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June 8, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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June 8, 1973

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Friday, June 8, /973 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Misslssippl CGUNTY AGENT'S NOTES by John J. Dale, Jr. SOYBEANS best varieties will be Pavis, Semmes, Bragg, Ransom, Coker The date that you plant soy- 26A and Hutton. Bragg is the NOTICE OF BID I PC-1924(A) The Wilkinson County Board 61.0 Lin. Ft. 18" Galvanized 12 of Education will receive sealed Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert bids until neon June II, 1973 in, 82.0 Ltn. Ft. 24" Galvanized 12 the office of the County Super- Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert intendent of E2ucation, Wood- 90.0 Lin. Ft. 30" Galvanizel 12 ville. Mis,:issippi, for the follow- Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert ing: I 62.0 Lin. Ft. 48" Galvanized 12 Cue (I) Automotive Spray Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert beans should determine the va- most flexible of all these vari-'Booth; for Auto Bcdy and Fen- Contract Time: 20 Working rieties you plant, i eties in terms of planting dates, dee Repair Shop. t Days Varieties best suited for plant- The varieties Ransom, Coker All bids must be marked on Basis of Awaed: The award, lug through June 20-25 include 263A and Hutton are not well l the envelope, "Bid, Auto Body if made, will be made to the Lee, Lee 68. Davis, Pickett 71, .suited 'to heavy clay soils, but and Fender Repair'Shop Equip- lowest qualified bidder on the Semmes, Ransom, Coker 26A could be planted on sandierlment, 6/11737' basis of published quantities minutes East 100 feet to the lBig Outlay Locally North magin of street; thence [ South 78 degrees 30 minute s West 60 feetto the true point For Home Improvements of beginning, and bcng Lot ..... of plat surveyed and plattedi (pecinl to The Republican) March 8, 1951 by A. K. Farrar, L New York - The amount of C Irahey that homeowners in Wil- County Surveyor, for R. of tkinson County are spending per Kaigler, and being a part , the Southwest quarter of North- I year for altc,raiions, repairs, east quarter of Section 28, iimprovements and maintenance :Township 2 North, Range 2 If their property is running West. into big figures. As in other parts of the The above described real es- tate is sold for the purpose of country, local homeowt]ers are paint-up ,and! and Huttoa. AHer June 25 the soils. 12etaile2 specifications for the Plans and specifications are effecting a partition among tlu in a elean-up, ......... above may be obtained at the on file in the office of the Chart- owners in accordance with said fix-up mood. ,  bue is th( case all over ae m.,------/{_. NOTICE TO MOTOR orrice ef the County Superin- eery Clerk, Wilkinson County, decree and title is b(.lieved !,ol .... ,'..i. ',,, l,,-";,,,,-,.,',,,'''t of I[!,Z'II VI.IIICLE AGENCIES tendent o[' Education. I Woodville, Missisippi, and ill !be good but I will convey .omy l,=.::r,,.\\; ii:" ",'?",'[l':'"]ard .t___. Sealed bids ,,,ill be received T1]e Board reserves the right the. ofhce of John D. McCrame., I such :t}tle a.s ,.(- c:,,i:2Ol:,e, ware "anal paint'stores know it .... b b'-e Board of Su ervi;grs of to reject any or all bids WilKinson t aunty nglnem, I as sam peelm ' .p, *1  oenus Bureau '= sta Y "- P .... ' 1973 .......... -   Wilkh]nn nnntv Mi'sissii in Bernard Waites Woodvllle Mississippi. P t, n o and Wednesday, July 11, ,.. ......... --- "" ............ PP ' " " " - -' .... 1 ck in the offi'e of ]L]es contn'm n: ' NOTICE TO ROAD !the Board Room of the Court- Executive Secretacy l ana oisa - _may ::nSch:ea!h/Uci;,:n:ell; it] the AcXms ! Locally, an estimated $'933,000 EoUIPMENT AGENCIES house in Woodville Mississippi Wilkinson County Board tram  _ .._.urg '_ .- I'_ -' - -- 4 .ot,.,,'" I went for such purposes in the - , -' - -, ' .....  eery tlerK oI WilKinson uouny, county tou.rmouse , , .......... ,, ,' " . .  : up m n;zon on Tuesaay, ne oi aucaion .....  