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June 11, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 11, 1898

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U_ L 8aturcfay. June 11. ciM J0umM of the C0r- plant early and gave their corn proper / work, In view of the probable high 100ration of W00dville. price of train and breadstuffs this fall i the provident farmer will nse every Simple A n nLHl noc u&apos;lelll S of In a rria- effortror tbetfallS increaSeand winterhiSthatfragliLtleCrPSeorn :yes anti deaths will ae pubhshedl for stock will be needed. The drouth, - which wasbrnken here last week was without charge. I severe out of proportion to Ils dura- tion, as continued winds aid it. in Slb.{'riFliou peralnu--I, carrying away the moisture. Young Cash ..$1 50 cotton, fronl whieh the dirt had been ..................... taken, suffered severely. Another Otherwise .................. $2 00 good rain on Tuesday further helped ....... the gardens and vegitation generally. MARKET. +Fhe vegetable crop hereabouts proba blyis permanently injured, thrmgh New Orleans, "June, 10, 1898. there may be some comeout for toma- ('ouch-- to s and melons, al. least so it be Mhhlling ...................... 6 1-16 I hoped. The sch(,ols have. closed. e a,-g-qt: JOB t,'OliK AT TIlE I.'{.EPUBLICAN. Walsh & Wisc72:have set fire to their brick kiln. YVe are sorry to state thai, Irs. w. P. Henley is seriously ill. The B;tse Bii!l season is upon us and the rooter will get in his work. Mason's Self-sealing Jars, all sizes. and tin top jell)' glasses, al Get. J. Adams. Dennis R(, a repected cflored man who resided on Percy's Creel(, died fin Munclay. I1: Capt. John Ttqn Nellerville has 1,een very acrionslv ill at his resideice ][Dr cn}e l inle pb's[. 'J,'C legre to Say. i >-i-: CIl:lncerv Clelk Co(;n has an assort- IneIIt, of blanks for distribulion among I he Justiee of the Peace of Lhe coun- ty. o i*,- m--4# If you want +beaulifully exeeuted ar,h Work at mall e()s come to thig oIliee. Orders by mail receive protnpt attenl ion. For all ldnds of Sewiug Macliinc nee(tics ('all at Days' Drug Store. Mr. 3o1n ()eden was in town nn Whursdav. lle rep(wte(lgleat ncedof rain forlheeorn in lis ncighb,)rh,Jod, on the Louisiana line. :=- -.qe With evorv $3 worth purchased for caq}l lIB alI-HlUl (if Uncle Sanl's Navy will belJrescnted to the porehaser at l{oT llSCiI ILD'S. ,,,,, ,+ase l,all'E'U; .,,.,, d ,-and it, exl)eCt.s it, win victories like 1,hat famous, nlall and lilaoila every citlb ib corues agrllss. Anyfhing likt,'-a-fllll report of lhe CoulliieilOlileit Exercises of If.dward Mc(Jeliee College and tile Public School callllOt be got into this issue.. they are deferred until Imxt week. First class brick for sale by A. r, Benedict o q,,,- -,,a o A fresh lot of eamly just received at Cha. h', Day's Drug btore. Judge II. S. Van Eaton willed to the l<lW;I (if Wo, lfJvilte 30 acres of w()0d land adjoining t, he town and known as the l{launt w(  ds, to be used exclu- sively f<w a Park. The luulber for tnew ginnery has arrived ;t,d is now being tihl('ed Ill)On the spot, In a shoi't wllile under t,h(se rapid werkulen. Smith ilros.. the bliildina will assume some shape. Dr R. Fofion requests ,s to state that lie can be fountl at his office in WEATHER AND CROPS. t Two pronnnent ex-eoniederate81 It is fear.d--, that the corn crop of/have been given generals conimis- t tile county will he short, very short' . ,, - ............. with seine, while there are fortunate slons oy air. ,)ICI.IULOy----X" ona- exceptions of those who were able to tor Butler. of S. C. major general, We heard with regret sevei'a] days ago of the loss by fire last week :/Jf the ciwelling and alarge quantity of plan- tation supplies belonging to Mr. F. E. White. Mr. White and his brother, we have heard, bought a poor place sonic years ago and have made it rich and productive. They have hc('ome prosperous through their econolny and energy. We do not