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July 2, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 2, 1898

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OWaFO C IHll00E Oe Editor and Proprietor. is made. State of Missisgl)pi shntll,t keel&gt; Ih,ir  IFOOD FILZE, 31ISS " ...................... about Santi.l,o, ,'is seems possi- 'ILE 8atm'day, July 2. tble, our forces should be largely Greenwood Commonwealth. .U--'=+- 7 + - __L-.-TJ._'- 7--. 7.-3 .... -SL--- -- re-enforced before any real attack J. S. LE)VIS, TO ADVERTISERS. Till ,OODVI'd.E I{EI'UBLICAN is the oldest nevspaper in the tate; h a larger bona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this section; therefore :=" is The les00 At,ertisiu00 ildi00, A00mti00n this in linL !1 i i i ANnOUnCEMENT FOR Colo rtEs. '" To the, Voters of tim Sixth Congres- onal Dttrict: ]leitevin that an investigation of tny record in Congress will show thai I have discharged my duty, actively, falthfnlly find effleientlv, that 1 have kept all premiss and broken no party pledges, I therefore am enconraged to affahi solicit the snpport of my eonslilllency for re.etction and here- fly allll(lllliCe lnv candidat.v subject to tim action (if ltie l)eniocl;alie part)' el the Sixtli 1)istrici of Mississippi. Very itespeetfnlly, W. F. I,()VE. THE SITUATION. The situation at Manila at last seeunls, 23rd inst., was un- changed. The Cimrlelown and first detachment of troops, '2700 L-en, had not arrtved though no doubt they have before this. Manila probable is in our poses- ainu by tins time, unless it was deemed advisable to await the arrival of further re-enforce- ments. "- Admiral Camara, with tht Cadiz fleet, has been at Port Said for a week. Ire is reported to have entered the Suez canal but there is no doubt about it. lie The rains have not begun on the south coast yet, which is n very fortunate thing for an army whbh has to build roads and transport htrge supplies and siege guns. Our fleet has been most fortunate In experiencing no heavy storms as yet. The Penitentiary Board of Control has loaned the Board of Trustees of the Industrial Insti- tute and College $26,000 of the State's Money o fwhich the Board of Control was [the custodian. This was done of course for the worthy purpose of preventing the closing of that Institution until the next meeting of the Legisla- ture, and it was not madepayable untd the Trustees should adopt the reforms in the college provi- ded for hy the Legislature, which the Governor vetoed. There was one dissenting vote, Capt. J. J. Evans. Everyone wouhl like to sec the I.I.&C.,goon without an in- terval, provided the reforms were put in force, but, we take it, this is not the most important ques- tion with reference to this $26,- 000 of the State's money. The sinlple question is, had the Board of Control the right to draw out of the Treasury of the State 0,000 men In ;lUll A KInD OF PI)LITICAI 1'1118 1 I;O.NL':'----,.CIlIIiARlZ.S' " " C II.NEYLAND. SCHWARTZ & NEYLAND, Wd/ Open its 37th Annum Session, Sept. 7th, 1893. t Th(n'(itlghly equipped for work in tile departments of Music, Elouuti0n, English, Mathematics, Sci0nces  and th0 Languag0s.  .} . S 1 eclal facilities for the study of Music, Elocution, English and Matlicmatics. ii Tht- I ItlllltJlll'd of t4P] iO]llrSillp In Ile College Is high : the InIirll('|lOll tn tht Prllltlry lille] I(inllorgliriell l)Opllrtlli(,nf I horOllgh. Te'llors il.t a I i ,l,( iI- IMs. The buildings ai'e now llli(I ['oinlln)dh)ll. I i lIPef ct repair an flti,d Wilh alJ tit,. conlforts of a refilled houl(,. Paeeni hltvIlig dltillhtl2ra to dn- cute WM do wen lo confer wll,h lile before t.lldlng elsewhere. ,. For Catalogue and Terms. a(ldreu, ttlt Miss GoimLt Sw.ixso, Prcs., Woodville, Miss  CIRCUIT,:...z COURT l The folloliing named were drawn to serve as jur,,rs at the ensuing term of Court conunensing on Monday July tlth 1898. ]"l RST 'IIVEEK. IV U llenley, F F Best. J A l)avidson. T 11 Xilkinsou, IV L FergllSOn, R F: Ward, C W Davis, N A. Jaines,. George Lee. A Etnart,, IV 11 lJavi% W 1' Feigrton, P A Ricllardson, R M Newlnn, R' 3'[ McKev, 1'/it McMcGt'aw, W/A Feller ]tT ilart. ; " Isaiah ,V Caterer, W 11 llt)lnie.