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June 11, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 11, 1898

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92d).'lit 2]llt:[I;flt'l. iTItE NECESSITIES OF TIlE ns while prosecuting a just war country. "l'he-are not capable of ===- a,ry, .]'ilB0:==-:-:I==:::---==I. CASE to get what we need ill the West self-government and i[ this country ..... " Indies and in tile East htdies, intends to establish ]peace and order ........  : ............. -:=:::--=.: DEMAND CERTAIN TERRITORIAl, ,I. S. LIVIS, ACQUISITIONS. and there can be no doubt that in those islands it may requ:re twice Editor and Proprietor. -- there is a determination to take or thrice twenty thousand men to do -=_:, .........  .......... ,, A necessity for the acquisition full advantage of the opportum- tt effectually. T0 AI}VERTISERS. of foreign territory in various ty; which I resolve will grow in The expeditmn to Porto Rico is parts of the world, at leat to the force until the purpose s aceom- said to be in process of preparation. 'l'!tr: ',Vo,)DVILLE REPUBLICAN extent of securing coaling ports plished. Events must determine Gem Coppinger is named in tile or naval stations, by the United as to our acquisition of the Phil- newspal)era as commander with Gem t ihe el,lest ne,vspaper in the States has come to be recognized ppines further than indicated. Lee under him, which is pulling the State; ll:ls t larger bona fide more fully by the people and gee- It certainly seems advisable not cart before the horse decidedly. eirculltion time any other ernment of this countr); since the to take upon the country thel Tile Spanish reserve fleet is still newspaper in t.his section; beginning of the war with Spain burden and danger of the govern-]at Cadiz and seems likely to stay : Ithere: Spanish finances are in the therefiwe is than seemed possible .six months meat of those islands if what we j q, ago. really want can be had without. I worst condition possible and seem  !/l,ltl [lill, The increase of our population, As to the Sandwish Islands--the hkely to stay that way. 00.6v,00rii;:n |r li| ill ill, the genius of the people for in- country knows that we can get Most of the volunteers tinder tile last call for 75,000 will be used to :- vention and their natural bent what we need there without their] fill existing regiments to 106 men in ANX()I;NCEMENT. towards manufacturing and trade annexation. It sees in the aequi-]eac h company. 1%, ('o.,m:s. demand continual expansion in sition of tIawaii a job, pure and] --,,.-.--- Toi.mdthe V,,ter.Ifistrictof:ttm Sixth Congres- foreign marketsto reach the simple, but it is a job which this ]IF SUCH THINGS BE, THEY Believinar that an ilIvestigafion of world's great centres of popula- Administration is bent upon ac-/ IIADN'T OUGItT TO BE. ;y rec,rd in Colluress will SllOW that tmnso much so that our own comphshing it possible and the .  ,. i_t..., ........ , hostile shiopinglaws and restric- war flurry may help It to do so. faithfully aml etlicientlv: that I bare " THE /EPUBLICAN has mention- ket)t all pr(,,m,e. and broken no party tire tariffs on exchanges with I/owever that may result, the ed reports of a political agree- J)l-dze,lo a'yah l,,tieitthoreroreth,, amsupportencouragedof my other natmns have not been able necessities of the case force this ment or combine, coming from ,'rmti|ue,.wv t.r re-election and Ilere- to prevent our wonderful (level- country to the acqutsition of coal- well informed and reputable by mm,,u,,:; my candidacy, subject opment m that direction; as for ing stations and suitable harbors sources, which, is alleged to have t, ltm aclh,n of the Dem)eralic party instance the trade of this