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July 7, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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July 7, 1923

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8EISURE RUHR of [ not be American arrived told the the United no intention the intern- of met, he his gov- seiz- ships or 'OODVILLE. MISS. SATURDAY JULY 7 1923 BELI]IUM SOLDIERS KILLED BY BOMB c007:: i the state report that the publication THREE OTHERS MAY DIE lot Mississippi's bonded indebtedness. two-thirds of which went to pay cur- i rent expenses of the state govern- ment, together with the dates the Poincare Given Another Vote of Con bonds were issued, the interest they fidence and Budget is Voted :bear. and when they mature has ac- Tense Situation Created in t centuated the demand of the people When Bombs Explode i for retrenchment and reform, on the __ part of the incoming governor and the next legislature, which assembles in Coblenz.--It has been officially a January, 1924. The dates of bond is- nounced tat the French and Belgium !suPs, and the interest they bear, is authorities are considering the eS']said to be a universal topic of con- tabltshing of a state of siege in all,versation among taxpayers, who are occulSied Germany in re]risal for the i said to be calling the attention of can- killing of 10 Belgium soldiers early didates for governor an1 members Saturday morning. Nine of the deed'of the legislature to the fact that a were killed by the explosion of a 20-year 5 per cent bond. for $5.000,000, bomb on a train proceeding frmmeans that the taxpayer must pay Duisburg to Crefeld. The other was $10,000,000 at the end of 20 years. a sentinel who was killed by a piece of pipe hurled from the train. I State bonds are non-taxable and farm. ers and laboring men who own their homes are said to be aroused over the fact that a bondholder of a $2,000 bond who pays no taxes on same, I doubles his money in 20 years, while the farmer or laborer who pays taxes It was reported that three more of the Injured Belgian soldiers probably would die, bringing the total to 13. The troops were returning to Belgium to se but in- Hjlon furlough when a bomb exploded i on a home assessed at a valuation of in one of the cars. ! $2,000, on a basis of 5 per cent, which or rep- I It is reported from Aix la Chapelle i is a fair one, especially in the cities. expect that a band of German terrorists was  has paid $2,000 taxes on his home in e _  [responsible for the train bombing' 20 years and the same has practi- ,.xpecteu [ and for other outrages in the Ruhr ;cally rotted down. unless he has spent ' ,n,ng'|and Rhineland. The death penalty ' hundreds of dollars in the meantime, um Hme 'for repairs and paint. It is stated hl " J Will be imposed on all found connect- son and ed with the plot it was announced, that the attention of candidates for rlati te A dispatch from Strekrade said the- the legislature and for governor is see Prg- French of. he natural- and to dis- In which ]eigian military, authorities have re-. being directed to what the laboring leased Capt. Hans Rose. commander[people and farmers claim as above of the German submrain U-53. dur-,t Indicated. is legislation in the inter. ing the war, Rose had heen arrested iests of the bondtroider and against for 4nsulttng a Belgian oficer, the plowholder, and the mechanic and Further tension in the French pc- laboring man. trip to Eu- of a specific his travel lnranee and or It- reports liquor had soon after He he and of the was asked the would spots," is a can rest as- WIll he per- M. Park- by Gov. telegram Of bull in New Parker .i having Court. Judges of here received them salaries abolish the the at)- rt extended Mayence Darm- lfme eight Each. on a on the in Of the Mayence now north (REAMERY WILL OPEN IN CLARKSDALE 8OON Will Depend On Coahoma Herd To Secure Reply. Clarksdale.--tn line wlth'tie move- ment at present to induce planters t keep a small dairy herd as oe of sev- eral possible side lines to cotton raising, the opening of" the Martin Pure Milk Co is interesting, because it will furnish a ready market for all the milk that planters will supply. The purpose, as stated by the man- ager, J. A. Martin. Sr., is to commer- cialize the dairy business in the couu ty by providing a plant for distribu- tion, the plant to be equipped wi!h the latest im]roved machinery rnn by electricity where all milk received will be clarified, pastuerized and terms of at au- to COme railroad tracks in litial situation was evident when it became known that a break between France and the Vatican over the pope's recent note on reparations is possible. It was reported that M. Jonnart. the French representative at the Vat- ican, might retire. ,, The burgomaster of Duisburg, 12 other city officials and four promi- nent ciUzens were arrested by the ported veirtable beehives of political activity. Some of the candidates are billed for five speeches a day, which would seem to indicate that they are 'endowed with great mental and physi- teal endurance. Naturally all of the candidates as well as the campaign