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July 2, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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July 2, 1898

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VOL. LXXIII. Y WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDA , IH[ BAffLE LA 0UAN I Later Particulars of the Great Fight of the Rough Riders in the Chaparral. THOSE WHO FELL.BMVELY FIGHTIN8, Breathless Cubans GIve Warning of the Ambusl,:Gallant Cauduct of Out" Mcu Under a Withering Fire .No Thought o Retreat 0r ][ettatlon Entertalocd f.or a M[omont, .TUIIAqUA, Cult,, Juu 25. 4 p, m., via Kingston. JamMea, June 25. The initial fight of Col Woods' rough riders and the troopers of tim First and Tenth fired the hillside commanding the road gave forth volley after volley fPom the Mausers of the Spania.rds. -Don't Shoot Untn Yet, See Solncthiug to 8hoot At." veiled Gen. Yotlng, and tile inem with set jaws and lira|fling eyes, obeyed the order, Crawling" along the road, and protecting themselves ns much as pos- sible from the fearful fire of the Spaniards. the troopers, some of them stripped to the wMt, watched the base of the hill. and when any part ot a Spaniard bbcamc visible they fired. .Never for an Instant Did They Falter.. One husky warrior of the Tenth cav- alry, witt/a ragged hole in his thigh, cool!y knelt behind a rock loading and firing, and when told by one of his companions that lie was vounded. laughed and said: "Oh, that's all right. That's been there for some thne," The Twh, Rattle iU the ChuperraL in the lncantimc, away off to the HON0rl fOR 0UR HN8 The President Takes Cognizance 0f the Act of Naval Constructor Richmond P. Hobson. CONGRESSIONAL ACTION RECOMMENDED, Lieut, Hobaon's Comrades ]lave Already Deer lewtrded I Cadet Powoll HftS ]Been I'romoted, and the Gallant (l- car, Now a Prisoner, Should Receive I'ropcr BccoXnl tlon. WAS:nWrON: .Juae ?7.--Tlm pres- ident sent the Following message to congress: TO THE CONGItEt; OF TH 'NI'I'ED STATES: MISSISSIPPI MATTERS. An ImpOrtant Decision. The lawyers of the State have been given smncthing to marvel at by the Suprcule Court in the case of Wirt Ad- ams vs, the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley lllroad Company. Adams, ,imitate revenue agent, brought suit to recover taxes from 1686 to date from the rail- road company, amonnting to something like $750,{)00. The railroad claimed ex- emption under a charter it had pur- chased from tim New Orleans & North- western several years ago. bat the court decides th:tt charter is inoperative as to his railroad; also that.the Legislature has no right to ccmpt t.he prperty of corporations from taxa'6hm in Face of the constitutional proviion, which de- clares 0mr all property shall be taxed. This decision was by only two members of the court--Whitfield and Tcrral, JULY 2, 1898. NO.00 Section One of Col. Torry's Troop Train Telescoped by Section Two at Tupelo, Miss. THE HEADQUARTERS CAR WAS BURNED, Four Teoopersand a Porter Ktlled,OneSol- die.Dying and Flftee Others, Including Col Torrey, Injured---Tile leapo of the" Colonel From Death w Little Ihort of ltllrauloua. '/'Uvl.:LO, Miss., June 27.'--iilhe "ilt;st section of the train with To, ray's rough riders reached here about three o cloc c Sunday afternoon. WhileStanding at tl R ,.,,.. BOUNDI0gPAI00gg0[gl Headqmrter Md Front lgalqutrl d oragua--Roads hnirlet lab t for Siege Guns. OX BOARD "rile D,tUTLBS, OV B&I- qUUlZ, Jmie 26, via I(IN(STON, Ja.rnaiea; June 27.--Geu. Shafter expects to andre his imadquartcrs from Bai- quiri to Juragua this evening. Transports are rapidly landing TitE EClt0ES " the last supplies of forage athtl ammu- WILLWAKE AId06TtlEl : nition and the last of tie fear light ' ,,  -" batteries of artillery started this after- noon, for Juraua by road. The ordnance officers ay the road qs is-' practicable for siege guns, and that ,he landing facilities for them are inadeqnate. Aboat five hundred mules are still y an'thorities are ;aidly making up a pack train to take for- ward rations. The men ashore bare five days" supplies, bnt supplies for ten 5rlta lqewek lm 11 ttte,O4u' ,Ve eds lleiog tim latleshlp Iowa tcJ Abareud and Alexander. rASHINOTON, June lt:15  m. foliowing bulletin: "Commodore Watson sails to-day i regular cavalry will be known in his- left eouht be heard the crack of the tory as the battle of La Qaaina. Tla rifles ot Co]. Wood's men and the resu- lt did not end in the lag deep-toned volley firing of th Complete Slaughter of the Americans Spanish. Over there the American losses wer was not due to any miscalculation in the greatest. Col. Wood's men, with the plan of the Spaniards. for as per- fect an ambuscade as was ever formed an advance guard well ou in front an4 two Cuban guides before them, but in the brain of an ApaChe Indian was prepared, and Lieut.