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June 14, 2018     The Woodville Republican
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June 14, 2018

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Page 8 The Woodville Republican, Thursday, June 14, 2018 THE FAR CORNER Ft Adams & Lake Mary by Rhonda Quirk :i ~ The petitions for the unit can't get into our car and a family of four had one ve- system are out. I hope ev- pop over to a friend's house hicle, two if Mama worked. eryone will realize that it because of bad roads or Children borrowed the fam- is imperative as citizens of closed bridges. We have to ily car on date night. Now, this county that we mustmodernize our current op- a family of' four may have support the unit system,erating system, four cars. We must adapt to Our infrastructure is anti- The old system used to these changes and support quated. Every aspect of our work just like dial up in- the unit system. lives has moved forward ternet. Boy! When dial One more thing, some- and adjusted to new tech- up first became available, body should notify nology over the years. The folks thought it was theGOGGLE Maps about all internet has changed ourbest thing ever. Now, wethe road detours in this lives. Even way out here at have satellite internet or county. People are con- Loch Leven, I have the in- fiber optic lines that are stantly directed to Clark's ternet. You are wondering even faster. Things change. Creek via Mile Hill Road. what this has to do with the There is also another factor I am sure visitors are mis- unit system? Right? Well, that plays an important fac- guided all over the county I want you to think about tor in our situation. Have because of these road clo- how everything in our lives you considered the increase sures. That's another rea- advances as time marchesin the amount of traffic on son for the unit system. I'll on. We can pop on the in- our roads from years ago? stop harping now and invite ternet and visit anywhere Now, just about everyoneyon to come on out to The in the world. However, we has a vehicle. In the past, Far Corner. Again (Continued from Page 1) "I will need to research erty and abandoned car. voted 3-0 to approve the this one too," said Attorney Clerk Adams stated, "The chief's request. Alderman Wilkerson. Town of Woodville needs a Megan Tolliver was not At the request of Zon- credit card to assist with present at the meeting. ing Chairman Dooley, the payments for town officials An announcement was board discussed what could attending training sessions made that the Town Hall be done with an abandoned and conferences, will be closed for the day on car parked on First South "As it is now, the individu- Wednesday, July 4, in obser- Street across from the al has to use their personal vance of Independence Day. Woodville Baptist Church. credit card and has to wait The board went into ex- Attorney Wilkerson saidfor reimbursement from ecutive session to discuss a that the Woodville Police the town," said Adams. "It personnel matter. Department has the au- would make things much The next regular meet- thority to have the vehicle easier if we had a towning of the mayor and board towed away. credit card." will be at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Dooley stated that "some Mayor Keshia Ford said,July 3. additional cleanup" is need- "We will look into your re- The monthly WPD report ed on the property adjacent quest." shows a list of the citations to the abandoned car. Chief Stewart stated that issued during the month of Alderman Carter said, WPD Officer Delando Miles "Let me talk to the property needed to be sent to the Mas, 2018, as fbllows: Careless Driving 1 and car owner again. SheLaw Enforcement TrainingDisregard TrafficDevise 7 told me she was trying to Academy so he can becomeExpiredTag 2 sell the car and needed time a certified law enforce-No Drivers License 3 to do this." merit officer. The class at Notnsurance 2 Alderman Carter was re- the training facility will be No Seat Belt 1 minded that this wasn't the from July 8 through Sep-Possession of Marijuana 1 Suspended License 2 first time he had requested tember 1. Trespassing 1 an extension of time for the On motion by Fry and Violation0fCi~0rdinance 3 owners of the blighted prop- second by Carter, the board April FineTotal S$2,50gm BUZZARD SNACKING IN THE afternoon, June 11, just after lunch. A SHADE -- Turkey vultures, like thispassing motorist called the newspaper one spotted on the ground adjacent to office to report the large bird with a The WoodvUle Republican office, arered head feasting on carrion. A resi- not handsome birds, but they make dent mocking bird was very unhappy a healthier environment for all of us. this large, very ugly bird was in her This full grown vulture, commonly nesting area and spent a goodly time called a buzzard, found some road kill pecking the buzzard which appeared in Depot Street and dragged it over to to be oblivious to the bird's steady the shade under the live oak tree next dive-bomb attacks. -- Woodville Re. to The Republican office on Monday publican Photo by Andy J. Lewis Dead animals. Smelly When turkey vultures unlike other birds, turkey carcasses. Stomach-turning eat a carcass, however, they vultures have an excellent sights. We've all seen dead are doing the environment sense of smell, which per- animals on~esideoftheroad a favor by preventing the mits them to locate dead aiter they were struck by ve- possible spread of disease to animals quickly. hicles. It's not a pleasant sight, other animals, possibly even Turkey vultures use their but have you ever wondered to ourselves, adaptations to efficiently what happens to the bodies of But to find carcasses, find and consume dead