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July 9, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 9, 1898

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I Have .... TH08E F00L 8PANIgrD8 NO Stomacl i Bald a Jolly man of 40, of almost dt manic rotundity, +&apos;since taking Hood'l They Will Not A11ow It to be Known Sarsaparilla." What he meant + ],as that that Cervera's Squadron Has Been Destroyed. this grand digestive tonic had so com- pletely cured all distress and disagreeable dyspeptic symptoms that he lived, ate aml slept in comfort. You may be put Into thla delightful condition if you will H ' ood s Sarsaparille America's Greatest Medicine A Case of Memory. The serenader sto ed beneath the win dew. He unslunl hi uitar and touched it strings softly an<. Im tgly. Then he looked about the dark had vs of the garden and along the line of fence that marked the reet end of the handsome premises. Not!ring was in sight. Lookin again at the window, the youtl ram his fingers swiftly across the strings and then, lifting up his head and opening hi mouth until the moonliKht glittered on hi teeth, he began in a shrill tenor: #* n' " Oh, do t you remember-- But he got no further. The window above suddenly opened an( 91arge, heavily-framed engraving of th, Imtttleteship Maine was dropped from withiz and fell mluarely on the nnger's head. "Oh, we remember all right," shouted a l!oerse voice from above. And the startled r gathered himselt teacher and dl mmfully went hil way,--Cevelan( ruler. Is Mealth Worth Ten CentaT Man suffers many mysterious ailmenh from unknown causes, and nine-tenths oi them have their origin in the digestive canal tmewhere. It doe, any person good ta -+ clean cut this canal occasionally in a rational way, provided it is not done in a violent aanner. The proper cleansing and disin coting preparation is Casearets Candy Ca- thartic, which are very gentle, but at tht Rme time thoroughly effective. A 10c boo will purify the whole system and in most eaes remove the cause f ill health. Vher "feeling bad" take Cascarets. They will dc you good, and can do you no harm. Beauty Vae Profitable. Pretty Cashier--You must give me aholi. + day to recruit my health. My beauty is b finding to fade. ManagerWhy do you think so? "'The men are beginning to count thei change. --Pearson s $ eekly. TgrmsA (T dhtng Powders) is prepared especially for Children, and its success in curing CholeraInfantum, all the Irritation] of teething and usual Summer Troubles el children of any age makes it justly )opulnl ahouseh01d remedy. TzzzUlX Aids Dt getibn, Regulates the Bowels and make1 teething easy. A Good Example. She--Did you ever see an" rapid flrig? He--Yes; "I was in "Washmgton when the Spanish minister and attaches were em hbme.--(3hieago Tribune. Language of the Day. He--I shall never love again. She--Ahl An mmune. -- Indianapolil :Journal. Piso's Cure for Consumption relieves the mOSt obstinate coughs.--Rev. D. Bueh- muellero Lexington, Me., Feb. 24, '94. , Threedourths of the people are gullible, ff the right man comes along--Vashington (!a.) Democrat. Most of our misfortunes are mote sup portable than the comments of our frien& upon them--+Colton. Civility cos, nothing and buys every. thing..-Lady Mary Montague. Beware of him who hates the laughing of a child--Ilvater. SINGULAR STATEMENT. The following letter to Mrs. Pink- ham from Mrs. M. RAIK, NO. 2,354 Fasat Susquehanna Ave., Philadelphia, PtL, is a remarkable statement of re- lief from utter discouragement. She says: "' I never can find words with which to thank you for what Lydia E. Pink- ham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. "Some years ago I had womb trouble and doctored for a long time, not see- tag any improvement. At times I would feel well enough, and other times was miserable. So it went on until last October, I felt something terrible creeping over me. I knew not what. but kept getting worse. I can hardly explain my feelings at that time. I was so depressed in spirits tha I did not wish to live, although I had everything to live for. IIad hys- teria, was