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May 28, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 28, 1898

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]11. .... I Mr. Malcohn Robinson of Memphis, Son of the late E. A. Robinson of this v__ ........................ -- I place, is here on a ,, isit his old friends. Saturday, May 28. We are glad to see our young friend and trust that his stay in his former :d&apos;ciul Journal of the C0r- home will be a pleasant one. p0rtion of Wo0dville. The'S--a=',ompsoo Glove- : w---'-- -- fitting summer Corset% only $1, at SimpleAnnnunceulentsnf marria- Rothschild's. 7es and deaths will bc plbhshed -- . r. Chas. R. I'yo7 Bton Uouge 7:ithaut charge. La., has purchased the Argue Drug] Siibsc'i|.tioll" per alilUtli. Store. and is out in a card soliciting a I Cash ....................... $1 50 shareof the public patronage. We[ Otherwise. $2 00 trust a liberal share of the public ................ patronage will be accorded him. :MAIIIET. The Methodist Sunday School held ew Orleans, May, 27, 1898. their annual pie-nie on Frida7 of last, Cotton-- wool; in tlle grove on Capt. Gee. T. Middling .......................... 6 McGehee's place. A large number of children were present and it is need- No rain yet. less to say a pleasant day was spent The qlreets are very dust)', by all. The weatheris fearfully ho, On nex Frida orning at the .--*m,o Masonic llall, Ex-Gov. J. M. Stone, Jon Vou AT THF. I{EPUBLICAN. will address the raduatin;f class of I keep'rinT::::]v(=lasse s.uPo. he Edward Mcgehee College. As G. J. AI)xts. Ex-Gov. Stone is the Grand Master of Masons of Mississippi, Asylum Lodge ismakmg preparations to cntertain him while here, and will nleebwiLh him on Thursday night if possible. Ladies' anal .entlemen's tIem stitched colored bordered tIandker- chiefs; others ask from 60e to)1 20 per doz. X, e soil them at 40c to 50e per doz Ask to see them at Roths- child's. We are informed that tim citizens ofthe2ndDistrlcthelda meeting on last Tuesday at Fort, Adams for the purpose of putting a stop to irrespon- sible persons I)urchasing or driving cattle out of that district. This isa move in the right direction. It was repmte:!thaes0meofttae citizens of tha district had lost quite a number of cattle. A Methodist meeting will begin at F, "t Adams, Thursday night,, May 251h. and cmtinue about ion days lvex. C. H. Ellisor New Orleans wilt a,ist in the meeting and Miss Lula Gii-son of Natchewi!ltead to choir. The meetin will be hel0 if) y)aptiet (hurehora largeten. All invited o attend. W.W. 5IO01{E. The races on Wednesd:Iy and Thurs- " day at the Fair Grounds while not largeiy attended were however very inl.erestina and exciting. Quite a number or good fast horses were on the grmmds and some exhil)ition (if speed was made. Mr. Fisher deserved a better crowd than attended, and we suggest, *,hat should he again in the ;I0 future endeavor to have summer races ',q he should advertise them more ex- 15 tcnsi rely. A (2AI.LD TO TIlE PUBLIC!! 1 have sold to Mr. Chas. g. Day my Drag Store together wilh all acewults due the store and would respect, fully ask a conlinuance of patronage to him so liberally extended me. GEOLGE ARGUE. In refercneetnabove, I invite you Lo give nle a share of your pall ronage and will bep!eased 50 have you call, even lhrmh you do no5 nlake a pur- ch'lse. No trouble to show goods, lb will be my desire tO serve yell well ab all tiules. (01TAS. R. DAY. ': - Keep c,l(,l hy !)atrhizing Argue's Sadu Fountain. Iu a recent letter fronl Washington, D O., to all ohl friend. Major G. A. )NS btuder, for twenty years U. S. Con.u] at Singapore, says: "'WMlo a Des Metrics I became acquainted with a e, linament known as Chaulberlalu s )- I'ain balm which l found excellent whl(' a.