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June 11, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 11, 1898

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/; o -==" MiINOFTHEMERRIMRG Few great cities of America are adequately the Merrimac&apos;s crew. It developed provided with public cloct of such a size that with great bravery the cadet hai and so prominent location as to indicate the only returned when all hope of taking Daring Adventure Band of American Patriots in Santiago de Cuba Bay. RAN TWO MILES UNDER SPANISH FIRE, NAVY NOTES. I HOUSEHOLD PATRIOTISM. the estimated co. 00rmament r--..,.,!o = .,,---:. ,..,'a,-or. aboutf a present-day second-class cruiser is j Until IP Called Her and Came 13,000 | Out Ahe,L Shells, as they are known in the pres- / ent day, xere not used in the navy until [ "'M,a. an' .1,went to see the soldiers eo the latter end of the cigiteenth cen- [mau'nLr!g off, said ,Iohnn e. tury 'l tell you t'-as great fun to see 'era. Pa asked ma how she liked it an' ma said it made The engines for working the evapor, her feel real patriotic. She said she wished ators, electric lights and refrigerating h was a mau an' ihere wouldn't nobuddy machinery of thefirst-classcruierTer 1, cn her to home such a time as '  o" tnlS; sue sanl she Would be off flghtin' for able are caleulaled to consume about ,7 her country every time. tons of coal per day. "Pa said she needn't tav tn h ....... eonnt of bcln' a Woman 'eansesile could go time over wide metropolitan districts But it ij high time to cheek kidney and bladder complaint manifested to the sufferer by in. ctivity of the organs affected. ]lostettcr's itomach Bitters remedies this as it doe dya. pepsis, rheunmtism, constipation, bhious- ne and nervousness J Men of Mouth. Some men seek glory in the can0n' mouth, but those who seek it in their own moutha are in an overwhelming majority.-- Boston Transcript. Ne000us and Tired Woe Not Able to do Her Work Until Hood'8 Sarsaparilla Cured, "1 was troubled with headaches, ner vousness and that tired feeling. I read in the papers about Hood's Sarsaparilla and began taking 1. I am now able to do my work, as Hood's Sarsaparilla has relieved me" Mas. T. F. Bc. Hampslnre," Ill. Hood's Sarsaparilla Ia Amerl's Greatest Medicine. 81; six for $5 HOOd'e P|ile cure indigestion, biliousns. GRDVES : I'HE BF_T PRKSCRIPTION FOR CHILLS AND FEVER a bottle of GROVE'S TA 8TELESS CIILL TONIC it never falls to cure. Then why experlmeatwith lrlWthloslt imittionm, At all druggists. Not Hereditary. Gottrocks--They tell me your son ie be- aming quite a poet. I didn't know the tcn- er passion ran in your family. Billuns--It don't run in thb family I bink John was left that way 1)y the s_arlet |ver. The doctor says eveiwbody that has I is always affected some "way/--Chicago evening News. $100 /eward SI0O. The rtmder of this paper will bepleased _to learn that there is at least one dreaded ILee that science has been able to cure in 1 i s lages, and that is Catarri,. Hall's h Cure is the only positive cure own to te medical Iraernity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatraent. Hall's Catarrh Cur is taken internally, taxing directly upon the blood and mucous surftmes of the gstmD, thereby destroying the foundation t)f the disease, and giving the oatient atrenRth by building up tim constitution and agOng natm.e in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its cnrw ive. powyr that they Offer One Hundred Oohars for any cae tha it fails to cure. end for list of testimonials. Address F. J. C,sr  Co., Tolodo, O. Ftd byDruggtsts, 75e, Hall's Family Fills arc tbe best The Dnng'ers of Ctmp. Amy--Oh, Belle, you don't think pool lear lob will get shot in Cuba ? Betle:-D'. hard to say, dear, bat he was "half shot" wben I saw him at ]tcmpstead. Life. hake In|o YoIIt Shoel Allen's Foot Easc a powder for the feet. [t cures painful swollen nervous smartin !eel and instantly tales the stilg oat  .'eras and bun one. It's the ttreatest comfort liovery of the age. Allen'sl'oot-:ase make,t ight or new hoes feel easy-. It is a certain re for sweating eallou aml hot, tired, aeh- tt fet "'ru it to-day, lqold by all drutsts nd st0atores, gaSe. Trial paqeage FREE. tldresa Allen S Olmstcd, Le Roy, N. Y. A good way to avoid trouble is to make Ip your mindnot to bc troubled, but that a too much troublc.--Vashington {Ia.) Democrat. Fits stopped free and permanently cared. [}N fits after first day's, ,use of ])r.'. Kline's rear Nerve tlestorer, l;ree $'2 trml bottle & treatite. Dr. Klinc, 933 Arch st., Phila., I'a. The slx-hundredpound lad), in the mu- um draws a pretty fat salary.L. A, V Bulletin. fuA man's pat is the best prophet of his tare.-- Chicago Daily News. 8TRONO STATE,tENTS. a'zo Women Reltovod of Female Troubles by Mrs. Piakham. From Mrs. A. W, S_.ITU. 59 Summer St., Biddeford, Me.: "For tmveral years I suffered with various dieae_s peculiar to my sex. Wa troubled with a burningsensation aroM the small of my back, that MI- gone feeling, was despondent, fretful axed discouraged; the least exertion Sh'edme. I tried several doctors but received little benefrt. At last I de- cided togtve your Lydia E. I'inkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. The ef- fee of the first bottle was magical, Those symptoms of weakness that I was afflicted with, vanished lihe vapor before the sun. I cannot speak too highly of your valuable remedy. It is truly a boon to wormm." From Mrs. ELISS) PHILLIPS, Lex- Ington, Ind., to Mrs. Pinkham: *'Before I began talcing year medicine I had suffered for two years with that tired feeling, headache, backache, no ap- petite, and a run-down condition of the system. I could not Walk acros the room. I have taken four bottles of the Vegetable Compound, one Lu-,x of Liver Pills and used one pckae of Sanative Wash, andnow fecl like , new womaz, aazd am able to do my work." From Mrs. Mor,nlE E HEEL, Pew- eli tation, Tenn.: "For three years I suffered with such a weakness of the back, I could not, perform my household duties. I also had falling of the womb, terrible bear- tag-down pins and headache. I have taken two bottles of Lydia E. Pink- haa'8 Vegetable Compound and feel e  new womn. I recommend your i_.icine to every woman I know." Effeetuany Corked Up Cervera's Bottle by Blowing Up Their Own Vessel, and Then lloldly Bowed to the panlsl Flagship and Surrendered-Their Brtvery l|on- ored by the Enemy, OFF SANTIAGO I)E CUriA. June 3, 7 a. m.. via I'ort Antonio. Jamaica. June 4. --(Delayed in transmmsiou.). The fol- lowing is a detailed story of the act of heroism performed by Lieut. Richmond P. llobson and his seven companions in sinking the collier Mermmae across the channel leading into the harbor of Santiago de Cuba: Tue panish fleet is now helpless, beiug held captive in S:ntiago de Cuba harbnr. The narrow channel leading into the harbor was completely blocked early this morning when the United States collier Merrimac was sunk across its entrance. It is now impossibld for the Spaniards to get gone right under the "batteries, and on board the crew of the Merrimae had of a Devoted to be abandoned. Cadet Powcli also reported that he had clearly seen the Mer,'imac's masts sticking up just where lfobsou hoped to sink her. north of Estrella battery, land well past the guns of Morro cas- tle. But of tile heroes who had penned the Spaniards in there was not a sound or a sign. Rcar-Ad mi ral Sampson said: "1 am pretty sure the attempt was quite successful, [ hope all those brave fellows were not captured." Cadet Powcli believes the torpedoes previously fixed about the Mcrrimae were exploded as phmned, as Lieut. llob:on was well up the harbor before the Spaniards opencd firc on the Merri- Inac. What actually happened on board the Merrimac can best be judged from what Lieut. iIobson said just before leaving the flagship. Sitting in his cabin, his face browned by the sun and his eyes flashing with excitement he remarked: "I shall right into the harbor un- til about 400 yards past the Estrclla battery, which is behind Morro castle I do not think they can sihk me before I reach somewhere near that point. The Mcrri mac has 7,000 torks buoyancy, and I shall kcep her full speed ahead. Shecaa make aboutten knots. Wheu Cye/ing is rapidly eomingto the front as a favorite pastime for oar sailors as a nurse just as lots of ot :ors were goin' An' ma said t at wasn't what she wanted. She'd like tcr get ri,,ht inter the thiek,.of the battle, where the bullets Wcre whizzin round an cannon flair' off an' so diers fallin' al/ ronnd. An l,a laughed an' lau he ,. "tte said heed just'like to see, a  n d a place race that. An' he said out in the corner of the back room where his empty gun was stand V, i'he dust was three " , . .,0 ., , inches the! ( ausenta as so tram o that gun site didn't both at home and abroad. The ashes taken from the various ships of the Mediterranean squadron have been ulil- ized for the purpose of making a cinder track for cycling at P! There are some @,COO bhlejackcts in the British navy, and out. of these lhere are only two who have risen to execu- tive rank. These are two officers at, present in command of vessels, who werc promoted for bravery during the Nile expedition in 1884-85. When at sea a British bluejacket's' breakfast consists of 1V2 pounds of bread, or. 1 ponnds of biscuit, with a pint of cocoa. Dinner consists of one pound of salt beef, followed on the next day by the same quantity of salt pork, and on the following day of tinned meat. Then the salt. beef commences again. On tinned meat days he is al- dare to it near cnuf to it to sweep the floor np. An pa sad ma would average 17 fits a minute if she got in sighl of a real battle, to say nothin' of wt at would happen if she wa: 'ight in it. An' then I,a laoghcd an  laughed, an' ma was mad an' said there ,,a times wben pa acted like a regular idiot.'