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June 25, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 25, 1898

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I II I I I II FI I Ill [ Ill II I I I I II I I I I I I HI I J I Purified Blood Was Weak and Nervous Bu t Hood&apos;| P/Isde Him Healthy and Strong. "I was fooling very dull and could not sleep at ntghL. After I had taken two lmttlcs of ltood's 8arsapariAa I felt more like mmelf and was soon healthy and wtrong, ttood's Sarsaparilla purified my blood and did me muuh good." RoT M. i)ta.s, Hammond. Minn. Hood's Sarsaparilla la Amerlea+a Greatest Medicine. $1; six for $ Hooa's p!.e_ up+ lyd!++csti2n: .qmysne?_ + Overdid It. "I like the buihling well (.nosgt)," said the houaehunter to tie agent, who had spent half an hour showing him over the premises, "but I am not e(.riain about the surround- lugs. lq t a quiet neiglborhood?" +'Quiet. +'' maid tbe agent. "Yon (.an't find a quieter pla(.e in the whole (.itv." "'Still. I suppose the newsboys'come around here bright and early unda), morning,just when a man wants to sleep the soundest, with their yells of 'Mornin' pa-a-a-per!' " ",TO. sir; newsboys never come on this street at all " "+Then ] think T'll look a little Get(her. ! want a quiet neighborhood, hut I don'( -nt one that's dead."-+Chicago Tribune. .Yllood-Cleanlng. House-cleaning is a duty m every well-reg. slated household. People don't wait nntil the filth becomes painfully altpareqt, but it stauds to reason that in every day use more or less dust or dirt accumulat(.. It is so with the hmnan blood, i"rom tb(. enormous variety of eatables taken into the stoma(.lb a quantity of useless material is bound to accumulate in the blood and clog the free and wholesome flow in the vess(.ls. Every perks should from time to time have a "blood+cleaning" anti the bet (.teanser and blood purifier is Cas(.avetsCandy Cathartic. We reeemmend them to dlmtr readers. 'rbe Genuine Thing. Stur#s had been visiting without any other member of the family. The evening sfter his return his little sister asked him if he had said h sprayers (.v(.rv night. "No, not once, rephed turgL; I had a really. truly vacation."--Judge. Old Go(rocks Isavag(.lv).-"Vhat's that! You mean to lel] me thai you really love my daughter fol+ herself alone?" Young llard- up (tremulously )-- "Y-es, sit'; but ! thi*nk 1 could learn to Move you. t-%o, sir- iv t-t-time, sir."--Vanity Fair. Try Allen's Foot-Ease, A powder to be shaken into the shoes. At this season ++,our feet feel swollen, nervou, and hot, and get tired easily. If you haw smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen't Foot+Ease. It cools the feet and makes walk. inl easy. Cures swollen and sweating feet. bhetera and callousspots. Relieves(.ornsand bunions of all pain and gives rest and (.omfort Try It t,day Sold by all ,h-uggists and shoe stores for 25(.. Trial paekag(. FREE. Ad dress, Allen S. elms(i.d. L(. Roy, N. Y. A Child's Underatandinff. Teat.her-- Now that you have taken part in the Memorial day exelwises, can you tell me what the espe(.ial' significance of this day is-- why we keep it as we do? Tommy Jones--V'e have Mmnorial day so the boys can have their road races and the magnates can work in two ball games.--Chi. cage Evening News. DroppluK Him Hard. He--Ah, yes, I know I'm my own worst ememy. : Sh-Oh, yo egotist!--Chicago Eveninl News. Tu Cnre u Cold In One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Ali druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25, Trouble is a visitor that walks iu without knocking, for it is pretty welt acquainted everywhere.