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May 28, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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May 28, 1898

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Saturday, May 28. J. S, LEWIS, Editor and Proprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. trite W'OODVILLE [EPUBL/CAN s the oldest neNspaper in the State; has a larger 5ona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this section; thererdre : !s , 00iv0rtis0n hat t!iB in l00id, ANN() VNCEME NT. FOR CONG RES, To the Voters of the Sixth Congres- sional District BelievinE that all investigation of I'ny record ill (or)res will show that ] h a:e (!}seha.rged my duty. actively, raitmuhy at,I efiicientlv : tltat I have kept all promises and broken no party oledges, I therefore am encouraged again solicit the suOport of my constituency for re-election and here- by annotlnce my candidacy, subject to tim action of ihe Denmcrafic party of the Sixth l)istrtct of Mississippi. Very Rcspectfltlly, _ W. F LOVE. Masonic )leering. IE Regular ffonthly meeting of Asy]mn Iodge, No. C;3, F. A. M. will be held at. the Lodge ]room Wednes day_evening, commencing at 7). o'cToek 111. The members are speei,'dly requested to attend. By order J. F. THERRELL. The First Miss, Reg/ment, Col. Govan, has been mustered in. The companies came from the following towns : Itattiesburg, Meridian, E]hswl]e, tIicko ry, Brookhaven, Vicksburg, Scran- ton, Jackson, Wesson, Fayette, Natchez and tIazlehurst. The second regnnent is being organ- ized, two compames being in camp at Jackson. The Battleshil) Oregon arrived at Jupiter Inlet, torma, several F! 1 days ago. She made the most notable voyage on record of any hip of he} class. The Oregon was sixty-five das out from San Francisco and travelcd about 14,- 000 miles, stopping at several places for coal" From Bahia she ran to the W/ndward Islands and north-east to near the Bahamas, a rather rmmd-about way but un- interrupted. The gunboat Marl- era came from the P:lcic coast with the Oregon and the Buffalo, purchased from Brazil also was with her. It wouhl have been fortuilate if the Oregon had been left on the Pacific coast the way things have resI3ted, as her pres- ence at Manila would make Ad- miral Dewey secure against any Spanish fleet. ....... t Iio  In a sham battle between three brigades at Chickamauga Park r ( on ' e tnesdaya serious casualty occurred during the progress o'f THE SITUATION. At this time probably 120,000 of the 125,000 volunteers under the first call of the President have been mustered in. The vast amount of equipments need- ed for this large number of men ARMOR FOR BA'rTLEbHIPS. Washington, May 24"Bids were opened to day for supplying the armor for the three battleships Illi- nois, Alabama and Wisconsin, now in course of construction at the Union Iron Works, Newport News and Cramps. This is the second * 'CAMP 'PAT I-IENRY. ' ' ESCAPEDLYNCHING. Jackson, Miss./May 21st, 1895. Special to the Herald. [ DEAR MR. EDITOR:--[early tWO Natchez. Miss., May 25.Much I weeks have elapsed since we left dear excitement was created ia Natchez old WoodviHe and cast our lot with this morning when it was discovered the Jeff Davis Volunteers; but still that Andrew Cancellieri had been released from jail, placed en the we feel the warm handshakes of our train and sent to Cincinnati. Can- friends and hear the last farewells of time that the tzovernmen has en- eellieri, last September, was arrested had to be manufactured and as- deavored to secure bids for supply- on a charge of administering poison tonishing progress has been made ing the armor for these ships. The to his employer, Joseph Eidt, will} in that direction, though the un- avoidable delay which prevented the prompt movement of volun- teers has occasioned much un- favorable comment. There are nearly 40,000 well organized and equipped volunteers at