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June 22, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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June 22, 1973

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Page 4 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Friday, June 22, 1973 / MISSISSIPPI OUTLOOK by Paul Pittman Biloxl -- Slowly, but now def- What is significant about the initely, the word is being passed'Biloxi situation and O'Keefe's along the garrish Mississippi entry as the new mayor is the Gulf Coast Strip that a new day implied, but never defined, pos- ls coming with the installation ,:ibility tl]at there is a building of a new mayor here July 2. ' underworld influence on the It was a curiosity to begin] Gulf Coast with. Not. in the memory of old.- The coast has always been timers here on the coast has pregnant with the .opportunity a mayor been elected without for off-key hanky-panky. That oppo.ition, dates back to Mississippi's pro- What makes it especially un- hibition days when the strip was usual is the fact that Biloxi ise, rowded with open saloons, a the second largest ci'ty in Mis- condition openly condoned by COUNTY BOARD OF 'Tow,] of Woodville, utilities, at. lEd., w'held $164.80; State In- Print & Supply, sup., $7.88:lMars Hill News Ihse., jail. $48.39: H. B. McGraw. lcome Tax Fd.. same. $1.10: Rc-m,same. $,15.08: Bettye Sturgeon, SUPERVISORS MEET ,,sheriff ,alary, $739.14: Waldo tirement Fd., Co. share. $70.92; Isecy. (SB 1726). $300.00: Planlers Welch. deputy, $336.51" Herman w'hcld $90.92: See. See. Fd.. Hdw.. hdw.. $38.45" South Con- We wore glad to have Mr. and ' " Mrs.' J. A. Nowell of Woodville , Anthony, same. $341.76: Edith w'held & Co. share. $360.98: Ins tral Bell. sere.. Co. Engr., $32.32: at Mars Itill Methodist Church State of Mississippi i Carter. same. $221.75: Victory Fd.. same. $31S.71: Super Service McGehee Moto,r Parts. 1)arts, Sunday morning. He filled the County of Wilkinson ,Tax Fd.. w'l]cld $207.80: State Sta.. tire repr., etc. $106.17: D'- $21.05. pulpit ill the :tb:ence of our Be it known and remembered Income Tax Fd.. same. $27.05: Aquila Oil Co. ti,rcs. $9.28: fuel. County Farnl Fund: Wilkin- ew pa,%or, who will be with that on this the 5th day of Retirement Fd.. Co. share. $99. $9co8.00: SW Miss. EPA. utilities, son Co. Welfare Dept.. off. ex-ill]is on the first Sunday in July. June, A. D.. 1973 at 9 o'clock 0{}: w'held. $99.00: Soc. Sec. Fd.. $3.00: Carter Eqt. Co.. parts, pense, $75.00: child welfare. $50. / Mr. :nd Mrs. Jimmy Perry a.m.. the Wilkinson County w'held & Co. share. $245.72: Ins. $58.14: Scott's Auto Repair. serv.. 00: Lucille Whittington. allow-o f Litchfield. Michigan. visited Board of Supervisors convened Fd.. same. $133.65: H. B. Me- t237.00: Big River Supply, grader once. $25.00; Eloise Welson. his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Pha- in regular monthly session in Grow..postage, $16.00: Egsie blades, $638.56; Laurel Hill Lbr. same. $20.00: Bettye Plitt. post- roah Perry, and his grandpar- the Courthouse. Harris. jail board $158.00:61-24 Co.. lbr.. $467.40: Julius M. Car- age, food stamps, $48.00: Public ent.s for a few clays Iast week. The roll being called; all Gull'. gas, $12.50: H. B MeG,raw. er. moving dozer. $150.00: Allied Welfare Dept.. rood stamp pro- Friends of Mr. Thud Leake members were present except reimh gas, $6.00: Super Service Eqt. Co.. pa,rts, $44.07: H & R gram, $2.865.92: Woodville Re- will be very sorry to hear that Sta. gas. $402.38; Mary Russ, Ford Go. sere., pts., $127.63: publican, supplies, food .stamps. he h-td to go back to Jeff DaViS Darden.Steve Reed.vicePresident._ President. A.pre_J. J.P.. $95.00: Samuel Minor. sa,me. Seal Tractor Co.. same. $25.08; $11.25: Miss. Power & Light Co.. Hospit:l in Natchez Friday affd sided. Also present was Loui,s $5.00; Carl Wall, same. $105.90; James Calvert. gravel. $40.80; utilities, well. bldg., $55.14: Town i in serious condition. Myrtle Winer. same. $295.00: Alex Ventress. same. $56.80: Big of Woodville. same. $6.42: Ginn One of our colored neighbors, Gaulden. Leon Cavil, and Tom Betty Dawson. assessor. $707.25; River Supply Co.. culvert. $522. Office Supply, off. sup.. food Richard Cupit. i,; still in the Ashley. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Julia Hender.son. deputy, $221. 92: Plamers Hdw.. Inc.. hdw.. stamps, $20.73: South Central ho=pital after undergoing sur- Clerk and H. B. McGraw. Sher- 75; Sammy Johnston, same. $221. ,$212.20: McGehee Motor Parts. Bell. sere.. F.S. office. $1302. gory, but he hopes to be home iff was present. 175: Louisa McGraw. same. $221. pts.. $59.10. Public Health Fund Wil. Co. soon. The monthly reports of John 75: Victory Tax Fd.. w'held. $284. Third District Road Fund: sissippi. But that is what happened, Je,rry O'Keefe. a former state legislator and highly successful action has shifted. Local offi-lmlssion were received, approvefl]Fd ' w'held & Co. share. $2100; businessman, is a member of a rials, in fact. have watched and filed. prominent Gulf Coast family. He had an uncle. John, O'Keefe. who served briefly as mayor of the city and also served as Commissioner of Public Safety during the administration of the late Gee. Hugh White. The current ltuation devel- oped after Mayor Danny Guic decided not to seek a second term. His graceful exit. in the face of what a private poll showed to be an up-hill climb for re-election, left the field wide open for O'Keefe. What is apparently disconcert- Ing to some of the old-line politicians in the city is the fact that O'Keefe's inten.tion is to create a new brighter image for the Biloxi area. He has already told ky ad- visers that he phms to consoli- date the police and fire depa,rt- melts into a department of public afety. And. for head of that new city agency, he has picked J M. Lopez. a hard-nosed veteran of ,more than 20 years service with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The move to Lopez. which has already leaked out to city em- ployees, undoubtedly triggered the resignation last week of Police Chief Leslie Mon tgomexy drive'on June 17 a success. --!w'held & Co share. $98.94; Me-]Selvage, same, $283.54; West and Fire Chief Frank Gabrich. Allen Chapel AME Church. I Comb Sty. Co.. off. sup., $3:40;  Ware. same, $299.52; Victory Tax Health Dept., allotment, $858.00; Visiting Mr. and Mrs. VerliS local law officials J Dale. County Agent; Marjorie 70; St, ate Income Tax Fd. same, A. J. Darden. salary, $599.97; Polly R. Evans. regr. vital slat.. Perry on Father's Day were Mr. But now that the sale of liquor F. White. Extcn,ion Home Econ- $51.97; Retirement Fd.. Co. share, Harold Bruss. same, $276.24: I $40.00: vital slat.. $25.75: Mi:ss. and Mrs. Kern]it Shell and chin i'.s legal, tlle emphasis on the omist; and State Hospital Com- $85.50: w'held. $85.50; Soc. Sec. Leslie Hughes, same, $307.65:iState SaniLorium. TB patients, ldren of Roxie. Mr. and Mrs. Marion McCurley, same. $294.01;]$72.00. Morri Jackson of Zachary, La., closely, in the destructive wake Bet'ty Dawson, postage, $9.40; Lum McGraw. same. $279.36: Field Memorial Ho:pital Bond and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Per, rY of Hurricane Camille. for the I Claims against the County Ketchings Co.. off..up., $93.66: Victory Tax Fd.. w'held. $113.40; & Interest Fund: Deposit Gust- and children influx of high rik money that were disposed of a.s follows: :same. $99.95: same $185.00; State Income Tax Fd.. same. lanty Nat'l Bank. prin., int. & We send best wishes to Mr, conceivably could come from I General Fund: Lawrence same. $70.30: Alonzo H. Slur- $4.82; Ret,irement Fd.. Co. share, fee, $2.620.00. Ronald Perry for a speedy re- sources not altogether legiti- Printing Co., forms. $32.45; Hod- geon, postage, $61.00: Planters $43.88; w'held. $43.88; Soc. Sec. Courthouse Bond & Interest revery. erman Bros.. off. supplies, $8.52; Hdw.. hdw.. shff. $1.85: same, Fd.. w'held & Co. share, $245.72; Fund: Deposit Guaranty Nat'l mate. ' . Mr. and Mrs. Kennel Ashley MeComb Stationery Co.. same. jail, $7.87; sup., Co. agt., $.30: Insurance Fd.. same. $193.15; Bank. int. & fee. $93.75 and daughter, Mary, took a t,riP O'Keefe. an independcntly l$3.40; Miss. Power & Light Co.. Woodville Republican. pub. min- D'Aquila Oil Co., tires, $293.18; wealtt]y entrepreneur, says that , Revenue Sharing Fund: Jerry to Alabama to visit their son, he plans to keep a close eye; utilit, ie. ct. h,s...loll. $119.67; utes. $60.00: South Central Bell Super Service Sta.. tire repr., Enis, salary, $140.00: Retirement Harold and from there went uP under-i Lawrence Printing Co.. off. sup., serv.. Bd. & Clk., $89.68; Cir. $26.25: Miss. Power & Light Co.. Fd., Co. share. $8.19: Soc. See. in Tennessee to visit places of on any effort by outside world operatives to get a toe-l$18"65: McComb Stationery Co.. Clk.. $21.23. utilities. $5.41: S & S Auto Sup- Fd. same. $8.19. interest before returning home. hold on tlle eoast. I same. $20.00: Gulf South Publi- First District Road Fund: ply, parts, $23.75; Scott's Auto f Courthouse Building Fund: They report having a wonder- This, along with a crackdown icatin Hospitality adv.. $59.00:iLouis Gaulden, salary, $467.90: Repair, sere.. $58.00; T. L. James Juanita Robinson. adm. sere., ful time. on gambling, and an emphasi.s Woodville Republican. pub. no-' Oliver Lanus, san]e, $287.46; & Co., asphalt, $18.00: Big River $350.00. on good government will make tire. $12.00: B & B Office Sup- IGerald Wilkinson, same. $286.07; Supply Co.. grader blades. $36. i Contin.ucd next week) his coming administration as ply, off. sup., $12.30; Itek Busi-IHenry .Harris, $267.38: Victory 86: culvert. $369.50: Minna Erst- mayor of Biloxl interestin,g to nes's Products. sere. cont. photo Tax Fd.. w'held, $104.4'0; State ling, lot rent, $10.00; Ray Net-[Somme r Feeding "Oh mch.. $453.15: Ketchings Co., Income Tax Fd., same. $1.1,0: tervillc, gravcl, $75.20: Seal watch during the next ]'our off. sup., $10.95; Alonzo H. Slur- Retirement Fd.. Co. share. $57. Tractor Co. parts, $23.54: Gulf i Progra m To Begin o__ n _" .