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June 4, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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June 4, 1898

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+% J. S. LEWIS, ldltor and Proprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. &apos;I'II'K ',VOOl)VILLE I)EPUBL]CAN  l,h  )],le't newspaper iu tlLe State: I,:ts ,t larger bona fide oirculaiion titan any other n-ws'p.aper in this section; lh(;refire :: is Tb Mediu:, h00ver0000rs Beu t00ie in Mind, m. :I.{Ii'11€ f]Jll]J|llllL Ai+'II:NTIONt A'I'L'ISNTIOS.' "+7 ................... Sa.t.u'tlay, rll l0 4. The attention of all public -: __-=:_==-=+:_ =-----=----= spirited citizens is called to the public meeting to be held in the A . N() ;NCEMENT. ]'Olt (ONGRESS. To tlw V+,torq of the Sixth Congres- sional I)i.atrlct : lh:lievin,_ that an investigation of rnv record iu ('ongress will show tllat I tmw, ,ti,-Imr:o,1 my duty, actively, fllthf,dh' .qnd ,fficientlv; that I Imve ,l,t all prmnIeS and broken no party l)h.d_em. [ lh+.:.efore am elleouraged to ,'*,.,flu olioit the support of my emttituon,." f,,r re-election and here- by atn.tmce my candidacy, suhject I,, th,..q,.li+m of the l)emoeraiic party of Ihe Sixll 1)itrict of Mississippi. Very RespecUully, W. F. L()VE. M ),.s:,L I  MEETINt;. [€ nli,lrs Of "VM H ''ILKINSON 1". A. (+. ,r++ ,,.!tried that the rognlqr meetitg +,f tim Chapter will take ldnCe at the Lodge room Tuesdqy ov,,nisg m xt, at 8 o'clock. Tl.e C,,ml a.i, ns arc requested to attend pro ml  !j'. .1 V. THERREI., The ll Mis., Regiment Is at Chickam:mga. The 2nd Regiment h,, not yet linen mustered. Meridhm hqs reached such a .10ge of municipal development that [a ,my is in progress over an .rdin:m(.c keeping cows off the streets. New Orleans lost the encamp- ment for soldiers because of want Court ltouse on next Monday at 11 o'clock ..t., to aid the Fair Association, to e0able [the Direc- tors to keep this valuable enter- prise alive and insure the holding eta County Fair at tke usual date in October. Last year the yellow fever epi- demic prevented the holding of the Fair. The year before con- tinued bad weather, for the first time since the Association was organized, interfered so seriously with the display and attendance that a loss fell upon the few di- rectors who have kept the enter- prise alive in the most public spirited manner by much hard work and sacrifice of of time and money. These gentlemen are willing still to do the best they can for the development of the indus- tries of this county provided the people will show some interest m Imatdc.-tm3ers woulA l;u in it i and also Admiral Saml)son , who[ has some of his fastestships con-[ stantly on scouting duty amongst] and to the westward of the wind-] ward islands. Aa to Porto Rico, UA)\\;bl t U L IONAI AND liON. £1. :5. VAN EATON../ VOID. It was as sudden arid as unsuspect- ed as a flash of lightning from a cloud+ The Supreme t;ourt in decid- tes sky the report of the death of ing the Industrial Institute &; lioN. II S. VAst EATON, on M<mday Coil .ge appropriation bill sat morning and when upon investigatAon public sentiment seems to de- down very hard upon Governor mand that that island should be McLaurin. We have not space to give the full accout of the decision but the following ex- tract from the Picayune Miss. Bureau gives a very clear and well defined version of the case. "Every bill of the character in ques- tion has three essential parts. Tim purpose of the bill, the sum appro- priated for the purpose ad the cen- LEON SCIIWARTZ. C 71..NEYLA.ND, SCHWARTZ & NEYLAHg, captured and held permanently, nor will President McKinley or Congress object so far as is known. The trouble is to get any considerable force off for any point whatever. Secretary of War, Alger, is the poorest excuse of its (.itizens and the detriment of its every in!crest. The people +}I  a noi'lhol'tl city would not l,el':tle the slate of affairs which N,nv ()rh+ans labors under for nny len:+th of lime. Sena+,,r (;,,rman said in his spt,eh Im lhe l,r, qm:dti-n to coin the sih'er s.gni.,ra,z++: "In my jttdgment it w,mhl be tlUWlSe--lt wouhl be fruit. le, to altenllt to push that ques- lion t, t+he front while tile country h ,he ":.l,antdi army and navy to o,nlront. That ts a question we ought t,, fight m.t in a time of peace. 1 have :t'wavs been a partisan. I have rated for my party even when ,me nf its ean,lidates(lid not quite t:te,.t my l,pr, val. But in a crisis like tht. I ,I- n, . know my party. ] ktmw oulv the highest interests of II|y t'otln*ry Knowing how sharp is the Itl it ival dirt-ion upon Olis propo- iti,m. I ’.:tnll,t vote for it at this ’in ,+. n,, maL'er IH;W jUSt it may be ITI |hit ah.trtlt.t, or as a proposition m!anditg al.