Chicka- flrst effort, made about a 3.ear ago, was unsuccessful because Congress ltad made the minimum cost per ton forthe armor at a figure below the cost of production bill having in- creased the price allowed to $400 per ton, to-day's efforts were success- flit Fm the Illinois, the two armor companies, Bethlehem and Carnegie, mauga, from eight to ten thou- divided their bids, one taking the sand neat' Mobile and a consider- lighter armor and the other the able number in Florida. Some heavier. For the Alabama the lY,000 regulars also are at or near I Bethlehem company bid $1,C22,504, while the Carnegie company did not ampa. Thorn is no cause forlbid. For the Wisconsin the Came- delay in the invasion of Cuba, lgie company bid $1,023.504. The unless it is the lack of sufficient/rate in each case was $400 per ton small arms an}unition. The[for bolts and armor, tim max}mum amount allowed by Congress. The factories are and have been work- Bethlehem company undertakes to ing double tinge in turning out I begin deliveries of the armor within rifle cartridges at the rate oflsevenmnthsafter contract and to 400,000 daily but it will be some-/supply 300 tons monthly. The Carnegie company will begin Dec. { hmebefore a campaign supply for tnex t and supply tim same amoun 180,000 nen is accumulated; ] montldy. whmh hovever need not prevent , : military operations where corn- All sorts of things are being said in and out of the press about the municatton is certain and speedy, figure Missisfippi is playing in the On Wednesday the President called for 75,000 additional vol- 'unteers. The call is not tangled up with the National Guard ques- tion and the physical examina- tions will not be so restrictive as heretofore. This force will be call for volunteers. The Greenwood Commonwealth, among other things, says : "Tim governor's call for volun- teers was two weeks after those of tim other states; again, no provis- ions were made for the volunteers when they arrived in Jackson in the wsy of blankets, etc, The displace- put into camps o'f instruction as men} of most of the ranking officers soon as possible, and properly of our state militia without cause, prepared for duty in the field. The call for this fqrce is eminent- ly wise and proper. Three ,: transports with 2500 troops have left San Francisco foriManila. They also carried and appointing in their places men from private life, no doubt cooled the warm blood of patriotism in the men of the state organization who served under tiieir officers for the last ten years. Then the announce- ment thawent forlh that even the [ company officers would be selected large quantities of supplics. Five kept many a company from respond- hundred heavy artillerymen were ing until the)' were assured of the part of the detachment. No fact that their ofeers would be re- doubt Admiral Dewey is busy fortifying Manila harbor and that heavy guns have been sent him. If so, these with the Monitor Monterey, now on the way to Manila, will render hitfi absolute- ly secure against any naval force. Twelve or fifteen thousand addi- tional troops will be sent to the Philippines as soon as possible. Tcn thousand volunteers with several regiments of regulars are now at San Francisco. The invasion of Porto Rico no doubt is under consideration and amovcmentof twenty thousand men that way may be looked for after the Cuban army is trans- rained. The First Regiment to-day is still in Jackson. No call for the Second has been defimtely made, but it has been asserted that aea]l next week naming tim companies to forat it uill goou. This means the other companies in Ihe state formed whose names will not be included in the call, nomatter what may be the size of their colnpanv, tln.y will have to wait until the Third Regunentis called, or so.orifice their officers by uniLing wtl} some now Included in the call. Such blunders as the above are alone responsible f;r Mississippi's