% *t1 itek Bankston, A E Joseph : Jesse Matllews, eyes open and understand well the principles involved and the person- nel of every political movement whether beat, connty, district or state It is well known that in this the Third congressioual district, thi.- mlserahle crowd is undertaking to name the congressman, tlon. Pat Ilenrv, himself a clever geutleman, social, genial and pleasant, is the chosen instrument of the McLaurlns. i The men who named Mr. llenry for i this plaeein that solemn attd noise less convention of "prominent Dem- craW' at Greenville were of, for and belonging to "de gang." The gov- eruor's brothers were there and other favored foliowersiu truth, the whole affair was d'sminated by the brothers present aided by a select company held together ty ths eohe .-ire power o! puhhc spoils, Mr. tlenry is not a man to receive favors withont reciprocating. As lie said, "I cannot lint aside old friemls for new ones." Mr. llenry cannot re- ceive favors from the McLaurins without sustaining and supporting tim MeLaurins. lie ia not made that wa'. And while we like Mr Henryiersonally, we cannot, we will not anpport any man for any of'flee who will for any reasou he un der the inflnenco of or in any way [atlebted to the McLaurlns for anT- thing. There is no nse to equivocate and lie meally mouth abou it, that crowd must be suppressed. Its in- fluenceis haleful, a kind Of UI)as shade, llohtical cocoa grass, Russian thistle, or anything else that is unde iralile, shameless, chased and con scionsless. It is the duty of ever) patriotic cil izen to vote against any- thivg that McLaurin desires. It is his duty to do it for the same reason A E Fugler. W A Wilkinson llarrv Ford, Max 1)ampf, It M M2Gellee, V, nl l)aillbron, V A Sinal't, ILobi, L, Brandon, T B llatfiehl, Jr Ileal ry.LJoh silo n, Chas (h)ley, N M ]hirnphreys, Ilansford Coon. W A Diekson, F R Leak, T l[.etterville, l W lannders, 11  .tl:ackett, A T llabb, IV" I1 Netterville, C A Weaver, T N Floyd, S V A 3fc(:earley, K EMPER--SIIEP PARD. MARRIED--On the 28th of June at Salisbury, the home of the bride's mother. Miss M A ROARET ll(N)KE jtIEI'IIEI{D and Prof. UHARLES p. KEMP.Eli, Of Vicksburg. Rev. Dr. Logan, of Vicl, sburg, perf,rmed the rites la an impressive manner, which I s tim bealful service of the Epis- copal Chureia. The bride was tmautl- i'ully arrayed in white satin, with gar- nitures of l)eurl passamentn-ie, carry- ing in her hand a boquct of white roses and ferns. She never looked lovelier than on this occasion. Miss Buckner was maid of honor to the bride. Nannie Neilsou. of Greenville and Fanv ie Aaron. of Woodville, were the little, flower girls. Thee three attendahts lookedlovcly in whiteor- gaudy, each one carrying a bouqnct (f La-France Roses, tied with wide pink satin ribbon. Mr. Frank Con- stant, of Ltluisiana, was best man to the bride-groom, and looked well ia the conventhmal black dress suit,. They were the recipients (if many elegant presents in cut-glass and sil- ver. The l)ccorations were elaboraLi and artistic On the port'hs were hung Ollinese htnterti in Prtffusion, arid these lights shining through the evergreens gave a beautiful appear- ante The Reception llall was hi red, white alld bhle, onr national colors. The p'irlor in green and while, and could not purchase coal at Port Said and has been repairiug one of his ships. The fleet consists of one battleship, one or two cruisers, several auxiliaries nnd transports. Admiral Dewey would have no trouble with this fleet if the monitors reach him all right and no doubt would beat it off in any event. But the 4000 men anti Gen. Merritt who sailed from San Francisc, this weel might be seriously interfered with "if'the Spanish ' Admiral prose- cutes his voyage. Itis the announced purpose of the government to send Commo- dore Watson to hat'rass the Span- ash coast with a sfjtta(h'ou coui- posed of the Iow,'Oregon, one cruiser and three auxiliary cruis- ers. As to the chief point of intei- est. Santiago, it seems likely, that the pubhc has been mislead. Gen. ShaRer with ]6,000 men landed last week eighteen miles east of Santiago harhor. Dis- mounted cavalry and infantr were pushed out towards Santia- go. There were only trails and the country was difficult. On last Friday the cavalry, 980 men. encountered the enemy in a strong position and in supertot" numbers. After a determined fight of two hours the Spaniards were driven back and their posi- tion occupied. 