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July 13, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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July 13, 1973

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Page 2 rheWoo dvilleRepublican PubUshed every Friday by The Woodvllle Republican, Box 696, Woodville, Miss. 39{}69 Iohn S. I,ewis, Owner & Editor ubscrlption Rates: One year, $4.00; 6 mos., $2.25; 3 mos., 1.25. Payable in advance. Second Class postage paid at Noodville, Miss. 39(ifi9, The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississipp; Centrev]lle News Mrs. A. A. Holllngsworth re- MISS SUSIE REESE FETED turned home last weekend fol- lowing a two-week visit with her AT RICE BAG PARTY son. Dr. Gerald Hollingsworth, t Mrs. Bob Matthews and Mrs. at Fort Walton Beach, Fla. I Michael Stewart honored Miss Mr. and Mrs. James Temple- Susie Reese at a colorful rice ton have as their house guests bag party held at the Matthews tlaeir son-in-law and daughter, home prior to her wedding to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rain, and Mr. Mike Draughdrill. Proceedings Of The Savings Account No. 061-693-8. $9,631.34: Golden Savings Ac- Centreville Mayor And count No. 591-3l)3-3. $]1.182.26: Board Of Aldermen u.s. Trea.ury 3 7/V'/; Bonds of 1974. SK 505783 U. $3,000..03; I U. S. Treasury 7 1/2')4 Notes of Be it remembered that there was begun and ield in the8/15/7a. SK 74220 C. $&(1;3.03; U. S. Trea:sury 4 1/4t ', Bmcls of Council Room in the Town ot 1575-85. SK 44533, $12.030.00; Centreville Mississippi, au 7:30 U. S. Treasury 4 1/4' Bonds of p.m, on Monday, July 2, 19'/3, 5/15/85 SK 5555 C. $3.C00.03; a regular meeting of the Mayor  Total Investments..;44.813.6t/. and Beard of Aldermen of the' i Total Cash and Inv(;sLmenl,,, Town of Centreville. I $177,511.42. ' Present and presiding May,r I Court Fines and Forfeits col- Fred L. Hetzler. Z. E. [Bob Bell, L leete in June, $19.30. , children, Lyn, Steven, Michael Miss Reese wore for the oc- C. C. Germany, Jr., Iverson Me- , Collector of UtilitAes ptid col- METIIGI)IST CIRCLE MEETS and Joey, of Lexington. Mass. casion a green three-piece pant- Key, John Rollins, A Kent Van leetkms in June as follows: Mr and Mrs. John Brandon suit complemented with a gift Cleave, Aldermen; M. E. Erst--'Water-Sewer Rew.nue Fd.: Wa- Mrs. Patricia Ash was hostess James and children, Bill, Jonnie corsage of white carrmtions, ling, Clerk: James E. Wilker,son, ,yr. /,.1.3.1;: Sewc,r, $918A6: for the July meeting of the Lynn, and Little John, left on Each guest attending the party Kttorney. Absent: None. Penalties. 37.05. Water-Sewer Unite=l Methodi:t Morning Circle Saturday for a vacation visit presented the honoree with a The meeting was called to or- Cp.ration & Maintenance Fd.: aL her re.:.idcnee beginning at with her brother-in-lw and ueful kitchen gadget, and the der and there came on to be I Sale s Tax. $145.82. Gas Revenue 9:30 on Tuesday, July 10. sister, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rog- hostesses' gift was a kitchen heard and considered the fol- Syst, em Fund: Gas. $4.114.34: lowing matters of bu.iness: In- Penalties $70.83: Sales T,tx. $158. After tlae group was seated, ers, at Savannah Beach, Ga. I clock, vocation" Reading of minutes of 611: Total. $7.053.17. Mrs. Ash served a delicious des- Mrs. Richard Guidry of Baton i Punch and sandwiches were previous meeting A. Approval or I am charging Collector of sert with coffee. Rouge visited her grandfather, served to the large group in minutes: Financial Report A. Utilities with June BilLs as rol- In the absence of Mrs. Nannie Mr. C. E. Berryhlll, at Field Me- l attendance.  