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July 14, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 14, 1923

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XCVIV. LAST OF BURNS S ELIC OF OLD RUSH. BLOCKS BURNED Bustling Town of Recently Been But One Inhabitants. "boom" mi- in 1904, has r tire. Reports from -from the burned flames, after do- at $1,500,000, out. in the heart of the out by flames, fan- 40 miles velocity wires were soon after the ; 6:45" o'clock in the Word since then has courier. from causes attril> , a woman is missing ) have perished, and were treated for back" was the the camp had of its losses. were rush- town from nearby from Tone- county commis- a relief corn- day. had opportunity to effects and the hills, despite the of the last of the of the west and has as that of any Situated in the in me sink of With being the volcano, it has SWell pvernight to and then fall away hundreds as the I its first start in Co- as "Grandma," a west. A engineers came out established the Engi- struck it rich and nL deserted started. Relations. Belgian diplomatic informed the that diplomatic SUspended if the repudiate unequivo- crimes. The French I "gVien similar notice. 8ubmissionp employed on & Louis- & Texas rail- lines, and the have filed sub- States rail- through their broth- , D. W. Halt. Set for Aug. $. tariff commie- an investigation ln- aud other data duties on logs of or "western hem- It had set Aug. a preliminary rates. Kills Two. a result of at a picnic are dead. Teasdale, and Les- Pope, are the died 1efore h YOung Smith died Lose of the tom- "he'maker Lau- $5,000 against Herman H. Lau- for money st- of n son born soy- they were divorced the supreme court. Rate Oeder. were or- Committee rates d Lockport, on grain, grain originating north but consigned Auto. his automo- rbort Farell, 8tar of the Sea rn dcwn 11, a Brook- SLAYING OF THREE REMAINS MYSTERY EACH OF TRIO SHOT ALMOST DI- RECTLY THROUGH HEART ONE MAN GRASPS PISTOL Police Disbelieve Three Drinking Men CJid Have Been Shot as Vic- time Were With Three Bul- lets--Unsolved Mystery. Hot Springs, Ark.--J. E. ,Vestover, 65. A'andev Taylor, 30. and MackinlPy Johnson, 25. companions on a drinking spree, were killed in the house occu- pied by Vander Taylor. three bullea having been used from a .:-cal:bre pistol for the killing of the three men. The bullet that killed Vender Tay- lor was fired through his heart while he was seated in the front room of his home. The bullet that killed Mackinley Johnson was fired through the back and came out of the b:iy just over his heart, and the bullet that killed J. E. Ves[over was fil,,d directly through his heart. Chief of Police Sullivan a,:d Detec- tive Akers, who first responded to the ielephone calls from neig/,ors that there had been a shooting at the Tay- lor home. first entered a middle room and found Westover dead. hi body partly reclinnig on a bed. The chief of police went into another room and there sat Taylor is a rocklug chair, dead. and his head hanging off to one side, The chief could not find any other person in the house, but a few minutes later found Johnson lying prostrate at the edge of the house. where he had fallen. Johnson was removed to a hospital and died a while later. Mystery as to the triple tragedy will probably never be solved. WOODVILLE. MISS. SATURDAY JULY 14 1923 With the near approach of the democratic state primary, the game taking place on August 7, the claims and counter-claims of rival candi- dates for the nomination for govern- or and their several campaign mana- gers. are hecoming more interesting. It is needless to say that the state- ments issued by the campaign mana- gers of Franklin, Bell, Conner, Whir- field and Bilbo are all optimistic; and there is no doubt that the cam- paign manager of each candidate for governor is bending every effort to PASTOR  YEARS AS HEAD OF ONE CHURCH Celebration Will Se Held July 19 at Brookbtven. Brookhaven.A celebration of "in- terest throughout,Mississippi will be held at Union Church, Jefferson County, July 19-20, in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the active pastorate in Union Church of the Rev. C. W, Grafton, D. D., of the Presbyterian ministry. The program will include speeches by distin- guished visitors, dinner on the grounds and four services each day. Dr. Grafton Is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and