'pas year base] upon govern- S-aled bids will be received .......... I ...... ]at Woodville, Mi'ssiesippl upon l Mississippi is designated and  . , . . ---  ............... f I lzLn aay or oune tu', m put-  a/za/;w I .......  - : .,, i .... :'. qm- -rid "-lac for t men report's snowing average uy me oara oi uperwborb u _ " . - .' . ,i naymen oi lO UU, w.nicn Wlll lllxea as Lne b e a p e "  ..... .  . .. I chase Ior easnior me use ox   lie]lion ouuays pe,r housing unig in me County MLslcslppl, in, .......... JOINT ADMINISTRATRIXES , not be refunded the hearing of the app ' t . " ' . ne t'lrs. bupervlsors beparae' ' ' '  " h regional area. the Board Room of the Court-  .............. I NnTlr,' -- ,,,m,, I Certified check or bid bond to eonhrm the report of t el r  .,, 'oaa Dlsrrleg, one (i) one-nail ................. . a It rcpresenss an average ex- 'house in Voow,,e Mississippi,, .......... ] Of Willie "Turk" McNecl,, I fr .f;ve percent (5'/) of total said sale. I .. ....... ' '72) mn piCK-Up, trucK, equlppeu " ' ' ne 1 pclmiture m u]e area oi zbt up to noon on Tuesday the ......................... Deceased I bid payable to Wilkinson Court- This the 8th. day of Ju "l ,. .... .u,  ...... ,,, lc2t2s.e d;  cfasJ2ni,crlg:h3, e t:sePU;f d:;neIgn;?hUdi;:g:);ar't;'; Letters of Administration hav- tY, al. ust accompany each .pro- A. D., 193onzo H Sturgeon ;s u2;l:util3':;? "'" .......... " - " " ' , :" ' I,,,,,,,,  r'-7 x 15 4 ,1- tires , ing been granted in Case No.!P ..... I m ........ ,., the ,verao'es the First Supervisor's Separate ','- .='2 ...... f; .... : 6013 on the 29th day of May I Bidders are hereby notified Special Commissioner _- ..... L...,\\; "' : " .' . ' ' " ......... tili'- ,,,, z /IIUU ainu tZUW bzc, ilic ' ' -' '  ......... 8/4, [ollle WilKinson ounty nolTle- oao UiSmC't one t) u ty . .  - :- - 193 b" the Ch'm-ery Court of any proposal accompameu o, ,  , " ' . ..... oata ie erves me rl n o ze ' . ' " S g' " - ' '  . spent eonslaeraoly more type die:el tractor equipped. ......... Wtlkinon County to the under- by letters qualifying m any ......... : . :, , ," ,o ......... , . ]ee any anu an OlUS. " ' . . , l,nan [ne lOCal llgure azzu uztl Wth 3 cyhndcr water eooled l oil.nod  inint mlnistra- manner the condtmn under NOTICE TO ROAD ! .... heavy duty dzeel engine v.,tth, This 10th day of May, 1973.  = ' 0 ..... no lass than 175 cubic inch dis-I A.lonzo H. Stugen, Clerk Placement, 41.4 HP, heavy duty 5/18/4w front axle with 5.000 poundl capacity, differential lock, live I NOTICE TO MOTOR hydraulic system with category I VEItICLE AGENCIES . I 3 point lift, light.s, powe,r, Scaled bids will be received steering, swinging drawbar, live:bY the Board of Supervisors of I:TO, 8 speed transmission, 4 Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in main bearings, roll bar and seat the Board Room of the Court- bell:, independent hand brake, house in Woodville, Mississippi, linkage stabilizer kit. 7.50 - 16 up to on Tuesday, the front tires, 16.9 - 24 RI rear 12Lh. day of June, 1973, to pur- tires. The:re is to be m.cunted chase for cash, three (3) new on above described tractor one 2 ton cabs and chassis, two t2) (1) 5 foot hydraulic side mower; for the use of the Third Su- equipped with hydraulic drive, pervisor's Separate Road Dis- automatic 90 degree self return-trict and one (1) far the use lug breakaway, 5 foot cutterbar, of the First Supervisor's Sep- Self contained ,type hydraulic arate Road District, the three feature with front mounted (3) new 2 ton cabs and chassis they will be forever barred. , I,  geat deal less since only a ................ o which the 'ro'osal is tendered EQUIPMENT AGENC ES I . "; -" "" Jrlxes oIl, ne ;sate oz w!m ..: _ ,._v . ' .... ; i mall p r o p o r tio n of them "Turk" McNeely, deceased, no-] wnl e eonsmerea an lrregmar Sealed bias win ue reeeivealundertake major improvements tire Is hereby iven to all her-, bid, and such proposal will not by the Board of Supervisors of.. ' " .... -  ........... m an one year. sons having claims against said ibe conslde, red ]n making the Wilkinson County, MsalsmppL m -,,Y , ,.h,m,,, ,-,,,m.h,,., estate to present the same to award .... the Board Room of the Court-lin--=enm;al'was" for'-adi.