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June 25, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 25, 1898

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x. tlFllt|l|t tlatl01nall. Governor lnay prove himself ---- ............. = ....... - .... equal to the occasion and silence Saturday, June 25. his enemies by rising to tile (Itg- J. S. LEVIS, Editor and Proprietor. TO ADVEItISERS. TIE W'OODVILLE |{EPUBLICAN tS the oldest nelvspaper in the State;has a larger bona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this section; therefi)re i  . is hdvertfiers Dear this in Mind, ANNOUNCEMENT. FOR CO(RFas. TO the Voters of the Stxth Congres- sional District : ]Believing that an investigation of ly record in Congress will show that I have discharged my duly, activelT faitbfully and efflcieutl ; that I have kept all proanses and broken no patty lO(lges i therefore am eouraged again solicit the s,pport of my constituency for re-election and here- by a,nonnce my candidacy, subject to the action of the Democr)ttic party of th Sixth District of Mississippi. Very Respectfully, W. F. L()VE. WIIAT TilE GOVERNOR StIOULD DO. We de not reconsider our opin- ion that it might be as well for theI. I.&C.,totake arest for ewe years, and then make a fresh atart, but the press and the peo- ple seem decidedly opposed to closing that Institution and so we vote "yea" with the majority. Tiffs can only be accomplished in a proper and legal manner by the Legislature together n speeiaT sessmn, and an oppor- tunity s now offered the Gover- nor of rehabilitating himself in popular favor that may not occur again. If he can only rise to the dignity of the occasion and ,for once cut loose from the very doubtful lnes of policy which he has been pursuing he nlay still go far to restore himself to public tonfidence, and to atone for his manifohl short-comings in the past. The DepartmenCs of the Gov- ernment have :decided aainst Governor McLaurin on the 1. I. & C:, issue,, an th only proper thing for him to dO i:s to grace- fully yield his own wishes to flaose of the majority, and to cal nityof dmintereted statesman- ship. TIIE SITUATION. General Shatter with 16,000 Inen has reached Santiago and will be landed as soon as a point of disembarkation is agreed on. Santiago has had ample time to strengthen its defences and to reinforce its garrison, owing to the tardy manner in which the war is being prosecuted, and the chances are that there will be severe fighting before it is cap- tured, General Garcia, with 3000 Cu- bans is near Santiago and ready to aid in its capture, ile has had a consultation with General Shatter and a phm of operation has been agreed upon. Washington. 1). C., June 20. 1897. At last (.}vnt.ra] bhatter'., army Is it, Cuha, anti unless somehodv at the Washington end gets rattled over the reported saillngof tim Spanisll fleet from Cadiz, I)ouml ia the direc- tion of Cuba, arid issues orders that will prevent, this is likely to boa hot week in the vicinity of Santiago. The first fleet of transports is duc at Manila today, antl Dewey is not likely to wait tot Gem Merritt, ho is ins , about ready to sart from San Francisco with the third and last fleet of trauspor=s, before taking Mamla. It was semi officially announced that at tim last Cabinet meeting it was decided that more troops would be nee(led, and that another call for volunteers would be issued slmrtly, probably this week. It would seem tha more uscshould be made of the troops we already have before asking more men to volunteer. Thorougtlly equipped for work iu the departments (if ' } Music, E10uuti0n, English, Mathematics, 8cionoos   and the Languages. i:  -. Special facilities for the study of Music, Elocution i:  lngi/sh and Matl,ematics.  ' t r;:a "  : %: ,. it refine(t lloltl(% [ iLl'trillS ]Htvln  dau*,lltrs IO c(ltl- i{ -31" cote will do wcU to confer with me before sending else;'ere.   1;' For Cattlogue and Terms, ad(lres, Miss GEORGIA SWANSON, Ires., Woodville, Miss. .! Et! ] LEON SCllWAIiTZ. C II.-NEYLA_ND. i IVOOD FILLE, 3IISS. il Ma,n Street,  Wd/ Open its 37th Annuo/ $essioa, Sept. 7th, 1898.  