of C@ lumbia Seminary, He has held vir- tually evdry b[fice of distinction within the gift of his denomination, and in 1916 acted as moderator of the general assembly of the Presby- terian Church In the United States . at Orlando, Fla. PLAN LAUNCHING M'ADO0 CAI00PAIGN . E SAY UNDERWOOD AND SMITH HAVEN'T A CHANCE. FEAR FORD AND JIMMY COX Fifty years of service in a single insure the nomination of his man"  pastorate has made Dr, Grafton the So far there seems to be less in- most widely known and beloved pas. terest manifested in the guberna-!tor in this section, and it is a com- torial race than in previous contestS lmo n occurrence for members of this near to primary election day.!other denominatiorm than his own to But In the few weeks intervening prefer him," because of long acquain- between now and August 7 there ap- lance and old associations, to their pears to be no doubt that interest  ' lows pastors upon such occasions as The diners, meeting recently oaten- will pick up and become as intense iw ,ti. .a e,,.,.o o., h _e ...... . ................... e : sibly to honor Samuel B. Amidon, na- almost as will be the interest be- I  - - younger pastors gracefully and defer- i ttonai Democratic committeeman from tween the two candidate.--whoever " . ........ " .... !DUGY to:thP,:?Cee:i:r . l:otmO Kansas, picked Mr. Amidon tO handle they may be--in the run-off tn the f n the McAdoo campaign, the Post says. second primary hch takes place " , " "" ' !men consent when churches and The diners discussed the relative Amldon Chosen to Head McAdoo's CampaignExpect John W. Da- vis to Enter Convention With Good Strength. [' New York. -- Detailed plans for launching a William G. McAdoo for president boom have been worked out at a dinner of a dozen of his most in- timaze friends here, the New York Evening Post said. Altimugh Mr. Mc- Adoo has not formally announced his candidacy, his supporters were de- clared to be confident his hat would be in the ring. August 28. The lines do not seem, to be sufficiently drawn yet to make! schl buildings are to be dedicated, cornerstones laid and commencement a safe guess as to who will receive sermons preached. He ts the ac- the first primary anu a plurality in . f cepted manager on the political plat-I who wlil come next m the matter o form when candidates come before votes, but it may be possible to the people of h vicinity, tter the convention with 400 delegates make an intelligent forecast between Dr. Grafton bas heen closely assc, and with many others ready to switch elated with four generations in hts lto him as soon as they had regis- 150-year pastorate. "The generations i tered "favorite son choices." I stand close together in pastoral ex-! Mr. Amidon. now on his way to now and August 7. In the mean- time there is considerable specula- tion as to the number of votes which may be polled in the primary elec- tion. It is reported by newspapers throughout the state that women who did not pay their poll mx and who did not participate in the sen- atorial primary of last year have paid their poll tax and registered, i thus qualifying themselves to vote In the coming primary. Statistics ! are not at hand to indicate how Westoverand Taylor had been nzar- heavy this increased woman vote ried. but had no family connections at : will be. It is also stated that a num- this time. Johnson was unmarriod. ber of men who did not pay their The trio had been associating recently poll tax and were denied parttcipa- and had been on a fishing trip to- tion in the primary last year have gether and had been drinking. " also paid their poll tax and rfgis: Taylor's home revealed a quantity tered, thus becoming qualified clue- of moonshine liquor when the house tors this year. was searched by. the police. A small: In the run-off primary election jar of moonshine liquor was found beween Russell nad Johnston in beside a Testament on a table in Tay-, 1919. Russell received 77,428 votes, lor's room. , ',Johnston 69,855, a majority of 8.863 One neighlbr declared she had for-Russell. The total vote for Rue- heard some quarreling about 2:30 p.m. i sell and Johnsta49 was 146.993. This when she went from her home. The]vas before the Women were enfran- "shots were" heard abont :30 o'Clock chised. In the run-off primary in There were two shots quick,and after- i. 1922 between Stephens and Varda- "Oh. Lordy'" had been