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July 2, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 2, 1898

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"";&apos;-]'-holtillo ""i#|$'a WEATHER AND CROPS. [ The appointulent of Adelbert Ames] - I ' I I ll . . ' . .... ".. _' - This section of ne county uas Ba   . ...... ..... - ---_--:.- 4_ ..... - . . ., dter generalslup, recalls the carpet- .  .r"" m .,, __  __ __ ._. .a.L. ,qL'-- -w S r. . t o,,, ).,,, ...... . .... . ..... d ' by President McKinley to the briga- 1 ". : : "  ao:,over-anunoa0eeo*raluand,00,,e00a00govor.oro,00iss,.ippi, wbo00-I %.00L-OON = : = 7 .... ,o,,j, oaj ,. .... . o,.., mh,, Imports o;,,,,,,,I ,,,a fla,i frnm ttm state ill 1876 [ +.....,aL.m, V..,m., '.m,. wmm-,L .R,. m-- ---- fl I 1 "I ] , " - , ' l] a, :.t d-='=---=J0urnal---0f the Cor---eno,soo00,.c00 ..... . ........... -+ ........................ ' " vlnnlr IIAfllllllllff Ik'flitl0000lil .:.e& that come to us from other points when the white people elec!ed a !eg- in the eou,,,+ ,ndl,00a00e +nut thesau, e, ,,f a,l,s....o.-,,,, ..o.,o ,S .00OW O,m-', I00OR 0000S,?'ESS 00lllri mr.arran ---.. con,.t,/,n Thowe00weath00r "d"'nOlan,i Cordo..avisalld Cordo.a WIT" AFUI0000S.OC00 : N OLUUI00 tlUtlIIUI][g kll]lUi p0rati0n of W00dville. , .. ,. ,ere r ,o  . " . : _ . ............ =. conslderable damage to tle cutt(,n a nd..CordoznWCre' respectivelY.was alieutcnant,' ,,,rg"ver" P U   L I Q U O -. ShnpleAnnnrncementsof marrla- crop and if it continues a few days noraudstatesupcrintendent of edu- ces and deaths will be pubhshcd longer it will work much harm and is cation. Davis was a Mississippian very q,acsionable if the cotton plant ,.arpet'bagi-,:," o SUCII AS o . - .. 4 ....... ; .,' 2 .... -.. . ,.. d . ." without charge .......... (i amtn were net, roe..  nee were t ,n  Ch,atnbra!]s zvorttz 1Ue pet" yrtrct rea, ttcet can oe pu in sucn (onfllLlOn as [ . . . D ...... : . . . . ,. " convloletl a1111 oroKenloI [lleir omees. - , . . . , , . ,ubsl:ri|ttiol, per al.nllln, insure a large y]ela. Davis for bribe-taking and Cardoza OLD 3IOA OPOLE 1 FE, in G l& cents per ya, rt. , , . rwis ..... .............. $1 50 ..... *.' )7: . .... for corruption in office. Amesagrced ' - , ' ...... " "' .' ' " ........... throl,gh Ills attorneys, that it' the Hn- CTi:  xne,uesslng ,on[,es, on tne safer . " "" 7)TTI. YTM.," l r ' Chbldl.,es t,lb lo,,, qlbG.r[eP sho., rll, tlltlltff; i ucans Will close next l)lonoay, JUly peachment proceedings against hinl . .L ,J.V.,..,,.-.t, t, ... 1 ' ....... ' , ,.. :. ,, k-,. : t, i ': rwise...:.. ........... .$2 O0  :   : __. in sze ]ron b" to o, were 7 oe rea, ucea, 4th. Guesses will be received up to wdre withdrawn that he would resign Flg E OH I Rd +,'D F, WI & E TC: to 5Oct,' , , ' MARKET: 4 o'clock, e. t . ofsaldday. Ifyou and leavc the state. Ills proposition ew Orleans, July 1, 1898. wish to procure more guesses come was accepted., am, I. I, e tsltltOl[le ;on Choice Stock of FINE CIGARS J/ways on Hand. 3[isses ta,low ilti, arter slioes, sie: G to Y I,'oltOll-- - -r, - R:;k before the houre mentu, ned. Iel, llegl:]l'{:::::t laStS sign. '' X,nes was rst " " l,el'e ' " " '  o. s,,,.,, The eweler. o,,ernorof the state, a.d Tbose i ,,eed of PU.E UO.S ,or memcal Vu,'- -. 