WOODVILLE TtIE QUESTION OF A WAR INDEMNITY. In modern times it is the cus- tom to require the defeated n.t- t tionln war, to pay to the victori- ' It needs no pathetic forecast," said a prominent and influential cit- izen, in conversation with the Pi2a- yuae corresp,,ndent this afternoon, -'for the most Indifferent nnud to understand that the /)resent decade promises to work out a far greater and more exceeding wei_ht otglory for the south than any sitnilar period in thecounLry's bisl(rv. From Ma- rylaud to'I'exas tlieinfinxof capital a'nd l)eople is assunliug something of a ground-swell lu pr.lmrtions ' anti the wide-awake southerner in all parts is putting on his best hiband Spain declines to exchange Althongh Secretary Alger has ous nation, either in territory or positively denied the story that ow- , money, soumthing to Indemnify IIobson and his crew and some ing to quarrels between himself and the victor for the expenses of the northern papers denounce this as Gem Miles, who is now iu Washing- conflict. It is like a l)arty de- barbarism. Over thirty years ton, the latter had been virtnally teated in a lawsuit, he must pay ago the United States was en- deposed from tim command of the gaged in a war against some of costs army, the talk of friction between As a result of theAmeriean war Sincehe ztaran/ine rcMric/&ns arottzd onr [ozvz have teen raised we have been daily reeeivin fresA deeds of all/tin cls , na ozz' store is nozo replete with best staple and faneyo'roeeres, dry #oods, ete, to be/buncl. New goods arriving daily. I ha purchased a large stock of Dry goods Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping or. titles, Hats Shoes &c. in New Yo: all of which I propo -se to sell at prices so low that it will be to your interest its own citizens, and for two 'years refused to exchange an7 prisoners but held them :in mili- tary prisons to die of starvation. Was this barbarism? Dewey still holds his own at Manila, but for want of troops them continues, and even goes so far with Mexico, tile United States tucker that lie may appear a nat 3, as to say that Mr. McKinley ,intends got about half the territory of and Inviting infant on the approach directing tile movements of the arm 3" the defeated nation, but paid of tile fickle goddess of for tone. bhe himself. The change of plan hy $15,000,000 to Mexico as a sort is to take hml on her lap to caress and which Gem Miles is to go to I'orto of sweetener. The gold and sin fomlle him; to give him pa l) anti verthatcqule out of California, nouri,hment. If he but prove a Rico in command of tile invading Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, worthy son and heir, he is to grow army now being prepared for that Utah and Arizona, amounted to Ul) with an eutaiie,1 h'gacy from the can do nothing. It is supposed expedition I said to have been thousands of millions of dollars gracious goddess, who will aid hinl that the first mstallment of 2700 caused by this disagreement, and to m additlon to the other products, as all go-d mothers should in carving troops has reached him, but until have been the proposition of Gen. France was forced to ])ay to the I out a career worthy of his tntelage, anti in achiev'ing such a destinv as others arrive these cannot change Miles himself, who preferred being victorious Germany a considera- will be within the province of his own ble slice of territory, and a large namitg an] which generations vet the situation. Ten thousand reg- responsible for one army over Inch sum of money, Japan got terri- uuborn must stamp with the seal of ulars could have been sent to the he ould have absolute control to tory and money after the war immt rtalky. Such a posltinn for our Philippines a month ago and being held responsible for the move- with China, and it is not to be section is not alone among Ihe pose'- Manila occup|ed. After the Gov- monte of all our troops and being ernment did rouse itself to the hampered by civihan control. It is necessity of reenforcing Dewey, announced that the invasion of Porto it is being done by piece-meals. Rico is to take place before the Washington seems to be domino- Spanish fleet alleged to have sailed ted by some military grandmoth- from Cadiz can get to Porto Rico. el'. The Emperor of Germany is working himself up to the point of intervention of some kind in our wag and it islnot at all impro- bable that complications may yet expected that the United States bilitles of the futnre, but the chances will be more lenient with Sl)aiu are all in favor of its being among than wflh Mexico. the almost certain probabilities. But the Spanish territory must "l'he question, therefore, natural-. he first occupied and conquered, ly comes to us at the mention of the Whatever concessions