manager of each, are optimistic; and all sorts of reports are leing clrcu- iate as to which two candidates will lead tn the first, and have a run-off tn the second. Less than six weeks are left before August 7, which date has been fixed by the state executive corn. mittee for the first primary, and the law fixes the second primary three weeks thereafter, which will be Tues- day, August 28. It seems to be un- derstood that there will be no further announcement for any state office, as it would be impossible for any candi- date to get into more than a third ot the counties and present his claims, before the first primary. Belgian military authorities as host- ages in connection with the explosion of a bomb on a Belgian troop train crossing the Rhine bridge here. Nine Betgiz soldiers were killed outright by the explosion, one died later of his woands and 43 persons, nine of them Germans were injured. The first penalities imposed on Du- isberg by the Belgians after the ex- plosion include the closing for au in- definite period of all cafes, restau- rants, theaters and motion picture houses and public gatherisg places. Street cars. automobiles and motor- cycles are forbidden the use of the Streets. GERMAN MARK VALUE LOW DIES "UNKNOWN" TO SAVE FAMILY Bandit Refuses to Disclose His Indentity Out of Considera- tion for His People. NO REMORSE FOR DEED DetrotL--"You bet I have folks-- mighty good folks, too--and I woa't worry them by letting tllem know of the trouble I've brougtit on myself!" $47,600 of Pre-War Value Now Worth Only $1 in U. S. Money New York.--Nearly 200,000 German marks which had a nominal value of $47,600 before the war could be pur- chased in the local foreign exchange market today for $1, The official rate 4nots for marks was .0005 3-8 cents, the lowest ever recorded. The further collapse in the mark followed publication of the weekly reichsbank statement showing a week- ly increase in note criculation af nearly two trillion two hundred bil- lion marks, bringing the total to more than thirteen trillion. German currency has dropped be- low that of every country in Europe, except Russian. which is not quoted in the local market. Fireworks Are Destroyed New York.--It hurts to be good, but hundreds of maimed children will admit the wisdom of a move toward a safe and sane Fourth as inspectors of the fire prevention bureau took four tons of fireworksrockets and pinwheels, Roman candes .and toy pistols---out to sea and packed them in burlap bags weighted down with iron, flung the nole lot into the waves. Deputy Stabt/ed. London.--A Central News dispatch aerated. f Already success has been met with i in getting small dairy herds put iu ! i by planters and if the supply of milk 'comes to exceed the local dmand, the I plant will have the machinery to put the milk in condition for shipplng and marketing. However, it is not the intention to urge planters to make dairying their whole project, simply one of many profitable side lines. All milk bought by the plant must fulfill the requirements, first, that the These were the last defiant words of "Jack Smith," bandit, safe-blower, gunman and avowed police enemy, be- fore he lapsed Into unconsciousness. Tbe man was mortally wounded in a gun fight with policemen and, through his conscious hours, he refused to "tell nurses, police and detectives his iden- tity. His name and history still a mystery, he died the next day. His final refusal to reveal his Identity was in reply to a plea of SEVEN ERMAM00;TO DIE FOR SABOT/00GE TWO GET PRISON SENTENCE Ruhr Budget Voted, After Premier Makes Ringing Speech, Pledging France to Carry on Until Germany Pays. Mayence--Seven Germans were sen- fenced to death by a French court- martial for sabotage. The court condemned another man to penal servitude for life and still another to five years' imprisonment on the same charge. Those to whom the extreme penalty was meted out were Herren Saasse, Maurer, Gruber, Hanme, Schneider, cows must be tuberculin tested; that: Miss Elizabeth Robinson, nurse in Dreyer and Frey. a sample from each producer must be i charge of the iofo'matlon desk nt Herr Lauth and Herr Koegler were tested by the laboratory of the Coa- Receiving hospital. It Is Miss Robin- I those who, respectively, received een- homa county health unit here for :son's" duty to inform relatives oftences for Hfe and five years. bacteria, the dread and dangerous ldeaths in the hospital. i colon bacillus, for the proper per Refuses to Tell. Paris.Enthusiasm such as is sel- cent of butter fat, for acidity, etc. "Have you no folks, no friends who dora witnessed in the senate was A man will be employed by the will want $o know of anything that aroused by Premier Poincare when at plant whose time will be practically might happen to you?" Miss Robin- the end of a stirring speech asking taken up with visiting reguarly all son asked bim. the upper house to vote the credits producers and seeing that the proper I "My folks are fine i)eople," the necessary for the Ruhr occupation, he sanitary methods are conformed to, particularly in regard to making the bandit answered, "and I'm not