country in different quarters for the pro- included the United States sena- of the Jixt! l)i,triet of Misissippl. Very ) . ' L(.spect.nlly, with China, which is second only tection and development of our torship, the governorship, con- W. F. LOVE. to that of England and is only a commerce. If they can be ae- gressman for the 2nd Dist. and studying naval construction &e., and -'7 E.Vi'IMA I E OF trOT'YON ACRE. fraction of what it should and quired wthout material increase the Cwcmt'" ' Judge and District Aanaat theolisbegiuningas instruftorthe .war was. at Af;E. will be in the future, of territory it would be best, goes Attorney of the 3rd Judicial Diet .P e or naval con- -- If it is not so now, the country without saying, but upon any -  "struefion. Upon his request for ac- Middlw._ cott,n llas been quoted whmh is in the 2nd Congressional / tire service he was assig a o tile mustbecome as great m mann- 1 terms coaling stations, dockyards district. ]N "" , ....... n. ur. ^..,___, ,1._  ,, . . |, ew xork. Ires mstmguisueuyoung ,n N,,, ,)rh.ns r,)r some days past factures as it is in agriculture. ]and harbors must be had. e ;x:::dT; 7 'v]d?ai::elTnd ]omeer, baying brains as wellas grit, nt (; 1 16. The spot price is sus- T " ' " / " hat t wdl achmve the pre- __.Q.__ th 1 tail,rd h v the fear of a short crop eminence in the one that it has in / TIIE SITUATION, accurate Picayune Miss., Bureau [haS,fore himWe hope,He isananeminenthonor toCareerhis . be- tlds year. t;ot,,i acreage as stated the other iu the markets of the of Tuesday- tate. b$, Laham. Alexahder & Co., on worhl will be but a natural de- The war news since Mondav indi- "It is charged by the Oxford cot :nd to the navy. But one thing that] Jnm. 2:,t.I,:t ,h'rcased from last velol)ment" It isa necessity of cates that affairs have assumed a more respondent ot the Commercial Appeal e can imagine would make him I - active and sterner aspect. Admiral Sullivan to Bewei., forecasted m the . " I tna a slate was made, running from ashamedthe colulnus of fulsome year 5, I-'r cent. For this State 3, the situation, unless that expan- Sampson having sunk the teamshil) 1]icaynue on May22. which slate, it is nespa!)er..flatter), and uuadultera- amt f,,r l'vxas 6 per cent. Average sion can be prevented by limita- Mernmac across the narrow mouth ateu, was alranged ,at Wmona on 1 t time of t,taWi,g alne as last year, tions placed upon our trade priv- of the channel in Santiago barber announcedMay 22 and 23,in ttimhaxmgpieayunealSOatbeenthe evoked which was Ite. An increase in ileges by the countries of Eu- made it impossible for Cervera's ..._o_ tobacco, corn and wheat correspond. rope, England excepted, time that the MeLam'in board of po- i,,g to (leerae in cotton acreage s squadron to eeape in case the fleet litical tragedy from north, sonth, east Never again shall that loved and west had a meehng at that point, reported 'F()|al acreage of cotton The country now appreciates off tile aarbor was dispersed tempo- Sullivan has been appointed .Seas- was endeared to us by every sa- _ given for 197 "21,071,000, estimated the fact, as it never did before, rarily by a hurricane, which s due at tor, Stephens is a candidate for con- voice be heard nor the form that , gress, Roano is all applicant for cred tie adorn our sacred pro- acreage tot 198, '22 736,00C acres, that the lines of commerce of a this season at any time in those wa judge, and Senator Brewer has been cincts, for the cruel hand of .......... .