very nervous; could not sleep an4 was not safe to be left alone. "Indeed, I thought I would lose my mind. :No one knows what I endured. "1 continued this way until the last ot February, when I saw in a paper a testimonial of a lady whose case was similar to mine, and who had been cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta- ble Compound. I determined to try it, and felt better after the first dose. I CEVERA'S BOLD DASH LAUDED AT MADRID. The American Squadron Sahl to Have Boon Takes by Surprise and the Vessels Sent After the Fleet Spanish Ships Soon Left Astern--A Story that Will Surprise Cer- vera, :MADRID, July 5.--3 P. M.--Tho gen- eral public of the Spanish capital, at this hour, still believes Admiral Cerve- rd and his squadron have escaped from Santiago de Cuba, thanks to the offi- cial dispatches given out by the gov- ernment and tlm interviews granted by the ntinisters. A dispatch from Capt.-Gen. Blanco says: "Cervera's squadron, at 11 o'clock on Sunday morning, broke tb# center of the line of the American fleet and pro- corded at full steam in a westerly di- rection." Tile Spanish |lnlster of War's Statement. The Spanish minister of war, Senor Aunon, is quoted in an interview ng saying: "I am highly pleased at the feat of arms performed" by Admiral Cervera's squadron, which left Santiago the mo- mont Adnfiral Cervera judged it oppor- tune to do so'" After eulogizing the Spanish admiral, the minister of marine added: Amerietn Squ'dron Taken by Surprls9 "T ,v squadron could only leave the harbor at a given mument, and when the moment, arrived Admiral Cervera seized it I have never doubted he would do so. But. of course, it is diffi- cult to foresee the result. The Amei- can squadron was taken by surprise After attacking us. the Amerieam ad- miral detached five of his best ships which steamed for some time abreast of ours. but they were soon left astern. Only the h)wa and Brooklyn were able to follow our fleet, but it is certain they will not do so far, for fear of reprisals on our part. Admiral Cervera deserves great praise." I'ando Said to be Still at llavaaa. It is said in Madrid that Gen. Pando is still at tlavana, and that the rein- forcements for Santiago de Cuba are commanded by Gen. l'areja and Colonell Escarce and Nario. American Accounts Create a Sensation. NQo Not one of the official dis- patcles rceeiw, d from Cuba up to this hour make mention of the destruction of Admiral Cervera's squadron, and consequently the American accounts of the battle cause immense Surprise and sensation, though they are discredited by the Spanish ottleials. Awaltrng News of tlze Bombardment, Everyone is anxlously awaitingnews of the expected bombardment of Santi- ago de Cuba. attd it is anticipated that the fighting will result in appalling bloodshed. The Spaniards doubt whether the Americans, even tf they destroy the city, will succeed in pene- trating into it. as their losses are con- fidentl.v expected to be enormous, since the arrival of the Spanish reinforce- ments at Santiago will enable the Soaniards to make a more tenacious defense th,'m would otherwise have been the case. AIIOUT AFFAIRS AT MANILA. News that Creates Uneasiness in theMlnds the Suez canal. of the Spanish, MADRID, July 5.--There is much com- ment here over the news of the de- parture of the foreign warships from Manila at the moment of the arrival there of the American reinforcements. Only two German. two French and four British warships now remain at Ma- nila. and people are asking if interna- tional poll tics have undergone a change, and of tbe Americans are to be given a free hand in the Philippines islands. Reflections on British /eutrallty. The news received here that the Brit- ish consul ab tlong Kong has sent a dis- patch boat to Manila for the purpose of informing Rear-Adufiral Dewey of the fact that Admiral Camara's squad- ron has traversed the Suez canal is much commented upon, and the news- papers assert that the Egyptian and British authorities purposely placed ob- stacles in the way of Admiral Calnara'a dcparture in order to delay his arrival at Manila as long as possible, adding that the British have been more scru- pulous in maintaining the neutrality of the Suez canal than they were when they allowed a steamer to leave lions OUR FALLEN OFFICERS. fast of Killed and Wounded Amerleam Omeers In Last Weak' Fight- Ing at Santiago. IIEADQUARERS OF GUN. SHAFTER'S ARMY, July 4.