know ifthare was any insurance but probably not, Mr. Redhead, we learn, owned the dwell- ing housean0 will build another at once. Chas. RDay will supply you :th the latest Feriodicals, Magazines, papers etc., A choiue line ofaoveis now on hand. Miss ()dile M. Hood has been chosen by the Confederale Veterans of Louis- iana as Sponsor for Louisiana at the comingre-unlonarAttant.u. This is a graceful and appreciated coinpli- ment to a most charuiing young hldy, the daughter of a devoted Confeder- ale general, wlose memory old soldiers delight to honor. We have not, learned as yet the names of the four Maids of Honor. Miss ilood and her Maids of Itch'Jr will attend the re-union as the guests of the Lonisi anaVeterans. The reunion will be Elm-largest that has ever assenlbicd. Our Treasurer is somewhat, worked upovcrthedemandof state revenue agcnL, Adanis, ftJr a retnrn of all com- nlissi(ins retained by llim froui the staLediszributhm of the tehool fund. Mr. Adams c'.aims the taw does not allow couimissions on this fund and has nlade this demand on every Treas- urer illlf] ex-Treasilrer from 1888 tip to date. As tiffs is the iargesl, fiind th{tt fhe Treasurer handles, adeeision by Lhe courts agahls.t the treasnrers would ulean the return of the re'eat- er part of thmr salaries and would inakc tle salary of the ollice in future so small that lnirdly any one would accept, it. It is aa al0surdiy unjust law, ir it, is a law. Jdm A. Lowry, Jr., now a soldier in the 1st Miss.. Regiment, e,camped abChiekaiuauga, has written a nice lett,.,r to his former Sunday School teacher, Mrs. F. D, Lewis. lIeinwel! satisfied and in good health. Says he expects and they all hope for march- ing orders for Cuba. tie is firm in the resolve to do his best in camli and on the ileld and conic home, if he conies, a credit to himself and his poodle. That istheright spirit and it will win every thne. Le(mard WaN and Oscar Wllotstone are of the sanle kind and we expect good aec,unt, s(if c teh of them. \\;Vatb has been serious- ly sick at Jackson. lle is a sareant in his eonii)any and will rejoin it as sonn as he is uhle. THE BASE BALL game between the Dewey and Centenary nines played here Thnrsday restlled, Dewey's 26, Centenary 3 runs. The game was un- interesl ing, as the Jaeksnn club did Woodville until the 21st inst., alter notphty theirbatLery except for the which tinie he will be abseut forabont last two innings. In the next game three, weeks. ] it, is supposed they will try to win. but we dr) nob think they can beat We 1)elieve nl(;rYst;'anTers witness- the mime tile Woodvi!le club put up ed the Coniuienccqle[lt exercises of (m Thursday. There were sereral ae- our schools than ever l)cfore. ')'his ci(lents to the players, the most, seri- evinces ;hi iacrea:ed iutercsl it] edu- ous however was Schwartz, 1st base, eat.i.nal InaLtcrswhiehisul be much'getting a finger dislocated. Foust commended, got+ his head in the way of the ball twice while dodging the pitcher which seemed (o freshen him up and make him more lively than ever--he is hard headed to a certainty. TheKin Bee of the Dewey's had t, he symp:ithy (it aduliring friends. If Doe will lilly tlmt sort (if a anle every day in at)oul a week he will be able to take iil his belt fronl six inches to a foot and e half. lie was good on 2d base. We note with pleasure the improve- meni, that Mr.C. Schaefer is iuakiug {m the Main Street front of his store. One large elegant show wiudow has bei-n put, in and a, nother will bc alan early day, which ill make a very haudsomefrontindecd. The window ('ompleted has a single plate weighln ahotlt 500 pnund, tlveby eight ur ninet'ce. Thew[ndow is filled wlth a tasteful array of fabrics which is very attractive, lesides, Mr. Schaefer hasreccntly put in operation acasl reister, whichis well worth seeing. Though small arid compact it cost $325, and does an astonishing amount of work. Itregistersamunntsreceiv- cd and taken our, the name of