-Col. Roosevelt and his mcn walked" squarely into it. For an hour and a half they held their ground under a perfect storm of bul- b'ts from the front and sides, and then Col. Wood at tim rigiit and Lieut.- Col. lloosev, clt a,t the left, led a charge, wilich turned the tid of "bat*,le alsd scat the enemy flying over the hills to- ward Santiago. Impossible to Catcnlate the Spauish Losses. It is now definitely known that 16 men on the Amcriean side were killed. while 60 were wounded or arc reported to bc missing, it is impossible to calcu- late the Spanish losses, bubit is known that they were far heavier than those of the Americans. ab least asreg:wds actual loss of life. Ah'eady 37 dead Npanish soldiers have been found and bm-ied, while iaanv others undoubt, apparently with no flankers, went cquarely into the trap set for them b3 the Spaniards, and orly The Unfaltering Courage of the Men. in the face of a fire that would even make a veteran quail, prevented what xaight easily have been a disaster. As "it was, Troop L, the advance guard under the mifortunate Capt. Capron, was almost surrounded, and but for the reinforcements hm-riedly scat for- ward every man would probably have been killed or wounded. The Spaulsh Fire Accurate and Heavy. "Tizcre must have been nearly 1,50( Spaniards in front and to the sides el us," said Lieut.-Col. Roosevelt to-day. when discussing the fight. "The 5 held tile ridvcs with rifle pits and ma chine guns.'and bud a bod of men iv ambush in the thick jungle at the side edly are lying in the thick underbrush of the road over which we were ad. on the side of the. gflls", and on the vane,as. Our advance guard struc the men in am.bush and drove them slope of the hill, where the mMn body , out. But they lost C::pt. Capron. Lieut. of the enemy was located. The'Tlsomas und about 15 men killed oi wounded were all removed. Acompletelist of the killed, revised to four o'clock Saturday, is as follows: The licroes *Who Died at La (aaslna. Capt. Allyn K. Capron, First United States volunteer car:dry. Sergcant Ilamilton Fish. Jr., Troop L, First United States volunteer eav- ah'y. Sergeant Dohcrtv, Troop A, First l[nitcd States volutte('-" cavalry. Sergeant Marcus 1). Russell. Troop G, First Us,Led Lates volantcer cav- alry. Serge:uL Rus,35;ll Hved in Troy, N. Y.. and was formerly a colonel Oil Coy. llill's staff. l'rivale Legg'ett, Tromp --. First Unitxl States volunteer cavalry. Private ltarry llcffner. Troop G, "First United brutes re}unicef cavalry. Private Mildcn W.-Dansoa, Troop L, First United States cawflry. Private W. T. irving, Troop F, First United States volunteer cavalry. Private Slcnnoe, Troop K, First regu: lar avalry. Pz:ivate B. Work, Troop B, First reg- wounded. The Spanish firing was ac. curate, so accurate indeed thht it sat- prised me, and their firing was fear. Fully heavy." "1 want to say a word for our ow men," continued Lieut.-Col. Roosevelt. "Every officer and man did his duty u t to the handle. Not a man flinched." Further Details of the Fight. From another officer who tc,)lc a promineut p:rt its the fighting, more details were obLaine.l. "W'lcn the ill'in2" beau," sMd he, "Lieut.-Col. Roosevelt took the right wing with Troops G and K, under Cap, tains Llewyln and Jenkins, and moved to the support of Capt. Capron, who Was Getting It Hard. At the same tinie Col. Wood and Maj, Brodic took the left wing and ad. vanced in open re'des on the SpanisL right wing. Maj. B,.odie was wounded before the troop:s had advauee:l 100 yards. Col. Wood then took the right wing and shifted Col. R3osvelt to the left. ulnr eavah'y. *,Teddy" t'eiled anti Sprang Forward lz - On the m.)rnmg -f the third of June. L898. Assistant Naval C.mtractor llchmond P. Hobs3n. U.S. N.. with a volunteer crew of seven men, iz ch:trge of the partially disman- tle] collier "Mcerima0." entered the fortified harbor of Santlago de Cuba, for the purpose of sinking the collier in thb narro.west portion of the channel, and thu4 iaterpomg a ,crtous )bstacle to the egress of the Spanish fleet vhtcb had recently en'er2 that harbor. This anterpeispdcman,ling coolness, jadgment aud bravery amoutIlg L) heroism, wa carried lute Su:cessful execution iu Lh.; face of a per- sistent fire fram he hostile fl2ot as w011 as 'rom the fortilleationd ou shore. lar-Admiral Sam')sn. comnnn-Ier-tu-ehlef of our naval forces in Cuba', walrs, iu an of- [leial report, date3 "Off Santiago do (Juba. June 3. 