--VIA KIN(STON, Jamaica, July 5.--The following is a revised list of the killed and wounded officers, from official sources, so far as obtained. Killed. Jules G. Ord, first Lieutenant, Sixth infantry. W. II. Smith, first lieutenant, Tenth cavah'y. We. Safer, second lieutenant, Thir- teenth infantry John Itarlton, lieutenant colonel, Ninth cavah.y Albert C Forse, major, First cavalry. E. N. Brunckey, second lieutenant, Sixth infantry. A. M. Weatimrill, captain, Sixth in- fantry. Dennis M. Michle, second lieutenant, Seventeenth infantry. W N. Dickinson, first lieutenant, Nineteenth infantry. Wounded. John Robertson, second lieutenant, Sixth infantry. L. It. Gross, scoud lieutenant. B. E. K. Luscum, lieutenant eolonel, Fourth infantry. James Torrance, captain Thirteenth lfenry Carroll, lieutenant-colonel, Sixth cavalry C.W. Woodbury, captain, Sixteenth infantry. W. B. Scott, first lieutenant, Thir- teenth infantry. Theodore J. Win]. major, Tenth cav- alry. Thomas A. Roberts, second lieuten- ant, Tenth cavalry. C. B. Walter, captain, Sixth infantry. THE FIFTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. (First Regular Session.) SENATE, "vVASlINGTON. July 5 Mr. Hoar (.M; ss. had the floor on the iIawaiian atmcxation resolution in the senate ills remarks were listened to with close attention. Upon the conclusion of Mr. IIoar's speeclt Mr. Lindsay (dee., Ky.) ad- dressed the senate in opposition to tim resolutions hOUSE. Representative Berry (Kyl) intro- duced a joint resolution teaderinr the thanks of congress to Commodore Schley and the officers and men under his command for the destruction of the Spanish fleet. The house adopted the conference re- poet on the general deficiency bi 1 ex- cepting the Pacific railroad amend- ment. On this debate began with an agreement to vote at four o'clock Weduesday afternoon. THROUGH THE SUEZ CANAL. Adnlmtl Cmtra's Fleet Reported to be I'ass|og Through to the Bet! Sea. POST SAID. July 5--The Spanish fleet under the command of Admiral Camara, consisting of the Pelayo, Car- los V., Patriots. Rapido, Buenos Ayres, lsla de Panay, San Francisco, lsla dc Luzon, San Augustin and San Ig- naeio de Loyola, has entered the aez canal. The Spanish torpedo boats which were with the fleet have been ordered to Tessina. Sicily. The State Department Not]fed. VAsHINOTON, July 5. The state de- partment has beeu officially apprised of the entrance of Camara% fleet into continued taking it, and to-day am a Kon'ff loaded with arms for Manila for Gen. August] made a sortie for the pur- well woman, and can say from my the insurgents, pose of repairing the aqueduct which heart, 'Thank God for such a medt- supplies the wailed city and in an f. ,,, Gen. Henry Going to Santiago. endeavor to communicate with Gem Mrs. Pinkham invites all suffering NEw YORK, July 5--Brig.-Gen. Guy Monet. The insurgents concentrated mento write to her at Lynn, Mass.: V. Ilenry and staf will fie on the St. their troops and opposed the sortie, fr advice. All such letters are seen Paul when she sails for Santiago. lie forcing the Spanish commander to re answeved by women only, und his staff have been at For]Monroe. turn to Manila. The insurgents are G Ro-VE S Gen ]lenry will probably bc given saldtohavesuffcred severe]osses, and command of a brigade of the army of the Spaniards are reported to have had invasion. 50 men killed and 150 wounded. Took Refuge on n British Gunboat. Tle Chillon Cruiser O'Higglna. NEW YORK, July 5.--The central ca- LONDO, July 5--It has been aseer- ble office of the "Western Union k'ele- tained that the Chilian cruiser O'ltlg- graph Co., at 11:30 a. m., issued a no- gins, wltich was said to have been pur- tioa to the effect that its cable operators chased by Spain, lefb St. Vincent, Cape at tbe city of Santiago de Cuba llave Verde Islands, on June 21, for Monte- gne on board a British gunboat, rides, Uruguay. A Suggestion front the President. Ready at the Tap of the Drum. r. WASltlNOTON, July 5.