Approval of Claims Docket; Res- Ash, president, the wee-presi- mortal Community Hospital ___ olutions, Petitions and Memori- lows: Water. $2.399.20: Sewer. dent. Mrs. Ola Parkhurst, pre- Sunday. Friends of the Berry- Mr..and Mrs. M E Causey als; Departmental Reports; Oth- [ Tax,$i"083'07:$292,65;GaS'Total$3:603"19;$7,301.11.Sales sided. The budness session was hill family regret that he con-] " " or I Alderma'n Van Cleave moved, followed by the program pre- tinues quite ill. . and Mr. and Mrs. Maurlce Burn- I er Bu.sinczk; Al]ournment ham were called to Baton Rouge I ecess. , Alderman Bell seconded that sented by Mrs. Ethel Anderseon. Mrs. Bonnie Carraway and by the death of =rs. Causey's ,The minutesof, wre thelaStread A derreg- claims 131 through 1320 be up- .which she opened with a devo- daughter, Mrs. Dudley Finn, and 1 proved payment. Motion car- and Mrs. Burnham s aunt, Mrs. umr meeting e . - for tiorml .and prayer. Miss Mary B. son, Bobble, of Baton Rouge Malone B. Cox who died Friday man MKey moved,  conflean t .aem-'Alder--m-ian red unanimously. [  Bowles read a poem by John spent Tuesday .visiting her sis- a t " at Capital Nursing Home. Mr.s.i Germany _e " - Alderman Bell moved Alder- G. Whittier. and Mrs. Ida Lee ter. Mrs. 'Robert McGehee, and Ford gave an article, "Walking Dr. McGehee. son,Cx' La.,gl' andWaS aaresidentnative Ofof Jack- utes approved. Motion car- man Germany seconded that the ried balance of the Watcr-Sewm" with God." I . Balances in TowI F.,ds. June Con:_truction Fund. $[1.293.90. be A high point of the meeting l Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Coalfield Batnl Rouge. Funeral serwces weret entert.ained at an ice cream conducted from Welsh Funeral. 30, 1973: General Fund $2.019.22; transferred to the General Fund. was a resume' of the recent party on the evening of he Home Chapel on Mond.ay at 3 Revenue Sharing Fund, $17,209. trip to Hawaii made by the Fourth of July with friends and p.m. with interment in Rose- 22: WateiSewer Borid & Inter- Motion carried unanimously. hostess and her daughters. Mr.s. relatives from Baton Rouge and lawn Memorial Park. est Fund, $7,171.86; Water-Sewer Alderman Bell moves. Alder- William Netterville of Centre- Jackson. La., attending. This I Mr. and Mrs. T. R. White were Contingent Fund. $1.260.00; Wa- man Germany seconded that ville and Miss Sarah Ash f I week, the Caulfield children,recent visitors in the home of ter-Sewer Depreciation Fund. the following t4esmuian be Memphis. Mrs. Ash described have gone to several camps: I his brother and sister-in-law, $1,20.0D; Water-Eewer Revenue adopted Motion carried unani- the beauty of the lslands, the Ben and Jay are attending Bel-[Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt White, in Fund, $11,591.99; Water-Sewer mously. exotic flowers, the restaurants haven Church Camp, Jackson; i Greenvill e having accompanied Operation & Maintenance Fund, I Resolution and their fine foods, and their Miss Ellen Caulfield ls in Men- their sister, Mrs. Lucy Williams $1,5]2.96; Water-Sewer Con-I Whereas. The Board of Mayor vlsits to scenic places, the the- denhal at Cheerleaders Clinic; [of Mobile, Ala., to Greenville for struction Fund. $6296.90: Cus- and Aldermen of the Town of aires, the Memorial of Pearl and Miss Penn, Caulfleld and tomer Meter Deposlts Fund [Centreville. Mississippi, is on a visit wit,h the Hoyt Whites Harbor. and the Dole pineapple Miss Susan Robertson are at ,before moving to a new location $776.26; Street Improvement this date. July 2. o. m reg- factory. Morton Junior College attending in Hallandale, Fla. Weekend Fund, $35.732.64; ,Fire