-_ _ __ *__ years. I gcon auditor. $150.30; MCA- 38: w'hcld. $57.38; Soc. Sec Fd., Oil Products. fuel. $347.54: Cel- l 3932 (PP). $113.60; Samuel E. w'held & Co. share. $187.20: Ins. trevilc Texaco Sere., tire rcpr.,] A special summer feeding pro- IIUIIRY! Smith, egistrar, $107.40; deputy, Fd.. same. $44.55: Robert Tyson, etc. $21.15: Ccntreville Motor gram will be operated out of the Everyone who is in Christ's $350.00; Judith Brown, ct. repr., labor. $24.00; Super Service Sta.. Co.. serv., pts.. $144.52. Woodville Neighborhood Service Church and service is invited to Fourth Dist,rict Road Fund: Center under direction of Rev. a drop lp the $81.75; Anabel Maxie, same, tlre rep.r., $4.00; Carter Eqt. Co.. come to Midway Baptist Chu,rch $59.77; John J. Dale, Co..agt., sere.. $41.00; Dickerson & BOWel. Leon Cavil 'salary, $468.96: W. David Wells. Funds for the pro- 15278.63: Marjor,i., White. home azphalt, $176.99; Kirk's Truck W. Hammock same, $388.09 ]gxam, which will last for eight on Sunday ,ale 24 to help us ?mb '''--k in our Missionary Rally begin-tag t., $171.44;. Mary P. Bailey, Stop, serv., pts., $171.28; Gulf ]Elmo Sanders, same, $288.09; weeks, will come from the Mis- ling at 2:00 service Yours in secy., $28.35; Edgar Delaney, Oil Products, fuel $187.65; Vick's Irwin Dennis, same $342.60; Os- sisippi State Department of Chrisk Rev E. D. Ward, Pator: janitor, $188.30; Clay B. Tucker, Garage, sere., pts., $19.70. ........ "-:" H. J W. Davis. Clerk. Bd. atty., $300.00; E. E. Benoist, Second District Road. Fund: ard Wyatt, same, $194.86; Vic- Bobby F. Mitchell. supervisor of 885-1966 Jr., dist. atty., $125.00; Victory Steve Reed. salary, $468.96: tory Tax Fd., w'held, $157.90: program operations. The total :.:':'7 Tax F d., w'held, $288.80; State Theodore B rackens same, $243. State Income Tax F d., same, $1. cost of the program will be ,:l.,,,. ---/ THANKS I Income Tax Fd., same, $41.1,0; 14: Fred Brown. same. $278.08; 10; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $10.512 with $7.560 from the We want to thank our friends. 'Retirement Fd., Co..share, $129. Arthur Clark. s;vme. $291.12; A,r- $1"09.80; w'held, $109.80; Soc. Sec. State Department of Education ,// whLte and colored, who helped195; w'held, $106.10; Soc. Sec. Fd., thur Lollis. same, $275.14; IsiahlFd. ' w'held & Co. share. $285.48: and $2,952 in SMO funds, ac- ./'ff us to make our Building Fund same $255.98; Insurance Fd., Selvage, same, $266.34; John Ins. Fd.. same, $157.47; Super cording to an announcement re- .,_ 1 ......... ......... ..... -5 nflation i Road Test Magazine called Ford "the finest family car at its price.., perhaps the best at any price." That's quite a recommenda- tion to buy--those experts know solid con- Your struction and value when they see it. Check out your Price-fighter's big selection of bruno-new Galaxies. LTD's and Wagons. And choose the model for you-you know the price is right. Ford Price-fighter: H & R FORD Inc. Woodville, Miss. is family Fords are the finest Service Sta., tire xepr., etc., $62. ceived this week. 77; D'Aquila Oil Co.. tires. $131. The prog, ram is scheduled to 08: .fuel, $486.65; SW Miss. EPA, provide one hot meal per day utilities, $3.00; Eqt., Inc., parts, to 200 needy children ranging $81.60: Fernwood Ind., creo. lbr., in ages .from 6 to 11 years, with $197.40: H. L. Netterviile. labor. 