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July 7, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 7, 1923

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JULY % X928. Edltor and Proprietor TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION : in advance ......... $2.00 at the pastorate at Woodville, as second-class mail matter. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Woodville Republican k an-" announce the folrowing emldates for the various offices, sub- to the action of the Democratic lmrt7 |n the August primary. For State Ravenna Agent  ffrOKEB V. ROBERTSON For Dhtrict Attorney R. E. BENNETT of Franklin county. V. H. TORREY Of Franklin County. For State Senator ]). C. BRAMLETTE ;: D.W. HUFF M, D. JQHNSON For Represontat|ve W. J. STOCKETT : ALEX K. FARRAR JAS. R. HUTCHESON. W. F. TUCKER For Sberi|f . H. NEYLAND IL A. WOOD D. M. HANEY : JOHN C. DAY W'or Clmry Clerk W. L. HAYS For Clrcu|t CIerk JOHN L. HAYS For Assessor E. E. RICHAnDSON ]ILLARD D. NETTLES SAM CARTER Jr0T lhtperlntondont of Education MRS. H. B. McGEHEE JOSEPH N, MILLER gS. PEARL STUART ANDERSON MRS. JULIA MATHIS Y4t. etet'v|ser, eemad D;-trlct NOLAN S, CAGE V. T, :]NARD. " ]F SIqHWvisor, Fifth District ::P% T.G. BROWN ::- ROBERT L. MURRAY. ' W.T. SMITH NON. H. L. WHITFIELD SPEAKS IN WOODVILLE. Hen. Henry L. Whitfleld, promi. nt .candidate for governor, addres t! the citizens of Wilkinson county M the court house in this town on last 81tturday afternoon, being introduced In a most complimentary manner by Hen. W. F. Tucker. At the beginning el Ida ddress Mr. Whitfleld stated l tint ,he had been brought out by no I ketion so, if elected, would be the evernor of all the people of the irate. He declared that he was mak-] his campaign upon a high plane, and deplored the political condition l ef the state in the past. He said! that the women would see to it that l only good and worthy women andi mm are elected to office in future. I Ke gave a short review of his life I m said that he had never asked for] a political position, those that he had  [e_td bavtng been tendered to him, When Jr ate superintendent of educa- tion he lmid that he had worked faith. lly to help to give the country boys end girk a chance to gain an educa- tion He then explained Just why he imd been removed from the presiden. el the Mississippi State College r Women. Without lIiag any he said that a trustee of that was at that time 8 for governor (referring to Russell) me to him and  th give his influence and that of the hool to this candidate in hi race governor. Ts he flaUy refused 11o do, so when ussell was elected Whltfleld was turned out beemme lu ifued to stoop to such s definable He then went into detail tle patform on which f making his campaign, during t he took occasion to deplore the bonded indebtedness of the decried the borrowing evil prevailed in the past. He there would he no more issues to pay current expenses, my mare bootleggers and moon. pardoned, if he wan elected He painted s rather view of the present condi. state but said that great changes could be brought the people woul get together for its betterment, He the statement that he had worked for the upbuilding of state and promised, if  elected, We the state an adminstratior which no .man might ever he nmkes no efforts at but is a straightforward and talker and all who heard t are convinced with his sincerity, t not hesitate to say that he l ny. vet, .bY his visit tot of paca are being / on the took-out for and worms which are now' "Web is now the slogan, the worms and gather n the fall The people of this county, and we understand t.hat th same conditions preva m all sections oY this state, absolutely refusa to get up any ex- citement over the present campaign. the time was, whe' a state campaign was approaching, we Would see mud. slinging and political hair-pulling ,.,,, and brothers were Practical" ' ing to war with. brothers, but time y ] " - --' Te resm is that the Rave cnangu. [ voters are thinking  for themseIve$| end of being le dar°und by tBe| by seme leader of a faction, so[ er men will be elected in future.[ ther words the people will now[ for a man because he is honor.[ , and quaIifled, instead of voting[ is dishonorable and be.[ g faction. ., list slio %he um: " persons who had registered various precincts of this county Friday morning. The total I. shows 1571 registered voters of which 949 are ales and. 622 females. Whitestewn is the only precinct in the cohnty in which the women have a majority, and this by one vote. The list follows: Precinct. M. F, Tots Beaver Creek ............ 16 10 26 Donegal ...................... 13 5 18 Turnbull .................... 