(zaini rheu/nalim a well ns against soreness or the throat and chest (giv- *-+ lug u.e, much easierbreathin) 1 hatt Capt. '. (. (',:l-t \\;vd ill IOWU (Ill a IOuL'h el plleuulouia earl, tins week Wednesday and reporled that quite a and two applications freely al)01ied to Ilumt)er (if cattle were dying ,on louver the thro'tt "rod che.t relie;,'ed me of it Pevev'sCreek with adisease reported at once. 1 would not be without it to be oh:lrtrme, i for an, thing2 ' For sale by " " C KANN. tttl. Otlr Base Ball "'-"'Ciuo has received re-t1 'AM EPI(JA N" ='' l)tves to t.heir letters iu rerere.nce lo] TIIE NAVY, CUBA AND ItAWAII. r ] r lilies, find in tile l)ht)ing mulct I.; .:' " '[ A pm'tfolia, in ten parts, sixteen .} course of at few weeks Woodvil!e wiil/i i have a big match game ml liar own I Vi('V S in each Dill'i, of t,he finest half tone pit;bltro'; of the American Navv, iCuba and thlwali, has just beeu isL ground, " 2:- 'Divine Servi':es were held in thelSUcd bv aC, hieagoI)ulll{shin house. ,.-o-, TheIllinois Central ilailroad }l:lS Svoa,),.rtle on Tllursday evenillgaud I made arra.ngl,nlenls for a Sl>ccial edi iOO ' " };ridiiy'/n(iriliog tiy l)rs. Vohlherg and i tiuu for the tlenellb of il,s pall'OilS, and a slJec, inleu e(tpv carl /IO St'CU at the It r l)(2illcr O[1 (ofn['uelllO ad lloses. ilC ( : $ g'" . : ' "ll(l('ai I. C. ticket office. Sitigle paris )l%ln r ol IIe la OU Mt raLi(iu (if the g' "' " i ' ' a ,. [nlav hc had at ten (?enl each, the luli' set., one hundred and sixly pic- Sinai to Moscs..,--I i tart's, c)s;.s but title dolhu'. Suhscrip- lions for lhe set. maw be left wilh t,he )@ If you bare ., liiarlr) or organ to lageut,. In view or {,he present excite- i@ tune of' rel)a:r, wait for J. E IIines. ' meal )'effardinz Cuha. these pictures the old retiallle piano tuner who ill arevcry Hnlelv. CallatLhe ticket be here (luriu tile lu()ntll of May. t (diicc and see them. A gond rain ls=-l;' needed especi- ally around tnwn and for the gardens. :> Nrs. E. W. Mvl" returned home Saturday from a pleasant visit, to her relasives in Greenville. First elass brick for sale by A. r. Benedict. ]Ir. E. 1)al-ap turned from a hort trip to New Orleans, (m Thurs- day evenings brain. => Our friend KlingiT,',, now resid- ing on the river below F(;rt Ad-tms. l)aid us a visit durin the week. Gee. McGiIL formerly employed at Argues Pharmacy. can now be seen behine the counters at Mr. Gee. a. Adams. Dr. B. Woh!brg:). )'ter a serious and painful illt)ess of nearly three months duration has recovered sufficiently'to ugaln he out ell ,mr streels. Thirty vard .,,,o<t Sea Island cot tou for $1, at ll.,th,,Adlds. Base BalN, Bats and (;i.;o, .I. AI).x/s. The nieebii u o1 the Fair Asso(',iatinn Was affaiu t))lponu'd for awhile. It seea]s to us Olaf the lit, Lie iuLerest is manifested In this euteiprise. Next week the C,mmeneemen at E.-twa,'d MeGehee College will begin. Everybody isiuvit, ed to at, tendanda pleasant time is assured to all. See,tles Raisin% Citron, washed Cnrrants, ,-,}icllcd AI,noud% the last bf tile season, at C. Sehaelcr., A:eom!dete asscrtmeut of printed Cainhi'ius, Porcal and Madas just the thin_ for ladies' s!drt walst., at Ioilischilcl s, Mr. . C. S,;;i,'',OW h,caled ai tlutehin'a Miss., was at visitor to our ttl:n.on W,.dnesday. lie returned tn his heine again Thursd,iy. I)r. T. O. 'lV()o(i; llarn logeLher tvilh seve)'al hundred tlarre]s I)l t'()l'n lind a lille ]qt (if hay. was desLroy(2d by llro Tilesdav nib/t. The origin of tile tire iS UII[,7,11(IWFI. The Spinning vV (2tub will meet at, Mrs. !I. B. Mct}ehee's re.-idenceon r_PtlCSd V, )];ly 31St at 4 o'elt)elc. A filll -iLbondai:co is earnestly rt.questcd as iinprtant, btisine..,s ]s Lo Lt hi-an& acted, The fa,,,,,,, ';:ri:o<_,a ,,tr, :e c()d, Oil dr;,li,lit at GEm ,I. A>A:uS. I {ARILIED: On Tuesday evening at the resideuee of Mr. J. Wheelel. five Inilts west, (if this place, Mr. It. % McNamara and Miss Liilian Wheeler. l{ev..1. W. Crisler otliciatin, The happgcouple have the best wishes of the EPUBLIC AN. Mr- C. W. Ilenderson's colt tllat ha been in Texas, and traid by Mr. W. O. Foote, was returned t,o him oil last rj'hurMay, a perfc('L beauly iu tlOl'Se ttegb. Mr. 1,'olte writes Mr. llender- son that his c()l is a gnod as any lie has ever driven, e ),,- :: Among our lale rectal)IS are 10,000 yards o Embroidery, remnants iu 5 yard laeees, They are put on salt, at 5(:. 8eand J0; wortll double, at Mr. J E. Ihnes, the o:(I tellable l:iann t6aor, has been here for several weeks rep:drin_ and tuning lnanos and organs, ile left 3esterdav, but will return during the mouth of May to tune the pipe oran in the Fpisco- pal Church at which time he willlill all orders fur tuninff and rel)airing l>ianns and organs left with Mrs. J Noble. Countrg orders solicited  j,,.- -4J e Also reeeive(t 100 d,)z, ladies Rich- ! Satisfaeiion uaranteed or no pay. r . , elie, Rilht*(i Turner % est., I,ile """' Thread and Ilamlsomely triunned. ICIIAMBE1HAIN'SCOUGH REME- Wou}(t be a bargain at 25 ee:ts /)ut we are satistied with 10ca at IIoths- ehiht. We are informed hat Mr. Chanlb, ers ling ab,mt six niiK south-west, of Wovdille, hasa cow which gave birth tothrco heifer calve. They are now over aweek old and all of 4them are very good size. .... 'Fry a bottle o; ;t-ams barH)arilla . and purify your bloott. 25 cents chcatier than tl,)o Is at zl.kM'], PROGRAM FOR COMMENCE- MENT. Address--Ex. Governor J. M. Stone, of Jackson, Miss. Friday, June 3rd 10:30 . ,. Chtsdren's Evening Friday, June 3rd, 8 P. . Comnencement SerlnonRav. T.B. Hol]oman, Sunday, June 5th, 11 A. M- Final ConcertMonday, June 6th, 8 P. M. Reading of Essays by Graduates and Awarding distinctmnsTues- day, June 7th, 10;30 A. . Commencement Exercises-- Tuesday, June 7th, 8 1". . A full and complete line of thecel- ebrated Juo. B. Stetson &Co. Hats, in the latest shape and styles. Our price only $3, at Rothschilds. Frank Sherwo,d was down town to-day, the tirt time since hc had his tussle with cholera nlorbus. Ilc says he drove thirty miles after he was ta- ken and never came so near (13 ing ill his life. After this when he goes out iu the conntrv he will take a bottle of Chambcrlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarthoea Remedy witn him.