7:;: s' ed'fe:=/'r-'et''.. ; d- ,g Middlin 3 l.)o IO ..... "*- ," . . .. Was af(ez:wards elected governor, de- . " au'l examine m stock ,]fisses tar Ligw qlbarel s/bees st~es 12, to z llonday is Independence Day. ev. 1 El)warns, past o.r ot .t!le fearing Alcorn. lie was a son-in-law poses wllldo ll to call Y , J , 4 . -,  ,-,. ,, . " The Board nf Supervisors meet next Englis! Baptist|lle of the late Benjamin F. Butler.-- '" " : = : : -- - -- were f l o j.ecttbee tO yo ezs . v.. wue,, s,l,e,'i,lZ ,viu rl,eum:,,sn,, o .........  B,ire,, " ...... A. ' . J O 14 N  O DI. Ladies low rl,-=F=z"% " shdes ,,,"rr'er;" .-.,.:zd Mpnfl@ in regtflar session, was advised to try Chambcrlaiu's ...... : ...............  "---o ei,, Bam. He say: "A few ap- r.--: :-V---Z.. - --:--- , '' reduced to J 00.. Mr. P. F. Best t(,k a lrip to Baton _/ew attvememenl;s. 0tge the ]lrStff tle weeR. Mr. ttenry Stern of Warren County : ls here on a v.isi, to relatives, It Will be Silk Day on Monday at ]OTIISC IIILD'S. JOB W ORK AT TIlE t.EPUBLICAN. "'e [g0'ad of M'ayor and Aldermen meet, in regular seion next Tuesday after- * lloon. .. Catalogues for the :(,Inlng Fair are i-cady and will be found at Gee. J. Adams drug store. llouse Slippers for Ladies and Gen- tlemen al C. SCtlAEI.'ER'S- ' 11 tee you been watching the weekly . .,hapge.ln l h,thsehild's ad vertisement. Messrs R. GUl.St and J, B. Mount of the western porti,n of the county were iaf/zn Mrmdav. Mason's Self-sealing Jars, all sizes, and tin too jell), glasses, at Get J. Adams. + The iron bridge far Bayou Sara creek has arrived and will he put up ill the near future. See the change in ILothscbild's ad. (ibis week. They announce for Mon- day a (-lay of bargains in .ilk. WDDINO PRESENTS, ut Jos. Sarphle. TIe Ieweler. plications of this li|liment proved of great service to me. It subdued the inflamnmtion and relieved the pain. Shonld any snffcrer profit hy giving Pain Balm a trial it will please me. ' ' For sale by G. Kann. Don't forttet, we are headquarters for nit Base Ball Goods. Day's Pharmazy. &Y&. Excursion from WOODVILLE to NEW ORLEANS. Train leaves Woodville, Miss, Sun- day, July 10th at, 9 o'clock h. ra. B, eturn train leaves New Orleans Monday night, July llth at. 12 ,. Round Trip $2.50. On Sunday morning Deputy Sheriff llavard unlocked the cell door at the jail to give the prisoners their break- fast. One of the p|'is,mers, Jno. An- dersou, (col.,) jumped on) of the f-ell and grabbed Mr. Itavard around the waist and threw him down. Mr. if. made a grab at him as he ran out and tore his shirt off of him. The negro ran down slab's and out of the gae, theu So the woods which is only a few hundred yards. A lusse was soon after him but he succeeded in nmking his escape for the day. The next heard of hiin lie had broken open )w- negro houses about follr miles nolth (if town. st[den a lot of clothing and dressed himself in femiuine attire. Two colored inch, Ben Jones and March eaptured him early