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June 4, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 4, 1898

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w Oust Ameriean Polley. polie 7 of this country regarding for, eign comphcations seems tikely to remain conaervattve. The Monroe doctrine, accord- ing to the declaration of our leading pohti- clans, will be sustained, but patience and prudence in oflleial 9uarters willrestrain the exuberance of pubhc opinion. The wisest end most prudent course for the rheumatic and the malarious is to use Hostetter's Stem. aeh Bitters, which also cures kidney com- plaint and dyspepsia. ]Reason Enough. Mi WantknowWhat do you suppose makes the figure of Cur)id SUCh a favorite with silversmiths? Miss Knowall--It't probably cupidity.- Jewelers' Weekly. What You Cet When You Buy Medicine Is a Mat- ter of Qreat Importance. 1[ you get that which has the power to ea'adicate from your blood all poisonous taint and thus remove the cause of dis. ease? Do you buy HOOD'S Sarsaparilla and only Hood'M If you do, you may tgke it with the utmost confidence that it will do you good. Remember Hood's Sarsaparilla ls America's Greatest Medieiue. $1; six for $5. Hood'a Pllla cure lndlgestton. 25 cent UNFORTUNATE COLORS. Jattadleed Muu wllh ]Red Necktie IS • kea for a Spaulard und Has a Narrow Escape. The man with the yellow jaundice leaned a against the drug store at the corner of rrlon and ttatsted street and wiped the grspiration from his forehead• I-In was )adly out of breath and he consequently talked rather spasntodicatlv to his t riend. "I tell you, I've had a mighty narrow es- cape," he gasped. ::hy, how's that?" asked his companion. zney purty near mobbed me just now down here on ]glue Island avenoo." "MObbed you* Wh what ;- i. a .... • j aM v,s u14€;€ are you talkin' about 9'’ That's r!.ht. ]hat s what they pnrty near ata. They just liked to got m:: pelt, t tell you-n' I hadn't done a thing, either." What did they have agin you ' • "You see that red necktie'I ot on ? 'el! mat was the cause of the whoe trouble. was goin' along down Blue Island when I came to a gang out in front of a saloon ] " .to km war. Istopfl)ed to hear what the latest was. I wan t doin' a thing when some cove sings out: "Look at this Spaniard right here in the crowd" Everybody turn on me an' a brick just grazes my ear I sa s i' . • • . ": 'I a n, t po S pan:art; what you taikln' aout?' zou pet ne is" ne's got the Spanish fla on 'ira right now,; yells another: B • . . - 1t didn't eafeh on ;et...That's right.,' M, ottt,: another man, the yaller's on his face and the red's inhis neektielynch him.' The wnme crown maue for me and I cut for this ner. I give 'cm thedodge two or three es anngot away. But say, I've got tc wear a different colored necktie till I git ’r these yaller janders."--Chieago Chron. ][ORAL EFFECT OF THE WAR. Dome of the 8undwy chool Precepts Are $crl.ously Interfered With. 3 MISSISSIPPI IATTERS. ]Business for the Railroad CommlsMon. The Cohtmbus Lutnberujn & Gulf Railroad Company, J. H, llinton, man- ager, has filed an exhibit of its assets with the railroad commission in re- sponse to a request therefiu-. It shows 6 1-10 miles of railroad in Pearl River county and II 9-10 in l'crry county, making a total of 1€! miles operata(l by the colnpany, lridges, depots and rolling stock make the total valuation of the infant road $56.s75. The commission ]:as t,een notified that the connection bciug made by the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley aud the Georgia Pacific. at Elizabeth. is very satisfactory to the traveling public, tiiere being it difference of only five minutes. The connection is frequently missed on acconnl of this small margin. Mr. Gilleas. general superintendent of the Yaz,o & Mississ,ppl Railroad, h notified the comnlission that he is advised by the counsel for the road that froma legal standpoint ttlecom- mission has no right to force his road to lnake eonneclion at Weld, witll the Southern l{ailroad, and he intimates that lie will resist an order to thai effect. Colnplaint comes from t;hieora, on tlle Mobile & Ohio Railroad, that lhe schedule httely adq)te(I by ttlat road leaves Robinson Switch (tug eutirely, making it very inconvenient for those living at that place. The matter has been taken up. Superintendent Grief (if the Yazoo& Mississippi Valley has notified the com- mission that tl'ain Nos. 5 anti 6 will stop at Knoxville in the future, as per order of the commission. 