ani- animals that die? turkey vultures must often mals, removing those car- One answer to this ques- search large areas each day. casses from our roadsides, tion may be turkey vultures. Flying, which permits them fields and forests -- and in These large birds don't usu- to cover a lot of ground, is this case from a yard. ally kill their own food but tiring and takes lots of ener- In the past, turkey vul- rely on disease, predators gy. To conserve energy, vul- tures have been thought of and careless drivers to pro- tures avoid flapping flight as harbingers of evil and vide them with the carcasses by soaring along bluffs on darkness. Instead, we should on which they feed. As a upwelling air currents and value turkey vultures, na- result, they often are associ- in columns of rising warm ture's cleaning crew, for their ated with death, air called thermals. Also, valuable service. (Continued from Page 1) There is only one real so- throw it. Why don't you go Fines can be levied for those lution. People have to start back and pick it up." Hewho are caught littering. caring more about how our wasn't happy that he hadIt shouldn't have to come town looks and stop trash- been caught and confront- to this, but it just m;ght ing it up. ed, so he mumbled words have ~ "~- Woodville Po- I know that I pick up I could not hear or under- lice. Dci,artment should trash around my house and stand. When I got back to be on the lookout for the office on a regular if not dai- my house the can was still people who litter and issue ly basis. You pick up some there for me to pick up.them a ticket. If they are one day and there is more This is a prime example found guilty in Woodville back the next morning, of how some people have Municipal Court, and it Recently I watched a per- no respect for what is right costs them some fine money, son in a car toss a beer can and have no intentions of they just might think twice into the ditch in front of my being considerate of their next time and properly dis- house as I was getting in fellow residents. Why didn't pose of their litter. my truck to go to the store, he keep the can in his car I want to make a plea to I happened to see the same and throw it in a trash can the folks of Woodville to stop car in the store's parking at the storeor at his home? littering and help keep our lot. There are litter and ille- little town beautiful. Don't I told the person who gal dumping laws enactedbe a part of the problem be threw the can, "I saw you by the State of Mississippi. a part of the solution. In a continued effort to Dr. Currier. "It's important presence of people with an curb the opioid epidemic in that Mississippians - any opioid use disorder. Mississippi, a drug proven to family member, friend or oth- Naloxone has no effect on reverse the effects of an opioid er person in a position to help someone not using opioid overdose is now available by someone suffe~ ng from an di-ugs. request directly from a phar- opioid overdose - are aware '~ Ve applaud Dr. Curriers macistatallMisslssippiphar- of the availability of this drug wisdom in offering another macies, and know how to administer tool h~ our battle against Through a standing order it tithe need arises." opioid abuse and overdose issued by Mississippi State Mississippi has seen a sig- deaths," said Frank Gammill, Health Officer Dr. Mary Cur- nificant increase in the num- executive director of the Mis- rier, pharmacists are now per- ber of opioid overdose deaths sissippi Board of Pharmacy. mitted to dispense by request in the last several years, "I am confident this will save the narcotic blocker naloxone, with 172 in 2016 compared lives. I challenge all pharma- A prescription from a doctor with 76 in 2011, an increase cies in Mississippi to partici- or other medical practitioner of more than 125 percent. In pate in this standing order is not required, that same five year time span, and offer this life-storing med- In an overdose, this drug more than 700 opioid over- ication to their communities." blocks the brain's opioid re- dose deaths were reported in Gammill said the Board of ceptors and restores normal Mississippi. Pharmacy ~dll continue in its breathing in peopIe who have effbrt to educate pharmacists overdosed on fentanyl, herein, You should know how to and the public about nalox- or prescription opioid pain- use naloxone and have it one. killers. Naloxone's temporary within reach if you are a pa- "My staff will be immedi- blocking effect allows time for tient currently taking high ately reaching out to phar- professional medical atten- doses of opioids prescribed macists across the state to tion to be sought, for pain, someone misusing inform them of the details of "Expansion of the availabil- prescription opioids, someone this standing order" he said. ity and use of this drug could who uses illicit opioids such Follow MSDH by e- greatly reduce drug overdose as heroin or fentanyl, or if you mail and social media at deaths and save lives," said live with or are often in the MSDH Investigating Tuberculosis At Ole Miss On April 9, the Mississippi sary in the next several weeks sippi.We ~ill continue to work State Department of Health for those who may have been closely with the Mississippi (MSDH) announcesd that exposed more recently. St~m:~ i)epm~cment of Health a case of active tuberculosis Exposure to active TB dis- and appreciate and trust their (TB) has been confirmed in a ease can result in TB infection, guidance and assistance to en- student at the University of TB infection is not contagious sm~ the publ/c health of our Mississippi's Oxford campus, and has no symptoms~ but can commmliw." MSDH has been working with develop into active TB disease State Epidemiologist Dr. officials