Preven- ular meeting: and ,ion Fund,! $8.993.93: Gas Reve- Whereas. said Board does take Mr. and Mrs. Alton Coalfield a Basketball Clinic. Faye visitors in the home of the T, R. and children, Susan. Sally, Philip House guests o.f Mrs. Etta Whites included their daughter, hue System Fund,, $27.708.01; cognizance of the loyalty and Light Fund, $11,114.83; Total doaper.ation displayed by ,the and Mark, ,and their friends, Duck for the Fourth of July Mrs. B. H. Barrow, and family holiday and the remainder of of St. Francisville. Cash All F, und s, $132,697.82. employees of said Town: and Miss Dianne Turner and Stanley the week included Mr. and Mrs. Investments. June 3'0. 1973: Whereas, The Board does take Thumote. all of West Monroe, Mrs. Benny Vine and son, further cognizance of the eoop- La.. were Fourth of July guests A1. Voss of Panama City, Fla., David. lef, t Tuesday for a visit in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duck of Minden, La., with her son and d, aughter-in- the range in costs of different ieration shown the Board by the C. M. Parkhurst. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Hazel Duck and chll- la'w, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vine, types and cuts of meats is great, citizens of the community; careful selection can result in Now, Therefore. be it resolved Floyd Caulfield, and Mr. and dren, Chris, tine, Berth, a. Faye, and family in New Johnson City, worthwhile savings. So your that the Board wishes o ex- Mrs. Jewel Caulfield. Other Clayton and Ray, all of Baton Tenn. family members vacationing in Rouge. Mrs. J. C. Netterville spent ,the meat bud,g,et may .be the area press its sincerc appreciation 1.o their homes this week incfuded Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Hughes veeekend visiting in the home where you can start cutting the employees and the citizens Mrs. Ida Lee Ford of Alexandria. spent sunday visiting relatives of her son, Mr. Edward Netter., costs, of the Town of Centreville: and ha. in Baton Rouge, Zachary and vllle, and family in Morgan City, Select the cuts and types of Bt It Further Resolved that, Mrs. Nannie Ash returned on Clinton. ha. meat, poultry anti fl, s.h that pro- this Board do now adjourn Sine and dough- Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wright of vldes the most,,., cooked lean. for / Die. SundaYweekend frOmvisit awithFourthher sonf JUlYand ter,MrS'MissPierce.PearlHarriSsuart Harris, of Centrevllle and ,their son-in-law. he money l?pnt. Learn to pre- I Fred L. Hetzler, Mayor .................... ' ..... M, E. Erstline. Clerk ,_ daughter-in-law, the Rev. and Jessup, Go., were expected to and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jess pare them pzpperly and m a[ ..... Mrs. John L. Ash III, and fam- arrive on Wednesd.ay for a vislt Davidson, and children of West variety of ways. ily in Pascagoula. with their mother and grand- Point are vacationing in the Check specials. At special! Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ross and mother, Mrs. Pearl S. Anderson. Ozark Mountains. prices you may be able to afford children returned home Mon- Mrs. J. D. Nettles agd dough- Mrs. W. L. Taylor left Wed- some cuts that are usually be- day from a visit with relatives ter, Miss Mary Beth Nettles, and nesday to visit for a few days yond your budget. grandson, Lynn Nettles of Vicks- in the home of her son-in-law Look for USDA grades on beef in Camden, Ark. Dixon l burg, motored to Alton.y, La., and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jim you buy. USDA Choice and USDA Mr. a.d Mrs. Ben B. of McComb were Tuesday guests Friday for a weekend visit with