--Denver Times-Sun. TKE ILLS OF WOMEN -And HOW Mra. Plnkham Holp$ Overcome Them. w Ml. MARY BOLLINGER, 1101 Martanna St., Chicago, IlL, to Mrs. Pinkham: "' I have been troubled for the put two years with falling of the womb, leucorrhcea, pains over my body, sick headaches, backache, nervousness and weakness. I tried doctors and various remedfes without relief. After taking two bottles of your Vegetable Com- pound, the relief I obtained was truly wonderful. I have now taken several more bottles of your famous medicine, tad can say that I am entirely cured." Mrs. ItzxRv Deal No. 806 Findley St., Cincinnati, Ohio, to Mrs. Ptnkham : " For a long time I suffered with chronic inflammation of the womb, pain in abdomen and bearing-down feeling. Was very nervous at times, and so weak I was hardly able to do any- thing. Was subject to heartaches, also troubled with leucorrh0ea. After dec- toting for many mouths with different physicians, and getting no relief, I had given up all hope of being well again when I read of the great good Lydi& E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- pound was doing. I decided immedi- ately to give it s trial. The result was mtmply past belief. "After taking four bottles of Vegetable Compound and using three packages of Sanative Wash I can zay I feel like a new woman. I deem it my duty to announce the fact to my fellow sufferers that Lydia IS. Pinkham's Vegetable remedies have entirely cured me of all my pains and imffering. I have her alone to thank for my ery, for which I am grate- flaL May heaven blesa her for the + Iood work she is doing for our sex" GRDVE TAqTELE59 W JUITM O00D FOR ADULTI, WAIID. PRICE O0s. NO CURE-NO PAY dt'urlsts sell G/U)VE'S TOIIC .for blalarl, It IS simply Iron and QL. ; form. Children love It, to bitter, ntirg TOI3, IISSISSIPPI MATTERS, Quarantine BaIletln. JACKSON, June 20. The State board of health gave out the following to- night: Whereas, lit. I1. M, Folkes. coast in- spector of tim Mississippi State board of health, has completed tlm investiga- tion of the sanitary condition of the towns in the counties of ltarrison, Han- cock and Jackson. and has reported the same free from infection; therefore, Be it ordaiued by the executive com. mittee of the Mississippi State board of health. That tim quarantine placed on Ilarrison. IIancock and Ja,ckson cots- (ms. by ordinance of this board June 10, 1598. is hereby remove(J, except as to the town of (Itflfport and the other towns along the line of the Gulf & Ship Island railroad as far north as Max(.ey, in Perry county. Fretgitt from Gulf- port and other towns on the Gulf & Ship Island railroad will /m admitted unoer rules and regulations of this board adopted April 18. 1808. J. F. Ih:TER. M.D.. Secretary. Two new cases are rcporteo at Mc- Henry today, both being from the loci already under guard. The State Wine Out. The case of Wirt Adams. State revenue agent, vs. Mississippi Valley Railway ('ompany, et al., which ha, just been decided in favor of the State revenue airent, involves perhaps the largest sum of money ever in litigation in any one suit in Mississippi, the amount sued for being about three quarters of a million dollars (g taxes claimed for the State by the revenue' agent, runnin from 1886 to date. This case ims been argued three successive times before the Supreme Court. The case under the present decision of the court floes back for a rehearing iu the Circuit ('our/. but is an unquestioned victory for the revenue agent, who must wiu iu the end. The railroad company claimed an exemption from taxation under a charter of the Mobile & North- westeru Railroad, and the decision of the court is adverse to this claim. State ]'risen Farms Survey. Surveyor J. II. Whitfield. of Brandon. who bas been engaged for some weeks under an order of the board of control, to make a tmrvey of tim State prison far!ins, has compl(.ted his labors. Mr. Whitfield's work was to ascertain the actual act'caffe of e:wh farm in cultiva- tion. and furnishes tlm following state- sent: flare+; farm. Coahoma county, 1.017.1,1 ,tc-cs: Cutrcr': farm. Coahoma county, <;iiLd;;: Edwards farm. Bolivar county 683.0: Rau'Jolph farm. Bolivar county, 975.77: Ilall's farm. Sharkey county, 525.91: Sandy Bayou farm, Sharkcy county, 904.30; Forked l)eer farm. 72'L82: Watson's farm, lssaquena county, 5:,)5.49: Stone & Swain. Wash- ingLes county, 78:Lt. New Charters (;ranted. The following