-,o .......... nation must be protected by it. ters. On Monday the American fleet, doing a good deal of flitting hither death struek down with unmerci- Our esteemed cotemporary, the Fair trade is dependent upon the in two and thither." . divisions, composed of four ful force our friend and eompan- : Jtffvroldan, thinks a vote for Catch- respect accorded the goods, prlvi- bttleships, the two armoredcruisers Third,-five of the leading law- iota and our brother. /ew blows iaas for renolnmation in the 3rd loges and citizens of a cbuntry and the protected cruiser New Or- yers of the Third Judicial district are as keenly felt as that which 1)it., Ine,,,n "a r,q)udiatlon of the qlong its comntercial lines. No leans, attacked the fortifications on met in Grenada on Monday to deprived us of Lhe counsel and - .Nationa/ Ih'm,,,:ratie i)latform.,, If . people ever have or can be great each side the entrance to Santiago consider the vacant judgship oc- tim JcffvsoMan s right in its con- companionship of " elllsi,)n im,babl), the vote in tim commercially who had or have harbor, and after several houra wreck- caslon by the resignation ofJudge "IIENRY S. VAN EATON, l'hird will b,, r.udll on tile platform not the power to protect their ed the Morro anti the other forts, st- Sullivan and endorsed tlon. ,It. Past GnAVD MASTEIt." ' " rights against discriminations of fenced all of the L)atteries, and sunk A. Taylor for circuit judge. lr. and his death will cause a wound' (,,,n I (;acht,gs two years ago, re- which long years cannot heal. eozuiziag the. fact tha the great all kinds that natm'ally arise the disabled Reins Mercedes. The Roane, district attorney, is Wilkinson Lodge No. 10 mourns tajcrit), el hi conituents differed from race antagonisms and trade Spanish loss was heavy but theAmer, reported as saying to the not alone, for every Lodge wlth him ui,,,i llle question of the rivalries. IIence it is that it has ivan ships and crews came off withou, local bar meeting at Ox-] throughout our Grand Jurisdic- free :,i,w,., of silver at the proposed come to be an imperative neces- loss or damage, though Madrid re- ford that he would receive thel tion fel the impulse of his exec- utive ability, his unwavering love ratio sat,l, t,h  as "a Representative" sty thatthis country shall acquire ports assert that Admiral Sampson's appointmant as judge. Of course]for the Order and his unswerv- ,f his pe,,ple he fe't hound to con- dry docks and coaling stations in fleet.was damaged and lost 1500 men all this is not particularly inter-ling fidehty to its tenets and they form hi COll-ressional action (o tile various parts of the world for the Landings of American troops are re- esting to the people outside the unite with us in our hereavemcnt. o" " uilt ot tile l)e,ple whose represents- protection of its commerce. The ported to have been made to the east Con,,ressmnal and Judicial dis- They mingle their tears with ours live he a. This 'as satisfactory battleship not the mssionary is and west of Santiago harbor and a tr/ets, were it not for the report- and pray with us to our.Heavenl.. :i to the great Inaj,lrFv Of the Demo- the protector of,commerce, in junction formed with Gem GarciCs ed combine. We will see what the uncertainty of the unknown Iather to carefully shmld from the far East as ell as nearer t forces, that there had been conside- we shall see and when seen the the;soul ofour beloved dead. The cratsofthat,litit then; as they rable fighting but that the mvaders pcople will make a note of it. endcame suddenly and if the n-re an rxcvediugly intelligent set of home. And coaling stations are] had secured good positions, having In this connection we publish fruits of unstinted though un- I,eOlde up tha nay, they will hardly a necessity to modern ships andldrivc n the Spanish troops away. If Mr. Parson's announcement tel love for fellow men and a cheery " pretentious charity, a boundless change an ot,imon dehberately