exclaimed loud - man. when the women voted Steph- ly twice, neighbors heard the third ens' majority was 8,555. The total shot, then all was quiet, and theytele- vote was 180.084. Those who have phoned the officers, kept in touch with the situation be- A former wife of Taylor, and sister ! lieve that sufficient men and women of Johnson. could throw no light on the triple tragedy. She could offer nothing on which they could build a clew, if there were ever any others than the three drinking men tn the row and how three drinking men could be killed with three bullets and each shot either through .the heart or with- lug a half inch of the heart, as was Johnson, could not be associated with reason. PRACTICE RACE SUICIDE. Dut(:h New Guinea Natives Fast Dill- appearing, Say Missionaries. Techny, IlL--The tragedy of the vanishing North American Indian Is being re-enacted in Dutch New Guinea. Race suicide Is being practiced by thd Kanakas so extensively that in 19 years the native population of Dutch iw Guinea has dwindled from 40.000 to less than 5.000: This was the report made by mis- sionaries of the Society of the Di- vine Word. who are working in the South Sea Islands. German Cooking Curbed. Berlln.--The gastronomic outlook for future husbands in Germany is very dark because the school au- thorities have decided to bar the teaching of cooking from German gifts' schools, not" because they dis  apirove of the art of cooking, but because food and cooking ingredients are so expensive that the school of- ficials are not able to finance cook- ing experiments for the younger gen- eration. Earth Is Getting Along. Washington.--The earth is be.. tween two billion and three billion years old. according to Lord Ray- lelgh, English scientist, in a paper mle public by the Smlthsonlan In- stitutlon. ome years ago geologists contended that the earth is a mere infant of some 10,00,000 to 100,000- 00O years old. have paid their poll tax--together with the men and women who have become of voting age since last year --to swell the primary vote in Au- gust to upwards of 200,000. The thing that seems to he vexing dam- paign managers and others is how this 200.000 men and women will di- vide up in the gubernatorial cam- paign. Estate to Salvationists. New York.--An estate of more than half a mtlHon dollars was left to the Salvation Army by Samuel Clare Willlans, a Brooklyn rechise, It was revealed in his wilt filed for probate here. 14 Dis in Train Wreck. Over Cairo Auckland, N. Z.--Fourteen per- the gee- sons were killed and 0 injured declared the when an express train bound for race Auckland from Wellington crashed Orlean Into an earth in a strength of former Oov. Cox of Ohio, Gee. Smith of New York, Senator Un- derwood, former Ambassador to Great Britain John V. Davis and lenry Ford. concluding McAdoo could en- perience," he says. The elder peo- Europe, is expected to return in Sup- ple of his first congregation, with tember, bY which time it is said Mc- few exceptions, have passed away, Adoo clubs will have been formed in and tbeir places are filled in large many states and the campaign be measure by their descendants. Of ready to be brought out into the open. the burying ground of his people,  Among those present at the dinner Dr. Grafton says, "But all these were Stuart G. Gibboney, secretary of snowed cemeteries are lighted up the Wilson campaign in 1912: Byron with the hope that streams from the R. Newton, collector of the port of promise of God as he says "In my]New York under the Wilson regime; Father's house are many mansions;! lrank Wilson, puhlicity diregtor for I go to prepare a place for you." I the third [nd fourth Liberty loan drives; W. Judson Timmins, Insur- QUITMAN PLANS C. OF C. anne broker; "David Hunter Miller, at- torney; E. Bright Wilson, president of Farmers Look to Dairying as Cotton the Tennessee Society and Oscar Crop Prospects Decline, Price. motion picture distributor. Discussion of Henry Ford's chances Quitman.An interesting demon- was said to have occupied a good deal stration was given by the Mississippi of the diners 'time. The McAdoo development board at the Clarke strategists concluded that if McAdoo county courthouse in Qultman. Ad- nLounced his cand:dacy soon enough dresses were delivered by Messrs. he coeld spike a Ford democratic McCoen and Wall. they being intro- boom, although th, Detroit manuiact- duced to