charters were filed with the secretary of State the pasl week: Mayer Cotton ('ompany, Mayers- viii('; capital stock. ,,50,000. Security State Bank of Starkvill(.: capital stock. $27,500. Yazoo City Book and Sta- tionery Company; capital. $50.000. Grcenwoo t Transportation Company; eapita]. :.L3:'. Owens Gin and Ware- housc Cow, puny, Owens. llohncs county; capital. $1.500. Mutual Savings and Investment Company, (ircnada; capital, $100.000. Iowa l,and ('ompany, Sun- flower corm(y: capital. $100,000. Jack- son Cotton Oil C.ompany, Jackson: capi- ta]. $125.000. Two 5Ion itrnek by Lightning. John King "end Jim Johnson. two white farmers living aout ten miles south of Sardis, were struck by light- nin ir few (lays ago. Both men were at King's house during the thunder morro, when the bolt came down the cltimncy of ttle building, striking both men. King soon recovered from I,is shock, but at tim last accouuts Johnson was still in a bad condition and still confined tO Iris hod. Glbtou Gets a Reprieve. The govcrut)r has granted a reprieve in the case of John t;ibson, under sen- tence of death in Harrison county. (Hbson will not hang until July 12th, if at all. that being the, date of the re- prieve, lie was to be hanged under sentence of the court June 20th. Stren- uous efforts are being made to have his sentcn(.e commuted to imprisonment for life. Notes From enatobla. The crops of Tat( county arc beauti- ful. and per]taps there was never a bet- ter prospect "at this date for corn, but wbat a wet June will do cannot be foretold. The oats crop was never better: and the wheat tim( was plnntcd is ver b" fine. Unfortunately, however, tim acreage is very smMl. l'opular 1Var Loan. The First National Bank of Jackson is authorized to receive subscriptions for the United States popular war loan 3 per cent. bonds. A Fearful Fall. (;en. W. Boswell of Steincr. Sunflower county, registere:i atthc Greenvill Inn one cvening last week. and about mid- nigbt fell from the third story window to the gallery tteh)w. At last account }to was still alive and may recover, al- Ihough he is badlyiurt, ltisa that im was not instantly killed. Ordered to "Move Oo.'" Sam Lee. a Chinaman. wire has bees engaged in the grocery buMness a Sunflower City, was waited on last week by a committee of citize/ns and advised to arrange his affairs and get out of tovn within a reasonable time. The worst characters among the negroes congregate at his joint, and not long since a ned, re by the name of Davis quarreled with another negro in the Chinaman's store and was hot through the head and died instantly. No China- ulen are wanted and it will not be a "healti:y location" for our Mongolian frie nds. Mississippi Editor ]llonore+d. At their meeting last week the board of trustees of the State University at Oxford elected lion. "Bob" Stowers, editor of the Oxford Globe. ss secretary and treasurer to succeed Ben Price. who has held the office about twenty years. The trustees passed around other honors also. having conferred the degree of LL. D. on Chief Justice Woods and Justice TerrM of the State Spreme Court, on lion. ttannis Tay- lor of Alabama, late United States min- ister to Spain, and on Judge Valimt of St. Louis, who is an ex-Mississippian and a graduate of the State Univerit.v. PACKAGES .OR SOLDIERS. All matter for officers and soldiers should be plain]y and durably marked, showing the name, rank (if any), number of regi- ment, State, and Brigade. Division and Corps to which the regiment belongs, thus: "Lieutenant John Smith, Co. B, 14th In- diana Inf., U. S. V., 2d Brigade, 3d Division,  Army Corps," giving the name of the place to which the package is to be forwarded by express. A11 such matter should be prepaid through to destination. All such matter should be labeled to show from what point originally shipped. It would be well to have the shippers' name on all packages of value, wherever it is probable that they may want such pack- ages returned. Prepayment is essential in order to facil- itate delivery. Often