form- navies in foreign aters, because this is true, it is evident that Samp Congress, in opposition to Judge and kind word for all availeth ed or Irove ttamiudful of tile work fuel is as in(hspensable to a bat- son has prepared an easy landing for el a cungressman hich has vastly tleship as are guns and ammuni- Gem Shafter's corps, which sailed Stevens; it is mighty interesting aught the soul of our deceased bcn, tited he whole lower Mississip. tion. from Tampaon Wednesday morning, district: hand of God. reading for the people of that brother now sitteth at the right pi Valh.. So much so in fact, that All at once almost, it seems, This force is said to oOgSlSt of "To the Voters of the Second Con-I ")Ve therefore cannot too truth- j-nrnals like the Times-Democrat, this country has come to a reali- t.wenty-seven regiments, sixteen of gressional District of the State of loss, but as a feeble tribnto to his l'ieavune a,,l 51e,nldis Appeal pro- zation of the necessities of out' regulars and clews of volunteers, Mississippi: /fully express our regret at out' test agai,st his rctiremen upon case. There will be no more work anti as a record for a future anti,hal gr,,vuda. Pec, ple in tile hesitation or dehty in llcavily for- some cavalry, eighty field guns (rap. After mature deliberation I have general: .... .;_L .... hills may n,,t appreciate it, but to a id-fire) and sixteen iege guns. If concluded to make the race for Con ,u o ,m, upon wth ad-I ....... "1 mwation and pride. I man Ita m, hs a gress and take ths methoa or commn I We hereby resolve that these " g ". 11 behind a dirt tifying our ports and coast line. the weather is good, at the rate of nicating to you the fact of my candi- ]ex -" ........ " embankuwut. hether a gold orl Thewh]ecuntry seems to be eght miles an hour, about five days dacy. Ishall make the race as a] presmhs or our sorrow be m- sever tmg, t,, hi,n the main question/uniting in the demand that our will be requtred to reach Santiago. Democrat, plantingmyselfunreservedl.,]seribe(1 upon our minute book,] must allyS he the sutlietency of his t navy shall be increased and per- It our transports, however, untort,u- on the Chicago platform. It is o:ft ale forward a copy to the family / protecti,m, l'rom what they will be fected until it is capable of often- nately should strike such a storm aa course my intention to canvass the of otlr deceased brother, and that district a thorou,hlv as ms- I-- ' ..... ho oortrat of out' P '' r..._ evenua;Iv, the improvements of tile sire as well as defensive work that which scattered and broke up tmable" within the short time  given.V"" as weq-" as the" Lodge- " "*'room"*"'be levee s)stem ml navigation of the against any nation. This war has the Spamsh Armada in the reign of As occasion offerlt will be mypleaure drape(| m mour:fing for a period Missiastpt,i river may be regarded as awakened the people to a full Queen Elizabeth, the Spanish might to discuss with y in a general way of thirty da,s. a " understanding of the disgrace- think that Providence was evening those vital issues which are of greatest EDW. AARON, bu begun. ( tchtngs has done mor; fr the river than any maa in fully hell)less condition in which - " " .... In" P P " things up at a late day, We rnnt importance to our eo le LEE t;. SCIILOSS, or out of Congress and the people of the beginning of hostilities found hope that the remarkable rood weath-  cMentally I beg to say that it t C.C. ' " CROSS, : - -  requires only a sunerficlal a hs district, d, ihless like those out- the country and it will never er conditions which our Cuban fl-o I., ': ..... ,: . . nalysis of COMMIITTEE. oo I me poaucal sltuatmn in this state to / ..... '"-- side of it, will thtnk