the audience by Mayor J. turer probably still Juld have o be A Terral. Moving pictures that reckoned with as a third party candl- show the wonderful benefits of good date. roads and the possibilities that Mls- I Smith and Underwood, they decided, sissippi offers to the people and to were not especially dangerous, It b home seekers were shown. The lng held that their "wet" trend as large crowd that gathered for this politically unpopular. Cox, the duroc- demonstration appreciated the pro- eratie standard bearer in the 1920 gram and it will act as a stimulus to race, was believed by the diners to be community activities here. McAdoo'd most powerful opponent, re- Plans are on foot now for the or- ports reaching them that Kentucky, ganization of a chamber of corn- Ohio, and'at least two other middle meres, and this organiztion will en- western states, wore lining up for courage every movement that tends Cox. to bild up this hectlon. Davis, the diners decided, probably would enter the convention with a Have New Courthouse. good show of strength led by his na- Tunlca.Tunlca county taxpayers tire West Virginia contingent, but The publication of tax rolls of the have Justifiable pride in their new most of this srtength, it was declared, various counties is becoming a l!ve comthouse at Tunics, Miss., which could be swung to McAdoo. issue in the primary campaign and has Just been completed It is us- is apt to receive favorable attention tfroly fireproof, with the renaissance WHIPPNG BO8S GUILTY. when the legislature meets in 1924. style of architecture used. The build- The Lexington Advertiser which re- ing was designed and supervised by Charges Sustained of Flogging North cently celebrated its 85th year refers Frank P. Gate & Co., architects and Dakota Boy to Death. to the disparity in the valuation eL engineers, of Clarksdale. Miss. AI- Lake City, F'la.--Thos. Walter Hig- property found all over the state gernon Blair, of Montgomery, Ala., ginbotham was found guilty of tour- and says there is a demand rapidly was the builder. The new court- dor of Martin Tabert of North Do- growing in intensity to have the as- house was formally opened to the kota, in the second degree, by a Jury sessment rolls published in every public on June 28. here. The Jury was out one hour and county in Mississippi. It points out twenty minutes. that the taxpayers will then be able Much Corn Planted. Higginbotham was sentenced to 10 to see which of their neighbors are Coldwater.--A heavy acreage Is years' imprisonment. He was releas- their Just proportion of now being planted in late corn ed pending hearing of appeal. taxes by undervaluation. The Ad- throughout Tats county, as the farm- The former convict whipping boss vertiser "believes that the publics- ,:s realize they muse make some of- was accused of having caused the ties of assessment rolls would cause fort to avert the threatened short, deeth of Tabert as the result of a everybody to giw" In their prcperties ege of feedstuffs. The ;-creage in beating administered while the North at a Just valuation in order to ca- early corn Is unusually short, and i Dakotan was serlnga term in the caoe the charge and stigma of tax- has been impossible until rec,.ntly to Putnam Lumber company convict dodgers." prepare the lowlands for late plant- lease camp. The trial consumed thir- The announce-ent of the estah-ing, teen days. lishment of milk companies In some[ ........ -. ... - GEORGIA'8 CROP8 SHORT. of the towns in the delta in order to] u, mmg u=ooo M,gnway. induce planters to keep small dairy[ Coldwater: _-- DeS?to co:tory lp Commissioner Reports Year's Produe- spenamg $10 00o a mile on the norm herds as a side-line to cotton raising ' tion Will Not Feed Stats Long. is being commended as a progressive and, south highway letween Cold- and business-like movement. In a water River and Hernando. This Atlanta, Ga,--Under the existing oh- large and growing number of iasis: link is 7.4 miles long and the con- normal conditions during the remain sippi communities the dairy with tract price was $64,000, but some ad- der of 192, orgia this year will not creamery establishments have prey- dttional improvements have been .de- produce sufficient food anal seed crops sn tremendous successes. The cldcd upon and these will cost at to feed Its population more than three months and "cotton production in the Brookhaven Creamery. for