the clerk, and furnishes a printed receipt of amount paid to the purchaser. It gives total receipts and expenditures for the day and withal keeps a com- plet, e racord on a printed slip of each days transactions, wbichare filed fur reterenee. One of the benefits of this ,'eist, er to Lhe public is the clleek it places upou distionest, servant:s, whose l)eeulations of small amounts from sums entrusted to them for the pur- chase of household articles are fre- quent. The receipt from this register will tell on them every time Frank Sherwood was down town to-day, tile first time since lie had his tussle witt cholera morbus. Ite says lie drove tlfirty miles after lie ,a, as ta- kcu. and never ealne so near tl)ing in his life. After this wlieu he goes out in the conntry lie will take a bottle of Chamberlaiu's Colic. Cholera and Diarilloea Remedy witu him.--Mis- sonri Valley (Iowa) Times. For sale by G KANN. TIIE AMERICAN NAVY, CUBA AND tIAWAII. A pnrtfolia, in ten parts, sixteen vie,s in each Dart, of the finest half tone pictures of the American Navy, Cuba and Hawaii, has just been is- sued by a Chicago publlshing house. The]llinois Central iailroad has made arrangements for a special edi- t, ion for the benefit of its patrons,and a, specimen copy can be seen at the local I. C. tlcket office. Single parts may be had at ten cents each, the lull set., one hundred and sixky pic- tures, c'osts hut one dollar. Subscrip- tion for the se may be left with the agent. In view nf the present excite- ment regarding Cuba these pictures are very iulely.. Call at he ticket oe aud see,,, them- For Base Ball g,ods of all kiiids go to Dais' l)rug tore. .< Seedless Raisins, t'ltron, washed ('urrauts, shelled Ahnonds, the last of the seasou, at ('.,. Nehaefcrs. Tiros. G. godgers who resided on Beaver Creek died on M,mday morn- lug tit 3 o'clock. Mr. gldgel's was 40 years ,ff ago and lct't a wife and seven children. Tim faniity have thesym- p:tl,lly uf the I'IgPUBLICAX. The Rev. T. V,, ll,.lliman remained here durinff lhe exercises of Edward McGehee (Jollee, Tllougtl ills pasto- rale of t, he Met,hodi Chtirch here da,es lV011by )e;trs back, he f(.)uud llallV friends all(l aequaiiilalices ,who were glad to see him amongst us again. i i- ill v Cigaretts, elgarette papers and tohaceo o[ all kinds with a choice line of cigars at l)ay's I)rug Store. othschild & Bro., inaugurates on tiext Monday and every M(mday there- after a seN(;,; or Special 8ales. This is an innovatioii l[l the llusiness nf ,Voodville. which will he appreciaied lly the buying puMic. Next Monday is White Goods i)ay, at, which iilne all while goods will be sol0 at ex- tremely low prices. 'heir alinsunce- nients will appear weekly in this paper. Try a hottle ,.if A(lalns Sarsaparilla aud purify your blood. 25 cents cheaper than IIoods at GEt). J. ADA.tS. The meeting at the court house on Monday for the, purpose of ascertain- l'ng the wishes of tlie people as regards our annual fair was well aLtenrled by represeutaLive from various [ftrtious (if the county, a!ld the ummimons ex- pression was tl]at the fah's be contin- ued. In a short while nearly $200 was snliscribed as a guaranl+ee to the Board of Directors against any 19ss. Active work towards making our next fair a rig success will begin at, once and we know full we!4 success will surely follow, We arn with regret from the ev) Itaven. Nelson Couuty, /(y., Echo. of the death(it key. John L. Stricker. who died in tliat county co 29th ult. of ;rheumatisnl (if. the heart,. Mr. Stricker, after attending the Soul.h- ero Bapt, ist  heologicat Semhlary at Louisville. Ky., was called to Nelson county and was engaged in pastoral work at thetlmeof his death. IIe was born in Fort Adams in in 1865. and was iLmrrled to Miss Kate E. Ford.of Sardis. Miss., in 1892, who with a li, ttle daughter is l cfb Lo mourn ltit, ks, and ex-Congressman and ex-gover- nor Cares, ot Alabama, BrigadieI General--and it is stated at the War Department that several more will be simiharly honored this week. hi a recent letter fro Washingtou, D.C., to an old friend. MajorG. A. Stndcr. for tweuty yearsU. S. Consul at Singapore, says: "'While at Des Moines I became acquainted with a li:ianlcnt known as Cliamberlant's Paiu Balm, which l found excellent against rlleumatim as well as against soreness of the throat and clie,t (giv- ing me much caster breathing ) I had a ionch of pneunlonia earl" this week and two applications freely applied to the throat and cliest relieved me of it at once. 1 wonhl not bewithont it for an 3thing " Forsalehy C. KANN. A CARI) TO TItE PUBLICH I have sold to Mr. Chas. R. Day my Drug Store together with all accounts due the store and would respectfully ask a continuance of patronage to him so liberally extended me. GEORGE ARGUE. In reference to above, I invlte you to give me a share of your patronage and will be pleased to have you call, even though you do not, make a pur- chase. No trouble to show goods. It will bc my desire to serve you well at all times. CtIAS. It. DAY. New Advertisements. NOTICE. Bids to gravel 3 hills on ttie lower Natchez road, according to specifica- tions on file in Chancery Clerk's office up to9o'clock, a. M . thellrstMon- day in July 1898. The B,ard:reserves the right'to reject auy mid all bids/ C. A. COON, Clerk. Woodville. June 11. 1898-4w Bids to buihl atrestle tin the Bnffa-, Io Swantp on the h)wer Natchez road, I according to peeifications on file in I Ohancery Clerk's office will be rcceiv- I ed tip to 9 o'clock, . ,. on the firstl Monday iu Jnly, 1898. the Board re- I sorves tim rigiit to reject any and all t bid. C. A.COON, Clk, June 11. 1s9q-4w NOTICE. There will bc a meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, June I3th, 1898. JOSEPI/ JOIINSON. BUilt. of Education. May 4, 1808, 4-w. LUMBER, Owing lo the dull times and strin- gency of the nlonoy market, until further notice ]nuiber will be deliver- ed in 1Voodville at$7 50 per lllous- and Uxi]ess strictly all haart. W. G-. IIUFF, JR. May, 4, 189 4-w. NOTICE TO CIIEI)ITORS. Notice to creditors of Estate. of ;# lI. S VAN EATON Dce'd. Letters Testamentary of the will of deceased were granted to the nnder- signed execntor by the Chancery court of Wilkinson connly Mississippi, on the lstday of June 1898. And all perso,ls haviug claims against the estate ofde'd, areherchyrcquiredto have the sameprobatcd and register. ed by the chn'k of said Chancery court within one year A failure to ore- bate and register any claim against sakl estate for one year from the 4th day of June 1898, will bar said claim. This the 2nd day of Juue 1898. PETER MOI.LER Executor. May 4, 1898, 4-w. CH AMB ERLAIN' S CO UGH lIE ME- DY ALWAYS PROVES EFFEG- TUAL. There are no better medicines ell the market than Chaniberlain's. We have used the Cough Remedy when all others failed, awl in every instance it provedeffeetnal. Almost daily we hear the virtues of Chamberlaiu' s rein edies extolled by those who have ued them. This is not au cmptypuff, paid for at so mnch a liue bnt is yon untartly given in good taith, hi the hope that snffering humanity may try tllese remedies and. like the writer, be Imnefited.--Frolu ttie Glenville (W. Va.) Pathfinder. For sale b' G, KANN. STRAYED OR STOLEN. ()tie small iron gray mare about 12 hands high, about 6 years old, very small head and quite spirited. Any one returning same to me will be re- warded, JAs. IIENDRICKS, Fb Adams, Miss. 5 14 4w. LUMBER: We are prepared t(+ fill at short notiee anyorder for Rough CYDresv LUMBER, a low prices. Correspon- deuce st>lit-i! ed. JNO. F. 1RVINE & SON. 3 19 9S 6m. Skin Diseases. For the speedy and permanen cure of ,tter. salt rheum and eczema, Chain- orlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is without an equal. It relieves the itch- ing and smarting almost instantly and its continued use effects a permanent cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, scald head, sore nipples, iching piles, chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and granulated lids. Dr. Cady Condltlon Powders for horses are fhe best tonic, blood purifier advermifuge. Price, Scenta. Soldby G, Kd. NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS, All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otlmrwise trespass on my lands known ts the (}ildart tract, the LllerW tract and Fleet tract, about 1 mile north-east o[ Woodville uuder penaP, y of the law F. F. BE T. Dec, 19, '9"6-tf -a. irill package of" BLAOK-DR&U.