--President Me- CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.,July a.--Short- Kinley has sent telegram to Gem Shaf- ly after noon orders were issued to the first brigade, first division, First army to the advisability of the fleet entering corps, to break camp and march to OUR SPANISH PRISONERS. The Disposition of Admiral Cervera and the Frlsoners Captured with lllnt Ire- relying Attention at lVashington. WASIIINOTON, .]n]y 5. The disposi- tion of Admiral Cervera and the 1,500 prisoners is receiving the attention of naval ofllmals, but no exact termina. tion has yet been reached. Ad- miral Cervera will be treated with the consideration due his rank. and the department of- rials exp,'eased a sense of gratifies. ]ion that Lieutenant Commander Wain- wright had shown the gallantry char- acteristic of the American navy when he reeived the defeated admiral on board the cruiser Gloucester and ten- dered him the use of his cabin. GEN. AUGUSTI MADE A SORTIE. An ffort to Repair the Aqueduct that Carries Manila's Water Supply Cost Many Lives. LONDON, July 5.--A special dispatch from Manila, dated July 2, says Capt.- MISSISSIPPI MATTERS. DmN'T KNOW LIGHT GREEN. Old Employ Discharged. Three of the oldest and most popular employees of the Illinois Central depot at Jackson have stepped down and out by involuntary permission. Joseph Morant of New Orleans succeeds Capt. Johu A. Webb as chief clerk, Frank Hunt takes the place of Capt. John W. Clinghan as cheek clerk, attd Robert E. Adkinson succeeds E. it. Reber as man- ifest clerk. Capt. Webb ha+ been with the road for thirty years, and the others are also old employees. J ust why these changes have been madc is not known. Joint Debalo. < The congressional candidates, Ju lgc Stephens, I](m. Thomas Spight and IIon. L. L. f'earson met in joint debate at a county picnic seveu miles east of Oxford last week. An exceedingly large .crotd was in attendance at the picnic front all over Lafayette county, and the speakers were given remarl(- ably chme attention. Considerable in- terest was taken in the subject matter of the different speeches. line.- the Tresury Stzn(l. IIon. A. Q. May, tresurer of the State of Mississippi, gives out the following statement to-day: OFFICE OF STATE TItEASVREa. ) JACKSON, MISS., July I, lSg.L Statement showing the condition of the State treasury on the first day of July, lgS, and receipts and disburse- ments by mouths from January 1, 1,q, to July 1, 1898, as required by sectkm 137 of the State constitutiou: rtECEI PTS. Cash on hand January I, 18S8 ....... $ 12:;.94i 28 eceipts [or ,iaouary ................ 634 s33 05 eeeipts for February ............... :;{}5.o73 0 ecelpty for March .................. 121.558 2 eempts for A]rii ................... 70.0$ t; :ccctpts for May ..................... 54,6,;7) 74 cceipts Ior June .................... 3.47s 75 Total receipts .................... $1,3t(;,5(;3 s8 X)ISBU RSE M F N'FS. For January regutar warrants .. $ llG.7:it <.5 FO," January special Warl'.tlL ....... 5 If) Fur Fcbrll:try regular warrants ..... 365,l4 81 For February special warrtats.. 55 ( For ]',larch regalar warrants ..... 253,s 48 For Marell apcia! warr;tots ......... 5 00 50.7 2 58 For April regular warl'attts ......... [<'or May regl]lar warl'aa{s .......... tlo.Bl. 44 For May special warrants .......... 2+) ,J J use regular warrants ............... 28t,38t i6 Caslt OU hand July 1, 1897 ........... 214.635 ,. Total disbursements .............. 1,315,553 83 Illnds County l'ersoonlty. The following statement shows the value of the persoual property in Hinds county for the year 1895, ag fur- nished by the county assessor. Value cattle (6,162 head) ...................... $ 43.q89 Horses (6,|50 hvltd) ..................... 189,77,} ]ln|es (4.955 head) ....................... 23.622 Sheep (6As I,.ead) ......................... 950 ]togs (577 head) l.bl5 Vehicles (4.t'96}.. 