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June 25, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 25, 1898

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&apos;2, aturday. Juno 25 L ............ :I.cial Journal of th0 C0r- poration of W00dville. m=aa;= 1 SimpleAnnouneemcntsf marria- Zcs and deaths will be pibhshed wlttmut charge. llbS(l'i 1|| 01! rl('l' |l i111111]|. Cash ....................... $1 50 Otherwise .................. $2 00 MARKET. New Orleans, June 10, 1898. { 'ellen-- Middling ...................... 6 1-16 Are yoo warm. oOB ORK AT TIIE I(EI'UBLICAN. Sheriff Sessions imk a ilntsiness trip to Natchez the first of the week. All remnants ()f lawns and calicoes i'educed to 3 34 cents per yard, C. gCUAF,U.  --,,*-Im*- 4= " ]Ive you been watching the weekly change in Ilothschild's advertisement. Mason's Self-sealing Jars, all sizes, and tin too jelly glasses, at, . Get J. Aoams. Mr. A, B. West,moreland, represeut- imz, L, Vose, was in town on Thurs- day. The juries for the luly term of Cir- zuit, Court will be drawn next Tues- day. WEDDINg PRESENTS, .t, ,Ton. S%rphte. The Jeweler. Mr. A. W. Lanehart the Beaver Creek merchant wasa visitor to town on Thursday. Ladies handkerchiefs, hosiery, nn- derwear, cnllar.% etc., wilt be on Special Sale Mmldav ab Rothschild's. Circuit Clerk Ycbnson is visiting the different precincts or the purpose of registering persons who are qualified. Miss Sarah Schlesiner of Baynu 8,ra, who has been here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Sehloss, returned home on Thursday morniag. Sporting and Bicycle Shoes at C.-SCII A EFER'S. Several .r our fclw citizens spent a very pleasant day inCold Springs on tastThursday fishing and having a good time generally. auh' an album of Uncle Sam's Navy wilt be presented to the purchaser at RoT trSCnZLO'S. Prof. and Mrs. Ilughcs left on lst Thursday morning for their usual summer wlcation. The)' expect, to main away unlll next September. CIGARS, CIGARETTS, AND TO- B A CCO. A choiee line of Five and Tcncent ICigars. Cigaret, tes and Cigarct, te Pa- pers and all kinds of Tobacco at CAns, R. Day's Drug Store. The of he Iair Associa- tion met, tm Tuesday evening and have dctermined to begin active work to make. our next fair a big success The franle, for the new gin house is upand unless somcl.hing unforseen happens, everythiog will be in shape tr>.ady L(* gin tile first, bale offered at 1,he new gmoery. Fzrst class brick for sale by .4.. r. ]Benedict. !-, Lieut, Gov. a. n. Zones has returnL ed home from his trip t,o ()xford. He reports having had a mot delightful lime, renewinz old friendship and reea'.liog Bygone sebool days. Mrs. Fannie R otDsdfild and her fl:zughter lIatic, left, on Monday's train for a lengthy visit, to relatives in New York City. We hope her trip will he a pleasant opA. We regret, to learn ()f he severe illnessof Mrs. E.W. Myers who la- been crmtlned to her bed for so|lie days. We hope however that in a few days she will have recovered. :=,7. The Vagrant, Law*'goes into effect today and will bc strictly enforced. Loafers and idlers will now haven hard timc and we are glad to say will recmve their just dues. This section o}e-cout, ty was visi- ted I.,y a very severe rain ;and thunder storm on Wednesday. The (:on,taut fl;lshes of lightni0g and clap of thun- der made several feel nervous. I NOTICE. Excursinn from WOODVILLE to NEW ()gLEANS. I Train leaves Wodville, Miss, Sun- .day, ,] tzmv 10th at. 10 o'clo(:k A. M, Retorn train leuvcs New t)rleans Mouday night. July 111h aL 12 M. lhult;d Trip $2.50. The Board of Mayor aud Aldermen held asI)eeal meeting on Tuesday eyeningand acccptedtim donationol' II.S. Van Eaton deed., to the .Town of Wondville of 30 aere of woodland adjoining the town to be used asa Park. The tract, of land will be Im- proved and l<nown as Van Eaton Park. Don't forget we are headtluarters for all Base Ball Goods. l)ay's Pharmacy. MNsissippi has again been callcd upon to furnish six batallions