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June 1, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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June 1, 1973

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Friday, June 1, 1973 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Misslsslpp; Page 5 /i VOTE FOR Better Government Family Man Municipal Progress Business Man Fair & impartial Treatment Qualified Efficient Service Man for the People Interested In Future Lifelong Resident A VOTE FOR DON VINE Is A VOTE For Better Government in Centreville (Paid for by ,Don Vine) r SUPERVISORS MEET COUNTY BOARD OF SLate of Mississippi County of Wilkinson Be it known and remembered that on this the 7i;h day of May, A. D., 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m. the Wilkinson County Board of Su- Pervmors convened in regular monthly session in the Court- house. The roll being called, the fol- lowing answered present: Steve Reed, A. J. Darden Leon Cavin, Louis Gaulden and Tom Ashley. Also present 'was Alonzo H. Stur- geon. Clerk. The monthly reports of John J. Dale. County Agent: Marjorie F. White, Extension Home Econ- Omist: and State Hospital Com- mission were received, appzoved and filed. Claims against the County ere disposed of as follows: General Fund: Samuel E. Smith. postage, $23:00; Anabel Y. iVlaxie, court reporter. $89.00; :etchings Co.. off. sup., $3.85; Same. $120: warrants,, $68.50; Same, $65.70; same, $64.50: sup., $27.00; Jerry Enis, reimb, office sup., $6.00: Campbell Pest Con- trol. serv. jail, $5.50; Hederman Bros., off sup., $61.26; Ketch- lng Co., deed book, $75.70; Itek Usiness Products, off. sup., $679.20: Seven Day Co., janitor sup., $22.95: same, $23.65; same, $32.30; Alonzo H. Sturgeon, post- ae. $67.58; Woodville lepubli- can, off. sup., $25.20; adv. bids $20.40; pub. rain., $60.00; Cllf,f White. repr. off. inch., $27.50; llanters Hdw.. jan. suP., $2.40; hdw.. $.76; sup., $1.12; Miss. Bd. Ai'mal Hth.. vac. calves. $62.40; ]Vliss. Power & Light. utilities. ct. hse.. jail, $121.81: Town of WOodville, same, $38.62; Ginn Off. Supply, 'sup., $1.95; Ketch- ings Co.. same, $29.77: John Dale, same. $15.75; Carl Wall, J'P., $110.00; Mary Russ, same, $50.00; Myrtle Wisner," same, $205.00; Samuel Minor. same, $25.00; Alonzo H. 8turgeon, au- ditor $150.30; MCA 3932 (PP), $113.60: Samuel E. Smith, regis- trar, $107.40; deputy, $350.00; Judith Brown, ct. reporter, $81. 75; Aaabel Maxie, same, $59.77; John j. Dale," Co. Agt., $278.63; lV/rjorie White, home agt., $177. 44; Mary Bailey, secy., $28.25; Edgar Delaney, janitor, $188.30: Clay B. Tucker, Bd. atty., $300. O0; E. E. Benoist, Jx., Dist. Atty,, $125.00; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $288.80; State Income Tax Fd., ame. $41.10; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $127.95; w'held, $196. 10; Soc. Sec. Fd. w'held & Co, share. $255.96: Ins. Fd., same, $98.94; H. B. McGraw. Shf., $739. 14; Waldo Welch. Shf. deputy, $335.51: Herman Anthony, same, $341.76: Edith Carter. same, $271. 75:Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $207. 80; State Income Tax Fd.. same, $27.05; Retirement Fd. Co. share. $99.00; w',held. $99.00; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $245.72: Ins. Fd., same, $133.65; McGehee Motor Parts, prs, $38.44: South Central Bell, serv., Shf., $47.81; Planers Hdw., en.f. sup., $6.73; H. M. Longmire, gas, $.43: Reese Serv. Sta., same, $44.95:61-24 Gulf., same, $32.33; Jackson Grocery, same, $14.14; Super Serv. Sta.. same, $224.13; Three Way Serv. Sta., same, $5. 