87./,0 | & BumDtlOua Dominie rho Wa It Trifle Off in Distinguish- ing Colora. Out of every 50young men who want to yolunteer at the different recruiting eta- lions in the downtown district it is eti- mated that at least 15 stipulate that com- missions shall be the price of their sacri- rice. Some of these would-be officers are eventually convinced that as much glory can be gaiued in the file as in the rank of the army, but the majority: go away insist- ing that they were consUtuted for com- mand and could not brook the orders of in- ferior beings. Col. Koch was visited by a former school principal, who appeared to have the make- e of a desirable recruit. :He was tall attd 0ad, aml walked with a firm military step. m siren ,er proved to be a native of the aite,[ Stites and well posted on the con- stitution of ],be nation In accordance with his custom, Col. Koch explained some of the manifold duties of the soldier The appli- cant was told that he might be called cn any time to tear up a fence,build a fire, clean horse or carry water. These menial chores did not accord with the professor's precon- ception of the man of war. +'I am accustomed to command," said the not make me a captain?" did not stop to reason with :He signaled to Capt. Jone% who understood the situation, and who presented himself as the medical examiner. "What's the color of that card in the end of the room?" the captain demanded "That's pale bhe,"rep]ied the stranger. from a sesquipedia](an. "We're can't use vou under any eircum- S " ' ' ' " --Chwago Chromele. RECONCILED TO EARTH. An Easy-Going Individual Who Had No Desire tu Visit the Planet Jupiter. '%Vhat did you say those are?" inquired the man with the old-fashioned derby hat who had paused to patronize the curb stone astronomer. "Those are the mo5ns of Jupiter," replied thepreprietor of the telescope. "Let me see. Jupiter--that's one of the planets." Assuredly. "Well, there's a great deal to complain of on tiffs earth, but it might be worse. With all the dr0wbaeks, I'm glad I live here in- stead of on Jupiter" "Of course; you have no assurance that the conditions there would be adapted te your kind of lifc." "It isn't that. I'm one of the sort of eople who can bun down anywhere and e comfortable with a piece of hard tack and a cup of coffee There's only one thing that gives me the blues, and that's seeing the new neon over my left shoulder. It's bad enough on this earth having to be ou the lookout for one moon every four weeks, but if I lived on a planet where there were four of them I never would know where I stood It all goes to show that no matter how bad things are they might be worse."-- Detroit Free Press. A GUARDSMAN'S TROUBLE. F|anos (75) ............................ 4:;,::)'- Watches (l 015 ........................... 19/43,; lqslo|s .................................. .. From the Detroit (Mich.) Journal. ,lewery. ................................ 7,ae- The p:'omptness with widch the National Gohl and silwr dale .................... " 320 Merchandise .............................. (;17,+01 Guard of the different states responded to Manufacturin ........................... ]JLs) Presideut 5eKin]ey's call for troops at the Mosey oa Im,1 deposlt or loan ........ !;6.!sl nf the war with Spain made the So|vent credits ' ........................... 2:'s 651 lIottseho[d furniture .................. 31,7) whole country proud of its citizen soldiers. Taxable bonds ........................... 299 In Detroit there are few guardsmen more Fcrsona ty n( "; oLherwisc net|tinned ..... 14, , popular and efficient Ban.s..." ................................. 5tS,si than Max R. Davies, 2"/'2%} Nuznberof pelts ........................ : __,::+;_8 first sergeant of Co. ]3. ' "/ Grand lotal ........................... $2,37.,05 He has been a real- -'.-'k-'% Last ?;eat" the total nnmher of polls dent of Detroit for the .t past six )-ears, and his /;;/fi'/' were 8.060. The above list shows an home is at 416 Third /I ' '1 increase in votmg strength of :30 in Avenue. For four ,t\\;/ "[ the county. The total value of personal years he was connected .,U'-'-A [ with the well kuown  ) property last year was $:','3(;L012, which wholesale drug house 1  " makes the increase for theprcscnt year of Farrand, Williams ]| /F-- ]O\\; as shown above $110,71::; & C]aIk, in the capac- I| {..