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June 18, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 18, 1898

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00OObt) ille _00epubli00an J. OL. LXXIII. WOODVILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 1898. NO. 1. JUNE--IS98.  rate of$1a bac&apos;el as an offset to the Daffyl'roceedlngs at the atlonal C.,pltol increased itnpost on beer by tlle war t in Abbreviated Form--Some of the Sun. M0n Tue. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat.  tax lax,'. !'Z-Z ".. .... ; --2-1--3 .... 4- A co.,,z'r i, as just bcen discovered by lIoat Important Bins, I" Mr. Coddington of the Lick observe- A Tremendous Slump in Prices 0t TnZ senate on the Tth pasedtheCu,tisbilL  " 6- -7-- -8----9 t-()-- toryin California. It is in the con- whichradicaliychangcs exstin conditions in ........ stellation of Scorpio, about one de- Wheat Due to Heavy Un- the Indian territory. It has many amendments incorporated by the senate and will have to go H _ j  tree north of the star Antares. loading by Leiter. to cou[erence to have them adjusted, The cen- '4--'5-' -7 78 -,00,000 given by the Keokuk &,Vest- disposing ofthe warde,iciency bill aspo.ssed .........................  ern railway, was placed on record at with the amendments by the senate, consid- ! 19 ' Des Moines, la., the other afternoon. EIGHT MILLIO BUSHELS IH CHICAGO, ercd the conference rel)o:t upon the snndry / ," clviI bill, Th report, s far an it embodied ............ r ...... l ...... The money will be treed to extend the agreements, was adopt3d, and th] hue then 26 27 28 I 29 i 30 ........ J ., road from Cainesville'to attonsburg, beganvotiugseveraliy nponthe s:nate amcnd- ;i---q----q;-;i;i;;i;-qK Mo. the extension furnishing the Big Breaks In the Northwest, WhereLelter moots upon which o a.,reement had bee: I'ittsburg'. & Gulf. which now owns Held Big Llnes-A Slomp of Nineteen reached in conf0renc'x Eight out of 45 were acted upon. when the bill w.ts laid aside, half the Keokuk & Western, e through cents at Duluth and Seventeen Cents nt IN the senate ou the 8th a bill was passed NEWS OF THE WEEK. line from l'ort Arthur, Tex,, to Des MlnnenpoUs-lt Looks Like a Case ot providing for takin the twelfth ceasusL One ........... Moincs. In. Burned Fingers. of the provisions i h:tt n-. mo'. 'than two- ]-EAR ADMIaAL ,'NAMpOYe. St(:t11|si- third of th' sup'rvi,ors and enumerators Glon0 By" Telegraph ad Mvil. tics of a %ase for coaling and sun- CnzcA(o. Junel4.--Allintereston the shall belong to one political party. A bitl to - organize a naval hospital corps and an0tber ....... plies at Guantanamo is recognized by board of trade centered in the doings hill, authorizing the construction of a bridge i ]PIRSONAI. AND POLITICAL. military circles in "London as prae- of Joseph Leiter and the results of his overtbe Missouri river at Quin,lar0, Kan.. by the Kansas City, Northeastern & Gulf railroad A DISPATCH from Ilavti on the 8th tically settling the fate of Santia_.o famous hiff deal in wheat. A tee- were also passed.., The business transacted stated that the American squadron de Cuba, although the Spaniards may mendous slump in prices was goner- y th? house was ummportant. Mc, Grosvenor bombarded the fortifications of Cam- make a show of a fight, ally attributed to immeflse sales iO.) asked unanimous consent toread and have referred to the committee on rules a resolutior raanera, about40 miles east of Santiago ]EASI,E8. it was reported on the 12th, for him. According to one au- providing for giving the Itawaiiaa rcsolutiot ,In Cuba, and the Spaniards were forced threatened to become epidemic among to retreat from the shore and take ref- the soldiers at Camp Merrill, San Fran- thority, Mr. Loiter ordered all precedence over all other business except con- ference reports until disposed of. but on ob- ugc in the town proper, ciseo. 53 eases being under the care of his trades closed out at the j?ction the resolution was forced into the regu- ThE republican state convention at the doctors, opening of the day's transactions in the lar channel. Consideration ef the ,senate Hutchinson, Kin., nominated W. E, TIIE Case Power bnihting in Detroit, wheat pit, and it was stated that at antendments to the sundry civil bill was thee Stanley, of Wichita, for governor and Mich., was burned recently and some least 8.000.000 busilels of wheat were proceeded with. AT the session of the senate on the 9th Son- 'V, J. Bailey, of Nemaha county, for other fine business structures dam- liquidated for him in the Chicago mar- ator Cutter IMonL) 0harged Pacific coast ship* eoBp'ressman-at-large, aged. Loss, $203.000. Six firemen Itet alone. The severes breaks in owners with compelling the government to pay an extortiolaate sum for transports. Seuator ENJAMIN TYLER ]lENItY. inventor of were severely burned and cut by glass, prices, however, were in the nortbwest, Perkins (Cal. denie.l th0 charge. Senator the famous Winchester rille, died at I A I)ISASTROU8 explosion took place where it was said Loiter had his big Lodge (Mass.) made some sensational disclo- .ZN'ew IIaven, Conn., aged 70. at the smelting plant of the Texas & sures conccrning the disposition of th money A SEMI-OFFICIAL note from Ottawa, Arkansas Milling company near Ilat- lines, appropriated by congress in payment of tlte [ue., said that the Dominion trovcrn- field, Ark.. in which i l men were in- Cash wheat in Daluth went off 19 claim of the book concern of the Methodist meat had decided to ex pal the t we jured, eight of them so seriously that cents, and in Minneapolis 17 cents. Episcopal chur'h, south. Iie introduced a rcs 01utica alL'eating the claim rommitte to lnu.e Spanish spies, Lieut. Carranza and some cannot recover. A defective lhtlf all hotw before the clos Leiter's Investitzation. Without diposlng of the r.s- tenor du Bose from Canada. water jacket allowed the water to run sales in Chicago were placed as high as olution the senate took up private pension bills ,llss EVANGELINE CISNEROS, whose into an ore pot. causing, the exnlosion 10.000.000 bushels. Itis brokers. Allen the "omnibuselaimbill"wasalsopassed. Itcar- and Passed 14 of them. The senate substitute for romantic escape from a Spanish prison  " and wrecking the smelter. & Gricr, transferred June witcat to ries over .9.0o0.000 .... The $onferenee report on in Havana several months ag) is re- Ix a freight wreck near Sugar Grove, Artnout and Spbember to Lamson the war revenue bid was adopte 1 1) th houde by a vote of 131 to 107. Th Hawaiian annexa- called, was rearmed at Baltimore, Md. Ill., on the Chicago, Burlington & Bros. Honists made a strong fight to get th bill to on the 9th to Carlos F. Carbonel, who Quincy railroad, A. L. Spencer, en- asMsted in her rescue, gineer, of Chicago, was killed and it was reported that a ntovement was enable volunteers to vot in congress o al eleo- finns out of the way, so as to force cons:dera- "I_'HE Madrid correspondent of the Fernando Jaeobs. a stockman from on foot among stro:x interests to take tion of the annexation resolution, hu the bill London Daily Mail on the 9th stated Sterling. Ill., was fatally injured, care of cash wheat, and that a meet- wentove Mr, Pierce (Tenn.) mate an attaeR that there was lit tle doubt now timt Five other men were more or less in- Htg was in sos,don at which this mat- on the prosecution of the war and the alleged unwarranted delay In s:.nding relict tO the Spain, seeing, the hopelessness of jured, ter was under consideration. Cubans, further continuing the war. was ap- A Tr:nt:1Fic hailstornl visited Canton Fifteen minutc before the closing Tnzconference reprt on the war revenue preaching the powers with a view to O., on the 10th. Whcat was hammerer bell r,tn ca " ' ' - tickers h'td a bill was agreed to in the senate on the 10b by obtaining an honorable peace, down and fruit trees stripped, entail- ea,tnc the ' the d?cisive vote of ,13 to "2' Every repuhliean TIlE presidcuton the 9th nominated ing a heavy Joss. Airs. Durfeer was report that Letter cash wheat would voted for the mamrv, together will1 eigit J. Warren Kei far, of Ohio, to be major struck by lightning and killed, be trusted. It was said that the bank- clemocrats, one silw, r r,publicxn and one Inde- pendent. Tile vote ag dust the report was cast general and John p. S. Gobin, of Penn- GEFAT excitement prevailed on Blue- er who had made advert.cos on it had by 16 democrats, tbre0 silver republicans and sylvania., to be brigadier general, stone river, near I[inton, W. Va,, re- ugecd to take care of it. three populist The vote cast against the THE Nebraska prohibition state con- eently ou account of the mysterious During the final moments of trading, adoption of the report reflected th opinions of those senators who wcre opposel to any in- vention nominated R. V. Muir for poisoning of the fish in that stream, Joseph Loiter was at the illinois Trust :rcase in the interest-bearing debt .... The addressedgvernr" theNatinalconvenChairmantion. Dickie Three men died from eating some fish & Savings bank in consultation with feature of thehouse s3ssion was an azrcement to at once take up the iewlands resolution to Ire consequence of rumors of Spanish caught from the river. A number of bis father. L, Z. Leitcr..*tnd others. Jo- annex tlawali and take a vote ou the matter on persons and cattle have also died from warships in the north Atlautic the the effects of drinking the water, seph Loiter said in reply to inquiries the 15th The bill to enable volunteer soldiers government has got a forntidable fleet TIlE final reports of thc agricultural that he wouhl not make an assign- to vote at congressional elections was pased and a number Of minor measures, chiefly of a of naval convoys, made up of 16 war- department on cotton planiiug make ment; that ltis options had been liqui- n'lvate nature were considered. hips, headed by the battlesitip Indi- the area planted 22.46J,331 dated, and that his cash whett would Tnnsenatewasuotmsessiononthc Itth .... ann, to protect tile troop3hips on titcir iu the house began with a mutual against 2;.091,:91 acres last Feat'. n re,- be if'sated, withdrawal by Mr. (;rovenpr ( - aild Mr, voyageofficialstOdeclinedinvade Cahato star.and PortOwhenRiCothe duction of 1.631.0i10 acres or 6.8 per ,h)seph Loiter admitted to friends swanson (V:) of uncomplimentary iu I injuri- language used by them roll,tire t0 each army would move. cent. Condition on June l in Texas that he had lost money, lxeitelnent other in the heat of debit  when the revenue " was 89, in Missouri 96, in Oklahoma $2 ThE British consul .at Santiago de and in the Indian territory 83. on thc board ran high. Stories of conference report was nndm' consideration, Clha sept a dispatch on the l lth by B.F. I)uc.N formerly of Moline, flnancia| trouble for the young man The senate amendments to the ldtl organight way of Halifax to the New York Iler- ' the naval hospital corps wore c0ucurrad in and Ill. while telcpioning at the Stude- who engineered one of tbc greatest Mr. Hitt 1Ill.L chairman of thecornmittee on ald in reply to a cablegram from that baker works at South Bend, Ind., was wheat deals in the history of the court- foreign affairs, then was recognized to beM'n paper that Lieut. Hobson and his men instantly killed by a bolt of lightning, try gained circnlation, the Hawaiian debate advocating annexation, Were well and well cared for.' The Mr. Dinsmor Ark.), the ranking democrat ca consul had recently seen the prisoners. TIlE monster vats of the Carthage llowcver, little credence was given the foreign affairs committee, next spoke in UNITED STATE8 marlneswere landed straw board works at Shelbyville to this fcverlsh gossip at first. Mr opposition. Mr. Clark tM'o,) also made a spccch against Hawaiian annexation. a few days ago at the entrance to the Ind., gave way the other morning and Leiter was closeted with his father, L. harbor of Guantanamo, Cuba, and tons of poisonous matter were emptied Z, Lei6er, and when pressed to tell WANTS MORE TROOPS ", they had almost a continuous fight for into the Blue river, the result being whether the slump in the cereal had 13 hours with the Spanish troops, when" that millions of fish were killed and reinforcements were landed from the much stock lost through drinking the eNacted his interests, frankly admit- Sixteala Thousand Soldler. Now at San water, ted that he had lost money. ]Iow much Frenelen, but Gen. Merrill Aska for Marblehead. Four of out. meu were [ the Full Qaot:t o[ 0,000. 'killed and one wounded and our ad- A SPECIAL from Glenville, W. Va. he would not say. lie had not the time vance pickets were nnaccounted for. on the 8th stated that the jury re- to go into details. SAN FnANCISCO, June 13.--Maj. Gen. The Spanish loss was not known, but turned a verdict of not guilty in the Merrill wants more troops, lie is it was thought to be constderab',e, indictment in which Mrs. Atkinson. GREAT FIREIN PHILADELPHIA. now in communication with Washing OuR ambassador in London cabled wife of the governor, was a co-defend- ton on the subject, and hopes to re- from there on the !gth that, advices ant on the charge of forgery. Extensive Oil l'lnnt with Ita Valuable ceive word within a few hours that had been received from [long Kent SEVEN cases of yellow fever have ap- Stock and Adjuncts Destroyed by the additional forces have been grant* that Manila had fallen. It was not peared at Mettenry, Miss.. and the Fire with lleavy Loan, edhim and have been started on the stated whether the city had surren- state board of health has declared the way. Vith the troop that arrived dered to Admiral Dewey or to the in- town quarantined. PInLADELPUlX. June 14.--The extort- yesterday and to-day he has a force of surents. J.W. ErTI'O, a prominent livery- sire plant of the Plfiladclphia Oil Re- about 16,000. From good sources it is man of llot Springs, Ark., killed his fining Co. at Point Breeze, in the ex- learned that during the past 48 hours OROEnS were seutcn the 11th by wife and then committed suicide the trcmc southwestern part of tbe citv, he has demanded that the full quota President McKinley to Maj. Gem Cop- pinger, who will command the expedi- other day. Ite used razors anti their was visited by a arc last night which of "20,000 specified by him be filled. tion. anti to Maj. Gen. Lee, who will throats were slashedin a horrible man- for a thn threatened to prove disas- be second in command, to hasten the nor. trous. By almost herculean efforts of (ov. Smith In Trouble Aga|n. THE sash, door and blind factory of the company's workmen and nearly Los AXOELZS, Cal., June 9.Six in- Porto Rie;m expedition in,very way the Cedar Valley Manufacturing corn- the entire firz department of the city mates of the Santa Monies soldier' possible. It was not thought poss:b!e, pany at Waterloo, la. was destroyed the flames were held in check and the home have sworn to complaints ac- however, to get the army embarked by fire the other morning. Loss, $o0.- loss held within $3;)0,000. Two'barges, cueing Col. A. J. Smith of intimidating and start.d for Porto Rico in less than 000: insurance. 7,000. The fire was made fast to the dock. were burned to them at the last election. Smith was twoweeks, thottht to have been of incendiary the water's edge and one ship the removed from the Leavenworth sol- UI)ER eomman l of G,.n Sbafter the orlg|n. County I)unfries was slightly scorched, diers' home last year after two years of congressional investigation, owing First division of the United States "]'lit,: business portion of Ittabena, Within the dock building were3,030 to alleged mistreatment of veterans, army sailed on the 12th from h:ey West, Miss., was destroyed by fire the other packages of parafiuc, valued at $3S,000, and transferred to the Santa Moniea Fla., for Santiago de Cuba, to besiege day, with the exception of two stores. nd 203.030 cases of cru:le oil, valued home. and capture that town. A large num- The loss was over $[50,000. at $'?00,00,1, and 1.39;) barrels of lubri- ber of warships convoyed the tran- TnE wife and twochildren of :eorge caring oil. The eompauy carried its Mn*t Not B:ow Up Itla Bh|ps. ports to prevent any attack by Spanish Sliger, living neat" Comanche. Tex., own insurance. O,,igin o[ lirc ua- WASmOTO, June 13.--The navy de- warships whieh might he prowlin were burned to death. Onc of the hnown, pertinent has sent out orders to Ado arena-1, children turned a can of kerosene over miral Sampson to notify Admiral Cer- vera that if the latterdcstrovs his four MISCELLANEOUS. neat- the fire and an explosion resulted. NOT MATTER FOR DISCUSSION. armored cruisers and two torpedo. REPORTS were received by the Santa The boy and a baby girl were itl- Fe officers in Dallas, Tex-, that four stantly in flames. Tbe mother mad train robbers attempted to hold np an an lteroic effort to save them, but all Secretary Ch:unberlah, Prrles ao Ira- boat destroyers to prevent their fall- express train on the Lempiras division three soon died from their burns, proper %hstion rropaunded la inff into United State, s hands Spain at on the night of the 9th. A fight en- TIIREE children of Charles Watts. th'e House of Commons. the end of the war will be made to pay sued between the trainmen and the aged ii and seven years and four au additional indemnity at least equi- bandits, and Fireman Johnson was se- months, were playing in au outhouse LeaDeN. June 14.--In the house of vilest to the value of those vessels. riously, if not fatally shot. It was of their home in Allegheny, Pro, when commons, yesterday, Mr. James Fran- dohn Kennedy lIeld for Murder. thought considerable booty was e- one of'them struck a match and threw cis Hogan, anti-l'arncliite home rnler, KX.SAS CITY, Me., June 9,--John cured by the bandits, it into a can of oil. There was an ex- member for the middle division of Nip- Kennedy will be tried at the Septem. EVERY indication pointed to a heavy plosion and the children were burned perary, asked Mr. Chamberlain, score- bar term of the criminal court for the terribly that they soon died. ary of state fin" the colonies, in view murder in the first degree of Sarai "over-subseription for the three per SA CAR containing soldiers from Iowa of the protracted residence in Schumacher at her grocery store at cent. war bond issue to be offered by caught fire on the desert arid the sol- of Senor Polo y Bernabee, late Spauis'.l Seventeenth and Campbell streets. De- the government, a recent :New York diers lost all their clothes. They ambassador to the United States and cember 8 ]ask Justice Krueger tnad dispatch stated. A bank officer said passed throu'h Reno. Nee. on a de- the activity of other Spanish agents in that decision in the preliminary hear- that while the bonds would be offered ' layed passenger train, clad in their Canada, whether the Canadian govern- ing to-day. He bound him over to the at par, he thought, after they had underc!otkes. Several were quite ment had power to prevent the hoe- grand jury without bond. :' 'be'an distributed, they would soon be badly burned about the head. pitality of the soil being exploited in [ selling at 104 or 105. TnE report reached Key West, Fla.. the interest of a belligerent, and spain to Fight to the Bitter End, Tnz convention of the American on the 9th that a United States auxil- whether a colonial government tibet ADR1D. June 18.--The campaign in- Medical association closed at Denver, mary 'unboat si'hted four Spanish expels such persons is liable to be ued augurated by some of the foreign Col., on the 10th with the installatton warships in St. Nicholas channel head- for damages, newspapers in favor of peace between of th officers. Dr. T, J, Happen, of in in the direction of ttavana. Naval Mr. Chamberlain replied that it was Spain and the United States is not ap- Trentom N. J., made a speech intro- officers thought that there was much a matter for the attorney-general to proved berc, According to the cain- ductng the new president, Dr. Joseph speculation as to whether the ship. deeide, but he said it wouhl clearly bc ions of several generals Spain is cape. MeDowell Matthews, of Louisville, were a part of"Cervera's fleet which not desirable at the present time to ble of continuing the war in Cuba for Ky. The convention adjourned to meet did not enter Santiago or some of the express an opinion on such points two years even under "he most unfa- at'Columbus, O., June 7 next year. ships from Cadiz. vorable circumstances. .'I'IE D-year penitentiary sentenc'fff TEN thousand people at Cincinnati ....... ex-State Treasurer Joseph S. Bartley on the 9th cheered Has D'Or as he THE TRAIN ROBBERS CAUGHT. Mi,a Cieneros Mottled. has been affirmed by the Nebraskasn- came down the stretch like a wild BALTIMORE, Md.,Jnne10.MissEvan- 1HE 00[V[NU[ BILL. The Measure as Finally Enacted by Congress Receives the Pres. ident's Signature. CIRCULAR ISSUED BY SECRETARY GAGE, Subscriptions Invited from the People to the Two IIundred Million Dollar Three Per Cent, Loan -Small lIlds from Indi- vhluals to Beeelve First Coosiderat|on |n Making tize Allotnent of Bonds. WASUlX(rrON, June 13.--hnmcdiatcly npon receipt of information from the White llousc that the'war revcuuc bill had been signed by the president, See- rotary (Ftffc issued the following cir. cuhtr cxplaining to the public the pro- posed bond issue: TREASUav DEPAaTM EN'r, t OFFICE OF THF. E('aETAaV ,VASHIN(.TON. 1). ('. June 13. 1898. The secretary of the treasury invites sub- scription from the people of the United States for 200.0.)JAIJt of the bonds of the three pr cent, loan authorized by the act Of eougres apprev0 1 June 13. 1838. Sub- scription will be receive I at p.r for a period of 3". ) day. the subscription bin'., open from this dare'to three o'clock p, tel Oil the Itth day of July, 1898. The bonds will be issued in both cml)3n and reistered form. the coupon bon'ls iu denominations of $.'0. $10L 50J and $1 000 and th registered bonds in denomin-t-] tions of 20, $1:t, $500 $1,0)0. '),001 and $10,000. ] Thej will b- dated August I, IS9S. and by thct I terms, will he redeemable in coin at the" ple,t- nr,! of the United St:tree after" tel ye rs from the dat of their issue and due and payable An- l gnsl 1. liS. I Tile honls will b3ar inter0,4t at the rat? of 3 per cut#. pr aa tu ii. p.ty,t de qu:trterly: th iaIercst on the coupon bonlq will be p;ti4 be Itleans of c)up0a, t ) b3 d0tach0d fronl lhe bonds as the interest beeonms due. and the in- tt, rcst ou the tegistere 1 b:)aJs will 1)3 p rid by check,drawn t0 th of t:t pty., aal mailed to their tt'ldross0s. The law atnh.)r:z[ucz Otis ist t of b )Ul : pr3- rides that iu a:13Lin f slr d bonds tho several subcriptionof inlividutls s!Itl D 1|.',St ao- cepted anl th? subscriptions ot the low:s anlodnts shall be first a]lo',t,,i.  ao3)r'da,*10o with that pr,)v;siJa ailotmeuttalli.llivid. ual slbs rib2rs Will b?, nl't'l D 'f : ! .a'l v boTi4 wi]i b  ailott , 1 t0 oth,!r t.h%'l inqivid i tl*. All individual "ubcriptionn for 303 or l Will be allotted in fall as t.ey received, and su.h subscriptions mut be paid it: fU!] at the time, the subscciptiorl is mad. If the total sum .un. scribe2 for irl amouuts of ,$,30J or less ShJdll exceed $20(I.0J0,0 0, the ailotmeuts will be made ac0orJinff t) he priority of the rezelpt of t!lo subscriptions. All0tmnts on subcriptim for over $300 will not be made nntil after the subscription cloes. July li. and wilt thca be made inversely, ac- cordinz tn th, siz of the subscription, th0 smallest subscription being allottel, then the ileXt tiq ize. *q!tl SO Oil, prefereuca bein:2 given to in iv;dual stlbscrJptioll;, Per- lOnS SUb:Sol'it,IlL for nlol' than $'0) mut send in ca-h or cePtiHed ;'.tccks l,o the nntotlIlt O[ tWO per COIL* " Of tire sum sub.cribed r,-)r s.lM1 dp)it [,) e).'l!ltu*. a partial paym'mt un I to b? flwfeited to the United tates iv the event of f tilur., on tile part of the subs,'rib2r's p'trt to nlakb ) ftttl py- nmnt for hit ,ubseription: according to the t'rm' of th0 cii'ulltr, Allotments to sub* scribers for flora than $503 u Jll be ma,le as soon as p)ss[ble after thn sul).cripti3u close, In or3c.r t') avoid a too rapid absorption of funds inlo the treasury, witll a p0ssibie c()useo queer evil effect on industry alt e)mmarce nny subscriber for more than ')00 will ba per- lnitted t) take hN allotment of bonds In in- st, al]meuLs of '20 per cent., taking the tirst |u- stallmnt within tea days aftgr the notice of allotmeut and the balallce at four equal in- tervals of 40 days each, ill tour install- ments e0,011 Of 20 pot" cent, Of the bonds allote [. 