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July 7, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 7, 1923

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! !: ODVTLLZ RRPUB0ANI WOODLX, ImNgI'PPI PAIN BACKACHE Our Woman's Feat are Page. a True Friend , woman who values her health to have a true friend time was spent in in my back which tried everything I and when a I I sl, Proof Positive.. a speech at the this afternoon?" I don't believe I've ever met r wife, but a large, distinguished tk woman got up and started out that she couldn't find words her feelings." wasn't my wlfe."--Amerlcan JuSt say to your grocer Red Cross when buying bluing, You be more than repaid by the re. Once tried always used,--Ad- Cinch the Matter Quickly. late Mrs. Alexander P. Moore Russell) was noted for her of hunmn nature. "Mrs. a Pittsburgh girl said to her "how many times should you man propose before you say "If you have to make hhn pro- said Mrs. Moore, "you'd better the firSt time." Achy Back! Are 'ou dragging around, day after dull, receding backache? 1 lame in the morning; bothered diimw, and urinary Feel tired, irritable and Then there's mutely wrong, and likely it's kid- , weakness. Don't neglect itl Get health while you can. Use KCdney Pills, Doan'a have of ailing folks. They you. Ask your neighbor! Mississippi Case Mrs. J. P. Eng- land, 14 Grove St., West Polnt, Miss., says: "I felt run down and miser- able. My kidneys annoyed me on ac- count of their free action. I also felt weak through my back. At times, Z felt dizzy and light headed. An. other member of .v had found Dean's Kid- so I tried them. taken Dean's, re- followed quickly." trouble& MRS. ,u Walk Don00 Pags ou Shake Into Your - Y len's Foot-Ease, the Antip /ng powder for shoes that pinch that ache. It takes the friction h gives instant relief to cor hot, tired, aching, feet, blisters and callouses. :can wear shoes one size smaller Allen's Foot-Ease in Sold everywhere. Trial pack. Walking Doll sent Le Roy, IN. Y. Jitlnel 2 T to takesome ''''''''''" ........... "'''''" ....... "'''-'---'-'--' ++.-, ' : w. and back!mlm,+ ]STYLE IN MORNLN00 FROCK+; : , help build me , : egan to take I had , : off and on for . i WRAPS ARE SOT CmC i Fat00 ,ie but now I tS ....... - ........................................... I such good  GP.APU DOPtN results that I am +,+++. +,++++,'-,+,++wv+r+ ..... , 'Sk/ ORNING frock" is a compre. meets of e.1clng mode and AVl hensive name that includes also achieves distinction, it is sure to You do eountyour charity doee countyour patriotism does count OUr Old friend, the house dress, ant1 get its picture made, by the enter- LOWttLL'S BIRDS your skill does count- No good many pretty tub frocks and apron prising fardion reporter, at Its initial deed can be spared.Herbert Kauf- dresse made of sundry cottons and appearance. It has won a victory and "Today," said-Billle Brownie after man. __ coarse Unens. In the lineup of gar- must be broadcast to waiting throngs be was back in Fairyland in the eve- manta for the summer wardrobe, of wrapless women. Fashion has pro- ning, "I saw such nice bird baths and GREEN PEAS these ntillty frocks appear to be stead, nounced once for all (this season) that bird dishes of drinking water fixed -- lly gaining in importance. "Since we wraps for day or evening nest be sis- in a safe place away from cat.--high Peas, "beeuttfulas sweet, and young must make utility things, why not ple and they must also be graceful upon a lattice where cats could not as beautiful, and soft as young." make them pretty?" appears to be and becoming if they are going to selL climb. G r e e n p e a s the slogan of manufacturers. Many lovely evening wraps are made "And I found that a little boy cooked in as little Slnce house dresses and apron frocks of heavy crepes and there are superb named Lowell had put them there; water as possible, have developed into such attractive of- models, as always, in brocades. In for Lowell, it seems, is devoted to s e r v e d with a fairs, they have widened the field of this company are capes in which riab birds and is always trying to find out generous portion o f b u tt e r a n d nmre about them. cream and sea-  "And he does this by watching them so ned t o taste  and listening to them sing and look- wlth salt and ing them up in a little bird book and white pepper, is a vegetable dlsh which i in studying them. The more he studies them and watches them the with bread supplies a balanced meal. more h e grows to like birds and Pea onp.---Cot. a pint of green watching their happiness has made peas until soft, saving the liquor In I him feel more and more how wicked wi;lch they were cooked. Put the peas I It Is for anyone to ever steal egg through a puree strainer, add the from bird's nest and take away from liquor. Scald one quart of milk with the bird's happiness. a slice of onion, remove the onion and .'o one suggested to Lowell that thicken the nfllk with two tablespoon- he should do all this for the birds. It fuls of butter cooked smooth with two was quite his own Idea and It pleased tablespoonfuls of flour; mix all the In- Blllle Brownie, I can tell you." gradients and bring to the boiling j point. Serve well seasoned with a + t spoonful of whipped cream, sprinkled wlrh chopped chives tf desired. Pea, Peanut and Olive Salad.