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June 1, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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June 1, 1973

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The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Page 7 / .: NOTICE TO MOTOR bec.n graP, ted on .he 24Lb. day I)AVIS FAMILY REUNION CI,ASSII: IED ADS , VEIIICLE AGENCIES [ of May, A. D.. 1973. by tlle Chin- COUNTY AGENT'S NOTES i " - f/0000lz eery Conrt of Wilklmso,00Coun00y, ]PLANNED FOR ROSEMONT Sealed bids will be reeeived lMissisippi ' to th(, undersigned FOR SALE: 1972 model 17,000 by John J. Dale, Jr. by the Board of Supervisors of L as ioint executor. of the Estate I (Col-itinued from Page 1) BTU Fedders Air Conditlonex. Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in /(f James Marin McCraine, de- restoration work presently being Use," only three months. Excel- " .................. " " "--"--"--" "--" "--"--' " " " ' " " " " " " " " I ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS the Board Room of the Court- ceased, in Cause No. 6012. no-I dme on Rosemont. He has been lent condition. Call 888-4880 JOHNSONGRASS CONTROL The Amine formulation and I Those farmers who plant soy- Low Volatlle Ester formulation South Centreville Water house in Woodville Mississippi, rice is hereby given o all pc,r- involved in the restoration just after 5 p.m. beans on land that stayed are available for pasturcLs. The Association, Inc. l up to n:on on Tuesday, Lhe sons having claims against ai a little more tl]'tn a yea,r when Low Volatile Ester is the hottest i Separate sealed bids will be 12th. day of June. 1973. o pur-]estat e to present the same to a friend of his. Percival Bea- AAILABLE: 4 puppies -- of floo2ed for several weeks may formulation and should usually received by South Centreville chase for cash for the use of the Clerk of said Court for pro- croft of Freeporz., Texas, pur- hunting dog ancestry -- good chased the house. Rosemont stock. See Rodney rot have any trouble with rhi- [ zome johz.:songrass this year. be applied at the lower recom-Water Association Inc.. for the the First Supe.rvisor's Separate bate, registration and allowance Research shows tl'at four weeks mended rates. Alo. it is more construction ef a Water Sysbem Roati District, one (1) one-half according to law within six 6) Bea'.roft, wl]o spends as much Lane at Rosemont 9 to 5 Tiles.- of floodin in cool months like likely to damage the crop until 1:30 p.m. o'clock CD.T. on (h5 on pick-up truck, equipped month.s from this date or they time as business will allow in Sat. 4. 1973. at tle Farmers with 302 cubic inch eight cylin- will be ferever barred Woodville. turned, many of the 6/1/tf March and April are needed to I treated but generally gives bet-June kill rhizomes. In warmer weath- ter cont.rol of hard to kill weeds. Home Administration Office, der engine, AM radio, rear step Tlis 1st. day of June A. D.. re.,sponsibilities of he restora- "NEVER used anything like tt," er. it will require i,wo to four' The recommended rates for I W°°dville' Misstssippi, at which bumper, 5 G78 x 15 4 ply tires. 1973. tim ow:r to Caldeira. wl]o say users of Blue Lustre carpet Weeks of flooding to kill them. application of 2.4-D are 1 to 2' ime and place bids will be op- and 2 mud and snow tires. The Wilma MeCraine Anders .har,s m tle enthusiasm for cleaner. Rent electric shampooer cued and read aloud. T1]e no- Board reserves the right to re- Hilda McCraine Fortenberry Davis and for authentic res- $1. Ben Franklin Store. When water recedes slowly and lbs. technical material per acre and to bidders, ject any and all bids. M. Ray McCraine toration. in 1D to 20 gallons of water (1 This 10th day of May, 1973. 6/1 lw days are sunny, rapid decay of to 2 ts of 4 lb per gallon form of bid, form of contract, Joint Executors Davis descendants lived at Ihzzomes'' will' occur, re ] f°rmulqa 'ti°n)' For 2,4-D' to *con- plfaZd" :spc}' ,ic 'o]:z :, ,nanndce id Alonzo H Stu,rgeon Clerk 6/1/3w . RosemonL until 1895. Samuel FOR SALE: Beautiful half-tester _, Although flooding may - trol weed,s, these weeds must be L nay,merit bond and other con- 5/18/4w Davis died in 1824 while vislting bed, refinished. Call Cllnton, uuee rhizomes ]ohnsongrass, vi,orousl ,, rowing Results are f ........ -"- ms" be ex NOTICE TO MOTOR Board Of' Supervisors Of Itheir elde;t son in Vicksburg, La., phone 683-5754. t  ". '- - -'her s.  b " . .. . rac uocu,,,c,,  - Wilkinson County but Jane Davis lived in Rce- 6/1/2w acre will be plenty o . l usually best when herbicme s stained at the following lees- VEIIICLE AGENCIES eedling weed problems. =,ven -'-lied on clear hot days ,pro-.. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS imon until her death in 1845 . ip, ' tzons: Sealed bids will be received and is buried in the family FOR SALE: 1965 Ford Mustang, if land was free from lohnson- vided the soil has adequate Farmers H.cme Administration by the Board of Supervisors of Sealed bids will :be received,cemetery near the house. Rose- automatic transmission, dark grass infestation the moisture for good vegetative County Supervisor's Office ] Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in by the Board of Supervisors of I mont. tsday, zs much as it was blue, clean and in good condi- floed, you can expec problemS!growth. Once weeds have Woodville Mis'issippi the Board Room of the Court- Wilkinson County at Woodville,in the 19th century, and lion, $550. Contact Calvin Cage, With seedling johnsongrass this started to flower and are Bar t, I & Associates Inc. I house in Woodville. Mississippi, Mississippi, until ll a.m., JuneCaldeira intends to completely 888-2011. Year. maturing, they are much harder l Consulting Engineers up to he,on on Tuesday, the 26, 1973. and shortly thereafter restore it to its original char- 6/1/tf Actually you can expect[ to kill, Often it is wise to clip ] seedling johnsongrass problems olde.r weeds like cypre'.s weed Jackson. Mississippi 12th. d,ay of June, 1973, to pur- publicly opened, for construe- octet. Copies may be obtained at chase for cash, three (3) new lion of drainage structures on "Five years from now. visitors FOUND: Male Beagle wearing anywhere flooding took place, and then spray the young, ten- ; the Office of Barth  Associ-i 2 ton cabs and chassis, two (2) 0.718 miles of county highway' will come to Roscmont and see I collar with no name. came to lnce water has scattered the der regrowth. Always spray on I seed. Make plans now to pre- a calm day and reduce spray ares, Inc.. loc'.=ted at 2906 North State Street. P. O. Box 4386,1 for the ue of ,the Third Su- (Silver Creek Roadl located in my home near Turnbull about pervisor's Separate Road Dis- Sectiop 4. Township 3 Nortl]. the :rounds and garden and livestock and house exactly a a week ago. Owners please claim. vent this from becoming a pressure to about 20 PSI to give serious problem this year. large droplet size and ,.educe Jackson, Mississippi, 3921, upon! trict and one (1) fr the use Range 1 West, Wilkinson County, it was when Jane Davis walked Mr'. Tom Catchings. payment of $25.00 n,cnc of which of the First Supervisor's Sep- known as B,ridge Projec No. 2, FORESTS AND TIlE drill, is refundable, orate Road District, the three District No. 5. Wilkinson County. I am°ng her roses and her chil- 6/1/lw dren played on the lawn more COME JOIN THE FUN at Lucy's ENVIRONMENT Dicamba, sold undex the trade The owner reserves the right (3) new 2 ton cabs and chassis Princilal items of work are than 150 years ago." said[ Ceramics. Hardwood, La. Open Mississipi's forests are a big, name of Banvel, is recom- to waive any informalities or,to o be equipped with 156 inch approximately as follows: Caldeira. He said the house it- every day except Wednesdays factor in the state's economy, mended for application on reject any and all bids. i " , wheel base, 330 heavy duty V-8 Drainage Structure Items self has required little restora- and Sundays. They supply fore,st products older, l=ard to kill weeds like Each bidder must deposit with I engine, 2 speed 17,500 pcunti 200.0 Lin. Ft. Treated Timber lion work. as it had not been 5/18/tf Valued at more than $150 rail- i]e,rsenettle, smartweed, cypress, his bid. security in the amount. / Eaton rear axle. 6.000 pound Piles lion annually and provide era- weed. persimmon, etc. It will form and subjec,t to the condi- front ,axle, 5 speed Clarke trans- 2.0 Each P.C. Concrete Cap for alt, ered over the years. No 'Ployment for more than 40,000 control most broadleaf weeds lions p,rovided in the notice and mission. 