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June 1, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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June 1, 1973

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j POLITICAL Localisms P i e i To the Voters of Woodvtll : , In order to dispel any rumors ee,mingly being circulated to by Lewis . the contrary, I wish to assure • " each of you, .by virtue of this i:a'-'c'n-'L-rc'nc'--'-'x medium, that I have made no We are sure that our readers :::Jmi=cs or offers of employ- Will be interested to learn that mcnt contingent on being our community is slated for i elected Mayor. national television coverage this' It is my hope that all em- Weekend. ployees of the Town of Wood- We been advised that ville will demonstrate their CBS Network News will send a willingness and ability to serve crew here via private plane next the people of Woodvflle in an weekend to fihn some of the efficient and courteous manne,r. events of the Davis family re- Respectfully submitted, union at St. Paul's Chu,rch and George Gouda ,at Rosemont Plantation. Plans are to fly the film to Jackson Colonial Chevrolet on Sunday afternoon for proe- Buglarized Tuesday essing and transmission by cable New York. Some of the foot- age Will p,robably be u:-ed on the The Colonial Chevrolet Com- . ClS late new program at 10 puny here was broken into 10.m. Sunday and the remainder l sometimes Tuesday night. The during the following week. J burgla,ry ,was, ffiscowred Wed- nesday at opening We bhus urge our readers tune in their TV sets to the l time' CB8 news prod,ram Sunday, I Two drink machines and ,a June 3, at 10 p.m. to view a' cgaret machine were broken report of the events here on int° and the money was stolen national media. rlend Edgar C'risler. editor of the Port Gibson Reveille, e:{Presses in the following edi- torial our own sentiments on ,the ntinued hullbabo over the Watergate affair: "The way some of the big 'Whlch was both wrong and °Olishwill be freed of respon- Bibllity for its perpetuation. l"When we so mention the Big ews Mediaradio. TV, and oresswe have sane idea of hat we are talking about. Well We remember the way they 'aandled the problems which Were goln on in this area sev- eral Years ago. We told some of the Big Boys who flocked dOvn here like birds pouncing oa their prey, that they would Orae when there was trouble, Ut they would never even give " thought to the fine develop- ent going on in the area; that YPe of news was drab to them "--they were sent o ferret out 'the sensational. Of course, many tell remtember, some of what hey Wrote was erroneous, but was printed, regardless of errors. Of course, they were not all of that category, but many, arffrtunately, wrote the wildest easational type of reporting. " b , . There are nlenty of act tl" .mgs .happening now--,but ere are also many fine .,.aags taking ,place among the 'lllioas of American citizens." Volume 148 Oldest Paper In Mississippi Woodville, Mississippi 39669 Friday, June 1, 1973 Established In 1824 Number 52 WOODVlLLE'S MISS HOSPITALITY Davis Family To I Municipal Voting Black Candidates Hold Reunion Herel Next Tuesday Contest Woodwlle- This Weekend VO00E00) Primary Election Tlere is no better time to SAMPLE BALLOT Eight black candidates who stage a giant f:mlly reunion GENERAL ELECTION were defeated in the recent than on someone's birthd,ay. Town of Woodville, Woodville municipal Democratic This year on Jefferson Davis' birthday June 3. descendants o,f Mississippi • primary election filed petitions contesting the elections on Davis' parents will converge on Tuesday, June 5, 1973 Monday of U00is week. The peU- Rosemont. the family .home which is located in Woodville. ----- tions were filed with James E. Descendants of Samuel and FOR MAYOR Wilke,rson, Jr., chairman of the municipal Democratic Executive Jane Davis, prents of the Con- (Vote for One) Committee, at hi office here. federate President. are coming to Mississippi from all over the (Democratic Party) The .petition filed by Charles United States--most of them Marvin N. Lewis ................ ( ) E. Johnson. candidate for mayor have never seen Rosemont and who led the first primary but most of .them have never met. ................................................ ( ) who lost to incumbent Mayor And what they will find (Independent) Marvin N. Lewis in the runoff, awaiting them is a beautiful, is quoted herewith: simple ha,me now in the midst George 3. Gouda ........... ( ) "Petition for Contest of Election. of a long range restoration pro .................................................... ( ) Municipal Democratic Executive gxam and a weekend full of de- FOR ALDERMAN Committee, May 28, 1973 llghtful reunion activities. "I. Charles E. Johnson Can- According to Ernesto Caldeira. (Vote for Four) didate fo,r Mayor in the n Jefferson Davis fan from New (Democratic Party) cratlc Municipal Primary hereby York who has taken on the contest this election on the fol- re'sp,onsibility of restoring Rose- Hubert B. Curry ................ ( ) lowing grounds: mont, more than 80 Davis Gary D'AquiHa ................ ( ) "(1) T, he Municipal Voting descendan,ts have already ac- Anthony (Ton),) Raccomio ( ) 'books were purged in a discrim- the local scene and then to keep ] from them. A car, a 1969 Chop- Icepted invitations to the Wood- inatory manner which elimi- a close watch during the week. ruler sport Coupe, was missing Miss Susan Whetstone. daugh-" ville reunion Caldeira said that Run Senko ........................ ( ) hated many blacks from voting Hopefully this bit of nationall from the lot and it is thought ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mrs. A. B. Longmire Isince most of the visitors have ( ) on election day without legal verage of Woodville .and Wil- to be the means of escape for Whetstone, has been named .................................................... i never seen Rosemont, the first justification. ' inson County will be of a con- the burglars. Also. a locked tool Woodville's Mis.s Hospitality for Dies On May 23rd Jrder of the day on June 3 will FOR MARSHAL Struetive if not complimentary i .boxwas broken open and a large [ 973-74 by the Civic Club. Miss "(2) Some whites who have rature, as opposed to the ques-I screwdrivex from the box was Whetstone is a 1973 graduate ef Mrs. Madeleine Ermyntrude/be a tour of the family home. (Vote for One) moved out of the city limits tionable objectivity and bias of apparently used as a pry bar. Mississippi State Universty and Longmire, 66. wife of the late] Rosemont is the first Missis'sip- (Democratic Party) even out of the state were al- the area's last exposure via the Entrance was gained through finns ,to continue her studies A. B. Longmire, died at Field pi home of the Davis ,amily. a side door by prying it open there for her master's degree. Memorial Communty Hospital Samuel ,and' Jane Davis settled Fred C. McCarsfle ............ ( ) lowed to vote. wi, th a tire tool. The front office As Miss Hospitality she will in Centreville on Wednesday of there in 1810 with their ten "(3} Many challenge ballots last week, May 23. Mrs. Long-Jchildren, seven years before I ................................................... ( ) that blacls voted were not was entered and entrance was officially begin her duties this mi,re was a Iongtime corre-!Mississippi became .a state Jet- I counted. ga:ined to the back office by week wlcn she welcomes visitors spondent for this newspaper, ferson, the youngest child: wa's SAMPLE BALLOT "(4) Whites were allowed to breaking open a locked door. to Woodville on Friday, June 1. having wri.tten bhe Hiram News I only two years old at the time I go in the voting booths with Both offices were thoroughly the opening day of Hospitality oolumn for a number of years, land that was where, he once I their people whereas the blacks rummaged through. All the Ylonth in Mississippi. Funeral services were held at wrote. "my memories begin." I GENERAL ELECTION