'tle rat(  on cottonseed nleal. ('0ke and ashes from (Weenwood to Meridian has ben rcl[ueed to $1.75. The secre- tary of the commiss,on has been no]i- fled that the connection betweeu the 1. :;. aud M. & O. will hereafter be made zt Starkvllle. Complaint has been made to the com- ,nission tllat the S(tnttwrn ]aihvay ['ompany has materially advanced the rates.on coffee, flour, grain and meat out ’ff Greenville to loeM stathms. The mat,cr ha  been taken up lty tlle proper atlthorlties. Notiec lla l,nen given tim COmlnisMon that the depot at I'erey, Miss.. is completed. ts per order of the conHnission. Snlll t an nt't'e(,dg i'althall. Ihut. WiHiani Van Amber Sullivan. of Oxford. Mississippi, has been ap- pointed senator to succeed Lhe late lien. Walthall. The eommissi..m was signed last week bv Gov, Me- Lanj-in. and Mr. S,:/livn notified of the fact of hi,.. oh'ration to a hi/her po- sition. The appointment wa; no sm'prise to tiiost, wh , keep convei'sa1,L with 1.t]( a, SOUTHERN GLEANINGS. lade ulek Work of Them. Miss Emma ttarstsell, daughter of Mr. Sameli Hartsell. four miles from Concord. N. C.. was found dead in her father's home. She had been assault- cd, and her throat was cut from ear to ear. In a short time large bodies of both town and county people had gath. ered, and two suspeets, Joe Kiser, aged 25. and Tom Johnson. aged 20, both colored, were arrested. The sheriff managed to get them safely to jail, and he and otllcrs stood guard at tim fl)ot of the stairs. At 20 minatcs the 10 o'clock the mob broke down the jail door. The sher- ill: and deputies were overpowered. and the crowd rushed up the stairs toward the ceil of the doomed men. The lock was broken, tile door opened, and the prisoners hauled forth. They protested their innocence. A tree was found on which Were, two limbs about three feet al)art. Over these roses were thrown. The men were mounted on two boxes, about two fee high. The noose was fuljustcd, the box re- moved and the bottles dropped. A few minutes after the drop shots were fired at the bodies, rid01inx them. A {?oloparisen. ht order to show the relative gains made by the ports of the south in corn- par,son with the ports of other parts of the country in the shipment of bread. stuffs during the ten months of the present fiscal 3'car as eolnpared with a like period of tim last fiscal year, the Baltimore Manufacturers' Record fur- nishes the following table, showing the increase over 1897 and percentage of increase in the case of the ieading ports: Increase in Gain. 1897. Per Ct. Galveston ................ $- ,. • ' • ,.8 L,7.i 186 New Orleans .............. I 1.016.',9 93 Bal timer  ................... lS.023.105 fig Ne port New,s ............. 6.311.791 63 ]'tlget Sound ................ 4.g115.735 122 Phihulelphi, ................ 9. t2 L4 t 96 New York ............ uot .............. /.:::: :1,1:,.,s , g.90Ll(i) 19 It will thus be seen that the south is steadily forging ahead in the matter of securing ffrain business, notwith- standing the efforts which New York has mde to recover lost ground. egro Glveil-Flfty Lashes. Rastus Jones. a negco of the vicinity o]" Tipton, Go., secured entrance to the rcsidenecof Mrs Benncfield at night by impersonatiuF ier husband. The ldy quickly discovered his identity, gave the ahtrlu, and an exciting Cllase ensued, lie was cauffllt, " and preparations for lynching were about cmnplctc, wllen lm I)leadcd o piteous- ly for his life that a trial was given him. and on It majority vote it was de- cided to give him lushes in lieu of rope. The stoutest of his judges was at'mud with a buckled Strap, and by the time the 59 blows had been applied Lhc ne- gro's back resclubled raw meat.. He was left boreal to an oak tree in a fain t- in, condition, aud warned tha if he MISSISSIPPI TROOPS. First Regiment Ordered to Chiekanlanga. JACKSOX. May 27. The First Regi- ment received orders today from the war deparhfient to proeced to Chicka- mauga .s soon as transportation couhl be scenrcd. Col. Govat, expects to leave Jackson within forty-eight hours at the outside. Tlle A. & V. railroad will transport the regiment. The Greenville company arrived this even- in', 76 sla-ong. Tim Fri:ws l'oint and Aberdeen companies also arrived. The following have been em,nined ttlus far: Cou, pany A, West Point. 70 men passed; Company II Tnnie,q. 69 meu passed; Colnpany C, Carrolltou. 63 men passed; Company D. Grenada anti Water Valley, 75men passed. The pcrcentaae of re- jections is not more than 10 per cent. ltospltable lVinona. WINOX., Muy 27.