are ma(le iu above lines : What is our own proud war are nlade under colnl)ttls[on, state of Mississil)pi doing toward the If the reported starting of this Span- If tim independence of *',*uba building of this crown (rf laurel winch ish fleet results in hurrying up things should be gnu, ted by Sl)ain be- is to adorn the section's brow ? hall fore we e,m occupy and capture tim leaf be there wluell must give alittle,t will be an almighty good Spanish territory, we will have thtserown a moreappreciahlewemht thing. Similar reports in the past no means of exacting an indeln- of worth and merit? Shall the fame have resulted in hanging up things, nity, because we will have no ex- of Prentiss. l)avis, Brown, Percy, A democratic caucus of theIIouse cuse for carrying out the war. Revnohls, Barksdale, Lamer, Wal- is to be held this week to determine But for the over-weening pride tllall and George, whose proud arise with Europe over the Phil- whether tile party shall return to the of the Spaniards, they wouhl, acMevements Ilave emblazone(1, tlw i:ppine Islands. long before this, have s[lrrender- the historical banner, t)e buried t)e- old method, suspended since tile ed Cuba to the Cubans, qnd put neath tile material progress which is The dynamite cruiser Vesuvius civil war of compelling all I)artici- an end to the war uith, greqt pe- budding now alnong hersisterstates? is proving a success. She has pants in a party caucus to abide by cuniary cost to the UnltedStates, Soon these buds will begin their opc, thrown some shells into Santiago the decision of the caucus, with no correspon(lingadvant,te, ting, ancl we mast see to it that the harbor with destructive effect. While members of the administra- anti, indeed, no advantage at all rose of dnr own promie mTd endeav.  " or is not tess adorning than the oth- The Spaniards say she throws tton profess to ilelieve that '.he in- --Picayune. ers arouud us" Misssdppi can and earthquakes, surgents in tile Philippines are acting .... -.--- u]us nurture her own future. She The army of occupation for in accordance with an agreement London. June 2l.--The IIong Kong must shake off her bliglrth}g enviroa- eo|'respondcutof theI)aily bIail says mouth, anti forge to Ihe front. United S/at',es Consul Wildrnan hls to examine my stock. Special in. ducements to large buyers. PEETR MOLLER - 2K/2. VL No. 5 Night Train Leaves Memphis, 7:55 pal .. '* t. " " Vickbu,-g '' " " " " Ueatrovilto t, 1 " ____ A "rves New Orleans o,,?, Tit:,,.,,i,, le,,s ew O, loa.; " Cm file t* tt tt I tl'ev " " Vicksburg " " " " arrivesMemphrs No. 21 Day Train Leaves " ...... arrives ev O|']etttis No 2Z Day Train leaw,a New Nrleans 6:16 ata 10:;3 Sum 4:20 pm 8:35 pm I t : 5U pm 7:10 n 8 am 5:3D Pm 8:t}5 anl ........ arrives Vicksburg., 5:55 pro, Train rnns daily except Sundaj-. "--*. Na, 791 leaves Woodville " " loaves B.vo,: ;ll'a  am .... arrives ,qlanghfor 11'.'10 flirt No. 722 I,av,.s Slan'hfer I2:2 pm " .... Baron .'t ra ] ;/0"m-- .... al'rvo Woo,lviIle 2:35 pm 4:15 m The only Line r,lnnint .qoli,1 Trnirs bot.,o,.n --'IemDhls all J'eW Orleae: Garrying elegant Pnl/mau Bu " . " Cars ",n surin g ['asehger's a speedy an d e;ffmetolt:); rl, rey, both di,e,titms, tlt- k'or lhtbes, -fLaps etc., apl,ly to Agents era, t/r'.'ss. JNO, A, 15CO'II ', Die. Pass'r Agt, the t, Legislature in so,ion and: Cuba made a successful landing permit the appropriation bill to at Baiquiri and another place. beeomelawin acordaneo with There was but little resistance the expressed legislative wi$1. This course wouhl be ntanly and right and would redound to the o,ernov's ered,tt, and there' would: l)a no sacrifice of prinmple nvolved. To persist in further opposition might be termed "pig- beaded." As the members of the Legislature seem willing to waive their pay except for actual expenses, the chief objection to offered by the Spaniards. expected that Gen'l. Shatter will at once move on Santiago and capture the place. Gen'L Gar- cia helped to cover the landing of the trbops and will co-operate with the American forces. The telegraphic cvps of the army has connected one of the made with Admiral I)ewe,,_,. it is known that thelP are mlllt?' less worried over the new, annouuclng It is the declaration of an independent governmen by the I'hilippine ,nsur- gents N ollicial will say what are to be the relatlons of Gen. Merritt, who is to command Ihe army set to the Philippines as well as be mihtary governor of