going Informed the "temporal and spiritual" powers that, although France had milkers wash their hands, wash the teats of the cows, milk the first sev- eral drops on the ground, milk in re. ceptactes with strainers in the top to keep the milk away from the flies, dirt, disease breeding filth, etc. -But, in addition, the machinery is sam to make the milk the purest bb- tainable, as the clarifier is said to I take out all sedimet, dtrt or foreign substance which might contain colon All of the gubernatorial candidates bacillus; the pasteurizer raises "the are said to be aggressively campaign- milk to a temperature Of between 142 ing in their interests, and their sev-!and 145 degrees, killing all disease eral headquarters in his cit" are re-I germs; and the aerator, a process ot cooling the milk as rapidly as possi- ble. takes out the animal heat and odor. This sterilized milk is Immediately bottled and capped in an automatic bottler, not touched by hand, and tak. en to the cold room, made of cork and cement, which is cooled by a 75-ton refrigerating machine, where the milk awaits release to trade. WILL SURVEY RIVER. Will Endeavor To Dtermlne its Use For Power. Columbus.Through the efforts of President E. L. Kuykendall, of the chamber of commerce, and the influ- ence of the organization, a survey of the potentialities of the Tombigbee river for water power developed will be made ,bT the state geological de- The erroneous impression seems to prevail in many counties of the state that the law enacted by the legisla- ture of 122 compelling the publica, tion during the month of September of each year, of the budgets of towns partmenL president Kuykendall received a letter from State Geologist Lowe the past week stating that arrangements had been completed for a party of engineers to come to Columbus on July 1 and institute the survey. It will require about two weeks to com, p]ete the investigations. Mr. Lowe states that the Potentiali. ties of the Tombigbee are more prom- ising perhaps than any other stream in Mississippi. Many Women Regi*ter. Hattlesburg.--J. Smith Garraway, and counties, was decared unconstl. tutional by the supreme court. The court only held that section of the law unconstitutional which relates to the mode and manner of dipping cat- tle, and in no wise impaired the con. situtionality of the act itself. There- fore the county paper of each of the 98 counties during the month of Sel tembor next will be called upon by the towns and municipalities of the county, as ell as the boards of su. pervisors, to publish the-budgets of the same. The dispatches carried in the daily press to the effect that the heavy rains in the great corn belt of the United States have practically de. stroyed the corn prospects there, coupled wit the urgency of the new papers of Mississippi, upon the farm. ers who have teen greatly injured on account of rains in their cotton, as well as their cornfields to plant Mex- ican June corn, which may be done with success, all over Mississippi, up to the middle of July seems to be having effect. It is being stressed generally and especially by newspa, Reftmed to Tell His Identity, to let them know now what trouble I have got into. You might as well not ask me. I won't tell." Earlier Miss Robinson had wired to 1816 Division avenue, Chicago, an ad- dress which "Smith" gave when taken to the hospitaL The answer said that he was not known there. "Of course I'm not known there," he said. "But you won't get any more than that out of me." Talking to policemen, the safecracker expressed bitter defiance of the men la uniforms. Dies Unrepntent. circuit clerk of Forrest county, is "My only regret is that two police- making his annual round of the coun. men are not going with me," he told ty with the registration books. Mr. Sergt Earl Stevens of the ldentlflca- Garraway reports an incleasingly tton bureau as he xeallzed he had only large number of women in all pre- a short time to live. But when Stev- elnets to be registering, and says that e took his finger prints as a possible some men not registered heretofore means of identification, he refused to are also making preparations to get help the officials. in on the election. When Patrolman John Sweet of the Hunt station, guarding prisoners ill Accepts High School Post, Receiving hospital, asked the man what Jackson.--Miss Dicey Gourley, of his thoughts were when he commenced Terry, has accepted the position of to fire, he repeated  hatred of police- home economics teacher at Goodman men. Agricultural High school, making "When I saw those bulls pull their the ninth member of the senior class guns my only thought was to get of 1923 at M. S. C. ,V. to go directly them," he said. "I have no remorse from graduation to the class room as for the Jobs I have pulled off. Only been instituted they will be continued until Germany surrenders." The members of the august assem- bly arose, cheered loud and long, and then voted the credlt for 307,000,000 francs without dissenting vote. With much emotion the premier referred to Germany's flnauctal situation becom- Lug more grave daily. *'The reich," he