8.25 x 20 x 10 ply tires 19' Span for Std PC-1924tB) sructural changes had been REDUCE safe and fast with made and tile house had soever OoBese Tablets and E-Vap People. and small brush when applied instruction to bidders, land Bud wheels, 10,400 pound (End Unit) Forests are impo,rtant to our at the rate of 1 pt. to 2 pts. of No open bidder may withdraw nd auxiliary reax springs, and 2.0 Each 19' P.C. Concrete been wired f..or electricity. "water pills." Martens Durg Welfare in many other ways. Banvel in 20 to 40 gallons of lis bid within sixty (6.0) days 4 yard water level dump body. Span for Std. PC-19241A, ICurb He aid at present most work Store. They have value as wildlife water per acre. This mater!*al is after the actual date ,of ,the The Board reserves the right to Unit) is being done on the grounds 5/25/3wp rather expensive when applieti opening thereof, reject any and all bids. 6.0 Each 19' P.C. Concrete surrounding Roscmont. "We FOR SALE: Deep water well habitat, for recreation, water have split more than 3.000 rails pump ,with all fittings for 150 ,,anti soil co.ervation and, alone. A combination of Banvel The work to be done is essen- This 10th day of May, 1973. Span for Std. PC-1924(A) (Int'[to build back the ence. We erosion control. Trees filter out lplus 2.4-D is often more eco- tlally as follows: a 500 gallon pres- 2.0 Unit P.C. Concrete Wings have planted a grden which sure tank presently installed. dust f.rom air. lower noise levels, nomical and more effective than Construction and installation Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk Unit) foot well and Preduce oxygen and temper the either cf the two materials of 204,300 feet of water mains, 5/18/4w for P.C. Concrete Span for Std. is sown with crops typical o a Faut Equipment Sales. Box 321, climate, alone. This is not unusual, as 200 water meters, all valves and NOTICE OF BID PC-1924(F)  family in those days. We have Woodville Phone 888-4260. many herbicides complement miscellaneous fittings for the 40.0 Lin. Ft. Beam Type Rail -• located a lot where the chickens 5/25/3w Protect forest lands. They are a big asset to the entire state, one another when combined, construction of a w, ater distrl- The Wilkinson county Board ing with Concrete Pe:s for Std. and livestock will go near the I bution system, of Education will receive sealed PC-1924(A) barn. and we are trying to build*  -LE'. 1-1 Galaxte 500 The manufacturer has re- " South Central Watex bids until noon June 11. 1973 in 61.0 Lin. Ft. 18" Galvanized 12 back all tlm o r i g i n a 1 out 4-door sedan. Loaded. veery WEED CONTROL IN EARLY cently received a label from the / Association Inc. the office of the County Super- Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert buildings on the grounds." clean. $2,1C0. Call 888-6745 or SUMMER PASTURES State of Mississippi to sell a] Weeds in permanent pastures prepackaged combination of I By: Sam Ashford intendent of Eucation, Wood- 82:0 Lin. Ft. 24" Galvanized 12 Caldeira said that during the 888-6454. of bahzagrass and bermuda- Banvel (dtcamba) and 2,4,D I Presider I ville Mississippi, for the follow- Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert , restoration period, the historic 5/25/tf grass can substantially reduce under the trade name of Attest: I ing: 90.0 Lin. F. 30" Galvanized 12 landmark will utill open to the state label is not a Emma Zell Knighton One (15 Automotive Spray Gauge Metal Pipe Culvert i public from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. HOUSE FOR SALE: 3-bedroom, if'thetheygrazeableare notf°'ragecontrolled.Pr°duced Grazer.tank mxThe but a prepackage Secretary iBooth: for Auto Body and Fen- 62.0 Lin. Ft 48" Galvanized 12 I Tuesday thrcugh Saturday. and 2-bath brick veneer home in label. This product is applied at Date: May 1. 