-- Lawrence American. "a-NOTHER PATRIOT. lie *,Vnnted E'erythl2g 31111lacy an avnl on tile Bill ol Fare. Liver needs coaxing, not crowding. Dr. Ayer's Pills stand with- out a rival as a reliable medicine for liver complaint They cure consUpation, and they cure its consequences, piles, biliousness, indigestion, sick headache, nausea, coated tongue, foul breath, bad taste, palpitation, nervousness, irrita- bility, and many other maladies that have their root in constipation. They are a specific for all diseases of the stomach and bowels, and keep the body in a condition of sound health. have used Ayers Pills for the past thirty years and consider them an invaluable family medicine, i know of no better remedy for liver troubles, and have always found them a prompt cure for dyspepsia."--JAzs QwN, 90 Middls Street, Hartford, Corm Take A yer's Pills out. and it is equally impossible for any vessel to get into the barber Therefore, the Npanis}t iirsL-elass ar- mored cruisers Maria Teresa, Cristobal Colon, Vizeaya and Ahniranue Oqueudo, witlt the two tbrpedo boaU destroyers Puffiy is too old and there is too much oI __ him to go to the war, but he never loses a :::::. .... _ tile narrowest part of tile channel is lowed a little rice arm preserved pota- chance to voice h s I,atrittism. wsos .r..,,ee.e..< " reached 1 shall pitt her helm hard toes, on salt beef days a litile flour nnd "Pork and beans," he mumbled overthc aport, stop the engines, drop raisins, and on sa!t 1)ork days a pint of .er,restaurantare thesemCnUthe thercgubtrotherarm.vdav, beans?"'Sa) wait- 4|T_O_C 00Tt._ESS FOLKS HAVE TH the anchors, open the sea connee- pea soup. The last meal given him by ::'es, ah A;so dc rea'la,ohmypo'k" HARulair WORK, BUT QUICK WITTED tions, touch off the torpedoes and the government is at four o'clock in ...jmngnm seine. What's this? Spanish leave thc Merrimae a wreck, lying ..... s. une',,gorcerofconsomme waiter PEOPLE USE Brealc a c.oul)]e of these  )anion. ,-'--- - . " ' 1  11 otl/s 1 1LC t. ]hatswheretaeybelo/g. Thcnthrow Fueor and l'lutou, are no longer of any use to Spain. This result was accomplished through the heroism of Lieut. Richard P. Hob- soil. assistant naval constructor, and Daniel Montaffue, George Charette, J. C. Murphy, O;car Deignan. John P. Philips, John Kelly and 11. Clausen. The latter, a coxswain of tile New York, took part, in the expedition again,t orders. They were all cap- tared by he Spaniards b,zt the Span- ish admiral, in recognition of their bravery, sent word to the American ad- mi-al, under a flag of truce, that he was willing to exchange the prisouers, and assuring the American commander that they woul4 be treated with the ffreate:.b kindaess. Money and pro- visions-have been seut to them, and the necessary steps are being taken to bring :tbout their exchange. Montague is chief master-at-arms ot the New York. lie has served four year,s in the navy, is '29 years of age and his home i in Brooklyn. George Charette is a gunner's mate of the first class ou board the New the afternoon, when he is al]owed one. ",mm.SAPoLI _._!O athwart tbcchannel, which is not as qnarter onnee ofteaand two ounces of broad as the Merrimac is long There sugar, and some bread. His next oIIi- the wimle thing away." are ten &inch impL'oised torpedoes below the water line, on the Merrimac's Cal meal is at six a. m. on lhe following After l'ullly ;/ared armmd to see whethe port side. They are placed on her side an order for shelled pe' morning, anyonechal/cnged this direction, he chuckled against the bulkhcads and vital spos,  REMARKABLE CASE "b,ruit?" he respon ed later to the wait connected with each other by  wire " ___ er, ' certainly," and he fair v shouted that under the ship's keel. Each torpedo The fodo.,ng case was printed or zinalJv 'That's a hit " h I .......... al l.anges. of gunpowder. ,n ne,,zon,tor a news).t .... , ............. euto ,,=. B00WAR00 000R-00FmN00 ,r^_e ....... ' .. "I' per pubhs'[ed at -,lost of thcse chumps that are not up with eouueeted wibl ,,*,,o,u, ,,ntarlo. ])outts ,,(re ra,scd as eet'}ne],;oUldhheaem,2,t]y erdere( or- should d(, thel to Its tnlthfu]ncss, cOnsequently a e/osel g '" . : ao{aer m=pn'a. Lit will b( quieh watch },as kepton theeascior t;oyear and i ,,n,daf; tal.grn t  full br at'h, he roared. the original statement has no been eom- - .,., ", , 1 mg mee a cot pie ot a minute and a Pl}e]yveqfied.. , , Man,]a eh+roots." Evervbod ," , -. x etea l]a(1 oeen a no el " " . y "$X]tlllll hear- for five w,,. m  , p e ss Earaytc Img applauded and Puffy waved be .  ..... .t,.ase nasnauwideatten_ pes of his eoa ." .. th ]a. be fourm,.,naud t,on: He was confined to his bcd w-o-* I tao,=a t "I..L emb]ems at. Mrs. Pinkham's Urgent Appeal to . room the 'e will a, aj .most beyond recognition, and eouh''not [ 'Gante o'e b ld d+ ............ Ntis is th{ total .... c SOIIU IOOU /)octors ea led th dio I or ;n- -.. { - :-" .mspereu tire Walre spiual seeros and all .:a _- v. .... ? /a ..... -enougntooehcarda] overth 11 bu iuoar us- . , . - ...... e coma n.o rp,aee, arumy gave n sign t 'at he hear'balf-do!lar on the ta,ble and wa]ked hve The Cal;ad,an Mutual Life Assoe, a-|but ]efl SU lvcrs and .mmu. tion, after a thorough examinat on, paid him | out sn straight that he leaned back Detroi! men. tackingborwardSt] appedther6 his total disability claim of $1,600 regarding |Free Press. For three vears he lingered in this condi-/ a,'at 'I'lne to Colorado, , and arou d his him as forever incurable. ' he ol, er ,,nd of  t,on. After |cA ne,y thrgugh Sleepi,,g Car line between She Asks Them to Seek Permanent Cures and tat to the t,ridge I "7"t oinking some.. /,-... ouzs and Colo,'.,d_,.  ,st. t'in..., will be est, .,h ,   f 1)r fl.]hsled over tie \\;V'd'tsh-/?otl-Island R By that man's ........... holt Not Mere Tcmporary Relief From Pain. _ .,/tl,X I  ares Pntk |Line May 15th, 1898 'J'h,, tim tVllen i st(q) the ' 1\\;'I ,/ -'-. 11 . for I [:stcst n,a(te.x,:,t!t through ser've:;'ebteh Ilis cordaadhe I II Ik\\;lxJi % * : eIlelt.esetwpmtSD'man'hours Athro, gl "   I'..\\;z /. ,'-,-f-<_._ there was I ,eeper will leave gt. Louis on Wabash train s,gnal tc cut ] Alll  t\\;l" ___J' a s I i g h t ] No. 3, at 9.20 a. m., arriving at Colorado Special forms of suffering lead many a woman to acquire the mor- will be hold-  al, l/----\\;..,e_ d- change, a/prmgsthenextmarningatll.00, wittad i '. l|cwilithen k. ". ' \\;, [-,[. I'.. ', ]. tendency rccteonreetionforDenver, artivingatll3 ;;O,lCli!::S r2; h:: elm o th ur-  l l[ to swea't a m This is the faslest ...... %   / ' (" .' t ' [nrouga Yll \\;-' [,' frccly. Next servwe ever established between St. Lonis s::fde;hrgodb :gd ::;: st d[sP::i:[oh: we shall tow | [[  .4. came a little and Colorado. ]elurning the S]eener wi! ul 1 feeling in ]eave Co|orado Sm'inat/)a, :" e t i is e I" ' [\\;\ I s limbs ze utSt Iota the  I m andat "' "' " : . , ".," next ;(47n,;;g a't ;.,5. " t contains 83 pounds of Eueh torpedo is also eoaueeed wibh the bridge, and tits, should do theh" work iu a minute, and it will be quick work cveu if done in a minute and a quarter. "On deck tKere will be four men and myself, in the engine room there will be two othcr men. This is the total crew andail of us will bu iu out'un- derclothing with revolvers and ammu- nition in wader-tight packing strapped around our waists. will bc a man ca deck, and around his waist will b, a line, the oher end of the line being made fast to the bridge on which I will sand. side wit1 be aa axe. When i sop the engine i shall jerk tills cord aud he will thus ffeb the sgnM to cut York. lie has served 14 years in the the lashin which navy, is 31 years old and resides at inffthc forward anchor Lowell. Mass. J C. Murphy is a coxswain of the io w a. ():,ear I)eignan is a coxswain of the Merrimac, and is about 2t .years old. John P. I'hil[ips is a machinist of the first class, beh)nffing to the Merrirnae. l[,a is 36 years of ne, and his home is in lb)atol. John Kelly,s a water tender, about 35 years. -ltishomc is near Glasgow, Scotland. It. Chtusen. who slipped on board the lerrimae without permission, in order to talce parl in the expedition, cox- swain of the New York. Lieut. Richmon([ Pearson l[obson. lls3istaut llllVal coustructor, was born nt t}recnsboro. Ala.. on August 17, 157o. was appoiu ted. after a compctitive examination to the naval academy in 5lay, I5. lie was the youagest mem- ber of his cla. bui, graduated at the hcadof hiscightecn companions, lie has sLa.ticd cnffineering, under the auspiees of the I;nited 8ta bes