1893." a d addressel to the secretaryof the navy, refmrinz to Mr. Hob:mu's gallant exploit, among other thine% says: "I can not myself too earnestly express my appreciatien of the conduot -f Mr. IIobson s,d his gallant crew. I venur to say that's more bravo an1 d rin'; thing has not bsou douc since Cushin blew up the Alb3marlo.'" rlh0m m)ersof the. Drew who were with Mr. HpbsJn on this Dee:talon have already been rewarded for thh' sorvioo by advances?n, which, uuder the proislou of lw an l regula- tion. the secretary of the nvy was au- thorlze to makd. anl the uom[natlou to the sonat of Naval Cadet PJwli. wo. in a s:eam Launch. followed t'r) Me,'rim'c on her p:'rilous trip [or t,h purp)e or rescning h'r force after the inking of thtt v,sl, to be ad- vanced in rank to th gralo of ensign, hal be'in prepare i and will bq subm:tted. Cushing. with whos g:fllant act In blowinr up t'le ram 2,1- oemare, during the civil w,r. A:lmiral Sampou compared Mr. Ilobson's sinking el the Merri- mac. received the thanks of congress up)n roe- ommendati0n of the preident, by name. and W&S, in cons3qusncc, uad2r th3 provision of section 1508 of the revised statutes, a:l- ranted one grade, such advance- ment embracing 56 numbers. The section cited app:ies, however, to line officers only, and Mr. ttobon beinga mem- ber of the staff of the navy, coal4 not. under its provisions, be so advanced In considering the que:tton of suitably re- warding A'sist:tut N,val Consractor Hobsoa for hls vMiaat cou lu0 on the ccadon red leered to. I h:.v; defamed it proper tO hl ce *s thi In s'.'e to you With Ihe rJcom:n.udatiou that h: rccive the ,.hanks of cvu:rebs, an1. furth n'. that hc b2 transferred o the line of the navy an.1 promoted to such p)sition therein us the prJsideut, by an_l with the advice au4 conslmt of the senate, may de- tcrnline. l[l'. Hobson's Irausfer from the cp'Ydtru[stiou corps to the line is [ul Ly warraute:l, he hav:ng received the necessary tc::hnical training as a graduate of the navM academy, whoi'e he stood No. I in his class: anJ suoll action is recom- men.led, partly in deference to wha is under- steed to be his own desire although, he biud npw a prisoner [n the hands of the enemy, no direct communication on the subject has been received from him, al)A1 partly for the reasou that the abiliies displayed by him at Santiago tire Of such a chArac,cr a O in4icate especial fitness for th3 dallas of the line. [Sig,,ed] "W U, blA,t MCK1NLIY. Judge Woods dissenting. It reverses station section 2 came around the curve days are nceded as a precaution against the Newark to join Sampson, whenhe sat on the bench, having held to a dif- ferent view. and under which indus- tries of all kinds, including railroads have received a great inipetus. Under the impression that these corporations were exempt for the first ten years of then" existence, thousands of men have put millions of dollars in Mississippi in- dustries, and who, had they known to the contrary, would not have done so. 1Vhat will be the end of this derision is the State Supreme Court for thirty at 30 miles an hour. A man went up years, the most eminent judffeswhoever the line waving a flag frantically, but Engineer Rawls apparently paid no at- tention to him. The engine crushed into No. 1, lifting the caboose and headouarters car rm top of the engine. Col. 'orrcy was sitting iu the rear of the last car, and was caught in a mass of crashing" wood and glad. but was thrown off the train, miraculously ca- raping. IIis head was slightly cut and feet injured, but not seriously. The car iu section 1, carrying Troop C, suffered mot, telescoping with the hard to predict. That it will have a one in front, in this car, two troopers, depressing effect is not to be doubted. Will C. Wallace and Sam Johnsou, both The policy of the State heretofore has of Troop C, were killed. been liberal toward the railroads and Gordon, the colored porter of the other corporations. Pulhnan car Crauby, was taken out of - ttic wFecq oF his car. BoLll of his legs Loans te State 26,000. were broken,and he suffered serious in- The