the islands, with the insurgents. It begins to look as though there might be more serious cut cables and communication: is trouble in those island tha-n whipping being had direct with Washing- the Spaniards who are there, 'l'ie r.iv6d no intimatAon from his gee- Ynment wit.bregard to the futurcof ) the[hilipmnes. Gem Aguinaldode. sires t.hat the islands become an Amerieancolony. Iledechtreslhatir b-fcannot be connected witl the tJuited St,ateswe will insist, npona republic being framed. If any(tther country than the Unibed States wish- es to secure control of t, he Philippines that, country will have t,o light for it. The insurgents nnder Aguinaldo now have 10,500 rifles and cight, field pieces. The Executive Commiltec of the state board of Imalth adoptcd the tel- calling the Legislature together-- the expense--is substantially re- moved. It  is said that the overnor 5as an inurmountare objection to this measure in the fear that his appointed, "Bill)' Sullivan," might not find favor with the epresentatives of the people. We think this is very probable. The appointment is one of the G:overnors blunders, and Ds not being generally applauded, but lowing : administration was certainly not Whereas, Dr. II. M. Folkes, coast expecting the insurgents to et n l) inspector of the Mississippi state board of healtlt, has conJpleted tim an independent government  hen investigation of the samtary condition instructions were l)repared for tile of thetowus in the counticsof liar- ton. Before tMs omnectin was made the Washington war Board agreed to leave the entire man- agement to Gen'l. Shafter. It;is reported that Admiral Cervera will make an attempt to escape from Santiago. The mink- ing of the Merrimae did not close the channel as was first claimed. Lieut. Hobson and crew have been removed from the Morro Castle and are imprisoned in San- tinge. military gnverumont, to be establish- ed by Gem Mcrlltt, to collect tariff duties on importation to the islands. Although there are about tifirty Senators who are opposed to tile adoption of the Itawaiian annexation risen, llancock and Jackson and has reported tile annie free frotll in[cc.- tion ; therefore, Be it ordained by the executive com- mittee of the Mississippi State board of healtl(, that the quarantine placed on lIarHson, Hancoek and Jackson counties by ordinance of this board .Tune 10, 1898, is hereby removed ex- resolution, which wen', through the cept as to the town of Gulfprot and House last week by so larffe a vote tim other towns a]onff the line of the that the Czar was compelled to keep Gulf and Strip Island Railroa(! as far north as Maxie in Perry county his room, under plea of sickness, for Freight from Gnlfport and other "Pertinent to Lhesest}ggestions, uothing s more certain to add to the worth of our state than tim enlarge- mcnt and t)uthling np of the capital city In all the Americau states the capital is the spot at hich all cil zens (lehght to point ith pride. It ts the st,at of their Iocalgovernmcut. the center of her inner cqvilition, the home of tier rulers. Jackson is among the ilau(lsomest cities within our eon[ines, but it is by no means the reatezt. Our neighbors are passing ns hy on every turn aud still we are lagging. Lccaldissensmns have done much to retard our prog. ress, and that stnrit ot unity and all. pervading imrmony which shouhl eharacterlz every well-meaning and determined community rs conspicu- ous most b), its a)sence It de- volves npou this people to change their relations--change them from a constant condition of wrangling, to one of nnited brotheriiood. New Or- leans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nash- ville, Memphis aad other soutllertr cities are fair examples of 'hat thi. feeling of unity will accopllsh, Let us have no more troubles within our own Iiome Tim time for develol)- t1ettt we8 never riper than now, and if we wouh!command the trade to vhich we are entitled, we shouht this fact is not worthy of consid- eration. It is clearly the duty of thc Governor under the circum- atances, to call, special session of the Legislature, and he hould diachargethat duty at all haz- arfftt. When the Legislature meets it will select a successor to Wat- t, all as representatives of the pie of Misshsippi, and it ahotdd be no eoneern of the Gov- ernor as to who is selected, ex- cept as it concerns him as a citi- n. If the Legislature prefers someone else to the Governor's appoiutee well and