it unadvtsable occur again, it is safe to say. haye experienced will continue yet ]declare the existence of a combine as PROCEEDING8 awhile longer. Gem Shafter no doubt ]unprincipled as it is intolerable, a of the Boarder Supervisors o ke'l, out'of the House of Repve- The settled policy of the eoun- will make short work of the siege "combination which finds its most entatite the l)est informed and try to avoid foreign entangle- execrable and unbearing fruitage in I'ItE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, of Santiago and, reenforced, will be this congressional district. It is my V'ILKIXSON COUNTY. } : merits.ablest advocate of river improve- ments which the fathers taught, ready to proceed westward to Cicn- purpose to discuss these shamefifl - - ..-,.. no doubt will continue to be the fuegos shortly, if such a movement The body of alert comprising the aim of all future administra- conditions with that righteous impla- Be it remembered that at a regular slmuld be included ia the campaign, cability which an outraged citizen has I Ineet!!g of the Board of Supervisors ever been justified in meting out to itst or sat(I County began and held a! memhership,f the Adams Light Is. tions, but since the days of It ShafLer's corps is sow oa the ea despoilcrs. In this campaign I askltlm Court /louse in the town of fantrv r,l,rcw,nt the flower a! our Washington 3,000,000 of people Santiago probably will be captured the fullest measure of your morai/Vtodville, said County on the 1st youlhaIMtlS vitl, feeti-g of the have become 65,000,000; wehave with the Spanish fleet, under or supportin waging war againstthoseilonday, being the 6th day of m,,st inteue pleasure that we pay become a great nation with a above water, as the case may be men higherincrimeonlythaniaofficeiOUae A. v. 1898. lht, m rid, tribute on tim morning of lheir delmrture from a happy home multitude of foreign interest that sometime next week. ann then when I shall have met with PRESENT. hte t tke u I, that (ff tile soldier, could not have been dre'tmed of On Tuesday Admiral Sampson you and presented my claims, to your L. T Ventres, Presi(.ent, ,las D. 'Fhey are the st,s of brave men, in the early (lays of the country, sufferage, if you conclude Imerit your: Cage, W L. 3enkins, l. A. Carter, wh,,l i"rean honorin thCtoCOnf(ieratebe the son ]'rtunately solated as this coun- sent three of his lightest crui-ers nd further confidence and support I will C . etterville, menlbers. , two gun boats tocut the cables at be gratefnl to have von cast yourl Jas. M. SEsstor;s, Sh'ff ,f a C ,nf.dvrate veteran and as try is from the great powers we Cimanera in tim harbor of Guanta- ballots for me at the election. C A. COON. Clerk: Iheae s,,n make their record on the do not need to meddle with the batth4iei. I, t,,r tttev, wtll make. the r 1 ,mmnce " ' ...... or o, - . name, fortt, miles east .."f ,.,,a'"';.-^u. Respectfully,. This day. .Ths B llatfield, Tleasu' - rcaord, v ,ll} be a sill greater honor]., . p et, which forces Five hours shel'i ..... .- (Sgned) LEANDER L. PEARSON rerot.Wlkmsonounty, presented his ' , . ot theirlar e involved lo ,u---' -- ' " ' t. The siakin of the Pnal laden Education, presented his reportfor . .  ..  a,'u ann - At Manila the insur ents under steamer " --- " u,e munth of May, i898, which wasl l:;::?te'll;';l':an';ksefnaeveemltectthser'ghtswdl ccasiPr Aguinaldoha,ehad rgat s : i , Merr'.u!ae'aerss thechan-,rderedtoboflledand,sapproved.--, ,ll v r.. i, .'