board of control of the State ternal injuries, from which he died a blockhouses. There are 3t lines of in- penitentiary has agreed to lend the few niinutes after being taken out. Stale $26.000 to be used in maintaining Cornelius Lcnihau aml IIenry S. the girls' college at Columbus. the gov- Mapcs, both of troop C, were fatally ernor having applied for same and injured. Lcnihan was hurt internally agreed to the conditions laid down by and died soon after the accident. the legislature. It willbe remembered Mapes' legs were cut off and his a- detach pierced. that the last legislature made an ap- Private Gmmer, of Troop L, is also props, at,on to this college upon ccrtain fatally injured. conditions which were otmoxious to In addition to these the following are the governor, and for which reason he vetoed the conditions and spprovcd the balance of the bill. The auditor de- clined to issue his warrant for the money, on the ground that the bill as signed by the governor was unconstitu- tional. The trustees,hen mandamused the auditor to compel him to jay the Inoney...It was taken through all the courts, the auditor winning at every turn. and the Supreme Court dce!aring the governor had far excecdcd his powers, and that his action in vetoing the conditions of the appropriation bill was clearly unconstitutional. Seeing that the college was likely tn bc killed outmght, the governor began to seufflc around to borrow the eash. lie tic- el,ned at first to agree to the conditions imposed by the lcgislature, but the board of control was inexorable, and he finally cosentcd to the conditions and not to veto the bill. It was that or an extra session of the lcgislaturc-- something the governor did not want at this particular time, and he sur- rendered. The board oF control has the money, $50.000 more than they have use for, but it is iu the hands of the I Frout of ltis .Ien. EXECUTIVE .IANSION, Juu." 27. 18rJ8 Prlvatc Krupp, Troop B, First rcgu- "in. the lncautime the fire of the A Second 5Ie, sStge From the l"resldeat-- lar eavah'y. [ Spa nim-ds had increased in volume, The Vlnslow ffair. Private St=u'k, Troop A, Firs, regular but notwithsSaudiug this, anrder for WASHINOTON, June ! 27.A second cavalry. [ general char,re was given and with Priwtte Barlin, treed K, First rags- a o  , ayqlL the meu spr,ng foz'wrd. Col. mesaage was as,follows: lar cavalry. To TH] t OIqGRBS3 OF ThE UNITED STATE.: Private Kclbc, Troop K, First regular tooevelt, in-Frontof Isis men, saatehe4 On the llth day of MaT, 18.)8. there oecurro cavalry, i a rifle and ammuuition from a a conflict in th9 bay of 0:s3;na. Cuba. in wounded sohtier, and cheering and which the navul torpcdoboa Winslow was dis- Corporal White, Troop E, Tenth rcg- yelling with his men. led the advance, abled an.I her ommandr wounded and one oi her officers anl a part of her crew killed by ular cavah'y, l,'or a lnomcnt the bullets were singin the enemy's fh". ThcSpanlarda were T'.zorou ;hly Posted. like a swarm of bees all around them In the fce of a most galling fire from the en- That the Spaniards wcrc thoroughly and every instant some poor fello emy's gun% the revenue cut,m" "Hudson." postecl as to the roube to bc taken hy went down. cemmauded by First Lieutenant Frank H. a negro tenant on his place. Several NeWcomb, .rescued the disabled Winslow, her months ago Ifeggie bought Johnson the Americans in their movemeuts to- Heavy Losses--Reserves Ordered Up-- wounded eomm,mdr and remaining crew, The wards Scvillawas shown by the care- Charged the Blockhouse. c6mmander of the Hul0u kop' his yes- from the board oF supervisors, they ful preparations they had made. The On the right wing Capt. MeClintock sel iu th very he,test fire of the holding hi{n as a county prisoner. For main body of Spaniards were posted had his leg brokeu by a bullet From a action, altlmugh lu constant danger oi the past month Johnson has been giv- en a hill. on the heavily wooded slopes machine guu. while four of his mar goin ashore oa accoun of the shallow wa:r, until he finally got a line mS, de fast to ins him a great deal of trouble, claim- of wlfich had been erected two block- [ went down..At the same time, Capt. the Winslow and towe that vessel out of range ing to be sick and lying in bed until houses, fl:lnked by irregular intz'cnch- Luna of TroD k)'F lost nine of his men. Of thu euemy's guns. a dec:l of special gallantry, the other hands would get to the field, the casualties: R. D. Stalcy, Troop M, elbow dislo* eared. E. Perkins, Troop L, both hips a sudden znovc, will take under his command o n Batteries Commanding the.ntiago stn. armored squadron with cruisers and ON TIlE RIO GllAMA.JuueJUUe27.