[ions ' the Clerk of said Court for pro- Tom Ashley house in Woodville Mississippi ! .. g'.. ' ". . .' .... ' , ' aerauons an replacements. bate reglstratmn and allowance 5th District Superwsor [up to noon on Tuesday, the 3,rd. m, ............ ,, e,. ,,earl 62 aceordin,, to law within six (6) Wilkinson County, [day of July 1973 to purchase  .....   ..... ."F .'.". "'.-  . o " . . 2 " ',.  ,IpercenL of me ota m me pas months from the date of first Mississippi mr CaSh ]ram me gevenuc. publication of this notice or Alonzo H. Sturgeon Clerk This 1st. day of June, A. D., 1973. Nancy Lee Johnson Mary Estelle Scott Joint Administratrixes 6/1/3w JOINT EXECUTORS' NOTICE TO CREDITORS Of James Marion McCraine, Wilkinson County Board of Supervisors 6/1/4w SPECIAL COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OF SALE OF LAND FOR PARTITION ,James Hunter and Rosie Lee Sharing Fund, for ,the use of iyear' the Commerce Depart- the Fifth Supervisor's Separate merit finds. Road District, ote 1) nine. The other 38 percent went .wheel 10 to 15 ,ton pneumatic/fr maintenance and general compactor equipped with diesell repairs. In this c a t e g o,r y, motor of at least 90 H.P.. pdwer Fainting was the biggest item shift transmission forward andtIt accounted for almost half reverse, three speed range ] the amount spent. Next in order torque converter, all gear drive, i were plumbing, roofing, heating hydrastatic steering, hydraulic and air conditioning. brakes, water sprinkler .system, Total outlays in the United ..must be equipped with dual l States in 1972 for the upkeep Arnet,L, Complainants vs. No. 6005 ' drive pump on tractor. Also :bids to be equit:ped with 156 inch Deceased Prineella Brown, Defendant Will be received for ,one (11 5 wheel base, 330 heavy duty V-8 Letters Testamentary having By virtue of the provisions of foot highway rotary type rear engine, 2 speed 17,589 pound been granted on the 24th. day a decree of the Chancery Court mower equipped ,with 5 foot Eaton rear axle, 6,0110 pound of May, A. D., 1973, by the Chart- of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, eu.tting width, front and rea front axle, 5 speed Clarke irons- chain guards, 3 PT hitch, tail mission, 8.25 x 20 x 10 ply ,tires cery Court of Wilkinson County, rendered by said Court on the ........... Mississippi, to the undersigned 4th. day of June, A. D., 1973, Wheel slip clutch straight blade an] ua ,wheels, tu,,uu pouno as taint executors of the Estate the undersigned, as Special 'holder free swinging blades and auxiliary rear springs and  o ....... , _ ..... '. _ oz ames Marion Mcurame, ae- Commis-ioner of said Court in and shielded drive shaft The ,i yara waer level a.ump voaY. lceased, in Cause No. 6012, no- the above .numbered and styled BOard zeservcs the right to re ,The oaro reserves me rign o ..... , , ' - . ....... tuce s nereoy gven m all per- cause, will on Monday, the 2nd. ject any and all bids. re,c.r an^y. an] au ms. .^_ I son's having claims against saic This 10th day of May, 1973  rn',s .on aay oz May, U'.  ....... . l esate m presen me same m Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk I Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk[the Clerk of said Court for pro- 5,Q8/4w  I5/18/4w bate, registration and allowance Natchez Stockyards Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. SALE EVERY THURSDAY TOP PRICES FORYOUR CATTLE AND HOGS For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 888-4595, Woodville according to law within six (6) ' months from this date or they will be fceever barred. This 1st. day of June ,. D., 1973. Wilma McCraine Anders Hilda McCraine Fortenberry M. Ray McCraine Joint Executors controls for right or left o. er-'and improvement of residential P I pzcpetles came alien, twenty degree oscillation ", .'. , to approxi- o  ........  ,,, e,,, , ...... l mately $17.5 billion, according . ......... t,to government hgures. This articulation rign or mtu The i . 