1)cllvery of bonds will bc mad in installments as payment for them is l',,'- ccivcd, an3 p:$yment must in all case  be made In full as the are taken. The two per cent. deposit will apply oil th0 final lilstailmeat, Any subscrlher may pay for the vebole amount illotted hill within ten duy, from th(; dute ot tie notice of his eli ,ttment, In- tero:t will be adju%/ from the time Of the actual payment, whether paid In on(, sum oz" in instalt)ncnt as perulittcd. Separate sub- scriptions /real one individual, altheu.h made fronl time t flint, will be a:;regate4 and con- sidere:l as on. subscription. The secretary of the. treasury will eceive in payntont for" the bonds, post office money order. payable at Washington, 1). (7.. and checks, bank drafts and express money orders collectable in the cities of New York. B0st.)n, Philadelphia, B,tltim)re. Vashinton, Cincinnati. Chicago. St. Louis Ne'tv Orlcan and San Francisco. All money order an l bank drafts mu4t b? dra'an in favor of the treasurer cf th0 United Sta*tes The mone. ord@rs [tad ban|t cheeks so r:'ceived will be for.verde4 for callo2tion by the d,,pactment. as so.)n a; return ae2 ol)t),ie th? sub- scriber will he ere.lited with the amount of his subs:riptioil as of the date of collectiJn. The secretary will aLso reeeivo in payment for the borlls ecrt|lleates of deposit issued by the assistant treasurer of the United St;tes ill the above-llanled el ties. These certificates of deposit my be obtained from any assist- ant trcasurec ia exchange for geL1 coin, gold certificates, standard sil- ver dollar, silver cerlili ats, United Stete notes, treasury notes Of [890, and national b nk notes, and the-subscriber will be eredIte.i with tke amount of his subscription as of the date ot the certifl:ate of d0p)sit, The seretary will also re:eive carreney seut by registered mail or express direct to the treasury depart- meat, For the nlUttltl convenience ot the sub,erib- ere aud the department a blank form of letter tO tceompmv ram ttauco has b0en pr.pare.|, and it may be obtained at th ; oic of nzttional and state banks generally, at the s0vral mtb- treasuries of the United State. at any inoney order post oilier and at any oxprs occ. The bonds will be datn.l A,gust 1. [93, and they will be delivered to subseribgrs free of ex- pense for transpoctatl.n as soon after that dat as possible. Thebonds will bo accompanied by a check for 1he am unt of interest du the sub- scrib'r from the dale bf his payment to August 1. 1893 All remittances and Other communications reativ to thi loan sh )u[d be aldressl to th, secretary of the treasury division of lo,P. and currency, Wa ;hinrLon, D. C. All ubscription:- nlut b2 received at the treasury department, Washington. D. (J., n3t later than 3 p. m, Wednesday. July ii, 18'8, No subscriptions received af er that date. how- ever. will be considere L I,. J, GA(m. Secretary. An important feature in floating the new loan is found in the fact that See- rotary Gage, for all subscriptions of $500 and less. will begin the allotment at once. This fact should be borne in mind by small investors. THE BUILDING COLLAPSED. Terrible-Accident at Cannes, Frauee-- REPULSED WITfl HEAVY LOSS. Spanish AItaek Upon Atnerlean |arlae$ at Ent.ranee to Guantandmo l};y It eStll|S I)|sast rou.ty. UNITED STATES CAMP. ENTRANC6 OF (UANTANAMo BAY, Sunday, June 12, via Kingston, Jamaica. Monday, June 15. The Spaniards last night attacked the camp of the first battalion of nta- rines under Lieut. R. W. lluutington and wcrc repulsed with heavy loss. Four Americans wcre killed, namcly: urffeou J. B, Gibbs, of New York city. Scrgeant Sntitb. of Co. D. Private MeColganof Co.-D, Private DunnriMv, of Co. D. The wounded were: Pt-iwde Mc- Gowan, of Co. D. hand shattcred, and the pilot on the United States cruiser Marblehead, shot through the leg. The firing bcan after midnight and lasted until daybreak. At times there wan a heavy fusilade on both sides. Lieutenants Neville and Shaw. of Co. I), with 30 men were on picket duty all night and were attacked by a heavy force of Spaniards. All the mcn were in this dctachment except Dr. Gibbs. who was shot while in camp. Thc pickets held the Spaniards off un- til released this morning. Reinforcements were landed from the Texas and Marblehead tbs morn- int. They, consisted of 60 men aud two rapid fire-guns. Tile men suffered greatly from heat and thirst but they all behaved splc,ldidly it1 aml out of fire. After MeColffan and Duanrishy were" killed, their heads wcrc shockingly mutilated wi Lh machetes. Late ycsLcrday morning the Spanish opened fire from two guns place([ on the west side of theharb.)r. The shots flew wild. The Texa.. Yankee and torpedo boat Porter, which wcrc lying ]H[ [[[[] 8 0[[ gl LAST. Departure from Key West o[ the Army of Invasion Unfier Maj.