said, "Is turning in a most frightful, vicious circle, With- out making any attempt to emerge. She is banking upon a miracle to save her from actual ruin, but miracles are rare. Not a single day passes but German idustriais are attempting to meet our own business men or poli- ticians. I am invariably informed of these moves; we shall fall into no more traps. "At times Germany is hoping\\;for for allied intervention. When she counts on France's discouragement and lassitude she is making a grave mistake. Wa have announced our es- sential demand; we will not modify them in the slightest. "At Brussels. the Belgian govern- meat in agreement with us, has de. cided not to examine the German pro- poal until Germany abandons her resisnce. We will not evacuate the Rnhr until Germany begins to pay. The only means of making Germany pay is her desire to recover the Ruhr. We have no thought of annexation; we scorn accusations of imperialism. teacher. Select College Trained Teacher=. Ashland.--The Hickory Flat consol- idated high school, under the leader. ship .of Sam J. Purvis, principal, is I wanted to 'get' one of the bulle," So "Jack Smith," died, unknown and unrepentant, sorrowing that he did not add killing to the list of his crimea. Prlm Faoe Church Leader. steadily working its way toward the Dallas, Tex.--Seven years in prison goal of affiliation with the state in- vras the mtence given Abe Frazier, stitutions. Every teacher for the former superintendent of the Maple- well. since Mississippi is strictly an coming session is college trained, ac- wood Baptist church. Frazler was con- agricultural state, cording to Mr. Purvis. rioted of slaying Bernie Banker, a tel- from Rome says that Giuseppe Pietra-  pers of the state that a short cotton ville, deputy speaker of the chamber, t crol with empty corncribs and nohay, has been stabbed at Naples and is in a ! means a hard winter for the farmers schuss conditiom His assailant es. t and for the people of the towns as Lightning Deetroys Barn. Arranges Boys' Camp. Iuka.--A large barn belonging to Waynesboro.--F. M. Smith, county Lawrence Lock," six miles west of agent, is making preparations for the this place, was struck by lightning club boys' camp, which will be held and was destroyed by fire. About 200 at the Meadow lake, near Winchester bushels of corn, several tons of hay and about five miles from Waynes- and farming tools were lestroyed, bore, on the 12th and 13th of July. caped. Tramp Slays Officer. Freeport, m.---Clarence Frush, mem- ber of the Freeport police force, was shot and killed by an unidentified tramp whom he arrested. The tramp, in attempting to escape on the offi- cer's motorcycle, crashed into a cu:'J- ing and broke his neck. Held Without Bond Road Bond Election. luka.James Adams of Short. eight ew Albany.--The people of Union miles from here, charged with the >unty will, on Jure 30, vote on a murder of Ellis Whitehurst last Sun- o'nd issue of ;290,000 to provide for "We don't want to confiscate the Ruhr; we will hold it only so long as Germany does not pay her debt. The latest German proposals are not seri- ous and do not deserve a reply. If Germany fails to understand, so much the worse for her. Never will we give tip the precious guarantee unless she settles. Should we recross the Rhine, before .being paid, Germany will have achieved her revenge and our humil- iation. "We have met with "resistance which is called passive, but is in reality act- ive, insidious and criminal. The re- sistance has come from the large in- dustrials, and from the Berth govern- ment. This has not aways been re- alized abroad, especially at the Holy See, where errors may also be mane." The premier's reference to the Holy See is brought out by a letter from the pope to a Catholic dlgntary in which the pontiff declared peace seemed no r, earer in Europe, in spite of all effo:s, and that concesleons should be made among the power= to bring peace about. Liquor to Destroy Boll Weevils Montgomery, Ala.Judge Henry D. Clayton of th United States court has found another method of killing the boll weevils. He is advising those brought into his court on a charge of violating prohibition laws to try sprinkling the liquor on the cotton plants and is predicting that the use of liquor In this way will destroy the peal Falling Walt Injures 20 Dallas, Tex.--Wails of the burning low church member, during a quarrel Texas Wheel and" Body Company at that followed an evening ervice a Commerce and Dove srtaets caved year ago, in and pinned more than a score of fireman under the debris. One was Civil War Wound Kills Vet. killed and two more probably fatally Nashville, Tenn.A saber cut on injured while two others wbre so bad- the head, received during the Civil ly injured they were taken to the war, caused the death of Gem Theism emergency hospital. Benton Smith, eighty-five years Old, in a hospital for the insane near here, " Sugar Futures Break. where he lived for many years. l,ocked Widowers Mattings, Bloomingburg, N. Y. -- Mrs. Mary Post. who died here recently, left all her estate to her husban0provlded he does not remarry. As is second wife cornea, the estate g ees, Mrs. Pest's will commanded. Baking Mud Pies Fatal to ;hild. Mount Vernon, I1LWlen an off stove on which she was baking mad New York.