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June 29, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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June 29, 1973

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Friday, June 29, 1973 - ........................................................... to reject any or all bids. Forestry Notes Berna:rd Waites COUNTY AGENT'S NOTES i ExoeuLivc Secretary by Tmcy Smith, County Forester by John J. Dale, Jr. 6 15/3w .......................... Fire is not a timber grow;r's ......... NOTICE OF BIDS only costly enemy. Tree insects SOYBEANS lot weekly ,intervals. Tl%s will The Wilkinson County Board and di:sease claim a significant . force cattle to graze all of the of Education will receive sealed toll in timber annually from Sybean yields depend upon grass, preventing spot grazing, l bids in the offiee of bloc SUoPed-Ilocal landowners. *many other factors than plant-ii t will also permit uniforln re-iintendent of Educatio , W - I m s .... ...... ing dates. Much of the effect of i growth of pastures once cattle ville. Miss, until 3:00 o'clock for thoUu:aPtntofdolna: hreoJu11  late p'.anting can be vercme'are moved r:ron each individual p.m., Monday, July 2, 1973, tire e mortality, growth rate re- "if lhere is ample moiutu:re at area. if, or gasoline, automotive, oils, ,, duetion and lowering of the planting time to assure a rapid . quancy oi saw logs ana omer TIMBER IVlANAGEMENT I greases, anti-freeze, tires, uoes, I ......... stand and fa:t growLh for the About one out of every three tire recapping and ,school bus ro,'est products, each year in first month, trees growing in our timber body and chassis pa,rts, F.O.B. the county, is attributed to in- Also of great importance is lands is a cull--of little or no sd``ool bus maintenance shop, the amount of rainfall we get value now and will] little hope:W:g)dville, Misi::sippi, for the during August and September of ever having any value. These lg73-74 .;chool year. when pods are being filled, culls take up needed room from I, A dd, ailed list of items re- Above-nc:rmal rainfall during valuable trees and should be quired, specifications, quantities ,thls period could offset much removed so that the good txees an qualities m:y be obtained .of the influence of the planting can grow. that from the office of the County date. Most researchers :say Superintendent of Education. PASTURE MANAGEMENT timber owners' greatest returns' Envelopes containing bid s ! I You can increase your forage i on investment of time, labor shall bE Plainly marked - "Bid-- yields 200 to 30 percent by gv- and ,money will come from re- Gasoline--7/2:73." or whatever ing your ,pastures good manage- moving these culls so that the item bid. ment and proper fertilization. !better t:rees will have more room ', The Board reserves the right Summer gras pastures should'to grow. !to reject any c,r all bids. get at least two applications of PECANS Berna,rd Waites 45 to 60 pounds of nitrogen per Pecan crop prospects look good Executive Secretary acre during the summer, right now, but insects and dis-16:15/3 w For grazing management, the cases could change the picture.! Permanent pastures should be Trees must be :sprayed to con- i divided into at least three graz- trol fungus and insects that 1 ing areas. Cattle should be ro- could .seriously reduce the crop. toted from one area to anotheT Follow a spray schedule closely. The Board reserve5 the right ' / to reject any ?r all bids. I Bernard Waites [ Executive Secretary " I 6/15/3w NOTICE OF BIDS NOTICE OF BIDS The Wilkinson County Board SPECIAL COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OF SALE OF LAND FOR PARTITION James Hunter and Rosie Lee Arnett, Complainants vs. No. 6005 Princella Brown, Defendant By virtue of the provisions of a decree of the Chancery Court of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, rendeced by said Court on the 4th. day of June, A. D., 1973, The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Miss;sspp; sects and diseases. Tile mo:st economical means of control ls through technieal l timber management. Well-man-I aged tmlber s t a n d s have healthy, vigor0us-growing trees, mak:ng them less vulnerable to insects and attack. In addition to practices, I must .recommend the following suggestions to avoid unnecessary losses: *Avoid unnecessary site and stand disturbances. Care should be exercised I the use of log- ging and other equipment, Util- Page 7 Inecessary to get all cuts sold. CIASSIFIED ADS HOt[l Processing makes some of the ', less 1,ra an0 molding, as earpet,  11 4 ' pt'oducis eat] give tenderne,ss ,o,AiflffI00/ I conw-00ie00:e and more attrae- //'1/,At,/, [ tire appearance. Processing t" , S ,,m_,  le,%s money but makes the - _ f'. t., Imeats worth mo,'e because less I d/I]l )_[.J!Z  'q expensive cuts can be used it', I - IPlee of expe.sive ones t -l'a-----' wlen looking at retail meat{ ".,'_____ prices you need t,o consider that L_  a few cents per pound change by Mrs. Marjorie F. White WE BUY MORE TITAN FOOD AT TIlE GROCERY STORE Next time you finish your weekly buying at the super- market, fake a good look at the cash register tape. 