--Take : one cupful of cooked green peas, one cupful of chopped celery, three-fourths + of a cupful of chopped peanuts, a + dozen green olives finely minced. Blend all the Ingredients and mix with a highly seasoned salad dressing. Serve on head lettuce. A salmon loaf served with a sauce +:, in which a cupful of peas are heated  ' an poured around the loaf makes a most nourishing and attractive dish. The loaf is prepared as usual, using egg, bread crumbs, a bit of onion and salt and pepper for seasoning. Steam In a shapely loaf (a small bread pan makes a good-shaped loaf). Turn out # "In a Little Bird Book." on a hot [)latter and pour the sauce / (made of butter, flour and milk cooked creatures of Fairyland sang this song together as an ordinary white sauce) after BUlle Brownie had taught it to around the fish after stirring in a cup- them : ful or less of green peas well-cooked Lowell ha gTown to love the blrd Spanish Meat Dlsh,--Sllce a layer Used by the birds In their own chatter. of potatoes in a well-greased baking Lowell knows the cries that roafly matter, dish, cover with thinly sliced roast He knows when they cr beef with some of the gravy, add a And exactly why shredded onion and cover with a cup- And what they mean Even if they can't be need. ful of tomato, adding seasonings. Bake I they cry a cry of alarm until the potatoes are tender. Just be- Lowell rushe forth to save them from fore serving sprinkle the top of the harm. Perhaps it's to scare a cat away dish with three tablespoonfuls of Two Pretty Morning Dresses. Who'd not pare a bit If they'should nay. cooked peas. "'Please don't hurt us. Mr. Cat, their usefulness, and compelled a new Spanish lace Is draped over satin or "XVe'd rather not make your tummy fat !" I heard the proud sttm, wberry nay title-=they are now the morning frock other foundation. One can pin her Oh, Lowell helps the birds and they ing Lu which women spend their busy fore- faith to either crepe or brocade and sing for him, "Only look what a ruby rye noon indoors or out. To the usual lab- be repaid by long and satisfactory And perch upon an apple-tree limb made. rietv--as gingham, percale and cham- service in either case, but crepe Is And they sing and sing, end still they Xt forgot how the bees In their ,, sing. saying bray--ratine, crepe, cretonne, printed more popular because, in the sedate "Oh Low,all." they e'. "you're Just the Had brcatght it the stuff fo cotton, linen and imitation linen have colors, it serves other than evening thing! iILl  its trade, been added. They all make tub frocks wear. A handsome cape of brown and "Tou'r. Just as thoughtful u can be, --Lowell I/FFALO, IL Y.  poem every flower is, that have a real style value, but the gold brocade with deep tape fringe, "And we sing your praleon up in thin trl And every leaf a line. tWO pretty morning dresses pictured shown in the picture, hangs In straight "xVe're glad you like to know about us, SALAD'-'DAY$ are examples done in gingham and lines from neck to ankles and has an "We're glad about us that you care to __ chambray, the dress at the left, a interesting new collar, fusst cheerful, strong pink with white cross When the clever designer confronts ok yes, Lowell le a friend of the birds! There Is no dish which is more pop- bars, and trimming o-f ready-made edg- the edict of the mode compelling sLm- " "Some time," said Blllie Brownie, or attraCxlve when nicely com. bined, garnished  made of white lawn. The plain pllclty he is put on his mettle and is "I'm going to ask the Dreamland King to take this song to Lowell and tell and served" than  him that these are some of the little salad, and there / are so many dlf- thoughts the birds tell him when they sit upon the apple-tree limb. ferent kinds that all occasions may  / "In fact," added Blllle Brownte. I think I will be off now and will ask be met with an  d the Dreamland King If he won't go appropriate salad, around and call upon Lowell this very Tomato Galad. Slice thick slices of ripe, red toma-  evening." toes; spread with a layer of seasoned  "It would be a good idea," said the Brownies and Bennie Brownie hugged cottage cheese, place another slice on top, spread with mayonnaise dressmg his brother Billle and sold: "Oh and garnish with a bail of cheese. Blllle, that is ever so good an Idea." Place tn lettuce with a spoonful or So Btllie Brownie went to see the piped whirl of mayonnaise on each. Dreamland King and he found him sit- German 8alad.Chop a Small head ring upon Sleepy Cloud Mountain in of tender cabbage with -one soaall his favorite easy chair. onion, season well with salt and "Hello, Blllie Brownle," said the cayenne. Cut In very fine dice a slice Dreamland King as he threw his soft or two of salt pork, the amount de- fluffy white cape about hls left shoul* pending upon the size of the cabbage ;. der and, reaching out his right hand, used, fry until a nut brown and pour ,/ shook tim hand of Blille Brownie. fat and most of the diced perk ove   "Hello, Your Majesty," said the the cabbage, mix well and then add s f BUlls Brownie. The Dreamland quarter of a cupful of boiling vinegar, (, King likes to have his friends say mix and add seasoning to taste. Gar. 