--The Delta Guards, numbering seventy-five men, under command of Capt. Ircys, arrived here from Greenville this morning, en route to Jackson. An enthusiastic meeting was ]leld at the conrtilouse, where speeches were made by Messrs. George McLean aqd T. U. Sison of this place, exfending the hospitality of the towri to the soldiers, which were responded t, by Walton Shields. in behalf of the Delta Guards. The company was then in- vited to the Winona llotcl, where they enjoyed a splendid dinner, furnished by the people of Winona, after which they resumed their 2mrney, with pleas- ant memories of the;r cordial reception by the people of this communily. Bolivar G nards. RO8EDALE. May 27.--The Bolivar Guards. over 100strong, struck camF here and moved on Camp I'at Ilenry at Jackson, over te Illinois Central. at noon today. When the Valley train rolled into the staticzt the coach as- signed to the soldier bc, vs was at cmee bedecked with the Stars and Stripes, amid loud and pro(,nged cheers by the large crowd assembled to bid the boys farewell. IIon. Charles Scott made a short but appropriate speech to the boys, and in turn was cheered wildly by them. The Delta Guards, (;ttEENVHa.E. May 27.- The Delta (hlards. seventy-tire strong, left here this mornlng for Ja.ekson. to form part of the Second Mississippi regiment in the United States army. llcnry T. Ireys, Jr., is the captain. L:st night a brilliant reception was tendered the comimny in Skiuncr's flail. and a private. Walton Shield . accepted, on behalf of Capt. Ireys and the com- pany, a llandsome flag. The school kdrls sang "The Star Sppngled Banner" and "Dixie." antl 51is' l'Iln Jayne recited a poent, "Farewell." by Mrs. Lizzie J. IIunt. of Greenville. For the reception and departure a purse of $309 was pre- IN RAILROAD CIRCLES. The New York, Ontario & Western Itailroad company has reduced tts local pasnger rate from three eenta mile o two cents, the same taking effec May 1. The Southern Pecifle Ratlroad com. pany hs bee0me convineed l! is cheaper to fence in its t,racks In Arizona than to contimte paying claims for cat tle kilied. In New Orleans pract!cally the w,hole of lhe street railway sys,tem has been converted during the last three years from mule haulage toeleclrie lration. Out of 170 miles of road 163 miles are now operaled electrically. Dy L popu:ar vote recently taken in Sttze,r!and, the proposed purchase of the railroads by lhe state, at a cost of aboul $2)0,000,000 was approved, There nrc 2.340 miles of railroad, covering the five pr;ncipal lines. The nunlber of German towns and eilles having" elcelr'e raihvays wa,: Three in 1891. 11 in 1893. 20 in 1894, 34 in 1895, 42 in August, 1896. At the end of 1897 the number was about 80. The overhead trol',ey is used most; three lines have a mixed overhead and un- (!r°To11"l]d syste111, tv,'O have overhead] conductors, combined with storage bat-] teries, nl, d two have the current sup-] plied by accumulators only. [ The official eirCnlars recently issued[ by Mr. Raj'mond Du Puy, general su-[ per!ntendcnt of the Chicago Great/ Vcs tern rail w y, a unolnce the aolish- men, ef the office of superintendent of I transportation and theaprpointment ell 5Ir. J. I;er:inBgett, who has held that] posilion, as superintendent ef the] Southwest divis,ion. Mr. J.*A. Kelley] is nppointed superintendent of th'e/ Northwest division and Mr. O. Corneli- / sen "leL:'ng superintendent of the Ee,st, ' ern division. POINTED PARAGRAPHS. o€ Sapieut SaTlng s About Mea, Women and Tltlnigll i General. Time and court piaster heal all wounds. Volnan's chief aim seems to be at a target ealled man. Seine u, en are so fixed that they have no use for a movin van Charity neverbegins at homevh le house- cleaning is going on N ' " " • o hum s modest enough to beheve him. self overestimated by others lleware of the cyc']ist who'praises a wh eel of a different make from his own. There are men living to-day who would rather bc right than be v re-president Providence takes care of some'fools Iy giv- ing thmn wives to look after them When a man inherits dishonesty that is abrupt the only thing he honestly at: uies 1;ut few W;men wouht ear;,-poeetbo(ks 2f they eou!da't put anythin in them but money, • . The man who can aeknowleuge a mistake without blaming it on some one else has true UlI3 l'al COllrae. Imitation may he the sincerest flatters., but more men aequire wealth by doing a they see ohers do not do. A GREAT REMEDY. Greatly Tested. Greatly Recommended. The loss of the hair is one