2 , .,. ' ., was z mlnon more man m Board eeserves the right to re- , " " . ' - 11" '- ne prewous year. ee any an] a mas. ............. ] Much of the added cost was l;nis l;n. aay oI dune, 1'; ....... ...... le k aue o ,mgler pr,ees mr serv- Alonzo H mrgeon, u ,r . , , . ," " ..... I :ces an] maeria:.s. b/l/:sw Because of the continuing day of July, A. D., 1973, at the LEGAL NOTICE shortage of electricians, car- West door of the Courthouse in NOTICE OF PUBLICATION pouters, plumbers and other Woodville Mississippi, within OF FINAL SETTLEMENT mectmnics, and because of the legal hou.'rs, about ,noon expose j OF CONTRACT growing availability of easy-to- for 'sale and sell to the highestl Notice is hereby given that install equipment, local home- bidder ,for cas,h the following[ the contract between ,the Slat owners have been encouraged described real etate .situated in Highway Commission of th e ! Wilkinson County, Mtssissippi,[ State of Mississippi, Jack:son, described as follows, to-wit: I Mississippi, on one part, and Beginning on the East side of T. L. James & Company, Inc., the Lower Woodville and Natch- Ruston, Louisiana on the other ez Road at a point South 45 degrees East 201.8 feet from the 6/1/3w Board Of' Supervisors Of Wilkinson County NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors ,of Southwest corner ,of tract conveyed by R. C. Kalgler ,to Mrs. J. E. Hall on December 15, 1938, and of record in . ,'Book ' 3-K, a't Page, 537, Conveyance Records and North 45 degree West 19 feet from Wilkin'son County at Woodville, the Southwest coxner of lot Mississippi, until 11 a.m., June owned by Slann; thence North 26, 1973, and shortly thereafter] 77 degrees East along South publicly opened, :for construe- ] margin ,of right of way 259 ticn of drainage structures on feet; thence North five degrees 0.718 miles of county highway lWest 25 feet to .the North (Silver Creek Road), located in margin of said right of wa3'; Section 4, Township 3 North,] thence North 5 degrees West Range 1 West, Wilkinson County, ] along the West margin of .an i known as B,ridge Project No. 2, intersected rlght of way 1151 of! I I i III I oic operators, medium-size operators, small operators... We have a new Ford Tractor powered and priced just for you. District No. 5, Wilkinson County. Principal items of work are , approximately as follows: Drainage Structure Items 290.0 Lin. Ft. Treated Timber Piles 2.0 Each P.C. Concrete Cap for 19' Span for Std. PC-1924(B) (End Unit) 2.0 Each 19' P.C. Concrete Span for Std. PC-1924(A) (Cueb Unit) 6.t) Each 19' P.C. Concrete Span for Std. PC-1924(A) (Int. Unit) 2.0 Unit P.C. Concrete Wings for P.C. Concrete Span for Std. PC-1924(F) 40.0 Lin. Ft. Beam Type Rail-i ing with Concrete Pot for Std.! feet to the Southeast corner lo.t conveyed Felix Liberty, et ux on March 27, 1951; thence North 11 degrees 30 minutes West 300 feet to the Northeast corner of lot conveyed Roose- velt Wllson, et ux on January 26, 1954; thence .continuing North 11 degree,s 30 minutes West 30 feet across street to the true point of beginning, being the Southwest corner of the tract hereby conveyed; I thence North 11 degrees 30 minutes West 100 feet; thence North 78 .degrees 30 minu, tes East 60 feet ,to the Northwest .corner of lot conveyed Mary Boyd on November 10, 1953; thence South 11 degrees 30 Seal Tract0r Co. Woodville, Miss: LOANS I-mm $100 to $51000 Bill Consolidating Loans Are Our Specialty. Payments Reduced As Much As V to V end Sometimes Even More. --Free COUNSELING SERVICE- Call Or Stop By Our Office Woodville Finance, Inc. Depot Street Phone 888-2011 Page 7 i CI,ASSII00 IEI) ADS AVAILABLE: 4 puppies -- of hunting dog ancestry -- good Rosemont stock. See Rodney Lane at Rosemont 9 to 5 Tues.- Sat. 6/1. tf part, dated the 6th day of March 1972 for the construction FOR SALE: Beautiful half-tester ,bed, refinished. Call Clinton, La., phone 683-5754. 6/1/2w CLEAN carpets the save and . safe way with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Ben Franklin Store. 6/8/lw PIANO IN STORAGE: Beautiful " spinet-console stored locally. Reported like new. Responsible party can take on low payment balance Write before we send truck. Joplin Piano, P. O. Box 103, Panama City, Fla. 32401. 