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July 7, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 7, 1923

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To all persons having or claiming auy interest in the following described Wi|nsn TO Honrable Bbard bf Supervi-ors, land in Wilkinson County, State Gentlemen --Owiag to sickness I ox" Mississippi : - have been unable to get entirely over South Half of North Half of North- at a regu. my roads, but those I have been over west Quarter Section 8, Township 2) the Hoard of Supervi- I find, with few exceptions, in very North, Range 1, East; Southeast midstate and county good condition.D. W. Haft. i Quarter of Northwest Quarter and [ Northeast Quarter of Southwest court hooe m To Honorable Board of Supervisors. I Quarter and Southwest Quarter of on the first Gendemen:_ri beg to make the fol: Meond day of July, W. V, Morris, N. S. lowing report on roads and bridges Southwest Quarter of Section 19 and and in the fourth district, I inspected i the North Half of Northwest Quar- L. C. Miller. the roads and bridges and found ter of Section 22, all in Township 2, clerk, about half of the roads in fairly good' North, Range 1, East: Southeast ,C, Day, superintend, condition; the other half needing i Quarter of Northeast Quarter and his re- work. Some bridges and culverts the North Half of Northeast Quartet of June, 1923, need repairing. The Buffalo swamp] 'of Southeast Quarter, Section 19, is under water most of the time and Township 3, North, ttange 1, East, read, appaved and order, it is almost impossible to do anything I and the Southwest Quarter of North- with it with the means at hand. B. 1 J, R. Hamilton, county t A. Nettles. 1 gent) read and or. [ To Honorable Board of Supervisors, W. L Mar_lia, coun., ] Gentlemen :I beg to submit the fol- lowing report on the roads and for month of June, I bridges in the fifth district. Some of filed; I the roads are in fair traveling condi. ! ofl;ion, while others are very rough and as county health county by the Heath for July July 1st, hereby ap- fixed at $500 be paid monthly. A. Wood, Jr,, o bu2 district for 140 accepted. & Blalock to build ford on Buffalo for accepted, upon in double the bid. petition of A. twenty-seven others Board for a near the Morris district, 'and proper and to the owner or owners it is ordered the petition be S. Cage and B. A. to view and lay vend. of Supervisors, Wil- dommittee ap- the land offered , as security f section school fun r. ; that we have performed e t Le aid land, the partition of ' owned by Mrs. Alice 205 acres, at Huff. mittee. of Albert McGrigory the sixteenth approved and a issued to hm funds for the amount : payment, from said loan to Mrs. Alice Mc. record in Mortgage Book principal and interest, pecording the new trust canceling the one McGrig6ry, $14, and done, then Jno. dent of education is authorized and era. of said MGrigory. Board Qf Supervisors All need Bridges, with i'eW V. Morris. Board Of Supervisor s , inspected roads second distrct and in .bad condition as a wezt Quarter, Section 28, Township 3, North, Range 1, West; South Half of Southeast Quarter, Section 31, Township 3, North, Range 1, East; Southeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter Section 1, Township 3, North, Range 1, West; Southwest Quarter of Northwest Quarter Sec- tion 3, Township 3, North, Range )emg upon the above'deserib, of Nohwest Quarter ectm 11, 44 acree with full right from time Township 3, North, Range 1, West to time to go upon the same with with the right to enter upon said land j "-. loggmg machmerv, men, teams and for the purpose of removing said tim- equipment to cut and remove such bet, or any other timber convenient trees, and to locate, construct, main- to imndle over said land, with rail- rain