17 9 26 Woodville .................. 223 191 414 Fort Adams ............ 32 24 5 Old River .................. 2 1 3 Percy's Creek .......... 29 21 50 Pinckneyville ............ 18 10 28 Centreville ................ 147 111 258 Cdons Mill .............. 8 20 68 Macedonia ................ 60 28 88 Whitestown ............. 15 16 31 Cold Springs ............ 58 85 93 Dry FOrk ................. 73 37 110 Perrytown .................. 79 38 117 Rosetta ...................... 68 37 105 Upper Buffalo .......... 51 29 80 Total ................ 949 622 15Y1 There are some people who do not talk about hard times, but go right along doing buslne and making themselves and others happy just as though they were right in the swim and.leading the way. What is the use of always and everlastingly talk. ing hard times? Why not go right ahead without grumbling and do the best you can? Fulton News. The above expresses most force. fully the sentiment of this writer and is respectfully submitted for the consideration of those of our readers who ap?enr to never see any" but the dark side of life and whose crops are "ruined" about 'steen times each sea- son. Come on and take a brighter view of life anyway. It would appear, in the light of the empaign as waged thus far, that Sennett Conner, a strong, virile, cap- able satesman, with a vigorous, well- defined platform, and a splendid record upon which to base it, is the logicl man fez governor of Missis- sippi during the next four years, a "period tint will need an aggressive. constructive, fearless, capable man. Sennett Conner is that man.Hattiea burg American. _ = . - _ . - * |i i i i i IT'S WORTH THE MONEY T lie @ SlOt Touring Oar PRICE $S25 Delivered in Woodville. Equipped with self-starter and demountable rims. LEONARD (W/ndy) WOOD Sales Agent, WOODVILLE, MISS. Besldae the best fancy groceries, we have delicious lunches always on hand.Plitt's Bakery. ANNOUNCEMENT of Interest to MILLIONS of FAMILIES "1 will build a oar for the muliifude" Said Henry Ford in 1903--Read how the fulfillment of that prophecy it now made possible through the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan For many years it has been Henry Ford's per. sonal ambition to make the Ford the universal car to put it within the reach of the millions of people who have never been privileged to enjoy the bene fits of motor car ownership. During the past fifteen years over 7,500,000 Ford cars have been placed in the hands of retail customers--more than a millilon and a half of them within the past twelve months--and yet there ere still millions of families who are hopefully looking forward to the day when they can own a Ford. And now the way is open. Under the terms of this plan you can select your Ford Car, set aside a small amount each week and you will be surprised how soon you will own it. In the meantime your money will be safely deposited to yon" credit where it will draw interest. Think it over. Five dollars will start an account. The whole family can participate in it- father, mother, brothers and sisters each doing a little. Why not start today. Stop in and talk it over with your local Ford dealer. He will be glad to fully explain the details of the plan and help you ge started toward the ownership of a Ford car. / Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan. WOOD₯1H[ HOTOI00 (0. THOS. A. ROLAND, JR., Manager. Authorized Ford Dealers. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. To all persons having or claiming any interest in the land in Wilkinson County, State of Missis.-(pi, de- scribed as Lot 10 Section 21, Town- ship 4, North, Range 2, West. (Ex- cepting the Pine timber standing, growing and being on sid Lot 10) and Lot 1 Section 36, Township 4, North, Range 2, West; and Lot 1, Section 36, Township 4, Range 2, W., Wilkinson County, Mis- sissippi; To all unknown parties in inter- est; To unknown heirs of Charles Smith Beach, deceased; unknown heirs of Chas. S. Beech, deceased, unknown heirs of Chaa. Beech, de- ceased; L. B. Harris; All of said persons known and un. known, are defendants in a rtfit of To all persons having or claiming E. B. Robinson and L. B. Robinson, any legal or equitable interest in the i to confi: and quiet their title to the land before described; l land hereinbefore described and to To all persons having or claiming remove clouds therefrom: any interest in the following describ- I You are commanded to appear he- ed land, sold for taxes on the 4th day I fore the Chancery Court of the Conn. of June, A. D. 1876, viz.: Lot 1 Sec. l tY of Wilkinson,in said State, on thel tion 36, Township 4, Range 2 V., I first Monday of September, A. D. I 39.50 acres;  1923, to defend the suit in said Court I To all persons having or claiming of E. B. Robinson and L. B. Robin.