'It can tell you a lot about the way the store breaks down all the things you buy according to the de- partment of ,the stoce they come from. On .he line the price is a letter code. That code show.s that people buy magazines, records, cigarettes, toys, tooth- P as t e, hairspray, ,and other items as in prices translates into some very d i f f e r e n t pecentage changes at differen:t places in the marketing process. If the producer price goes down 10 percent, the same cents per pound reduction at the retail ;tore may mfly be 5 percent because marketing cests axe added to the producer prices to obtain the retail price of meat. Some major costs are fixed. Remember that when the packer and retailer's costs go down they still have to pay employees the same wage scale and other fixed costs remain the same. glassware : wen aslCurrent Fishing in the other major industrial islatu:re requiring all anglers be good but I will convey only such ,title ,as i vested in me as said Special Commlssloner, tgr)d?r:n_?:: t tnnd``:tti?:/" Aldl and Wednesday, July 11 1973 ...... m o'cl=c" 'n the of'qce of up to about 20 percent of the aL u =.  r, , .. t:otal reglster tape. the Chancellor in the Aaams ...... urocexles ao cost more, ou County Courthouse at Natchez ........... o -'" 'st i 1 - I ated and line par o me amny mcom M,SS,S PP"-h t ldS. aesgn "ae fo Iging for ood is less than it fixed as e me an p; e.. "twos ten years ago--about 3 per- the hearing of the appficamn . ...... ,,. .,,  ....... " ' ' I Americans spend less of their to confirm the report of the said sale. l inc0me on f, cod than do people This, the 8th. day of June, desirable cuts more at- FOR SALE: 1970 Mobile Home, tractive to consumers. Grinding 12 x 65, 2-bedroom, 2-bath, for sausage central air and heat. Furnished except for beds. Small equity, assume mortgage. Call 225-7275 after 5:30 p.m. 6/29/2w FOR SALE: Two 14-ft. ski and pleasuro type boats, 40 h.p. motors, 1 Mercury, one Johnson. Boats, trailers and motors com- plete for the price of the motors. Faust Equipment Sales, Box 321. Woodville, Miss., Ph. 888-4260. 6/29/4,w FOR SALE: a-bed:room, brick veneer home, in Centrevllle. Alan Knighton, phone 645-5820 or 645-2241. 6/29/4w HELP WANTED: Dragline op- erators on Northwest, P & H and Bantam machines on drain- age work. For information call Area Code 504, 665-2563, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. 6/29/2w FouND : One young female Walker hound. Call 888-5251. 6/29/lw Licenses Expire I THIS spot, that spot, raffle Current fishing licenses ex-I paths, too, removed with Blue pire July 1, and the Mississippi/Lustre carpet shampoo. Ben Game and Fi',sh Commission re-/Franklin Store. enii!!i!i!ingi!!dnsi!egn 6W/2wAPl/tll:E?cer?;T:$.eT: L 15e311 : - - n th on Saturdays from noon through an ac was passed url g e Sunday at 3 P m Centrevllle, . recent session of the State Leg- Miss 6/15/3w The Wilkinson County Board of Education will receive sealed bids in the office of the Super- intendent of Education, Wood- ville, ivrississippi, until 3:00 o'clock p.m., Monday, July 2, 1973, for milk and bakery prod- ucts for the schools of Wilkin- soil County for the school year 1973-74. Lists of items and amounts required may be obtained ,from the office of tl=e Superintendent of Education. Envelopes containing b i d s sall be plainly marked - "Bid-- Cafeteria." of Education will receive sealed tile undersigned, as Special A. D., 1973. nations of the world, if that is who fish in public waters to bids in ,the office of the Super- ,?ommissioner of saic Court in Alonzo H. Sturgeon any ccmfeet. mtendent of Education Wood- the above numbered and styled hold a fi:shlng license. In past Special Commissioner Americans spend 15.8 percent years, bank fishermen using live ville, Mississippi, until 3:00 cause, will oil Monday, the 2nd. 16/8/4w of their income in food eatenbait were not required to have o'clock p.m., Monday, July 2, day of July, A. D, 1973, at the NOTICE OF BIDS at ,home ,and on food eaten cut, = 1973, for janitorial and m ainte- West door of the Courthouse in a license. ............... while the Engllsh spend 22 per- nonce supplies, F.O.B. destina-iWoodville, Mississippi, within[ T,ne wumson touny oaro ,. to w,,,h  nont' Some license fees were in- of Education will receive sealed l ......... creased by the legislature, but lion, Wilkinson County Schools, legal hours about noon, expose I ................ ' .......... for the school year 1973-74. for sale and sell to the highest: me aapanese, z percent; Lnet bds m the office of the Super-: ,,,.o . ..... ,,- ,,, ,, permits for fishing only re- ...... Itn`s oo v ...... I ........ - ] Complete lis{,s or supplies may I bidders for cash the . following, in[enoent or Educauon, Wood- slans: ipi ent 45 to 50 ercent in[ mainNo lieensenly $ required of any be obtained from .the office of ,.deseribcd real estate .situated m ville, Mhs., until 3:00 o'clock 1965. :the'other f ures are pe:rson who is :blind, paraplegic, ,he Supegintend,ert of Eduea- Wilkinson County, Mississippi, p.m., Monday, July 2, 1973, for for 1970. a multiple amputee, or totally tion. I described as follows, to-wit: ,top quality classroom supplies, SEE' TIlE WHOLE .disabled os adjudged by the Envelopes containing b i d siEeginning on the East side of office supplies, teaching id MEAT PICTURE shall be plainly marked "Bid--Ithe Lower Woodville and Notch- Veterans Admini:stration or Soc- Janitorial and Maintenaneelez Road at a point South 45 Supplies." I degrees East 201.8 feet from the The Board reserves the right Southwest cerner of tract conveyed by R. C. Kaigler .to LIVESTOCK SERVICE Livestock hauled to any auction barn or other destination of your choice at reasonable rates. Individual order buying service. Quantities of stocker cattle bid on in pasture. Other livestock services available on request. Contact O. K. FERGUSON Phone 888-668,2 Woo&ilb, Miss', Ill - I " - [ I I FORD BLUE 2000 All-Purpose Tractor .Your best buy in the 30-40 hp class Eccnomical 2-plow power with big tractor features. Gasoline or diesel - 30 PTO hp fills the bill for smaller operations, ideal second tractor for big farms. Deep-breathing, high-performance engines do more work, use less fuel. Heavy-duty 30 PTO hp tractor. Seal Tractor Co. I Woodville, Miss. and library books and supplies, F.O.B., destination, Wilkin'son County Schools, Wilkinson County, Mississippi, for the school year 1973-74. .Criticism is constantly made of the meat trade for failuce to reduce consumer prices by {he amount of reductions in live ,animal prices. ial Security Administration. Also exempt are anglers under 16 .and over 65. Persons over 65 must have in lieu of their license a certificate f:rom the sheriff or Mrs. J. E. Hall on December I The Board reserves the right Bef:ore deciding ,that meat 15, 1938, and of record in lip reject any or all bids. I prices are out of line, consider circuit clerk showing .that they Book 3-K,, a't Pae: 537,: Bernard Waites [the ,whole picture in meat pro- are residents and stating the ExeCutive Secretary [duction ,and rqtailing. Unfortu-I rea:sn for exemption. [nately, all the steer is not steak,! All non-resident anglers age nor all of the hog ,pork chops 1 a14 non-residentand over are requiredlicense, to have and ,ham. The meat trade has :the very complicated task of f ltousehold flints Conveyance Records and Nozth 45 degrees West 19 feet from the Southwest corner of lot owned by Slann; thence North 77 degrees East along South margin of right of way 259 feet; thence North five degrees West 25 feet to the North margin of said right of way; thence North 5 ciegrees West along the West margin of Lan intersected right of way 115 feet to the Southeast corner of lot conveyed Felix Liberty, et ux on March 27, 1951; thence North 11 degrees 30 minutes West 300 feet to the Northeast corner of lot conveyed Roose- 6/15/3w NOTICE OF BIDS The Wilkinson County Board of Education will receive sealed bids in the office of the Sttper- intenden,t of Education, Wood- ville, Mississippi, until 3:00 o'clock p.m., Monday, July 2, 1973, for cleaning, repairing, and servicing the following for .the schools of Wilkinson County ,for the school year 1973-74. "16 electric typevrlters, more or less 75 manual tygewrtters, more' or less FOR SALE: 3-bedroom brick home with central air and i heat, 2-bath, double carport, built-in stove and dishwasher. Lot 13.0' by 325'. Phone 645-5509, Centreville. 6/29/2w FOR SALE: Bridle, blanket and saddle, $55. Gentle black mare $140. Buckskin gelding, 950 lbs., $165. Good using bay horse $125. Extra pretty chestnut quarter horse mare, 6 years, $225. Paint gelding $125. Bill Withers, 888- 4209. 6/29/1'wp HOUSE FOR SALE: Carter Sub- division. 3-bearoom, 2-bath, large den and kitchen. Spacious lot. Call 888-2721 for appoint- ment. POSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned are hereby posted against all hunting, fish- selling all meat cuts .that come, To remove fat fronl cooled! ing or otherwise trespassing, with the animal. In]eat soup and stews, pla.ce a Mrs. Mac Bradley. Prices and processing are the i:shee t of wax paper on top of' 5/11/6m means by which packers and I the liquid before refrigerating. I- SPINET-CONSOLE PIANO retailers a;ttempt to sell all of lThe n peel off paper and fat. I Wanted responsible .party to the meat .cuts. Some cuts are [take over spinet piano. Can be more popular than thers be-i,,,:, at. ,,, m.