__Four26, VIA oceedat (lneeoff tl blSP?::hh?=: , ( I'[NOSTO. Jamaica. PrAise.lie follo ,vine 1 batteries of American artillery aud a Gatling guu have been placed on a hill the make-up of Commodore Watatm'a overlooking the basin in which an- squadron. It is designated the terv tiago dc Cuba lies. squadron, and is as follows: - Tho Easteacn adroa. More Artlilery Neeessary. ON a'n Rm GI:AtA, Jnne 26, vIA Flagshig, Newark; battleships, Iowa KINGSTON. Jamaica. June 27.--It is be- lieve(l that more artillery will be nec- essary before an assault can be made dia, Abarenda and Alexander. The upon the Spanish works, advance will be made at once fl, om What the Boys llave to Get Through. Santiao o- ON THE RIO GUAMA, June 20, via The bulletin also showed the follo=o Kingston, Jamalca. Juae 27. All the ing changes in desiguation of tI dirt,, bills about Santiago are covered with aion of our war vessels: North Atlantic Fleet--Rear-Adral trenchmcnts, aud behiud them are Sampson, eommandiug. four lines of rifle pits, while the fropts First SqaadronCommodore J. A. are protected by rows of barbed wire. IIoweil, commanding. Santiago In Plain Sight. Second SquadronCommodore W. i ON TUE Rfo (UAMA. June ( via KtNOSTON, Jamaica, June 27.- The Schtey, commanding.' Naval Base--Key American troops were within 2,000 yards of the Spanish intrenchments dora Remey commanding. Saturday night. In the day time the The decision of the administration t city of Santiago is in plain sight, send a squadron of warships to was not made hastily. For the ADMIRAL CAMARA'S FLEET. weeks the matter has beeu The panJsh Minister of Vnr Says it WIll oonsideration and a Proceed to the Phlllppln and well acquainted with the pray. settle wltli Deavey. lice of the Spanish governmeat ia I)ND0.W, June 27.A specialdispatch keeping the great mass of the from Madrid says the minister of ma- ignorant of the actual rine, Senor Aunon, has made a state- has contended that the only methodo! sent to the ef[eet that Admiral bringing the war home tothc peopleO Camara's squadron will leave Spain would be to send an Amerie Port Said immediately for the l'hilippine islands. Ile is also squadron there to harass the eoat, eat credited with sayin he believes of[ shipping and bombard fortified sprained. W. II. Rohinsou, Troop A ankle dis- the sq'aadron ia powerful enougli to de- towns. located, feat the ships under command of Bar- Arthur Evans, Troop E, liip dislo- Admiral Dewey. HAVANA IS PANIC-STRICKN. eared. The dispatch further announces that Joseph Wilkinson, Troop L, slightly the hope is expressed in Madrid that A Reign of1or ,i,! to Exist ha t&t injurud. Manila will be able to resist until the Cuban Capital--]Blaneo WIll End tm --Schcnck, Troop C, leg badly arrival there of -Admiral Canxara's Own Life wilen__ AH i*1[1, bruised, squadron. KY WEST, Flm, Juue 27.--The One baggage car in section two ,,Only a Ruse de GuerreJ' authentic and reliable news yet Oh- thrown across the track and smashed NEw YORK, June 27.--Tile Journal's tained of the true condition of up. correspondent a Rome cables that iu Havana is furnished by a The headquarters car took fire. A Saner Dclmazo. the Spauish ambas* subject who left Havana on bucket brigade was organized and sador to Italy, said that the cruise of British cruiser Talbot, and who as- jammed. Wallace D. Hedge, Troop D, ankle broken. George C. Gardner, Troop C, hip hurt. J. |i.Farr. Troop C, both legs hurt. Rudolph Widemar,ofiieers' mess eook back spraiucd. lliraul F. Davis, Troop C, ankle sprained. Henry Steltz, Troop C, le broken. Will Grosvenor, Troop C, leg bruised. Joseph Aaron, Troop C, back State treasurer, and it is possible his fought it. Some of the baggage was bondsmen may protest against using saved. The soldiers worked like heroes the money in this way--a way for with axes and ropes in the rescue of mrades. which there seems to be no authority Citizens earrled the wouudcd to a in law. Another mandamus is possible, large, cool storc'oom, where il the Phtnter KIEs a :egro, ladies of the town attended them. The On his plantation, about ten miles Methodist churc'a was also ued as a hospital. All the local doctors lent we'at of Vaiden. a few days ago, Jesse heir aid. Near of the cavalry horse IIeggic hot and killed