of the most [ Mrs. Herzmann, of 356 East 58th St.. New serious osses a womao can undergo. York City, writes: Beautiful hair gives many a woman a "A1ittle more than ayear ago, my hair claim to beauty which would be utterly began turning 'ray andfalliug out, and 'anting if the locks were short and although I tnea ever so many thins to scanty. It is almost as serious a loss when prevent a continuance of these eonditlons thenaturlhueot the hair begins to fade. Iobtained no satisfaction until l tried Dr. and the shining tresses of chestnut and Ayer's Hair Vigor. After using one bottle auburu are changed tO gray or to a laded my hair was restored to it natural color, shadow of their {ormer brightness. Such and ceased falling out."--Mrs. HERZMANN a toss i' no longer a necessity. There is one remedy whlch may well be called a 356 East68th St.. New York City. great remedy by reason of its great sue- "I have sold Dr, Ayer's !air Vigor for cess in stopping t e falling of the hair, fifteen ),ears. and I do not know of a case cleansing the scalp of dandruff, and re- whereit did not give entire satisfaction. X storing the lost color to gray or faded have been, and am now using it mysetf for tresses. Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor is a stand- dandruff and gray ilair, and am thoroughly d and reliable preparatton, in use in convinced that it is the best on the market. t ousands of honles, aud recommended by Nothing that I ever tried can touch it. It everyone who has tested tt and expert- affords mc great pleasure to recommend it enced the remarkable restqts that follow to the pubhc.'--FRANK l. OROVE, Fauo.. its use. It makes hair grow. It restores dale. Ala. the origial color to hair that has turned There's more on thts subieet in Dr. gray or faded ont. It stops hair trom fall- Ayer's Curebook. A story of cures told by Ing, cleanses the scalp of dandruff and the eared. This book of',oo pages is sent gives the hair a thickness and gloss that free, on request, by the J. C. A yer CO o other preparation cau produce. Lowell. Mass. WHEN HAMLET EXCLAIMED "AYE, THERE'S THE RUB !" COULD HE HAVE REFERRED TO 00SAPOLIO i In a IIavnnn RestnuranI. @in Important Point. Hungry Man--I asked you for a liana sand- Vheeler--Ah, that was a g/orious victory wich, didn't I? of Dewey's. Waiter--Yes, senor. Sproeketts--It would seem so, but I shall "Well. this isn't pork." reserve my own opinion of it until I find out But mules have hams as well aa pigs, what male of wheel he rides.--Chicago senor."Cleveland Leader. Evenlng News. How' Tht  :Nothing gives the loving Mother more aux. We offer One Hundred Dollars eward iety than the moaning, helpless distress ot for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured her puny, teething babe. Give it Dr. M’- by Itall s Catar, h Cure. fett's TEETUINA (:leethfny Powders) and the F.J. Cheney & Co., ]'rons. Toledo t',. Chic'e, the undersigned, llve known' i. J. babe will be better and brighter and the' mother happier at once. TI:TmXAhlDI. eney for the last lo years and believe him gestion and Regulates the Bowels. perfectly honora )le in all business transac- tions arid financially able to carry out any Still T],ylng. obligations made hy their firm. " MayThey say that Clara considers mat- ,Vest & Truax, ?holesale Druggists, To- riage a failure. ledo, O. Bell--Oh, nn she doesn't; but .he hal ,Valding, Kinnan & {arvin, ,Vhoh, sale her doubts about ongagcments.--Puck. Druggists, Toledn, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure i taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous Don't You leel)f surfaces of tl{e system. Price 75e. per bet- Does your IIead Ache? Somnifi Cage cures ins(antlv. All druggists. 25cents Dr. tle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials Paxton MedicaICo.,201RiverSt.,Troy, lK, y. free. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Efl'eet I re. Better. " The gind You Always Bought Thin war ts perfectly dre dful, ' said on$, ITe--Vea]th will not buy happiness. Two ladies were talking in an aenue e r run of affIira in the st:te, though a wtts seen in the ueigllborhood again he sented as tile gill of citizens. The Firsl After a ,nan has dropped a few thousand cookery if you want to make her believe that Up to Date. ,, • . ," a Give a woman a book on chafing-dish She--No but it will purchase a coronet. "Indee( it is," said the other, certain "scooped"continent hasstead- would not be treat, ed so leniently. National l;ank presented the company is no money in them.--Chicago Evening Herald. To Cure n Cold lo One DaF dollars in stocks it is useless to tell him there there i; no' place like home.--Chicago Times- "Culdn't beworse" fastlv denied the Dos',ibilitv of 3Ir. Yes, zt would be worse ff the Spaniards ,Sullivau's npp In,aleut up t,) tile last College Loft 1Vitllout Money. wit|l $I00 as a donation Jndge J ][. News. weretreating u s ,'e arc treating lhem." n,oment The supreme eou rl of Missis -" - .  Vynne (leliverl d an 111 )u  Shake Into Your Shn es "!'ake Laxative Bromo Quinine T,b]ets. All tu eourse. I Oon t mean - •  • slpplha •  in o ddl(ss ill its mor 1  " that. I mean Mr Nt I ' " affi 'reed what is know ....  Ca )t W (; - ., . • ' . ' HOW RELIEF CAM . Allen's Foot-Ease a nowder for the fo* druggists refund moncvifit fai -'ure OSe , .... 9 effect. , • l hvau will t)rob'b]v ,t 1 , n ts the I i & I -elel In a beaut,f E It ........ -- .... • . . _ ,  -. t,( , . . ,. " - • . " " , • U] __ ,,; (iadn,tttnl?tfedetrhat.partleularly. '' yonn'est nlun in lhe senate, tie is at C;el'’.u'Utls cas2. l,.t January last speech, presented the purse to Capt. From Cole Cun.y Democrat, Jefferson cures painful, swollen nervons, smarting Ti . -7-,-----,--- . feet and instantl,, takes the stin,, .," t _ me auu cour plaster net "ouns "In hat w'J', Y" present not over .'5 wrn's of "tr,, Th, %1statm'e apOropl'zateJ money for lreys. The company is lnade .............. t:lt., 0; egrns and b@ons'i It's t]e greates'eonfo Chicago Daily News. " • ..... ,., .... e ..e i "" - .' ' " "1' ........... a z', ev,slreatni " "fl,scoveryo:theage. Allen'sFoot-Easemake, iusei,ioTs:mToo:::-7-, . ,, ,, ,..  nalntenance of the ..... G -, " ,' g pp s section, about ,Onmyhnsband,ono congressman fromtteS(e .......  .... , • st,te school for teenwl]cs noblest yonng men, and serxen )'ears ago, Herman H. Evcler, of 811 tght or n .w shoes feel easy It is a certain [ / .,  ,,:-,- ,,:wonbothln ,ie (toesn t want to enlist, does he?" end I)istriet which lie h s n,- ....... g • •  t;O,UlnOUS to the appro- the reception wa tru/v iln,ressiv- X}. Main 8t., Jefferson, Me, was one of the ureror s'eating eallousanlhot tired aeh- s' zlmkeantj?ractze'--r'3-'w" vatted, n, no, I (ion t lnean that It is o" ' ... " • • :, tuu prmtfon roll bein' atael , ' ." • •   " " victims, and has since ' g reel. Try tt to-day. Soldbv nil druggists I n, " r, ncn., zov. , la. , ,,u,,, ue e)n( t ed a 11({31: been troubled wtth id wy titLle be% too ' " q .  era, is the first politi:.'tl of- sti');-,r .  " . . t ' Lowndes County Vohmteers the after-effects of t nd shoe stores, Se. Trial package FREE. [ The ift of silenee is often mare vM • . .  ' • .... t ,-,- certain conltiio , ,, • he disease. He isawell- s  - " .... Not on an child 9'' hce hc has ever held Durin’, his i r ................ ,_ , ..... ns. lhe CoI.U.lnus 3I o , knowu contractor and builder a " : ' t "Yes. You know the little fellow has cunll,eney he has ,aiv,ql .... 7. ...... :: ..2:.:" :::, .'e°tt ,,e S,l, mat,on s and sad on- ,..f:...ayo,. ']od,y. has been a quiring much mental and p'h.ybuIneo:l. Address Alle[!2_2{ms!ed, Le Roy, N.Y. ]than ,fig gift of speeeh.--l{atll;-tor/£ 11] .1 marenlng around at a reat 1 ....... :*, , ," '  ....... l .......... )tt ,,ppOvC(l (,,C appropriation wllcl ........ people ot tills eltx On Ayelr a o his heal -- CAS006RIA • ." ' - ........ ' o nlSt)))ositit • . . . . . , "eup- . .,. , ' '.* . , .g ." th began to fail and he . m tin, s':ord an 4 gun, and yesterday after /,Y .. t • m to pcns,.,n and 1. men on the audla)r deehned to honm. the tt)e 4:30 t, am of the Soutllern Ralhvay ;agsOl'hled .to dlscont,nue work. 'llat he " ................. " =-: ......................... -=_z .......... -----'-' noon lie ,ntormcd me to i 1ClUe i1 tud is .t]] IS])  co]leer  ) L/le laoV,/ld z LO ua IS alnlost a , ,_ .... , . my horroi., thai i ,  "a s, z. .. :,. yhisatteinp ' ',,e dra.Ls. Jtl(tL, e lowell .... t...a " cs County \\;oh, nteers cn,. i,, - Y . miracle. Hesays i ,was gong to right the d--n Spaniards to prcv(nt deaJin,, :n futn,.(. the auditol anti the '7-- - -v:.-,,, posed of sevent-.-ei,,-t ,,f , , ', '-- z was troubled with shortness of breath, thing ortnat, will you? And he o -;-:: ........ , " .-. ,. ., .upI'cme corn'5 a- , ' a • - .... ne nes n, en aqntatlon of th . • nday school scho ar "  v ..... mr. ulnvan xs a native-b,, ',1 Mi.Ms- arias, hoid,ng that the bill stands as if of Columb,as and the surronndint terrl ility My back lsh:a'it:elLaegenera]: e • ,Horrible! slppmn, and .lm.e h,s lnanhoo 1 ] a the governor had never teach tf it, and tory, left for Jackson, where the,, xxill I tried after another and : ,.,aate;_and 'tLen hi father csme.homeI been a residtnt (f Oxford hereh(£ the eollege can get no nouev till th, be mustered into th,,l ....... ,...'