25; Delta Uniform Co., badges, $54.48: Southe,rn Uniform Co., insignia, $61.25; G & R Uniform Co., pants, $65.30; Scott's Auto Repr.. serv., $15.00; City Drug Store, drugs, prisoner, $5.25; Variety Shack, sup., $5.20: Vick's Garage, repr. mower. $4.25; Eg- sie Har, ris, jail board, $180.00; Co., 'serv., pts., $330.22; Scott's Auto Repr., serv., $10.50; C. M. Treppendahl & Sons, hdw., $30. 74; Super Serv. Sta., tire repr., etc., $19.83; D'Aquila Oil Co.. tires. $120.35; Kirk's Truck Serv., serv., pts., $15.75; Woodyard Serv. Sta., pts., $2.35; Buffalo Services, same, $7.13; Louis Gaulden, salary, $467.90; Oliver Lanus. same, $287.46; Gerald E. Wilkinson same, $286.07; Henry Harris, same. $252.75; Victory Tax Fd.. w'held, $104.40; State Income Tax Fd., same, $1.10; Ftetirement Fd., Co. share, $72. C,1: w'held, .$72.01; Soc. Sec. Fd. w'held & Co. share, $187.20; Ins. Fd., same, $44.55; Gulf Oil Prod., fuel, $308.23; Reed Hdw. Co., hdw., $7.99. Second District Road Fund: Big River Supply Co., culverts, $345.85; Allied Eqt. Co., serv., pts., $560.74; SW Miss. EPA, utilities, $3.00; H & R Ford, serv., pts., $8.78; Carter Eqt. Co., same, $151.54, Scott' Auto Pts., serv., $1,061.53; C. M. Treppen- dahl & Sons, hdw., $31.68; Laurel Hill Lbr. Co., lbr., $633.37; Fern- wood Ind., creo. piling, $610.40; D'Aquila Oil Co., tires. $260.93; same. $307.65; Marion E. Mc- Curley, same, $294.01; W. Lum McGraw, same, $279.36; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $113.40; State Income Tax Fd.. same, $4.82.; Retirement Fd., Co. shre, $43. 88: w'held, $43.88; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share. $245.72; Ins. lins Chain Saw, same, $I1.25. Co.-wide Road & Bridge Fund: J. D. MeCraine. Engr. serv., $520. 06; R. M. Inman, same. $477.32: Paul Chapman. same, $262.54; Fred McCarstle, same, $290.57; Woodrow Price. same. $282.39; Verlis Perry, dragline opr., $341. Fd.. same. $193.15: C-K Farm 82; Victory Tax Fd., w'held, $33. Eqt. Co., pts.. $10,39; Gulf Oil 39; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. Products, uel, $172.65; Gulf Serv. Sta.. tire repr., etc.. $58.00; ollins Chain Saw, pts.. $18.fl0: Centrevine Motor Co., serv., pts., ;328.07. Fourth District Road Fund: W Miss. EPA, utilities, $3.90; Carte,r Grocery, hdw., $6.32; Jimmie's Auto Serv., serv., pts., $899.58; Carter Eqt. Co., same, $156.93; D'Aquila' Oil Co., fuel, $642.50; Super Serv. Sta., tire repr. etc., $72.50; D'Aquila Oil Co., tires. $32.18; McGehee Mo- tor Parts. hdw.. $1.85; Leon Ca- vin, salary, $468.96; W. W. Ham- mack, same, $288.09; Elm0 San-, same. $288.09: Irvin Den- nis, same, $342.60; Oscar Tillery, same, $323.89; Howard Wyatt, same, $194.56; Victory Tax Fd.. w',held. $157.90; State Income Tax Fd., .same, $1.10; Retiremen.t share, $296.04; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $99.68; ,w'held, $99.68: Ins. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $93. 96; McGehee Motor Parts. part, $2.49; Neely Blue Pxin.t & Sap- ply, plans, sup., $84.90: Planters Hdw., hdw., $59.69; Super Serv. Sta., gas, $156.37: D'Aquila Oil Co., tires, $35.08; Bettye Stur- geon, SB 1726, $300.00; Woodville Republican, pub. notice. $26.70; Scott's Auto Repair, serv., $25. 00; J. D. McCraine, postage, $27. 