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June 18, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 18, 1898

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The hearts of the Span. i M tea.t high with hope. Ha! mt what was ths t Someq]ing whizzed front a w ndowand a Nlffaniard hit the dust. A,other, andyctan. other. Then the air was ful f riving mi. iles. Volley after volley, the bullets fairly rained on the small band Ilardly a man wa left to tell the tale. Report of the eommandiug omeer" , urrounded a Boston cooking sehool t0- day and were badly ronted: girls altaeked us with doughnnt and biseuits; snppy el smmnnition seemed inexhaustible. Caram. ha! And I had heard of the 'biseuit shoot- era' of the reat western nation. To I)e ea*ht napping, oh, it is too mea event- dead, but my boys made "l hrave stand." N. Y, WorM. 11111 Ul cr l[elllo r t&, Many delightful summer resorts are sit- natcd on and reached via the Snuttmrn Rail. way. Whether one desires the seaside oz the moantainu, the fashionable bote] oJ country i,nmes, they can be reached ia thi magnificent higinva, of travel. Asheville, N. C,. 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His hrother, s/ieht]v younger, but w th a very aggrenive ao'te. amens dispositioo was cm spiet dish" tat. tered, llis garments bore the marksof c< n flier, but his [.'lee showed no signs of remorse. "'Come on in the house," said the older l''@hat for? I'm waiting for that other panish boy to come out " W ' tit t s no nsc. We've made a mistake and we've got to ap )h gize." "To lhose two Snaniards '' lhey re not S)/antards. They r,n,v look like Spaniard.. l'hey're Portuguese."' "l%rtu-what ?" "Portuguese." "No, they're not. I'll take your word for ttabgut their not being Spniards," he a0l, reluctantly. "But they're too little to l'ortnguese. And, what's more. they peyer will be.Portuguese. They're notblnt nut l'ortugos,mgs now, and 'when the gro w n. they II he I ortnganders."--Vasl. region Star. Try Allen't Foot-Jse, A powder to be shaken into tte slmes. 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But it won't be another rabbit. It will be the same one, it having' covered all that dis- tanee anti settled down again beforo you bare hardly missed it from where it sat first. These big rabbits are as swift and sudden as the fleas that swarm on them as soon as slimmer conies. The rabbits are fat then, but these fleas are no thick on them, and are so ravenous tha! they actually reduce the long-eared four-footed jumper to a skeleton by the time the fall rain sets in. If it RAT WITH A WOODEN LEO, Hosv an Inventive and Humane Phil* ndelphla ]Boy Fitted Out Ilia CaDtlve. A rat with a wooden leg is a curi- osity, as curiosities go nowadays. Yet such an animal can be seen any day at the residence of a man named Dugmore, in the southwestern section of the city, reports the Philadelphia Times About a month ago Willie Dugmore, lad of 12 years, found the little rodent in a trap in the ee/lar. Ills first im- pulse was to brain the pest with a baseball bat, but theral looked at him so pteading/y that Willie's heart was touched, and he decided to take the trap to an adjoining vacant lo4 and liberate the animal. 3'his he did, but instead of scampering off, as lie expected, the rat limped painfully up to him and began to lick his hand. Willie then discovered that one of the animal's legs had been ahnos$ severed by the trap. Taking the rat home, he cut the leg off and then bandaged ttte wound, using as a liniment a little vaseline. IIe then put the rat into a (.aBe and nursed it foraweek, lie theuremoved the band- I I U, S. SENATOll "V. V. SUI*LIVAN. This gentleman, x,+ho has been a)olnted to sueeoed E C V,'n thalI who roe di 'd, in the I n ted St tes se rote is a lawver of t"oo----' .:-' .... ' - ently  * " -- --" NItIeU lDtllIy a elnocral comnlitt 'eman from )Jisslss p[l and a stron flwe ;h..,. , .... "' - "  lc "1 ('" " " " * ".. t ,2 -"  .... * sssa 1. llC graduated froul lhe \\;..nd.lbtlt unltsH3 at Nashville in lgto aad began the praet ee of law the same 5'ear. I/e has r(l resented a Mississippi district in the house with some credit. wasn't for those regular fall rains the[dge and fonnd that the wot, nd had fleas would t)e of great service to us coml)letel.y heah, d. The rat was, how- in (Itstro.inff the rabbit pent. for the ever. nnable to walk. and Willie tie. rabbits could not withstand tile tided that he wouht make for it an ar- assaults of thtir insatiable parasites liticial leg. tieing down to the cellar lnany days longer. But the rains are he obtaine,l a l)iece of pine, and after certain, anti the 5, are fatal to the fleas, some whitlling succeeded in making a "/'he waler kills the fleas, and the rab- leg. This he fastened on with a string, bis i)ileh iu a,rain on our vineyards and orchards aml grain with sharpened and was delighted to see that his plan wasen4irely successful. The rat is now appetites. Notwith,danding the thou- the family pet andean be seen anvday sands of jack rabbits we slaughter in ho}bling about the kitchen or teasing the spring, enough escape to keep the a h!t/e ]fish terrier, of which it has supply big enough to make itnceensary made a lifelong friend. for the siaoghter of other thousands the next spring. It is simply iu]pos- sih!e to exlerminale them, they are nn(.h nure and pernislent breeders. So we may expeel to have the fun of jaek rabbit round-ups every 3,ear as long as we rats:e fruit in Fresno coun,y and paris adjacent. DEHORNED COWS. ilere Is a Slory Ahou| One Old IVonlan 1 . ho ''alllel lter CoIv to lie ])e-Tnlled Also. HOT WATER WELLS, !. Nolne Crises 'I'eull)eralure Illaea Twenly i)etrees In a illg'le Night tRIle O Ihe Pheuo/uenou, The wells in parts of Arizona have re. eently beconie producers of imt water and apprehension is fe t by many of the residents of the region affected that they are abuut to become partieipant it] a grand volcanic drama. ]n some of the wells the temperature og the well Water rose 20 degrees in a single night. Dehorning cows has been all the fash- In a few the phenomenon disappeared |on lately sass an exchange. It' aston- soon after its appearance. In a major. A COSTLY DISPATCH. q['he ]Bill Was 115,000, and One of the llesalta rns the leall Of Muxlmiliala. It was durivg our own serious troubles in the early '60s that France and Austria undertoo& to l)lant an em- pire on lhis continent in lhe neighbor- ing state of Mexleo. Although warned off by our state department, American dlplomatie methods scem never to in- spire any particular amount of awe in European foreio-n offices. In this ease we were simply ignored, an:] iie two allied powers continued their work of setting up an eml)cror in the land of Montezuma. ]iowever. with the ending of oar war and the readjustment of our own internal affairs, attention was again diceted to what was going on in Mexico against the avower] wishes and policy of the govern- ment. At this period Napo/eon and Eugenie were dazzling the worhl with the nph, n- dots of the court of the second empire. A great nulnber of Otlr n'wn people fronl all sections of the t'ountry were resid- ing in Paris. lO which oily it was joldng- 1; said "all q'nod Anlerfcans anled Io after delth." Americans were in evidenee ar all the brilliant fetes of the empire. The elegance of their resi- dences, tbe lavish expendit ure of money and the brillianey and fa:-.eittaliorl (f the women from this side of the Atlan- tic made our eountrv people iml)ortan t social factors. "rhc American eo/onv in I am. as an ogamzatmn dates from this period. At the height of lhis happy state of affairs Secretary Seward's dinpateh no- tifying the imperial gorernment that Mexico mast be evaeuated eame like t he proverbial thunderelap out of a elond- less nky. That dispale] ye holds a plaee in Franee's official memory. The eab/e was ahnost it] its inf, ncy, and communication through it was very eostly, Secretary Seward did not econ- omize his words, but talked as flnently and went into as many details as though he were seaed at a table opposite the French minister of foreign affairs. The dispatch edit $i5.000. If Napo- leon 111. had been skeptical befnre as re the intention of the United States, Seward's coo/hess in holding a eonvcr- satiou at such a price convinced the em- peror and his ministers that the Ameri- can overnment would stand l)y what the secretary said. and France came to the conclusion to let Maximilian "go it alone" as emperor of Mexico. The withdrawal of the French troops was ordered, and this led direcll" to Maximilian's tragic death at Quereiaro in June, 1S67. The emperordid not pre- tend to disguise his chagrin at the fail- ure to eslah!ish a mm]arehieal govern- menr in America. On Jnly 4 following the execution of Maximilian a number of American gentlemen in l'aris Inade all arrangements to ce/ebrate ihe na. tiona/ festival by a grand dinner ]]t,t the banquet wa's never give,,, the em- peror fornally and arbitrarily forbid. ding it. Up to this time the Americans who spent immense sums of money ill Paris were warmly received at the Tnilleries, and. in fact. cnconraged to come, for nolhinby 1here t'ontrlhuted tn the stabil. ity of the empire than keeping, the shop- keepers of Paris in good humor and plenty of American field cireulatig throughout France. Under such condi- lions the emperor rs at. liberty to rnn the con try as he pleased After Secre|ary Seward's costly dis- patch had had its results not on/y in lhe withdrawal of French troops from Mexico, but in a diminution of Lonts NI)oleon' retre the :'; s ]  '. . g]ories of the American colony at the imperialeourt begat, to wane. Sineethen only on ex. traordinary oceasions does it exhibit ishing haw many claim tha_ their cow itynftheeases, however, the wells fair- any of its old-time empire-period l)rtl- had the hollow horn. simply nsa salvelly steanl from their newly-acquired ]iancy. Under the new dispensation of repui)liean government il is a mattercl nueh difficulty for an Ameriean to get THE HISPANO-AMERICAN WAR. HER EXPLANATION. he Told Him How He Vould Make Her and Mamma atd Aunty lInpPler, There are incident  of real life which eon. tant]y prove that truth is often more amus- ing as well as mm-e strange than fietio). A sweet, gentle-voiced gir--one from whose disposition sarcasm is as far as frost from an active vo]eanomwon the affeetions of a young man. It was an nnintentiona] eon- .quest on her plrt, bnt none the less com- plete. He protmnnded the old question a ad she denmrred. He bided his time and agaln profl'ered his snit. She again delayed an an- swer. Bnt the third time she re'eeived his question first with silence and then with as- sent. "'And you will be mine 9" he asked. "Yes." "'lt seems too good to be true. When shall the wedding take place?" ' f--I dont know." " ;:q;t,ere is no use in putt'ngit off" No " she answered. " ....  ,, ' S; y a week fl'om to-d.v v'' ery well. tg I knew that you wo Id realize tmt you can be happier {vith me than wit ol t hie," he sugesled a litt]etriuml anth, Yes. she answered "I do realize it no'*v. "Yon see, inee I=nele Bob went awsv, mamma and aunlv and I have been q [e done. YVe all talked it over and agreed that it wonld be ever sn nmeh safer fa have a man in the house at nights."--Vash- ington Star. ....... Pa's Definl[ton. Teaeher--I/ "rv ean v.n te/] me the mean- ing of the word "h;finit esimal ?" ]Iarry--I eau't exactly, but I can tell you what fl{ther says t mea{ :. "Very well; vmlr father is a man of learn- ing, and Ms dcfiniti,m w probabh, be n ae- mrd with that of t e hooks" let ushveit Ilqrrv." ' ' "Vel/, pa svs it means a watering place hathing suit."---Riehnmnd Dispatch. Doubtful Men nl n&'. f;eorge-- And will you miss me while I am sway, Ethel? Elhel--hldeed I will. (leorge. "Thal's Fon]e eoasohition tO lue." "And tO rile a}so, dear." I "Why tovm?" It wd he suchaeono]ation lohavethe oleasure of missing you." Chica,o Evening News. o ] WOMEN IN BUSINESS. From the Free Presz. Detroit Mich. A prominent business man recently ex- pressed lhe opinion timt there is one thing that wiI1 prevent womm from eSm 1) etely filling man's ldaee in the bt s ness worhl-- ti]ey can't be dependei upon hccanse they are sick too oftea This is refuted b 3 3I's. U. VV. Mansfield a businevs woman of 58 Farrar St., DetrOit, Mieh , who says: "A eoml)'.i<'ation of feint e ailments kept me awake nights and wore me out. Ieould get no rc]i.f from medcne and hope was slipping away from me. A youog lady in my eml)loy ave nw a hox of'Dr. Wilt ams' Pink ]?'ills for t'a e l'cople. I took them and was ah]e to tSL at night for the first time in months. I I)ou,dt more an,l took them and they cured n e'as they aiso cured sgyeral other' ,eop]e to ny knt)wledge. I think that if vou should ask any of the drug- gists of ])etroit wire al'e t, c l;est huyers of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills they wou d s'av the youn Women. Thesc pills certainly 'btlild np tile nervous svste/n altd lnanv a young won]an awes her lfe to tkem. "As a busines wom.'n 1 n pleased to ."e e)m- mend them as they did more" for " me than any -=t ----'r- physician, and I can give Dr. 'ill i a n s' ] ink I ills for Pale P e o p 1 e eredit for my genera] good health to-day. ]q  d; - tlldenly Prostrated eovery of modern timts has done so much to enable women o tae their properldacein life by safe-guardi g t wir health s ])r. ViHiams' Pink Pilln for P e People. Act- ing directly oo the blood and nerves, in- vigorating the body, regulating the func- lions, they restore tie strength and health to the exhausted woman wken every effm't of the physician proves nnavailing. For the'growing girl they are of the great- est benefit, for the mother'iudispensable, for every Woman invaluable. Fdr paralysis, locomotor ataxia, and other diseases tong supposed incurable, these pills nave proved their efficacy in thousands of C&SCS. A Ln CDhl. Ned--She has a fa,:inating quiver in her voice. Ted--Yes. and she uzes it to hold her beau. --N. Y. Jonrnal. he Chinese Flaa.. The standard of the Celestial Empire is very queer looking affair It represents the most grotesque of green dragons on a yellow ground. '/'he latter is suggestive not only of the national complexion,but also of that of ;t sufferer from bdiousness To remove this ,mbeegmipg tint fromt.he eomplexion, use nostetter s omaeh B tters, which will speedily regulate yonr liver, prevent malaria, and remedy dyspepsia, nervousness, rheuma- tism and lidfiey omplaint. i Opinions Diffee. Alas! those qualities that cause s to feel our own supermritv are precisely the oneI that rate us as inferior among our acquaint, anees.--Puck. To Cure a Cold In One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggis'.s refund money if it fails to cure. 2,%: Pigs do not ueal when they are feeding --Ram's Horn. --'s A FAMILY FAILING. k The struggle with Heredity. The Right Side of the Golor Line. To heredity, to the transmission of may be some sadness because it i nn- traits from sire to son, weowemost of the timelv, andoutof season. Gray hairs are possibilities of growlh and development, a eroT.vnoi honor to the a ed, but to the Ifeaehnewlyboraheingstartedoutanew, young they are a stigma. ?ere is no need without the force of heredity the level to be grav in you,h Gra hess of life miht be ex-)ected to he th + ^t,. ..... , - Y comcsfrom ,  ut t,te a o.erlelency Ol the colori- matter w ic digger/,,alan or BuM ....... Naturally bad gives the hair its natural{ignt. Thiseior h. traits descend like the good. Peculiarities ing matter san be su I' of feature excentricities of sncec  -  -. pp led artificially % , ,, unu analsso supplied by Dr J C A er's Hai-r n mnucr, brth marks etc. are handed Vi-m ....... ' " Y ' ' 8 a *, Dy suppzylng lhe lacking eown lust as surely as manual dexterity ] pirment that Dr A " p ysical beauty mathem+'ot *.;u. ', . er's ltair Vi or re aud th ' -.x ......... )-, stores gra or ladelYhar g " e mental and moral - ;; ] . Y to its original n r " n ....... *n COlOr. e end this ] ge e al. A curious examr le at tl,; ,-1. [ Y . t makes the hair scent of family traits ia turaished h*'" ] I.r) v' gt'es it gloss and softness sto s Maggie lqekett Cauton Ga in whose it lrom falling, remoes dandruff, and family gray hair was i,ered'itar 8ic ceanses. tnc scalp: Mrs. (2. l,I. &yres writes" Y" ] 1:unt Air,', Ga., wr,tes : "Grayhalr is hereditary in ourfamiiy.