. . nu!nerous relnea,es suggested by my friends, , u nnl anotlt It anti insisted that he take I ' vr" . • •  ..... *,,tnu tegllnent our, wtnout apparent benefit an had a lr e law )ra’tt, unlfl  l%sl ttme lneet In 19)0 ot  and sent to th d began to Willie and gi,,e him a good whinnio for •   ' ' I ,  " '  ' n mli. : ' " ' ' " ', • aspeeia. , ' e front The de,')ot wn ,  '; ..... h. swearing, and what do . - o ,, naLd for con t t s 1  ses, ion is c died th r , ...... v-w. ,_ ,u , you th,nk he did. I " g'• s 'V tttr floll : Sprin ] ..... ] ron, ed with peop'e *o bid t' I t;’ t  - - i,en z saw  For Infants and ghfldren. ..... " '' ' • '  1YaIthall-u )an " O ue corn Dr Vil]iams' loin you to ao it yourself, as my hus (onvl ntmn }f s nolnn, n " ttt( n xx ! tO tccessoe I 3 ff od b3, al,d man r x • ba d always does ] ...... ,s , ' ' " " [ • "  ' " ' 3 verc the tears ." • . : t*st , • " " • • !. . , " c ..... - .UUle eople " - • - .= eJer, the elrenmstaneesttwasnotswearine [ cundnlate durln t,c oriai 'al e'lnvas,' ,tppolnteJ lh)u. Vdl a n Su I wm ..... | bantls brWhers sons ............. , •  " !k. ’'----- ex+^'l -a :- - _ ..... t the boy could say what he please3 ] ....... [g, essmltn of the Second district suc ]the romp.,,iv T tcc ...... :.-’; ........ ] \\;.,t':  M?, St ' L o u is 6 gllld av8 7o??2;n,,Pan'r(. ,.,.},,n,LI, :' a n, em I .,,,,1=,, Vo..en 1,..1lon Susl ...... ,. / ees-sor to the lae I,: C W,dth t/;:.'., |oc,'s ",'e . ),l.. '. 7"2 ............ "1 -/,fl"" \\;71/// paper, a n d r" - -'I .......... ,,lmse, wasn ngtou t ,,., .. . • . I Unit ,d M..’ - ". ' -. , -..:. v.,e |• . '  - ........ IV. t. 1# ,#lneoln, cap- [ ._ after investi. ,tar. / ,he muprcme court ,,a:; ,landed do,,:r, , ......... es enate. 3, t'. 8ulhvan, l,a,p; A. M. ],:w,'enee. Jr,firs' licutcn |  fe gation decid-  Always ht Why lie I'iiT0--d-O-utmide. /an opinion },ustaininff Judge t'owell's [ 'v:;:s]sS:r:'ilz  h,s first term in con-|ant Mr. R. lrothers, second ]ieutenatt | -J /  'KI"[ ed to give ....... "*' "   een,lOO[l*S Yoln •  Bepevolent Old Gent--Boy, why do yon [refusal to grant tim mandarntm con> [g . ' ' ' t.en of Oxford, the holne [ ( r - - - " " |    them a trial. A'VtetablePreparationforAs- : Stand on thedoorstepshivering? Whyd;m't |pel|inz the auditor to issue warrants |o L q. (;_ l,am'.r, when lie wentto thc| ..... nteels. / K'fl_, .'-_ Afferus- slmilttnltheT0oda'tldR’ula- _ _ V ou go io the noue', , • ' senauc lle is ne ul:l;ENWof)I), J₯]a ')7 " " 21 ontraetora ")q.-,,//, lu] tile IlrS’ '' ........... • " . . . . if.,," the satarles of h'a,.'hers a .......... ;a .... | "' . o of the nmsL success-|. , Y ..... I)lstr,et At- ] Contractors D$euttv. box T €-1' [}11[hSmaISaIBllll B0 ,o#];'a(a:ula; :'et,.t:ii:!hes and |for in lhc appror,ri ttim 1 ]l';:'isscd t ; |l:t:l :uwyers ,n the state, the tiI'st law '°'ney B. (:. l{umphrey and his allant | ;°enderfully relie ve.d and was.,atisfled that  th0 ria,e a fa lure;'"'a ..3 .... ,-- . )s ar- [the ia* 1,,; ..+..'.. I, .,, . ' .. ]gra(tmLte of Vandc "bilt uuiversitv • ,,a [company oi volunteers met atthe . ue plns were putt,ng me on the road to re. uuwn an(/ glvng t toi m ('an't ,'oil le--/lered t  . o, ..........  • 1 o tt7 ve,tlbl,,, I) 11 Interested ....... " .... n/ bIor line last. tl tlnue .... . ........ :.,.v,.: .... ",',-,e, e ,-rt • • nt me be d tak,n fhem ;htrrtl- ].0J0 , tJ h,m, a-yelhq;y tou had better move n | ......... , ...... . :...Ul (., n- |sevcrul bauks al,:l ha. ,ely eu,a-a ;,. /f°releavlng f' rCamnPatll ......... ,..,. / "After tal'n. €--- I- ............... ' (IIIIOIIS v acit/(l lO LU( | ’  ea " .y u a t, t*uae u[ur VWlll]ams • g uv£nor.t.:_:hen,her gets }o argaing she ]..,1"•,..:: ::. 2 .... w " )in ::l,(lallo)ved ]planting in the D'Ita son, this after men at ..... 0 o' i , Pink Pills for Pale .People I am restored to .:: omens. --. . |delivered the ,mini ,n ,f tile maorit.-of | T,,e ca,, tot Troop,. I:'; ...... 