+ ,,-+o cause they are quick and easy *":'.*..,"''L""*.* .... ;''' I wltners ureennouses rn u to prepare, =more attractive, " , - ager, P. O. Box 276, Shelbyville, tender or even have some status attached to them. Other cuts may take a long time Lo pre- pare, be ,difficult to carve or serve and not too exciting in 3131. 6/22/2w FOR SALE: Bahia Grass, Ferti- lized Hay. Will sell at reason- able price. Phone 639-4598. seen locally. Write Credit Man- Indiana 46176. 6/22/4w "IF IT IS INSURANCE velt Wilson, et ux on January 18 electric :adding machines, 26, 1954; thence continuing more of less either taste or appearance. 6/22/4LW North 11 degree 30 minutes 8 electric calculators, more or If all cuts were equally priced West 30. feet across street to less the true point of beginning, I 10 duplicatin,g machines, more the better liked cuts would sell COME JOIN THE FUN at Lucy's quickly while others would be Ceramics, Hardwood, La. Open being the Southwest corner of or less ' left over. To ration popular every day except Wednesdays the tract hereby/ cnveyed;I 4 mimeotraph machines cuts, higher pries are charged and Sundays. thence North 11 degrees 30 Envelopes con, taining bids for the cuts of lesser demand. 5/18/tf minutes West 100 feet; thence  shall be plainly marked "Bid-- constant juggling of prices is FOR SALE: John Deere 14T hay North 78 degrees 30 minutes' East 6,0 feet to the Northwest Cleaning and Repairing Ma- chines." corner of lot conveyed Mary Boyd on November 10, 1953; thence South 11 degrees 30 minutes East 100 feet to the North margin of street; thence South 78 degrees 30 minute West 60 feet to the true point of beginning, and .being Lot -- of plat surveyed and platted March 8, 1951 by A. K. Farrar, County Surveyor, for R. C. Kaigler, and being a part of .the Southwest quarte of North- i east quarter of Section 28, Township 2 North, Range 2 West. The above described real es- tate is sold for the purpose of l effecting a partition among the [owners in accordance with said decree and title is believed to , I baler, in good condition. Con- lze planning when bmldmg tact Robert Harn ht ' : . ' " I " , t ess, Jr., 888- The Board reserves the rig ro ds r ht f onds t a , g s-o -way, p ,]4561. , o reject any or all bids recreation, and other areas 16/29/tf Bern,rd Waites *Cut lightning-struck treesl -- Executive Secretary immediately. Left in the woods,/ IOUSE FOR SALE: 3-bedroom, 6/15/3w thee trees attract insects and! 2-bath brick veneer ,home in ---'---" the population could grow to l Centreville. $27,500. Hewes Real seflou ro ortlons Estate John C Hewes phone State of Mississinpi " s P P ' I " ' ' TO Dorothy Moore Green. *Select proper species fori888o3911. You are summoned,to appear planting sites. Improper species lo/*o,", .before the chancery CoUrt of for a particulax slte result in I -- ,, " , , j.. ,,,,, ,,,,,, th I kin n in aid poor growth less vitality lend e County of"Wl SO ' ' , " , - State, on. the: 'first Monday of lng.the trees vulnerable to in- -  Information available for Federal Small November, 1973, to .defend the sect and disease attack. Suit No. 6015 in said Court of *Keep fire out of hardwood Willard Lee reen, wherein you area. LOANS are the defendant. *Delay planting an area at This 26th day of June, A. D., least six months following a 1973. harvesting operation. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk Landowners with questions or 1 6/29/3w needing assistance in combating .;-- insects and diseases should con- ..tact he local Mississippi Fr- estry Commission office. t-rom $100 to $5/000 Bill Consolidating Loans Are Our Specialty. Payments Reduced As Much As /s to V2 cad Sometimes Even More. --Free COUNSELING SERVICE- Call Or Stop By Our Office Woodville Finance, Inc. Depot Street Phone 888-201i I I I I I I Complete INSURANCE Coverage Protection PLUS Service! CALL US." WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! WE HAVE IIAD FORTY-NINE YEARS EXPERIENCE. ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street GlosteL Miss. Be Sure----- Busi'ness Loans for replacement of mobile homes lost or destroyed by flooding. Free estimates made with no obligations. Last day for filing applications for a loan is June 30, 1973. Call 645-5588 or come by our lot (open 7 days a week) or contact John King, ------Inure With FOSTER Insurance Agency 888-4362, Woodville Salesman, 888-4666, Woodville. , JIM REEVES MOBILE HOMES, INC. Highway 24 Centreville Doris & Jack McDaniel, Mgrs. ! , :/ i!i _/11:/1i: