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June 22, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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June 22, 1973

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Friday, June 22, /973 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Page 7 1 " ............................................................ approximately as follows: of frame and thirty-five degree the true point of beginning, I FUBLIC NOTICE CLASSIFIED ADS NOTES D,'ainage Structure Items ar.ticulation right or left. The:being the Southwest corner of!To All Owners And Persons COUNTY ,4GENT'S fPil Ft Treated Timber Board ,reserves the right to re-'the tract i00e,'eb.v conveyed: ]00nteres00ed In The 00oliowing FOR SALE: Nice young gray by John J. Dale, Jr. jeer any and all bids /thence North ]1 degrees 30 Described Land: mare, broke to ride, but not 2.0 Each P.C. Concrete Cap for This 5th. day of June, 1973.1minutes West 100 feet; thence From the corner common to 'ecommended for ladies or chil- ......................  ................................... I 19' Span for Std. PC-1924(B) Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk I North 78 degrees 30 minutes i Sec.tions 41, 44 and 47, Township dren. Also one used GE refrig- FERTILIZE AND MANAGE we should use 8 million tonsl (End Unit 6/8/3w lEast 60 feet, Lo the Northwestlt2 North. Range 4 Wet, Wilkin- crater P.hone 888-5251 FASTURiJS now to bring our soil up to the 2.0 Kach 19' P.C. Concrete  -------'--'-----[corner of lot conveyed Mary son County, Mississippi, run 6/15.2wp ' ]recommended pH. Then we need )Span for Std. PC-1924(A (Curb NOTICE OF BIDS }Boyd on November 10, 1953; ]'Northeasterly along Section line .......... L ............... If your summer permanent to use one million tons a yearlunit) I The Wilkinson coun.ty Board thence South 11 degrees 30,1815.2 feet. more or less, to a WANTED: Someone ,to live in Pastures are just avel'a-e--cap-' to maintain tle soil pH. I 6.0 Each 19' P.C. Concrete of Education will receive sealed ' minutes East 100 feet to the,point that is due South of the with elderly lady. Tel. 645-3191 able ..... of -upplying gr'lss,, for onel We e.annot afford to go back-Span for Std,. PC-194 A) (Int. bids in the office of the Super- [Ilorth margin" ........ o' street; theqce'unitl now ,'ssigued . to the Ray- on Saturdays from noon ghrough .... co tl )n evel, th!ee'w , _ ... ' - e., 1 inute .... - .... w and c I ( "y '" ards in our liming process Unit intendent of Educatmn, Wood I South 78 d_gees 30 n -,Mae-Ro_cnbhtt No. 1 Well and Sunday at 3 p.m., enwewne, acres--you can do something/Lime is a blue-chip investment I 2.0 Unit; P C. Concrete Wings ville, Mississippi, until 3:00 I West 60 fee: to the true point i also the point of beginning, Miss. about, it. for P.C. Concrete Span for Std. o'clock p.m., Monday, July 2, I of beginning, and being Lot ---[thence North along the East 6.. 15/3w Lot of MississiPl)i (aLtlemen. ] UREA POISONING PC-1924(F) 11973, for janitorial and mainte-i of plat surveyed and platted line of said Unit and its ex .... --\\; tuotoh, o fertilization, and, good urea ........... toxmiLy or posomngo c .... ..... i ,490 .............. Lin F[ Bean] Type Rail- nance supplies FOB destina-lMarch 8 1951 by A. K. Farrar. itenHon for 2210.0 feet more or AVAILABLE." 4 puppies -- o Pasture manag(,menu nave pas- occur when an animal receives :ing with Concrete Pot for Std. tion, Wilkinson County Schools, County Surveyor for R. C. ilcss thence East for 14484 feet, hunting dog ancestry -- goes .tures thai support one cow and mor( than he daily rc'cm-i PC-1924.(A) for the school year 1973-74. Kaigler, and being a part of more or less, to the East line Rosemont stock. See Rodney h, 'lr ,,,,. o,.., .. . o  '  61 0 Lin Ft 18" Galvanized 12 Complete liss of supplies may l,the Southwest quarter of North- I of Section 41 thence South- Lane at Rosemont 9 to 5 Tues.- ........ * .... ' ....... menace limits oi urea. ymp- I ..... . '" o' ' S t ............. . ........... 4urns tend ................  .... ,,, e,,elo :Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert be obtained from the office of I east quarter of Sectlon 28,1 westerly along the Section hne a. LL*a*..*e *O IJC'.)U * bUlll Ui ure, UIOU/J*ILI U  T , ' " ............ low .....  .......... 80 Ln FL 24" Galvanized 12 lJhe Superintend,ent of Educe-tTownship 2 North Range 2 for 26522 feet, me,re or less, to 6/1/tf be gel Lougn l'lCl exLl'(2Hltuy raoialv (wimin Ju m uu him- - ..... _  .. .' .... " . __  ..... = " - Gauge Metal P|pe Culvert tion West me pom oI beginning ':ne , , in quality toward late summer, utes after the animal eats a ' ' ' ' "'' ' ' COME JOIN THE FUN at Lueys This can be prevented to some extent through fertilization and management. Nitrogen fertiliza- elude uneasiness, staggering and .  r tmn will improve the protein kicking at .the flank, a.t which Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert content of the grass, make g, rass I point they usually go down.! Contract Time: 20 Working more succulent ad improve the Other symptoms may include i Days f  efficiency of moisture use. labored breathing, slobbering . Basis o .Award: The award, I ...... lI mae Will oe maae to me Between now and July 1, ap-:anfl otoamg, t ' ' ,-Im , ,'ho,,ld be undei lowest qualified bidder on the .ply 45 to 60 poul]dS of nitrogen T,'e, ,L S  "r I ....... basis of published quantities per acre. Then, in early August, me superwsmn oI a veberlnar- I . " " in Bu t * the Drst s-m,tom' Plans ann specifications are make another nitrogen applica- ........   , . . 1 sh .... ren hod with! n file in the offme of the Chan- tion Tills should allow enough aroma s JUra oe a c nitrogen to supply the grass l a gallon of vinegar I cery Clerk, Wilkinson County, ' ' 1 Miss.isaippi, and in until frost. J Po:soning is 1,kely to occur! Woodv!l e, I the office Cows will eat more gras that when urea s fed from two[ ..... of John D. McCraine, is highly fertilized because of sources, or when an overdose!WUKmsn C ou n ty Engineer, toxic dose. 9(:.0 Lin. 'FL 30" Galvanized 12 Envelopes containing b ids These symptoms in cattle in- Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert shall be plainly narked "Bid-- 62.0 Lin. FL. 48" Galvanized 12 Janitorial a n d Maintenance increased protein content and is fed f.rcm one source It can Palatability. I t:e avoided when animals are Along with fertilization, man-l changed over gradually to urea- agement of grazing is needed to containing feeds and when rec- get the most from the fertilizer ommended limits of urea in the and keep the grass tender all feed arc not exceeded. Use care summer. Su mm e r pasturesl when feeding any ration con- should be divided ,into at least itaining urea. th,ree grazing areas, and cattle l . SOYBEANS bid, payable to Wilkinson Coun- should be rotated from one area , . ty, must accompany each pro- to another each .week. This will I If you nave no yet planted i posal force the cattle to eat all Of[you r :soybeans select one'of thei .'_ h " ] "ified the gras and prevent spot graz- ' . llaael's are ereoy  o later maturing varieties Fo;r I .... ni d ind. It will also permit uniform -lantin ..... t 7' - ,ima any proposa accompa e " 9 g arl:er dune Za, ne oesi ........ " ' regrowth of the grass once the ,varieties will be Davis, Semmes, I nYanne,er :ua'nY'gionm u:: y cattle arc moved h Bragg Ransom Coker 2.36A and . ' .. ,. ' _ ' ..... whch the proposal ls tendered LIME umn. m'agg is mos nexime .... ' ., _ , ' ,win oe consmerea an irregmar of all these varieties, in terms'bid, and such proposal will not In 1967 Mississippi frmers of planting dates. Ransom, be eonsidexed in making the Used 8)0,090 tons of lime. In Coker 266A and Hutton are not award. -1972 they used only 599,000 tons. well suited to heavy clays but Why? Agronomists estimate that can be ,planted on heavier soils. Mississippi, until 11 a.m., June 26, 1973, and shortly thereafter publicly opened, for construc- tion of drainage structures on 0.718 miles of eoun.ty highway (Silver Creek Road), located in Section 4, Township 3 North Range 1 West, Wilkinson County, known as B,ridge Project No. 2, Supplies." The Board resexves the right to reject any or all bids Berna,rd Waites Executive ccretary 6/15/3w NOTICE OF BIDS The Wilkinson County Board of Education will receive sealed bids in the office of the Super- intendent of  Education, Wood- ville, Miss., until 3:00 o'clock Woodville, Mississippi. P tan stP .m., Monday, July 2, 1973, and proposals may be secured i for .gasoline, ,automotive oils, from .Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Chan-lgreases, anti-freeze, tires, tubes, cery Clerk of Wilkinson County, ,tire recapping and school bus at Woodville, Mississippi, upon lbOdy and chassis parts, F.O.B. payment of $10.C0, which will school bus maintenance shop, not be refunded. Woodville, Mississippi, for the I Certified check or bid bond, 1973-74 school year. far five percent (5%) of total ! A detailed list of items re- Tom Ashley 5th District Supervisor Wilkinson County, Mississippi Alonzo H. Sturgeon Clerk Wilkinson County Board of Supervisors quired, specificat4ons, quanti.ties and qualities may :be obtained from the office of the County Superintendent of Education. Envelopes con,tairUng bid s The above described real es- tate is sold for the purpose of effeeting a partition among the owners in accordance with said decree and title is believed to be good but I will convey only such ,title .as is vested in me as said Special Commissioner, and Wednesday, July 11, 1973, tat 10 a.m. o'clock in the office of the Chancellor in the Adams County Cou:rthouse at Natchez, Mississippi, is designated and Board Of Supervisors Of Wilkinson County NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS 'Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of iDistrlct No. 5, Wilkinson County. Wilkinson County at Woodville, Principal items of work are I I I I I |H Natchez Stockyards Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. SALE EVERY THURSDAY TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE AND HOGS For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 888-4595, Woodville MAKE THE SWITCH- Buy A New Ford Combine and Watch Your Savings Grow! Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. 6/1/4w NOTICE OF BIDS above described tract is situated in Section 41, Township 2 North, Range 4 West, North Fort Adams Field, Wilkinson county, Mis- sissippi and does contain 40 acres, take notice that John C. Weaver and H. Vaughan Wat- kins, Jr. have filed a petition with the State Oil and Gas Board of Mississippi under Docket No. 1{)8-73-191 request- ing the Board approve .and es- fixed as the time and place for tablih the above desoribed the hearing of the application l land as an oil drilling unit {or to confirm the report of the'a well to be known as the John said sale. This, the 8th. day ofJune, A. D., 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon Special Commissioner 6/8/4w C. Weaver and H. Vaughan Watkins-Rcsenblatt No. 1 Well as an exception to the Board's Statewide Rule 7 in that the requested Unit cannot be en- compassed by the perimeter of ,a rectangle 1840 feet by 1445 feet as required by said rule, NOTICE OF BIDS said well to be drilled to a depth T,he Wilkinson County Board of Education will receive sealed of 8350 feet to test gl]e Minter bids in the office of the Super- sand at the following location intendent of Education, Wood- re-wit: ville,, until 3:00 o'clock From common corners of See-' p.m., Monday, July 2, 1973, for shall be plainly marked - "Bid-- (top quality