1973 i der Repair Shop. Gauge Metal Fipe Culvert from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. Sunday. Centreville. $27.500. Hewes Real All bid must be marked on Contract Time: 20 Workingl"We wan the public to realize Estate, J.ohn C. Hewes. ptone WellTheadaptedWeeds inbyOUrnaturalPaStureSselec_ 1 quart of formulation per acre i5/11 4w I the envelope, "Bid, Auto Body Days I exactly what we are doing--we 888-3941. are tion to the area in which they l(the equivalent of / lb. of NOTICE TO ROAD and Fender Repair Shop Equip- Basis of Awa,rd: The. award !want them to see step by step 5/18/tf are growing, so they compete, dicamba plus 3,/, lb. of 2.4-D5 in EQUIFMENT AGENCIES Iment. 6/11 73." if made, will be made LO tl]e .the authentic restoration n HOUSE FOR SALE: Cortex Sub- eerly with the dArable plan 10 to 20 gallons .of watex. Sealed bids ,will ,be received I Ietatled speeitcation's for tle lowest qualified bidder on the poress." division. 3-bearo0m, 2-bath, for nut,rients, moistJre and sun-[ Care should be taken when by the Beard of Supervisors of.. above ma{y be obtained at the basis of published quantities. ] He said even during the large den and kitchen. Spaclous light. Where weeds are heavy, al:clying dtcamba not to spray Wilkincn County, Missiippi, in!office of the County Superln- Plans ,nd specifications are family reunion weekend, Rose- lot. Call 888-2721 for appoint- gra:s does not, grow well and under desirable trees or where the Board Room of the Court- tendent of ,Education. on file in tl]e office of the Chart- merit would still be open to the merit. cattle often prefer not. to graze the material will be washed or house in Woodville, Mississippi, The Board reserves the right cery Clerk. Wilkinson County, lP ublic. "The historic aspects hese areas. Where you are fol- moved into contact with these up to noon on Tuesday, the to reject any or all bids. Woodville. Misai.sippi, and in are here: we are jus enhancing POSTED: All lands owned by lowing a good fertility prod,ram, roots. The same spraytng pre- 12tLh. day of June, 1973. to pur- Bernard Waites the office of John D. McCraine. th m. he slid. the undersigned are hereby You cannot allow the weeds to cautions exist for dicamba as chase for cash f:r .the use of Executive Secretry W!lkinson C o u n ty Engineer. posted against all hunting, fish- feb the grass. Thls time of year,far 2,4-D. the Firs Supervisor's Separate trespassing. .... Wilkinson County Board Woodville Mississi])pi. Plan  bid and such proposal will not inn or otherwise tle weeds that cause the great-I Spraying of dicamba or the Road Dstr:c'L one (1) uthty of Education and proposals may be secured be conside,rcd in making the Mrs. Mac Bradley. est problem,s arc cypress wetlde ! combination should not be u'edltype die,el tractor equipped 5/25/3w from Alonzo H. Sturgeon. Chan- award 5/11/6m dock. smartweed, horsene where clovers or other legumes with 3 cylinder water cooled. thistle, spiny pigweed, bitter- are an important part of the heavy duly diesel engine with , cery Clerk of Wilkinson County, Tom Ashley WANTED--TIMBER LAND: Pri- weeti croton (goat weed), xag- pasture program. Tle mann- no less than 175 cubic inch dis-I JO]NT,MIISTRATRoXS at Woodville. Mississippi, upon 5th District Supervisor v.ate investor interested in weed. sumpweeti, sorrels and facturr states that after seed- placement, 41.4 HP, heavy duty l .......... paymem of $10.0. which will Wilkinson County, timber land. Wri'te P. O. Box zawbriers. The herbicides rec-! heads are dry, spraying with front axle wit.h 5.000 pound I Of Willie "Turk" McNeely, not be refunded. Mississippi 4304, Jackson, Miss. 39216, glv- Deceased Certified check or bid bond Alonzo H. Sturgeon inn all details on your la,nd. Ommended for the control of Banvel will not reduce stands capacity, differential lock, live I for five percenL (5%, of total Clerk 5/11/4w these weeds are 2,4-D and l the following year. hydraulic System with category I Letters of Administration hay- bid, payable to Willtnson Court- Wilkinson County Board dcamba (Banvel). Both of i Read the label and follow I 3 point lift, lights, p°we'r[in:g been granted in Case No. ty, mus accompany each pro- of Supervisors ATTENTION MEN steering, swinging drawbar, livel6013 on the 29th day of May, posal. 16/1/4w SEMI DRIVER TRAINEES these materials usually contain the manufacturer's recommen- 4 lk. technical material per dation'.s and limitations when I=TO, 8 speed transmission, 411973. by the Chancery Court of Bi2ders are hereby notified NEEDED: Local & Over-the- gallon of comme,rcial formu- applying all herbicides, main bearings, roll bar and seat Wilkinson County, to the under- that any proposal accompanied- Road driver training being of- lotion.  