back w ardness." We are glad t3 believe that the river report for the twenty-four hours ending Tuesday morning, does not bear out the views on the water height expressed in Tire tterald ported, yesterday. "l'hese views were pre- Certain reforms}ran concerning ' dieted on lbe St. Louis ,Weather the various squadrons very prop-I Bt, reau report of Monda3, which stated that there would be a 29 foot erly is withheld from the public. I river there ; and he iuformation from The latest information seems to / the Levee Engineers' office at Green- be that Admiral Ccvera's fleet is/wIle as to tim effect of that rise, and tn the harbor of Santiago del frm the Arkaesas and White rivers, This was a predietmn of a 40 font Cuba, the entrance to whicb is water at that point. But the river guarded by Schley s squadron, at St. Louis only went to 27 2 when the intention of killing him. lie as tried, convicted and sentenced to tim penitentiary for thirty years. The supreme court of the state on appeal reversed and remanded the case at the current term of the court. It was found that one of the State's witnesses had become insane and another had joined the army, where. Ul]On tim state agreed to permit a writ of cessat to be entered, ceasing proceedings against the accused. He 'as taken from the jail at 3 o'clock }is morning, car}ted ou: the dirt road nine miles and placed on the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley railroad, and sent to Cincinnati. Had he re- mained he wouhl probably have been lynched, and therefore all the pro- ceedings were most secret. Ia connection with the trip of the battleship Oregon, an interesting story is in ctrculation at the Navy Department, which illustrates the intrepidity of Capt. C. E. Clark, commanding the vessel, says an account. Upon his arrival at Rm de Janeiro, the War Board took under s, r os c ,r.s:tterstion the question of protecting the battleship from the enemy's fleet, then supposed to be awaiting her at some advantageous point. Oneor two members of the mard urged the advisability of send- mg a squadron to convey her to Key West. but this was scouted by the majority and voluminous instructions were seat to Capt. Clark in regard to the course which he should take. The reply which it ts said Capt. Clark sent to the department was something like thin : "Please don't tangle me up with instructions. I am not afraid of the thole Spanish feet."'rlmes_Democrat. It is to be hoped thatthe war with Spain will go far enough only to teach us a lesson in surdiaess; to lift us from the inanition which threatened to make this country an overgrown, awkward lubber m the affairs of the world. If there is ultimately to be universal peace, wlt!ch few thought. ful people believe, this republic must occupv a hi:h place in tim general settlement. We must do our parttn the common regeneration. '/'his re- public must be one thing or the other. It must play a part ia the business of *.l}e earth, or consent to be con temptd)le ia the last diem}on of things. It cannot be a factor m destiny so long as men are naturally belligerent withou;, un army and navy and a fair quantity of powder and pr,}jectfles on hand.Clueinaati En- qmrer, Dem. Washington, May 25.--The even  of the day in the wars;tuation was the issuance of a proclamation by.the president calling for 75,000 more volun- teers, It added a new and stirring phase to the lethargic conditions which have prevath: fl of late and came with almos startling unexpected- ness eveu t3 many of the high officials in the army. The proclamat.ion means not ouly the assembling of a third force of }.cops, but also the ap- pointment of a number of major generals, colonels, majors and staff and field officers for the organization of this additional force of 75,000 men luto brigades, divisions and reghnents. Tim events leading up to the call naturally were sources of nluch con- jecture, as it was at first felt that