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July 7, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 7, 1923

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WOODILLE IEPUBLICAN, WOODVI MIImIIIPPI .______._ for Draft and Colt how8 : averaging h hours a day ave. . pounds o:&apos; g.a.  Umothy hv. may be used eib but the yea:i, 26 per ce-: Of feed l'eqU.Ft mares doing the working an, 47 pr ten; per cent mme has peril tlmr the sucktin average daily re- of grain and 1.;5. addition to thei an aver 6.68 pounds grain from veall | 1]: turned in pas a period of 21!' th)h,e the.{' gained at the close 4.40 pounds of of hay to pro on draft colt until turned on ration cx,m- |,era.n, 2 parts oa:s 10.46 bushels of oats and to keep draf: condition fr.m were tu rnci of corn sltage. 8 ;fed with 8 ponnd ration for Work during the Exercise Time Nears approaches th, condition, but feed: pregnancy and by aging ground " Skim milk. th shape. VCateh ller eXercise each the Is to fur- and let htr by- her imrroundlngs. bran or linseed to prevent cost- at this time be dry and Straw on the to let her bul'J Of 2 by 4 nailed the farrowin', from the flot,r the wall will trom crushing her the Sow should re- 24 to 36 hours. water. Sie mnall amount of and the ration lOCreased. The are gains secured Will be the mos ever make i grOUnd oats. mid- all good tt g ms- may be used with any ot feeds. large litters will the most lib- Animal Colorado Ag- Will Production benefits of al cheapenln much saving the crop, and {toll is increa.ed matter being It. The general of the land through a oat of fertilizer | -= , - i 3 OUR AGR0000TURAL PAGE _!_ == | - . . - _._.   ) Particular Int Picture and Story i  ) l { D00ng, Live Pouh00, Road Improvemem, Home - | - Building, Horticulture, Etc. ==- A Trucks Reducing Considerable of ii i iT0000\\;v/ Demand for 0ats 00utter n "arms' [ l l[ /[i ....  , ,-, Recent Bulletin Issued in   JL ro uonsmerea wash rop Aid of Its Production. Spraying Farm Orchards and Are Grown Largely to Cooling Tank Essential Fill Out Rotation. <"'' " ,oo ,,o,,'"" ,.,.. ,,,o, Found Quite Profitable When the prenl generation of mid- ae other day a well-kn,,wn Iowa for Producers of Cream trrpar*a by th, :=tt,a States Departrn*nt die-aged men were boys. butter was a farmer wit,, IS a director In his county E, ery farmer who milks a few cow of Agriculture.} faFlll product almost altogether, and farm bureau sahl that In Ills county should have a cooling tank of some It Is probable that the production of was shllq,ed to the Large markets like the farm bureau was attracting men- kind. It makes little difference oats in the United States has reached other farm products. With the growth hers by the organization of pray whether he patronizes, a creamery, Its highest point and the acreage of of the creatuery ystem, however, rings, and that he thought in that one cheese factory, sells milk or keeps it this crop may be somewhat reduced farmers have come to dispose of their comity at least ten big new power for his own use; a cooling tank Is during the present decade. Thus, the cream thrnugh thi,channeL and farm spra)ers would be at work next year necessary, discussion of the situation and out- butter has fallen off very largely. In In the farm orchards. Why not capitalize the great store- leak of the oat crop in the United 18O over a billion pounds of butter It was in 1919 that the first spray- house of cold which lies in thegr,,und? States Is summed up in the 1922 Year- were made on the farm: twenty years ing dem,nstratlon was held in the This can be done by simply passing book Just published by the United hater, only 700,0XL000 pounds; and the county, and tire enthuslastn has grown the water designed for live stock first States Department of Agriculture. farm butter of today is consumed at by leaps and bounds. It Is not only through a tank which will serve as a The rapidly Increasing use of motor- ho:ae or in nearby towns, strong In Its county but in adjoining refrigerator for all prcMucts which ised transfer and trucking in b,th Nevertheless, a considerable part of ones, says a writer In the Successful need cooling. Well or spring water the city and country are markedly the butter of the country is still made Farming. Vfhat ts the cause of this In most of the dairy states has a tern- reducing the commercial demand for on faram, and to aid in the produc- enthusiasm over spraying? One thing, perature varying from 5.5 to 65 de- feeding oats, sad the quantity of oats alan of a good product, the dairy dl- it ta profitable. grees Fahrenheit, writes