govern- mcnL. in b'ranee and was made assist- jump overboard uud swim to the four- oared dingy wltich astern. Ttle dingy is fuli of life bu3ys and is unsinkable, he/d by two ropes, one made fast at her bow and one at her stern. .lle tirst lnau tO rcacJl her will haul in the tow line andpul] the dingy out to sarboard. The next to leave thc ship are the rest of the crew. The quartermaster a the wheel will ,tot leave uutii after hawngput it hard apor and lashed z so; Jte wJll then jump overboard. "'lowu below, the man at the re- versing gear will slop the engines, scraln01e np on deck autt got over the side as quiclly as posMbte. "The man in the engine room will break opcu the sea eonaectious wiL[t t slettge hammer, sad will follow his leader itfto the water. This last ste l msurcstltesinking of the Merrimac, wltether the torpedoe. work or not. "By this time / calculate, the six meu will bc in the dingy aud the Mcr- rilnae will have swung athwart the channel to the fall lcuffth of her Paid llis 67aim. This extend- Patrons of this line will avo d the on vun- to work, because work only increases the pain. ed, followed p!easantfea ureherctoforeattendantmCol. This is only one symptom of a chain of by a pricking sensation, nntil at last the blood began to eonrsc freely and vigorously through "his body Soon )e was restored to his o d time health. A reporter for The Monitor recently called on Mr. Pcteh again and was told : "You may say there is no doubt as to my cure being permanent. I am in better health than when I gave you the first interview and certain!y attribute n; cure to Dr. Wil- liams' I ink Pi/ls for I ale i eop]e. ,. "To thcse pills [ owe my release from he hying death, and ] shall always bless the day Iwas induced to take then." uch is the history of one of the most remarkab/e eases in'modern times. In the face of such testimony ean anyone say that Dr. Wi!liams' Pink ]siils are n'ot entitled to the careful consideration of every snfferer-- man, Woman or ehi/d Is not'the (ase, in truth, a miracle of modcrn medicine. These pills are sold by all druggists and are considered by them to be one of the most valuable rcmedftl agents known to science. Vlly He J[i|ek It On. orado travel, inasmuch as the trip lhrou h ii,seuri's fertile field will now bc bv <t'g. nt. and the unattractive port on of I'anas wm t)e traversed during the night, with the mountain scenery to greet ihe tourists in the nlOl'D/Dff The fast time of th Une will naturally rommcnd the Wabash t[oute to intending Celorado tourist s. Particulars will be g!adly furnishcd on ap- plicatim. C. 8. CRANE, G. P. &= T. A.. St. Louis A Fentinine Manta. "Th . ey tell me that ]lake]y is not rich, and yet there is not a day but what the wagon from the jewelers and the mer- chants stops there " .,"That's so. Sbe's one of these women nat has things sent home on disapproval." Soothing Svrut)s and other like remodie only 1Ml to o'uie and sleep, but Dr. M,f- fdt' a Tt:TIHN. ( Tethiuq l'ou,der) Aids Diges lion, Regulates the Bowels, curcs the child and makes teething easy, and for the child't troubles; shc has others she cannot bear to confide to her physician, for fear of an examination, the terror of all sen- sitive, modest women. The physician, meantime, knows her condition, but cannot combat her shrinking terror. He yields to her supplication for something to relieve the pain. He gives her a few mor- phine tablets, with very grave cau- tion as to their use. Foolish wo- man! She thinks morphine will help her right along; she becomes its slave! A wise and a generous physician had such a case; he told h'is patient he could do nothing ant naval eousLrueLor iu 1891. lists the unth,n" of a semi-political work entitletl "'Tits Situation nnd Oulookin Europc."and was assigned to the flag- ship New York when Rear Admiral Samp:on sailed for the West Indies. "It str kes me Mr Brief"  2 . . ,, ' --, , .,,,u ur so - sake do g;ve then, 300yards of cable, which will have way,. . that yo w charge of $750 for this opi'n g,, . aLoncc. been paid out bcfore the anchors were , zon m pretty steep You I(now ,Vhnt Is to Follow. cut louse. Thea ail that is left for me I !'s@nlY reBmreie[;'d :;kBUnte3fUr is a]',; hat Jam about to say is for your good," is to toneh the button, i shall stand [  P wmen vm]ates all my eonvi ystne prelaee tor the meaz est thing on the starboard aide of the bridge. ]tions,. you'ye got to i:-.y not onlyfor youer ou;.fncnds can I?ossibly retail into our us. The cxplosiou will throw the Merri I law, nut for my conscience" tlarper's wmmg cars.