deceased, un- known heirs, o'f A. DaMel, deceased J. T, Daniel, unknown heirs of J. T. Daniel, deceased ; All of said parties. Jmew and un- Expenen --OUR OFFICERS AND TORS ARE BUSINESS MEN, AND BANKERS OF THE WIDEST PO.) 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Ahvays pain the be3t pictu_e tuHv,: Comnan5 to ccnfirm and quiet ically and tempermentally  ttinds  to the outsider and he will have a bet- i its, title to the land hereinbefore de- County Gazette ter opinion of you and be more favor, t seabed and" to rcmove all clouds --o ably impressed with your home town. l therefrom: You are co.manded to appear be- We are no* in the busmess of mat<- Towns are like people. All citzens ing presidents, but we suggest that can be entrained more oz' les.. Nl Countyfre theof WHkiuon.Chancery inCurtsaidfState.the Hem:y Ford tour the country in one tom i ideal in every, respect. No n th.- gt Monday of Sentember. of his Lizzies when he opens his eam-I town wa ever made more ideal by! A. D. 1973. todefend the suit in sai paign for presidency, Bob Taylor] knocking. If you want to knock, get Cou of Foster Creek Lumber and dug up his ed fiddle and fiddled his l a hammer and tu=n carpentcr.Hick- I Manufecturing Company, wherein I you are defendants way into the gdvernorshtp of Tennes- i man County (Ky.LGazette. l Thi 19th day of Juno. A D. 1923. see, and made himself famous by hi -- , [eal.] W.L. HAYS, Clerk. feat. Henry's Lizzie might do as Whiskey-filled candy is said to be! 6-23-!923-4w. much for lim as Bob's fiddle did for taking the place of the bl# flask and! the Tennesseean. Stranger thmgs l the hollow walking cane by those * *, have happened.Winona Time3. who wish to evade the Volstead act.  : , That is certainly a blow to the candy[ A S N S , o- industry. France has built up the greatest I: An Inersing, L;.feiong Monthly * and most effective air fleet in the o I income if Totally and Perma- * world. She has developed her under-! " The Indianola Tocsin says that : neatly Disable! by Accident or * Disease Before Age of 60. * sea craft which now ranks first and "Sunflower county's cotton crop, as I , _ __ \\; . a whole, is inferior to that of last'* * " is constantly growing. She is produc. The Mutual Life lusurance Company oNew York *' lng artillery and casting cannon on y ar. A great deal more coon has a scal not exceeded even by Ger- abandoned this year on account * alto a month during first five * of rain than Was ever known before." * years, $150 during next five " years, $200 thereafter for life *i many in her mlrtial days. France o. I: No further premium deposits. * has an immense and thoroug,ly .i Following closely upon the heels of * And then $10,000 at your death ,t equipped standing army, the largest the Dempy-Gibbons $300)00 fight to your beneficiary, or $20,000 :: in the world. It looks, therefore. that France could go as far as she  on July 4th in Shelby, Montana, there' if death at any age, is accidental, lyable in a single sum, or as * ,! likes with Germany, without regard have been two bank failures in that income for a term of yem-s or for , to world opinion. And she will re- town. This i just another case of life. Total disability lasting, 3 *,:, =_ .... "=:===:=:==z-- peat Germany's mistake if she disre-  paying Yet the fiddler, but this one ** months regarded, during further $[ gards world otbinion and lives onl happened to come extremely high. I continuance, as permanent. *to' for herself.Ex-Governor Patteraon, ..... [ : Fu!l particulars of this Perfect *, 00om. ,o i i L, o Real leadership is what is neede Ihc CemmtrIai Ban00 ABE COHEN, Agent for a in Miisaippi's next governor. Ther Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y..l have been a number of things fasten- located at Woodville, in the County . Woovill, Miss. * ed on the state that need to be uP-of Wilkinson, State of Mississippi, ate* * * * * * * * * * * rooted and booted out. And then the close of business June 30, 1923, the state needs a man with practical, made to the Board of Examiners. TRESPASS NOTICE. business-like ideas to point out the Rsotutc:s. AI Imnting, fishing, trapping way of construction, and with enough A.mDrsct'svs: .................. 