to fltl the second call of the Presidcnt. Our State officials are however anxious t.o increase this number tea full regi ment and have so notilled the Prcsi- dent. Though slow to respond at first the fighting blood of our sons arc now armtscd and a number of reg> nmuts could be raised in a short time. The reports rd')n'the gr,,w,ng crops are rather conflicting. Occasionally the report heing made that the crop is yerypoor, wMle in many instances claims arc made that l, hey cannot, be any better- From the best informa- tion atour hands, we should judge tile cotton crop to be about twoor three weeks later than usual, while the condition of the corn crop is worse than for many years, owing to the lack of moisture ;It a time when most needed. A LIBEIAL OFFER. / The Illinois Central Railroad Com- pany is desirous of enlisting hecu- operation of the people aloug its line, and to that end offers to any person holding one or more shares of its sloel:, the par value of which is$100, arouud trip ticket Lo Chicago 1,o aL- Lend the anoual meetings of sto,'k- holders. The next meeting willhe held Sept. 281h. The suck (ff the I. C., is above par and pays an annual dividend of aLleast, five per cent. sn the investment is a good one in itself, but, considered in conneetion with this liberal offer it beats an average Klondike speculation. J. fI. JonEs, Local Atty. FISItING T&CKLE. For IIooks, Line.<, Corks Etc., go to Chas. R. Day's Drug Store. TO TIlE IIERCIIANTS AND CIT- IZENS OF WOODVILLE. Not having time torte from house to house and interview you personal- ly, and kuowing that something of this sort shonhl be done, Itake the advantage of our generous editor to interview you through the Republican, and this is what I am after. Oi r town is in a bad sanitary condition, hr the past few days I have had several par- I ties to call my attention to the bad] odorstlmtexisteJ in certain parts of] thel)osiness portion of the town. I] have investigated and found it as rep- resented. Now without good sanita- tiOll yon arc certain to have more or less sickness as the result. It is an established fact lhat we now have in our midst two eases of tYl)hoid fever, and will be certain t,) have more nn- less you take the necessarypreeau- tions: it is a germ disease and easily coat,lied. Therefore [ would ad- vise you, one and all. to have )'our I at'k yards and wattr-closets, at your stores and at home, thoronghly clean- ed and disinfected. (In disinfecting use lime or copperas water--they are both cheap and effective.) l)ont wait but do this at mce. Our cilv in.pector, Mr. John A Lowry, will visit you soon to see what unsanitary conditions exists, and slmohl he find any, will very proba- bly have it removed at )'our expense. Very Respeetfully, elIAS /d. CATCHINGS [ D. llcalth Officer. NOTICE. The f,dlowing magazines and papers can be found at Day's Dru_ ' Store: Munsey, Cosmolloliian, Me- CluresCentury, tIarpers Monthly Harpers W'iekly, Puck, Judge, Fam- ily story papers, New York Weekl etc., eto. Frank Sherwond who was in town to-liar, the first time since lie had his tussle" with cholera morbos lie says he drove thirty mile. after he was ta- _- = :: ken. and never canto so near dying ill Try a bottle of-Adams Sarsaparilla his life. After this when lie goes out and purify your blood. 25 cents in tlmeountry he will take a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cliotera and cheal,er ttian lI ,n,ls at GEm J Aox.zs. The members of Centreville Lodge INo 3,51 A. F & A. M. gave adeiighlful l)ie nic at the hospitable home of Mr. J. A. Kedbead on yesterday, it being St,. Johns day. We know full well that, an enjoyable I,im%'was had. It has been rcp(,rled t,o he Ranger that several parties have estrays in Diarthoea Remedy witn him.