were not. drawers and file cabinets were Mis  Whetstone will take par 4:30 p.m. Thursday from Union Caldeira said that many of Town of CentreviJ,Je . "{5) T, he Mayor office did not opened but nothing was appar- next monh in the state-wide Baptist Church with the Rev. he descendants plan to brtng Mississippi make public of its opening on ews media of the United States ently taken. Neither the sfe competition for Mississippi's Wrren Whitaker and the Rev. items wVh them which once Saurday morning so that out of are harping on the Watergate nr the cash regizter was tam- new Miss Hospitality .and will Tom Wicker officiating, and in- belonged in the house. A student Tuesday, June 5, 1973 town persons could registered aess, it 'seems they are out to pered with and no money was serve as the Civic Club's official torment was in Mr. Carmel at Southern Methodist Univer- or get absentee ballot. . destroy the Nixon Administza- missing, officials said, hostess during the coming year. Cemetery in Gloster. sity in Dallas plans o bring a FOR MAYOR "(6) Poll workers were very on, 'and .certainly damage the Silo replaces Mi,s Yvonne Net- *'es den • the Mr. Hoffpaoir Dies terville, the 1972-73 Miss Has- Surwvors include four sons sampler whic.h she has made, dishonest and discourteous to , ,,sd cy tself. We trust ' -,, .......... black voters. .°no'if'guilty of wrong doin,g will )ttatlty for Woodville. G.W. Lon,gmire': Of LaMaue, showing her descendancy from (Vote for One) Jane Davis through seven den- Fred L. Hetzler ( ) "On these sround.s we feel e Punished, and those who have In Field Hospital Wex.;' H. M. Long.mire f Crosby, - ................... R. W. Longmire of Natchez, and orations, that a new election shoulde rot 'beeome involved in the mess Following t.he firSt-day tour J. B. (Joe) Jones ................ ( ) held, or, I Charles E. Johns'n Funeral services for Mr. Eddie Local Students Are Dr. A. W. Longmive of Rockvllle, Md.; four daughters, Mrs. Lella of Rosemont, visitors to World- A. L. (Butch) Reese ............ ( ) should be declared, the winner, • .Hoffpauir, 79, were conducted f, rom Newman Funeral Home Honor Graduates At Burke Marsh of Concord, Tenn., ville will ,he entertained at Chapel on Sunday, May 27. at Mrs. Rose Mary O'Neal of Perk- dinner and informal dance at Don Vine ................................. ( ) Charles( S i g n eE.d ) Johnson."Respectfully your, i. 3:30 p.m. with the Rev. H. Ray Two State Colleges n,aton, Mrs. Sue Rebecca Jones a local restaurant that evening ....................................................... ( ) Identical petitions were also Quick o['ficiating assisted by the of Quitman, Tax.. and Mrs. Laura andand willnerbybe Woodville FOR ALDERMAN signed by even other black Rev. Donald O'Quin. Interment Wilkinson County students Padgett of Crosby; 13 grandohtl- Sund.ay activities i n cl u d e (Vote for Five) canidates, with only the nme.s and offices sought being was in Oaklawn Cemtery. were among those gradua,tiug dren; one bother, S. L. Wilder morning worship services at St. I. E. (Bob) Bell .................... ( ) changed. These petitioners in- Mr. Hoffpaulr died on Friday, with honors at 'both the Uni- of Blytheville, Ark.; ,and one Pauls Episcopal Church which[ May 25, ,at Field Memorial Cam- vergity of Mi.Ssissippi and the sister, Mrs. Clothtlde Adkins of is celebrating its 150th annlver-I C" C. German),, Jr.. ........... ( ) cluded John J. Monroe, Jimmy S. Harris, Charlie Reed, and munity Hospital. University of Southern Missis- Coushatta, La. sary this year. According to llverson McKey .................... ( ) Celeste Cane, candidates for i!i .Survivors include his wife, sippi, according to releases re- Caldeira, the Davi's amily at-] Mrs. Mary Ann Hoffpaulr, Cen- ceived from the two universities this week. " tended that church, and it is Wafter Nettles .................... ( ) alderman; Tom Russ, candidate trevllle: one son, Johnny Huff- University -- Seventy-eight appropriate that reunion activ-' James Owens ........................ ( ) fr marshal; and Larry J. John- " son and Isabella Scott, candi- pauir, Copperas Cove, Texas; and three g, randchildren. University of Mississippi seniors ities use that setting. John 'Rollins ........................ ( ) dates for members of the mu- ......................... _ . ,,_. ........................ were graduated with honors at Following the Sunday services, recent Commencement Exercises a lunch will be held t the Frank Stutzman .................... ( ) nlcipl Democratic executive :: P 'sCel S eommittee. U I P f at ale Miss. Eighteen received parish house and lawn for John C. Templeton ............ ( )1 ": nce ere rom ercy r e ( cyS "special distinction" recognition Dvis family descendants and Wilkerson stated on Monday ............................  ....................... while 60 completed academic invited guests. Beginning at A. Kent Van Cleave ............ ( )Ithat a hearing on the petitions creers "wit. distinction." They 1:45 p.m. in ,the churc,h will be Norman Welch .................... ( ) has "been scheduled for Monday, DEAR MISTER EDITOR: Old Testament days ma and pa were among nearly 1.400 young a special progrnm with Dr. was jest as worried about the men and wamen receiving di- Frank Vandiver speaking on ....................................................... ( ) June 11, at 10 ,a.m. Other mem- bers of the .municipal executive I see where the Russians now wild ways of the younguns as plomas from Chancellor Porter Jef, ferson Davis, American ,  committee, which will conduct has invented somepun called they are today. Its ,that there L. Fortune, Jr. at Spring grad- President." Dr. Vundiver is SAMPLE BALLOT the ,formal hearing on the con- standing around the corner and seems to be so much more for uation ceremonies. Provo'st of Rice University and tests ,at that time, are A. W. telling jokes. T, his come to light young folks to git into today, Among those graduating "with is .chief advisory editor of the Treppend=hl. Joe C. Leake an in a report a'bout juvenile was Bug's words, distinction" were .harles Alex Papers of Jefferson Davis, a GENERAL ELECTION Charles A. Plitt. delinquency in Russia. It seems the young folks over there are O erie r al speaking, Miste,r Canova. Jr.. of Woodville. 25-volume document on all of TOWN OF CROSBY, MISS. It was reported to this news- laying out of school to stand Editor, country prcachers Kit Hattiesburg -- Two area stu- Davis' works. Dr. Vandtver is a paper that one or more federal . ,;i around and ,talk, and some have right down to the rock bottom dents have been graduated from noted author, editor and lec- June 5, 1973 election observers were present .took to drinking vodka on the of problems. The few ,times I the University,of Southern Mis- turer. J '" In Woodville for both the pri- been in a city church I couldn't sissippi with honors. A reception on :the church] FOR MAYOR -- mary elections, held here on school ground. * * * tAln't it ta wonder, Mister.rigger half the time who tile They are Mary Louise (Susie) rounds will be .held after the May 8 and May 15. As far as erring out this paper is no Editor, what them Russians good parson was aiming at. It Reese of Centreville, who was program, and another reception (Vote for One) this newspaper has been able aie! If we print jokes, people ain t no mistaking the target graduated from the USM Sohool will f,ollow at Rosemont. Albert Case ................................ ( ) to ascertain, not a single protest I or complaint ,was filed with an t." ay we the silly; if we don't come up with. This piece I saw when a country preacher .takes of Home Economics, 'and Teresa Caldeira is obviously enthu- (Independent) quoted the interior minister, a his text. The feller in the city Johnson Moore of Woodville, siastic about the forthcoming observer on either electlon day jey say we are too serious. If Mr. Shumilin. as .allowing the 'we clip things from other papers, trouble with he younguns wa slpulpit may bag a few birds, but who was graduated f˘om the Davis family reunional,most as Kenneth $. Petty ...................... ( ) or during their presence in the College of Education and Psy- excited as he is about the (Republican) local. Civil Service Commission ,:i .e are too lazy to write our that their parents was to busy you can rest asured thecountry :,wn raaterial; if we don't, we covey. If we could git some of FOR ALDERMEN -- elections .... : 'Stuck on our own stuff! If to spend time with era. This of- .parson has his eye on the whole chology. (Continued on Page 7) office the day after each of the a'  Stick 'too close to .the job j ficial went on to say the ,break- (Vote for Five) h,' day, we ought to be out down of youth could be traced,, t wehiS wouldn'tpractical haveW°rdstoint°blameaCti°n'our ;,i: ,"lng up news; if we do go to "misbakes in educJtlon. Bu trou.bles on the Russians and Sam Adams .............................. ( ) WCCA Annual Business o1  ,,and hustle, we ought to be this feller,was quick to point oust that juvenile delinquency in his vice verser. (Independent) ae job in the office. If we Frank G. Davis ........................ ( ) Meeting Monday Night o°Zr.  Print contributions, we country is not .a natural result For ln's.tant, our preacher said of the social system, like it is in the other Sunday we was put- at appreciate true ge'nius; if ,some places he could mention, ring on a.little drive to git u.p (Republican) of Thepatrons'annUalandbUsineSSsupportersmeetingof ontinued on Page 8) There's a ch anct that Mr. money to put air conditioning Oscar Hughes .......................... ( ) Wilkinson County Christian Shumilin was ,talking abeu u's In his study afore the real hot agin. I reckon they claim to weather. He said he knowed'the (Independent) Academy will be held at the T/'/ have invented their own brand collection was fer his personal Mrs. Jannie L, Millender ........ ( ) chool gymnasium on next Mon- W/,th}, of bored younguns, but it,s the comfort, but lie allowed the (Independent) :day night, June 4, a% 8 p.m. ,r ,$ old tune. We was there congregation ought to look with Julius Ca,rter, president of the • .,. first with the most, and they're favor on the idee. cause where L.H. (Pat) Molloy .................... ( ) WCCA board of directors, will ate Rain Hi* lo* jest trying ,m catch up. I won't lsome of us was going we was (Republican) preside at this annual public ted, , say I'm happy they have in- .going to need all the cool air meeting at which time the den- . ,. ,p • vay 23 Tr 89 67 vented juvenile delinquency, we could git. He didn't call no Paul Prichard ........................... ( ) oral busness of the a:cademt all,, May 24 rl., :May 25 2.62 85 65 'but I will say that misery allus names, Mister Editor, but he. 0ndependent) ,Three°perati°nSmembersWillofbethedlScussed'board of a,t., May 26 Tr 87 69 did love company, was looking straight at ever- James S. (Buster) Reeves ...... ( ) lirectors are also to be elec*ted lln., May 2 Tr 88 69 I brung P this report .from body. lIon,, May 2 .06 87 75 iRussi a durlng the session at the That got a few hot under the (Republican) at the session. Directors whose. 2"ue. May 29 / .26 80 77 country tore Saturday night, culler, but it wa he best TOWN CLERK- terms expire this year incl, ude 0 8 61 ,and the fellers was 'general collection we've had in a month Fred Netterville. J, A. Venres ]:)ally leadlngs: Rainfall 1 "D,m, lagreed tha younguns is the of Sundays. Governor Bill Waller (left) congratulates Mrs. Polly Evans on (Vote for One) and Charles Wlletstone. :(tatistics Temperatures 5 p.m./same all over. Bug Hookum Yours truly, her ap'pointment to the Mississippi River Parkway Commission. Mrs. Earline Reeves ............... ( ) All patrons .and supporters of furnished courtesy of said he heard the preacher say The Commission was reactivated altering the 193 Legislative (Republican) WCCA are invited and urged i th Miss. Commission.) the other Sucly ht back in Uncle Pete Session. atend tl imPortant meeting.