Monday morning near Mr. 12,. C. Whetstonc's res|denceand marched hlm back r.o Mr. SymlieAndersncame up from jail with a sun bonnet, dress and Zew Orleans an Tuesday. lie will aprott on., lie will be fed under lock pitch for the Dewey's this season, land key hereafter. _ o )---,e - ' e )--I.,, : With every $3 worth purchased for FISIIIG TACKLE. . cash an album of Uncle Sam's Navy Wilt be presented to lhe purahosor at, For Hooks, L,nes, C,)rks. Etc., g, to Ghas. R. Day's Drug Store. IoTIISCIIILD'S. " fultc a number of our prl)mment I have heen affiicted with rllelima- citizens anticipate leaving tomorrow tism for fourteen years and nothing . fr ate, hez to att,nd the 4th of July seemed to give ally relief I was able tlebJ'at, hm t be held there, to be around all the tinle but con- .-e-. stantlv.$ufferiug. 1 had tried every- Mr. and Mrs. MtlckenfBs,arc spend- tlling'I couhl of attd at last was lnr several week bere. the guests nf told to try Chamberlain's l'ain Bahn. MISSISSiPPi VALLEY R AILI't()A'D TON00T +++ R. It. has uow ou s;tle. Itn(| a'ill con illue 11U' s;tll|e Illltil 8t'l)(el|lCel ' 30h. 3.898. round flip UtUlIleP 1elitist tlcklelts T from allpoh)Ison ttstlue In the South tom htrge lister surtlllltr I'CSOl't- ]11 trite Norlh. The fast double d:dly se 'e to St.. Louis, Chicago. ('i i,- nail and Lou|svllle of lh l- ].lois Ct.nlrttl In co.meclou with lhe Y. & M. V. It. 1. etublea one Io reach qulckt. d comfortably 1he II)ountlthl resorts of Vlr ia the Whl'e Motlntltllls tlld se;tMd0 Of W Enl:md. the Thousand IMands. the hike and foz'tst resorts of Mh:hlgan, Wiseonstn and ,[iIiBeso! 0, the ltot Springs O f Arkunsas. the Yellowstoe I'nmi or lhe re. rts of Colorado Tlckelsand fullinform:tth)n aslo rates in eonneethm wih he :there cau I)e,hadof Atents of the Y. , M. V. Ry. aud coum,eting lines. WM. MURRAY. |). P. A.. NeW Orleans. JNo,A. SCOTT. ]). P. A.. Meml)h|s. NOTICE. Bids to gravel 3 hills ou the lower Natchez road, aceordhlg to specifica- tions (,n tile in Cha mery Clerk's office up to 9 o',:hck. A ,[ . th, Ih'st Men- da i!l July 189q. The B ard:reserves the right to reject any a!ld all bids. (3. A. COON, Clerk. Wo.dville Jnnell, 1898-4w Bids to buihl a trestle iu the lh!ffa- Io Swamp on the lower Natchez road, according to specilleations on file i, G.laneery Clerk's office will be receiv- ed up tog ()'clock. A. M on theiirst Moml'B' iu July, 189"L the Board re- serves the right to reject ally and all bids C.A.COON, CIk, June 11. 1,9-4w NOTIUE. Thcre will be a meeting of the Boar, I of Education on Monday, June I3th  1898. JOSEPH JOIINSON. Supt of Education. May 4, 1898, 4-w. LUMBER. Owlngtolhodulltilues and strin- gency of fhe money nlarket, nntil further noticelumber will be,leliver- e,l ill Woodville at $7 50 pet" thous- and uuless strictly all Iwart. W. G. I[UF', JR. .w uU I  I I I--- OnDpTAT OATT] }00Monday, Ju/y_ _:4tb 1898.00 N We are rtdy ffratefid for ot+r 1 pendenee and bei, patriotic we pu ou, r '00est loot forward ?or this d+u offer  ozr entil+e sill stoek consis/.in of many }l N novelties at less tlr cost. N m}{. Silk ,Mnuselln.+'De Sole soldi at 60<: now ................ 