classroom supplies, Gasoline--7/2/73." o} whatever I office supplies, teaching aids item bid. i The Board reserves the right to reject any ex all bids. Bernard Waites Executive Secretary 6/15/3w SPECIAL COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OF SALE OF LAND FOR PARTITION James Hunter and Rosie Lee Arnett, Complainants vs. No. 6005 Princella Brown, Defendant By virtue of the provisions of a decree of the hancery Court The Wilkinson County Boardlof Wilkinson County, Mississippi, of Education will receive sealed rendered by said Court on the bids in the office of the Super- 4th. day of June, A. D., 1973, intendent of Education, Wood- ville,, lYrississippi, until 3:00 o'clock p.m., Monday, July 2, 1973, for milk and bakery prod- ucts for the schools of Wilkin- son County for the school year 1973-74. Lists of items and amounts the undersigned, as Special ommissioner of said Court in the above num,bered and styled cause, will on Monday, the 2nd. day of July, A. D., 1973, at the West door of the Courthouse in Woodville, Mississippi, within legal :hours, about noon, expose required may bc obtained from!for sale and sell to the highest the office of the Superintendent bidder ,for eas,h the following of ,Education. described real estate situated in Envelcpes con,raining b i d sIWilkinson County, Mississippi, sell be plainly marked - "Bid--I described as follows, to-wit: Cafeteria." Beginning on the East side of The Board reserve.s the right I the Lower WoodviUe and N,atch- to reject any or all bids. ez Road t a point South 45 Bernaed Waites degrees East 201.8 feet from the Executive Secretary Southwest cornier of tract 6/15/3w I conveyed by R. C. Kaigler ,to Mrs. J. E. Hall on December NOTICE TO ROAD '15, 1938, .and of record in B.oolc 3-K, at Pag 537, Conveyance Records and North 45 degrees West 19 feet from the Southwest corner of lot owned by Slann; thence North 77 degrees East along South margin of right of way 259 feet; thence North five degrees West 25 feet to .the North margin of said right of way; thence North 5. degrees est along the West margin of an intersected rlght of way 115! feet to the Southeast crner of lot conveyed" Felix Liberty, et ux on March 27, 1951; thence North 11 degrees 30 minutes West 300 feet to the Northeast corner of lot conveyed Roose- velt WiLson, et ux on January 26, 1954; thence continuing North 11 degree 30 minutes EQUIPMENT AGENCIES Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in # the Board Room of the Court- house in Woodville, Mississippi, up to noon on Tuesday, the 3rd. day of July, 1978, to purcha;se for cash from the Revenue Sharing Fund, for ,the use of the Fifth Supervisor's Separate Road District, one (1) nine ,wheel 10 .to 15 ,ton pneumatic compactor equipped with diesel motor ,of at least 90 H.P., power shift transmission forward and :reverse, three speed range torque converter, all gear drive, hydrastatic steering, hydraulic brakes, water sprinkler system, must be equipped with dual controls for right or left oper- a.tion, twenty degree oscillation West 30 feet across street .to LOANS [':rom $100 to $5/000 Bill Consolidating Loans Are Our Specialty. Payments Reduced As Much As Vs to V and Sometimes Even More. -- Free COUNSELING SERVICE -- Call Or Stop By Our Office Woodville Finance, Inc. Depot Street Phone 888-2011 tions 41, 44 and 47, Township 2 North. Range 4, Wilkin- son County, Mississippi, run and library books and supplies, Northeasterly along Section line F.O.B., destination, Wilkinson 2791 feet to a point, thence County Sch eels, Wilkinson Northwesterly at a right angle County, Mississippi, for the 330 feet .to .the location, school year 1973-74 The Board ,reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Berna.rd Waltes Executive Secretary 6/15/3w NOTICE OF BIDS The Wilkinson County Board of Education will receive sealed bids in the office of the Super- and for an order ,force pool- ing and integrating all non- consenting mineral and mineral lease owners under the a,bove described land and for an order allocating full daily production allowable to said well. That said mat.ter will be heard by said Board at 9:30 a.m. on the 18th day of July, 1973, in the Second Floor Auditorium of Ceramics, Hardwood, La. Open every day except Wednesdays and Sunda:s. 5/18/if FOR SALE: 1971 Galaxie 500 4-door sedan. Loaded, very clean. $1,950. Call 888-6745 or 888-6454. 