500 men of 1st Volunteer cavalry, Col. Wood, 240 of lstcavalry and 240 of 10th were engaged and lost 100 men in killed and wounded. Since that time the advance has bee n steady, until at last account one division of the army was in ?. pc!litton three miles froni Santia- go. Roads had to be buiit so that provisions aud tlie siege .... guns might be brought up, or the attack would have begun before enough. If Ihcy have no such power the Board of Control has snnply been false to its trust. Fiduciary officers of necessity must be heldto the strictest ac- countability for the obsarvance of the law. And no state can safely permit the infringement of the law in this reslleet. It goes without saying that the Board has acted entirely outside of the law and we are glad that there was one man on it, Cant. Evans, with a firm and high sense of duty. Treasurer May has announced that he would pay out this $26,- 000 ui)on the warrant of the Board of Control, as he is eon- pelled hy the law to do. But for all that tire end is not yet. l"rom the Vicksburg IIerald we learn that "Mr. Robert L, Wilson, a citizen of Warren eoun- ty and tax payer, being eonvineed that the loan by the Board of Control is illegal and is a danger- ous precedent to set, has employ- ed ex-Attorney-General Frank Johnson and lion. Murray F. 81hath to enjoin lion. A. Q. May, State Treasurer, from paying the warraut of the Board of Control in favor of the 1. I. & C. Ills instructions are to mshtute pro- ceedings at once." We do not see how this suit can result in any way except gainst the Board of Control. There is but one power in the StatQ to appropriate or so use money of the State, and that is the Legislature, and we don't think the Supreme Court or any other court is going to find any other. There is a legal way yet to help the College and it is in the Governor's hands. As we see it, an extra session of the Legislature is the only way out of money it has placed there belong- tnat It is his duty to stain[) oat pes- ,I K Cobb. Hiram Asllley, ing to the State and appropriate tilence, isolate a leper, shoot an Jautes Vine, W M tAshlo'. ,,ntlaw or kill a coyote. Ever.)" good SECOXV rEEK ff T Ford.  G W-Merwitt, it to any purpose whatever? If t.itizeu owes it to the state to d- Littleton Lswis, IIE llarris, it can loan, donate or appropri- ever)'thing he can to rid It of dis- II A Ma,ruder, G B Row honesty, immorality, meanness and George J'Adams, R W Mc'.:raine, ate, as you may prefer, State ignorance, and for that reason every 0 W,.Itenderson, CM Mcksy, money in their keeping to the ]. good citizen should see to .t that his S lI Ilolland;  S A Andel:son, I. & C., it may do the same for vote will not help the McLanrin 1E l[nnl, :: S M Newlnan, the benefit of a Levee Board or a gang. Some one may say that "[lon. ,I W Cobb, B T 8heckler, National Bank. That is plain Pat [lent), cannot hel I) the McLaurin 1 N Netterville, I J Bunt:h, C Whetstone, T (3 Aslllcy, W V Bryant,, N 1) tarter, II !1 Jcnsen, I) N Cavin, GM llnneh, R U Day, J B Dawson, F F Brown, J E Carter, J I) Mctcalfe. From Tilnes-Delnoerat Jackson report - The blind tiger fight whit.h has heen gqiii o i hers /or bhe past two ,veds wountl 'np yesterday in a com- I,romise I)ettveeu the law otlieers of the Uircuit Court and Ihe tiger men, as folh,wa: J.A. Baxter was lixed $b00andgiveu tidrty daysin jail; M. G. given $10C and Le0 d'arsiajail; ,Frank Gilck, $100 p,llltical lssues and and teia days'tija|i. TIwse men all Picayilne well says: 11)o<'4I, elmspiouollS was (iur floBer (if the Magn,Jlia Grandillora. Over th, uiantel were banks of flowers. ;and above tllisthe initials (if the happy pair K and Sappt.ared. the first in I redgeranium, and thelalterin whirr rose buds. Refreshments were ele- gant and abundant and heautifull3 served lly girl friends nf the bride. We join the many friends in sincere- ly trusting that, ths future lives of this enuple may continueln one or happiness through many, many years to come Iu an article, "Speculating on new leaders," the gang voling forhhn." Of course lie can but of course he does not want to help it. But whether he can help it or not, it is his misfortune and we cannot believe the people of the district will give MeLaurin a partial endorsemeut by voting fur Mr. ltenry. 