the Chaplain. Quar- termaster, or some other represeutative of the whole regiment, will receipt for and receive all packages for the regiment, but which delivery could not probably be made of packages billed to collect. When matter is thus propetqy addressed and prepaid, as it must be. all the matter for any particular regiment may be for- warded when a regiment is transferred from one pla(.e to another. Shippers may not always know the num- ber of tim Brigade, Division or Corps but they will always know the company and regiment to which the soldier belongs, and such address must never be omitteJ. Simihtr rules must be observed on hip- ments destined to Naval Stations, Fleets or Squadrons. The Southern Express Company rea(.hes Tampa. Port Tampa, Port Tampa City:Lake- land and Jacksonville. Fla.. Duns Loring, Va.. New Orleans. La.. Mobile. Ala.. Chicks- maugn, Ga.. and Chattanooga Tenn.. tha locations of United States troops. Be particular to distinguish between Port Tampa, Port Tampa City, and Tampa, and bill to each tflaoo separately. Lakelnnd. Fla.. is thirty miles north of Tampa. on the Plant System. Bill all such matter direct. Cam l) Russell A Alger is loatod about two miles interior from Dunn Loring. Vs., a station on the Round Hill Branch of the Southern Railway, sixteen miles from Washington, D.C. Matter for the troops at Camp Russell A. Alger should b sent to Duns Lm'iug, Vs. Deliveries are generally made through the Regimental Quarter- masters, or other authorizl representa- tives from the various rgiments. A great many packages have been ad- dressed to Falls (hurch. East Falls Church, West Falls ChnrctL and Noodburn Manor. All such matter is carried to our office at I)unn ],oring, Va. The troops at ('hickamauga Park. Ga., are from five to thirteen miles from Chat- tanooga. The express service is performed via Battlefield Station. Ga.. which is ten miles front Chattanooga, on the (hatta- nooga, Rome & Southern Railroed, south of Chattanoogn. Battlefield Station is on part of the ground covered by th armies in the battle of(hi(.kamanga iu Septemtr. 18(L Tha troops are distributed over the large park owned by the United States government, dedicated aml preserved as a memorial of the great battle in 1863. This Company has an office and ample force at Batslefleld Station. Ga.. to which point all matter may be directed. Matter is forwarded twice per diem from Chattanooga to Battlefield Station, Ga. The CAm'adjacent to Battlefield Station, Ga., i "C xm' THOMAS.'" The nares of the postofflce at Battlefield Station is LTt.E. G. In the express lmsiness we call the Sta- tion +BATTS,EFIELn STATION. ' It is s,) known in tho Railroad Guides. This Con)puny also has an office at Chick- amauga Station. Ga.. which is thirteen miles frmn Chattanooga, and known as Crawfish Springs, in the history of the bat- tle of Chickamauga. Do not confound Chickamauge, enn., with Chickamauga, Ga. At presen the troops are not adjacent to Chickamauga, Tenn. Agents wfl! caution all shippers of sol- diers' packages to address them in accord- ance with the above instructions, and al- ways suggest to them to send a postal card or other letter notice to the soldier, advis- ing him how it has been shipidod, so that he may know what point to send for it. Give all the information herein eon- tained to shippers, or prospective shippers, of oldiers' packages. In any case where it is proposed to ship regularly, perisbaMes, such as meats, bread and other uuppliss, to uny particular regi- ment or command, agents are hereby authorized to quote the lowest rates au- thorized to the trade or to dealers. This will embrace all matter for regimental organi- zations or for canteens. We will furnish information for and through agents periodically, provided, how- ever. that this will not embrace any iu- formation which the military authorities shall regard as inexpedient. C. L. Loot,, M. J. O'BmF.y, Traffic Department. r . iee-Fres, and Gem Mng'r. One or two signs denote a flood cow. Prof. ]laecker says, as