Nelse Johnson Admiral Camera's fleet in the Mad,tar- rived here Sunday. ranean is only a ruse de guerre. After laneo's Drastic Prolamatl. a short stay at Suez, Senor I)ehnazo is He says that a reign of terror alleged to have said, the fleet apparent- at theCubaneapitaL CapL-Gcn, Blaco ly awmting orders` Camera will galn has iued a proelamatiou annonucin  sot sail, bat for Cadiz. no the Philip- that anyone" daring to express a  pines, favorable opinion of, ]No Coal Until Further Omler. being dissatisfied with the Pont SAUL Jnne 27.Upon the up- policy of the government, will plicatiou oF the United States consul mariiy shot without trial or inimtik. were injured, here, orders have bceu issued forbid- he Younded Troopers--One" More Deatl,, dins the coating at this port of Admiral TUPELO, Miss., Juue 27,--Tim condi- Camara's fleet until fro-,her orders. ties of the .injured of Torrey's troops .............. in the wreck of Sunday is favorable. THE THIRD SPANISH FLEET. Only one death has occurred since Sun- day night, that of 1L S. Mapes, Troop .IPtthing Work ou tbe Vessels Remaining C. both of whose legs were crushed off at Cadiz-Hope to be Retdy for tieR. Famine l Immiatmt, Famiue, it seems, is imminent, the stories of the arrival of supp: ttavaRa vla I)atabano are to be untrue. The iIavana ear not possibly weeks lonRer. nd his abdomen puuctured, The ,city is pronounced to be ments of sieur and" failer trees. At Then the re:serves, T,oops K atd E, I recommend that in rccogn.tivnofthesigna the bottom of Oese hills run tworoads were ordered up. Cot. Wood, with tll act of heroism of First Lieutenant Frank IL when he would slip out and prowl over = trieu, its, inhabitants i along which Lieut.-Col. Roosevelt's i right wing, charged straight at the lgewcomb, 'UrHted States revenue cuttex the country, A few days ago Ileggie OUR RAGGED CUBAN ALLIES. cAmz. June 27.--lt is announced here every moment to be bombarded, service, above set forth, the thank of sent for him by anotber tenant, and that the Spanish cruisers Vittoria and Biased ll/IH Kill El|mlf W men anti eight troops of the First and blockhouse. 8')3 yards away, and Col congres be extended to him an:l to his - Tenth cavah'y, with a b;ttery of four and that the Carats, anti lsla de Luzon howitzers, advanced, t ltoosevelt, on the left. charged at the officers and men of the Itu]o', anl a gold Johnson fa41ing to come, he went to lis ghere Are Five Thousand of Them, Well Alfonso XIII. have left the arsenal lt. "ALarge lForcb, of Slmnldrdl in Ambuslt. ,S time. Up.thb memvent,)yellin medal of hou0r be presont;l Lieu Nnwcomb; horse to see wby he had not reposed Armed and Accustomed to Capt. Gcn. BlaReD like fiends, and never stopping to re. a silver mcdtiof honor to eu:h of hls Officers for duty. After vain persuasion of the Spanish Method are ready for tlmir armament. ,ion is dsperate, He and a hronze medal of honor to each member negro, Haggle began to abuse him, It is further reported thut an addi- pointed out, his i ,bil These roat,s arebut little mqrc than t turn the fire  o[ t!e Spaniards, bu! of the crew who served with him at Crdena. when Johnson jumped for a slungshot JURAGUA, June 26, VIA KINGSTON, tlonal force of men has bccu ordered to troops, goaded b un| gullies, rough and narrow, .an l at  keeping On with a grim determinatio It will be remmb2red that e regress, by ap- and made for lteggic, witch the latter Jamaica, June 27.--Gen. CalixtoGarcia, be employed in order to hasteu the and lie ia report:l to have said m asabic In these places Mmost " p" s :" . "] to capture that blockhouse, propriate action, recogniz:d the several corn- trails the fight occurred. Nearly half [ ,TI, e Spaniards Lroke and Ran. menders of shiIm of war for their services in emptied the contents of a shotgun into with 3000 Cuban insurgents from the completion of the armored cruiser will never leu)a Havana &live, a mile separated Roosevelt's men from t Ttmt charge was tire end. When the battleof bianila. May 1, 1898. his head, killing him instantly.  mountains west of Santiago do Cuba, Princesa de As,us,as, Tile aux- is pretmxed to to, ke his own lifo The Case of Capt. Hodgson. New Railro-ad--Authorlzed. was landed bere today. The Cuban i]iary cruiser Lie,oDe0 is said ,beDs,break occurs outhebothregulars'ides ofandthebetweenroad in themthc thickandt 4hewitliinspaniards300 vardSbrokcOf theandC0vetedran, andPintfoz HughThe comman4erMcCullm.