A. L. Haecker required for horse feed on the farm vision of the United States Depart- Just how profitable spraying may In the Illinois Farmer. Thls is about may be slightly reduced by the use ment of Agriculture has issued Farm- be is well demonstrated by the ex- as cold as the average domestic re- of farm tractors. Notwithstanding tim era' Bulletin 870, Making Butter on perience of Karl Meier, an Iowa man. frlgerator. By utilizing thl. cold wa- rapid development of the farm trac- the Farm. This bulletin fir.st appeared HIS orchard was given four spray ter to chill down the milk, cream or tar, most of the farms of the United several years ago; It was later re- during the season, the experiment sta- other products we are getting refrig- Itates will continue to be t.ded wholly vised; and the demand for it was such tlon recommendations being closely u'ation at the lowest possible cast. or In large part by the use of horses that It became exhausted. A reprint followed. Careful record was kept of Millions of dollars are lost annually and oats will continue to be in demand has Just come out. copies of x4nich may the cost. It cost thlrty-five cents a to the cow-keepers of this country as one of the principal horse feeds, be obtained by application to the de- tree for the material, pepreciatloa on purely on account of the neglect of Certain industries will continue to use partment at Washington, D.C. the pump was about three cents, and milk and cream while it is held at the horses rather than trucks, and these The bulletin discusses the quality the labor cost was forty-one cents. farm. Butter and cheese would be will supply some market demand, and preparation of the cream, the Note that Mr. Meier was actually paid greatly Improved If every patron used Ual for Human Fod. process of churning, and how to over- for his labor on a day wage basle, a cooling tank. As a matter of con- In addition, conMderable quantities come the difficulties which arise In that something by the wav, which ought to venlenee it is worth while for every of oats are used each year for human process. Packages for" market, and be done In figuring the cost of earn farmer to be thus equipped, for It 1$ food, In the making of prepared live how to pack the butter for storing are and pork and beef and other farm necessary to have a plaoe to keep stock and poultry feeds aud for ex- also taken up. The necessary equip- products. Thin makes a total c'ost le the milk and cream, and where a r p0t. Oats usually are not conMd- ment is listed, and a plan Is given for than eighty cents per tree. frigerator can be put Into use the l'e a cash crop. but are Important be- a conveniently arranged dairy house, One tree wan left unsprayed" to housewife will find It very efficient and cause of ths rather unique place they which Is a highly desirable thing In what it would do, and to compare It convenient, occupy In the tw.heme of farming lu carrying on the manufacture of farm with the sprayed trees. It produced A cooling tank h needed in both oms part. of thsUnlted Staten. Wklls butter. 303 pounds of apples of which only winter and summer ; in winter to pea- they are valuable as a feed far henna. 1S.5 Per tent or about forty-one vent freezing and to retain the cream young stock and breedllg animals, Japanese Beetles Are und, were clean. Scabby and or milk at a uniform and favorable they are grown largely to complete wormy apples comprised the balance. temperature, while certainly in sum- th rotation system in which corn, Cause of Much Lvljury low how about the trprayed tree? mar it is needed to prevent extreme wheat and bay crops are grown. There (l'r.taraa by the United Stgtm Department 2kn accurate record is Impossible be- souring and the development of un- Is ao other crop that fits in as well as of As'r/cultur..) cause the gregt American traveling desirable flavors. Cold Is a wonderful do oats between corn and wheat or The fact that Japanese beetles at- public entered the orchari] and ap- preservative. "We are told that the earn and grass, utlllglng land and tack over 200 |q3ecles of plants, In' propriated to Its'own use a share olt prehistoric mammoth has been pre- labor that might otherwlee be unpro- eluding between 20 and 25 speele the apples from the test tree. Rest served in the lees of the polar region 4uct/ve. In some-sectton barley and which they injure severely, makes the assured, th# American public did not for 50,000 years. When dairy prod- SOY bean may be substituted with control of this Insect unusually dlffl- take any scabby or wormy apples