5/25/tf HOUSE FOR SALE: 3-bedroom, 2-bath brick veneer home in Centreville. $27,500. Hewes Real Estate, John C. Hewes, phone 888-3941. 5/18/tf HOUSE FOR SALE: Carter Sub- division. 3-beuroom, 2-bath, large den and kitchen. Spacious lot. Call 888-2721 for appoint- ment. POSTED: All lands owned by .the undersigned ,are hereby posted agalnat all hunting, fis,h ing or otherwise .trespassing 7 Mrs. Mac Bradley. 5/11/6m MILLIONS of rugs have been cleaned with Blue Lustre. It's America's finest. Rent electric shampooer $1. Ben F, ranklin Store. 6/22/lw FOR SALE: Fall Tomato Plants. Withers Greenhouses, Ph. 888- 3181. 6/22/2W FOR SALE: Quarter Horse Palo- m.lno Mare, 8 years; Buck- skin Gelding, gentle .to ride, 5 years; Paint Gelding, 700 lbs., for children, 7 years. Call Bill Withers, Woodvllle, phone 888- :intenden,t of Education, Wood- : the Woolfolk State Office Build- 4209 ing Jackson Mississippi, at 1 6/22/lwp viIle, Mississippi,' until 3:00 I ' o'clock :p.m., Monday, July 2, which time you may appear and] ---- fro-- home 2 Blue 1973, for cleaning, repairing, and contes ..... sam mater. STRAYED m , n 1 This t ........ l Tick .hound dogs If fou d, ca 1 lie llbn say o' dune, I servicing .the following for the , " Dave McGlothin, 888-4334. schools of Wilkinson County for 1973. the school year 1973-74. State Oil and Gas Board 6/22/lw 16 electric .typcwxitcrs, more or less 75 manual typewriters, more or less i 6/22/lw 18 electric adding machines, ,more of less 8 electric calculators, more or less 10 duplica, tin,g machines, more or less 4 mimeograph machines Envelopes con,tining bid s shall be plainly marked "Bid-- Cleaning ,and Repairing Ma- c,hines." The Board reserves .the right to reject any or all bid's. Bernard Waites Executive Secretary 6/15/3w of Mississippi By Quincy R. Hedges Supervisor-Secretary Want Ads Get Quick Results! WARREN'S GROCERY and SPORTING GOODS , Hwy. 61 North Brown's Velvet ICE CREAM V gallon 89c Fresh CATFISH lb. 89c 10 ft. 12 ft. 14 ft. H & H LURES 3 for 99c Flat Bottom BOATS $75.00 $85.OO $95.0O MISSISSIPPI ONLY CAMP GROUND FAIR--The hist?,rically-famous Nesimba Count. Fair is the only camp ground fair in fle United States. There have been others but they have long-since passed d-ore the scene. The Neshoba County Fair, Amer- ica's only fair with the "old time" family reunion air, has been continuous since 1889. Tlere are more than 200 houses wHh 2000 patrons occupying them for the fair week. It is the largesl "family reunion" in tim world. Released by Misss- sipp Economic Council. FOR SALE: Bahia Grass, Ferti lized Hay. Will sell t reason- able price. Phone 639-4598. 6/22/4.w SPiNET:C01SOLE PIANO Wanted responsible party to take over spinet piano. Can be seen locally. Wxite Credit Man- ager, P. O. Box 276, Shelbyvllle, Indiana 46176. 6/22/4w FOUND: One young female Walker hound. Call 888-4251. 6/22/lw "IF IT IS INSURANCE CALL US." WE KNOW WItAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! WE HAVE HAD FORTY-NINE YEARS EXPERIENCE. ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Gloater, Miss: III I I ' LIVESTOCK SERVICE Phone 888-6682 Livestock hauled to any auction barn or other destination of your choice at reasonable rates. Individual order buying service. Quantities of stocker cattle bid on in pasture. Other livestock services available on request. Contact O. K. FERGUSON Woodvil00e, Miss. I I I i II