5 .:s one oz t:le hu'gest assem. |having the will and ener;y aoWmmvafno'rmand asandRest.ntalnsneither __ £ M" " .......................... ,, • " " " U - t, mffesna has ev(t been • " days returned I a - Opmm,H0rphine norHmr.ral. U1 '1 .... MarrlaKe and Love. [the court I erra l de]iverint,, n ,1;, nt | p to May 2 several of t t south, [I .. . se(n m that [_ , , m capab'Ie of transacting , "& .man," sa,d !he Cumrninsvitle Sage ling opinion The ln',jor ty'7,,i"ni'(;'ns states had 'ai|ed to respoud ;ih t'im'ir ] {louse; ''le eornpany was named the [mY/'Sqi2.tP,lpe, rea. ed amlti, on4. ,- NOT NAR OIC. I "" ' amwaornraealo;man;cause I,e loves he,', a,,d | tah,,.d the 1", fusal to grant  the n',ar,' quota of men in response to the presi-t .,el It.'. lmtn'rey Rlflcs"in boner of (;oy. are a wondc,.f:;ln{-..a'e}Llaa°raeea°P;  : . . , • , n necauc sue wants to ' " dent's c'tll ,or 1"5 0 a t]. 11u nphre, afflicted wi " " arry him.' Cineinnati Enuui .... [damns. and held the gore "ntr' .......... ' ' .... ),). 1he nortitern [ .... 3. .. ; .. t[ shortness of breath, oalnita- /'.da' . ............... ' ...... "  ..... ]in et"in,, th ....... '' ......  ..... sat, es nad filled their q mLa and we,-, | non. -lonroe McClnr in behMf,, tmn or uw.neart, nervous prostrat{on'and , Ethics of Friendsh p .... IIow weet to[ t-- ; .... , --.: c ...... ,tons nnconsttu- ready for the next ca[t 75 000 ;,7,:-Ithe citizens of (h'etnwood e ...... -t general aem!Lty, y2ill_fi_nd that theeplls  J',mw- . ] have a friend whomyou can trust "' ;'V,,, j ,.uual. south,,,-- *--- 7,, . • • • *ttu _. _ ' , l' " .'seance ure the s peelnc. HERMAN H.EVELER." t,d.’o i €veclall-. if he (1o,."-'€ ..t.,,- . . " . ... e.;, / _, ----'- • . .......... e wt, oe required to fur- t,,e company a purse of ’ 700 akin, uoscrlbed and sworn to befor &- i 1 !:7 --Chicago Record: ...... ouon-umm. /  IUollcge l resident Reslgns. !nsh the followinff numbers (anm.ox- (loquent ,rid patriotic s,;geach g a.n Not aryPublie, thls 24th day ofMa,, n. a .ay. • I • a tion. Sour Stomach.Diarrh6ea. Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- , mss and Loss OF SI. H ] simile $1nature ot I gladly ans!a [ " -#$"5 h0 stamp is ene I HI  Pills cure people ou- [ III II the grippe, he- J | 0u00"oo00/00I K,nd You ve Always Bought. adeIl Iq'O' J'BOy, hi thil 1)ranch was wlmt induced him to give eoming reunion will be Mrs. Jefferson thusiastic crowd. Lf,.t.O..111. nptheformcr]lonorarypoMtionheItvis, MissDitvis, Mrs. ltaycs, thc Themembcrsoftheeompanythen Ialne:.Morro, Ma*tanzasTmuleandMa . I00ICASTORIA " held. His sltcecssor wl]l probably 1)e Misses Hood, th0 Misses Lee, h's. repaired to the pMatial'residenee o li.a. 11ns wouhl seem to be a war of al]iter. "i Wall bothered with a flow which selected at the next meeting of the Stonewa/l Jackson and Mrs. Gen. I'ick- Dr. and Mrs. T. R. IIenderson, where - .  , WId be quite annoying at times, mad " aion.--ashington Star. I almost stop, the Daughters of the Confederacy en- The Place for I]er.--Birdie--"Vhere you e,-,eot to spend th0 %00mer:" Alff "I uaedprcseriptionsgivcnme bymy Col. Beneha, Cameron, of Raleigh, Inspiring martial lnnsic was rendered broke out, vou see, I have ]earned that meat B R" gfit here at lmme. ince this war L xr:oPYov physician, but the ties of the existence of smallpox near . PPEB, N. C., who presented Gen. Fitz Lee by the Greenwood Silver Cornet Band, of thc,,gent!cmen I know can't possibly get .... /7 state with the magnilieent stallion "Choe- and delicious refres]lments w( re sel re0 away. --Chicago £-*ews. TNII: CINTAUR COMPANy, NIEWYORK elT'V. Of affairs taw," has beelt l’in(y thauked by the ........ , .... "Aflmr a time Z was taken with a flooding, that I was to in dcspair, I up my doc. r, and began medi- and have certainly been greatly board, ett. Mnre No.*alIllox . "Choctaw" l'or Gen. Lee. The board of healttl received notifies- tertainc :l most royally our soldier boys. (',,ba, Ala., but within tim State of 51is- sissippi. Six healthy, well-developed geueral. "Choctaw" is a chestnut, tie (h'eenwood is truly proud of Denjamiu closes were found. The nsual precau- is the finest horse iu North Carolina, G. ltumphrey and his gallant band of tions have been taken. and is nine years old and geltle, pztriotic men. Judge Ntephens On, for Congress. Yallted to See a Hanging. Smallpox. ]Jon. Z. M. Stephens, of New A] )any At l]renham, Tex., a crowd, disap- Dr, Hunter, secretary of the ]Missis- judge of theCirenit Court(,f theT}lird pointed at the postponement of the sippi board of health, has issued the judicial district, has atnlolmecd his executio,t of ](ugfardt, who killed his - " g  ifcsto: Since,Ianuarylast followm r ntan candidacy for congress from the Second sister, threatened to lynch him. smallpox has been mnonneed hy the ........ Mississippi State board of health at congressional district to sneceed the A l'lot to Break dali. lion. William V. Sullivan, recently ap- several points on the gulf coast in Lee, A plot to break jail was diseoverll Kemper, Jackson and Greene counties. pointed United States senator. Judge at Schna, Ah!., the ot2ter day. A dozen I have received ofllcial notification of Stephens' resignation of tlle judgeship couaty prisoners had plotted to over- two cases in Laurel, Jones county. Also will be forwarded o the governor at power the jailer, killing him. onee, to take effect wit.hin a few days, Alabama C0al for VarMlps. an1 also informed that smallpox ]]as eflted by ira use. " • , it being neeessary to give the a ppli- ydtaE. Pmkham s Vegetable Corn- been a friend to me. cants for the position time enough to .... am now able to do my own work, present their claims and have t2,cr n S toyourwonderful medicine. I properly cons:dered. I believe as I could that my pulse scarcely beat ttnd my art had almost given out. I s stod it one week more, I axa mre. I never thought I would any medicine, I shall  my influenee with any a I did, to have them ...... of cases near Shubuta and Daniel. I "Considerable Alabama coal is being prewtiled at the latter named places contraeted /'or by the goverulncut to be for probably more than a month, and used Ol] warships, Much of it comes that some of the w],it( population "u  from the 13irlninghan district. Laurel have ]tad the disease. New llospltal Arrange netts. - ....... A Neriotls Charge. 13apti;t Orpitan:tge. The idea of eonvertin the Blind Mrs. W. II. Felton, wi&'ofcx-Con- The I]aptistorphanagc at ,facltsenis asylum at Jackson into a tclnporary gre,slnan l:eltoq, charges tha $t0,000 flourishing. The seeontl eott:tge at the hospital or the soldiers was a very of the $2S;000 award:d the SuuLhern asyluln is nearino, eolnpletion. When happy on6. As maeh of the buihtin;. MeLhodiss went to lobyists, completed it will bc able to aeeomm(:,. as b, necessary for the pt;rpose till be 3;tde lIim Ut'igadter. date twenty children. Superintendent rehauled, and as many trained nurses The president has appoiated Ix-Gee. Foster says lie already has forty appF. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable as are needl will be employed. At earns o Alabaln a brigadier-genera! cations for i)laces in th. new cottage. present the number of Mck is st) small of volm, teer.s, lie has a splendid rec- I[e will be able to take twenty of these woman that is puzzled about that onlv'one nurse is needed to attend ord as a confederate solttier, forty, There are now twenty children t l'ure thesympa- them. The ladies of,laekson have taken th agtviee of &womaa who uhder, up the work enthusiastically and it witl Hanged B.v a Iob. in the first cottage built. As soon a Garfield Kin, a negro; who shot a means warrant it is the purpose of the Write to Mrs lII.-ham aL r.ot be long before a pLaec in the hos- while boy b Salisbury, Md,, as tak- m'].nagemen to bnihl another voltage, Ma'tellheryol& l:'italwill beat aprelniUln on aceounl enfromthecouut jail by tlnob the and soontmtit enough of the delicacie contributed. other ( slid llaa ed, 100cl ..... i > ,,.Might Do Something.--Th----e nituent-- • ere y?}l goln' to resign an' offer your serv- Ices tO tile eonntrv on the tlM,t ,€ 1..,.Ov', 'l).le Congr, essm,an "--'Tm t0oo]i,r'T"heo. sutuent--'XVelI, the peoNe would think a heap of you if you didn't do nothing more €)," your country tnan remgn."--Indianpolis t onrnal. "Talk about ptrio. neer ,w a more arden, t one than Brown. es, Brown goes to the limit. He licked his boy last night for insisting that it was Spanish ,nonny behind Columl)us when he discovered America."Cincinnati Enquirer. ,,"G.eore, you've lh’in a,Mn " veii, tain't my fault ma a-.7.3-₯' . , ,. , ,ue uu ulm St}u{es have been fightln' all term, an' got rand o "red of i't. So yesterday granted him Im armistice." "An armistice Well, what then?" "Why, Jim jumped on ale an' licked me just the tme."Cleve- land Plain Dealer. CaHer--"Can T seenewriter a ’- n?in}ltes?" Business ,Ian--"he's engag'ed Sl[; Caller--"That's all right, sir I'm th : ,euow."--Truth. " ' tlere's a Useful Test."I'm afraid I am a dl'eadful talker" "Vllat " idea. Wheu I come her where I never can recall ar said exceDt rentarks I eago Daily News. Improvemen ,.-"Art :q}n" I?leycle ]earning?" .ttlnga!]ead? l'm doing bett na !s ne positive form, while I reached thc comparative I often et header "--Demorest. " g a A soft road W, A. 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