the our loved cues on that morningof our departure. From tim time our gaily decked vehicle rolled dowu the long hill on its way toward Centre- villa, amid the booming of tire caunon and the hurrah of tim crowd, to the present moment, onr boys, with tim exception of one. have remained firm in their reselve to serve their country and 1 feel safe in saying that Wilkin- son County will never have eanse to wish to disown any of her boys in this first Mississippi regiment. After leaving Woodville we met our first experience of a soldiers life at Fayette. The train being late we arrived there abont dusk and took up our quarters in the court house, and wrapped in our blankets, tried]to sleep. For the first time in our lives we realized the comforts of home and our minds wandered back to the snug little room wth its soft bed, wash- stand, bureau, table and chairs, so with this and the thougltts of loved ones left behind, we passed the nigllt. Daylight found us up and dressed and about eight .o'clock we assem- bled and marched to the depot where we boarded the train for Jackson. All Fayette turned out to see the boys off. Wives, mothers sweethearts and sisters were all there ,and their tear dimmed eyes told better than words the love they had for those about ta depart perhaps never to return. We rolled out of Fayette amid the inspiring notes of ' 'Dixie' ' and were off at last for Jackson. On the train there was also a company from Nat- chez and before long the boys were greeting old friends and making new ones. We arrived at Jackson on time and after a short pause at the depot were soon on our way to the camp grounds, which we reached lu a few minutes. On alighting from the train we saw across the wide grassy field, about a quarter of a mile away the neat rows of white tents which were to be our homes for some time to come. Up the grassy slope we marched in colnmu of fours, and were soon at tl,e camp where we were greeted by the cheers of those com- panies that had already arrived. our boys went ta work at once in order to get things prepared for the mght. Our first nigllt at camp '.Pat Henry' ' was about as sleepless as the proceeding one at Fayette. But on the following day we were furnished with large bags of hay and since then we have stept more comfortably. Were it not for the .mail in the tent across the street who nses ',blindo tiger" whiskey we eonhl sleep in some peace, but for half the ,tightlihe keeps the whole company awake with his puns and wlticisms. We are all thankful that he have only one "blind tiger' ' matt iu the Company. Tlmre are now about cue thousaud men in camp here We are to con- stitute the let Regiment. Tho 2nd will go into canlp at this place wlteu we leave. No one knows yet just when we will strike out" tents here, but the time is evidently not far off when we will :leave some place, at present unknown to us. Tim physical examinations are still the ba! tie, Sixteenth Pennsylvania, in com- mand of squad, was urrounded by Company F. Frst Ohio Regi- ment, and was ordered to surrcn- der. Instead of surrendering be ordered a bayonet charge. While at eloso range a member of the Ohio command shot directly at Lieutenant Betty of The general /ml)ression seems to . be that if the Spanish squadron i in that harlor it will be unable to get to sca again. The Cadiz fleet may be coming this way or going to Manila or may still be at [Cadizreports are conflict- ing. The Oregon with the Marietta it began to fall. At Little Rock the rise seems to have nearly reached its maximum at 22.1. U'uless there are further excessive rams, we are reel}ned to dottbif the river here wfli go back to 43 feet, although our local Weather Bureau adheres to 45. [tis falling now, and this will cer- tainJy cntinue for some days. The lower Yszoo basin too, has been drained off now to agreat extenL whmh willaceelerate tins second fall possibility of foreign complications was a factor