-Gen. Shafter. DVR FIFIEEN THOUSAND M ABgAM, The Largo Floor of Transport Convoyet| by a Strong Sqo:tdron of 1Vtrhlp% Ilktag Ing front the Big B'tttleshlp to the Small Gnnbtt and Fast-So|ling Arm Yacht. WASIIJN('ON. ,Inne 13. -It is forma ly annonnce41 at the war department that the first military expedition left Key West at daylight, bound for San- tiago. All day Sunday there w;ts a lively conference between the official of the navy and war departments, aud after an all-day acssion the war board completed its plans for convoyin the troop transports. Maj.-Gen. Shifter. who eomm:tnds this expedition, has with him a force of 773 officers and 1L56i enlisted men. The United ta.tcs regular troop make np the greater part of the force, there be- ing but three volunteer orga,liza.tion on the ship.;. These are the Seventy. first New York infantry volunteers, the Sceotltl Massachusetts infantry volun- leers, aud two dismounted squadrou, of four troops each fm)m the First United States volunteer cav- alry. the regiment which Col. Wood commands, attd of wlfieb Theodorn Roosevelt is licutenant - colonel Whether citller of these officers is with the two squudrons named is not yeJ known at th ' war depttrLluent, tt wa difficult t') prevail up)n the mounted riflemen to le:tve their mounts behind, but this was a mtttcr of ncce.sity, it i said. owing to lac* of accommodations in the harbor, opened fire. and in n for the hores on shipboard. short time silenced the panis't guns. The latter fire3 onlyonec after the ships opened fire on them. Thed.e were no casnaltics on the American aid ', It was decided by Cot. HuntingLon ycstcrday morning to abandon the posltioq lir,t occupied as a camp, as there were no signs of reinforcements of troops, and it was known that a force of Spaniards six times more nu- merous than the ntarinc battalion the vicinity. Therefore. thc crest of the hill which thctroop held Sunday night, w;t. ivcn up to batteries attd riflepits, att(l the teats were pitcltc,:l [Dn the side of the hill ne:tr the harbor, which is protccte l by tit0 war ship. GEN. COPPINGER IN COMMAND. The Next Expedition from Tampa Be- lieved to Be Destined for Porto Bleo -So/dints FP.hlt ed. TAMPA, Fin., June 1L--G3n, Coppin- ger is in command of the tl.O31s left at Tampa and. it is believed, will eom- mind the next.expedition to sail. The destination of this second cxpe.lition will bc Porto Rico. Gcn, Fitzhu,dt Lee's corps is not likely to go to Pot'to Rico, but will b2 sent to Cuba when thc time comes to strike [lavana. The troops which left here for Key West prior to forming the army of Cuban invasion were convoyed from Tampa to Key West by the IIelcna, Annapolis. Castinc and Wisdom. The troops were joyful when ordcr. were received at last to makca start for Key West. The rumors of Spanish gunboats had delayed their departure after embarkation had taken place and had caused them to be warped into the slip near the piers. Life ou a troop shioisnot picasmt at bzst and with the intense heat that prevailed Thurs- day and Friday while the transports were kept in the slips was decldelly disagreeable. The s)ldiers suffered gre'tly, but ca:nplaind littl.. Th munuer in which the ships werc crowded to,ether did not permit the port-helen to be opencd, and. with the thermometer close to tO). tlc he:tt in the hohls of thc vcss ds, where at night the troopswere packed ia lik sar- (lines, was simply unbearable. On one transport aleutS, the Chero- kee, five regulars, inure.I tlr.)u3'h they wereto all kinds o! hardhip, fainted, while one or more case of prostration were rcported from nearly every transport. Two men of the Seventy-first New York volunteers vet'e alnoag the sufferers aud it wa hours before the physicians succeeded in restoring them to conseionsuess. On Friday, however, the sifips were ordered once morc out into the stream, wold having been brouzht by the con- verted gunboat ltornet that ao trace of any hostile vessel had been found, After a conference of severM hours' duration between Generals Miles and Shifter and the different brlgle com- manders, and after the exchange of a good many telegrams with th w&r de- partment at Washington, it was an- nouneedon Saturd.ty t'at the expedi- tion would s'il shortly, and four hours later the start %yes made. Comrnise|on to Inspect the Eagtn of the The best that the department could tin at this time iu the way of supplying thc cavalry contingent for tbe expcdi finn was to inehtde among the tt-tropa one squadron of the Second Unified States cavalry, fully monnted, with nine officers and 280 unlisted men. The futl list of tle troops that make np the expedition, as reported to th0 war department by Gen. Shifter, is as follows: Infantry Regzmeuts---Sixth, Six. teeuth. Seventy-first New York untecrs, Tenth, Twenty-first, Second, Thirteenth, Ninth, Twentv-fourth, Eighth, Twenty-s,eond. SecOnd Mt saehusetts volunt3ers, First. Fifteenth, Thirteenth. Seventh. Third, Twu. infantry, 561 oflizcrs and 10,793 enlisted men, Cav:th'y--Two dismounted squadrons of four troop each from t|tc Tifird, Sixth. Ninth. First and Tenth cavalry and two dismounted squadrons of four troops eaei from the First Unite| States volunteer cavalry. Total dis- mouuted cavah.y. 159 officers. 