--Mis- souri Valley (Iowa) Times. For sale by G KANN. TtIE AMERICAN NAVY, CUB: AND tI,LWA Ii. Aportfolia, in ten parts, sixteen virus in each DarG of Llae finest half tone pictures of the American N,vy, Cuba and ttawafi, has just, been is sued by a Chicago pulfl!sblng house. t the Illinois Central Railroad has possession,,and m one case are work- ulade arz'atements for a special edi- tor estrays without postiog them, t,ion far the benefit ot its patrons, and a specimen copy can be seen at, the thereby laying t.he)nselves liaMe to local I.C. ticketoffiee. Single parts prosecution. Take warning and eom- may be had at ten cent,s eimh, t.h * ply with thetaw before gcttint into trouble. YOUR DOCTOR FIGItT8 Disaase with medicine. If the medicine is not right he cannot conquer disease, If the drug- gist does his duty the medicine full set,, one hundred and sixt,y pic- tures, costs but one dollar. Subscrip- tions for the set, may be lcft with the agent. In vlew t the present, excite- ment,regarding Cub:t t,laese pictures are very timely. Call at, t,he ticket office and see the m. NOTICE. will be right, and your doctor The public are hereby notified that will standi a lood chance of tiual,rz isFrohibited on the Sur- winn!ng the wctory, ge,te, Elmwood, Belleview and Gor- You c:m help your doctor by don Plautatio,s. having your prescriptions filled All former permits are hereby re," Tc Da Store. ov, , In a recent letter from Waslfingtou, D.C., to au old friend, MajorG. A. 8tudcr. for twenty yearsU. S. Consul at Si.gapore, says: .,While at Des Moines I became acquainfed witha linament known as Chambcrl'lm's Pain Bahn, which 1 found excellent against rheumatim as Well as against soreness of tim throat and chest (giv- ing me much easier breathing) lhad a toncl of pneunmnia earl)' this week and two applications freely applied to the throat and clmst relieved me of it at once. 1 wouhl not be without it for aua thing.' ' For sale by C KANN. New fi dvertisements. NOTICE. Bids to gravel 3 bills on the lower Natchez road, according to specillca- tions on tile in Chancery Clerk's office npto9o'clock. A. 31 . thellrstMon- day in July 1898. The B .ard:reserves the right to reject any and all bids. C. A. COON, Clerk. Wo,dville. June 11, 1898-4w Bids to build a trestle iu tim Buffa- lo Swamp on tim h)wer Natchez road, according to specifications on file", in Caancery Clerk's office will be receiv- ed upto 9 o'clock. A. M on the first Monday in July, 1898, the Board re- serves tim right to reject an aud all bids. C.A.C()ON, Clk, June 11. 19q-4w NOTICE. There will be a meeting of lhe Board of Education ou Monday, June 13tli  1898. JOSEPII JOIINSON. Supt. of Education. May 4, 1898, 4-w. LUMBER, Owing lethe dull (lines and strin- gency of Um money market, nntil turthernoticelumt)cr will bedelivcr- edi,t Woodville "1t$7 50 per Ihous- and unless strictly all heart. W'. (}. IIUFF, JIt. May, 4, 1S98, 4-w. :NOTICE TO CREI)ITORS.. Notice to creditors of E.tate of ]]. S VAN EATON I)ee'd. t LettcrsTe.qamentary of the willol deceased were granted to the umlcr- siffned executor by f, he Chaucery courl of Wilkinson cotmty Mississippi, on the tat (lay of June 1898. And all pcrsoqs having claims against the estate of tle'(I, are herehy required to h'tve the same probaled and register. ed-by the clerk of said Chancery eour! within one year A failure tel)re- bate and register any claml agains! said esiate for one year from tim 4th day of June 1898, will bar said claim, This the 2nd (lay of June 1898. PETEI. IoLLER, Exccntor. May 4, 1898, 4-w. CIIAMBERLAIN'S COU(;II REME- DY ALWAYS PIOVES EFFEC- TUAL. Thcreare no better medicines on the market lhan Clmmberlain's. We have used the Cougl Iemedv when all others failed, an l iu every instance it proved effectual. Almost ,lady we hear the virtues, of (i}lamherbfiu's rem edits extolled hv [hoe who h:tve used them. This i's not an empty puff paid for al so inucl a Ibm, but is vol- ,mtaluly given iu good [aith. in the hope that sufferin h ,inanity may try Iltcsc re, niedies and. like the ,w'iter. b,' hcncfited.