in bringint about thls w movement.. It, speedily develop- , nowcycr., taat thecall was nob duc t,o any SCrlOUS emergency, but was rather in the line of getting on the ground a large body of men to be drilled and seasoned and to constitute a sor of second reserve, to be drawn upon later when the campaigns were fully under way." Secretary AJgr stated that the determinatlou to isstethe call had not, been reached until late yesterday. The merits of Lieiltenant Beatty, the charge and Buffalo are or were at Jupi- as eompared with Ihe fir,,t; and it have beca canvassed more or less going on, and new men are arriving daily. Three or fovrcompanies have beau mustered into servico already. We still lack about twenty men to eomplctcour number, but will get them tonight or tomorrow. We will belong to Uncle Sam by Monday. To describe to you one day , f camp life here would do for every day since our arrival. The (lay starts with reveille, the morning gun and the raisiug of the stars and stripes. Af- LEO SCHWARTZ. C, It'./EYLANI3. SCHWARTZ & NEYLAN Main 8tree}, WOODVILLE, incethe Quaran/ine restrictions arotnd onr towz have been raised we have been daily reeeivinff fresh floods of all kinds and czar store is now replete with best staple and faney #'roeeres, dry oods, ete, to be fond. Ncw goods arriving daily. I h purchased a/arge stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, Housekeeping t icles, Hats Shoes &c. in New y, all of which I propose to sellat [ so low that it will bc to your/nte to examine my stock. Special ducements to /arge buyers. DEETR MOLLER hII00.y No.,, .,5 Night,, Train Leaves Memphis, 7:55 " " Vicksburg ",3:10 am '' " " " " (Jeatrovilie 10 ::5 5ani No, 6, Night'lraia leaves New rleaus - ,, ,, ,, ,, ., . . O ,, 4"0 en trevit le 8:35 .... " " " Vicksburg l J:50 " " " " arrivesMemphls N,o,. 21 Day Train Leaves Vicksbu;.,  7:10 am 8 am " arrives New Orleans 5:30 pm No. 2,2 Day Train leaves lev Nrloaus " " arrives Vicksburg, 8:05 am - 5:55 p m Train runs dai-ly except Snnday. No, 7ill leaves Woody}lie " " leaves B:lyon Sara .9 tim ' ' " arrive SIanrher ] 1:10 am No. 722 leav,,s Slangl,ter ]2:20 pm " " arrives Wnodville The only Lille rnnninR .qr, lhl Trains I)et,.s,t, ) ;/0 pm 2:35 pm 4:15 pm 3d:emlhls and leW Orleans Carrying elegan Pnllmau Buffet Sleepin ' . suring Pasenger. a-,),,,a .... a ........ _ .g Cars tu both directiuns, th For Rates. tl, t. t .... J ,,,-, .umtoZ'taD|e Jonrne . . ,t. seLo. a dy to  y A00ents Ol'a* Div. Pass'r Agt, [ JMP'/8, TENNESSEE" A. T. BENEDICT. ANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER 1. garriagas, 00arts, F00mWag,ns, 00acIc00Ler00, 3;., dffent for the Celebrated 0WEN8BOR0 WAGON8 Which ,are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LIOttTEST RUNNINO WAGON Mad0. Agent for F(4ZIER ROAD and SPEEDING CAi{T, whie are great fitvorites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE 00l"t00m?i00rt .JCr00rt TerLce 00zmpan00v, The moat extensive Manufacturers of Iron Feueiug in the United tat. Parti,'ular attetio paid t,o re-cveritg and riggitg strkm tm t ter Inlet After he} lon vo a e real for week i " g h" i  the f.tck and neck, . " g y g e "t more difficult to bring back . some . .s, bat it was not, until a tera breakfast of beef. beans, bread "a"AlngeTl(l tijjtttlli: t the ship is reported ]n ?od co:ii to 43 feet a-am ew nou,s nature the call itself a eyes we " an dition attd ready to go n acti s., _,,,,_. c'ecrdat the move was fnally d p- attd coffee, we imve drill, after drill  .j] wor k done pl'Olllptly aim at. lleasoaable rates. -- we loaf around uutil about 12, when ' oodv]lle, Miss., Sept. 1891 ti' SelVICe at once , --.,,,._. " "" Y ' )'el Bad " ' "" . i PIeR S rxw" )r"' --- we are formed in lhm for dinner. vsaon ma be des!ro blood was engendered by :'the In- - /-----'-. I ...... Major .Vm. Dunbar Jenklns, an old cident and the mo ..... L_ . aacgson a/tss., May 22.-.