'l'II REI,: N E'r'IA't'TL ES I t I I,S. It appears that the Navy Depart- ment is about to commit ths mistake of building three :nferior battleshills la those authorized lly recent act of Congress. The leson we have had coneermng slow fighting ships does Construction, submitted designs for staod to their promises and give np not seem to haveimprrsedtimn,iw:l pleaded gutlty tolhs charge of un- "But lllereis _ning f o be agood construction board as it has the rest lawtnl retailing, witll an understand- deal t)f eoahlsion iu aligning tile two ofl the country., From. an ablearti, ing that thsl)enaly of eacii wouhi great parties on theimperiaiislie and ce from lhe Engineering News we be the ahove figurcs, anti upon the antl-lmperalistic isstles. All th,. extract the Iollowing : [ further understandilg that they were Silver Relmtlicans, except Pctti. "The Board of Constrtlction orlto give np the traffic for al I tiale to grew; all the Populists, except AI the Navy Deilartment has deci|edtcotne , in this bailiwick at least. It lea, and such strong SUl,p,rters of that the'lhree new battlesMps jn#l/is further understooti tlmt none of Bryan anlonz the Democrats a Mor- provided for by Congress shall have/the remainiug eases against the par- gan, l'ettus, Murphy. Smith. 3orlnan speeds of only 15 to 16 knots, says/'.ies are iu any tay affected by the anb Money, are str-nglv advoealinz the Engineering News. Commadore leompromise, except that they will the scheme to allat.x liawaii to the-. Melville, Chief of the Bureau of not be put to trial any more if they Untied Stales, and it is quite as the business. When conrt met this morning A. &.Davis was hrought up for trial on several old indictments for the same offene, and made a similar coml)rgmise , gelling a sen- tence o! $250 aud ten days. All four of the parties have commenced serving theirbime, aud wlien seen In the ci;y jail were apparently satisfied propelling machinery adapted to give these vessels a speed of 18 kuots; but these designs were rejec- ted by the board, and uotice to bid- ders has already been issued by the Navy Department to prepare plans for vessels of the speeds named above. In taking this action, it seems to us that the Board t)f Construction with tile compromise. All four of have made a serious error, and one the parties are well known bnslness of too much puhlicilnportance to be men of Jackson. and widelyacquaia- passed over without notice. If it is ted tlttoughoi!t the State. I'he Pro- hibitionlsts0[thecily sre congratu. laling tliealt!:]ves Ihat Ihey llave broken the #'err backbone of lhe blind :igor bukiess, bnt think the fines unposed on a plea of guilty eu. rarely too light. likely tliat they will be as ntneh In faw)r of snnexing Sl)atlisl i East and West Indian posesslon. Greal numl)ers of Dental'rats I)elieve in holding all eonquervd4,,rntary wher- ever it may be. tne" i.v|lu!diean. are opposed to aneh a policy. Thus it Js that, in aligning the people on the issues growing out of war with Spain, there will be a mighty mixlng of parties." From the Pica,;iTtTMTSs. ,---Bnr%an. 'Tiie suit of lile state r0veniie agenl against the ctninly treaiirers all(] ex-treasnrer f.r recovery (if back commissions allowed thent on the tlistribnlion of the common sehoel funds t', the e3unlles, bronght a niiinher of treasnrers and ex-treas. Adj!ltaut General tIamillon is io receipt of numvrous letters and tele- urers to the capital to-day tora con- grains from citizens of other States terence. worth hile for the tax l)aTers of the IIuit.etl States to go down lute their pockets for scale $15,000,000, to add three new battleships to their navy, It is surely worth while to see to it that these vcssels shall be equal or superior to an, vessels afloat or nmler construction /or Eu- ropean navies far greater interest in naval matteis Misstssippiati under the President's this year.hao it has ever taken second call. "lie IDas been forced to since the gallant exploits of 1812. decline all these offers, f, lr the