37+ J N Swi,'e sims, Sold at 0e ,ow ......................... ,.ss I. 'R The shove' will make a'u elegant waist. [ [} Black Brocaded Sdk% s01 at 75c to $1 now ...... 45 and 50 /,11 l A rare chance for a IIan(lsonle Silk Sktrt. -) ![ Silk Chiffons fur (rents and evening wear, sold at 1 50 now.75 '11 [ Don'Llose sight of this sale for never t1' [t' perhaps can such enprecedented bargains [. 1 be had aain. Oly 12 hmrs can yo }}. I[ revel i these nutehless beaties, so avail [( }l uorselves of the olden oppo tnity. P I(/, /, LI ; # , [( t lle .. z-- . .g +N B" Owin to thewry ,inclement. weather on last. ,,[[ ([ Mgnday, whwh prevented many from getttnfl out, we wdl )) t[ again offer btr Itanbkerchiefs, Hosierg ad Muslin Under- ,+} "+year as a ,speci. ' , 'I( Mr. and Mrs. II. B. McGehee and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. S. Vent.ress- ' o Before taking yOUL' your .ulnmer trip call and see our line of Trunks, Trav- elling Bags and Va'lises. C!)mpletc n,w sbbck at Lhe proper prices. C. qC.IIA E FER- The ll.S. and B. G. juveniiebase "" ball Clubs ph yed another gme Tlm rs day eveuing. The;ame was avery intereslingone, b!lt Ihe II. S's.gam proved tbeir sup,:riority by a score of 19 be 14. -. "1. " ' + $11.-IIt-.11 Mr. ]l. II. llays !,f Perc''s Creek passed through mH" t!wn for Centre- ville (!n Thursday; where be wen) to meet hls dlrughter who has been away .to school. The lists ,,f ]in'ors for lhe next, tern, of the Circuit Churl whi('h will begin on i,Mmday July llth, 1898, were drawn lt Tuesd'a-y. The llst appears In anot iler col u nln. + f,.j,7,%; papers that, a quaranline hasbeen e,t,tlfli.hGd fig linst.the State nf Miss., an0 par|les goin into Lou im ana from : + fh is  tave m us'.-have -a 'bealth cert i tl- eate. ,.k ,hffgc90. t ract,+t} (tta Bcna, Miss. rl, he ere(if, ion of a two story brick tore. Mr. WIh left, for tl)at place st week arid Ml. tl. WilsOn left last tAight. IGARS,.CIGARETTS, AND TO- B ACCO. ",, A chgjce lin of Eive and Ten cent (ig;l'Y 1Cia(.tfes aild Cigarette Pa l'rs and all kinds (,f Tnl)aceo at " ' "Cbasfl.'., Day's Drug Store. 'The, M:tor and his officers stirred a horne$iaext on Monday and had veral imrt4es u p'hefore them for the violation of the vagrant law. The enforcement of this law is a very be/a- etietal move and will rid our streets of many Ila fers. lit- i-,l I -There ale only.slx eases on the State i:16cket,all misdemeauors; six- t.een ca sea on the Issue docket, mostly appeals from Justice court, and two eaaesnn the Appearance docket, for t]aa Ju'.y tern) of Circuit Court. West, End has an addition tt/its 0eiety in the shape of young lady at the home of Mr. and Mrsl b red A. ']lhrt. The young per-son in question arrived on Tuesday evening. We Congratulate, the happy parents and hope their Infant may grow up a urceof much pride and happiness tr|} them. " - Inspector Jno. A, Lowry for the Board of Health has assumed charge 6f his office and will see that our town is kept, clean and well up in a sanitary way. He nays he proposes to perform the duties (if his el'flee without fear or fay0r, so y.ot ha better clean your ,:,remises i )trey are apt i. go(,& con.