37: South Central Bell, serv., $9.75. Publlc Health Fund: Wilk. Co. Health Dept., allotment, $850.00; Polly R. Evans, registrar vital star.. $40.00; vital star.. $10.25; Miss. State Sanitarium, TB pa- tients, $90.00. County Farm Fund: Lucille Whittington, allotment. $25.00; Rodgers McGraw, inquest juror fuel, $872.75; Super Serv. Sta., Fd.. Co. share, .$109.80: w'held, $3.00; Tom Bryan. same, $3.0{); tire ,repr.. eve., $37.87; Planters $109.80; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Nelson Jen'sen, Jr., same, $3.00; Hdw., :Inc., hdw., $.33.54; John Co. share, $284.48; Ins. Fd.. $157. John Dorsey, same, $3.00; Billy Scott, labor, $5.00; McGehee Mo- 47; Otis Ward, move tree, $30.00. Catchings, same, $3.00: James Forman same, $3.00; same, $3. 00; Robert Skipper. same, $3.00; John Dorsey, same, $3.00; Mac Slan, same, $3.00; Jake Danger- field, same, $3.00; Percy John- son. same, $3.00; Catchings Clin- ic. treat prisoner, $27.00; Camp- bell Pest Control, serv. jail, $5. 50: Betty Dawson ,assessor, $707. 28: Julia Henderson, deputy, $221.75; Sammy Johnston, same, $221.75; Louisa McGraw, same, $221.75: Victory Tax Fd., w'held. $284.70; State Income Tax Fd., same, $51.97; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $85.50; w'held, $85.50; Soc. Sec. Fd., same, $210.60; Woodville Republican, sup., $22. 40; Ketchins Co., receipts, $130. 10; off. sup., $2.10; .same, $5.80; Ginn Office SUP., same, $33.70; Betty Dawson, postage, $26.40; South Central Bell, serv., asses- sor, $54.31; Supt. ldu., $23.92; Cir. elk., $23.31; Co. Agt., $14.85; Bd. & Clk., $114.58. First District Road Fund: McCray Shell Station, tire repr., etc., $25.35; Dickerson & Boven, asphalt, $64.86; Rollins Chain Saw, pts., serv., $3.40; William for Parts. pts., $27.31; Steve Reed, salary, $468.96; Theodore Brackens, same, $243.14: Fred Brown, same, $278:08; Arthur Clark, same, $291.12; Arthur Lollis, same, $275.14; Isiah Sel- vage, 'same, $266.34; John Sel- vage, $283.54; West Ware, same, 299.52; Victo,ry Tax Fd., w'held, $164.80; State Income Tax Fd., same, $1.10; Retirement Fd., Co. shre, $90.92; w'held, $90.02; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $360.98; Ins. Fd., same, $316.71; Rollins Chain Saw, ,serv.. pts.. $10.10; Rowen - Adams Buick serv-, pts., $167.86. Third District Road Fund: Fernwood Ind., piling & lbr., $424.80; Crown Serv. Sta., serv., $18.09;, John L. Ash, .hdw., $'6.21; E. B. Pritchard, serv., pts., $17. 00; S & S Auto Supply, pts., $8. 10; Scott's Auto Repair, serv., $5.00; Planters Hdw., hdw., $18. 00; D Aquila O11 Co., tires, $277. 50; Mlnna Erstllng, lot rent $1020; Carter Eqt. Co., serv. pts., $144.57; Buffalo 'Services, part, $3.70; Kirk's T, ruck Serv., serv., $34.80; Woodyard Service Sta., same, $7.50; A. J. Darden, Martin, gravel, $14.40; Pbert salary, $509.97; H.arold C. Bruss, Tyson, labor, $3(].00; Carter Eqt. same, $276.24; Les,lle tt, I-Iighes, Fifth District Road Fund: Fernwood Ind., creo. lbr., $144. 00; Fred Netterville Lbr. Co., lbr.. $3.54; SW Miss. EPA, util- ities, $2.88; T. L. James & Co., asphalt, $180.00: Buffalo Super Store, hdw., $8.11; H & R Ford, serv., pts., $38.15, Carter Eqt. Co., same, $345.12; Buffalo Wa- ter Assn. utilities. $6.36; Scott's Auto Repair. serv., $545.72: Par- ker Auto Parts. ots., $8.15; Planters Hdw., hdw.. $7.32; Buf- falo Services, tires, $275.77; tire repr., etc., $45.55; fuel, $650.00; H. L. Netterville, labor, $337.50; McGehee MOtor Parts. pts., $58. 