+ae." Senator German ntlpported the proposition to issne Ituttd+ t,cc:,tl,.',e be said no war had ('v,'r bt+ell .t:ondu2ed without an isue ,,f thirdS, sad because lie be- lieved that if the hill failed to pro- vide f,r an i.sue of bonds, Mr. .;ieKinh.v would issue them tinder for an offioial that the country has ever known in that dol)art- ment. And the general belief is that Gem Miles is pretty much of a tin soldier, tie has shown thus far no force or ability in any way whatever, or it has been carefully concealed from the public. There is talk about buthling roads in Cuba; Macadam roads, railroads etc. The War Board and engineers have got hohl of that idea and will jaw awhile un- til something else strikes them. If Gen's. Shatter, Lee, Brooke, His death was a great shock. Tim Judge, as he was familarly called, arose as usual on 5hmday morning about 8o'clock apparently as well as ever. lie summoned his colored servant ant ordered his breakfast and began Iris rioter. Theserwm was absent buta short, time and on bis return he found the Judge lying dcad, upon the floor where he had fallen. Ilia physician, Dr. Murdnck ,was immediately sent for and efforts were madetu revive the work, without which no and Wheeler were turned loose in county fair or any like enterprise Cuba it would be ascertained at can be successful m any degree. ditions upon which tim appropria- him but it was all in vain, JUDGE tion shall become available. Suppose VAN EATON, had passed from earth. a bill to create reformatory for juve- nileoffeuders, or to buiht a capitol containing all necessary provisi,,ns as to purpose, amount of al)propriation and cmlditions, may the governor approve and make law of the appro- priation and veto and defeat the pur- pose of the conditions, or both, whereby the legislature would be frustrated, unless the vetoed purposes or conditions were passed by a two tlnrds vote of each house. This would bemonstrons" The executive action alone would make that law which had never received the legislative assent. After all and despite prag- matic utterances erpolitical doctrines, the executive undtr every republicau forI/l of government has .rely a quali- fied and destructive legislative fnnc- tion and never craative legislative powers If the governor may select. dissent and disserver, wimre s tim limit of his right, must be a sentence or a clause, or a word, must be a section, or any part of a section, that may meet an executive disapproba- tion may tim governor transform a contingent appropriation into an ab-so lute one. iu disregard and dcllance 3t the legislative will'? That would be tim enactment of law by executive authority without the concurrence ot the legislative will and iu the face of it. The true meaning of section 7a is that an approl)riation bill made up of several parts, that is dlstinctap- propriations, different, separable, each complete without the other, which may be taken from the bill without affecting the others, which once if the environment of IIa- vana during the rainy season was practicable or not without tot) great a sacrifice of life and the Island would be occupmd and the starving Cubans relieved. Admiral Dewey holds his own at Manila and soon will receive additional reenfocenlents, lie is fortifying Manila harbor. -,I,-141 It,- Under the call from the Presi- dent for 125,000 volunteers, 121,- 500 have been mustered in and the remaining 3,500 which are to be furmshed by Mississinpi, Iowa and Nel+'raska are now in camp and will be mustered very o,)n. The slowness and dehty in getting the entire number mnstered into service, was by, a large number may be separated into different parts complete in themselves, may be ap- proved and become law in accordance with the legislative will, while others of like character may be disapproved and I)ut before tim legislature again, disassociated from the other appro- priations. To allow a single bill inseparable, of people supposed to be uncall- relating to one thing, containing several provisions: all complementary ed for, and particularly in regard or each other and constituting one A large numlmrof intimate friends soon arrived, and after the Coroners Jury of inques rendered their verdict of death from heart disease the re- mains was taken in charge by the Masonic fraternity, in the home now silenb forever lay the remains until Tuesday when it was conveyed to tim Episcopal Church, and at 10:30 o'clock