'qIello" to him. nish the top of the salad with a mound There's nothing tlff about the of the pork dice and a fringe of pars. Dreamland King. He is Just as ley. friendly as can be. "I have a request Chops a la Malson d'Or..--Prepare six to make," said Blllte Brownie. lamb chops by inserting in each 'TI1 grant it before you ask It," slice of truffle. Season with salt and said the Dreamland King. Dip the chops In beaten egge And Blllle Brownie made a low and hen in fresh bread crumbs, Fry In a magnificent bow and almost fell over little butter four minutes for each for Billie Brownie, as you know, is a side. Serve with six heart-shaped round, fat, little brownie, but the pieces of fried bread with a little pate Dreamland King caught him Just in! de lois gras and one qquarter of s time. cupful of fruit Juice canned m" fresh "Gracious!" exclaimed the Dream- Salmon Salad.--Make small cups of +  .--.-+ land King. "Do you know, Billie new cooked and pickled beets, / Slice I Brownie, that you almost fell off off the bottom el0 they will stand level Sleepy Cloud Mountsin?  and fill with finely diced cucumber .......  "Dear me," said Blllie Brownie. - rubbing his eyes, "I did feel myself and flaked sol,non mixed with salad Handsome Cape and Stylish Coal going, you know. How dreadful It dressing. Serve on lettuce leaves, would have been. I would not want Tomato and Cucumber lad,-- chambray at the Hght happens to be I apt to contrive a masterpiece, like to be hurt. I have so much to do all Place overlapping slices of ripe to- a llght green in color, but is shown In that shown in the coat at the right the time. I stppoe that is one of the ttmto and cucumber on a long platter, blue, lavender, light brown and other of the picture. It fis long and grace- reasons why no one wants to be hurt! Pass vith a thick mayonnaise dress, colors, with white swiss embroidery ful and wraps about the figure. Its There Is alway su much to do." Tomato cups filled with chopped for collars and cuffs, and fiat pearl collar is covered with rows of nat- "But you wouldn't have been hurt," and a tablespoonful of onion buttons making a decorative fastening, said the Dreamland King. "You mar with French dressing make Black sateen or cotton moire frocks' row cording, put on with beautiful would have landed in Slumberland a pretty ad tasty qaisd. Serve topped with adornments of line embroidery  I accuracy that reveals craftsmanship fter yon had fallen and It Is a soft with ,a nfui of mayonnaise. + brlgllt colors on the patch pockets and' above criticism and the same sort of and lovely place to land In." Cottage Cheese, fresh ripe chopped bodices, are smart as well as practical decoration finishes the sleeve, "Oh," chuckled Blllle Brownie. And cherries and abtt mayonnalse is a Linen and its imitations in all the popu-  then he asked the Dreamland King to very nice combtibn for a salad lar shades are attractively combined   , call upon Lowell and to tell him some which may:ab :aa a Sandwich with flowered cretolme and plain chore- f4  Off the bird secrets, and the Dream- llliI, bray lS artfully united with checked land wa off that at once. am; + in Slumber- +++ L Slt INCREASING USE OF STUCCO /+4= a Ilulldtng Material It Is Finding Appreciation Among Architec- tural Critic=. Not only do arclLttectural critics con- sider stucco as one of the most attrac- Uve finishes to be obtained for exterior walls of modern buildings but the gen- eral public as well has placed its ap- proval upon this method of structural finishing and beautifying. Stucco Is a nmgneslte product which not only is pleasing in appearance but has permanency as well. Properly ap- piled, it is said to last- as long as the foundation of a home. It Is said to be fireproof and fire resisting. It is un- derstood to resist the natural elements said to disintegrate and destroy some other forms of finish. Stucco forms a protection to the structure to which It ts applied and protects and perpetuates itself as well. Attractiveness possible In the variety of Its use and design is a feature. Block after block of homes" churches or other buildings can be built with this type of finish and no two buildings need be alike. This difference in aP- pearance is obtained through the use of small pebbles, crushed rock, flaked shells and other materials capable of resisting constant exposure to the weather, and varying