--Cheago Times-Herald. mac on her starboard side. NOthing [ Bazar. ' " -- for her, as she was too nervous to undergo an examination. In despair, she went to visit a friend. She said to her, " Don't give yourself up; just go to the nearest druggist's .......... and buy a bottle of Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. l,ieut, llobson is a nephew of John 19on't re, Sleev It will build M. Mgrebcad. of North Carolina. and is on this side of New York city will be ..... An Indlnna Pnrl,t. Doe.s your,Head Aee? Somnifi Caffein .. you up. You will begin to feel better with the first a grandson of Chief-Justice Pearson of aulc to razse her after that une of the New I ronrict-o q, ,, . rut'es lnstnnty ]] dr(w;- o- / .- hn-rl " that state, lie i. unm:trried, and his " .... ---,-a, weput ,.  ' . ", ........ ;)cents. r ..... -. She did so, A!.t,l you expect to come cub of thi OUhaemgni 7hi;? plaeehas changed hands' I axles MedmaICo.,2011UverSt,Troy, N.y" _,_t_,. t , ,. .and after the fifth bottle hcr health was rc- aliv ' .... . '  v, uter ew Fro " ' - ............. " ;Ld.UHSneG. " father, ,ludgc James M. Ilobson, lives ._ e:. asked a companton o the lieu- hasn't ehaneed hands Xf]et.r^-7,,N ' It A ..f emo,,. Viere is her own Ictter about xt. aL t;recnsboro, Ala,. ' ' 9 " ,= .ve u, the ou Teacher r ,, e,u,t'th,+ ; .............. !elp, havent we; I/ang out a sign that it ,,.' . .74A.ho discovcred Amerlea 9-  I was very miserable- was so weak that I ,   , eVlIUU ,t LIIlU O" Sa d ,aS enan e(1 eaas mueet am n t t r  -- ' The three men from the Merrimae's ' , , .... , ,, the , g ____ ./ndianapohs Journal. ?mber his ntue e bde]:ught)D-J ds" could hardly get around the house, could not do crew were all green l, ands aud shipped heutenant ie was so ntcr?s!ed m No e_er gets enough rehgmn to Weekly.  any work wlthout feelin tired out recently for the war. the meeh rote I detatls of the scheme love her rlval.--Ateisou-(ioff; I Pso's Cure eared me of a Throat and eriod had s g My monthly, The Merrmac had on board 600 tons that he scarcely stopped to talk of life of coal when she was senttlcd across and death. ]lu G in renlv to fz'-- ....... ' Legal Wit. Lung trouble of three year-' ,+,a;.. w P - topped and I was so tired and ,or,, the channel. questions lIobson sat "What's the matter th " Cad, tiuntmgton, Ind, Nov 12 189 ousall of the ti ', ." " d: ........ ere said the [ __ _ ', . ]  ' _ me. I was troubledver much wit Lieut. llobson started on hls daring " suppose the Estralla batter,, wiP uctge to tnc ueenuant in the suit, who had I Th I;,, '-- .. " . Y . h erran,lattltreco'e]oekinthemornin, fircdownouuahit h,,* ....... a .; 3ust been released fromtlewtness stand /,^. e^fT"'; - of were the earhest[ {W  falhng of the womb and bearing-down nn,. zt o - ,es,ti. ......... .o,,0 ar I "" The Mcrrimue wus lyin to the west- throw their searelli'', ;,, ', ' an,d,,was rummagmg,,amongst the july.. a skunk-skin w  ' e told, No dgubt friend advised me to " . , ward. Under cover of the cloutlsover n ...... ..... :-, -o ........ neguu- I tvetostmyna, replied the ueendant, l--L , uz .... a:s.cnsdereda scent-p:ece. take Lydia E. Plnkhams - u an(l t le ,VO 't l>UlIctln ,,* "." . Y n't see much of I in an injured tone. / ...... t / :-    VeeretaMe Co ..... -." - .... - - - - " ;' ties, and think it is the best :edicine I e - , ,,,Vv-,,u,- nay aKen th'e. moon she stoh; in toward the coast, '.." , "re torpedoed wc should ] fenP:r!tap s Mr. |It.---77 " hns it, ' said the de- / To Cure a Cohl In On--e Dalv ] US Illen iWea ,, llve DO and made her way to tltc eastward, even then bc able to make the dealt ed I a nCs eounse, znaieaing rne counsel for/'l'.d.e l 'xatie llromo cSt nlne " " / position in thee ' "' I the other side. Id r  .='  ." '.. lamets All " . , Vr fo]]owed by a steam lauuch froul the ............ .hanacl. It wout bu "ot I" re,lied that ceentleman ',h,,+ v u,.glsts retund money,f,t fails to cure. 25c. / ' .%,,.. used. Now I can work, and feel hke myself. New "t'ork. with the following erew on .... sY o tul: us, and I thiulc the lucn ] oh pe to ha, .... e ],Is whole su,t before'"'we get / A Woman -- --ucually eats a ood meal / - " :K I used to be troubled reatl w - board: Naval Ca, deL J. "W. Powe/l, of 4. . n to the gh --Chicago Tribune jnst befme goim, out to a;-_ . . . 1-  . . ..... Y shouhl be abie to swit " ' tbrou " "'" ' ."" " - g at homt "  g y ith m head ) " " .  u;IIC lU or Otveffo. N. Y.; 1'. K. 1 eter.on, cox- {n, ngy. 1 ntay jump before I "tin | _L,_=-_.__-=- _-z=7 her appetite may not make h-- ;..act that [,: ........ gu  nave nan no bad hcadaches or palDita- aaa umt]ffla - zzaull Le L + swain; II. llamlford, apprentice of the clown up. But I don't :cc | W ........... t tym.. .t)ion (;lobe. , mn neart, womb trouble or bearing-dew ains, since I c - iir:-;t class: "J. Mullinffs, coal passer; G. . , . , s much dtffer-/b.lesmngs the railroads have conferred on  ,. e Mrs. Pmkham s medicine I I that it, melee . . --,,u y2u ever tamK what untold -- -- ...... -= ...... menced to tak . , . . n p om L. Russell, machinist of te second of life either way If ou: din, ,./ Potts--The only untold b]esin-I k-o- "{" . 'rl 11-)__ 7"" .'by.aOlt: tompouna to every suffering woman The u class, ence what uo. i have a fair cha .... lthts country "" ,  _ ,.. ,,o+_t.,_ ,-. . . g adly recommend thc " " gy gets o ....  a . w . se of one In the launch ,vere bandages and ap- shot to pieces we shall theu ...... I fLu conecton wth a railroad is a pass..- ' I' G/['O If ,, bottle will prove what tt can do."Mn " ...... pliances for the wounded, swnn for the beach right under lorr |.nu,anapous ocurna,. _ _ ('d J '  -- 1.  Center, Vt. - ...... UCY rEaSLEY, ucroy, From the crowded decks of the New castle. Wc shall keep together at all 'L'14 AR,58,  *) hazards. Then wc may be able to make out- way alongside aud perhap. NIW YOltK. Jun 4 f.} get back to the ship. We silali fight CA'l'TLE--1NatlveSteers ....... $ 4 bJ ,,'. 5 75 the sentries or a soaad n..7;] +t.. 1..., UOt'Tt)N--M c dl tg , , ....... ..e .aov ,, . " ............. *... g 6 / , t LOUlt--Wlnter WllU;tt ........ 4 75 ' 6 ,,I denly, the flash of a gun srcamed outYrk nothing could be seen of t B AD Mcrrimac after she had ffot under the Mmdow of the'hills, t,'or half au hour  . HOO'I[" officers and men strained their eyes whelming numbers, aud our surrende,, oA'rs--I,00o.Z' ........................ .... .......... =' ,,, BREATH from ?,lorro castle, and then all on will only take place as a last and a t'o*aC--Newaoss .............. 11 b0  Jl i i " board tile New York kncw the Merri- most uncoateutplated emergeueg ', 8'*'. laOt/l:' " " CO'PTO N--M hldllng .................  1 n)ae was naariaff her end. The gUUS Sltnlards Said to ltave l)ynamlted the lSNlVlIS--Nteel-s .............. a;5  5 from the Np:tuis!). battery opoosite IVreck (,f the Merrlmac. tows and Jlei[ers... 2 5o  I 70 Morro castle answered quickly with PORI Au-PH.INCE, June 5--Furth=, UALVES--(perI0) ............ i US a['[ lnore flasllc and for abou 0 minutes news received hcve froln Saotiago de ] S lllt'--l,'ah, to Choico ...... 5O '  0 tlashe, of lire seemed to leap across Cnba confirms the reports that timJ t'Lomt-v,tent ............... g*0 ' ,  ,'' Till] EXCELLENCI 0F Sll[JP 0F FI  -'' .tN*raaa.Caqa, I Clear ;tad .braight ..    :, :",  ..[ fO# /5216 /rRAr/D rAl.O6U. the harbor entrance, bombardment of that place began at [ WItEAT-No.  Red WiJter... ',)2 The llagship was too far away to three o'clock Friday ,norninr After/ (:OttN--No M,xed ................  a2u isduenot on]yto the orlginalltyand ]'/ ] A " / hear the reports, and when the firing action the Spauiards blew un with [ OAT:S--No. Z ........... simplicity of tlt combination, but als, C[|[']*[ fTNfi IZN5 ,l'--No.Z .......... Z::::::: :::: u z;:i ceased it was judged that Ifobson had dynamite the sunken American ---' [TOBACCO--Lug ............... 0.J  '% to the care and skill with which it is __/ av, v[srs,..,qzw#avt. a,/, ] " ') mamffactured by scientific processes u*- [ Lear liurley .......  5t  I? O,I TADS  blown up the Merrimae. For anhour lierMerrimae, and havesinee bee,, at uAY-.Clear'Vimon .......... 85' ctlz00 o.,,,.o..,..,o Iron Roof[ rig! the anxious watchers waited for day- work clearing the channel so as to, EGGS--Fresh LIU'l'TElt--Choiee D'aivy ....... 11 (  Co. only, and we wish to impress upon ligllt. Rear-Admiral Sampson and in all probability, permit Admiral Cer- POlt--Standard (now) ....... 10 8d f 10 'J0 ('apt. Chadwick were on ttte bridge of ...................... ' all the importance of pro'chasing the Pleasant. Palatable, Potent. Taste GetS. Do Alllk|nds of ROOF SUPPLIES vera's fleet to put out to sea shouhl the BAGON--Clcar ltib ................ @ 0 true and oriLina 1 remedy. As the Cadiz squadron,under Admiral Camar% ooa, Never Sicken, Weaken. or Gripe, 10c. 25, fl0e. the Sew York throughout. LAttD--l)rilno itettul .............. ( D/e and IILL SUPPLIES. .. CURE CONSTIPATION .... ClilcaCO. genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured tt.,u,s ,,=,d e,=py, ,,,s, o.t,,, s,,, .,t l MANOCUE-I =1DOEON IRON CO,, At 5 o'clock thin streams of smoke arrive la Cuban waters. CATTLE--Native,leers ...... 