good. That is its right and the Governor middleman in thefleet; and the should noatmpt to defeat it t bnes will rattle, and Sagasta aion in'the, interest of Ms favorite, ! , r . P or of h's deal, as some put it. his long eIr to the ground.and "Iqe appointi power is held by IIstens.Ex. It is said that the British Am- bassador, at Washington has sug- gested to the Government the import:ance of occupying Cuba, and that when that isaeeomplish- efl European powers will compel Spain to sue for peace. Dispatches from Washington y that Gem Miles may be su- perceded by Gem Corbin. Gem Miles favors delay in almost everything, and is altogether too slow. Sigasta say peace overtures mus come from America. The opening oveiture will  an- nounced by a big gun, acting as several days, and which is now tie "unfinished business" ot the Senate, it ls believed, even by themselves, J. F. I[UNTER. M. !). Sec. that they can prevent a vote being Dr. IIunter states titat he hopes in reached and the resolution adopted a few (lays to be aMe to remove tim by the Senate, It hs been decided quarantine at least off the ton ot Gulfport. and i, a'very sllort time that the opposition should do all the some of the towus along the li,m of talking during the debate ; alan that the Gulf and Slnp Island Raitr,,ad. Congress shall not be allowed to The town o[ Mcl|enry will', of course, retnain in quarantine nnttl adjourn until the resolu'ion is voted the yellow fever is entirely stamped upon. rhis brings it down to a out. towns on theGulf and Ship Island tretch 3nr arms and speak for it lu Railroad will be admitted under rules aud regulations or tbis board, adop- snell tones as will be heard. The tcdApril 18, 1898. whole state could be made tributary to ,laeksonnaturallv it is so. Tiw delta, richer in its I)rnducts tban all the worhi, should empty her ann,,al al)ron imo our gates 'Fo the soul/i, east, north aF)(| west Of Uson all sidesare section whk:h we want t, reach an.l which e ought to reach. Wc have, so tar, done little enough towards aeeomphshing this great end. A cotton factory, wo,h,n mill and question of the endurance of the .... " ..... nmner:ms other industrial plants opponents of annexation, should they From the Madrid I)ial lo: vouh] be started here, but the will "()or gl-rions ,'ienate, after hearing not bnfl themselves It takes 1 decide to fight to the last tlitet; but the epic,did news from Santiago, did, her, long, hard and determined :o it iseonsidered likely that they will right, t)congratulate the tlrmvand navy. it should congratulate'itself [ do such things. Jackson must learn allo a vote to be aken ill the course every day nmil Bnt it shmld I a lesson from the deman:la of the of a woel or two--one very close al eongrat, ulae the nnble Admiral/hour Every man shouhl lay his Cervera, ingerlious man, for his great[shoulder against the wheel and push observer of thhgs }egNlative is so generoty and magnanimity in not twlth all his might. Start the hall oonfident of Ihis that he has wagered destloying the entire American fleet |rollihg and ils on tarni,g ill at- when he had it bottled in the harbor the nest of an elegant diuuer for of Santiago. Ills act, was indeed not- tract, the athering (ff other and im- eght gentlemen that the vote will be able and worthy a hero, portant works."--Mis, Pie. l]u- takea before the 4th of July. The "Thesublimc Blaneo. calm. philo- reau. sophieal in all things, should also whole power of the administration zs receive our senate's sincere congrat,- -------''"- Governor in trust for the and it houhl td'ways be exercised in the interest of the state. The Governor's enemies harge that he has lost siglit ofi is important fact in his distri- bution of palronage- aud he can, now, ty permitting the lOlffe, their :LegMatrrre, to asenator to suit themsel: do much Jacksonville, June 2list--Thirty Lo disorove tbi members ot the First Wisconsin Volunteers were poisoneff by etaing that the canard g,,ods and ae setivusly ill,. being used to bring about a vote. ulations. Each day he sends us news New York, Juno 22.