acts or perishable foods are kept at good reeulta, bat under mo,t condl- cult, because as soon as one Infested away. Even with the loss of a part a low temperature decomposltlon Is alone these crops bare certain d!sad- eetes ts sprayed with arsenicals and of lt production the sprayed Wealthy retarded, and with dairy products this vantages that still make oats the most rendered distasteful to the beetle. tree yielded 273 pounds of apples to means much in the way of better qual- eetlsfactory Intermediate crop. they concentrate on other plants, their rightful owner, and of these lty and price. A can of cream kept In Crop Is Important. which frequently cannot be protected 81.6 per cent or better than 222 a good cooling tank is worth a dollar Economy of labor In the production with sprays, pounds were clean, absolutely free more than the same can kept outside of oats alo Is important. Usually no A series of studies made for the from scabs and worms. In spite of and exposed to the heat of average plowing Is necessary In preparing the purpose of determining what the. feed- the loss of some crop, the worthwhile summer weather. The pr-ducer Is seed bed. particularly where the crop lag habits of the Japanese beetle ate. clean fruit, fruit fit to more, from the more Interested in this dollar than follows cam. While oats ran fifth has been embodied In a profeMonal prayed tree was better than five anyone else. He may not feel that he among all crops It/ total cash value, paper Issued as United States Depart- times the quantity had from the un- lsJng the dollar simply because he and further increase In acreage is ment of Agriculture Bulletin 11,54. , sprayed tree, all for a cost of gets the same price for his product, problematical, the crop Is nevertheless "Feeding Habits of the Jaianese !tents. Over three bushels and a half but this Is only a temporary candi- Important becaas# of Its place In the Beetle Which Influence Its Control," extra of sound fruit returned for the tion; the Industry is l-sing the d<dlar, general farming system, by Loren B. Smith. entomologist. It expense of spraying Is not at and he is the most Important and big- While oats are grown to a great ex- has been found that most of the cul- an extraordinary r eult. There hal rest part Of th'e industry. As a mat- tent In western Europe. Russia and tlvated fruit trees, corn, beans and been time after time even more ter of satisfaction it should be worth ether countries, the United States various shade aud ornamental trees startling results from spraying. But while to turn out a good product when leads In total production with slightly are attacked. Sometimes a heavy In- note that the American public wants it Is nearly as easy to do so. more than one-fourth of the world fetatlon will occur at first on peach, sprayed fruit when it has Its choice, The grading of cream and paying crop. Russia, according to the aver- smartweed, sassafras and apple, after and the wormy, scabby, gnarly stuff a differential for quality Is.rapidly age production for the five-year period which the beetles leave for other food will be left till the last. This runs coming Into general use. In a little mdlng In 1914, was a very close see- plant and do not return during the true whether It Is a small boy in the b-hlle the cream producers will either end, with 24 per cent of the total, season. Ripening fruit of any kind, orchard or a housekeeper with a have to get cooling tanks or suffer Other countries of large production silk and ears of corn, and peaches af- market basket. a big loss due to producing second were Germany, Canada. France, Aus- fected with brown rot are particular- grade cream. The cooling tank is aria-Hungary and the United Kingdom, ly attactlve to the beetles. During ound. sensible, econmmcal, anti de- In the order named, the early part of the season they are Remove All Old Cane to mended by decent and progressive During the twenty-year prewar pc- more abundant on weeds, cherries and Control Many Diseases farming methods, and we should all tied from 189 to 1914, Inclusive, the grape; by midsummer fruit and shade be for anything that has so much annual production of oats In the trees are more heavily Infested, while In the handling of bush fruits, It merit. United States averaged, in round hum- uring August and ,ettember heavy has not been found as practical to hers, f'9000.0 bushels, ha Russia infestatlons are mostly confined to control diseases attacking these plants 901,000,000. in Germany 523.000.000, in corn. beans, clover and rations plants by spraying as it Is