Lowery, and family in Baton Good re grades most often of his aunt, Mrs. Charles Mc- Mr. and Mrs. David Stilley and Rouge. found in retail markets. Com- pared to Choice. similar cuts of Elwee. .son, Bill. Good grade beef contain more , II I'Hl'/ lean and usually cost less lYer serving, but ,they are not quite as flavorful and juicy. Use smaller servings of meat. poultry, and flsh and rely on more economical foods--breads. The Early Bird rice, macaroni products and potatoes---to fill in meals Oc- casionally, replace one serving m'g/'l nl" of meat with eggs, dry beans. dry peas, peanut butter or other meat alternates. Get all the flavor and food get the worm! value from a piece of meat by using leftover',meat in casse- by Mrs. Mar]erie F. White roles, salads, sandwiches, and as flavoring in cooked vege-; Do you know how ,far yo BUT can reasonably go in euttingj tables' Cook meat bones with ,bean or soup. Use drippings yourus,DAfOOdestimatesbUdget? that ,a family j inl gravies and sauces. COST OF CALORIES iv Almost everyone buys and Ear.. shoppers get of two ages 20 to 35 ca'n have , adequate nutritious meals at enjoys foods in addition to ,those home for one week for the in the basic four food grotps of following costs: low - $19.40, bread and cereal, milk, meat the BEST selection moderate - $24.60. and liberal- and altern,ates and fruits and $30,50. USDA also ,estimates that for vegetables. Many of these "other foods" add chiefly calories and a family of four with school appetite' appeal to meals and : children the same Sype menus snacks. at for one week migh,t cost: tow - The cost of food energy $32.60, moderate - $1.70 and (calories) from these "other liberal - $51.40. ,%stimates for foods" varies widely. One hun- families of other sizes vary with dred c.alorles may cost only a number of persons and their penny from granulated sugar ages. but as much as 8 o 15 cen*ts V]" g'n'al] L.y'nn's o meat, poultry, and fish orfrmmoreSft Iromdrinks ancyand aeanay.dime a items in meals usu,ally cost e o f - - - most In fact, ,the latest national ....... .___" ....... ., ........ ,,. uatortes US'UalIy C0SU T, WlCe as IO0{1 CJ II  tlm'p bl Ult tttvuy D$ .......... .......... mucn irom ,outter tn,a some Parkmeadow Centreville ........... tsalad dresslnoS as rom mara- one-mra oi ne money u  ........ " "]rlne ,and vegetable shortenmgs. lamll,les spena or zooa goes I ........... - ..... ._. . .... I "l'rle la'esv UIIJ, =,umes ot ,or ns group ,or moas. mmee] food, use in ,his eountry show a '--- , ase m ,the use of [marked inere , " /soft drinks and snack foods Be a last round winner, are ,a part of this group. These foods, in many cases, are being used in place of milk I:i vegetables and rults that con- ," taln nutrients people need. Partly because of ,this trend, '!i Price-fighter fewer famili, es now have,diets that provide the ecommended r  Clearance " 10amun'tSyeam earlier.f some nutrien,s than I Wel,ht "tctrers, in particu- :' I],ar, should reduce amounts of] [ other foods in favor of the H & R FORD, Inc,, Woodville, Miss. the basic four food STOREWIDE CLEARANCE SALE on all of our fine SUMMER MERCHANDISE This sale includes such items as: Boys' Shirts. As much as 50% OFF on Men's Slacks and Shirts. Be sure and not miss this great SUMMER SALE. Squire Shop Parkmeadow Shopping Center-Centreville I _ _ . I III A GIFT FROM BUTTS & YOSTE will be cherished through the years @ Diamonds . Silver China t Crystal t, Watches BUTTS & YOSTE Jewelers l*ola Hotel Corner -- Phone 445-4063 -- Natchez, Miss. I McKey Motor Co. for the 'Finest Used Cars in Southwest Miss' 1973 Pont. 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