[ any interest in the following describ- son, wherein you are defendants. [, sold for taxes on the 1 day This 28th day of June, A. D. 1923. af April, A. D. 1918, viz.: Lot 10 [Seal.] W.L. HAYS, Clerk. ' Section 21, Township 4, Range 2, W., 1 6-30-1923-4w. A Clean, Clear-Cut Analysis of the Salary Paid the State ...;, Revenue Agent : For the fiscal years, 1916 to 1921 inclusive, making a total of six years, the present Revenue Agent,has collected commissions amounting to a eneral yearly average of $57,56122, and a total for the same.period of 45,867.95. Should the Present Revenue Agent be elected for another term of four years, be will have served at the expiration of such time, a period of twelve years, or three terms, and If his om. missions malnmla the general averas estab- lished for the first six years of his encumbency, he will have received at the close of said thl.,xl erm, $90,735.91: According to a campaign circular the present Revenue Agent has addressed, 1 the people Of Mislssippl." the commissions he has received, based on the collections namedtn said circular, for the years 1919, 1920 and 191 respeottvelY, will anmun to the following sums: For 1919, $59,144.$8; for 1920, $71,300.08; for 1921, $75,- 213.69; making a total In thee years t $05- 658.65. It wffi be noted from these figures the com,- missions of the State Revenue Agent are ine lug yearly, by leaps and bounds. It will be observed further, that should commission collections remain at $75,218.00, as based upon tle reported collections for the year. 1921, the total commissions that will be Paid the State Reveue Agent for the remainder of Isis present term of office and the succeeding term of off, co. should he be elected, w/It amount to $451,282.14. Now add this amount to the sum already received for the six years |)act, namely, $345,67.95, and it W4Al make a grand total o $796,-650.09, "lXhe biI1 endorsed by Mr. W. J. Miller, the leading candidate for tate Revenue Agent, and recommended by bin" for favorable eonlflderation tp tha next Legis[ature la in stlb|tce as follows: "Out of the 20 per cant ’ommlssl01 ll0wed by law to the Revenue Agent, he shall pay all hs expenses of his office and attorney's faas ad taln the sum of $5,000.00 per anum for h;a e balance of such €ommllen "ha MMdl pay Into the 8ate Tt.'F, d make . tailed Itemized report to each toQ of the Li- ktature as to the seld aount3 Under the operation of such a law it can be readily seen that the present RevenueAgent for the flecal years 1916 to 1921, tncluslV%,: instead Of receiving $345,367.95 for his services would have received 30,000.00 and turned Into the Imb- |f treasuries $315,367., PetN whate opeeaUn8 0oct he had /ncurred. It is also apparent that the Im)sotlt "ResCue Agen instead of receiving for twelv years" sot. •tce, in the event he is elected for the third term, the probebl sum of $T96,660.09 for his •ices for a period of three terms, he would re- Oeive, under the operation of the above proposed law, only $60,000.00, and there Ivouid be abel. ace of $786,650.09 to be tmed back to the proper treurkm,  the cost of oPratin his department. What manner of mah is this--cur State Hev. ne Agent--that he should be eo stuffed and sur- felled with the Public Spoils mulcted from Tax- Reealcltrant's stripes, inflicted after the manner of a Whipping Boss W/eldlng the inexorable lash Of an inflexible authority? Upon what meat doth this--our Revenue Aent---feed, that he doth b stride the narrow world ltka a collossu& while w petty ereatu.m do creep about hl hNe to find ourselves dishonorable grves? The lnsoianee Of it all  nothiug less than svoltln& That ay man khould seriously eel- tend for the PerTinent of such abulom wam o/ money to ay officer for a mereIy (flerlca] service, offends and ontras ovary smnthnnt of publio decency and Propriety ad ruthlessly repudiat @verY principle of public ecommy. A VoW for W. $. Miller for Iate Revenue :&gent will bt a vote to correct this astounding evil, and gr0s laJulUc to the Taxpayers of MIS- ssppL • w. . MYR AMPAIO COM.frrT, (&dvertieeent)i . • .: STATE. OF- MISSISSIPPL • o.att persons lvi.g or ehimi any interest in the following de,crib- ed land, some part thereof being located in Wilkinson county, State of Mississippi, and some part thereof being located in Amite county, State of Miissippi, as follows: North Half of Northeast Quarter, Section 42, To-nship 4, North, Range 1, East, Wilkinson county, State Of Missis- sippi, and the following in Township 4, North, Range 2, East, Amite coun- ty, State of Mississippi, being West Half of Northwest