well as twenty; in a poor cow the thigh runs down straight, so there is no space be- tween the thigh and the udder on one side and the tail on the other. There should be plenty of daylirht between the udder and the tail. One of the best ways to tell what kind of a cow you have is her temperament. A good dairy type ires a sharp spine. (strongly developed nervous system, and sharp hip bones. A good cow has a large, wedge-shaped stomach, for she must have a htrgc aud powerful digestive sysiem to use up her food quickly and make the best returns for it. It is said the best way to rig up a nervous trotter that is afraid to go up in the bunch when the dirt is flying, and'keepsthrowing up his nose every time a piece of dust touches his face. is to fix ltim out with a face veil made of a piece of mosquito netting. This de- tree has been tried with success by sev- eral trainers, and they say that most of the breaks that horses snake in races "without any cause whatever" when they are sailing along all right cau be attributed to the sting caused by small particles of dirt and gravel thrown back by other horses in front. The secretary of the Milk Shippers' Union in Chicago is reported as saying that there are 12{).00.:) gallons of milk sent into that city daily, and 165.000 gallons sold. This mean that 45.000 gallons of water arc a,ldcd, we suppose. Ite also declares that 90 per cent. of the dealers make a practice of skimming the milk before delivering it to their customers, which seems like a very large percentage. We had not a very exalted idea of the honesty of Chicago pectic, but think Mr. Secretary is markmgthem a little too low.--Amer- WIT AND WISD0L The man above counsel is ahvays it danger. Ram's Horn. Don't try to shoot craps wilh a shot. gun. Chicago Daily News. Every mother of a pretly girl ;s board of strategy.--Atchison Globe. A man may wear tailor-made clothes and 3el ot know what not to say.-- Washington (Ia.) Democrat. Marvelous. ltanrahan "Some at this new guns will carry 15 miles, e ]toulihan "At wan shot?" Cincinnati Enquirer. lie (at the glove counter)--It rains quite easy, don't it?" She (lookingout. doors) "No; it rains quite hard."-- Yonkers Statesman. The skins of animals were the earliest form of money, so we are told. N doubt a skunk skin Was considered a scent piece.--L. A, W. llulletin. Vicarious Thinking.--"l)o you sup. pose his grace the duke thinks of mar. rying? .... Oh. 1 fancy he has Isis mar attend to all that."--Detroit Journal. Wars Within Wars.-"Another quar. rel going on next door." "What's th matter tills time? .... She wanls tc name (he baby 'Dewey' an(] he wants the name for his wheel."---lie(roll ]"re PFess. "VUel]. then," said the doelm), "as ] understand your argnmenls, you thinl+ if we didn'l have any n)h'rob(.s w( wouldn't have any siekness?" "] didn'l say exaetly that. do(.ier," replied lh+ caller; "ytm know we tvould stillhavt doe(ors."--Yonkers Statesman. "I will give you .your breakfast il you will split that wood behind th( house." "Madam. 1 am sorry, very sot'. ry. I wouhl split that wood l)ut foront thing. I am aeons(.ientionsnpposero the destruction of forests, and 1 ean'l lend my aid in any form to theencour. e)nent of a mighly" evil. Sorry ma'am; good day."---Cleveland PIair Dealer. WOMEN ARMY NURSES, No One ('an Mlnlutee So AVell to th( Nick nnd Suffering ,oldlees. The commendable alacrity of the lct: Cs,oss socielv in enlisting vItJnte,el nurses for active servi(.e in the fie]( brings us face to fat'(, with a necessit whi(.h (.an be prol)erly al)preciated on13 by such ns are (.onversant with past bis sory. No,t.wit,h.,:,tanding the report tha' the government does not care for fe males in su(.h a (,apa(.ity, the time mus' come +hen such an error in judgmen will be most clenrlydcmon,strated, lr point of fact. no arm of the service ca/: afford to proclaim itself indepen(lent o: su(.h aid. Evc*y ha,t]efield, from tha! of lhe Crimea lo lhe most recen en gagctuents has demons'traled t<l)e lie ('ul]ar fitness" for such work as htlndred, of willing women throughout lhelan( are ready to after. In tq),e war of th rebellion an army of su(.h heIl)rrsw,a, furnished 1) 3 "t'he United Statessanitar 3 ootnlnis*sion, anti the amonnt of efficien' service given by its members on fiel nd ]n is a matter of thankfu rememl)ranee. The l)ra(.