[t is | nere ts a bill I)efore the House of aenez coy auq or(?tner of Chancery .. - ....... - runett tO- pretty generally conceded here that IRepresentatives which was sent over jerlr aenKms, attacued bo the United gener. It w'ts only by tho cool- the Governor is r, oiea to a .... ;., from the Senate who .............. .r:ates corps .or .engineers, is in the .... -- t. ! O ..... t-,. r 7 k,l*,stt  ,  , ,. , o |utJ,UtU IS LO city. tie arrives yesterday rnnrnintr ]tess an(t presence or mind of] ,-,,,,gressman w. v. Sulhvan as Ihe aeren(t as far as ts constitutional lhe from Aransas Pass HarborfTex'/--ar, the officers that bloodshed wn] successor or enator Walthall in thP song birds of the country TIP ] will remain here until Saturrl't,, ' ........ ver near future 3 ' auth ""  which IAmehe w , ". "' averted. _Y ..... 7..Ir. Sul(van left ,, or of the bill s Senator IIoar of lj,,,,, ill leae for Wash- ] wasulng(,on L  rtttay morning for uas.ascnusetts. [ "''' ...... aa, tills tn nls Oq SR --------,B.,- Jackson art P se ion a series of -- / " - , (1 his friends here say I prohihits-the im)ortatinn mill ..... Manila's riuci le occu atlo " !that, he was sum   t)ird , . . ! . of t.ay maps nf 0uba m four M]eets. __ P. P p n s .. monad bythe Lover . ,, feathers, or parts of btr(ls. One ma covers th ' ." ge.era! devdmhness, sasCollier,slnor tnathe mght temter him th tot ornament,I nur,m ............ : ,antiagoPe Curia': toI'r2.!nce. 'f t * ' . .  -- 1 e, T:.%utt)  , I , ,, ISkUULI /'lit, Weekly: The ch,ef d,verston is the ISenatorsh, p in person. Mr Sullivan .ueh fealhers as may be taken from/P.rvhtce. f Puert2. Prmcipe; the thlrd " "b!! i ii{ iii:i:i iil i::i !:! !)!(./! }il; !;!i 'e r!!! ;!'rliii'i:e:ii:ti:i!s;i7riig:ii ii ! at,other. Our dinner consisis of about the same thing as breakfast. After diuner we ....... "-- ' [ " -- -- have an hoar or so when we drill TRESPASS NOTICE. again. Then comes supper, tatoo All hnnting or trespassing on the 0'00 a.d taps }Sometimes wo go, SOl, for Artouish In, de nnder fonco is pro hibited under full pc,laity or the law. It StalldS at tl00e Head dinner and perhaps Irish potatoes and Any stock remaining on the Artonish bacon, but the govcr,mmnt seems to pasture after Fbruary 15th will be :  os lay groat stress on Boston baked charged pasturage--b0c per month. I I)eans. for they are al ways present at J.A. G1LLESPIE...5outhern ... ..; - o breakfast, dinner and supper. Now I 15 1898 ly. and then a box of "g(rodies" are of Manila holds 4000. succeed each olher at the rate of a ]mndred For gcsta Some last a whol second, some ten 1ainu}as. The rules are not intrit,ae, but lhe hird are very smart. The smallest are the gamest. Cease,tonally they display as thrust, a fein and a fierce which are quite salle d'arme,. The matches are various. There is that whichis known as A1 cotejo, and which lS in accordance with the length of the spur. There is Al peso. by weight. There is also ;Papado, without pre]i,ninaries, and De euehilla, with artilicial sitars. As a spectacle the reaction is not elevat- ing. As a medmm f-r the exchange of coin it is h, ss monotonous than fan tan and quicker than monte. "We should nt-iher blame nor ap- prove," some one someheresagcly stated, "we should observe." Mere- Iv, then, by wa of observation, t may be tinted that, cousidered as an annexable institution, lhc Manila cockpit tq one for which I.Ili eollnLry eouhl not go fur{her wltit nnv chancre t fearing worse--l'ieay,tne The contests rout eliampions ot the cause for free (ieparlment. - sih'er, tte has always stood el-so Keeping them for sale or nffering Maj,u" Jenkins states that the maps to the Governor, voicing his senti- them f-r sate is made a misdcmea- show every town village ahd hamlet mentson all pnbhe questions. Ite nor punishable by $50 fine. on thcwhole island of Cuba. Also that it gives the lines of ever), post- is one of the wealthiest men in the .e are in grave danger of