., ,i:!l{ii i /cert. l - " , ..... g . uecess, nela. the mouth of Saatiagoharbor It is further ordered that a warrant hYrOAi,!giif'ai ngds. land, t'leCh:ng:i:?on:frso'::at':::: ! :l:'t:':dged::::dPa:hcil:eS,ei,l:mh :ader a heavy fire of shot and shell/st:etcll:oml:;,f61 21, payable out ' 1 , ery 1 tot') in foreign "-arts . ' 3, g or I as as gallant a deed a this war Bids to build the brid rigbtly aid: "W e will look to its  , s p ]ten miles distant from it, and captur-,probably will witntss /Sharps were opened andgreea(arsIloT :::u,,,gr:,,,,  |,,,tit, l folds for,n_ l Th,s ,,ar found the coun.try/ing some two housand Spanish] Lieut ttobsou of the fla "" |loys: ! . nl V ,te tlmt onr wittlout even a coalin- station : Isoldters r., .............. ! .... . , g-stop / lJogers &fl-Iux for snm of $130 00 It, 's wii ec, nle ba,k re,vet ill nl]m- the . .  tu . ., uo mtety tna tae New Yorg, and Dan el iIonta ue, duo h mim, " " .9.(') 00 b,-r. t.,t tl,.v ill t,ri,,g with them West Indies, ahnost at ourlmsurgents w,li be able to take the/chief master-at-ar,n .t ,,. ..... g___/ F A Leake, ,' ,, 9, 50 OOOIS, tO sa nothlnct It 1  A Johnson the fl:g tveni,to t},.ir handsbv ' 3 ,of the lack/C y. /n a month there will be five]NewY .....  ..... o, -- ] ...... , 9900 - v,, ..... , ,aarette tnner ,/ l Smim o'1 lhe fi,,wcr ,,f ,,ur w,,lnat,hood. That ]of even an harbor of refuge in ]thousand of our soldiers at Cavite/mate, first-class, New Yo;l g )' C s]best bM Ol'de,d }ga:hteleowStacde fl g ,nnV ,,,m,. t,.,. t, ru and tatter.! tium of war in Asiatic waters land they lll do the work Gea'l |Mur2h - coxs ....... " " " ]awarded to said Smit l upon his gi,- " ed by shut aml !lell, hut it Will come t r .... " l ......... " ' I V )', ' - wars, oame-sntp iowa. in bond for t.-i- , ............... back uh,mt a taint (ff dishonor and ]ueweyna(l to capture a port or I z)err,tt wm nave twenty thousand ]Oscar Deignan, coxswain, collier lbid ............... . ot ms in future..vvacs. It wilt be handed ...... eome home Wlth his squadron t men altogether and he may seed Merrima,c, Joim P. lhl'" )s, machm-" 'J. Ordered that J'as D Ca. gebeau!hor- dwn from L, ther to s,n as an era- I The government aml the Deo,)le/more after the Spaniards are driven list Merrid.a  , ...... t, . [zed to have the bmdge at W C Cage's  ' , i , , ,, ov,. xe{ly. water- store renair hhm of h,u,r and the rl , out ] I "le of lhave apprcciated these object] Cor the insurgents are now tender, H Clausen coxsw .r Order'ed tl;atNWJamesbea Adnmsc,, ntv omanhood . ". . ,. , .-. .... I , am, New - , ppoin-  . . .- ,Natchez/less ns. Just at the rtght tme demanding a government of their l York on -h-ard h .... t _ : .ted overseer Of road front Tarbert to /tltOl; fd k PI O  , ov  )ermlsSlOn ' ' " " ' vidcncc has al:tdc t -asvr ............ : ................ ., . --:: -: .... 1 " , lop of Columbia hill t .. ,.. ,v, ,,, ,,,u a t, ruccora uy tat were tee aetad chosen to do the (Completed u0xt week.) work. When volunteers for tins danger. oua service were called for, half the men ia :he fleet wanted to go. About daylight, Ihe Merrimac, under her own steam, went rote the channel, was swung and sunk by lIobson ex- aetl),in the manner and at the place intended 8ome accounts say the seven men swam, Otller say they used a boat or raft; at any rate they were captured, their small boat probably being disabled, which pre- vented their possible escape to the cutter which so pluckily awaited them under the veryguns of one of the fortresses. Wt h chivalrous courtesy, Admiral Cervera sent hm staff captain under flag of truce to A(hmral Sampson iu- terming him of the safely of Lteut. [tobson and men, two of the latter having been wounded slightly, that they would be well treated and ex- changed, and expressing admiration for the bravery aud daring of the performance Lieut.'Hobson is a sea of Judge Hobson, of Alabama. IIe gradua'.ed with first first honors at Annapolis in 1891, spent three