&, Ofprestthc revonUeand inCUtter'ae- Coy. McLaurin has authorized the or- troops were brought here oa board the to have received her new armament RIZE underbrush was concealed ;t fore9 of the first time we had the pleasure, tire co-opcratiou with the ncet under ganization of a railroad corporation to American transports. Fully 5,000 in- aud tim armorcdcruiserCardinal Cisne- THE P -- BRIG AM , surgents, nearly the entire available ros is announced to have left Ferrol. Spaniards that must h:lvc been la-ge, which the Spaniards had been expe- Commodore Dewey on that occasion be known as the Pontotoe & Starkville fighting force of the insurgents in tim The Spauish officlalsexpressthehope The V|elbux* s Capture to be t i ju(]ging from the terrific ,nt constant rieneing all through the engage,nan,, (by executive order under the provisions oi Raih'oad ('ompany. It is the purpose southern part of Santiago province, that the third Spanish squadron ,,viii Tortugas for a Ten Da section 2775. revised t,tutes). is tzl3 only com- fire they poured in on the &merieans. of shoo,fag with the enemy it, sight." mender of a national ship to whom prompt,on Of the promoters of this corporation to are now coucentrated at or near the be ready for sea in five weeks, antler and Fumlgttlom started ()q[Jp the Preclpltuus Bluff. or advanccmettt w:t not a:tdc0uld not beg,van, build a line of railroad frmn I onto,or Juragua. Three-fourths of them -- The fight was opened by the First because ha already held the highest rank Kr:r WEST, Fla., June and Tenth cavalry, under Gen. Young. SPAIN'S BOASTEDTHIRDFLEEI known to the revenue catterservk, south to Starkville. a digtancc of about are arme witl modern rifles and DESIRES PAPAL MEDIATION, I now reoommen'l that. in reoagnitlon of the sixty miles, l'm:lly, the new road have abundant supplies of ammuni- Amapala, which was eat; Aforceof Spaniards was known to TheKlnd ofVessols with,Vhleh SheFro- efficicnt and meritorious services of Capt. Dan- will ben contiQn of the Gulf& tion. The g*oldicrs are ragged almost The ueen Regent of Spain Vouhl Ha w daylt by the United be in tim vicinity of L,t Quasina. and poses to Meet an American Squad- icl )1. tIodgsdon, United Stats evenue cutter ..... . the 1'ope Meditate Vhen the Oppog* Ctncago road, ,tjytms from 1Middle- to nakednes Most of these men are Vicksburg, early in thcmorning Lieut.-Col. Roosc- ron-Spanlsh.Financos, service, who eomman ed the tIugh McCullooh ton, Tenn.. toPo'ipt0e, a distance of thoroughly accustomed to the bush- tune lIoment Arrives. of the harbor of Ilavana velt's men started off up the precip- at the battle of Manila (that nffleer betn now  ---- here lay " lnhlssixty-thir4 year of htsae an:l having sixty-two riffles. ". = . whacking methods ot the Spaniards NEw YORK, June 27.A special ca- was brought, itous bluff back of Siboney. to attack LONDON, ,Tune 27.--The correspond- served continuously for 37 years), be placed Fever on the Vl'yne. and are perfectly familiar with every blegram to the Journal From Rome crew on hturday the Spaniards ontheir right flank, Gcn. ent at Gibralta/" of the Daily Newe upon permanent xvitiu orders on the retired be sent to the Tortuta ; Young at the same time takmg Llic says: list of the revenue cutter service on the full The latest news from Mcllenrv is trail in vicinity of Santiago. With the road at the foot of the hill. "A third squadron, it is reported, duty pay ot his grade, that only four cases of 3ellow fever are intention to protect the American ad- says: vance on Santiago detachments will "'The papal nuncio at Madrid tele- quarantine and fumigation,: ' will be *held there untie 'ILLtAM MCKINLEY. under treatmeut and three cases con- graphs to the pope that the queen re. .Breathless Cubans Bring a Warning. will leave Cadiz July 15. The sh-ipl Executive Mand0n. June 27, 1833. About two and a, half miles out from there include the Vittoria, only fit foi Special Nomination tur Cadet Powell. valescent. Pe9ple in the- State are also be sent toward Guantanamo to gent of Spain desires the mediation of nhall have etapsedsince th give warning in ease an attempt is his hOliness when the opportune me- left tlavna. This will ':Siboney some Cubaus, breathless and coast defense; the Alfonso XII., The president also sent the follow- growing *cry indignant at the action made tO form a juncture with Gen. sent arrives, with the object of con- at the Tortuga last tan excited rushed into camp with the an- which cannot be ready for se ins special/omination to congress: taken by the Louisiana State board of nouncmnent that the Spaniards were in a long time, and is' incapabh EXICUTIVE M&SO. health in requiring health certificates. Pando's army in Santiago. cludinga peace with thc United States.  