so greatly in tex- ture and color that unlimited combina- tions can be obtained, giving to each building a distinctly different effect from the one adjacent. These surfaces are never painted and are said to be ideal as the resurfacing for old struc- tures, resulting not only in making them look new, but making cooler homes in the summer and warmer "Hurrah I Hurrah for Lowell l'* houses in the winter. crled__ every one and thenthe little MUST NOT--" 0VE--RL00K VINES  Have Strong Uaeful Purpoaes as Well as Generally Recognized Orna- mental Effect. Vines are among the most useful plants for "tying" buildings to their surroundings. There is a freedom and grace about their growth that helps to relieve the fornmllty of buildings or fences better than almost any other plants. Care in their selection is nec- essary, however, . as there are dlsad- vantages in the use of some vines un- der certain conditions. On brick and stone buildings some of the dinging vines are most appropriate. The Im- pression that such vines are injurious to the walls or make them damp which exists in some quarters Is erroneous, the United States Department of Ag- riculture lelieves. The great problem is so to train the v!nes thai they may be removed to permit proper painting of the wood- work when that is necessary. This may be done by means of a tretlts hinged near the ground or a chicken wlre placed over hooks at the highest point, so,that It may be removed. A trellis can be made of chicken wire on a pipe frame that 'lll keep vines en- tirely away from woodwork. The thought is somethnes expressed that vines cause woodwork to r.,t. This Is true If they are permitted to become so thick as to prevent proper ventila- tion and timely painting. Hot sun- shine, however, is one of the most de- structive force In the life of lainL Vines by their shade help to preserve paint instead of destroy It. Means "Better America." Speaking at the Better Homes cere- mony President Hardlng declared that the movement for better homes "Is a movement for a better America." He IPovl timm Ask Your Write Now br Witt and inflamed eyelidS: eye irrittl find a remedy in EYE SALVIL truel Hhbrow--Have yo of All Flesh"? Fatglrl--Don't get Old Mammy continued : "The home is at least not merely the center but truly the aim, the ob- Ject and the pur1se of all human or- ganLzatlon. The common man of yes- terday was a serf, a peasant, bound to tasks whose slgnlflcance he did not know, and for whose results he had small care. The common man of to- day is a citizen, a voter, a sovereign, truly a particlpant in deterrnlnlngthe ends and destiny of the state. It is the purpose of the Better Homes move- ment to make possible a like advance In the status of womankind." Prepare Plans Carefully. Don't make the mistake of building from sketchy plans or from no plans at all. tothlng is more expensive than the rule of thumb of planning or hit-and-miss building. Railroads can- not operate trains without time tables. There Is no quicker way to wreck your purse than building without an accurate buying and building schedule. This means carefully prepared plans that are complete in every respect. Town Want= Radio Set. Seward" Alaska, is conducting a rapid-fire campaign to raise funds foe a munlclpal radio outfit. "I was distracted my Httle eatery, but an old told me to give her has given me no said Mr Nettle Palm Beach Co., baby I got Teethtn teething and he day." It ig not always advice of old when they are as fills one who n advice could be era can inform proper care of salting Moffett's can be had free the Moffett Go., for a full size ina.( JUDGE COULDNff Legal Luminary to What Really sldered An old Judge petty interests small city. Desiring nature, he had built outskirts cf the One day he met younger legal to think the old tric, and he, In with them as to earth. "BuL Judge," Ilghts said, "'you "So far out? So spouted. "So far whom. you? I am sun, moon and Judge. Got Away An American tor, who had been French occupied Pursued by the in his auto to Home Town Generally Be=t. was developed Someone has said: "I'd rather be sent abroad. a big toad in a small puddle than a stolen by FrenCh small toad in a blg puddle." For the operator had meat men there are greater oppov- and will make tunitles in home towns than there are in large cities. Better stay in your home town. Individual Effort Neceary. A clean cry, be it remembered, enn tome only from individual effort, Don't leave It to your next door neighbor to de all the cleantng In your community --get busy yourself. Tiger= Unknown in Africa+ The tiger is not a native of Afrte but is confined entirely to the con- flnent of Asia, pa,:-tleularly India, [fberia, Persia. Java and Sumatra. There is no re_cord of wild tigers ever having roamed the African Jungles. Soil Breede Greatest MeW. America has ahvays preferred te take her great men from the soil.+ Rarely has she bestowed her chotce on those where from the mother of us Coett,t,,e.