-" ity ef bookkeeper. I| "f  "I have charged up  /  The New Land Cotnmissloner. many thousand orders II / "4 \\; / The governor has appointed E. M. for Dr. Williams' Pink Ii / ]  Nall to be hind comnfissioner, vice lion. Pills for Pale People," " . -i :i said Mr. Davies, "but John M. Simon]on, deceased. Mr. Nall nex, er knew their The Ftrstr Se,'osnn. has been assistant secretary of State worth nntil I used them for the cure of under Secretary Power, nnd also served chronic dyspepsia. For two years I suffered and doctored for that aggrava.ting trouble in the same capacity under Col. Govan, but could only be helped temporarily. predecessor of Col. l'ower. W. V. "I think dyspepsia is one of the most Simonton. son of the late Commissiouer stubborn of ailments, and there is scarcely a clerk or office man but what is more or Simonton, was the only formal appll- less a victim. Some days I could eat any- cant for tim place, thing, while at other times I would be stare- First Tlme in 36 Years. ing. ']?hose distressed pains would force me For the first time in thirty-six years, Independence Day was generally ob- served in Vieksburg. While there was no set program, the entire populatiou, wltite and colored, united in observin-- the day. Business houses and offices were dosed, as well as ali public of- flees. A detachment of the Warren Light Artillery fired a salute of tO() guns, and brass bands played national aud patriotic airs__ ' Murder Near Shaw. A mysterious murder occurred near Shaw tfcx dtysaro on]he la ' t  "  g , p,ntation of J, G. Collier. A young white man to quit work. 'q tried the hot-water treatment thorough- ly, but it did not affect mv ease I have tried inaay advertised rent'edies, lult they would help only for a time. A friend of mlne recommended Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, but I did not think much of them. . . 3imsIemsei]adsmi:'dUCm]?e:2rdt!!itP:::a !nl d ber how lny boxes of the pills I used, but I nscd them nntil the old trouble stopped. I know they will c,'re dyspepsia of the worst form and I am pleased to recommend'them." T Dr. X\\; ill]ares Pink Pills are sold by all dc, a!ers, or will be seat post paid on receipt of price, ,50 cents a box or six hexes for $2.50, by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Com- pany, Schenectady, N. Y. Proposed Alllaa ee with llngland. If the United State and England should form au alliance, the combined strength would be so great that there would be little chance for enemies to overcome us. Ina like manner, when men and women keep up their bodily strength with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, there is little chance of attacks from disease. The old time remedy enriches the blood, builds up the muscles, steadies the nerves and increases the appetite. Try it. A Slight Misunderstanding. "Mr. Johnsin, does you know whar ds Mr. Guyer--I suppose you ride a wheel [gailors,, got. dot name 'tars' apphed" to dem?" liss Antiquate? I Sure; m some pitched battle; of course, Miss Antiquate--Yes, indeed; Icompleted suh."--Princeton Tiger. my first century yesterday. s e 9 r , t , ,, You don t long it, I m sure Don't You Sleep r Friends they were, but strangers now.-- Does your IIead Ache? Somnifi Caffeiu Chicago Evening News. Puree instantly. All druggists. 25 cents Dr. Try Allen's Foot-Ease, Paxton Medical Co.,201River St.,Troy, N.Y. A powder to be shaken into the shoes At ] One of the reat trias in a woman's life this season your feet feel swollen, nervous ] is ]flat no tw temlcrs of her famiiy like and hot, and get tire.d easily. If you have a'n article cooked the same wav.--Atchison smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen s ]Globc Foot-Ease It cooIs the feet and makes walk- I "  ...... =-- ltall a uatarrn uure ing easy Cures swollen and sweating feet. [ blisters and eallousspots. Relievescornsand I takeu Internally. Price 75e. bunions of all pain andgivesrestandcomfort. ' ...... Try it o:ay. Sold by all druggists and Mien :Nearly every man has a grievance, and stores f6r 25c. Trial package FREE. Ad- you will find it ou if you touch him right.