and operate on or across the rads, n',.nchinery, r.en, team, in a saree such railroads or loing roads manner best suited for handling fid as the said Company may find nec- timber er any other at any time from es.ary or convenient; And also all Ociober 9, 1919, and for 10 yea minerals, oil, gas, or said 44 acres thereafter; All merchantable timber With full power to take all usual, standlag, growing and being on the necessary, "proper or convenient Northeast Quarter of Southeast Quar means of exploring, working and ter Section 8, Toxraship 3, North marketin same; Range 1, West, containing 30 acres Southeast Quarter of Northwest bein all said Northeast Quarter of Quarter Section 33, Township 3, Southea.t Quarter except 10 acres North, Range 1, East Nrthwe. cff the North end. with the fight of Quarter "of Northeast Quarter Sec- ingress and eress over and acros tion 23, Township 4, North, Range said land for the period of 20 years 1, West; All West Half of Section 6. from July 15, 1916, for the purpose Township 2, Nprth, Range 1, West, of removing said timber; All the that lies North and West of the up- merchantable pine timber standing: -per Woodville and Natchez Road, ex- growing and being on the East Half cepting therefrom the East Five of South Half of Southwest Quarter Chains of said land, said Five of Sot.hcast Quaer Section 3.1, Ckains to be laid off by a line run- Township 3. North, Range 1, West. ning parallel to the East line of said with the right" of ingress and egress need workng, which will be done as 1. Wet Half Section 6. also excepting for the purpose of rendering said tim. soon as the road hands can do so.I West; Southeast Quarter of North- one acre deeded to Wilkinson County ber for the period of 20 years from known heirs of William Simpson, de- Two of the bridges are washed down,' east Quarter Section 4, Township 3,] for colored school on August 31, July 17, 1916; All the timber on ceased, unknown heirs of Elizabetb also some culverts need repairing and North, Range 1, West; Lots 9, 10. 1 1908 deed to which is recorded in the Northeast Quarter ef the South- Earl, deceased; all persons having same will be done as soon as lumber 11, 13, 14, 15, and 16 Section 161 Book TT page 460, the said school e,s, Quar,e, Sectmn 2, To_mhp 3. or claiming any interest in the follow- can be oured.W. T. Smith. and all of Section 17 lying Southeast acre being described as being 300 ,.'North, Range 2, West with 25 years ing described land sold for taxes on .of McNeely Creek, all in Townshipi yards South of the Six Mile post of to remove said timber', and the right Ordered that, the board do now ad- 3, North, Range 1, West, except suchl the said Natchez road and i known to build rtilreada, lo:road, to oper. journ until 9 o clock tomorrow morn. interest of Clyde Scott McCearley in ias the one acre deeded to Wilkinson ate locomotive, men and teams, for int. D. W. HUFF, President. the land described as beginnin, at! County for a colored school and is 25 years for the purpose of romeo. the SE cor, er of Section 17, Town- I bounded by said upper Natchez road; inz said timber over said land; To - - ship 3, North,'Range 1, West, thence i Northcas Quarter Section 26. Town- all persons ha-ing or claiming any SHERIFF'S SALE. North on Section line 8 degrees E.I ship 3, North. Range 1. West; Lot 5, legal or equitable intere in the By virtue of an execution to me 1329 feet to small creek; Thence N. l Section 16, Township 4, North, Range. foregoing describqd land; To all un- directed and issued by Jno. L. Hays, 34 degrees W. 300 feet; Thence N. ), West, North Half of Northwest known parties in interest; circuit clerk of Wilkinson county, 55 degrees 1550 feet to where small I Quarter and Southwest Quarter of To Mr Vailcy Itenley Robinson. Mississippi, upon