--Mis- souri Valley (Iowa) Times. For sale by G. KANN. Thcre is a Morro castle at IIa- vane and one nt San Juan, Porto Rico. Many persons are curious to know why the Spaniards have these-two castles of the same name, says the Atlanta Journal. The word Morro in Spanish means promontory, and these castles are so n'med t)ecause the)" are perched upon comnlanding elevations in the two cities. NcwYork's one-time famous Seventh Regiment is likely to be wiped out (if existence as a result of the eulphatic snubs an<l sneers that greet its meint)ers on every hand since the regunents refusal to t.tke i)art in active war. The latest official cold shoulder is the refusal of the Grand Army of the l}epuhlic to permit the ex-gall'mt Seventh to parade with it on Decoration day. This ship by the veteran% who are onlyde- tained from aetive service in the present war by the weight of years, must be particularly gall- ii,g to the youngsters who have posed as the iuhcritc4"s of their ehler' patriatism and martial ar- (]or. War is a great means of ferreting out the 1 y.)oerites.Ex DY ALWAYS PROVES EFFEC- TUAL. i There are no better medicines on the market than Chauiberhdu's. We liave, used the Cough Remedg when all others failed, and iu every instan it proved effectual. Almost daffy w 3 hear the virtnes of Chamberhfin' s rein edies extolled by those who have used them. This is not an empty puff, paid4or at so much a line. but is yon urtarflv given in good ai(h. it) the hope t!at stlffering humanity may try tlmse remedies and, like the write'r, b benefited.---From the Glenville (W. Va,) I)athtluder. For :,le b G. KANN, New  dvertisements. REGISTRATION NOTICE. Iu accordanee with Section 2 chap- ter 51 t)f tho acts of I89t and chapter 11;) a..v,t cs!)ecially Sections 615 and 3687. I ,ill visit the following named precincts on the days hereiuafler )ne)itioned for the purpose t)f reais- tering those who have not heretofore re<dtered to=wit: l'rcci act. Data. Wooilville, Mmlday and Tuesday 6th and 7th June 1898. Turnbull, Wednesday June 8 1898. Whitestown Thuisday ' 9 " Centreville Saturday  11 " Coons Mill Monday : 13 ' ' Macedoui Wednesday ' 15 " Dry Fork Friday ' 17 Perrytowu Mon'day ' 20 Rosette Tuesday ' 21 /'ohl Sl)riug, Thursday ' 23 Boaver Creek Salurday ' 25 Pe,'cvs Creek Monday " 27 Ohl River Wednesday" 29 Fort Adams Friday July 1 Pinckneyville Saturday ' ' 2 Donegal Tuesday " 5 " After which the bookswill be kept open at my ofllce for five days to reg- idlu'al who may apply who areenti- tledtoreister, t)u all parties wish- ingtow)tein the coming November election mnst register four mouths before the day of election. K. F JOHNSON, (:ireuit Clerk and Registrar. 5 14 1898 4w. STRAYED OR STOLEN. ()ne small iron gray mare about 12+ ha:lrl high, at)pill 6Tears old, very small held andtluile spirited. Any one returning same to inc will bo re- warde.d. ,[AS.'IIENDRICKS, Ft Adams, Miss. 5 14 4w. NOTICE. BIDS to liuitd a I)ridge across creek near II. T. Sharp's aec()rding to specl- flcatiun nn tile in the chancery clerk's office will bereceiyed tip to9 o'clock A;M..(in 1st Monday in Jnne 18!)8. " he Bi)ard reserves the rigltb to reject any and all bids, C. A. Coox, Clerk. .5 I4 1998 4w. LU/Y[BER; We are pre)>ared to fill at, shrtrf notice any ()rder r.r lough Cypress LUMBER at, low prices. Correspon- dence solicited. J NO. F. IRVINE & SON. 3 19 98 6m. Skin Diseases. For the speedy and permanent cure of ,tter, salt rheum and eczema. Cham- oerlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is without an equal. It relieves the itcR. ing and smarting almost instantly and its continued use effects a permanent cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch, scald head, sore nipples, itching