(.al aseftsl. ness of such a eorps is so well a(.kn)wl edged by l',be British government tha t hers Ionff sine(, established a sch,o in ccnneotion with Netle.y, wherein t,h( nurses are specially trained for the l)ri - raisons and ne(.eities of t'he fieh], an( snhjeeted to he dis(.ildin(, of army reg uta,t,ons. This is very necessary invie af the altered conditions of su(.h wor a.s compared with that in civil life. I' implies the development of resource+, in times of emergencies theuilizatior 3f the mean.s at hand. few as they ma. 9e. to the requirement of the end Nc m,atter what may be the ptfieienc3 af the ordinary trained nuts(., she ear never properly com,prehend bar ne "Juties their real nature and varied purposes are practically demons.(rated The emergencies of the field are so dis. 0 line(, peculiar and urgent that nothin sh')rt of s,pecial (raJning and the t:osses. don of natural adaptability to existin ?irumstan(.es will d.etermine real fit mess. The ]e(l Cros.%s-t.i(.ty has vcr3 properly takeu the initiative in this line nd Fromises t0 be the leadingorganizn (ion ef its kind in ih(. country. Cm. men(ins with the trained nurse as f'ound in our itompitals, it gives, so tc speak, a post graduate ,,ours(. in arm work by a thorough and systematic training iv all the detail requirement, for the sick and Wounded soldier. Th selection of candidal.(.s i.:.; umde from th( nest ntaterial at hand, and the after teaching s eorrespondingly easy an i)raetically etlicient ]I iS ntln,ect-ssary to (lila.e ou the pe. 31slial' iitnes's of *,voin(.n for uch U vo('a- tion. Next to belnth(, nest birdiuhet some, she b(.cosnes the natural nurse GLAD SHE DIDN'T YELL When She Found Out That Her Indua- trlous Nelghbor Was Not Com- sitting Suielde, A certain East end man delights in doing dd jobs about his home. He cuts his grass and trims the walks, and handles a paint brusit like an old master. Carpenter tools come handy to him, too, and the sound of his merry saw makes pleasant music for tie neighbors, who have no objection to beiug awakened early. In sheet, he is a (.lever all- round workman, and decidedly handy to have about the house. One day not long ago the woman of the house next door happened to (.omc ont on her baek porch. There she casually looked over the low fence into the handy man's yard. What she saw scared her so that she couldn't move hand or foot. Tim handy man was ly- ing prone on his back, his bodr eon(.eaicd beneath his porch, but with his face in strong relief. Ile was very pale. his flair was dis- .rdered, and his eyes were rolled up and fixed in a ghastly 'intentness. Against his t4reast he seemed to be pressing some deadly weapon that glistened as a ray of l g t touched it. The woman on the poreh tried to scream, and cotfldn't. She knew the bandy man was committing suieide. He panted, his face grew red, and iris form seemed convulsed. The woman on the porch caught her agon- ized breath and was about to let out a "40 horse power )'ell when she heard the up- posed suicide anxieush- ask: "Isn't it tlwough yet?" "Yes." said a vmee from above, "it been yoost through." About this time th(. woman on the porch understood that the handy man was boring an auger hole through the'floor of his poreib that the deadly weapon was an auger, and that the hired girl was on Imnd to wateit the operation. Then the woman on tiw porch was glad she didn't yetl.