- whk;b'l did, and was innlnediately May, 4, 1898. 4-V. relieved an,l in a short time curc(I. I ............ am happy tosay that it has not since NOTICE TO CREI)ITOltS. returned. ,losh Edgar.(;ermantown Cal. For sale by G. Kann. We aeknnwledge receipt of an lnvi- tati!,n t(, aLt cnd  he We t Mississippi Agricultural, Mechanical and Ltve St,ck Ex0nsiti!m which will le held at, Vekst)urg, October 241h to 291h hi- elusive. The Association has purchas- ed its roulnds and will mtkeexten- sive improvements. Superintendent of Live Stock and Agric(llt ural departments, llorse Department, Warren O. Smith. Vicks- bnrg. Cattle, Dr. Tall Butlcr, Stark- ville. Swine, II. W. Bran)Icy, Marks- ville. Shecp, JohnA. Icdhead, Cen- i rcville. Poultry, E. M. C.ok, Ha- zlchurst. Aricultural and thlrtleul- l ural dcp;frtment, S. M. Travy, Biloxi. Cotton det)artment, W. L. Wells, of Vicksburg. Until Atlgt|st, 1st we are aulh(,rized lo accept measures for made-to-meas- ure cI.Lhi!g at, a figure one third be- low the usual r.ost. Ordcrs at, these prices canlmt be acecpted later l, ban Anl2,tlSt 1st and t.i, those who c(intem- platc availing t.hetnselves (if this offer we would suggest an immediate pur- chase, as he demand fur Lhe mot p(,pular styles is very great and the)' are beiug rapidly exhaustcd. A per- feet fit, is guaranteed in every case or the money not accepted. c, SCH A'EFEIL i '),'-O <: NOTICE. The following magazines and i,apcrs eal| be lound a Day's Drug SLOre: Mimsi,y, Qgpmal)lditan, Me- CluresCcntur',, Ilarpera Monthly, [Iart,crs Weekly, Puck, Judge, Fam- ily story paper% New York Weekl etc., etc. First class brick for sale hy A. r. Benedict. 'Fry a botl le uf Allalns.Sar,marilla aud purify your Id,!od. 25 cents cheaper than lhmds at .... GE,,. J Auxins. YOUR DOCTOR FIGIITS Disease with medicine. If the medicine is not right he cannel conquer ill,ease. If the drug- gist does his duty the medicine will be right, and your d(,et(n will stand: a good chance of winning the victory. You c,m hell) yonr,h)ctor by having your prescriptions filled here at Chas R. Day's Drug Store. NOTICE. The public are hereby notificd tlla Huntnng is prohibited on the ,ur- _Ote, Ehnwood, Bellevicw and Gor- don Plantations. All former permits are hereby re vnked. CHAS. COHEN, uv. 2if,, 1897-tl Notice tocreditars of Estate of lI. S Vs EATO.' l)ec'd. t Letters Testalncntary of the will of de(-eased were granted to the under- siff(w(I executor by the Chancery courl ,,f Wilkinson county Mississippi, on the lst!la of June 1898 And all persoqs Ilaving claims against the estate of dc'd.-are herchy required to Ilave the same probated and register, cd by tile ctcrk of said t;I,ancery court withi! one year A faihu'e to pro- bate aml register any claim against said estate for oue year from the 4th day of June 1898, will bar said elaim. 