simple l'he Americas ltulDlic is taking a ho (It, sire to go Into Ihe army as Ths right of the lreasnrera to llle reason that lh[s tate has been call- ed ou to furnish a cerlain qnotit of men, aud there is no doubt of her ability to raise tllese'anll re,re to. if thi_mi,rrting's mail Gem Haulilt,m received offers of one eonlmissions on thls fnnd involves the construction t)f section 20t6, coda of 1892, which is as follows: 'Theconntytreasnrer shall beal- lowed 2!. per eeot on all money re- ceived by him for county, except what lie may re(.eive from lit, predecessor in ofllee; hut when lhe amotint on which lie is entitlud to eomtnision shall exceed $20000 in tSis tim e. Santiago is heavily fortified and defended by from twelve to four- fv.en thousand Spanish infanlry. If this is true and Gen. Shatter entertains the opinion that he If it is once clearly understood tlmt Ihe three newest battleships for which its represenLstlves have ap- propriated fuuds are to lie from two t3 fonr knots slower in si)aed than the latest European battleship, a geueral protest will certainly be reghnent. 3t)inl.llete and one compan 3 the dilemma, whtch may be hehl, heard against the decision of the coml,tete/rna.the cl!y of Chieag.: as nmmhers have indicated, at Naval ConslructionBoard. J one entire t*ellilent [r.otB Kankakee, comp.u'atively small cost. * * * * * * TeL 'One oJtlle regimenls tlffered Dnriag the decade from 1800 to was made b Major M.T. Nets,m. 1890 speeds af 15 to 16 knots were  t Chlc.tgn, who staled lhat lie wa LATER:--UI)on an injunction generally aoeeplett a standard fully (irganized,'tice, rdd and read being tiled against the state trea- sllecds for ltatth.shilm the world Io eolne a5 a ntomen s notice. 'rhe over. At the prtsent time speeds of IIonston ('Fex) company was ten dered hy CoI:R. "F. 5rail, h, a prtlmt- nent cotton br,,ker, with otliees at aiD)" year. he shall be entitled Io only 1 per cent on any snell excess; but a coDIniv treasurer shall not receive nloretllan $i000 tar his eontpensa- finn. ' ht 1893 lion. Frank fft)hltson, tllen attorney geueral of the state, in repl/ to a request of tovel'nor 8tolle, avt' the opinion that tllo trea,nrers wert. entitled to the 2 per cent eomnlis- sion on the eontmon school fmld dis can run over the place, as he is urer, enjoining him frolu paying[ 17 to 19 knots are equally accepted reposed, there is a rough time out the penitentiary fund for thelas the sandartt for baLtlcahilta by ahead for our men perhaps, how- maintenance of the College, the the principal naval i)owers. Not Main Street, IFe take lead in the Grccer line, and our larffe Stock is always hept fresh and complete. H'e keep also a fldl stock off Dry Goods, We- finns, eta goods arriving daily. I ha vl purchased a large stock of Dry goods, Clothing, Notions, ttousckecping ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in l00cw all of which I propose to sell at prices so low that it will be to your intere00 to examine my stock. Special in, ducements to large buyers. !=>F. ETR MOLLER WOODVILLE, M158 Y No.,. 5, Nighl,. Traiu Leaves Memphis, " " VieXsbu:'g '' " " " " (Jeatr,:vil[e '" Arrives Nuw Orleaiis -N;S-li =k,,i. 1%7t% s,,. orlo.,,a 7:55 pill 'IU llni Cu; IU ala 10:3 i}a ill 4-ln pl:t 8:35 I,m ] J :f,O pm 7:10 lml 8 an| 5:30 pm " Cen treville ..... ' " " Vicksburg " " " " arrivosMentpbla --o. 2ay Train ...... . Lellve I l Icksburg, " arrives New Orleans No 2,2 Day Train loaves Near Hi'avails ...... arrives Vicksbnrg, 8:#,5 iilll 5:5.5 p m Train rims tinily except Sunday. "---. No, 7.'11 leavo Woollville " " leaves Blron Sara 9 nm " " arrives Nlaughfer 11:10 am " .... Bavu ,q,ra I :HI pm" " " arrive Wnn,lvilla 9.:35 nm 4:15 tim The only Lins rvlnnin, N)|iJ Trah: I,o,.n Garrying elegant PDIlhnau Buffet .' " uiriUg l'assouger a .......... Sie.eping Oars in both direetions, th - " " -v',:u,y anti comxortabie journey. For ll,atua, .lial)s ore., apply tO A ellis o -" .. . Jh'O. A. CO'L;P, g raft r ss Div. Pass'r Agt, M tMPlJzs , ']-',Iam. - T::B NEDiCT.: '[ANUFACTURER, REPA/RER AND DEALER ZN Carriagas, gum, FarmWag0ns, Harness dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA60N8 Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LI6HTEST RUNNINfl WA60N Mado. Agent for F/t4ZIElt ROAD a,ld SPEE])ING CART, whie are great fvot'ites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE 0000am?i00a r00a Tence C00mpan00, Tile most. extensive Manutaeturers ot Iron Fataoi.g in the Uaited Blesl l'arti,'uhtr attention paid to re-covering and rigging' "I'o:x: il,$1,(ld. 1el, I AJl wor k done proluplll, atid at lleltsvii;tbie rates. Woodville, Miss,, Sept, 1891 ti" - ," .,2_.