piles, chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and granulated lids. Dr. Cady)s Condition Powder for horses are the best tonic, blood purifier advermifuge. Price, 25cents. Boldby G. Zd A'7': NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to htlnt or otherwise trespass on my lands kown as the Gildart tract, the Lutlertv tract and Fleet tract, about I mile norllt-east of Woodvitle under pmal',y of die law F. F. D T. Dec, 19 -tf TI-IE 6EM 00ALOON % IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH A FULL STOCK OF " : PTlbE LIQU Ol:S --o SUCII AS--o OLD AIOWOPOLE 17 E, P UIITdW R FE, @, IREWCIt BRdWD F, WIES, ETC. Choice Stock o[ FINE cIGAR8 Always on Hang JlibThose is need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examine my stock. A. . JOI-INSON- REOEIVED A full line of the wcll known 1 Manhattan 00Vhich we offer for a short !time ONLY at 7'00c and S| worth S1.25 and $1.50, , ) Martin Rothsch#id & Bro. P. IL Wlt[TE. W.S. WlIITE. While Grocery G0., MAIN STREET. Under Masonic Hall DEALZnS I Fancy and Staple Groceries, Candy, Cakes. Fruits of all kinds, Tobacco and Cigars. Best Extracts lu town. Feb 12 98 ly. S. MARANTO, CnmCFST Fruits, Oysters, Nuts of all klila'S, and Fresh Family Gro ceries. leeeives daily Fancy Ca n- dy of all kinds. Maecaronl eoo-y( etl in the best style, from 9 A. M. (}to 8 P. I. - am-f, " 1M[ain St. Opposite Baum&  a, WALS & WILSON OO N TR ACTOROF  -- PIICK  cEMENT -6- w O R K. ++ Estimates Furnished l'atronage Solicited. Leave Orders with Wettnn & Hickey or Ben Brow n's, Be.rber Shop. Dee 18 97 2m. FOR SA LE. The Patrick plantati,m situated ot Old River,,, V(ilkinson County, Miss. cont'mling about 320 acres. For particu!ars apldV to, W. P. S. VZTnESS. Woodvlile, Miss. 3 19 1898 4w. POSITRONS GUARANTEED. To Graduates of Hearts' Practical BtlsillcSS College, School of Short! l[all(l, Telegraphy, etc,. Jackson, Mississippi, We have bought the Wayatt Col- leges here and at Meridian, but have closed out the one at Meridian, and prepared to give students the very bet busiuess training to be had ay- wliere. Catalogue sent t,n applica- tion. N. J. HARRIS. President. Jackson. Miss. Sept. ll, 1897-tf NOTICE, I haye just received and will keep constantly on hand a frll supply oi COFFINS and CASKETS, of all Styles, whieh I will sell at rea- sonable pvicea. Shop opposite %1/'. C. Bonnvs res- idence. Tiles. RLA'ND. 21, 1897-t/ JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, Our st6e[./ {s atay eomptete, eomprisiug the latest and newest desigus in : : : Diamonds, Watdkes, Clocks, Jewelry, Sliver=ware, IXoelties, Cutlery, Spectacles, ye-Glasses c. Repairing ! I.. a special feature of . our business and we are confident, with our Prices, Aecuracy aud Promptness. we can please you : : WE-+ CUARANTEE , I , NOTICE The public are hereby notified that Ituntmg is prohibited on the Sur- gette, Elmwood, Belleview and Gor- don Plantations. All former permits ate hereby re- voked. CII.kS. CgHEN. Nov. 20, 1897-tf a RESPASS NOTICE. Ihlnting or otherwise trespassing on the McManus, Idarish and Bowling Green places ts strictly prohibited uu- der penalty of the law. All foruler permissions rew)ked. R. M. McGEHEE. J. II. PENDLETON. Sept. 4, 1896-tf FOR ALE. The house and lot in Woodyille, south west of the publi square kx)owu as the Susau Scott ]lot adjoining lot of Dr L W" Magruder, apply to It S V, ]ATON. 11 20 1897 tf. o TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting on Simrall and Schae- fer places is strictly prohibited under penalty of the law. L. W. MzRvvz. 