6/8/lwp FOUND: Male Beagle wearing collar with no name, in Turn- bull neighborhood about three weeks ago. Owner please claim. Phone 888-4293. COME JOIN THE FUN at Lucy's : Ceramics, Hardwood, La. Open every day except Wednesdays and Sundays 5/18/if REDUCE safe and fast witl OoBese Tablets and E-Vap "water pills." Martefls Durg Store. 5/25/3wp FOR SALE: Deep water well pump with all fittings for 150 foot well and a 501) gallon pres- sure tank presently installed. Faut Equipment Sales, Box 321,. Woodville, Phone 888-4260. 5/25/3w FOR SALE: 1971 G.alaxie 500 4-door sedan Loaded, veey clean $2,1C0. Call 888-6745 or 888-6454. 5/25/tf HOUSE FOR SALE: 3-bedroom, 2-bath brick veneer home in Centreville. $27,500. Hewes Real Estate, John C. Hewes, phone 888-3941. 5/18/tf HOUSE FOR SALE: Carter Sub- division. 3-beuroom, 2-bath, large den and kitchen. Spacious lot. Call 888-2721 for appoint- ment. POSTED: All lands Owned bY the undersigned tare hereby to tackle many of .the repair posted against all hunting, fis,h, and alteration jobs themselves, mg or otherwise trespassing. A.s a result a large part of Mrs. Mae Bradley. 5/11/6m the $933.00'9 spent last year on fixi:qg up Willdns.on County WANTED--TIMBER LAND: Pri- homes went to local merchants v.ate investor Interested in selling building supplies .and timber land. Write P. O. Rex 'equipment. / L ' of a project designated as State Project lqumber 79-6049- 01-011-10 being a section of Mississippi Highway No. 33 :be- tween Gloste and Crosby in Amite & Wilkinson Counties, Mississippi, has been fully and completely performed and final settlement thereunder has been made. Thi.s notice is given under Section 9016,, MLssissippi Code of 1942, in pursuance of the authority conferred upon me by order of the State Highway Commission in Minute Book 24, Page 1460. Dated this the 29th day of May 1973. State Highway Commission Of Mississippi By: John R. Tabb Secretary (SEAL) 6/8/'1w FIRST CIIOCTAW WITII MASTER'S DEGREE Calvin Issac at the age f 29 was the first member of the Choctaw nation to earn a Master's degree. He earned the degree in Elementary Education at Mississippi State Univ., in 1963 and went on to teach his own people at the Pearl River Indian School in Ne>:hoba County. APPLY NOW We Train Men to Work As LIVESTOCK BUYERS If you have some livestock experience we will train you to buy cattle, hcep and hogs. For a local intervlew, write today with your background, Include your complete ad- dress and phone number, CATTLE BUYERS, INC, 2 East Gregory Blvd. Suite 307 - 08 Kansas (;it,/, Mo. 64114 MLssissippi's First Settlement The first permanent white .settlement in the Mid-South was at or near the present site of Ocearl Springs. Established by France in 1699, the settle- ment served as the base for early exploration of the Lout:st- an] Territory by the French. "IF IT IS INSURANCE CALL US." WE KNOW WIIAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR WE HAVE IiAD FORTY-NINE YEARS F, XPERIENCE. ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Gloster, Miss. 4304, JaCkson, Miss. 39216, giv- ing all details on your la0nd. 5/11/4w WANTED: Lands to Sell. Let us sell y,ou;r lands too. Call Charles L. Barry & Associates, i42-1921, Natchez. ,:i i/13/8wp ---BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MAN OR WOMAN Reliable ,person from this area to service and collect from auto. L ::, matte dispensers. No experience ...................... needed .... we establish account,s :  for you. Car, references and :' $9950 to $1,995.00 cash capital necessary. 4 4o 12 hours weekly could net good pact-time in" come. Full-time ,more. For local . interview, write, include phone number, Eagle Industries,, De- partment BV, 3938 Meadow- brook Road, St. Louis Park, Min, nesota 55426. 6/8/1wp POSTED: All ,ands owne the Tansy Island Hunting Club, as well as all lands leased or controlled by the Club, are , hereby strictly posted against all huntlng, fishing or otherwis0 LIVESTOCK SERVICE Livestock hauled to any auction barn or other destination of your choice at reasonable rates. Individual order buying service. Quantities of stacker cattle bid on in pasture. Other livestock services available on request. Contact O. K. FERGUSON Phone 888-6682 Woodvil00e, Miss. I !