that sacred edifice was liter- The people of the 1st District ahnost single-handed hitherto have sustained our annual fairs. This is a short-sighted policy for the four other districts to pursue, ns these fairs could and should be nmde equally advantageous and beneficial to all parts of the count)'. No people eve, lost any- thing by helping public works that are for the benefit of all. While the fairs nearly have suc- cumbed from one cause or an- other, ours by the force of the desire for the public advantage of the men at its head, has sur- vived in spite of neglect and many disadvantages. But the time has come when there must to some of the Southern States. We republish a letter to the Vicksburg tterald from lion. Frederick Speed, which to our mind accounts for the situation and cause of delay very fully. To the Editor of The llerald. Maj Dabney has well stated the reasons for the apparent apathy of the South in lurnishingits quotaof troops under the call of Ihe Presi- Main Street, of suflh.icnt water supply. The be an active public interest evine- water works company s one of ed or our county fairs will be a the c[mcerns which has that city thing of the past. It is hoped i)y the thr, mt to the discomfort and expectedthereforethat there will be such an attendance at the meeting on Monday as will en- courage ttm Directors and insure us a better display of live stock and agricultural products than ever yet has been shown. This can be accomphshed with perfect ease and certainty if the ptanters and farmers and stock-raisers of a considerable portion of the county will put themselves to even a little time an(! effort for their own good and for the good of the count)'. We hope our merchants and business men, one and all, will make it a point, without failure, to attend the meeting proml)tly at 11 a. M., on M,mday. If we cannot get a full meeting of the business men and citizens generally of this place it is useless, and we have no right to expect astrong support from other quarters. TtlE SITUATION. Public interest for the past several days has ceutered around the entrance to Santiago harbor. Cmnmodore Schle:'s squadron reenforced with the battleship h)waand the protected cruiser New Orleans on Tuesday opened whole to be picked to pieces and some of the pieces approved and others vetoed, is to divide the indivisible, to make of one several, to distort and perve,'t legislative action and by veto make a two-thirds vote ueccssaryto preserve what a majorily nassed al- lowable as t the entire bill. bnt in- applicable to a nuit composed of di- verse conlplementary parts, the whole passed because of ca(-h. Thebill inquesdon is an entire thing inseparable ill it. provisions and to be approved <or disapproved as such, and not being sigued ass whole WOODVlLLE dent, but it seems are other causes to be assigned: 1. The Southern peel)IV hating had a war at their own doors, within the memory of alarge part of them. know what war means, and that it tS nnt a pastime to be lightly engaged in. 2 There is not a person of aver- age intelligence in the Gulf states, t)ut who knows that if the design which was annoqneed from the very Ieginning to invade Cnba at this season of the )'ear, ith an nnelimat- to make law of what has notbeen con- cnrred in l)y the legislature attd the governor. ' ' The action of the governor having been nnconstitntienal and therefore void. this aclionin dealing wilh the bill wasa nulity, bat tim legislalure having a(ljour,md within five days atter the prese,tation of the bill to the govermr; the bill, in legal eontem- platlonmust be held to be yet in the hands of the governor, and may be- come htw unless sent back bv Idrn ed army, is carried out, it means within three days after the beginning that it will inevitably be at'acked of the next session of the legislature S[nce the Q za an/zne  " " Z • " "es[rzctcn . aronnd oar towz have been raised we have been daily reeeivin fresh floods of all lffnds [and or store is now replete with best staple and ancy 'roceres, dy oods, ete to be/'oznd. ally packed with sympathetic and t icles, Hats Shoes &c. in New sorrowiug friends who came to pay thelasr, sad rights to their friend. "rbelodyva; iutcrred with Masonic all of which I proposc to sclI at Ilonors preceded b these of the Odd Fellows to which orders the deceased had long been connected, and from whom he had been the recepient of many marks of csteem and boner. JUDGE VAN EATON was a man of large heart and his many acts of benevolence, rarely made public, had won for him the love and csteemof all. IIewas especially the friendnf the poor, and it wiP. be long before the memory of his kindly deeds will fadcaway. It was fully halfacen- turyagothata young and ambitious school leacher who had fought hi way throngh life by persistent efforts arrived In our towu and son.ght a position as school teacher, tt wa.