for similar Farmers Now Realizing Prance 817,000,000, in Austria-Hungary in bloom at that time. Most of the troubles on tree fruits. The general Importance of Good Sire 22,00o. and tn the United King- feeding occurs on the upper and other practice is to cut out and burn all These are days of opportunity for dam 176.000,000 bushels, foliage of the various food plants, old canes as soon as the fruit has breeders of purebred cattle. Farmers Oats enter much less into commerce The bulletin, which also gives other been removed- Other dtseased canes In general are realizing the Importance than wheat, because they are too bulky data bearing on the control of thls may well be taken out upo0 the first of putting first-class purebred sires at In relation to the price to bear the pest, Is available to those Interested, appearance of the aliments. It Is wise the head of their herds. "Whh rhl cost of long-distance tran,portatlon, upon application to the Unlted State* to select varieties that are resistant good demand for bulls It is poor policy Therefore the greater portion of the Department of Agriculture at Wash- to diseases. for breeders having yonng bulls for crop always Is consumed In the coun- lngton, D. {2. Caterpillars on the leaves of rasp- sale not to give them good care and try in which It Is produced, berries and blackberries can be con- plenty of the right klnd of feed. In- ! The oat crop is not as Important trailed with a spray of arsenate of proper feeding of the young bull Is I commercially as wheat and corn. At-- Bordeaux Mixture for lead. Use one pound of the powdered tmrdtng to the census data, stlghtly poor economy. Spraying Potato Crop a,ate ,o fifty gallons of water. The man out looking for a bull Is leas than a third of the national pro- Mildew. vdch appears as a grayish ductlon of oats In 1919 was sold off Much of the value of bordeanx not much Impressed when shown an the farm by farmers. Farm eonsumlP mixture In spraying potatoes depends powdery fungus Is c(mtrolled by an undersized half-starved bull. no mat- tlon apparently absorbed the remain- upon how the materials in the mixture application of potassium snlphlde used at the rate of one ounce of the ter how well bred he is. Better price der of the crop. Of the part mnld by are eomponnded. The stnndard for- sulphlle to two or three gallons of always are secured for those that are farmers a larger proportion gnes to mula consists of five pounds of blue in good thrifty condition and of good on Grass slze for their age. We cannot afford terminal markets than in the ease of vltrlol, or copper sulphate, and five water. corn, much of which is ld by one l pounds of freshly burned lime In 50 Plant lice are controlled by nice- depends to sacrifice size in developing the bulls, farmer to another for feeding and gallons of water, tine sulphate. Tlds should be applied" during the Remember the bull that ha. not been thus never reaches the terminals. The copper sulphate is dt,olved by however, before the leaves curl, since ' the pigs an well fed is generally disappointing to placing it into a bag and suspending this folding of the leaves prevents the lPon seeing tc the buyer. A disappointed buyer Is hut also the a poor advertisement. A stunted anl- Comfortable Pigs Will ,n water. The Itme f. treated separ- siray frow reaching the lice. ately. A little hot water Iv poured on wi,h , ms, Is not a,,,',,:* ,.,iactory as a Pay Biggest Dividend the ,,me untll It becomes active. Then Best Method to Control breeder.--W. L. Blizzard, Professor of Animal Husbandry, Oklahoma A. and The happy, contented pig grow and cold water Is added slowly as the lime M. College. fattens the most rapidly, according to slakes until a fairly thin white liquid Strawberry Leaf Roller ffohn M. Evvard of the Iowa experi- results. If the strawberry bed is severely tn- meat station; it Is the comfortable In mixing, either the copper sul- fasted with leaf roller, the best method Iowa Demonstrates Value pig that Is the happiest and most con- phate or the lime, should be fairly dl- of control is to burn off all vegetable of Good Purebred Sires tented. Now it isn't necessary to keep lted. It ts better, especially where matter. If the bed is not heavy, straw the pig in the parlor, but it Is neces- mixing small amounts, to po,]r the can be spread over it to insure more The value of good purebred sires In ssry that he has a comfortable bed copper sulphate solution Into the milk thorough .burning. This will kill all grading up scrub or grade cows was and a comfortable place for his bed. of lime. A