instance, least $10.000 more. stale la o the verge of collapse," which was established less than ten years ago with only a few thousand Baldwyn Woman Honored. Commissioner of Agriculture J. J. Brown stated. Georgia. normally, the dollars of capital, has an annual hue- Baldwyn.Baldwyn is again hen. commissioner figured, produces about incus now estimated at half a million ored. Information has Just been re- dollars. The Starkvtlle News says ceived here that Miss Violet Me- enough to feed the lbopulation three- fourths of the year. that a number of negro farmers of Dougal has been apllnted poet lau- Oktibbeha county are making the reate of Oklahoma, and that her sis- French Seize Bank, Report. dairy cow take the place of the ter, Miss Mary McDougal, recently Berlin.The Vossiche Zeitung re- "wife's cotton patch," as they find won the first prize in the nation- the wekly cream check better than wide poetry contest, conducted by ports that the French have occupied the check for what the boll weevil the Genreal Federation of Women's the Duisburg branch of the Reiseh- left at the end of the cotton season. Clubs for a "Woman's Song." bank and seized about seventy rail- lieu marks. The death toll at railroad grade Offer Dppig 8olution. crossings in cities, and country Gulfport.The Harrison county Pershing to Mlellan, t9wns, is alarmingly on the Increase board of suprvisora has offered to Annistou, Ala.--Generai 3elm G, and emhashees the necessity of furnish dipping solution free to cat- Pershing is scheduled to make a visit safe and sane legislation at the ear- tie owners who wish to dip th'eir of Inspection at Camp McClellan on liest possible moment. The heedless cattle for the eradication of the "rex- uly 25 and arrangements are being and recklessness of some automobile as cattle tick. Several cattle have made on a huge scale to entertain the drivers on the public hgihways also. recently died from the Texas cattle commander-in-chief at the local camp, suggests that legislation must be fever. hod )to protect the lives of other3 " Enjoy Nighting Singing. who observe the laws of common Crown Prince For President London.To hear theIght/ngae, a sense and do not make speedways of Berlin--Former Crown Prince Fred- party the accidents crick be la- could have avoided by a candidate for ome at electAoz BERLIN WONT TAKE BLAME REJECT DEMAND OF ALLIE8 FOR STRONG DISAVOWAL. FRANCE STATES POSITION Break Between Quai D'Orsay and Downing St, Will Be Due to British Policy, Says Prom. inent French Leader. Berlin.--Tho German government flatly refused to assume responslbility for sabotage fatalities in the Ruhr. Representatives of France and Bel- gium presented a formal demand that Germany denounce the DuisLerg out- rage in which 20 Belgians .lost their lives and assume responsibility for arrest of the perpetrators. Although it is expected that severe 1 penahies wilt follow German's refusal t Foreign Minister Rbsenberg replied i the government did not admit that Germany or Germans were respon-I slble The delegates told Roseni)erg their I countries regarded goe- the German ernment as guilty of furthering the activities in the Ruhr. The German foreign minister repli- ed that France and Belgium could not make this country responsible for In- Justices, Rosenberg pointed out. the government is unable to investigate alleged sabotage and consequently can not assume responsibility. French Warn British. Parts."It will be England's fault If there is a break with France," declar- ed a Qual D'Orsay official, outlining the present situation. Owing to the week-end in London, no developments are expected until later in the week. "We do not rekard the situation as pessimistically, nor our relations strained to the snapping point, as cer- tain British circles do, according to the London press," said my inform- ant. "Really, the trouble lies In NO. 3 i POINTED PARAGRAPHS. A stunning-looking girl isn't Iwlly siaockiug. Potry may bring return--tf stamp is haclosed with it. Truth and honesty have b little 25 conimon with diplomacy. * It Is an easy matter to get habit of meeting trouble Pride makes some anu prevents others from Few  men look a gift horse in mouth, because they never chance. It ls sid that no two alike---yet a great many marry. If a ,mnn's bend is filled dos he doesn't have to use his as a safety valve, And lots o people .who think they hve nSttIng but trouhle know what trouble really IS. Man: an Innocent youth has a young widow's hand and of love. tn a spirit of find himself facing the he later.