-.,2=_ " " _ i: tlf0000,I,Y00 ridin.g a i , in the bicycle fitted with bail-bearings. Of course, you don't get a change of scenery while vou' ''iding" " " the Wheeler and .Vi]$on. but y,m do get a light and heklthful exrcise, while you are getting your sewing work done eatily, quickly and per- fectlyo But this is only one of the No. 9's advantages. The revolving shnttle, patent Sl,.ol holder, needle, wtfich cannot be set wrongly and patent oil cups are others. It is/oade, l with talk ng points and not with uselvsl cast. t- ever, it seems to be pretty cer.ain trustees threw up the sponge, one of these powers w(,uhi think at " the present time of I)nilding first- that Gen. Shaftor will not be Mile t get his troops and heavy guns into position until some time next week. MeanwhdeGen Pando wiCh eight thousand nlcn, is reported as advaucing to the relief of Santiago, and within <,ixty miles of it. Re-enforce- ments as strong from Manzauiilo also are reported to be advancing llV forced mrc-lies. It is cvidbnt Bishop Galloway headed a eont- mittee and obtained from Major Miilsaps, banker, $25,000 with which to run the College. This was patriotic aclion all round and utoreover it was legal o Major MillsaF,s deserves the thanks of the people for doing a good work for the State. The Trustees unanimously el- ected Supt. of Education Ktnean- class battleships for any lower speed. To do so would not only reeult in a vessel of obsolete type, but wouhl seriously injure the naval prestige of any power. Chamberlai.s COlllh Remedy. fo ?'hoist r lm edYoli(rs i nJ;ntd)e d lelp:gial: Y g , " , I ph , cough and hifluenza. It ha become fantotts for its cltres of these disease,, over a large part or' the eivilizetl world. The most flattering testimo- reals have been reeeivetl, giving ac- Hou.ton and Langview. Col. Smtth tributed to the several eonnties. That I , .... the common sch ol fund whils in the tel S Gen. IIittill!oa tha,t he:la espe- cialb7 anxiou:';to be mti'stered into state treasnry was a ,late fnntl, hnl that when it was distributed It), snd serf*ice fi'01fi ""Old MiSsissippi, his paid ittto the connty treasnries, it be- nalive State," lit; having been born came a eonntv ftmd, to be used for and raised at ltouston, Chickasaw cou.ty purposes, nanlely h,r the eonnty. IIe'was an old Confederave schools in the counties. The facl _ iron as are lilost other mac.hines. ! We wanl an agent in every town in this state. ' Splendid money making chance. Write us about it. T.-Duu00-sas G-o00, ". Oeneral Agents, - , i ll*iIP' ..... New Orleans. soldier, attd ]eft Missitsippl iu 187C, that it was dedicated as a pecial fund o*@-@-e*-@--,.l--o-@-@4-@o4.@.e.@... for Ihe scliools of the eounlies ditl tint since winch thne hs has been i)rolnl deprive it of its charaetsr as a eonntv [ " " ..... --" .... " " -" " -- nent ill Texas ntihtarv and National lurid. This fnnd wetDt into the hands I TRESPASS NOTICE. f a=te qt ( Guard circles. Adjlltat, t General oftheeotnltytreas,lrer, as,stiehwas, ..i__iiil!iil __Ta:!i;iil:i!ii!iil! I ilUPil#lll-- i! iiii liddanmen D lIamilton is really grieved that lie disbursed by hini as connty "treasurer / cannot accept s,lne of these earnest and lie and the sut'eiies in his official l proffers, and stales that lie has a bond were liable for the proper ap- ' slron:t notilmof resigning the office plicalion ot ibis fnnd in the sat/le - P' Y   ' er " .. ; - -" - " oertam Eye and 8kin Ointment is - manner n they were liable for tire perrnissioiDs revoKelt. ,, without an ual It relieves the itch R  (' I, eq of Adjutant General an,1 tlrganizing proper disbnt'slmsnt of olher |eonnty . M. It; ;El ]',F;. .... 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Dr. Cad's Cnndltion ]Powtlvr .for are ho best tonic, blood lmrltler md vermifuge. Pricei 25 celrts. S6Idby G. 1fdA,S.