---Froni the Gleuville (W. Va.) Patlfinder. For sale by G. KANN. STIAYED OR. STOLEN. ()tie sm:t]l iron rfy mare al),ml 12 hands higtl, al)out 6 years ohl, ver small head and quile spirited. Any one re!urning same to trio will be re- warded, JAB. ilENDRICKS, Ft Adams, Miss. 5 14 4w. LL]BIBER: We are prepared to fill at, shor nrticeanynrder for ]tough C.vDres LUMBEI at, low prices. Corrcspon dence solicited. ,1NO, F. IVINE & SON. 3 I, () (,)3 (iUl, TRESPASS :NOTICE. All hunting or trespassing on the Artonih lands nnder fence is pro- hibited under full penalty of the law. Any stock remaining on tim Artonisll pasture after February 15th will be charged pasturage--50c per month. J. A. (ILLESI'IE. 1 15 1898 ly. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass on my, lands known as the Gildart tract, the Luhertv tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mile norlh-east of Woodville under penalty of he law F. F. BE.T. Dec. 19, '96-tf TI4E ! SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS -rITII A FULL STOCK OF : : PUtE LIQU OtS o--S UCII ASo OLD JIOWOPOLE l YE, _P UI{ I Td A" l YE, rEA'CH agRdWD  IFIWES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE c/aaRS always on Ha,d. JN'L'hose is need of I'URE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examine my stock. A. S. JOI-INSON. I,__ -- I I II " I *l 2 _ . I ,L.. Monday, June 27th 1898. ?r Special Sales are provi,ff so pop- } la that flot JIonday, J,ne 27th 1898 we will o)fle" ozcr entire line of Ladies v, lJ  ttandkerchiefs, Hosiery, Underwear, 1 Collars, Eto, a less than eost t, A fine hemstitched, colored bordered hdkf 25c doz worth 75c. ttl A fine fancy white handker;hief 10e each. We sold the I largest part of them at 15c, and then they were big Y values for the money. ' , Ladies fast black Iternsdorf dye hose ........ 15c worth25c. ' Ladies muslin gowns and skirts, full widths and sizes at 75c }. worth $1 50.  ' Ladies linen collars' latest styles ............ 10c worth 15. t Y " article in the aboce mentioned lines o at l less than cost. Don't foet to brin the I I((A t cas a[01 wit yo,. ) ! Martin l00orn 00chi/d & Bro. ( Z _U=;z__A_C.-'Z-2Z F0"R SA LE. The Patrick iAanl, a*ian situated on OAt River, \\; ilkinson Counlv, Miss. containing almut 320 acres. For partieu!ars apply l,, W. P. S VFXTnISS \\; oodvflie, Miss. 3 19 1898 4w. POSITIONS GUAIANTEEI). To (raduatcs of llaaris: Practical Business College, School of Short l|and. Telegraphy, etc,. Jackson Mi,sissippi. We have l)ouht the %Vavhtt 'Col- leges liere and at Meridian, but liaw. ch)sed oat the one at Meridian. and prepared to give ,tudents the v.'a'y best business training to be had  v- where. Catal,,gue sent ,,ix al)pliea- tiou. N.J. IIARRI. President. Jackson. Miss. Sept. If, 1897-tf NOT ICE, I hayo lust received aml will keep constautly t)n hand a full supply o: COFFINS aud CASKETS, of all St Ics. wltich I will sell st rea- sonable prices. Shop opposite V. C " I BOnnys rcs- idence. TIleS. ROLAND. Aug. 21, 1897-tf ' NEWS) -z-lr ... ai. ..... i RELIABLE I AU the irae, From Kvery Par ...TH Iv'... of the Eartl. . . I--I--I--I--I--I--I--I--I THE SUNDAY STATES pllblllhSd o9 Sunday morning, Is & large fatally newspa@er, eantalnln svery good home feature o! moderu louran"m:._,_.l_i_l_l_l_ I I , TI STKTS 18 the Official Orgau Of the elty of New Orleans, and 18 evsrywher$ recognized a ..... THE LEDIN0 DEMOCKATIC RiW .PAPEK OF TUE $OUTll. l--l--I--I--l--l--l--l--I SEMI-WEEKLY STATES, Published everY Tuelday ad Frtday, contains a carefully selected synopI o[ the latelt news of thO da'. II1l ,,,, --6,,,ON, ]l eSC | DAI, STATgS, J $7 llltMot (',vsr Day in the Year, )YKAS I[lt SONIAY TIg., .