--A half cent a pound break has occurred in the raw sugar futures market under a heavy gen- eral liquidation and selling for Euro- pean accounts. July broke to 517 and September to 516 after which there were rallies of 10 to 12 points on cov- ering, although final prices showed net losses of 35 to 45 points. 8mall Dog Big Price. London.J. R. BaHow's Crockley terrier r NO. 2 First Europe Skyscraper. Warsaw.--This will be the first city tn Europe to have a kyscraper of 12 of the stories, which will be completed next a British year. It i being built in erraces. day night, was held for action of the a number of hard surface roads in recently becoming narrower every four stories. Auguzt term of the grand jury when the county. The plan calls for a The building will have 1,000 office he was given a hearing in the mayor's gravel road. 14 feet wide, from New rooms, court. Albany to Enterprise, with branches of less width to Pinedale. Etta and Father Shoots Daughter tPetltion Foe Stock Law. Darden. Ky.V. M. Lee. cut on Starkville.--Petitions urging the for the of Ed. Seay, of an all.the-year-r,und stock Organize Sunday School warrant ou! the whole will be sub* Blue Mounta new L mitted to the of s haa j been they , July $. REMOVE P00DII00I00L00 FRi00I MEETINI] i ONE RED iS BADL BEATEN Foster's Son-in-Law nd Anothel, Radical Ousted Bodily':and Chased Anthracite Miner.. Draw New Wage Demands. Scranton, Pa.The convention of the anthraclt@ mine workealled to formulate demands for a new wtge contract was throw |nto aWturi| when John L. Lewls)Intelttional president of the United Mine .Work- ers, ordered two me,i'gal- lery "to remove thelr caewit]lo out the door of the convet, ball." They were Identified as Jossph Manley, sen-In-law of Wlllf'7 7. Foster, representing th@ Union Educational League,n S. H. McCarthy, representing the labr/r,'(e-. tense council characterized y Pe- blent Lewis as enemy orgaizat: of tle United Mie Workers _nr.ffio. ganlzed labor generally in thUnt States. - ' " With them was the wife O - Carthy. They left the hall but as they were hurrying the courthouse square, near the hall, they were attacked by two men, M Carthy being repeatedly struck ?lF  one of his assallauta. Th womam was not molested. They hurried along the s lowed by a few men and newspaper men and when reached a hotel they ordered cab and drove away. The the ap- peared to be badly frightened hy ? Lheir experience. , In the small group following the ., three was a man wearing a del- gate's bsdge of the miners who tested against the two men being saulted. No policeman was In sight nd no arrests were made, demand for a 20 per eent in- - crcase in the contract wage scale with an increase of a dollar a daF ff, r all men paid by the day was presented to the anthracite miners" oonventlon for adoption and submis- sion to the mine owners next week. i The list of demands drafted by the convention's scale committee follown the general lines of the demands for- mulated in January, 1922, and fought for five and a half months last year. The present wage scale adopted = last September expires August 81.  Other demands submitted to tim convention for adoption include the following: A two-year contract with omlet -ecognltlon of the union. That the dlfferttal between ela lficatto of labor previous to the award of the United States anthra- cite coal commission shall be r. stored. Uniformity and equalization of all day rates and skilled mechanics meh as carpenters and blacksmiths, etc,, be paid the recognized standard rates existing tn the region, which shall not be less than 90 cents per hour as a basis. All day men to be paid. time half for overtime and double for Sunday work. That the eight-hour day clause in the present agreement apply to all persons working in and around the anthracite collieries coming under the Jurisdiction of the union. MOTORIST HITS.CHILD ESCAPES WITH BODY Pollcs Fear Tr=edy Victim Thrnwm Into Lake. Chicago.A dilapidated automo- bile in which were a man and wo- man, ran down an unidentified girl about nine years old. Before any the rapidly gathering crowd COuld prevent, the man leaped out, threw the unconscious and bleeding child into the machine and sped away promised to take the little the narest drug store, but do so, and although has been made in all directions, no trace of the automobile, its occu- panta or the child has been found. Spectators say the child was struck with such force that her lnJurie must have been fatal. R is feared that the driver of the : !i car fmmd he had killed the child that he and tbe woman have dis- osed'of her body by throwing it into the lake, or in some out of the way place. Tr6ast*re Sent by Air. Amsterdam.Goid bullb $500,000 was brought here from don b airplane express. Gurzon Greets London.--Lord Curzon Compte de St.' Aulaire, the ambassalorto London. It i they discussed the fothcomlag French reply to the British questionnaire On the Ruhr. Severe Quake 8hock. of n