the road. footpath, railroad and every State, perhaps, tieing interested in a extinction of the song birds. There single detail .even to the most in- dozen hanks, and owning yah}able is perhap no way in which we can flnitesimal on the cnditions of the minining property in the West, to prevent their s]augitter by the varions provinces, The government, has devoted from three to four years say nothing of his plantativnsin the countrv's adolescence. Bat we tan to 'the preoaration of these ms s. Krcat Mississippi delta. Though surely restrmt the evil so far as pos- IEveu the water, shoal and chavnPls is only a few liues scratched by the not officially announced, it may be sible. All who have influence with are marked on the maps and aglance sunburned fingers of a poor sohlier stated with a great deal of cartainty the fIouse of Representatives should at them wlllshow evcn to the veriest l boy amid the, din sud eo fts r t n t ion Of that Air. Sullivan will be the next petitmn, either individually or by t3rtnsuchthingsjus howtho land camn " " t  ,, lays in Cuba. " ! -- O .D CONCEIT. United States Senator trom the State assocmtions, for the imme'diate pus- Major Jenkins says he will leave[ ---,-. of Missippt. That he will make a sage of this bill.'l'imes.Democrat. know h,,n best ,ill not f,)ra me- "-''"-*-- - n i I;!/?a:nte ndasslgned to duty but at ha' ?2...g. o. " d rs. :Norman ment question --Memphis cimitar It is ,'e'ated that when the bat- quest on--'at, ch zDcmocratP'nt'lbe:wiilbeeSenttl'a ?l .............  ..... tleship Oregon reached Rio de [ .... , " AmamS.wesley lerrit, t,,r t;mcago.millltarytO Major Gener- governor " " tithe l nilippine ishlnds, was made The gross totalweahh ofthe worldjJeneiro on her trip around the I  "-'' : -- ou Monday, Miss Williams is a brn- is estmate(l at 60,C00 Inilqon ponnds/continent, the strategic board Jackson, ihfs., May 24rhe nette, ttraceful arid petite, but of strikingappearanee with jet hot'and sterling. Tho United States heads senL Captain Clarke, her corn- First Regiment of Mississippi volaa, eyes and brilliant coFolng. Silo has the list of nations with an aggregate I mander, voluminous instructions tears ia now completed and ready to received much atlentioh here and weahh of about 12.000 million!in regard to thecourse he should move whenever and herever the abroad, and especially in London. pounds, sterhng,. .Lhe United Kin,-,. I take. CaDt . .-...,(l'"b ..,;" -,q..s"nlv ,,,,,,. :,,A war department shall decido. The where she was the guest of Robert /'. dora comes next B Ith about " , ' .,. " 10,000, Please don t tanr, le me ....... ;,h Lincoln whet} he was the ,'epresenta. m mon and " ,, .... , "t" .',,,, last two compames making up the tire of this country at the court of .. ,, France ranks th rd Instruct}oils. I anl not afraid of twelve eompanies were mustered tn St.. James.- Sbc was present at, the Democrat.  th about :q00 millions. --Times:l mn-Ledgcr.'the whole Spanish fleet."--C/ar-, tl Natchez}his afternoOU.aad HazlehnrstThey ompanies.were the colh.quen's drawing-rotm will] Miss Lin- : * NewspapersJ sent by soate loved one fromhome 000000 0 @ TH . " I I ,...-Democrat "_mv m"*i DAILY [o...'..I uatLv. !,-,__--- [ La. I --"----7,] It Qives o ", he,, a,.,,. ..... i[[ e e All The News, / ,u to z.w., " ii! au th,.rromira,l,rv Part- It|lhl : Both Home and Forig. { Iltl o.f o,. x.,.o, .... trl IIII --H-H--H IIJ " ''  ,,'-a ' ltll Tern SUND/ STATFS Ilil ""._Z r"r''r " |fl r.n.o on s,,e.r mor.l., t. H| With a Ohoice Collection of O IIIIlfll .terr"*,ahm,....vr,tt,rre ""'"l"=,a, !!]!ln;I  ORIGI.AL s'rOms, OO*OO, " It// o.raaltmn. - ....... II;I  SKJHES and POIH8 (" ' I--'.--;-I--I--F-I--I--I o |I/ ST.T.. O.o1., Ill| .... .,h.....,t.od. ..... 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Now Mr. Editor I will close with a promise to try and make my letter more interesting. And if this has proven a little dull. remember it