- dress, Alien S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N.Y. Washington (In.) Democrat. What an uneoncerned look everybody has To Cure n Cold in One Day when the eontributiou box is passed their Take Laxative Broad QuinineTahlets. All way.--Vashington (Ia) Democrat druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. Agood way to cure insomnia +is to sleep The desire of appearing clever often pre- it off.--Washington (In.) Democrat. vents one becoming so.--Rochefoucauld. Left It. Phillips--What's the matter with that fellow from Colorado--isn't he all right? Quipps--I don't know. Somebody said he left Pike's peak under a cloud.--Town Topics. Dropsy treated free by Dr. tI. H*. Green's Sons, ofAlanta, Ga. The greatest dropsy specialists in the world Read their adver- tisement in another column of this paper Is your hair dry, harsh, and brittle? Is it fading or turning gray? Is it falling out? Does dandruff trouble you? For any or all of these conditions there is an infalliblo remedy in Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor. "For years, I was tr0ubl0d with dandruff, large flakes scaling and falling off, causing great annoyance. ometimes the itching of the scalp was almost unendurable. Prescrip- tions from eminent physicians, put up in my own drugstore were tried, hut failed to afford rclicf. At length I used Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor, and in one week I found it helped me. At the end of only two weeks, my h6ad was etircly fre from dandruff, and as clean a a child's I heartily recommend Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor to all who are suffering from diseases of the scalp.'--Ei)wIN NORDSTROM, Drugs, etc, Sacred Heart, Minn. Usetl00eP's Hai00 Vi0010r , , i_ A Beautiful Present GA00E PLAQUES exact reproductions ef the $IO,O00 originals by Muville, which will be given you ABSOLUTELY FREE by your grocer on conditions named below. These Plaques are 4o inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertising whatever, and will etnament the most elegant apartment. No manufacturing concera ever before gave away such valuable presents to its customers. They are not for sale at any price and can be obtained only in the manner specified. The subject-- arc: Americam Wild Ducks, American Pheasant, English Quail, English nipe. The birds are handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life. Each Plaque is bordered with a lead of gold. ELASTIC 00ARCH %Vhy She Didn't Marry. by the name of (L L. Itolmes was found Tt was all the photographer's fault that with his throat cut. The hands on the Miss Vanderdecken dido t marry. She phtce went to lfis honer for the farming looked beautiful in the portrait she sent out implements, and not |being able to o India, and all the men iu her brother-in- law's regiment were raving about her, till " , rouse him they entered the eabiu and somebody spied on at the baek of the photo found him dead. hat that silly camera fellow had written. XVoman /Iiaslon Vnrkcrg. "The oitalis carefully :preserved."-- The Wolnan's Foreiffn Missionary So- ouseno,a woras. WHAT BRINCS RELEASE FROM DIRT eiety of the Nurth Mississippi confer- AND (:REASE1 WHY, DON'T eneeoftheMethodi,,:tEpiscopalChureh, Up I YOU KNOW? _+ 00,)LIO week. The soeiety has 1,787 adul mem- ber's and 1,619 juvenile members. It raised $4.600 last year. The society has forty-two life members, fourteen hen. orarv life members and eleven .';cho]ar- ships, and it suptorts iive schools, "'  . '4.L ;.4( eight ]fible women and has cndowed 7[MITA[I hEAO ACHE 0000INCII[Sr[00 [O_&D00D teu beds in a hospital in China. The  ' thee T following officers were elected for next year: President, Mrs. G. ]l. Lipseombt "Winona; vice-president, Mrs. S. M. Thames, Aberdeen; corresponding sec- t-r g-wl ut  o +Moth my xwife and myself hirer been r'ctary, Miss Ella (;rider, Winona; treas- using CASCARETS and they are the belt urer. Mrs. C. (3. Fant, IIo]ly Springs. medicine we have ever had tn the hattie. Last week my wife was frantic with headache for The I I. & C. TI EXCELLENCE 0F SYRUP OF FHi$ twod., she tr|edsomoof yourCASCAETS, and they relieved the pain in her head almost immediately. We both recommend Cascareta' The Industrial institute & College is due not only to the originality and Cuts. STSDSrORD, problem was solved by Major ]l. W. simplicity of the combination, but also Plttsburg Safe & Deposit Ca, PlttSburg, Pa US[ Y]L'[: 00]. Millsaps loaning the money, $25.000 tie asks no other security than his faith in has been the standard for aS yeats. TWENTV.TSA, O MILLION packages of this brand were sold last year. That's how good it is. ASK YOUR DEALER to show you the plaques and tell you about Elastic Starch. Accept no substitute. H0w To Get Them: All lmrchasers of three 0 cent or slxSeent packages of Tqastie Starch (Flat Iron Brand), are entitled to re- ceive from their grocer one of thes0 beautiful (lame Plaques free. The plaques will not be sent by mail. They can be obtained only from your grocer. Every Grocer Keeps Elastic Starch. Do not dnlay. This offer is for a short time only. i ter and Admiral Sampson to con fer as to the care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes the harbor to assist in the bombard- Ringgold, Ga., there to take trains for the State that im will be reimbursed known to the CALIFORNIA Fm SrRUP men] of Santiago. Charleston, S.C. They started in one when Legislature meets. State Super- Co. only, and we wish to impress upon hour. intendent A. A. Kincannon was elected all the importance of purchasing the Gone to Iadrld to Consult. president; the same faculty re-elected, true and original remedy. As the TANGIER July 5.--The Spanish rain- To Briug Away British SubJet except that a vacancy in the chair of Mistress of Stenography, Type Writing, genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured is]or here has gone to Madrid, it is be- KNOSTO. Jamaica, July 5.--The etc., was filled by the electron of .Mss by the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. tiered, for instructions in connection British warships Pnllais and Alert Emmie l'ower, daughter of Secretary only, a knowledge of that fact will TASTELESS with the American squadron's expected have left here for Santiago de Cuha in of State P.ower. Mss Iower is a fzrsd'- assist one in avoiding "the worthless visit at Tangier. Morocoo has declared order to bring away British subjects uate of Behnont College, Nashville. imitations manufactured byother par- CHILL+re++ + +++o +__ o++ v++++ + wh+ +++++ +o++a +t ++ ++ + o+ +o ++ ....... she has since used to sneh good purpose. FORNIA FIe SYaUP CO. with the medi- STATIoNERY__ TRADE__ "NOTES. Youth Charged With Burglar. lIllltary Com'misslous. cal profession, and the satisfaction A paper weight, in imitation bronze, Merritt Simmons, aged 19, was at. 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CURE CONSTIPATION .... $1erlls Semy Cempaay, ie,go. lgtral, Sew el. $17 NmT.. Sold and gnB.raned by a]] drlzg- uv mv RU gists to CU]gE Tob Rr bit. Iron Roofi ng! II k ntis of ROOF SUPPLIES " and MILL SUPPMES. MANOCUE-PIDCEON IRON CO., Memphis, Tenn. + OI1 The Best BOOK,,o WAR b0nnd aod sump- tuoIts] y | llustrated (price $ ), fe bJ a n y bed y e nd! ng two annual subscriptions at $1 each to the Overlana lonthly. SAN FRANCISCO Sample Overland $*e, O IItttii I|mUd wskey aw umm N.its Cured. Write to IiVU  Uat o, ![, Np2 a#A Par CAP#. dt, va I'O#/52  Izzumxnro {z4Loao. /$0 /'cgsrl Avg., A #AVZ'. f.aea THE MOONEY SCHOOL ,oY,. IcaAS X ES, T]ILI, W D. /O0TEr+ fl. d[., laflzlerpnr, Prior engagement necessary to aamleeoz. D onp_00v N00wo,s000verv;,,. a lk 1 ,IIW II quick relief arid cores wets| e&o. Sella |or OO It O tettlno.lals lld IO dal,l treatment Free. hr. U. It. SSEKN'S SOSS, Atlamtlt. READERS OF THIS PAPER DESIRING TO BUY ANYTHING ADVERTISED IN ITS, COLUMNS SLIOULD INSIST UPON tIAVING WllAT THEY ASK FOR REFUSING ALL SUBSTITUTES OR iMITATI0S, A. N.K.--F 1716 )00air00int00