16 persons working with the pro- $87.50; ,American United, cul- gram. the release stated. The nothing ew. the cost vert. $92.16; Carter Eqt. Co., pts., board of directors of Woodville uf living is always rising. What does $31.57: Fred Nette,rville Lbr., Neighborhood Service Center this mean toyour retirement? lbr., $22.68; Big River Supply Co., jointly with SMO will hire 4 For an answer look a the present. culvert. $938.10; Planters Hdw., cooks. 5 supervisors and 2 driv- If you retired now, would you have enongh money? If not. then it's time hdw.. $10.39; McGehee Motor ors to provide transportation for you found out about Farm Bureau Parts, pts.. $12.80; T. L. Jame.s those who need it. Each em- insurance and what it can do for those & CO. asphalt, $81.00. ployee will be paid $1.60 per future rtirement plans. Cally0ur Fifth District Road Fund: hour except the drivers, who will Farm Bureau insurance agent today! Tom Ashley, salary, $503.19: be paid $2 per hour for 5 hours Richard Flaccomio Jewel Alders, salary, $271.77; per day five days per week. 888-3661 or 4612 Sidney Nettles, same, $243.26; The program is scheduled to Box 444 Clyde Nettles, same, $261.27; begin June 25 and end August Woodville, Miss. David D a y, same, $259.02; 17. Claude Johnson, same, $253.26; -- DINAH MITE -" Morris Nettle.s, same, $270.07; ,,-, e, -r'om'leT e Melvin Murray, same, $65.15; INSURANCE Otis Jackson, same, $338.94; Earl Fd., wheld, $228.40; State In- Protection PLUS come Tax Fd., same, $3.38; Re- Service| Iirement Fd., Co. share, $157.40; w'held, $157.40; Soc. Sec. Fund, w't]eld & Co. share, $493.54; Ins. Be Sure-- , Fd., same, $388.62; Super Sere- =ac::l " ! ice Sta., tire repr., prts, etc., ------Irure With ,pts., $585.29; Scott's Auto Re- pair, sere., $517.00; C. M. Trep- FOSTER pendahl & sons, hdw., $5.48; T. L. Jame & Co., asphalt, $864.09; //"/-  Insurance Agency SW Miss. EPA, uUlitAes, $2.32; "1 HAVE TO HANG UP NOW, SUSIE. 888-4362, Woodville 61 Auto Repairs, sere., $14.00; OME: GROUCHY MAN WANT TO US Fred Netterville Lbr. Co., lbr., Il PHONE." --...- $12.18; H & R Ford. sere. & pts., $183.65: Fernwood Ind., creo. l'br., $2,538.80; same, $978.24; County I NS URANc Const. Co., lbr. & labor, $225.00; Buffalo Water Assn., utilities ..... $6.36; Buffalo Services, Inc., pts., iiNi; ,i Supply, culvert. $623.08; same, i $179.95; Planters Hdw., Inc., /..::. --- ........... .......... :!:.'.'i!::i!! !i: ...... hdw., $527.47; McGehee Motor iiiiiii!ii!iiii,::'!!ii::i::i::!iiii":'.:?ii!,!:ii!## ::i#!:i: Parts, pts., $37.52. Co.-wide Road & Bridge Fund: i I J. D. McCraine. Engr. sere., $520. : 06; R. M. Inman, sme, $477.32; Paul Chapman, same. $292.88; Fred McCarstle, same, $324.82; Woodrow Price. same, $309.29; G. V. Perry, d,ragline opr., $323. 89; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $43. 30; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $305.96; Retire.ment Fd., Co. share, $102.16; w'held, $102. 16; Is. Fd., same, $93.96; Chuck & Junior's Body Shop, service, $8.00; Neely Blue Print & Su.p- orevent a collision ply, Engr. sup., $26.22; Max T. n-- Huff. Engr. sere., $30.00; John B,ut it can cover the high cost of auto repairs. Check our J. Dale, reimb., keys, $1.26: Woodville Republican, pub. no- broader coverage at no extra cost before renewing your ,tire bids. $75.30; adv. for bids, present auto Insurance, $73.36; Supex 8err. 8ta., gas, $1.59: D'Aquila Oil Co., tires, $82.44; Super 8err. Sta.. gas, Lewis Insurance Agency $181.98; Scott's Auto Repair, sere., $85.00: J. D. McCraine, postage, $8.60; Max T. I-tfff, Woodville, Miss. 39669 Engr. sere., $90.00; Neel3' lue r