4' otherwise trespassing on any lands Overdrafts unsevured ..................... G,q2  owned by the undersigned is strictly statesmanship and virility to coin- u r S. I,)OS. t:ertitleatesofindebted- rohibited under penalty of the law. mend the resoeet and confidence of hess sad W,r Sarin. St, ms .... ef',  6-2 ly W. L. FERGUSON. Bods. securities, ere ..................... 14.040 the law-making body to see that, the Ga.ranty Pund WlhState Treusarer I.--;. e Banking honse and lot ....................... l.f:2 CO You can get the pure ice cream at state is lead out of the wilderness of Fm'niture and I,'itures ................. 1.152 $1  retail or in quantities when you want t  " Dtle from other Bnnks--commercmi c ! business depression, pet y politics ,,r rosette funds ............. .3.31 it at Piltt'a Bakery. 2S42 24 and spiteful executive doings. Mike F'o.hnDce fornext da:f'8 elearlngs ...... 4.725 % Curr--n,'y ................................... STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. Conner meets that rquirement. bld coin .................................. Silver coin. Nickels and t'enta ......... ! 5 S To all 3)crsons having or claiming A R T E TIE REXALL DRUG Grenada SentinoI. I All other items of Resoures 'l ....... "I 87 O [ Term ....................................... $39b.- The executive committee of Moat- " LIAHILrrIES apital paid in ................................... $..{xo gomery county, the home of Walker urplusFund ................................. :.. 10.000 Undivided Profits. ]e nmffunt laid Wood, unanimousiy passed the follow. 4,,r interest, expenses and txes 6.450 ing resolution endorsing his eandi- Indi,.idua] daeposlts.. 287..01 Time Certiflcatesof i ..... 57, I6 345 dacy for Secretary of State: 1 Cashier's chees ............................. _zs  "Be it tesolved by the Mo'atgomc.2i Tota ....... S. S I. N. C. Bull. Ccsbier. do solemttlY County Executive Committee, in sea- swe.r bt the above is a true satment of the ll,aat'ial eondlthm of Conmerelal' sion .at Winona, Miss., that we com- Dank located at, Woodrit]e in the t*ttnty of mend to the Democrats of Mississippi Wilkinson. State f Missis.T.pi. at the close Of business on the 3'I h rill v of .lutq 123, to the the candidacy of Walker Wood for best Of my kn,lede.n'd belief. R. A. J. SESSION00 Spring Showers of i Bargains Begins July 14th AND LASTS FOR TEN DAYS- ||ere's one downponr you'll eSteY- A viriual 'cloudburst of unusual bar" galns which will make this spr|g s]a the greatezt of our history---d the mos memorable this town hss eve Seel Cot HKGT - A T'i" T, -'- BUI,L. C,ashler. D H. W%,T,.\\;CE. T)Ireetor. I{. A. J. SiCS,%.'It)NS Director. STATE OF .'21SSISIPt'I. CCtIWWy OF WI|,KINOH. - ( Sworn to and subscribed before me Jno L Hays. Circuit of 123 JNO L HAYS Chart the office of Secretary of State. lfr. Wood has served as a member of otrr i State Legislature, is a loyal Dean. oral, and an energetic worker. We beIieve that, if te of our* R. A. j. SE any interest in the land in Wilkinson County, State of Missis:fippi, de- scribed as Lot 10 Section 21, Town- ship 4, North, Range 2, West, (Ex- cepting the Pine timber standing', growing and being on said Lot 10) and Lot 1 Section g6, Toship 4, North, Range 2, West; To all persons having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in the land before de.cribed; 1 To all persons having or claimin Range 2, W, Wilkinson County, Mis- any interest in the in!lowing describ- sisipp; ed land, sold for taxes on the 4th day To all unknown pkrties in inter- of June, A. D. 18"7, viz.: Lot 1 See- eat; To unknown heirs of Charles tion 36, Township 4, Range 2, W'., Smitk Beach, deceased; un'owai 3950 acres; "heirs Cf Chas. S. Beech, deceased, To all peons having or claiming" unknown heirs of .(as. Beech, de. any interest in the following deseb- ceased'; I. B. Harris; ed land. sold for taxes on the ls day All of said persons kndo,l and ui- L8, known, ire a Range .2. E. B L. land rmove You are fore the ty of first Monday . 1923, tO orE. B. son,