--Clevetand Plain Dealer. PLUGGING THE PIANO. Mr. Gozzleby Finds Temporary Relief front tle Heavy Pedal by SlmI)le Means. "It is a falniliai' faet," said Mr. Gozzlebv, "or it is a fact at least familiar to all fond arents, that ehildr(.n, without exeeption, ke to play tim piano with the hard pedal on all the time. All children like to make all the noise they can, in playing the piano as in everythiug else. Playing upon the piano without the teavypeda does not disturb me at all but the minute the heavy pedal is put on I am great 3' d sturbed, and the continued resounding of the notes fairly racks me. Of earn'so, I('an t be forever,aymg don t. and it's ungraemus to sav it at all I suppose, fro' why shouldn't the "ehihlren have their fun? And so I hit ul)on the desperate ex- pedient of blocking the ieavy pedal. I have whittled out a nice little piece of soft white pine into a plug that just fits into the space under the pedal iu the opening in which it works, so that the pedal cannot be de- pressed "It has only been there two days now, hut it has been two days of t)lessed relief. ]t can't last much longer, because the ehildren are liable w ask me any minute what's ihc matter I wonder the,; haven't asked me long ago--and of court(. I'll itave to tell 'era. but I am grateful for the rest I have had, and the respite has given me strength the better to withstand, for a time at least the uproar that will surely come when the children dis- cover the plug. --N. S., un. A F ATA LiT-x/-Ar-0iDED. From the Democrat, oshen, Ind. When neuralgia s accompanied by a dull, heavy pain near the heart, frequently be- coming intense, it generally terminates. fatally. Mrs. Nancy Flynn, who lives near Goshen, Indiana, survived such an attaek and her advice is worth heeding. "In the tall of '9'2," she said, "I began, to have trouble with my heart. Tiere was a sharp pain in my breast which became rap- idly worse. The doctor was puzzled and put me under the influence of opiates. These sharp attacks followed one anotherat intervals and I became weak and had a lrag- gard look. I was constantly in pain, sd- dora slept and }tad no appetite. "At the end of two years I was confined to my couch mos of the time and the doctors agreed that my death was only a matter of a short time. "One day ['+[| I noticed in a newspaper -Z an item about a woman hav- ing I) een cured of neuralgia of the heart by / Dr.,Wil- liams Pink Pilisfor Pale People and I con- cluded to A Serious Tim. try them. "I,V h e n I had finished one box I noticed an improve- ment in my eondition, and when I had taken twelve boxes 1 was (.omplete]v cured. 'Those pills have done for you what 've e0uld not do/said one of my phy'icians, 'they have saved your life.' "Ihat was two r " " yea s ago and my hear has not troubled me since. I believe I 6we my life to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and I take pleasure in telling others about them." Among the many forms of neuralgia are headache, nervousness, paralysis, apoplexy and locomotor ataxia. Some of these were (.ousidered incurable until Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People were formulated. To-day thousands testify to having been cured of such diseases by'these pills. Doctors frequently pr6seribe them and all druggists sell them. A boy arrives at the age when he takes his hat off at the door as naturally as he takes the measles.--Washington (la.) Democrat. ,vith soft touch, tender word and hope What a terrible tme people do havetry. ful spirit, who nearest ef all appr(mch(.s ing to have a good time!--Atchison Globe. th,e minis, tering angel in our hour o', ........................... 5ires(. need. Her highest aspixation and best cat)abilities car have no proud- er badge than l,hat of the Red Cross.-- Medical Record. Mollie's Ileaigilmt h)n. "Yes." decl,ared MolIie (?ra,nshaw. "i have mad(. up my Ill,fill to go lo vlr i[ my husband lnnst go. ] shall be : nurse. It will be nowrse for mc ihav for him. and I would mu(.h rather (,n- lure the hardships of camp life that, suffer the anxiet S that I would no,t by b]e to (.sz',al)e if he were at th,c f)+<)nt and I were left at bonee." A,s the sw.eet ]itte womau finlshcd ,i)eakhlg there eatnc tt l)l(m(l-(.urdlin: cell from the direction of th(. Mchen nd Mrs. Cransbawtnrned pale. 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