a judgment duly creek flows into Bayou Buffalo: Northwest Quarter Section 23, Town. I R. Lee Henley, Quitman Henley, un- 'enrolled in his said office in favor of Thence following the said stream shi 4. North. Range 1, West; West known heirs of Samuel Flournoy, de- J. A. Susong against George Hall for South, 13 degTeea W. 1450 feet; Half of East Italf of Southwest Quar- ceased, unknown heirs of J. A. Smith. $141,19,' with interest and costs, I Thence continuing on said stream S. ter Section 30. Townhip 4, North. deceased, unknown heirs of J. R will on Monday, August 6th, 1923, 22 degrees E. 1300 feet; Thence East Range 1, West; Southwest Quarter of Smith. deceased. Mrs. Edmon!a Rob- in lawful hou at the west door of 1050 feet to place of beginning, con- Northwest Quarter Section 36 Town. errs, Eu.ene I!. Roberts. unknoxsm the court house at Woodville, in said raining 105 acres, more or less, in hip 4, North, Range 1. West; South- heirs of Margaret McGraw. deceased. county and state, offer to the highest Section 17 foresaid; ,id Foster west Quarter of Southeast Quarter William Thomas, unknown heirs of bidder for cash, and sell, the follow- Creek Lumber and Manufacturing Section 2, Township 3, North. Range ing' described lands situated in the onpany ownmg of sal/i, described I , West; Northwest Quarter of North- William Thomay deceased, Jed L. t:, State of *Hssise'ppi; unknown Washburn. unknown heirs of Jed L. heir. of John Lusk, deceased, un- aid county and levied on by me un- lu acres, all trees growmg, ,tand-!west Quarter Section 38, Township Washburn. deceased, unknown heirs known heir. of Eli Lusk. deceased der the said execution: All right, ing or being upon the above described 3. North, Range 2, West: All that per. of N. Leorold & Com,any, deceased unknown heirs of Jacob Lusk. de. title and interest of the defendantl 105 acres with full right from time tion of the Northeast Quarter of unknown beir of Nathan Lepold, de- ceased, unknown heirs of Elias Lusk. George Hall, in and to 200 acres, .to time to go upon the same witb Northwest Quarter Section 40 Town- ceased, unknown heirs of Douglas ceceascd.'  unknown heirs of Peter more or less, in th North East ..ormr logging machinery, men, teams and lship 3. North, Range 2, West. lyinz Embree, deceased, unknown heirs of Rabb. deceased, unknom heirs of of Section. . , 39, and Lot 3, Section 40, equipment to cut and remove such. . East of Fords Creek Public Road. and Felix Grudv. McGraw. deceased, un- Nicb.olas deceased, unkncm contatmn 80 acres, more or less. all trees, and to locate, construct, mam- North of a line running 17 Chains knoxx h,irs cf Alfre4 Morris, de- heirs of Ma, Watkins, deceased, in T. 2, R 3, W, and being tho 'a-ne rain and operate on or across thei Souh of N'o:h line and parallel lands mentmned and described m same such rat,roads or loggmg roads, thereto; also Northeast Quarter of ceased. Chas A. Wet:liu. unknown mkown heirs of Peter Rabb (Jr), deed of convegance from Mary E.t as the said Company may find nec-iSouthwest Quarter less a strip 5 heirs of Ciaricy Jane McKinney, de- deceased, unkno heirs of Sicily" reused. William McDowel]. unknown Roach, deceased, unknown heirs of Hall in Deed Book XX, page" 83, esary or convenient; And also all i chains wide ff the North er.d there- heirs of William McDowell, deceased. Margret Chadwell. deceased, un- records of aid county minerals, oil, and gas, of said 1051 of, Section 40, Township 3, North. rs Zelia Gaulden Colon. C. Lewis known heirs of Lidia R:bb. deceased. This July 5th, 1923." acres with full power to take all i Range 2, Wezt; also North Half of Gaulden, J. K. Wadlev, Trustee; all nnknown heirs of Mary Madgelene L. C. MILLER, Sheriff. usual, necessary, proper or conven-I Southwest Quarter of Southwest i p ons h,ving or clara ing an i- Tile, dec ad n 7-7-1923-5w. lent means for exploiting, working', Quarter and that part of Northwest'.s. ,_" ", .  '-,'- .. _" -; " , e .- , u,known helm of _ tO (S 1  t "Ic xOlOVln Ge crloecl lan Joh, R aC/l as marketing the same; " Quarter of Souflwes, Quar'r Ivin r  7 " ; .. . -; , .. c, ", dece:.ed, unknown heir. I . " -  .o.. cr taxes on the eta nay o of Eliz -  b nb th R b , deceased, un STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. And also except the mterest of South of a hue runnmg o Chains ,_    .... -_ o, .'b, ,' " . .-  ; ," To-Lula Taylor White: Doug McCearley in the land described  Souh of the North" line thereof and: ,c.n, "2 f'" o.,4, ,v>: o  o.   known heirs o isaac terry, oeceaseo, ,r ectlon J, iosnsmp o lange 1  as beginning at a point on the Wood-i parallel thereto and East of Public   .....  .  , , : ) .. unknoum heir o, Alexander R. Fa.- , r , Y l  on L,ounI: I, ) )  ID I You are commanded to appear be. ville and RoseOla road in Section 17.Road See:ion 40 To..vahip 3, North : a.: ";  ." ,-':':--..P : vzr deceased, unknown heirs o fore the chancery Court of the count:/ . , ' . ', ,. ",:croom, unknown ner r ," ,- .  . Township 3, North,- Range 1, West: Range 2, We:t; Northeaa Quarter ........  . 7  flnam Iil.M,y, decea_ed, unknown . e 15'c nor  Ivi ropm clecase(1 % of Wilkinson, in said state, on the said point being 1100 feet East of of Northeast Quarter Scc!cn 50, i r , :.: , . . , c .,.,  , heirs of Mr M..ry A. Floyd, dc- first Monday of September, A D. i where road croses McNeely's Creek. Township 3, Nor:h, Range 2, Wes ;! ?r':Y..'W ??L? o ,[,, % y,o,;, ce,-.sed, unknown heirs of Mrs. Wa,,i- 1923, to defend ihe auit in said court where stands three sweet gum anJ: Lot 10 and 11 Section 16, Township .c- ..... , .... nexm nears o [. d: the Tillery, deceased, unknown heirs of Joe White, wherein you are de- ...... - 4 .......... , .. wtsre", oecenea, un(nown nmrs ot of A T Mcnt,omerv deceased un ' one em m cluster; Thence S. 10 de- , orcn, tange z, west, excep the ,,. " "  ,  _ " . : - - ' ,, .. ., -i 111 an] r,,ow, ue,easeo, unKnoxn k oxen ] clr f fendant.Ths June 1st, 1923. trees E. 300 feet to North bank of white oai timber thereon; Lots 5: h ;a of J'o-- -ninny de - K. -n " " s o Robert Coehran, de-} and 6 e t, on 3 , r  an r , c asea, un ceaced unknown hers of John G 6-9-1.923-4w. W.L. HAYS, Clerk. Bayou Buffalo; Thence following the: - S c i 4 Township 4, No tb, knoum heirs of James MeNeelv de" ,' ' -" , " ". . * ;i said stream S.' 12 degrees E. 1200i Pnge 2, West "except the openl .....  ..,. ..... - : ^-.,., -" .'eeve o eceasee, unknown nears or I feet to where small, stream flows into; lands described as beginning at a '_ '[_"_'' !' Y_ ary  James ,. tmssley, deceased, unknown i WANTED. Buffalo; Thence N. 50 degrees E. water oak on the souh bank o Piney waze ueceaseaounnown elrs o heirs of A. C. Fowler, deceased, un- . ! ....  .... , .....  .............. Known heirs of Alfred Swayze Fowl; 1400 feet, harked corner; Thence] Creek where the same cro'aes te heirs of Mav Swa-ze deceased un .... I A wlde-awake hustler to get " N. 24 degrees W. 600 feet,; Thence North line of Section 35, thence N ' kno h " *# Z .: ' ...  ' " to:, neceasea, unxnown heirs of Will-I up negro, labor for grinding on N. 71 degrees W. 800. feet to Wood- 40 degrees 30 minutes V: on Sect!on' decesederSu:  ,::n nry :,w_" vah"ze. iam J.Kelle", deceased, unknown heir--" i a large sugar plantation this fall ville and Rosette road; Thence fol- line 16.75 Chains; the:ce N 69 de-' ....... ! ;' m . ne:.:'s oz. 2a of Kinson ,swci1, deceazed, unknown i and to fill the position as-assist. ,, . ,  " , wrote, ceceas.n uu.:nown n,rs ol h i=s "" . ' lowm sad road S. 61 degrees , grees E. 3.30 Chan-z; thence N 24  .... -^z,._. ;'- -- , -' e, ef Kmch_n Aswell, deceased, l ant Overseer during grinding. 1060 feet tO place of begimfin', con- degrec; E 2.37 Ctvi; thence Eas :"" ,uf.'a "',e' (:ceso, un- uak::own heirs of Jane Perry, de-' . :oxen near:. {. =llcleh. cle. ceased, unknown heirs ef S}las Per- 5gsfm Shows 00)l00rS I00rovc T00rl00llon Ordinarily' this is  slack ueriod of the year for transvortatiom How-- ever, that is  year. The railroads are doing the heaviest busi- ness that their history at this perio d of the year In the week ended June 9, th 1,013,249 cars came within less than one- half of 1 per cent othe record wee ' ' k a Ioadmg m the hstory of the railroads of the United States, which was in the week ended October 14, 1920, when the total number of carS loaded was !s015,539. -Notwithstandin the heavy business which the railroads are-do at the present time, there is no car i The heavy traffic is beiff moved ]with more ease and greater Wi, lt be called upon to handle now. Slippers have " - as well as for trans- ortation at are in a to serve them best. n a few weeks the farmerWill be leeding cars to translmrt this year's cropm When farm crops are moving to market i the fali, the other traffic of the' railroads, including the carrying of coal, is also at its height. We realize that some of tlie other traffic must move durtfig the fall, but we believe- that there is much of it that can be transported during the summer, when rail- way equipment and facilities are idle because the demand for transportation does not @qtml the capacity of the railroads, Coal is one'of the principal factors in making traffic easonal. The Illinois Central System is now engaged in storing coalat central poirts throughout its territory to release equipment for the use of its patrons latet on, when the rush of traffic sets in. We hope to have at least a million tons f coal il storage by September 1. Our patrons, famiRar. ith the price of coal, can make their own calculations as to the large amom/t of money in-" solved in storing this million tons--a storage now being made for the sole purpose of releasing cars for our patrons' use when the heavy traffic begins thie falI. By laying in their c'oal supplies now, x hen there is plenty of trans- coal consumers wil, avoid future inconvenience and at the same improve transportation conditions. Moreover, if the .mand for coal exceeds the suppIy t{mt cn be tr..nspored in the fuji months' effect in all probability will'be to increase the price of coal. The Illinois Central System is buying large quantities of other materials the operation of the 'ailroad and is storing them, so that the of this traffic will also be out of the ,way this fall. We believe tb:at who have commodities to be shipped, either in closed cars or iri should seriously consider the advantage to b'e gained by ship- at once, even if they have ta be stored, rather than until fail, cement dealers and those-having to do with the hard roa4s are to be commended for the /uccessful efforts to read-building material moved while so well set by them should be emu- fie, by all shippexs. m by a desire on our part to see the best who are depending upon the Illinois Central "We liave i'n mind particularly the farmers fall, but @'e ]e]ieve that an increased will be in the interest of" aIl classes of our patrons. - Constructiw Theodore Joseph Elsberry, deceased I 'unknown b.eirs of William Ellsberrv. i decea-ed, unknown heirr, of Amanda', EHsberry, deceased, Unknown heirs of Martha Northern, deceased un.i knox heirs of Sarah McNeil', de-I ceased; all perzons havin;: or claim-! in: any interest in the following de-i criked knd sold for taxes on the i 5th day of June, A. D. 187. viz.:! SE% o NE Section 46, fownshipi 4, Range 2. Wes:. Wilkinson Coun-  ceased unknown heirs of Lucy Leak, unknown heirs of