--Chieago Daily News. . ! FLASHLIGHTS Ambition is useless without tW. Abou all some men Is advlce. It is easy to run into always a long and tedious walk baelr It taes years to establis! tlon, but it can be wrecked in lsh minute. Itappiness is something to be found In spite of life's disappointments. A woman's idea of a Is one who would leave as neat as he found It. Actions may spunk louder words, but n bore never seems Downing street. ready has clearly exposed France's position--Germany must repay the coat of reconstructing the war devas- tated regions, which the French gov- ernment already has advanced, which ts almost 100,000,000,000 francs, near- ly 30,000.000,000 gold francs. Also Germany must pay at least the sum Franc'e is required to pa to her creditorsGreat Britain and the , United States. "Great Britain already has indi- cated that Germany mtst pay her annual instal!taunts on the American loan, but she is silent on how much she interlds to demand from her al- lies. "If Prime Minister Baldwin frank- ly outlines the British claims on the allied creditors. It will clarify the situation and permit recognition ac- curately of the absolute reductions the allies can make on reparations." Premier Poincare believes his in- structions to Ambassador Comte De St. Aulaire, to send Lord Curzon a copy of his 47 pages of Instructions. outlining the French government's viewpoint on (he entire question con- cerned in the British questionnaire proves the sincerity of his effort to reach an amicable agreement. Despite the optimistic French feel- ing, however, it is feared that the whole situation may be seriously ag- gravated if France and Belgium withdraw their ambassadors from Berlin, practically breaking off all diplomatic relations unless Chancel- lor Cuno disavows the killing of ,12 Belgians recently. While the German government in- sists that it had nothing to do with the bombing, it Is feared that the French and Belgian demands, accom- panied by the threat ,may be regard- Premier Foincare al- cover the  fact that hls has ceased to be Interesting. A wife is always sure that her band could do greater things other people would step aside and him the chance.--Detroit AROUND THE WORLD Quite, the capital of Ecuador, no regular water supply. Water Hers bring the water into Jars. Scandinavian women women of Finland, are $,ld to ffeeater degree of In any other part of the world. Probably the largest plant world is the gigantic the South Pacific. It growl, l] a water to a height of 800 feet. The Veddas, now an almost race of Ceylon, have characteristics. None of them, been known to laugh and. they unable to tell a lie. Although many of the South Africa heels are very ,popular among medium and poorer clasmm country, FAMOUS ROOMS Roofn and bath. Give tflm room. The guest room. . Blubmtrd's room. ed as a aultimntum, which the chan- cellor practically would be obliged to refused to comply with, else give way altogether and order an abandom sent of the passive resistance. It is reported here that Lord Cur- i zon ts instructing the Brit! office In Berlin to urge Chancellor Cu to disavow the bombing, avoiding a ful ther break.  , FRANCE IN LINE. Detaros in Favor With Signatories On Naval Limitation. Pars.France has given formal ap- proval to the -5-3 naval power pact drawn up at Washington 20 months ago. The chamber of deputies, after debate that at times reached fever heat, voted by 460 to 104 to ratify the treaties of the arms limitation conference, By this action France aligns her. self with the other signatories, th United States, Britain, Italy and Ja- pan. all f which have signified their approval of the nays! pacts. Vessel Hita Rocks. LondoThe channel vessel Cae- sores, from Jersey to Southampton, with 400 passengers, struck the rocks of St. leHers in a heavy fog. All the passengers were transferred to an- ship. NO More From Russia. Spain, Grecoe Washington.The July immigration of Russia, Spain and Greece been the bureau announces in u Standing room onl The senate chamber, The Hall of Mirror Room for improvement. KEEP IN MINI) Use not today what tomorrow want. The tongue Of an idle never Idle. None can cure their lnE them. He whom many fear many. Things used In long while. - Luck t and loses SO|IL