- soon secured and before many year had rolled around the youtg teacher'.- talents were recognized aod huuors then began tobc showered upotrhim, to cease only when death ;ltthe ripe agc of 72 called him to his eternal home. JUDGE VAN EATON. filled many inl- portantposithms n the county arid state during his hmg and eventful. Ncw goods arriving daily. purchascd a largc stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping 'ith yellow fever, to the certatu des- truetion of fi[ty per cent. of it. 3. This is a regular army war, and from the first it has been plain that without a present or former connection with the regular estab- lishment, the door of promotion was closed agalnst all but the favored few, all the commands haviagbeen dip(,sed of to the ignoring of the old Confederate and Federal soldiers with but two exceptions, and they," if Jam correctly informed, having formerly borne commissiunsia the regular service. UNIFY OF THE DELTA. Those i)eople who insist that an effort is being nlade to eliminate the diseussiun of free silver from the next State, county anti heat electron in Mississippi know better. They know that the only thing asked i Ihat free sih, er be not discussed to the exeludon of everything else; They know that everything else was ignore(*t in the caml)aigu for the to me that there was not made law by the partial and qnalifiedapproval vhichit received, quarlermasters department until the lteannotbe law, for that wouhl be close of the war. After the davs.f reconstruction he botanic Cilaneelh)r of this l)istaict, which pasithm he filled with credit unlilhe was nomi, nated and elected to Congress, in which body he served for two terms, and served with distinction. Afew years since he h, sb his l.n'ed wile, and bcmg ehihtless was, l'efl alone to bear the burden of alolely life: and ih was indeed ;; burden t<, him, as lie often said iqa was. Dbath came to him as he weald have wished it.. Peace to his ashes and ]el, us hope that his troubled sl)tril is at rest. Col. Jonas S. Ilamilton has been appointed Adjutant Gen- cral of the State hy the Governor. Col. tIamilton has experience and ability and will make an ex- cellent official. Under the cal)tlon of "T}'ading Galore." the C,ffeeivlle U, mrier con- tains the following: '"Fbe 3aekson eorresl,ondent of the New Orleans Picayune, in I,is disl>atches of last Saturday, says: "AlJromiaeotMis- nominations for State, county and sissippian, in fr,nt of the Speagler beat officers il, 1895. and tlley must [totel, in Jackson, offered tlre hal- l]ewas alwaysa Democntt and hi.  parly recognizcd and rewarded his devotion t,u its principle. /le was at one time a Representative of the counly iu the Legislature, was 5I,nr of the town of Woodville and Dis- trier Attorney. tVhen the war came he-bueame a private in the Wilkinson Rille, one of the companies of IAu. famou sixteenb'a Mississippi regi ment. lie was twic wounded in the e'ond battle of Manasas, al, which ttme he was Sargeant Major t tltt reglmcnt, lte was prumoted to the po. lilies of Capt. and sewed in the I hay so low that it will be to your intc to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. PF. ETR MOLLER No. 5 Night Train Leaves Mezaphis, ..... " " Vicksburg '' " " " " Coatrviho ........ Arrives ew Orleans -No, 6, Night Tr,iu leaves New orleans i, tt • tl " Centrevillo .... " " " Vicksburg " " " " arrivesMeml)hf s Day 'l'rM,, Leaves Vicksburg, " al'rive. New Or]oans 22 Day Train leaves lev N,.l-eaus " " " arrives Vickshurtt, Train ru,s daily except Sunday. N,), 721 leaves Woodville " " leaves Bayou Sara ' ' " arHws ,qlaughter No. 722 lyav,, Shulghter No.- 21 ,, No IL ii ii ill '' :tV°U ,;ir,,l arl.ivetm WooJvillt+ The only Lille runn/,g Sail,1 Trah;m l')e’+,.t.,,n Y( t J; 10:3 4, :20 ]1=50 7:10 am 5-.80 pm &o5 am 5:55 pm + IL -- 9 am I1:10 sm 1:1"0, pra :R.5 pm 4:|.5 pm L%'eml'hls and l'oWOl-j.e.t Carrying elegant Pnltmaa Barfer SleeDi uring Pa.sset,ger, a sqc-a ..... , . ," n.g Cars m both direetioaa. • ' 1%-uf auu cotlllort.aDte ]onrnev For ltatun, .ll:qm etc., apldY to Agents or ad +r,,sa. JNO. A. COT 1', Div. Pass'r Agt, M £CMr'zB , Trr:ssr-. A. T. BENEDICT. fANUFACTURER, REPAIRER A--'D DEALEI IN garriagas, gart00, FarmWag0ns, 5a00c0000er00, 5?., d#ent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS Whicl are universally acknowledged to be Th0 B0st .nd LIGITEST RUNNING WAGON ad0. ,gent for F(t4ZIER, ROAD and SPEEDING ART, whir are great favorites among Horsemen • AGENT FOR THE Tence 00empar0000, The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Faueing in the United £tal Purti,'uhtr attention paid to re-coverillg and rigging thelaw,,f 1895, just as Mr. Cleve- land did. TIIE NEW SENATOR. (;or. McL, uriu has filled the vacancy in the U. S. Senate by the aplmintmenl of IIon. W.V. Sullivan, ('ongrcssman front the s.