79; Tom Ashley, salaxy, $593.19; Jewel Anders, same, $271.77; Sidney Nettles, 'same, $253.26; Clyde Nettles, same, $261.27; Morris Nettles, same, $270.07; Buell Wisner, same, $294.79, Claude Johnson, same, $253.26; 'Earl Van Jackson, same, $259.02; Jerry Nettles, same, $271.76; David Day, sane, $259.02; Vic- tory Tax Fd., 'held, $228.40; State Income Tax Fd., same, $3. ,hare 38; Retirement ld., Co. $154.13; wheld, $154.13; Soc. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share, $442.92; Ins..lad., same, $388.62; Bison Eloise Wilson. same, $20.00; Wilk. Co. Welfare Dept., off. expense, $75.00; child welfare, $50.00; Bettye Plitt, .postage, $40.00; Town of Woodville, utilities, wel. bldg., $8.98; Miss. Power & Light Co., same, $34.79; Ginn Office Supply, sup., food stamps, $8.58; Beckham's Elec. Service, serv., well. bldg., $71.95; South Cen- tral Bell, serv., ood stamps, $18.15; SaUye P. Brannan, rent 2 months, $200.00. Courthouse and Bridge Bond Fund: Mrchants National Bank, int. and fee, $3,965.59. ursing Home Bond Fund: Deposit Guaranty Bank, int. .and fee, $4,733.00. Courthouse Building Fund: Clay B. Tucker, ,bond issue, $1,- 700.00; Hederman Bros., print bonds, $247.25; Alonzo H. Stur- geon, deliver bonds, $270.50; Juanita Robinson, service, $350. 00. Revenue Sharing: $erry Enis, Bd. service, $140.00; Retirement Fd., Co. share, $6.30; Soc. Sec. Fd., same, $8.19. (Here follows copy of order of Board directing clerk to adver- tise for bids ,for construction of 3.585 miles county highway on Woodvllle-Pond road, same to be received on June 5, 1973.) Whereas, John D. McCralne, Saw, Inc,, erv,, ,pt,, $59,90; Rol- Wilkinson C o'u n t y Engineer, having reached the mandator age of retirement, ha's retired from the position of said County Engineer, and it has become necessary to select and appoint another engineer for said Wil- kinson County. It is, therefexe, ordered that Richard T. Logan, a professional engineer of Natchez. be and he is herein and hereby appointed and named Wilkinson County Engineer from and after the 1st. day of June, 1973. at and for a salary of $800.00 per month plus 10c per mile ,for expenses when usin, g his .own personal automobile er truck. (Here follows copy of order of Board authorizing Steve Reed, president, to sell 'wo iron bridges which are no longer in use.) (Here follows copy of order of Board directing clexk to adver- tise for bids to be received on June 12, 1973. to purchase three new 2-ton trucks, two for use of Third District and one for use of Finst District.) (Here follows copy of ordex of Board directing clerk o adver- tise for bids to be received on June 12. 1973, to purchase one half-ton pickup truck for use of First District.) The Clerk of the Board of Supexvisors is hereby ordered to transfer the sum of $7d,000.00 from the County Highway Fund to various Supervisors Separate Road District Funds in the pro- portion a's set forth in tle order of the Board of Supervlsoxs in Minute Book U at page 22. Ordered that the Board do now recess until Tuesday, May 8, 1973 at 9 o'clock a.m. Steve Reed, President (Continued next week) CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sin- cere .appreciation and gratitude to our many friends for thei-. many cards, florals and other kindnesses shown us during the illness and following the death of our ,mother. Margaret G, Price. Special thanks to Bleak House Baptist Church, Mr. Pleasanrt Baptist Church, and, Doctor Owens. Y,or kindness will never be forgotten.  Son Edward Williams and her Sis- ters, ,Brothers and Family, I Jump Suits Are IN We Have Em' Squire Shop Parkmeadow Shopping Center-Centreville ! I III I I I I III _