'l'his the 2nd (lay of Ju!m 1898. I'KTER ,[OT, T, EIt, Executor. Mav4 189, 4-w. Lid/BERI We are prel)ared to fill tit, short. notice vn,' order [or lougl CyDres L, UM BEt at, low prices. Correspon- lence soli(.ited. ,INO. F, IRVINE & SON. 3 19 98 6tu. TRESPASS NOTICE. Alllnulting or tresnassing on the Artol!isll lax,ds under fence is pro- hibited nnder frill penalty of the law. Any stock rt'maiuing on the Artonish past, re after February 15th will be harged pasturage--5(te per month. J. A.. (J-II.LESl'iE. 1 15 1898 ly, NOTICE TO rRESt'ASSERS. All persons arc hereby forbidden to hont or otherwise trespass on my lands kaown as the Gildart tract, the Lubertv tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mila north,east of Woodville under penaP, y of he law F. F. BE T. Dec. 19, '964f Leadin bttlr, g New1per of ti Boull ...... DAIII y I o.t=.., AR t 2me Pa-- From Kvmy of th art. . . I I--I--I--1--1--I--,--I--I THE SUNDY STATES Pubnlhed on Sunday mornlnll.-IS a large famll7 aewllpll.per, eatltalnln$ eve good home fcatur o! nlern '%=,",,%+, o4 Of tho City Of Now OrlnS, snd 18 everywhere reclzed u . . TH IADIIqG D1qRATIC IFW,PAPF OF TIlE SOUTH. I--I--l--I--I--]--I--I--I SEMI-t/EEKLY STATES, llbllehed every Tueeday &ud lLay, tlns a carefully selected syneJ| Of the lateet newe Of the day. ,]['IMS 0]8' 8UBSCRIPTIONI 65 | DAILY ffrATmS, J $7 IoIl ( Rver Day tn tho year, t vFn BUNDAY STATE...$1. Per nnum MI-WEEKLT ..... $1.00 Per Annu ALL POSTAG] FREE. FOR S I,E. The Patrick plantation sitoated ou Old River, Yilkinson Coun|v, Miss. con)tuning about 321) acres. For partieu!ars apply t(r, V. P. S 'VENTRESS. Wo0dville, Mis. 3 19 1898 4w. I OI l IONS GUckllANTEED. To Graduates of I[aris' Practical Business College, e, hool of Short lint,t, Telegraphy, "ere0, Jackson, Mississippi. We have hough/ t!e V, ayatt Col- Icgcs here and at Meiididu, I)ut hve closed out the one af Merhlian, a:n(1 prepared to ive rttittents the v.h'y best bils]nes. traini to be had L.iy- where. Gatal.,gle sen ,,n al)plica- tiou. ..d.! IIARRIS. President. J.ekson, Miss. Sept. I1, 1897-tf L ') _41. " ' " NOTICE, l hnve j/ist rcceiveda)ld wil[::kcep coItantly ou hand 9 full supply of COFFINS and (,AK 1", of all- St les. which [,will sell, at rea- sonable prices .... Sll(,p i)6osiie W. (% Boimeys res- idence, o, Ti:IOS2IOLAND. Ang. 21; 1897-tf n:, ,r , }.-+'n ' . ! +i ,+x + _ .... :r_ .'z'-..x... + ..... tvtvv v VTVXV [,,. FRESH I ACCURATE 1 RELIABLE I .,.TH... TIMES-DEMI}CRATL Meets thin want by arrange, merit with the Nw York World and the Now York Jounta| to secure all the news furnished by their: special cor- ruspondenta throughout the world. This. together with Associated Press Reports, gives our readers the COMBINED, EXCLUSIVE, DIRECT, i Service of the best papers in the country. All in one in : THB T[MP-DE/ORAT, i Naw ORI.aAN. Row. 0ny .oe t +++++.++-++++++ ++k + JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, i Our stock is always complete, comprising the latest and newest desigus in : : Dtam0ds, Watckes, Clocks, Jewelr2,, SITver-ware, R ovelties, Cutlery, Spectacles, 2'e-61asses &c. Repairing ! I a special feature of onr busines$ sn(t we are confident, with our Prices, Accuracy aml Promptness. we can please you : : wE CUARANTEE 0 UR WORK. " '+ " " . M&R&NTO, --DEALER IN-- Cnmc,sT Fruit. Oyter, Nuts :)f all kind.