$1, P'er Annum Jl/ I-WEKLY ..... $1.0 Per Annum Ill I ! TNES- [IE00OCHAT Meets this want by arrange- meat with the New York Wor|d and the New York Journal to secure all the news furnished by their special cor- respondents throughout the world. This, together with Assoiated Press Reports, gives oar readera the CO/IBINED, IXGLUSIVE, DIRECT, + Service of the best papera i the country. All in one in THE TIME.'DEMOGRAT, NI OaLi&N a, , Nw. - O:dy-s'm.Oa . JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, Onr stock is ahvays complete, comprising the latest arm newest designs in : : : Diamonds, Watckes, Clocks, Jewelry, Sllver-ware, I%0velties, Cutlery, Spectacles, I!iye-Glasses &c. Repairing ! Is a special feature of our bust,ross, and wo ai'e confident, with our Prices. Accuracy and Promptness. we can please you : : wE CUARANTEE 0 Ut WORK. S. MARANTO, I Cnozc:s? Fruits, Oysters, Ntttsj of all kinds, and Fresh Family Gro certes. Receives daily Fancy Cau- [iv of all kinds. Maccaroni co0k-t !ed in the best style, from 9 A. [.. itoSp, st, _ W Main Mr. Oi,polte Balm & DaznpL  .:. . - .yeb 1298 ly. WALSH & WILSON, CON TRACTOIS OFI BRICK " CEmEnT o R Estimates Furnisled Patronage Solietted. Leave Ord(fr wtth Wettl|n & lib;key or Ben Brow o's, Brbr Shop, Dc 18  972m. TRESP,kSS NOTICE, ,%11 hunting on Simrall and S(.hae- fer ltlaees is sl.rietly prohibited umlr penalty of the law. 11 20 Chambrays worth 10c pep yard re&teed : to 6 1-2 cents per yard. Childrens tan low qtarter s]mes 7'unni, d.. in ,ne from 3 to 5, were 756  edueed to 5 0ets, Jisses ta low qzearier shoes sZes 6 to were 85eta red,ced to 60cts. Hsses tan loX qearter shoes sizes i2 to 2 were 1 25 redreed to 90 cs Zadies low qu, arter shoes formerly $1.50 red,ced to 1 00. Zadies tc low qu, arter shoes 1 red,teed to 70ets. lens low qvarters were 1 50 now $1. These are  few of the 7nnu yahtes obtainable at this store, and the buyer will do well to htvestiate, C. SCHAEF E C KANN. %VOODVILLE, . . - - " i - --DEALER IN DRUGS and MEi]IClNES CHFMIC00t.00 Public School Books i--,a,o  and E'O:t.lO1; A'l:l;IOl Stationery, Painters SzpRlies, Cutttery Frni in Hardware, 1them inatin2" Oils. Garden Seed 6"c. 'Phvsicians prescriptions carefully compoundeu, and orders .oretty ?,*.t cck selected xit't grat care andwat:ranted as represented. v. S. 9x..--y, .. = I I ]P II _ F. A. McLAIN. W.P. 8. VERTESS MeLAIN & VENTRESS, A00taruya (k==dor00 I,a00, WOODVILLE, MISS. " Office in McGehee buihling. DR. CHA8, E. CATOHING8 VOODV* ,,LE : " " : IISS ()ffice in Adams Drug Store. uy Jt4 '94 tf. D, C, BIA,MLETT. W.F. T . Bramlett & Tuckan Attmep ud ka00l00rs g hw, 'OODVILLE, M/. Office in M.o}.he Bull,ling, mrci,I Row. J. H. JONES, WOODVILLE. MI :il:h Office ahova the Rb DR. L. W. MAGRUDER, II Physician and Surgeon, WO ODVILLE. MISS. Oflloe at residence, Al:ril 7, ,88 13 DK C. C. CK08S. Dental Sm'geou, ," O 0DVILLE, MISS. Office up stairs over the Postuffle. A. G. SHANNON, WOODVILLE, MIS. --DEALER I/W Family and Fa,c tloneries, Oysters, a I kinds, Sugar, Starch, Raisins, all Canned Fruit attd Fish, ,c; Fine brand ehcwin Fresh Bread piles arriving daily, March 21, 1896- F TRESPASS N( All hnttng and Retreat and Darnerm prohlbited, untler M OCt., 9th '97.--t f .... TRESPA S NOTICE, All hnnting, fishing Or trespassing on Gle, li/Irnlo ,nell Stae and United s strictly prohibited pnder z " , , ' hc law. All tormer StWiU PJ,?: en t,ns u,- yoked. GEe. Real estate bought aud -, ld on corn mission. Offlee nn Fmm,cla Iow -I)R_JOHR F. TaERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODVILI,E, .MISS, Circe on M sin St. at his old Stand JOHN A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DI RECTOR. A Full Stock of Motalic and Wood- en CoilhlS always on hand at Wood- *ille, Miss., Main St. Trespass Notice. All persons found hunting, flsiin or otherwise trespassing on the Bur aamwood plantation about 3 mile, sonth Of Woodvlle will he prose cuted to the full extent of the law. A strict watch will be kept on am plantation for trespassers. L. \\;%', !IAORUDER II - DClI,NI Anx0ne sendlng a aket h ad dmptlCrn may 8eat fr.Olet atW for seeu V4 pa Patxt taken ttirough Munn & Co, r $i00flrt fimcrican. TI{ESPA $8 Any person or otherwise Ires Collins or Old prosecuted to the aw. All former ed. /. tL THE South-West Cormr of I have always =rticle of TU T VAtIFAES CIGARS, Domeutie gancv Li, Bottl and Keg e'; Fce alwa3s on Iaad. My friends and 'lad .me read A,IL March 12. 92,