deceased, unknown heirs of Absalumi ceased, unknown Langford, decea-'ed, Mrs. Samantha son, deceased, F. Cavana, unknown heirs of Mrs. Sa- don T. Jamison, mamh Cavana, deceased, Caroline] unknown heirs of W:  Langford, unknown heirs of Care-  deceased, unknown line Langford, deceased, Robert' Fairbank, deceased Langford, unknown heirs of Roberii Gehce; all persons Langford, deceased, John McNeelv. i ing any interest in Howard M. McNeelv, Caleb S. Mc-I described land, sold Neely, unknown heirs of Alexande. t' 6th day of April, A. Montgomery Swayze, deceased, un; NE% of NW known heirs of A. M. Swayze, de- ship 3, Range 1, ceased, unknown heirs of Absolum County, State of Langford; deceased, unknown heirs:persons }roving or of William McCrory, deceased, un-, terest in the known heirs of Mary Susanna Ogden. i sold for taxds bn deceased, unknown heir of Ann H.!March, A. D. 1888, N. Vose, deceaged, unknown heirs of  NE Sectio 11, Gee. F. Ogden. deceased, unknown 1, Wet, Wilkinson heirs of Alzeneth M. T. Hoggatt, de. Mississippi; F. J. ceased, unknown heir bf James heit of Hansfurd Tiler, decea-=ed all persons having unknown heirs of or claiming any interest in the fol-]deceased, unknown lowing described land sold for taxes, Lanehart, deceased, on the 5th day of June, A. D 1876, of Samantha Lay viz.: Lots 10 and 11 Sedtion 16, lknown heirs of Township 4, Range 2. West, Wilkin. 'deceased, Ruth son County, State of ?.!isissippi; un- L. B. Harrisi Morris 'son Lumber C0m parties, known and defendants in .a sui Lumber and Manu y, a corporation, the 5th de), bf June, A. D. 1876,! quiet its title to the viz.: Lots 5 and 6 Section 34. Town,. described an to remove .chip 4, Range 2, West, Wilkinsoil from: County, State cf Mississippi; un- l You are commanded knox heirs of Daniel Bunch, de fore the Chancery ceased, unknom heirs of Dennis l ty of Wilkinson, in Bunch, deceased, unknown heirs of fi.t Monday of To the right man an excellent raining 44 acres, more or les. ir: 30.50 Chin_; thence with uean,lcr- ccat ' Flzh Lovcis & Corn'.any, un. ry, deceased, unknown heirs of A. B. King, to confirm salary and commission will be Sect ton 17 aforesaid: Said Foster i.u- of said creek 26 degrees 15 rain- known heirs of H. Herschberg, de- K. Farrar, deceased unkno-a heir title to the land paid. - " Creek Lumber and Manufacturing ute. W. 8.50 Chain; thence S. 6-t ceased, unknom heirs of Mrs. H. 'of Ke'nson Aswell, deceased; all' .cribed and to remove J. HARVEY JOHNSTON, Company ownin of the said deserib- degrees 45 minute W. 5.50 Chains Hirshber'e'. deceased, Mrs. Fa.mie ersons having or claiming any inter- from: 6-9-4 Thibodaux, La. ed 44 acres, all trees, growing, stand, to place of beginnh:g, con(aining' 3x2 Aaron White, unknown heirs of M. est in the following described land, i You are commanded acres;" North Half of Nortkeast Quarte: Section 46, Township .t ! W. Kaiser, deceased, unknoxm heirs sold for taxes on the 5th day of June. fore the Chancery North, Rangc , West; Nor:h Two of Mrs. J. C. Kaiser, deceased; all A. D. 1876. viz.: N% of Lot 7, Sec: ty of Wilkinson,in first Monday of tnird .... ox out'aeast uarter- or persons, having or.claiming.any inter, tion 3, Township 4, Range 2, West. ! 1923, to defend the . ,," .  " ...... eat m th_ following described land 4 90 rorneasr uarcr echon 45, "l'O-. ...........  -'- acres, Wilkinson .County, State  of Mrs. Emily J. B. ......... " . : t sole or axes on tne zru nay or of Mississippi (being the same as .......  ..... , r .................  - all said Lot 7 as shown on Bradford l you are defendants.: as rtat o ectmn 4, xownsnn, NW, S-cti .... ;4 ............. i Ths 28th day of J 4 x  , ...... " 1  e ou o, .uwnmp o, orn. Plat)- unknown heirs of Mary Mag. , orn,-range z, west; The rasr i Ran_^ 1 Ea ~* xr:,.:___" ,___,_ r ........ , .......  , , ),mo, vuny. delin Tiler, deceased; all persons [Seal.] W. I ,, o ecuon ,. ownsnp .. Mississippi; unknown heirs of Davis having or claimirg any interest in 6-30-1923-4w. :rn, .,. west; .,he .ouoi Henry Fande, deceased, unknown  the following described land. sold for -----PIJBL-IC,-T-E n  --  -- ..........  ........... taxes on the 6th day of March, A.] We have opened North, Rage 2, West, cut off b" alunknown heirs of Eugene J. Swan' D.188S, viz.: NE Sectior 17, Town-: Miss., a first-class lme runnlnfr across am sectmn dr ceased Etl;s T HartH Van Eato= parallel to the Sou'h Une thereof, k.! . r':-ff " o ' "--  , ship 4, Range 2, West, Wilkinsnl TION. and will have " " " ...... a, . oern, Mrs. L i. County, State of Mississippi; un- cep the White Oak timber thereon: . ., IIarL Fred Hart, Mrs. Emily Hart known heirs of James Thomas Lang- -nIl the ummer. Lot Number 1, 2, 3, and 7 Secmn  Rothschild. Mrs. Marie Hart Gunst. I ford, deceased; all persons having readv to ser'e the 3, Towuship 4, North, Range 2, West; S. G. Stern, Mrs. Minna Stern Bloom.  or claiming any interest in the fol- 6-23-3w. V. and the Northeast Quarter and the unknoxm heirs of A. J. Stern, de: lowing described land. sold for taxes REWARD FOR Northeast Quarter of Sutheastl ceased; all perzons haxing or claim.en the 5th day of June, A. D. 1876, suggestions ar invited. C. H. MARKHAM, 1923, to defend the suit of Foster Creek Lr facturng Company, a wherein you are This 28th-day f [Seat.] - ; 6-30-1923-tw. STATE OF To all persons any interest in the land Conuty, State of led, as: Section 25, "West 167.50 acres ship 3, North, Range To all persons any legal or equitable land described ; . To all persons havin any interest in the scribed land, sold for 3rd day cf March, A. All Claim Section 25, Range 2, West Mississippi ; To all unkn6m To unknown heirs of deceased, unknown Conne:, deceased Mary Savage, heirs of William unknown heirs of cc..sed, unknown heirs no., deceased, unknown uel P. Coner, dece heirs of Mary A. Leek, known heirs of Frank ceased, unknov, m heirs o deceased, unknown he Harris, deceased, Mrs. MacLeod, a of Mississipni, Baton Rouge, Harris, a non-resident Mississippi, whoe Baton Rotigd, Lotfb ia peLons known and ur fendanta n a s,ai of Quarter Section 17, Township 4, I will pay $1.00 per ing an.,," interest in the following de- viz.: NE of SE Section 17, North, Range 2, West; . f sold taxes on cribed land, for the Townshi 4, Range2, West, Wilkin- return to my Also, all the merchantable timber, 23rd day of April, A. D. 1906, viz. : con County, State of Mississini un i or Fairview plantatio standing, growing and being on thelNW of NE. Section 23, Twnhila kno heirs of John Devlin Iie:!fl:ek:  y::t. , Southeast Quarter of Northwest 4, North, Range 1, West,  ilkin_on deceased, unknown heirs of Ml Be. i .... d art Quarter Section 8, Township 3, North. ! County, Mississippi; unknown heirs nda B Bake  deceased u.t.,,,,, ; 2na nave svraye , * .  , alav yv  ' . Range 1, West, which lies North of of James Phmps, deceased, unknown hers of Mrs. Julia Lesslev Brown de- ! esary permit has e the Public road and the land of J. G.  heirs of Jesse Phipps , deceased, un-! ceased, unknown heirs of Alice L. ItheL: removal.. " r Wisner, and containing 25 acres i Known heirs of John King, deceased Lesslev deceased ,.t-,,^.,, ; ^ --4w. . more or leas, and being all of the said I " - 't ......................... unknown her of Early E. Kmg, de. Austm Lanehart, deceased, unknown FARM W Southeast Quarter of Northwest ceased, unknown heirs of Wm. A. heirs of Mra. Belinda ]. from owner of far Quarto:, except that part owned by I King, deceased, unknown heh's of, Lesslev, deceased, unknown heirs o for sale, for fall J. G. Wisner, which is described as Eliz.beth