2O NEW 00OOI)S. t Ve have just received another lar shipment of Dry GoodS Which are of. feted this wee at the tsal low prices. On or counters wiilbe fo the latest desis i .Dotted Swiss. Dimitties and other oods seitable fr smmer wear, while ozbr eXcellen assortment ofl imported white Oran- dies will repa a investiatior. Bel Gloves arid Sltppera tn [wlite Idd, are very fashionable, amt wilt be found here in, reat variety. G, SCHAEFER. ' "C ,.A N ..... '' ........... WOODVILLE, DEALER IN-- DRUGS and MEDICINES CHFMiC00tg Public School Books Fancy and lo:Ll_exol X'O,ooo and.  . . Stationerainters Spplies, Cdtlery tZurnis? ifftIardware, ltluminatin2 Oils, " Garden Seed #e. tlPhvslcians prctcrlptlons carcfully compounded, auad orders correctly  cck selected with grat carc andwarranted as representea. - "" '. 8.9 z. .--y. F. A. ]IcLAIN. W.P.S. VEXRTSS D. O. B't;AT'I'. w.F. l IO Bramlett & Tacker. McLAIN & VENTKESS, Att0rneys 000uml0rs 00Aitmiqt ud C00i0000mit WOODVILLE, MISS, " Office in M;Gehee bnilding. DR. C. 8. I:IAILTON, 0000NTIST. WOODVILLE Otlice at Schlesmge" rdousc. April I8, :95 ly. ,IISS ; DR. CHAS. E, CATCRINGS PItRI00IAII IRl{i VooDVtLLE : : : : I[ss Office iu Adams Drng Store. uy J14, '94 tf, _.DR. L. W, MAGRUDER, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Office at residence, April 7, .88 ly DR C, O. CROSS Dental Surgeon, WOODVILL, MISS. Office up stairs over the Postoffice. A. G, SHANNON, Atb,00ey 000unsd0r Liw WOODVILLE, MISS. Will practice in all State and United Staten oufts in this tate Real estate bought and .ld ou oom- mission. Ofltee 6n Cmmercial Row. H. S. V kN EATON. Office up.staira in the Odd Fellows Building. DR, JOHN F. THERREL, Physician and Surgeon WOODVILLE, MIS8, Office on Main St. at his old Stand JOHN A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR. A Full Stock of M.etalic and Wood- eu Coffins always on hand at Wood- ville, Miss., :Main St. Trespass Notice. AII persons found htmtmg, fishlnl or otherwise trespassing on the Bur namwood plantation about 3 mile south of Woodville will be prose cuted to the full extent of the law. A strict watch will be kept on sam( plantation for trespassers. L. W. bIRuD WOO]YVILLE, M i Offlcein M,the'e BttflJin, (JOI mereial Row. = J.H. JONEs. --- tu! nd C00lcr It iav, WOODVILLE, MI. Office abova the iRepubliean Om. s. c-D-ma:.00o DEALER IN Family and Fancy Grocerfes. Oolte tmneries, Oyste, rs, Tropical Fr|t at kinds, Sugar, Coffee, Flonr,/Sotp Slarch, Haisins, urs ot all kind| Cauned Fruit and Fish, &c. Fine brand chewing Tobacco'. Fresh Bread every day. !e@ (lta plies arriving daffy,: March 21, 18)6-y TRESPASS NO TICE. A]lhuntlng and tres Retreat and I)amernn )rohibited; under penalty of the - M XeioN'So z..r: Oct., 9th ' TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting, ttshh(g or trespassing on Glett Bornl s strictly prohibited tinder lie law. All toruier yoked. (3o. T. McG:nt;t, TRESPASS NOTICEo Any person canght hunting, or other wise trespasshl Collins or O](I Le'N prosecnted to the t l)ll aw. All former ed. F. D. Lzwls. artieIe of llti00y, ,00in ml lm Tlt IT VARItgTII O1 TE BT BRAND8 O1 CIOA128, Domestic an0 Im portvd, Fancy Liqnors. Vermouth, Bottled and Keg Be0r, Iec alwaya  hand, My frietds and cntmors will lind me ready to do l)nsine. A. H. ZSAEDM& March 12, 92. O.A.S