+,con(! district, Mr. Sullivan is little known in the State. lie is. a lawyer of ()xford and was nomi- nate<t for Congress as a dark horse, or t![)ntl)r(tlnse candidate. The apl),)iatment is said by those in a positi+m to know, to have becn a weak one. If so, though we h-pa the contrary, the Legis- lature -f c,urse would select anmher ntan fro" Senator. Per- ttap thi, aright be satisfactory to .M' Sullivan and preeminently so to lhc Governor. Reports of ;t bargain whereby Sullivan is to l)ec<,nm Govcrnor and McLaurin Scnatm are atloaf. The fact that Stlell reltorts find ready believers shows th, low e: timate, which has+ crone to be placed upon the ntotiv,es of the Chief Executive of the Slate. II,wever, we have faith that ihe Legishtttn'e will fire upon Morro Castle and the sev- eral forts which guarded the en- trance to the harbor. As the castle.and forts are situated upon high hmds the ships had to take position eme 4000 yards away to bring their guns to bear, Morro castle is reported to have been silenced and knocked to pmces, though the forts and one of the Spanish cruisers returned the fire of the American ships so long as the latter remained within range. Sehley had only three of his ships in action; the Iowa, Massachu- setts and New Orleans, none of which suffered any damage or loss of men. It is reported that expeditions ofifrom fifteen to twenty thou- sand men will be sent forthwith to Porto Rico, and to southeast- ern Cuba, the latter to take San- tiago, which is strongly garrison- ed, and destroy or drive out+ of the harbor Cevera's fleet of four cruisers and two or three torpedo beat destroyers. No doubt the Spaniards, if attacked fro, rn the heights around the harbor, will make a desperata effort to get to ea and will give Commodore s,le(,t for a the hih-mindcd Walthal, a man almvc all s,lsI>icion of chmanery and sntatl dealings, whose record i iu cwwy way without suspicion of self eekin'and whose election uu;I career will tend to raise the l,.v,,I nf p<,lilical action and th,mght in thi cummonwealth. Senator to succeed Sehley all the fighting he wants, for a while at least. If the Cadiz fleet, which disappeared from that harbor some days ago, should 4 A Mistake was made "in not know, if they know an3thing , Ihat Iowmgwagers--$10on each propo- calhnglntoservtce the regimentsol the btate has suffered from o/hial the National Guard, with their o111- incompetency, drunkenness in high cers, and buihling to them, instead el places, higher taxes and the like setting aside the men who had earned Free silver, per se, is not to blame the right to command 1) 3 ' servicem fur this. There is no reason why a the time of peace, man who favors free silver s]louhl 6. The fact that more than half of not be an efficient, sober official. "1oxt.a Stdd le. the populationnf theouth is corn and there are to day ia Mississippi that the combtnationgoes still further prised of the African race, by con- shining examples of such officials, and the slate is fixed that Sulivau is flningthe call to the whtterace, it Mercer'e,, there are thousands of then to he succeeded hy Anse, ami has had the effect to require the high-minde, able men in the State Anae hy Sullivan, etc. "|'his is ar- South to 8ontnbute twice as many rangingthing faille, far ahead, but sition: If W.V. Sullivan is ,p-  All wor k dune pl'om)tly and at lieasonabie rates. pointed United States Senator, that Woodvill Miss., Sept. 1891 tf JudgeZ. M. Stephens will succeed Ot him in congress; tha' W. A. Roane .... . .. will be appointed to succeed tel,h. ' .