--Aspeclal dis- -- :-;* of Spanih victories. I]ow reassuring patch fron dantiago de Cuba, Jnne In anticipation of an etormous ] A larger proportioaa, te number of t have these. By his own bonnrable -, via Kingst(m, Jamaie't, to-day, statements we have alreacly destroyed says that Cubalrs have br,,uuht infer wheat crop the prices arc brcak.l democrats in,.the Senate will vote for five American hattleshit)o, ten cruis- . , e, - nlatmn to Adlmral Sanipsou that X(I- ing ba@ly, td the indications are t the resolution than in the Itouse, ers and twelve other craft, consisting of torpedo boats, monitors and ffun- desperatcmiral CervcracffortitoPrOparedtake his tO,lfipsmakeonta marketthat tl,theWeatCrnnew harvest'PrdueerSat the willold /where 18 voted for it, and a fe- who boats. .War, theref:)re, must soon be of Santiago harborat the first favora- brealneek prices. We would not/fayred annexation refrained from over, since the stotbfnl Americans bin opportnnity. The Spauish war- have no navy. Neildmr have they ships, it is reported, have been coaled be sttrprisedifthe quotation prlees/Vting ia deference to the large couragenor honor. |/ow splendid is stunk to forty cents in the leading party majority against it. In file Spanish honor. Pint before war is over to their lullest capaci.ty and the crews Iteat pro(luting regioaa of the llouse thc populists divided evenly Northwest.Aberdeen Eamtner. on the question, and there Is about the same divisiou among'the popu- tst Senators, although Senator But. ler, of N. C, and Pettigrew, orS. Dak., areamon, the leaders el the oppoitioo to annexation. out, greab D.llmco will march to New are refused shore reave Every nig tt Yolk;. he will capture New Orleans vessels drop downr the bay to be pre- an(/ tbc outlying" native vi]]age of pared to embrace the first favorable Memphis. lIewillhotd theAmericau opporttndty to attempt a :lash pastthe mil}lonaires for ransom. Ile will givel blockading sqlta([rorl. It is said f( he tbclr palaces to his ofllcers fi)r their [ tile Spanish Admiral"s Itope to . t headquarters, he will scatter tbeie I least a I)ortion cf his shills fronS?el?. - vile gcld among his troops, he will be,] turo. and ia a light to sink some o magaiRcent."--NashviMe Anserican. the r craft A. T. BENEDICT. I'[ANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER IN Ca riagss, Carts, Farm Wag0ns, Jlffent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WA(0NS Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LIGHTEST RUNNING WAGON Made. Agent for F(L4Z[EIt ]LOAD and SPEEDING 0ART, whie are great favorites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE 00Earn.?ier00 00ren 00empart00, The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Fauoing in the United BtaleL Parti,uhtr attention paid to re-covering and rigging "l"exa Sdd 1. All wor k dom promptly and at lteasomtble re.tea. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf A great army | | Vamm aon oF housekeepers--over , strong--eing the ; 1UU fill praisesofth:world-famed  t Wheeler and Wils "" on INw t , prove No 9 sewing Mach,ne. [ i _ell I1_ .... Rotary motion and bal bea,ings make it nolseles,. t iT HV nv00.r ..,,a and easy running, aad it makes the heaviest ; % uu,t  VIVi kind of sewing a quick and easy task. Read these = " ][ fll lalll honest words of the Sister Superior of the Rhode t / !I|IIH |i!HH Island Camlic Orphan Asylum: " @ Y 7 253 I ratine Avenue. t lid ProvMen. It. I., A'ug.. 9, I,F/. ! Slilil We h,ave used In this Institution nine HiltS, s_ [! 'heeler &. IVilsotl NO. a .,'Sowh g Maehtnetl. I Vlilrlllill I feel it my duty to recommend tiwtn a t S,tl)et'ior to any "other make that I have q] @ @ . us(l, for boh light and heavy work. ] Very truly yours, @ . _ ! . bqSTEII SUPNRIOR. t o* W I: WNT IIN lltlT tn every town lu this State. 8vlendhl @ ., ,- .wai. rill i"tlkil.ll/ tnoney-mttking cha, nee. Wlta ua about It. _ T. Dumas Co., Ltd., | e g New t3 nerai A ents .... t , Orleans. ][ o***..o*****o..**se*****: o.o.o..o.oo.o TRESPASS NOTICE. lhtnting o lrwise trespassing oil Ihe McMann.s, Farish anti Bowling Green places s strictly prohibited un- der l)enalt'" of file law. All former permission s revoked. ]. M. McGEI[EE. J. II. PENDLETON. Sept. 4, lbJ6-tf TRESPASS NOTICE.. All hunting on my place is strictly prohibited un(h'r penalty of the law. MRs E, IV. J0OR. i1 20 97 tt. Skin Diseases. For the speedy and permanent cure of 'rer. salt rheum and eczema, Cham- uerlain's and 8kin Ointment i without an eqnal. It relieves the ing and smarting almos instantly its eonfinue4 uae effects  permanen cure. It alsoeurs itch, barber's itch scald head, sore nipples, itching pile chapped hands, chronic oro eyei anal granulated lids. Dr. Cady's Condition Powders fo horses are the beat tonic, blood d vermifuge. Price, 25 centa. IdA:W