% and Fresh lrandly Gro ceries, l{eecives daily Fancy (Jan.., , fly of all kinds. Maecaronl eook- .el in the best style, from 9 ,. M.) rto 8 P..t. Main St. Opposite l|aum & Dam pf, Feb 12 98 IY. WALSH & WILSON, CON TRACTORS OF BRICK @ CEMENT -% w O R K. +'- Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited. Learc Orderer w|th Wetllin & llickey or Ben lrrow tr's, l.trl)er Shop. DeC 197 , TRESPAb NOTICE. All huntin ou Simrall and SChae- fer places is strietly prohibited' under penalty of the law. [ /v. W, )J,vruo,r. 1 1 '24) 47. tL Childrei>s tar low " ; ......  ' " ',' " . i sizeg 61o d 3lisses low q+Larter s]ioes00. "" " Ladies tat low'r" S+//.oe, j'orm'rty " $1 reduced tO ?OetS. ,Mens low qv, arteri Wr*6". i 50" " ttOtt" ':" $i These are a few of tlb idanff i,a:i4 obtainable at this store, aiir ttte pritded brayer will do well to nvestt cite: " C ........ K+ANm ++ +-+I :, +d wOODVILLE, . .  a . . g DEALER IN -'z- DRUGS and MEDlClNE,00 CHFM Public School Books Stationery, Painters Spplies, Cuttlery Fto'ni iiE Hardware, ltlttminatin2" Oil'. + Garden Seed 'e.. . ~ Phvsiclans re.criptions carefully compoundeu, and .raers torrtutl av _____.' c' ek sek'eted Pith grat care andwarranted as representea. v. 8.91..--y. au. I F. A. McLxL. W.P.S. V:SrTSSl McLAIN & VENTRESS, 00tt0rup C0uneim t hw, WOODVILLE, MISS. Offiee in McGehee building. DR. CHAS. E. CATCHIN(}8 WOODVt|,LE : : : : lss. Office in Adams Drng Store. uy J14, '94 tf. DR,. L. W. MA(R,UDEK, Physician and Surgeon, OODVILLE. MISS. Ofllee at residence. AFril 7..88 1 DR C. C. CROSS. Dental fiurgcou, 'ODDVILLE. MISS. Office np stairs over the Postoffice. A. O. SHANNON, at C0unsele kw WOODVI LLE, MISN Will practme in all State aud United Staten conrt8 in this State eal etate bought au4 -ld on eom 1 011 3D l|rC'la tNW miaion. Offle DR. JOHN F. THER,REL, Physieian and Surgeon WOODVILLE, MISS. Office ou Main St. at his old Stand JOHN A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR. A Full Stock of Metalie and Wood- eu Coffins always ou hand at ood- ville, Miss., ]ailt St. Trespass Notice. All persons found hunting, fishm or otherwise trespassing on the Bur namwood plantation about 3 mile,, south of Woodville will he prose cuted to the full extent of the law. Astrictwateh will be kept on sam( plantation for trespassers. L. W. MA(rc)ti 50 YEARS" EXPERIENOE ........ dl+ ; ,  .+.+, _ .... -_= = D, (l, BRAMLMTtt- W.Y. Td BramItt & TuckeL W OODVIId.,E, M IS, Omeein Mt,te Building. m mer('ial Row. J. H. JONES. WOODVILI2B, MIBS. Olfiee abov Ihe epaidie Ofle m --DEA ].ECR IN-- Family aud F,m W Groceries. Co;  ttoneries,, Trnpicai Fruit ( a I kinds, Sngat;; COffee, FIont Starch, Raisins, 5;us of all Canned Frnit and Fish, &c. Fiue brand chewing Tubaceo. Fresh Bread every day. uv" plies arriving daffy. March 21; lgti-y TRESPASS NOTICL - All hunting Retreat and l)anler )rohlbited, un ;ow D);. Oct., 9th '.qT.t TRESPASS NOT] All hnnting, flhing or trespassing on (Hen Burnm s striet)y prohiMted 0fil'er he law. All l6rmcr TRES1)AS8 0T An ptson caught or otherwise Ires Collins or Old proseented to the tall aw. All former ed. 4ucces sor tO Rmet0000. 1i. BBT SALI]ON