(T  L' of ale at TI-IE 6EM SALOON IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : LIQU Ol=SS ---o--SUCII AS--o OLD 3[OWOPOZE R E, , _PURITd2V YE, .F.R_E, MCH JJ3:D I f, IFIWES, ETC. Choice Stock of FINE CIGARS A/ways on Hand 5Those is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examine nty stock. . S. JOHNSON; S/ill I]IYS li00l+ + lFe do not propose to wai ntil the sea8o/ is over atd plae tbpon otcr cone7 s nseasonable floods, and which yo mst carry over for a season bt will commence o 2onday tcne 20th 1898 and con: P[ tining every [onday thereafter ntil  ftrther notice, offer special lines of seasonable floods at eost and below. Tizese special lines will be sold oUy fo., the spot cash undue deviatior fron this ru,le. ,l dnnouncement will be made in the pre-  wozes sszee of this paper and will be you,  wise to watch for them. Oer first special for nezt .Monday will be white floods and  calicoes all calicoes irrespective of brands  cts. nansoos, india linen and lawns etc.  cts. worth 6 and 8 cts. all of or 10 cts. line of white oods redtced to 7 1-2 and all others i proportion, lemember  these prices are2ood for this Dd FOJIL 2" Martin Rothschild & Bro. P. H, WItiTE. W.S. WItITE While Grocery Co., MAIH STREET. Under Masonic Hall. DEAI.EnS IN Fancy and Staple Grocerles, ,Candy, Cakes, Fruits of all klnds, Tobacco and Cigars. Best Extracts in town. Fob 12 98 ly. S. MARANTO, --DEALER IN-- CHOICEST  rmts, Oyster, lltS. 0f all kntds, and Fresh Family t#ro ceries. Rec(wes daily lancy Can= "dr of all kinds. Maccaroui cook- ',el it+ the best style, from 9 A. m. ito 8 1". ,I. b|aiii t. Opposite Baum & Dainpf. Feb 12 98 ly. WALSli & WILSON, C 0 N Tit ACTORS OF I BRICK i CEMENT Estimates Furnished Patronage Solicited Leave Order with Wettlfn & IIickey or Ben Brown's, llwber 8hop. Dec 18972m. '0R SA LE. The Patrick plantatien situated on Old River, 'ilkinson County, Miss. containing ahout 320 acres. For 'particu:ars apL)lY to, W. P. S, VE:rRESS. Woodvil[e, Miss. g 19 i898 4w. POSITIO NS GUARANTEED. To Graduates of IIaaris' Fractical Bnsiness College, School of Short [[and, Telegraphy, etc., Jackson. Mississippi. We have bought the Wa.vatt Col- lege here ald af Meridian, but have closed oui the one at Meridia'n, and prepared to give studeuts the very best business training to be had .ly- wlmre. Catalogtm sent on applica- tion. 5I. J. IIAItRIS, Prcsident, Jackson, Miss +. Sept. 11, 1897-tf NOTICE, I Irate just received air(t will keep constantly on hand a full supply o! COFFINS and CASKETS, of all Styles, which I will sell at rea- sonable prices. Shop el)Pestle W. C. B:onnys res- idence. T)tOS. ROLAND., 21, I,97-tf ,: :. - -= - I" JOSEPH SARPHIE, Tlie Jeweler, Our stock Js airways cornp:ete, comprisi{ig the latest attd newest designs iu : : : l)iamoads, WafcKes, Clocks, Jewelry, SITver-ware, ovelties, Catlery, Spectacles, ]i!ye-61asses &c. Repairing ! Is a special feature Of our business, and we are c.onfidont, witff our Pri6c's, Accurae: attd Promptness, we cau please you : : WE-00 CUARANTEE NOVICE. The pull[re are hereby notified' that Hunting is prohibited ou the Sur- gette, Elmwood, Belleview lind Gor- don Plantations. All former perm'[ts are trereby re yoked. CH.kS. CO+lIEN. Nov. 20, I897-tf T'RESPASS NOTICE. IIuuting or otli'Wise trespassing ,on the MeManu, Farish and Bowling Greeu places is strictly prohibited un: der penalty of the law. All former permission  revoked. ll,. M. McGEIEE. J.