-- . . .' ...... r .... +. ens, and E. L. Brewer will Ire ap- TRESPASS NOTICE. pointed to soeceed Roane, We learn men for the National defenee as the Northern states are called upon to supply, pro rata to population. Thus the two Mississippi regiments are lhe equivalent of four in a North- ern stale of the same population. lndoubtedly :here was a feeling, ho conscientiously believe ia the free )inage of silver, who wouhl hi)nor (,ffictal station, from governor to beat cnns!able. Thetroulde was that in the mad scramble for place in 1895 the peo- ple overlooked essential qualifications thatshouhl be possessed by public then, these are pohtical days, you know. "t, Vedn 00t know !lOW upot ,vhat aShority the above is based, but we presnme the prominent Mississippian had cause to make the pr-posilioa. I,Ve heard this same combination such as as 51aj. Dabnev speaks of, servants, from g,)veruor to consta- discus,-.ed at llolly l)rings on the in the bcgmuiug, that it wasa big hie and meanr(.d, in manvinstances, day General Walthall was burred, bov jumping on to a little one, but it fitness whully i)y the luul,{ power the and more Ihan once onr attention disappeared with th Maine incldeat, candidate had to veil 16 to 1.-- was called to caueauaing, whi h ,€ aadl think that there are but few who, slate that exhibition of Spanish treachery, havo disapproved ot punthig Spam for her perfidy, eat any rate, unle§s I am greatly mis taken, there is as sincere lyalty to the National flag ia the South as at theNorth, and the impresiououghl not to I)e allowed to prevail that such is not the ease, without some Picayune Mississippi Bureau. The above exl)lanati.n may be appropriate and expedien,, to some parta of thaState, but tn this dis- triel there is little or no dsposttion to aubvert interests of pressing int- portanee to the discussion of the financial issue. Indeed, there is prol)ably lesa diversity of feeling and a more harmoaioua and unified better evidence of It thaa is yet sentiment in LheDelta than in any shown. The tact that any troops other portion of Mississippi. Indi. have been raised in the bouth, in vidual convictions on the conduct of view of the reasons I haw given for national affairs are of course main what lukewarmness has been ex- hibited, is evidence Ihat the Soutimrn people are loyal to the core" If the old Confederate leaders had been given an ol)portuni W of leading, instead of being compelled to follow were t,hi. led iu Ihis di.ect:on; b:s]des, itta In keeping wilh pent day pohtica. Trades, combines, you tickle me and I'll tickle you, the voice of Ihe people demanded, ia the eontrnlling policy. "We do not say that the above named gentlemen are parltes to this proposed trade, but should it termi- nate as predicted by the prominent 31ississippian, it will simply be ad- dilional evidenae that our public offices are farmed out in the interest of thse who are in the ring, an(+ the leader tim gentlemen who have attempt to relieve the fleet shut] been given all the distinguished up in Santiago harbor the situa, t honors, there wouhl have been such tion would be of the greatest ira- I a rallying round the flag as would have astonished the people el the portancc, as practically all of the]Northern State< Spanish warships and torpedo FREDERIC SPEED. tained with firmness and (hscussed ought toeondemn every man proven with tntelligense. Our population to bec3nnected with Ihe de,I. As- is eosmopolilan, and is drawn from wring to public nffi,'e is laudable in the four quarters of tim earth; but any man. but itshouhi he clone in the j)ecuhar nattlral conditions of the Delta are such as to make the safety otitsagrieultural interests first and foremost in the constderatiou nf all its citizens save those few who live bv the npheavals of politicsl change, the warring ot factions, attd the petW spoils they may snatch front Pa'- tisaa success.--Grcrnville "l'ime. the proper ntanner. Here accord- ing to these plans, font of the most |mportaat (,ffiues in tim state are din- posed of by a wave of the band, and four men are plac:d in poslllon over a people, regardless of whether or not they are the elmice of those • Ihey ould represent" In this demo- cracy ?"--Picayune 31is. Bureau. Artonish lahds t,n,ler fence is pro- It Stands t the hibitednnderfnllpenaltyof the law. Any stock remaining on'the Artouish • .... pastnre attel liebrn ' ' " " ary 15th will be charged pasturage--50e per nlonth, t 5outhern "" •" • J. A GILLESI'IE. I •0000 1 15 1898 ly. • T , _• " r +, - .... of ta, /tout ...... TM E v...t --- Ntw zmv,o. DAILY o.z.., D,itv, STATE8 La, ..-----.--= .lt'om m, ry PaN 1--1--1-1--1-1--1--1"4 THE SUNDAY STATES lhll|had ot Sunday nloPnlnE, IIi • larg family newspaper, c+nt'alllll[ ever ge home featttre o ,nodra journallem. I--:--I-1--t--I--I--I--I Y1q[ TM STAT8 IS t] ,Oelal Organ or the City of New Orltm,.  |I evexTwhere recognized aa . . , . . TNg LEhDINO DEMOCRATIC [WSPArEK OF TBE SOUT I--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1 SIMI-WEEKLY STATES, ltbll|hed ee17 Tuenly and 'lday, eols a aareflaly aleotod syaopala d the ]atat newa ol tin da. 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