will then return to but a little way in front, and were of more " tlian 12 knots, n;nd th WSHINGTO. June 27. 1893.  A Cyclone. Offlers Who Will Command Brlgad The nuncia declares, lmwever, that tim prize court will a at present ttmqueen rcgcnt is cony,need in her case. strongly intrenched, ] Havel, which has jnst been armed b 5 To THE SENATEOFa'HE UNITED STATEN.-- o|ng tO Cnba, T'--m naiad Nvnl C.t2et Joseph tI. Powell to A cyclone passed over Laurel a few 7 Quickly tle ttotchkiss guns out in[the Armstrongs, an4 should be ef ..... ' ...... be advanced two numbers under the provisions days ago, demolishing the residence of CHA'rTANOOOA, Tenu., June 27.The that Spain is bound to continue th THE FIFTY-FIFTH - front wprebros)gllt to the rear, whilea[ fie,ant. The Nnmancia, which is at of section l,506 o'f the revised statute and to lke Barnett and seriously wounding officers who will command the brigades war. trong scouting line was thrown out.  Brce[ona, ought to be ready iu a f0rt- be an ensign in ttv." navv,, for Barnett and ieveral others, under orders to proceed from Camp lPremier 8ngastl Planning to F a Crisis. tFlrt RegulrBlNATE.8mioa,) . "h " -Then eautmusly and in silence the ! night. T e armed crmser Lepanto exraorclinary heroism whil in charge of the Thomas to Cuba, are as follows: Gem LO,DOX, June 27.---A speeialdispatch ';Lrootm moved" folward" until a bend in f Spain's best ship, x.vill leave Cartagena ste.m launch whioh ace0mpaeiexl lh collier Death of Ilon. John M. 81men,on. "Merrimae" forthe purpose of rescuing her ]0Jal-nst, first brigade, first division; from Madrid says Premier Sagasta is WASIliNqTON June :G'.--The t "::;*ttie roai dlslbsed a hill vherc the i in ten days For Cads for hergun trials, gallant force when the vessel was unler the Hen. Jotin M. Simon,on, State Land Gcn. Sanger, second brigade, first divi- planning to provoke a crisis, form a to-day Spaniards were located. The guns The CardmalCisaerosis at lerro], and commn ol Naval Con;true,or II)bon. run CoinmisMoner. died at hishomcinJaek- sion; Gen. Wiley, third brigade, first monarchial ministry, pl-octaitn tim Clay of Georgia, were again brought to the frout and is little value. Several tranports still into the mouth of the harbor of Santiago de placed in position, while the men remain atCadiz, witha fewguns, but Cubaontlmtkiius*.mt, anddexterioudy sunk sou last week, afteralong andpainful division.'. Col, Gardner, first brigade, whole peninsula in a state of siege and kotaandCaffery of crouched down in the road, waiting they arc useless for the purpose of con. in the channel. W/a. McKiNLlav. illness, lle was about 75 years of age, eeond division; |Gem MaKer, second appeal to a friendly nation, prohably posiug Hawaiian annexatiom " HOUI and leaves a large family of grown sons brigade, second division. Y rancc or Russia, tO secure terms for The house eoaatd4 IRtr ] to rive Roosevelt s meu . Impatient y g" ' , troops. Caused an Fdl:ealleut Impre;ioo in Spaulsh and daughters, peace who were toiling over the little trail "I am told that beside the new issu omclal C|rc:es. ,,Four Slmniards oundl." Columbia business to,day. along the crest of the ridge, time to of 1,500,000 pesetas in paper, a milliot IIADRID, June 27.Thc announce- College Presldeut Reslgns. IIADRID, June 27.--A Havana dis- -Insurgents Beatenm,t.,ln geveal Eaga4g. -- " gt up. pc.etas are withdrawn notes whic ment from Havana that the "Ameri- Rev. J. W: IInnnoll has resigned as patelt says: Gave tiae Consmand to Open lFlr. ]lave been refused in an underhand cans are still encamped at Siboney" is president of Epw6rth college, IIolly "The Americans have bombarded MADRID, June 27.--An ofllcial At 7:30 a. m. Gem Young gave the way. interpreted here as iudie:ttiag th'.tt the Springs, and the hoard of trusteeshas Aguadores fix)in ten o'clock in the pateh from Havana just received here tvamand to the men at tle tIotchkiss Amerizan troops are "meeting wdth elected Prof. E. T. Keetou, late of th morning to three o'clock m)'a the im.gents have been fire. command was to Coal has normal school, wounl in several encounters in S*ub- June "an olliei mess has been equalled, not m:-mls':un to t '.- .. the Hot hkiss were