4 o0 @ 5/I; by the C-LIFoRz-IA Fzo Srp Co. IlO-TO.B,O- Solaana uarantea' " by alldru" o eeaphls, Term, were seen against the western shore, Mcantvhile, the dispatches from San. StlE[l'--l,'alr to Choice.  25 @ 4 65 /tOGS--Fair to Choice ......... ...... 3 S,   , only, a knowledge of that fact will lsts to [.r:lE, Tobacco Habit.g  i and Whiskey Hub- quite close to the Spanish batteries, tiago de Cuba say, the Spaniards pay t"LOUlt--Wmer t'am,s ...... 0 0  6 ;0 assist one in avoiding the worthless | For lheUF[ |ll[]"[]l ]nn.Wool]ey,D, and Strong glasses made out the htunch tribute to the audacity of the Ameri, spring t'aents , 7 e0   4 imitations mannfaetared byother par- WANI[O .. u.....-,,, eo... w.. ,o of the N,v York retnrnin,' tothe tlag- (ansin so cleverly attcmpting to block No.00 "o,',.o., ........  , gtigN i 5 WI1EA'I'--No. 2 ,pt'blg ........ 1  (0 a., ties. The high standing of the CALI- VI[ Il  []AUaats, Ga. " " ship. Scat'eel, had the small craft the channcl. CORN--No. =. and TIE$ ,,,,S,c. s. been sighted before a puff of smoke i- The Spaniards Are Ulalnzhtg a Victory, t'OltK--Mcss o,o,v) ............ 10 0  l0 so of (:LADSTONE, UNIVERSITY oA'rs--o. '+..'.ZI:ZI:7";;;' 2:: (  roum. Fm Co. with tlxe medi- sued from at battery, on the wcatern "z,,:., ca1 profession and the satisfaetior, .Ye;;;dvoitrl*", JOb a Clark Rldpath. LI. E,l,,rD:rO;''hear'blP' .t''th.Fr''a"*St,.,.,, arm of the harbor, and a shot plunged IADIID, June 5.--The version of tit, KANSAS UL'L'Y. which the ffenmne Syrup of Figs has -a,noall A bona u-17"2wmpeeagerly --__ "s_ -, rMl--$-.r**elmpforpa,ltelar ,. ,gn,@eentlylllustrtedandb nYd ** . Vorld. --FRail I & . i " '% b.,rd, h,d* CA'FL'LI':,--Native Sors ...... 3 ;'5 @ 5 7.i given to millions of families, makes ,altvasslDg OUiffit "rid  ..... zt ns. Secure ------  ................. __. fat (,Tot the lLunch ' ". .... ' ; " . l'hen for fifteen sinking of the Mcrrimac, which ha tlOGS--AII ra, les ....... a 9)  a 7. WIIEA'I'--I/o 2 Hard ..... 9y, i / .......... k*ms end eredl a'- terlitory now. FLibern i } "t - "' the name of the Company a guaranty Jhlstra(cd des(:ritiv ?,O..2!1t$. Fell U ..... f l ! | |  lab, . Only guaranteed ps,n- InlntlLCS the big guns ashore kept tip reae]led the minister of lnarine here, OATS--No. 3 White ............ Jl ( .2 of the excellence of its remedy. It is II.OTI1ERS/,UlLlSmk.ra'r. Address JONES , less home cure. :No interference ,t t Ltegmar hrc on the little launch. Capt. Aunon. from 8ntiago, is as fol- COliN--No.  .................. za, 0 v:i far in advance of all other laxatives, || | II !e i----m----m;----- ] xree. DIq. PUFIDY, Dept. F, ttoustdn,'l'sxas As the shell fell withoub ltitting, the lows: " NE W ORIAgANN .... -7 ......... aclNNaTI. OlIIO ]  l-- | U |V| wttl ..... k. No publicity. Smuple t"LOUlt--Hlghtraao .......... e00 @ a,i ! as it acts on the kidney, liver and m..||  [--|]'e  I-Ire ZJ DROPS:;0000200} objcc t!tey were intended for. the me "A Spanish vessel in front of San- CORN--No. 2 ........................ q ,ii bowels without irritating or weaken. COvEY;-e on the New York jeered at the marks- tiago has sunk an American auxiliary oA'rS--Wcstern .................... t a;.i ' utlep's CaWbolate of Iodine Pocket In cae e d for bouk of qstnnoeli icfandcureswrt llAY--Cholce ............... I.t s, q 5 5 ing them. and it does not gripe no,- aZer. Guaranteed to cure 2ATABIll ,rid ]tre-ieatree nr It a.tx a,s ,tna 1odt, manship and cheered their ship- cruiser. AlL the members of the crew 1'Ol{tC--Ntantlard Mess..:: .... 18 00 t a ) [ nauseate. In order toffetits beneficial W ltt S[I rlldcO. Prop, Ilnfiraln N.'lg. Rrnehitis- All drugg|sts By mall $1 (0 Address " - I " '."S SOiS,Atlanta t;a, raat,.s, uf the latter ]tare been imprisoued, ttACON--Siaes .................. 7., 7:,' effects, please remember the name O I 7 000 r::T At, 6':15 a. m. tile launch came along- The rest or' the enemy's squadron ira-" co'rrN--Mia"ling ........... @ /, the Company-- a o -- ! ,000 Co= , plmb?f ,,:, ,o;.,. side the Iltg.!tjp. but she did no have mediately retired." LOUISVILLII ..... ............ ] coN--o.  a ............ t!  a CALIPORNIA PI6 SYRUP C0. a. ,. K--F on board an V of the crew of the Merri- The IndPna tin-plate wgrkers are OATS--No. 2 Mixed ............  29., PORt--NcwMess .............. |t 52.  ,200 [ SANFRAICI$CO, eat |WEIEN WRITINO TO ADVIITItEt[, mac. C acler t'owell reported that he organizing to secure aa n(t'c in klAtYON--Cleut, ltib ............ - J..._... .... x. 71_.O had been unable to see any iffns of wagea, iA LOIffliiVlLL/ IK,. EW l"OJtl N.Z. 12TTQN,Mlddilng ..... , ...... 0 , t, / please state tkmt you saw the Jk,l'rtlae. [ memt In this PalJel