Quarter, Section l 34, Northeast Quarter of Northwest Quartet', Section 34, and that part l of Southwest Quarter and West Half of Southeast Quarter, lying South of Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railo road right of way, Section 33; To all persons having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in the land described; To all unknown parties in interest; To Mrs. Edmonia Rob- erts, Eugene H. Roberts, Edward Patterson, unknown heirs of Edward Patterson, deceased, llston & Flits, unknown heirs of Allston &Fitts, deceased, Mrs. Fannie Aaron White, Gastrell & Raymond, unknown heirs of Gastrell & Raymond, deceased, W. A. Fitts, unknown heirs of W. A. Fitts, deceased, unknown heirs bf R. C. Brewer, deceased, unknown heirs of Mrs. R. C. Brewer, decead. Kate Brewer, unknown heirs of Kate Brewer, deceased, *Mary C. Brewer, unknown heirs of Mary C. Brewer, deceased, R. E. Brewer, Hattie D. Brewer; To all persons having or claiming any interest in the following I described land, sold for taxes on the 5th day of June, A. D. 1876. viz: NE% of NE%, Section 42, Town- ship 4, North, Range 1, East, Wilkin- son county, State of Mississippi; To all persons having or claiming any interest in the following described land, sold for taxes on the 5th day of March, A. D. 1888, viz: NW of NE Ό, Section 42, Township 4, North, Range 1, East, Wilkinson county, St.te. of Missiippi; To George W. Carli.le, unknown heirs of George W. Carl|Me, deceased, Mrs. George W. Carlisle, unknown heirs of Mrs Geo'-e W. C, urliste, deceased, un- known heirs of Thomas Hlloran, deceased. Patrick Halloran, unknown heirs of Patrick Halloran, deceaeed. Mrs. Patrick Helloran, unknown heirs of Mrs Patck Halloran, deceased. John H. Bynum, unknown heirs of John H. B3mum. deceased, Mrs. John H. Bynum, unknown heirs of Mr John H. Bynum, deceased, unknown heirs of Jerimiah Bass, deceased unknown heirs of William W. Ashley. dccea-ed, unknown heirs of Sary Ashley, deceased, unknown heirs of Benjamin Ba. deceased, unknown heirs of David Bryant, deceased, un- known heirs of Samuel Roberts Lu.k. deceased, unknown heirs of Samuel Lu:k, decead, Elizabeth Lusk, un- known heirs of Elizabeth Luk, de- ceased, Missouri Lusk, unknown heirs of Missouri Lusk. deceased. John S. Lusk, unknown heirs of John S. Lu:k deceased, Melissa N. Lusk. unksown heirs of Melissa N. Lusk, deceased. J. J. Butler, unknown beirs of J. J. Butler, deceased, unknown heirs of Adaline McDaniel. deceased, urkno'’rn heirs cf A. Daniels, deceased, un- known heirs of A. Daniel, deceased. J. T. Daniel, unknown heirs of J. T. Daniel, deceased; All of aid parties, known and un. known, are defendents in a suit of Foer Creek Lumber and Manufac- turing: Company to confirm andquiet its title to the land hereinbefore de- scribed and to remove all clouds therefrom : You are commanded to appear be- fore the Chancery Court of the County of Wilkinson, in said State, on the first Monday of September. A. D. 1923, to defend the suif in said Court of Foster Creek Lumber and Manufacturing Company, wherein you are defendants. This 19th day of June. A D. 1923. [Seal.] W.L. HAYS, Clerk. 6-23-1923-4w. • • • • • • m * * * • • LATEST AND BEST * • An Increasing, Lifelong MontLly * • Income if Totally and Perma- * • nently Disabled by Accident or * • Disease Before Age of 60. • $ • • The Mutual Life Insurance • • Company of New York * • $I00 a month during first five * • years, $150 during next five • • years, $200 thereafter for life. • • No further premium deposits. • • And then $10,000 at your death • • to your beneficiary, or $20,000 • • if death at any age, is accidental, • • payable in a single sum, or as • • income for a term of years or for • • life. Total disability lasting 3 * • months regarded, during further * • continuance, as permanent. * • Full particulars of this Perfect * • Life Insurance Policy given * : upon request. : • ABE COHEN, Ag.nt for * R A" • Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y. * • : Woodvil!e, bliss. : i TRESPASS NOTICE. 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Lion, the land and timber thereon Any person office Sworn Statement and Appliea,] have been appraised, at One Hundred this purehe tion, No. 08915, to purchase, the Lot, Thirty Five and 62-100 Dollar& the ate s conte 7, Section 35, Township 3 North,] timber estinated at 58,125 board patent issues, Range 2 West, Washington Meridian, I feet at $1.50 per M, and the land afAdavit in and the timber thereon, under tha $48.48; that said applicant will offe which would provisions of the act of June 3, 1878,' final proof in support of hi applies. W. Lion and sworn statement on the 10th 5-5-1923-9w.