2.875 eu. listed men; mounted c'tvalry, one squadron of the Second.9 officers and 2(I enlisted men. ArLillery--Light batteries E aud K. First nrti|lery; A and I,', Second artil. lore, 1t officers atttl 323 cnlisted men. Battcl'ies G and ll. Fourth artHlety-- sieffe, o,qi.'r, and 13.' enlisted meu. Engineers Comp:miea C aud E,9o3t- errs. ?) enlisted men. Signal Corps--Our detachment, g officers and 45 enllstcd men. Itospial detachments arc inclut'.l in lhc above tigures. The staff corps number )5 offi er The grand total of the cxpedition i 773 officers and 14,56t enlisted men Gcn. Shifter, in his report, indicates the great obstacles that had to be ovcx- come in order to cmbark his force at .. Port Tampa, and it is not likely if his 'eeommendation carrie wci:itt, that fle effortwil[ be made to ;gain era- hark so large a number of trtPops from this Fort without considerably enlarg* ing the shipping facilities. It will be noticed that by far tl larg-t-r portion of the expedition i Usade up of infantry, alLhough an un o u'tlly large number of artiller isle- eluded; and that the cawtlry is almost altogether lackin;. It is expocted,how- ever that the dismounted cavalry with tlte expedition will be mounted later in Cnba, either from the stock o native horses or from mounts that will follow tbem from this coun- try. Ovinff o tbc monntaioou. and jungle-like charaetcr of the country back of Santiago, where the troop must operate, tttere will |)e little op* portunity for the nsc of cavah'v, so hat the expedition has not been weak- ned in the opinion of cxp:>rts. Thc troops will arrive off Santla-o Thur.d.ty mornin at latest, barrin storms or accident, and thc lauding probably will take piece on the a[ter- tlc)n of that day or Friday following, ns Admiral S,tmpson is extremely anxiou to rein foree the amalt body of marines now ashore at Gnantanamo bay. The position of these men is not entirely satisfactory to theotlicial)ere. While no advices have yet reached tim navy department of the attack made on th marine force by Npanish guerril| Saturday night, there is uo disposition to question the accuracy of the press reports. A large force o transports conveyed the troops under the convoy of a st, roaff st|flAtiron o[ warsbip, ranging from t tile immense l)attlesaip to the gunboat and armed fast-sailing yacht, Awulting the Roinforeeutent. |r)l+E N-[, NIC,)LAS. ,Inne lL-+'Ftte ex- pedition from Ta ml)a ua ler t;en. Shtf or. convoved by Americans warshID.,% is anxiously awaited by the fleet off Santiago de Cuba. Operations will begin immediately after the arrival of the transport which are expected this week. When the dispatch boat Du left Guantanamo ba the cable steamer for the Itaytien cable, preme court. Bartlev was convicted horsc, doin thn 1 miles of the La- They Offered the Sherlff's Posse Flght, and geline Cisfleros, whose romantic cs- 'l'emer)rlo. of stealing $300.000 stat'e funds, tonia derby in o. o. and defeating Thirty l'eraoas Crashed to Death " .3./ Two or Them wore Voun,[e:! cape frown a Spanish prison in Havana AsauMt,'rn).u, 1 aragnav, June 13 via V. V. ALLEN who came in from Plaudit. the greatest three-year-old |n the Fray. several months ago is recalled, was Galveston, Tax,, Jnne14.Tkegovern. and Borden counties to Fort colt of the present year. married here to-day to Carlos F. Car- tn a Collapsed Building. ment of Puraguay hasapreaiuted a eom- Tex., on the 10th, reported de- A WATR-LAI)EN barge and her crew Ilocs'roN, Tex,, Janc 14.--The train bonel, who assisted in her rescue, The CANNES, June t4 k fern stor,, build mission to inspect the engines of the struetive prairie fires on the nlains of five men, in a tow of the steamer robbers who wcrc concerned in the counle left for vh; " " ' "--" """  " <.-t. ...... t ...- ....... i ,. . --. !.. .... :. ,...... :: - ...... i: i=, r " y, ., e "cuing of st rm off the coas, of North] ' "ounty Three of them were ............ J ..... " ...... " '" . allowed her in order to co i e 10th "Dec" Sae 'Richard Hanna Cat'olina and durin th I thai cavtured Sunday n,*a, , ........ ,,:. aezr mones. ney passeu tnrouga I Scne, aau one cng,tged la clear- . mp te her 0no e a.lrs Thin &Or, lOS is t result ot the t Thomas Bodine were killed by the ittwsera varied and the arge went [ men offered a fiht and tw -, ,-. - R on a delayed passanger train, J zng UD the debris and z'emov/ng the P. " . . . " .... ' " " ' , I " )retest Of" the United ti0atts consul, ' ttnin( ] down.  were wouad0d  clad in their underclothes, eeral bodms of the vlcttms, mn o" Wltle ,, , , ...... , _ . 7  "W " " - " " I were qmtm badly brne | wet0 horrib|v man,tied- ' .  c.aama za vie ot ne neBt, rlty of the