from the University of ever time. A course of treat- Paul Byers explained that cas- Mississippi to identify students ment is recommended for those es of TB zn~ seen every year in and staff who may have been with TB infection in order to the state and sometimes these potentially exposed to the ac- prevent future TB disease. !dncisof'investigatiousinschcol tive TB case. Symptoms of active TB dis- and university settings are nec- MSDH with cooperation ease include fever, weight loss, essar~5 Ensuring that individu- from the University will ini- night sweats and cough,als potentially exposed to ac- tially test approximately 500 Vice Chancellorfor Student tive TB disease are tested and individuals for TB infection. Affairs Dr. Brandi Hephner treated if needed is an activity The individuals willbe notified LaBanc said, 'Whe safety and MSDHconductsmutinely." by a letter with details about well-being of our students, Follow MSDH by e-mail and the upcoming testing. A second faculty, and staff is a top prior- social media at HealthyMS. round of testing may be neces- ity for the University of Missis- com/colmect. Dustin and Stephanie Whetstone announce the birth of their second child and second son, Sheperdand Lisa Cloy of Denham Rawlins, on Sunday, June 10, Springs, Louisiana. Mater- 2018, atWoman's Hospitalin na! great-grandparents are Baton Rouge. Grandparents Billy and Marjorie Cloy and are Clifford and Ida "Whet- Bernard and Sarah Guerin, stone of Woodville and Joey all of Denham Springs. What's Happening At Wilkinson County Correctional Facility PHOTO: Warden Jody Bradley, at/eft, and Austin Fratesi are shown attending First Quarter Community Relations Meeting at Wilkinson County Correctional Facility (WCCF). Fratesi is the field representative for Congressman Greg Harper. WCCF Honored With innovations Award. Wilkinson County Correctional Facility (WCCF) recently ac- cepted the 2017 MTC Impact Innovations Award during a con- ference for MTC wardens. The award, presented by Manage- ment & Training Corporation (MTC) of Utah, recognizes special achievements by its top correctional facilities. WCCF's innovation for 2017, "Ideas R Us:' saw program effi- ciency increased by 13.98 percent. The facility created new pro- grams and saw record numbers in participation by the offenders. : "Against formidable talent from other correctional facilities, Wilkinson County Warden Bradley did a splendid job of presenting our accomplishments and detailing our outlook for future successes:' said an MTC corporate official. Wilkinson Prison Holds GED Graduation Eight men incarcerated at WCCF recently earned their GEDs.They graduated in a special ceremony in the presence of their family, WCCF staff, and other offenders. Graduates included Valedictorian Abel Armenta, Salutatorian Devante May, Eddie Rags- ' dale, Allen Armstrong, Jay Magee, Blake Burt, Tramell Warren, and Jonathan Dukes. Rags- dale, who is now released, did not attend the ceremony. Matthew Riley, statewide re-entry coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Correc- tions (MDOC), gave the commencement address. WCCF, which is operated by Management & Training Corporation (MTC) of Utah, had four GED graduates in 2016 and a total of 22 in 2017.The facility is expecting more graduates in the near future, according to Deputy Warden of Programs Tonya Toomey. Guardian Shelter's Debra Mitchell Visits Wilkinson Prison WCCF welcomed Social Worker Debra Mitchell of The Guardian Shelter as the guest speaker for its First Quarter Community Relations Meeting. The shelter is affiliated with Catholic Charities. About 30 people attended the meeting, including Austin Fratesi, who serves as field repre- sentative for U.S. Congressman Gregg Harper. Others in attendance included church leaders : and representatives of Field Health System. WCCF provided a meal for the event. Mitchell, a graduate of Alcorn State University, shared examples of how her organization works to protect battered women and children. She also took a moment to thank WCCF for the 25 new cell phones it donated to the shelter in February. WCCF Horticulture Class Grows Vegetables The horticulture class at WCCF is seeing the fruit of its labor. 'We have broken ground:' said Deputy Warden of Programs Tonya Toomey. "We now have a garden with vegetables." The class, which consists of 26 students, is led by Instructor Santhie Womack, who holds a bachelor's degree in biology health science from Alcorn State University. The class is growing corn, green beans, turnips and mustard greens, okra, squash, water- melons, cantaloupe, peas, and flowers. .Wilkinson's Bessie JanuaryTeaches Case Managers At East Mississippi Case Manager Bessie January of WCCF recently taught a three-day class on Long-term Segregation at East Mississippi Correctional Facility (EMCF), Meridian. 'We focused on how Iong4erm segregation is run:' January said."We looked at the policies and guidelines of MTC and the Mississippi Department of Corrections' (MDOC). We talked about the dos and don'ts when working with these offenders and how to work with security." January is a long-term case manager at WCCE where she has worked for four years. She is a student at Jackson State University and resident of Fayette. Lewis, Gatlin Complete ILAPTraining Education Supervisor Branton Lewis and Librarian Rosemary Gatlin recently completed a one-day training session for the Inmate Legal Assistance Program (ILAP) provided by the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC).The training took place in Jackson. ILAP is designed to provide legal assistance to all offenders located at the state facilities, pri- vate prison facilities, county/regional facilities, community work center or approved county jail.