years in Europe A00ITZ & NEYLAND, Main Street,' WOODVILLE, MIS: Since the Quaradine res[rie[icns arotnd our tow have been raised we have been daily reeeivinfl fresh floods of'all triads and our store is now replete with best staple and /'aney ", , ,  oee zes, dry floods, ere, to be foztnd. Nc.w goods arriving dailv. I ha purchased a largc stock of I)ry Clgthing, Notions, Housekeeping ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in lgew all of which I propose to se/1 at so low that it will be to Your intere: to examine my stock. Specia! ducements to /arge buyers. PEETR MOLLER WI I I I I II .. . :00dL00-V -. Vicksburg 7:55 pm ;J:Iu am t ,, .s ,, tt (3e ' ,, ,, ,, utl villo i, A " ,, ,6,, lght,, ,'1 rain leaves New orle,-ua, ' Cen trevillo t t t tt tt . " '. st ., . "Vleksbltr o. 2 D ,, ,, .. ,, . Ve VI(3K S I) II I''o arrn, es New Orh, au. 22 D:,;y 4:20 pm 8:35 l,m 11: 50 I,m 5:30 pm __ " arrives Viek,burg, 8:t:5 5:55 Train run. 'daily except Snllday. No, 72] leaves Woodvillo .... leaves B,,yo,, S:, ra 11./ mm . ' ' " arrives RJan'hter. - -, _. _ 7,00,2 S'a,..,,ter " ]avnn ,qnra ] } .... arr, ves Woo,lvilla 2 rm m __ The onty Line -,-- 4:15 ,m -t.o:rlotl:h ... y,nn., s.,, rr.i,: ',e,,,.,.,.,, -,,, s :A[.Lql[. 0arryug ,'lerant r, .... lllT-v O:] 2 t filial tu/stlIiet S/oeplug Cars in both di '" -'q=rections. sating k'aseaget, a speed, and o ]/or Rates, .rl,,Os ,.Y' , .e mfort,tblo Jonrne . j, e[c ..?p(.lv.,to Agents ora,.-'Y.,,. -,v. a. UOEI, Die. Pass'r Agt, M l'xa , T.Ess.. A. T. BENEDICT. MANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER IN 00arriag0s, 00nrts, tarm Wng0ns, H00rn 5a0000Ler00, 4" flUent tier the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAt Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LIttTEST RUNNIN WAGON lado. Agent for FgAZ[EI{ ROAD and SPEEDING CART, whic are great favorites among ttorsemen AOENT FOR THE" 0000ampi00a r00a 00eace The moat extensive Manufacturers of l'raa 'auoing in the United/$tateao Purfi,,ular attention paid to re-covering and rigging "l:/t=tts tadd les. All wor k done f)rvmptlv and a lleasotmhie rates. Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf TRESPASS NOTICE. I All hunting or tresoassing on the Artonish lands nuder fence is pro- hibited tinder fnll penalty of the law. Any stock remaining on the Artonish pasture after February" 15th will be charged pasturage--50c per month. J. A. (-ILLESPIE. 1 15 1898 ly. oy t, ta .".. -.'T-. [ | DAILY t O.t,Na] STATES] Part l--I--I--l--I--I--l--I--I THE SUNDAY STATES Published on Sunday mornlng. Is It htrl famny newspaper, cantllnlng every good home texture ot modern Jouru&llm. 1-',--I-I-[--I--[--l--I H STATIDS IS the 0fflclal Organ of th CRy of New Orleans, and le ev,s/where recoguized its , . . . THE LEADING DEPlOCR&TIC NWSFAPER OF THE SOUTH. I--1--1--1--1--1--1--1-4 TIIE SEMI-JVEEKLY STATES, Publlshl every Tuesday and lPrtday, Contains 8. carefully selected synopela" ot the latest newe of the 4ay. 'PIgR280P 8UIISCIIIPTIONt DAILY STATES, / 7 very Day in the Year, ) YEA $1.$0 Per Annum s[nd[I-WIEKLy ..... 11.00 Per Annum ALL POSTAGI FREm N[WS00 YOU W.IT 1"1  FRESH I ACCURATE I RELIABLE I ...T 14 tr,., IJ0000E$- DEMOCRAT ,lcets this want by arrange- meat with the New York World and the New York Journal to secure all the newa furnished by their special cor- respondents throughout t h e world. This, together with A.ssoiated Press Reports, tares our readers the COMBINED, EXgLUSIVE, DIRECT, + Service of the best papers in the country. All in one in TtiE TIMES-DHMOCRAT, NeW ORLaNg. t urP,,, Nw.. - 0y $1.00 g M.I.' +++ ++ +++++++-+++++++++ + 4- TRESPASS NOTICE. All hun',ing on ntv plaee is strie prohibited under penalty of the M us E. W. Jooa. 11 2O 97 tf.