belt, independent hand b:ake, signed, as joint admlnistra- by letters qualifying in any "IF IT IS INSURANCE J feted through ,facilities of .a 2,4-D is the leat expensive linkage stabilizer kit. 7.50 - 16 trixes of the Estate of Willie manner the condition under CALL US." /major truck line. On-the-job herbicide to apply and it give's Only two states, New York front tires, 16.9 - 24 RI rear "Turk" MeNeely, deceased, no- which the proposal is tendered ]type training; no experience good control on most small, and Rhode Iland, permit tires. Thexe is ,to be mounted tlce is hereby given to all per- will be considered an irregular WE KNOW WItAT YOU  necessary. Industxy wages ex- Vigorously growing weeds but striking workers to draw un.em- on above described tractor one sons having claims against said ]ceed $6 per hour with benefits. Ofte,] requires high application ployment compensation bene- (15 5 foot hydraulic side mower l estate to present the same to ARE LOOKING FOR! For immediate application call rates, to control large weeds, fits. equi,ppcd with hydraulic drive, the Clerk of said Cotrt for pro- Complete WE HAVE HAD Area Code 404/875-2941 or write __ , ,, .... automatic 90 degree self return- bate registration and allowance to Eagle Mountain Corp.; P. O. lug breakaway, 5 foot cutterbar, according to law within six (6) INSURANCE FORTY-NINE YEARS Box 368; Atlanta, Georgia 30080, self contained type hydraulic months from the date of first 4/27/tf feature with front mounted publication of this notice or Coverage EXPERIENCE. WANTED: Lands to Sell. Let When e orew Js you willdriVebePUmPreceived°n tractor.for oneAlS°(1)bids5 theYThisWllllst.bedayfOreVerof June.barred'A. D., Protection PLUS ADAMS us sell you:r lands too. Call foot highway rotary type rear 1973. Service! Charles L. Barry & Associates, mower equipped with 5 foot t42-1921, Natchez. -]S-]S-]-]---] cutting width, front and rear Nancy Lee Johnson INSURANCE AGENCY t/13/8wp wheel, slip clutch, straight blade Joint Administratrixes Main Street FOR SALE: Large ,red saddle holder, free swinging blades, 6/1/3w ------lnure With Glocr, Miss. mare. 3 gaited, $250. Call 645- 5021. -,,.-:, .and shielded drive shaft. The JOINT EXECUTORS' 4/20/tf Board reserves the right to re- NOTICE TO CREDITORS ject any and all bids. This 10th day of May, 1973. Of James Marion McCraine, FOSTER - . Alonzo H. Stuxgeon, Clerk Deceased Insurance Agency LIVESTOCK SERVICE .' 5/18/4w Letters Testamentary having .888-4362, Woodville .__..'_ ........ .-.--,-----'-- '.. " , , , , , -, LOANS Evenin a one-man operation, Hesst°n makesit possible • Livestock hauled to any auction barn to include a moaerate size haying program with the Sick- I Hand" 10. Yes, the StakHand 10 wilt get your haY uP or other destination of your choice at andoutoftheweatheratthehourlyrate°ff°urt°six $5 000 reasonable rates. tons. And the stacks have self-st°ring, weather'resistant APPLY NOW capabilities. Couple the StakHand with a StakMover 10 I'rcm $100 to and you can ut up hay one daY, then move it later o6. j We Train Men to Work As • Individual order buying service. See us for all the benefit of a StakHand right awaY. We can even show you how the StakHand l0 System [ends Bill Consolidatin Loans LIVESTOC K iis,toeeo roras g B U Y E R S • Quantities of stocker cattle bid on in ' StakHand is a registered tradernarkofthe HesstonCorporat]°n Are Our Speclulty. Payments Reduced As If you have some livestock pasture. • . experience we will train you Much As Vs to 1/2 cud Sometimes Even More. to buy cattle° sheep and e Other livestock services available on Seal Tractor Co For a local interview, write request. • --- Free COUNSELING SERVICE -- ,o00o, with your background, Include your complete ad- • Call Or Stop By Our Office dress .. o, ,nor. Confact CATTLE BUYERS, INC. East Gre,ory Blvd. O.K. FERGUSON Woedville Finance, Inc. 'su,,o,o,,0,, Woodville, Miss. Kansas City, Me. 64114 Depot Street Phone 888-2011 r,.,.;., co,,,o,,,,,,o, .,,-, Fhone 888-6682 Woodvil!e, Miss. , ,  ....... i ¸,,, ':, •