+ H. PEND'LETO. Sept. ,, 1896-tf FOR ALE. The house and lot iu Woodvilie, south west of tile public square known as the Susan S'cott allot adjoiuing lot ot Dr L W Magruder, apply to II S VA EATON. 11 "20 1807 tf. TRESPASS NOTICE, All hunting on' Simratl and gchae- ter [)laces is strictly prohibited under penalty 9f the law. L. V. MAGRUDER. 1-1 20 97 if. @NNNN00 0,+ Wednesday Jlt7e JSth we place on sale at flreatly r, eduved, price.% all remnants odds and ends hich ha thes far accommodated frozr thd sedsona bsiness. Hct'e will be found mnants of some of the choicest selections of Dress Goods at prices that will surprise yo. This sale is not confined to a single line, or floods bt eve12t thfn in the way of, remnants will be offered at prices that Will/orce their sale. C, SC HAE F E R. ,,- + i'i'["'i " : C KANN. WOODVILLE, - - ' " " , l)EALER ilI +- DRUGS and MEDICINES o Public School Books .:iL"n,,:*::*.O: "_ ,,e,x:d. 'X'Ol.lot rJL'O1L:)Z,OOO Stationery, Painters Spplies( Cu/tlery. Fttrni# in ttardware, lthanrnatzng Otls, i Garden Seed #. pPhvsicians prescriptions carefully compoundea, and orders correctly =t' ' , cck selected i grat care andwarranted as represented. v. 8.91 ..--y, F. A. McL,u. "W. P. S. VENRTESS McLAIN & VENTRES$, A00;t0ruey=),at C0um]0r= at L00w, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office in McGehee building. DR. CHAS, E, CACHINOS Office in Adams Drug Store. uy J14, '94 tf. DR.L. W. MAGRUDEK, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office at residence. April 7, ,88 )3' DR C. O. C1%08S. Dental Surgeou, l" O 0DVILLE. MISS. Office tip stairs over the Postoffice. A. tL SHANNON, Af,00my lfl hunsel0r WOODVILLE, MISS. Will practice in all Stale and United Statea courts in this Stato Real ostato bough't aud -, ld on o, om. mission. Office on 'mmreia' Row, DR. JOHN F. THERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODVILLE, MISS. Office on blain St. at his oldStand i JOHN A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR, Full} Stock of Mofati and llr0od- en Coffins always o haad  WOod- villo, M}s., Main St. Trespass lol,ice. AH persons found hunhng, fislnng Or otherwise trespffss'ing on the Bur namwood pntatioa about 8 mile south of Woodville will be prose cured to the full extent of the law. strictwatt will be kept on sam( plants%ion for trespassers. L. W. MAGRUDER -  DllSltNI " Yl TM COPYRIGHTS tC. Ag0I0 Sending a 8ketch,d ffelrlpl9. may ekly aertata our optnt(m tree Betiaer-an irentton is probably table. Communtc Lions stri0tly eonfldential. Handbook oa Pt Int fre. Oldst agoy/or semrlnE patont Jatent taken through Munn -( ivo A handsomely IIlt, ed wkly. !art ro eutlou of ay seintiflo ]oursk W'm&  MUNN & Newl(i00k Branch Obo, 5 F Sty. Wa tip,o . ta, D. C, BRAMLBTT. W. . U ttt000p =at hmlm it hi, WO6i)VILLE. miSS. Ocein M,G:ehee Bufldfng, :, mereial Row," J. it. JONES. .... !7 WOOD1I,.L, ISB; 0:lee aboe the R6publlean Ol,: --DEALER 1N-- Famfl9 affff Fa'ncy tioneries, Oysters a',l kinds, Sugar, Slarch, Raisins, Nuls o all Canned Fruit and Fish, &c. Fine bralld cllwilg Tobacco Fresh Bread every day. ;Nll ili  plies arriving daily. March 21, 1896-y TR ES PA SS N%} TtCE: All hunting Retr6at ann D prohibited, under pemt ** I A$O] Oct., 9th 9.--tl. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunthlg, tPhhlg or trespassfng on Gleii Bfirnle s strictly prohibited under lie la W. A:ll lotiner pei'ni] yoked. Go. T. McGn. TRESPASS :NOT Y person eang Or otherwise trespassin Collins Or Ohl LeWfs proscct,tcd to the luli aw. Alltormer t ed. F. /9. d. 1L s d a'00g , Lil-,  or 'to J ?HE BEST South-West Cotncr of Public I have fflways on hamt a artiele ot 00i=kay, |raCy ad |m THE BEST VARI',Ii Ot rn ar rr, o, CIGXIS. D6mstic and Imi'H,, Pancv Liquors. Vermenh, Cbrdt|a, Bott)ed and Keg Bher, always on hand. A. . March 12, 92, ' Ctveat and eat business, Ig remoto lrom A P.%MPN'..Ifi", co of ame i,a