[ kboutthree earsa , lo:,g as I ....... t,et,n,y =olher's hair  fun'of dandru, r whi''cL had became s been ra A , , , , ' scot rear an- m.,hair be g-^y', bout twelxe 3ears .ago,noyanee; after a t,me the hagr  be a J ". . btt)t tu SgIO.W SIllS ol turnlnff, ifallin ,,t *eh .,o   . -- . g tl s resoivea to try Aver's Hair .'ir ..-.a /.. - ;p,,---- .--- ,:o  *'r. 3- . Ayer's ..... - . ---, . i*talrvlgor stoppeu the hair lrom /ailing mtcr nslog it Only a few times my hair i out and made the seal clean was restored to its natural color. I stilllMra C M A  .-andhealthy" use.tns dressing oecasionally, a bottle I ................ , t:mn lry, a. ,asungmequlteawhile and though over I Dr Ayer's Hair Vigor is noted as a {rutYMyaroSlo: aag'fun'nha'r4etaa;SwS/dressing. ,t is used every day by thou. sands whose chief claim to beauty rests have faded and gray hair, I would heartily I on be,.tilu recommend Dr. Ayer's ltair Vigor."--Mrs. I ur_b..... ". 1 alr. Send for .Dr. Ayer s aWIAGIS PICKETT Cantoll Ga  c uoK, a story at cures told by the There is'no shame in gray hair, but there ,il, FMraees. Address tho J. c. Ayet- CO., A Beautiful Present th GAbtE PLAQUES exact reproductions of the $IO,OOO originala by Muville, which will be given you ABSOLUTEL FREE by your grocer on conditions named below. These Plaques arc 4o inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertisingwhatcver, and will ornamcnt the most elegant apartment. No manufacturing concern ever before gave away such valuable present to its customers. They are not for sale at any price, and can be obtained only ha the manner specified. The subjects are: Amerlcan Wild Ducks, American Pheasant, English Quail, English Snipe. The birds are handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life. Each P/aque is bordered with a band of gold. ELASTIC STARCH H00-wToQetTS0000m,, has been the standard for aS years. All pnrchasers of three 10 ceat or TWENTY-TWO MILLION sF 5cent packages of E!astic Starch ( ]at Iron Brand), are entitled to re. packagcs of tMs brand wcre sold eeivafrom theirgroeer one of these beautiful Qame Plaques free. The last year. That's how good it is. plaques will not be sent by mail. They can be obtained only from your A.SK YOUR DEALER grocer. to how you the plaques and tell Every Gr0cer Keelas Elastic gtarcla. you about Elastic Starch, Accept Do not d.elay. This offer no substitute, is for a short time ouly. _ - _ - _ -- -_ _ _ "iF AT FIRST YOU DON'T an invitation to the Elvsee as t be After physicians had given me t p, Iwas ' saved by :Piso's Cure.--Ralph Erieg, Vil- SUCCEED," TRY Given by Ile. hardly worth the tronb]e inenrrttd.-- ling]eton-'Well how do you takemarried Washington Post liamsport, Pa, Nov. 2'2.. 1893. life? Benedlet---Aceordingtod,rections._N.y'.  T]REE Q[J]P..ER CITIES. Thee'Ta.rhlyseL::et;;;;I':;,:/,YS:l::'t'htssea - A ! I a World. ........ sgnn tie m3steriousc.mnonading"offva I  M' I lll 1B [ I I 1 . Robt, Flourney writes: "Iean with c,n6 -j Ghent, Amterdan nnd Venice Ara " " " ' ,  a- rmus por ts.--Bostm Transcript. I 00am00lV IIml ,,** ,0000mmon00 """',.:,2::s,:7,"/:,::'e's- oo.,, ,-o. i --- (TTat Poters) as the best and surest medieine I ever nsed for Teething-,ehildren (:.V rte I,:, . , Does ,,our IIead Aehe? Somnifi Caffein I - - -- ,,,,.,, .............. and the Bowel disorders of our Southern tntry. Trunx Aids Dgestmn, Regu, " (-/f k Th eitv of Ghent, in Belgium, is built ta. ,tie JJowe,s andmakes teething easy. J ; on 26 is, h, nds. Thes.e islands arc cnrt-ofq':i ::',:::eholi iiiit::n/;r:;s IAe;henieirlcte]l2bila!'---bd2ah:g[ I '''''';'" % When twon-'u-h-at-e-eaetl-other, they [  neet.d with eat.], other by 8() bridges, ru" " '" ' ' :,'g ,." e old (.) - a [i..  11,,,_ . 't " S 'an make a decent pretene of being [  The city lms 300 stree4s and 30 public ,,re to lteep your mouth shut--Atchison -- / ..Tt friendly. Women can do it, but men can't.  ,, squares. I t is noied for being the birlh- tmDe " " Hall's Catarr Cure / i# ''-- . = Fits stopi free m---"p,--=';l;a;)enth" cured ...............  ] hon]Shll, e eleeal, Great Nerve Restorer. Frce$2trialbottte& i ' lmncaster!" and as tt;e neene of the t .. ........ trestle, Dr. Kline, 9Archst.,Phiht.,Pa. /- , paeifieationnfGhent, Novemi, erS, 1576,  .... _'-2___--  ant) S ]   and of.evera!in/,urreetions and he best tim io p,ck o stran,e water.] ":': "'.:kno,v,, ,,crsonage., WINCHESTER AMMUNITION fxe(ut]ons of V,( '  ' metou is in the dark of the moonL. A. W. It is as,soeintcd wich American iistory ,m,,,,,,,,,,, 1  !1 il i  | sent free to any address. Sendyour Blllletin. [ t  '3' the treaty made there Deeelnber 24, :lm m it m m m mm m n--0na postal card to ; 814, termlnatin,r the t OPERATION AVOIDED. l o " ' " o . .Co.ld ,,'.r be- ........ / [L00i known as the waroflSl2. [ , .: muirll00 i U|l|00m ''0W'n,',--t.,,ve..,.w,.,.n.,, ; Oaam_ Writes to Lrl Amsterdam, in tlolland, is hut t on t Illt//3k]MIAIlll I1 _ --.--si m ] l.]l.]]]l]s]:.]]l!l:.,ll]{]] bout m sad 8-y,: | ( ,dies d,'i,e,t fa" below ,he water into r r0r Infants and Lrhfldren. I A-ri|TO- WiN-  ' " " " ' I  lll]]t:ll;al:: l):V]tl::: I:l'/nt:l:;::nt;;t ' Th ,. / .re ha writing 'ua"l' you of the good your Veffctabm 1 h'e i,, the mi,,gi[ng laird ai, d ,,ate,', l A |._.'___ I I_ sl..o_, Rtd..t... lttlst ..... t.'.r bus done me. 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"l'he tF [ hollow horn. ]lenee, this not being the [ had suddenly beeome hot, says the tircumferenee of the eity is about em Olmtm,Horphitnoreral. lib ux /#IIT ",'A(,"/,['AM''] [  ]motive for the deed, they nhou d ot/Omaha Bee . . .  "dn ' )n,es TneVe, e '. s'o" NOTI2dRCOTIC. I1 . I lk ._UWUU.U " / t ttan tned the I mix it Into sa ,  ] onl /   In' " " a . l'e to soothe their[ It was four days thereafter that the ba,d league against the German ti -.. - .... il KkMIi" UNIVtngiv- *"'"""."",,.,',, s. ,.,,,,., D'ounded eonseiences. |phenomenon first, was notioed a dozen - . ' ' " . _ " 'n- -- ........... r,,t, .... ,.,,,,,,,, ,t t,. s,.,tor, , - Feror and in /177 alnea a '.. - ], A good otd sister sa,d: No, I'll not lind, s west of that city A test at one tory in ilef ....... g.. ;,_. great):,y li I a  r' EDUCATION :;,=,7'.",:::": ''''a''"'''''. Inavemycowaenorned. 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Let's ;fth:7rplaeestheeliffdweliings "hotographer--That woman who just nm'UlO uuul00m, r ALt, SUBSTITUT8ORIITATIN. e r ;'" |makeagoedjobofitwhile,,e'reatit, 'ents. went ant ,,as very hardtop]ease. She l gua t re-| __,. ' ""Jell ;[ ]1111 } dfl Y g nzth. i The I lace for Peace. en ha ; Deen | "My huoband is more amiable sine ? [we live in a flat." eeds advice ] "'I don't ee the eonr.eeticn." k ! | "Why, he ban't roomenoughtoktek., i, t --DeI:roit Free Press. , me but to go under an operation. Ita speaking with a friend of U it, he recommended Lydia E, Pinkham'a regetaMe Compound, 'ay- cau,e of hollow horn: "Why, poor feed- cure me, I thcn medicine, and after tak- three bottles Of tt the tumor di- reckon that's the caune of so mneh hop Oh! you do not know how low horn." much g(d your medicine ha done J[ shall reeommend it to ailuffcr- borning of her cow. Before it reedy- ,' Women,Mrs. losA GAul, 720 ered from lhe effects of it some one St,, Los Angeles, Cal. ; The great and unvarying success of The old oman h)oked orotund, threw Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn- relieving every deranemcn| the /eraale organs, demontratca i ti  be the modern safeguara ot we- make a good job of it. while e're at it." Odd Xame tot a Mile elected the first proof I gave her.-- I " i a happiness lnd bodily trengh. A Burman mile i about eoual in Friend--Call that hard to please? H A.N.K.-F 171,"4 e million women have 0een length to two Enghsh miles The word  e, she sat for s.ven more before very woman who and a mile is the d stance that a man . - ' | il I I i1 ,__ RE8 Wfl[ ' lth ia invited to write  . . . Tue General Rule. z  s D , | I lent Cough Syrup. Tasto f007$.:fnO00, eons,00or, lt =o0,,ar,,o ,t,l00 =an ,,,,o s0,s he i., C. oe:.:u. --.... .. ..aa o,.. merorked s not,Atchz.*on Globe. i []