E. Kin, deceased, un - Mrs. Belinda B. Lanehart deo, Box 176, Olney, tit. follows to-wit: "Beginning at the known heirs of. Elizabeth E. Leath. .... common quarter Section 8, Township! erman, deceased, unknown heirs of , , North, Range 1, West, thence S.i William Walker, deceased, unknown on Quarter line 5 chains to a point heirs of Susan Walker, deceased, un- (said point being the SW Corner of known heirs of N: W. W. Brown, de- that tract of land deeded to J. G. ceased David Gottlieb Wettlin, un- , Wisner by Jno. K. Sessions et al, I known' heirs of Francs Moms. de- LOW Summer' deed of record in Book VV rae 360) ! ceased, unkno*n hei of Joe Wal- thence N. 80 degrees W. 21 chains ker, decoy.sod, unknown heirs of Will- I to a point4 thence S. 74 degrees W.I iam Shropshire. deceased, unknown Illinais Central ',).73 chain to point; thence S. 55 heirs ef E. A. Robins:m, deceased, un. degrees W. 21 chains to point in l Lnown hers of T. M. Wetherill, de- County road, whence a pine tree 18 ceased, unl-:uown heirs of J. R. Leak. inches in diameter bear N 40 de- dece:scd, W. L. Covel, unkffown heirs cHicA@O :grees E. 50 links; thence Northerly! of W. L. Covel, deceased, Jane L land easterly along said County rod. Covel, unknown heirs of Jane L. 152 chains to its intersection with Cove, deceased, M- G, M. Mc- 1 North Quarter line of Section 8; ; Int.u-e, unknown hei of Mrs. G. M i thence S. 7 Chain. to the Common Mcln,yre, deceased, Mrs. W. H. Feb and te Resorts el l][ilgam, Quarter Corner or place of beginning, i tus. unknoxm heirs of Mra. W.H. York New Engi'and, Wiscsin; I containing 40 acres, together withFeltus, deceased, unknown heirs of Colorado, California, Yeilowst the right of ingress end egress over Walter Shropshire, deceased, un- thd Canad/tm oc]eS,r and across said land for the purpose known heirs of L. W. Arnold, de- of rmoving said timber for a period ceased, unknown hei:; of T. . of 20 years frpm July 8. 1916; All Shrop,Afire, deceased, unknown heirs the timber on the tan(t" "Commencing- of Alexander King Farrar. deceased TICKETS O AI-E nt a point on the Eact- boundar, y of , unknown heirs of Mariah Merwin, Rtnra Limit OctOl'r 31"; the Southwest Quarter of Sectmn 8. deceased, Hal E. Farrar. Ben F. Far- ownship 3, North, Range 1, West' rar, unknown heirs of Charles B.  i 10.00 chains south of the Northeast! Cnlvit, deceased, unknown heirs of 1BERA Crner thereof; thence South with Elizabeth Calvit, deceased, unknown' the East line of said Southwest Quar-i heirs of Margaret S, Lesley, de-i JI-OW ter of Section 8, Township 3, North.' ceased, unknown heirs of Alfred C. Range 1,'West, 30.00 Chains to the Drackebush, de,cased, unknom heirs 'Southeast Corner of said Southwest of Jmes G. Lessley. deceased, un. Tell us where you are 6ng a/d Quarter of Section 8; thence West known heirs of D. H. Sanders, de- fully arrange for tickets, reservat| on the South line of said Southwest ceaeJ, unl-nown heir of Davis Hen- Quarter of Section 8, 5.00 Chains: ry Sanders, deceased; aH persons details, onsult any agent O'f the" thence N. 50 degree W. 14.00 having or claiming any interest in I chains;" thence North 0.00 chains; the followm,' descr,bed" " land, sold for lliioi$ thence in a northeasterly direction taxres on the 7th day of March, A.] CtI 18.00 chains to the place of begin- D. 1892, viz.: N of NW and nine', cantinng 32 acres, v'ith the SW' of NW%, Section 23, Township Or' wrlte W. H. BIILL right to enter unon said land cut and 4. North, Range 1, West, Witkinson remove the said timber within 20 County, State of Mississippi; un- I Pdssenger Agent, New years from June 28, 1913, also the known heirs f Margaret E. Me- rirht of in,reds and ca-ross over said. Curley. deceased, unknown her of. land fo)" t))e ))r)os of remowng I.itt;o Perry., heirs" on of William