heavy sediment Is apt to the rollers since they live within the shower at the Iowa state college in an Your aim 1 to make the pig big. The result if the opposite proce is fol- rolled leaves. The burning ta most ef- expeiment starting in ]907. Native growing pig, the boar, the brood sow, lowed. Many potato growers have ective when done during the middle serub cattle from Arkansas were grad- all need considerable exercise even mixed it the wroug way and the re- f July. It is heat to mow or pull the ed up through the continuous use of though they need a good place to rent suits have been of comparatively little |nes and allow them to dry some be- purebred sires. The granddaughters when the need aud desire comes upon value. ,ore attempting to burn them. If thq had an average lncreawe of 4.;71.7 ;them. But the fattening hog gets fat ground is firm, the burning will not pounds of milk and 186.60 pounds of more rapidly when he doesn't run Disinfect Hog Quarters nJre the strawberry plants. The buttert'at over their scrub dams. round or stand disconsolately wear- mw growth should be pructleally frel lng the fat off. Comfortable quarters After Cholera Epidemic ,f the pest. What Cow Should Produce. and a comfortable bed make pig Where cholera has occulted In the Location of Buthel A good dairy cow should produce at heaven, where porkers wax fat and re- herd all quarter whlc th0 hos have It makes s great deal of difference for oftherape.hogs poundsleast 6,000of butterfatpounds Ofper mllkyear. OrMany200 dividends to their owners, occupied hould be disinfected thor- vhere the currant or gooseberry bushe! i oughly. "Liberal use of ime In the l" It may be cows do not come up to this record of Several Essentials for small lots will help the natural dl- are to be located when one considers the oats are odt ctlon. lnfectant agencies. All );tter. rubbish eir treatment. teady for pa Cow------'' ----ls Efficient Machine. Development of Chicks and rause should be btmed. Build- Taps of Bushes[ epu " A good eow Is an efficient maehine, Be development of young chicks fngs should be sprayed 'vlth some of be torn, of the gooseberry busha her owner is often a poor me- tomes from dose attention to the the stock dps on the m.arket accord-  r currants should be cut back so that brood coops, cleanllne*s, proper feed lng to the directions. Mud wallows mauure the e chanlc, and water, shade and fret range. Keep should be drained and fl|6ed with fre*h ;hey cend only about eight or tan Got Rtd of Scrub Bull. t flood mash before them. Watch for earth. The soll trader blidlngs should ,che above the soil when set. goat The best time to get rid of llee and multiply with q q'rayd Dust for Weevil. warm Clean trod wlth whfch do ot w!th sulphur hull is  h0nm 1 tnlly for tJae tbL when they laonths of age. Will nurse ud Cause the in milk to two g'[ves an for growln.* will make ell two such ! abort on hog 6ASiES CRY FOR "CASTORiA" Prepared Efor Infants and Children of All Ages Mother ! Fletcher's Castorla has been In use for over 30 years a a pleasant, harmless substitute for Cas- tar 011, Paregoric, Teethtng Drops and Soothing Syrups. Contains no nareot. lcs. Proven dlreetions are on each package. Physicians recommend It, The genuine bears signature of Want Male Teachers for Boys. Boys of s(,hool age n-wadays should not be taught by women; they need the firmer guidance of a male teacher, according to a resolution passed re- cently hy the British National Asso- t2ation of Schoolmasters. 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Advertlsement. Entering for the Prize. Among the outstanding simile* for 1923, thus far, are those from "Im- promptu," by Elliot Paul, "Clouds tangled like angle worms In a pall." Not so good! We like better where he writes of the doorstep milk bet- ties In early mo.nlng as being "Im- mobile as white penguins ,m a lonely A'etlc beach."--Boston Evening Tran- script. Don't Forget utlcura Talcum When adding to your toilet requisites. An exquisite face, skin, baby and dust- lng powder and perfume, rendering other perfumes superfluous. You may rely on it because one of the Cutlcura Trio (Soap, Olntment and Talcum), 25c each everywhere.Advertieement "A Paradox. Rub-- What was the most dlflictlt thing you ever did? .... I made ten easy paymen ts.'Life. Rich man of the family gets a re- ectful hearlng'i*or advice. Sure FOR IND I Hot I:3ELJ A ; 2AND 7  w00-rcii THE BIG Keep the vital organs : regularly" taking the standlrdremedy b1Ider and uric acid blee LATH ROP' ' centuries. 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